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Can you please write a headcannon of dating the twilight characters you write for ❤️
sure thing love <3
Tumblr media
Dating the twilight characters headcanons !
warnings : fluffff, mentions of blood death etc etc, swearing
characters included : jasper, rosalie, emmett, alice, carlisle, edward
Jasper Hale —
i am so in love with this man
he’d be really cautious at first
he doesn’t trust himself at all and with something as precious and fragile as you he was even more anxious at harming you
i feel like he would feel better if he initiated all of your touches when your relationship with him becomes more romantic & intense
pls respect my baby’s boundaries
but when the trust between the two of you strengthens
he’s willing to let you be the one to initiate contact and such things
when this happens.. pda will be a regular occurrence tbh
when he gets used to your touch, he’ll find comfort in it
hand holding :))
head buried into your neck, and you silently cheering him on as he overcomes his blood lust
but that’s just what his love for you does.
it overpowers his desire for blood
is his nickname for you
& in that accent
overall the cutest couple ngl.
Rosalie Hale —
you’re the only one who she’s just soft with.
that’s a major flex tbh
she loves when you run your hands through her hair, brush her hair, style her hair just anything like that
it’s so soothing for her
she’s so protective of you
arm around your waist at all times and glaring at anyone who looks over to youse
forehead kisses >>>
she’s big spoon 😁
she secretly loves your cuddles and cuddling with you
no matter how much she jokingly complains
loyalty is also a very serious thing for her so if you betray her trust in any kinda way
.. let’s just say she won’t be pleased
you two the typa couple to dance around to absolutely no music
& to run around in the rain
we all know bae wants kids
so.. yh prepare to adopt
bye bye your sanity :)
Emmett Cullen —
underrated hottie
you two are the LIFE of the parties
one of youse is always ‘misbehaving’ as esme says
mama cullen even suggested a naughty step
but like she loves you both, you’re her children, so it’s okay :))))
constant laughter
constant teasing
constant sexual comments
and to outsiders you two have the most confusing dynamic
one second you’ll be having a ‘fight’ and the next you’re literally jumping into his arms and he’s swinging you around happily
he loves to just kiss ALL over your face for no reason over than your laughter, his favourite sound
and you tend to just randomly jump into his arms or onto his back & he has to catch you
sometimes he purposely just lets you fall and laughs at you
what an ass 🙄 I know
Alice Cullen —
ALICE 💗💝💕💖
she’s so giddy and happy and UGH i love her
you’re basically her protector, not that she needs it, you just adore your bubbly fairy-like gf and never wanna see her in harms way
alice’s fav
can always catch the two of you cuddling wherever
constant adoring gazes
a lot of touching
lot of mushy-ness & soppy shit but it’s okay bc it’s alice
so so many compliments
she picks out your outfits for you sometimes and makes them match/coordinate with her own
best friends & lovers in one
she never fails to impress you
and you never fail to have her in sheer awe of you
cutest gfs
Carlisle Cullen —
okay im a dom
but this man 👀
anyway moving on
sorry sweetheart but you’re now the official mother of unstable dead bitches :)
have fun with that xoxo
i don’t really see a lot of pda with him
cuz idk i don’t think he’s the type
BUT i do however see him as the possessive type .. just me? mkay
he doesn’t really ‘mark’ you like in sexual way, cuz youse like with his kinda kids and they’d never let him live that down
but he does insist you wear his clothing, he’ll sometimes give you jewellery and perhaps even a ring with his initials
im here for it
lot of pet names
‘my love’
lemme catch my breath
Edward Cullen —
i kinda have mixed ish feelings bout him but let me just proceed with this
lives to tease
idc what youse say
this man IS a tease
hand on thigh
tracing your arms & figure ‘n shit
cheeky fucker just winks and/or grins at you
he likes you reading to him
he’ll have his head in your lap and you can just read to him, it’s peaceful
also outdoor adventures are another thing he likes
now that really ain’t for me, i don’t ever leave my house unless im forced but if that’s what you like then .. so does he 😶
he finds silence peaceful
like you two can be in bed, you’re sleeping on his chest ( if your human ) and he’s just looking down at you so in love, feeling peaceful and happy
in a non creepy way..
let’s hope 😃
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Wake Me Up (Rosalie x Reader)
A/N: sorry for the lack of updates everyone I’m trying to write but inspiration is seemingly nowhere to be found, I hope you all enjoy this short little blurb
A/N: imagine if this was also part of the reason she was so annoyed Bella was just willing to give it all up without considering a life outside of Edward
Summary: Rosalie finds out the family has to move again unexpectedly. What will y/n say? How do you explain something so sudden? Will Rosalie have a change of heart and tell her the truth?
Tumblr media
Rosalie paced back and forth as she thought about what she had to do that day. It was time to move again, they were supposed to have another five years at least. Carlisle had found out an old coworker was retiring and planning to visit the hospital. This coworker was at least twenty years older than Carlisle and there would be no denying his aging, or lack thereof. Aside from that Rosalie’s “twin” was still new to the diet and was struggling to keep it together especially since Emmett had just slipped up with a blood singer.
Rosalie and Jasper became close, close enough that she offered to let him use her name as he rejected his human name and Cullen didn’t seem welcome. Edward disdain towards him evident, it was clear he wasn’t worthy to use that name. As much as Jasper had really become a brother to her she had y/n to think about and the it would be too dangerous to have her move along with the family.
Rosalie jumped at Jaspers voice, “god. Sorry Jasper I’m just—I don’t even know.” She scoffed
“I’m sorry.”
“Why are you sorry?”
“Y/n, it’s not fair to you. I wish I could—“
“Don’t worry about it Jaz, besides I’m not going to change them. It was only a matter of time.”
“You could, if you wanted to I mean Edward hates it but even with Carlisle you have the best record.”
Rosalie laughed, “shhh you want Edward to throw another fit?”
Jasper chuckled, he was glad he could calm someone down without using his gift. Even Alice confused him lately she kept trying to figure out to make as much money with her gift, he was told it would be the better lifestyle at least with his gift. Thankfully she had Edward while Jasper got along with Emmett and Rosalie. The ‘parents’ were a whole other story.
Rosalie started wringing her hands her nerves starting to rise again.
“Rose it’s better to do it sooner than later, they are not going to be happy.”
“I know… I just didn’t think it would be this soon.”
“I know, there’s always the other option.”
“No. Edwards right, as annoying as it is it was hypocritical of me to save Emmett, if you want to call it that.”
“You know the only ones who have had a problem with being changed is you and Edward.”
“Yeah… I know. Don’t remind me. Being similar to him is not something I’m fond of.”
Jasper smiled at that, “I wouldn’t be either. Good luck Rose.”
Rosalie ran her hands through her hair and ran to go find y/n. She arrived in a matter of minutes, she stopped before knocking. Frozen. This was it. She would never be able to see y/n again. Rosalie sighed and knocked a few times, her family wasn’t home today. Thank god, makes things a bit easier.
No answer, Rosalie knocked a it more confidently. Even she could have barely heard it. It didn’t take long before y/n opened after the second time.
“Well if it isn’t Rosalie Cullen, how are you doing beautiful?”
Y/n grabbed Rosalie’s hand and tried to drag her in the house.
“Y/n. we need to talk.”
Y/n noticed her demeanor but tried to get Rosalie in a better mood.
“We’ll come inside first we can put on some music and sit—“
“Y/n. No.”
There was no mistaking it this time.
“Rose, what’s wrong?”
“My family is moving y/n. We aren’t going to be able to keep in touch anymore.”
“Rose that’s ridiculous. I mean we could write, maybe make trips to visit.”
“I’m sorry y/n. But I think it’s better that we just cut ties.” Her voice strong a fact that surprised both y/n and Rosalie herself. Rosalie and y/n had been friends since the cullens moved to town, and it was within the first two years that the two became inseparable. Rosalie’s relationship with y/n made her feel human again. Whole.
“Rosalie. Please don’t do this. I can go with you.”
“Look I know you’re more than what you say you are and I don’t care. Please.”
Rosalie could almost feel the air shift. Her eyes snapping to y/ns face, this was what she needed. “You have no idea who I am y/n. It’s not safe.”
“I’m safe with you. I know I am. If there’s a way for me to be whatever you are then I want to do that I—I can’t be without you.”
Rosalie groaned in frustration pulling her hair to her neck.
“Don’t be ridiculous. You deserve a life a real life. A family. The chance to have kids. To have them grow up in a beautiful neighborhood. I will never get that.” Rosalie spit those last words out. Y/n slightly backing away at the venom in her words, Rosalie had never yelled or even slightly raised her voice at them. And right now she was furious.
“Rose.” Y/ns voice was cracking, Rosalie took a breath to regain her composure, she couldn’t back down now. No matter how much it hurt y/n…Rosalie would not allow y/n to waste her life. Or even worse lose it completely by being close to her family.
“Y/n.” She took a breath as her voice choked back a sob, “I’m leaving. I’m so- I’m so sorry. I hope one day you’ll see that this was the best choice for you.”
Y/n began seeing red, “you don’t get to decide for me! I don’t choose you leaving. I want to go.”
Y/n reached for Rosalie’s hands again but this she pulled away and backed away from the door.
“Rose. Please…don’t.”
“I’ll always love you y/n, I’m sorry it has to be this way.”
“It doesn’t and we both know it.”
“Maybe in another life.” Before y/n could blink Rosalie was gone. They knew she would be long gone but still they ran out the door. They were right Rosalie was gone. With tears brimming their eyes y/n tried to find the Cullens home. No answer, no cars, no Rosalie.
After a few days the grief started to become less heavy. After a few months Rosalie’s appearance in y/ns life seemed to be a dream. A beautiful dream y/n wished they never had to wake up from. A couple of years after the Cullens disappeared from town y/n began getting weird feelings. They would only happen every once in awhile. Like someone was watching them, but every time they turned around no one was ever there. They liked to think Rosalie was watching over them somehow.
More years passed with moments like that. Y/n eventually was able to move on, maybe not completely but they found someone to love and complete their life. It had been a comfortable life, every once in awhile they would visit one of the spots Rosalie had once showed them. It was a way to help their grieving, and to let them know that even though it was the life they chose it was still a life they were content with.
It had been 10 years. And seeing the blond hair waving in that field Ahmad ey/n rub their eyes. Not believing it was really her. She was sat facing away from y/n overlooking the lake. Y/n sat down tentatively besides them.
“Well if it isn’t Rosalie Cullen.” Y/n froze before the next line, they always knew there was something different but Rosalie was literally unchanged. As if life and time had skipped over her.
Her smile still dazzled y/n, they felt like maybe it had been a dream. Maybe they hadn’t woken up yet. How else could she look exactly like the day she left?
“You look well y/n, how’s life been treating you?”
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This prompt was requested by anon:
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoy !
                        ROSALIE HALE X READER
                     ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tumblr media
                     ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
WARNINGS: Some violence and language, but other than, this one is for the girls who crushed on her as a kid ! Please, read with caution !
THE first time Rosalie Hale tried to ask you out was a total failure. It was a stormy day and you had driven over to play “dress up” with Alice. She loved to dress you up and do your makeup along with your hair. You always agreed to it because it made you feel pretty, plus, getting to see Rose was one of the upsides of the whole process. 
You’d liked Rose from the moment you laid eyes on her, however, Rose held a sort of grudge against you. You had no idea why at first, but when Edward explained that she was envious of your humanity, it made sense. After that, you did whatever you could to shove your way into her daily life. 
Now, you two were insanely close and you were incredibly in love with her. Of course, everyone in the Cullen household knew; especially Alice because she was your confidant. Rose, however, seemed to be completely oblivious to your growing affection, even when you made it more than known.
“All done, gorgeous girl,” Alice’s soft voice broke you from your thoughts. 
You turned to smile up at her, “Thanks, A, I just hope it looks good.” You could never resist teasing Alice when it came to these sorts of things. It was funny how flustered she gets when you imply she doesn’t know what she’s doing. 
She frowned and put her hands on her hips, “You know I do an excellent job every time we do this,” She huffed out.
You hid a small giggle behind your hands, which was incredibly pointless being around vampires, “Well, you never know.” You shrugged your shoulders with a big smile on your face.
Alice shook her head and turned you around to face the mirror. When you saw your reflection, your smile grew; she really did a great job. Honestly, this was probably the best she’s ever made you look; soft and subtle, like you normally wore around. Of course, being Alice, she added a few things you wouldn’t normally wear like: lip gloss, eyeshadow, and contour. 
“Thank you so much, Alice, I look so pretty!” You turned around and threw your arms over her shoulders. 
She quickly wrapped her arms around your back and said, “Well, I have a wonderful model anyways.”
You laughed and split away from her after another few seconds of hugging. She nudged you towards the door and slyly said, “Now, let’s go find Rose.”
You raised an eyebrow at Alice but decided to follow her out of the room anyway. You walked down the staircase behind Alice and entered the open living room. On the couch, you could see Rose and Jasper sitting together. Alice immediately squealed in happiness at the sight of Jasper and ran to hug him. You smiled at the exchange and folded your arms over your chest; one day you hoped to have what they do.
You heard a soft throat clearing to your right and turned your head. There you found Rose with a nervous expression on her face. 
You raised an eyebrow at her, “Hi?” You questioned slightly.
Rose’s mouth titled up into a small smile, “Hi, you look pretty.”
“Uhm, thank you, Rose,” You stuttered a bit when you said it, and a light blush began dusting the tops of your cheeks. You did have a crush on her after all.
She suddenly began to look a bit sheepish as she said, “Look, I have something to ask you.”
You smiled lightly when you heard the nervous tone of her voice, “Go on,” You pushed. God, you could only hope she was going to say what you thought she was.
Just as Rose opened her mouth, Alice decided to open her’s, “Wow, Rose, you’re finally going to do it?”
You knew vampires couldn’t blush, but if Rose still had blood pumping into her veins, it would be all in her face right now. You lifted a hand to hide the amused smile rising on your face at the sight of Rose’s annoyed face.
“Shut up, Alice,” She huffed out and turned back to you. 
You saw Alice smirk lightly over her shoulder and watched Rose begin to say something again. This time Jasper let out a low whistle before Rose could manage any words. 
“Whatever, forget it,” She sounded extremely annoyed as she turned to stalk out of the room.
You raised your eyebrows at the pair after Rose let and they just shrugged their shoulders at you. 
‘Hmmmm,’ you thought, ‘I wonder what she was going to ask me.’
THE second attempt Rose made to ask you out possibly went worse than the first one. This time you were over at the Cullen’s to help Esme with a little gardening. It was something that she had recently gotten into and you’ve been looking for an outlet for your green thumb. 
It was an unusually sunny day in Forks, but the Cullen house was located in the forest, so most of the light was blocked by the massive trees. Esme had told you she had just needed help planting a few bushes and hostas to put around the front of the house. Apparently, Emmett would also be helping the two of you. He claimed that “you needed his super strength to lift heavy ass things.” You had just rolled your eyes and attempted to shove him, even though he didn’t budge. You loved him, but sometimes he was really nothing more than a pestering brother you wanted to smack. 
You were dressed in a pair of old jeans, a ratty t-shirt, a pair of dirty shoes, and a baseball cap on your head. It was perfect for the weather and gardening because you weren’t worried about getting dirt all over your clothes.
Esme stepped out of the house carrying two pairs of gardening gloves and beamed when she saw you, “I brought you some gloves, dear.” You smiled at her and grabbed the gloves when she stopped in front of you, “Thank you, Esme.”
She waved you off and asked, “You ready to get started.”
“Of course I am,” You excitedly said and nodded your head with the words.
Esme laughed lightly at you and began to walk over the first patch of dirt. But, when you looked around, you noticed someone was missing- a very bothersome, loud someone. “Where’s Emmett?” You asked her.
“He’s out back gathering all the plants to carry out her,” She had her back turned to you as she said it.
You laughed and pushed a few stray hairs back into your hat, “Of course he is.” 
Esme immediately laughed at your remark and shook his head, “You know that boy-”
Before she could continue, another voice rang in your eyes, “Are you ladies talking about me behind my back again?” You turned to see Emmett setting down a bunch of huge bushes and small hosta plants. 
You scoffed with a smile on your face, “Only the worst thing imaginable.”
“Ouch,” Emmett places his hands over his heart in mock pain, “You wound me, you know.”
You hummed, “Well, your ego needs to be brought down sometimes and someone has to do it.” You crossed your arms over your chest after you said it.
He walked over to you and ruffled your hair, “Of course, shorty.” 
You swatted at his hand and huffed, “Not everyone can be as freakishly tall as you!” You exclaimed.
Emmett just laughed and took his hands away to cross his arms across his chest, “Ten points awarded back to this guy’s ego with that statement.”
You just rolled your eyes and were about to say something before a throat cleared from behind you. You turned to see Rose standing a few feet away from you and Emmett.
“Hi, Rose,” You waved and smiled at her.
“Hey,” She slightly smiled back, “Can I talk to you for a second?” 
You raised your eyebrows at her and turned back to face Emmett, “You sure you can hold down the fort while I’m gone,” You asked him.
“Of course I can,” He laughed, “Who do you think I am?”
“Don’t crush any plants with your super strength, big head,” You retorted back.
He just waved you off and said, “Go talk with your woman.”
You sputtered at that and he laughed while turning away to help his mom. A hot blush rose to the top of your face and you cursed. You couldn’t tell Rose that the heat was making you warm; Forks was practically devoid of heat. 
You just shook your head and turned back to her, “Alright.”
She moved closer to you and looked down towards the ground when she said, “So, look I was wondering if-”
Before she could finish, you heard Emmett let out a long, loud wolf whistle, “Get some, Rosie girl!”
Anger quickly replaced the nervous look on her face, “Will you be quiet, you big oaf!”
Of course, the insult didn’t phase Emmett and he continued to toy with her, “Get the girl, Rosie!”
Rose’s face would’ve been beat red by now if she had any blood left in her body, “Be quiet, asshole!”
You turned to see Emmett laughing and Esme clearly enjoying the situation. You rolled your eyes at him, but, even you had to refrain from letting out a giggle at their banter. 
You missed the first bit of what Emmett was saying, but recognized it immediately, “-Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then-” 
Rose quickly interrupted him and yelled, “That’s it!” You watched her move to pick something up but turned back towards Emmett before you could see what it was.
Suddenly, a large rock went flying and caught him off guard by the look on his face. Both he and Esme quickly moved before it hit them. Instead, it smashed into the plants laid out by the dirt patch. Before the plants were nice and crisp, now they were surely crushed under the rock. Esme’s expression quickly turned from amused to angry in a second and she began to chide both of her children. 
Instead of staying and risking being brought into their argument, you decided to walk back into the house for a glass of water.
‘Man,’ you thought, ‘This family is weird.’ You blew out a breath at the thought and leaned against the counter with your water. 
ROSE’S third attempt was better than the second but still worse than the very first one. Today you found yourself helping Edward organize all of his music. When he and Emmett had gotten into a play fight, Emmett apparently knocked everything down and smashed the self. Honestly, that wasn’t the least bit surprising to you at all. 
Edward and Emmett had already built the shelf and drilled it into the wall, so all you had to do was help organize the music. It was a tedious job, but at least it was something to do. Often, boredom found you when you were just sitting around your house away from the Cullens. Any opportunity to spend time with the family was something you always jumped at. 
When you knocked on the door to Edward’s room, he answered almost immediately. Even with knowing this family for a while, the fact that they could hear you coming from miles away still startled you sometimes.
“Hey, Eddie,” You smiled and lightly tapped his shoulder with your fist.
He chuckled and opened the door wider, “Come on in, Sparky.”
You smiled wider at the nickname; it was something he’d given to you after witnessing your first “fight” with Emmett. You quickly walked in through the door and stopped in surprise at the sight of Bella sitting on the floor fiddling with records. She looked up when she heard you walk in and smiled happily at you.
“Thank God you’re here,” She sounded extremely relieved, “I suck at organizing and he’s,” She pointed back at Edward, “-extremely picky with this stuff.”
You laughed and moved over to her, “Of course, I know how he gets.” 
Her eyes lit up at your words and she giggled under her breath slightly. You had met the Cullens right after Bella’s transformation from human to vampire. Though you had only seen pictures of human Bella, vampire Bella seemed to be a lot more bubbly and happy than her previous self. Being changed had definitely done her good and it was nice to see her so happy. 
You quickly sat down next to her and began to fiddle through records. You two continued on with light chatter and soon an hour had passed.
You flexed your fingers out and whined, “Why in the shit do you need to have so many of these?”
Edward just laughed at you and Bella nodded her head in agreement. However, before anyone could say anything else, a light knocking broke at the door. By the look on Edward’s face-a sly smile- he had already heard what they were thinking. When he opened the door, a fidgeting Rose was revealed. 
Her eyes quickly found yours and she muttered out, “Can I borrow you for a minute?”
You quickly nodded your head, desperate for a break. Rose entered the room to help you up and grab your bag, “You okay with me taking a small break?” You asked Edward and Bella.
Both of them had knowing smirks on their faces and Edward replied, “Sure, go ahead.”
You sighed in relief and cracked your back when you finally stood up. Unknowing to you, your shirt had lifted up when you moved your arms above your head to stretch, and a small strip of skin was beginning to show. 
Edward let out a chortle, “It’s just a little skin, Rose. I can hear your thoughts you know.”
All of a sudden, a record went flying at Edward’s head and he ducked. Rose had an annoyed expression on her face, “Be quiet!” She hissed at him.
 The smile never left his face and he continued, “It’s not my fault you’re so horny for-”
Rose cut him off by throwing another record at his head and a loud laugh left your mouth. You had absolutely no idea what she was so mad about, but whenever you and her were near her siblings, something always seemed to happen. 
Before it could escalate, Bella pulled you onto the small balcony outside of Edward’s room. You were still laughing when she shut the door behind the two of you and you could see the amused expression on her face. 
“I have no idea what their issue is,” You laughed out at her.
Bella just shook her head with a large smile on her face. The two of you continued to talk until the sound of a door being slammed was heard. When you walked in, Edward was standing by his door with his mouth hanging open; Rose had broken the whole frame and splintered the door in two. 
You and Bella had trouble keeping the hysterical laughter in at the sight.
THE fourth time Rosalie Hale had attempted to get you alone and ask you on a date was perhaps the best of them all. Carlisle had called you over to help examine some patient files with him, so the work would get done much faster. Vampires didn’t get tired, but working at the hospital seemed to really drain Carlisle. 
You two had already been working for about thirty minutes when he offered to make you coffee. It was late at night and Carlisle always made the best coffee, so you agreed. While you were waiting on him, you began to fiddle around with the pens on his desk. You drew small, funny doodles on some sticky notes to place around his computer. The first one you finished said, ‘Rock on Doc’ with a stick figure playing the guitar. 
Just as you started a second one, a soft inhale caught your attention. When you looked up, you expected to see Carlisle with a cup of coffee but were instead met with a determined-looking Rose. 
“Hiya, Rosie,” The smile on your face definitely carried into your words.
She smiled softly at you, “Hi, sunshine.”
The nickname left your heart fluttering and your lips parted at the sound of it. You quickly questioned, “Sunshine?”
Instantly, Rose began to look very flustered and embarrassed, “Uh, yeah because you just, uh, remind me of sunshine.” She tripped over a few words, but the declaration left you with a warm feeling in your stomach.
“Well,” You began, “I like it.”
Rose seemed to perk up at that, “Really?”
You nodded your head, “Of course, but if I’m sunshine, then what does that make you?”
Rose looked confused, so you kept talking, “I guess you’re going to have to be my moonlight.” 
A surprised look grew on Rose’s face at the nickname and her mouth almost dropped open. 
You questioned, “Do you not like it? I can think of something-”
Before you finished your sentence, she interrupted, “No!” She exclaimed and then looked embarrassed, “I mean, it’s nice.” You never knew a vampire could fidget so much, but here Rose was, proving you wrong.
She continued, “Can I ask you something?”
You smiled lightly at her, “Of course you can.”
She drew in a breath, “So, would you like-”
Carlisle cleared his throat behind her, “Am I interrupting something?”
“Yes!” Rose exclaimed back at him.
Then, he turned to look back at you at his desk, “You ready to continue working, Sunshine?” The nickname caused your eyes to widen and a surprised laugh to fall from your mouth; so he definitely overheard all of that.
At the sound of sunshine falling from Carlisle’s mouth, Rose just turned and walked out of the room without bothering to say goodbye. 
You shot a puzzled look towards Carlisle, “What’s her problem?”
An amused gaze met yours as he handed you your coffee, “Rose has too many problems for us to sort through in such a small amount of time.”
You just laughed and sipped at your coffee, while Carlisle turned back to type something on his computer.
ROSALIE Hale’s fifth attempt to ask you out ended in utter disaster. You had decided to join the Cullen’s for a game of baseball during the storm that was rolling through. You loved to watch them play because of how quickly they moved. Every game held something exciting in-store and you couldn’t wait to see what surprise awaited you at this one. 
You were dressed in a long-sleeve black shirt with a jersey pulled over the top, black pants covered your legs, white vans supported your feet, and a pinstripe baseball cap kept your hair out of your face. You really just dressed to match the rest of the Cullens, considering you never actually played with them. 
Emmett offered to give you a ride with him and Rose, but when you saw the dangerous glare from her, you just decided to drive yourself. It was a surprisingly short drive to the destination and it seemed to get shorter every single time you drove there. Still, it was a nice and peaceful drive you enjoyed every time; Emmett would’ve definitely ruined your peace and quiet in the car.
The baseball field wasn’t really a field, just an open area of grass they had laid bases down on. At first, you questioned why they needed to play in such an open and secluded area, but when Jasper struck the ball with his bat, you didn’t question why anymore. Each hit the bat took rang out into the clearing like a crack on thunder; it blended in perfectly with the storm.
Once you parked next to Alice, you hopped out and threw your bag over your shoulder. The breeze immediately tickled your cheeks and cooled the places your clothes didn’t cover. The cold never really bothered you, in fact, it was something that was always welcome. 
You hastily made your way over to the field- you were always the last one to arrive- and decided to stand next to Alice. 
“Hey, girl!” She cheerfully greeted up.
“Hi, Alice,” You looked around, “Where’s Rose?”
Her eyes gleamed at you, “She’s just grabbing something from the car quick.”
You gazed at her with a confused frown on your face but decided to just leave it. Alice idly chatted with you while the rest set up and waited for Rose to get back from the car. After a short while, Rose returned back to the field with her bat in tow and the game was started.
So far, Edward managed to strike out Jasper, and Carlisle and Emmett broke a huge tree branch trying to catch a ball. Now, it was Rose’s turn at bat and you waiting in nervous anticipation- hoping she got a home run.
Before she could bat, Emmett decided to run his mouth, “You gonna hit a home run for your girl, Rosie?” He batted his eyelashes and pretended to twirl his hair at her.
Rose didn’t say anything, instead opting to walk over to him. Everyone was quiet, waiting to see what was going to happen next. You’re sure no one expected Rose to swing the bat and hit Emmett right in the side with it, but that’s exactly what happened. A loud crack split through the air and he yelled a loud “Hey!” at her. 
You guffawed at the sight loudly and it seemed you weren’t the only one who was letting out surprised laughter. Edward looked completely surprised, Bella was in knots on the field, Esme was holding her hand over her mouth, Carlisle was loudly laughing next to her, Jasper was smirking in humor, and Alice was on the ground with Bella. Emmett was still yelling at her, but Rose just stood there with a murderous expression on her face.
Emmett went to say something else, but Rose just raised the bat and whacked him again. You weren’t able to contain it anymore and you fell to the ground in stomach knotting laughter; the look on his face was just priceless. 
“Why the Hell do you keep hitting me? I’m not even saying anything!” Emmett yelled at her, exasperated. 
Rose just scoffed at him, “Open it again and see what happens.”
Emmett just stood there with his mouth open slightly as Rose moved back to her place at the base. Everyone was still laughing but were recovering quickly from their spells. Once everyone was back in their place, the game continued on as normal. 
Soon, the game had to end because the storm was almost finished and they needed it to play. Everyone began to pack everything into the cars and you moved to shut your passenger door after placing your bag on it. 
You jumped slightly when you felt someone brush your arm, “Jesus, Rose, you scared the shit out of me!” You exclaimed to her.
She laughed at your jumpiness, “I just came over here to ask you something, sorry for making you jump.”
You just waved her off and said, “It’s alright; what did you wanna ask me?”
Rose opened her mouth and then a big, brawny arm was thrown over her shoulders, “So, what’re you girls talking about over here?” You saw Emmett smirking down at Rose.
Rose immediately turned blank and moved Emmett’s arm off of her shoulders. Before he could say anything else, she threw him back into the field. He landed with a loud grunt and laughter from the Cullen family started again. Rose ignored everyone else and proceeded to walk over to where he had landed. 
‘Oh no,’ you thought, ‘We’re gonna be here for a while.’
YOU found yourself traveling back to the Cullen household late night after you were done with your studies for the day. You needed a break from boredom and knew that they were almost always the best fix for that. You pulled into the long driveway and parked near the side of the treeline; you quickly grabbed your bag and locked your car.
Even though you didn’t knock, the door opened immediately when you stepped in front of it. One the other side stood Rose with a bemused expression on her face.
You let your hand fall and sighed, “I really hate it when you idiots do that to me.”
“It adds to our charm,” Rose amusedly said to you.
You just huffed and walked past her into the house, when you found it quiet and empty, you turned back to her, “Where is everyone else?”
“They’re out hunting for the night,” She said distastefully; she never really liked to talk about the more practical parts of being a vampire.
“Quiet night for us then,” You sighed contently.
Rose also looked relieved at that fact; every time she and you were in the same room with her family, a fight was sure to break out.
You looked over at her, “So, what do you wanna do tonight?”
Rose began to look more nervous after the question and you wished Edward was here to tell you what she was thinking at that moment.
You continued, not giving her time to answer, “We could watch a movie?” You questioned.
She looked a bit more relieved at that and sighed, “That sounds nice.”
“Disney?” You asked with a secret smile on your face; Rose’s favorites were always Disney movies. 
“Disney.” She confirmed with a quick nod of her head.
You began shuffling through her collection and decided to watch ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It was in no way your favorite, but Rose seemed to really like this one every time you watched it with her. You weren’t sure if it was her favorite or if she just liked the design of the princess in it; Rose really resembled her and it was a bit uncanny at times. 
You turned back to her, “Is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ okay with you?” 
She had her back turned to you while she set up blankets on the couch to cover up with, but you could still see the nod of her head. You slid the DVD into the player and stood up to sit on the couch. You plopped down extremely close to Rose and snuggled under the warm blankets she laid out; the Cullens really had the best taste in covers.
The opening credits were playing on the screen when you heard Rose next to you, “I guess now’s the best time to ask you this.”
You turned to face her in a silent confirmation to continue.
She looked really nervous and jittery, “Would you wanna go out sometime, like, with me?” Rose kept her eyes downcast to keep from seeing rejection fill your face at the question.
If she looked up, however, she would find you with a dazzling smile on your face and happy eyes. Instead of saying anything, you moved your hands to lift her face up to yours. When her eyes met yours, your mouth captured hers in a loving and warm kiss. Rose seemed surprised at this but quickly moved to kiss back. Her hands moved from the couch to run up your back and land at the bottom of your skull. Your hands were still gripping her cheeks, so you turned your body to face hers in a more comfortable way. At the movement of your body, Rose broke away and you chased her mouth with yours.
Before you could kiss anymore, she asked, “Is that a yes?”
You just smiled and whispered against her mouth, “Of course it is, dummy.”
So, you went back to kissing each other quickly after that statement. A few minutes in, you found yourself laid on your back with Rose on top of you. Her hands were quickly moving from the sides of your legs to slide up your shirt; you kept yours tangled in her long hair. She wasn’t able to get very far before a surprised, scarred “What the fuck?!” rang throughout the living room. 
You pulled away from Rose and just laughed breathlessly under her. She seemed amused at her family for the first time in forever and laughed into the crook of her neck.
“Seriously, guys, get a damn room!” Emmett yelled while hastily walking away from the living room. You heard him tell the rest not to go in there and that just made you laugh harder. 
Eventually, you both decided to watch the movie and you fell asleep curled in Rose’s arm with her hand carding through your hair. It may have taken a while to get here, but it was all completely worth it to you. 
Hi, everyone ! I hope you’re having a great day and staying safe ! Thank you so much to whoever requested this, I had a lot of fun writing this. I may have also been listening to Girl In Red while writing it ! Anon, I hope you enjoy your request and it was what you were expecting. It’s longer than I intended it to be (oops) but I just got into a zone I guess.
Thank you for reading and feedback is always appreciated. My inbox is open for more requests; I have one more to write, along with the next chapter for TEETH. I have the rules for submitting linking in my bio, so, please check those out ! 
Stay safe, happy, and healthy everyone and happy reading !!!!!
-K :) !!!!!
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danverswitch · 4 months ago
Twilight incorrect quotes [random]
Y/n: sorry that I'm late, Rosalie didn't want me to come
Carlisle: that's more information than i needed.
Jasper: so, did y/n blow your mind last night, or what?
Emmett: actually , she blew my-
Alice: truth or dare?
Y/n: *exasperated * truth
Alice: do you want to kiss me?
Y/n: dare
Alice: *leans in* i dare you to kiss me.
Y/n: never have i ever-
Alice: ThAt's NOt ThE gAMe.
Y/n: please ? for me?
Rosalie: don't  do that .
Y/n: what?
Rosalie: you think every time you stay "please? For me? I'll do whatever  you want. Well , not this time.
Y/n: please? For me?
Rosalie: okay.
Emmett: [Hugging y/n] let's get married 
Y/n: what was that?
Emmett: what?
Y/n: you said something.
Emmett: i didn't hear what you said.
Y/n: no, you said - you said something.
Bella: omg! Why should someone want to harm Edward?
Y/n: maybe because they met him?
Everyone: ...
Y/n: did i say that out loud?
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twilight-whoree · 3 months ago
I’m gonna need y’all to go back into your twilight phase and start writing more fanfic >:| I’m tired of reading stuff that was updated 2 years ago and still having hope that a new update will come out soon… plz
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joelsgeetar · 9 months ago
May I request the reader being the only human cullen? She’s around 15/16 and is the classic chaotic gen z, maybe she’s the closest with jasoer and Alice? 👀👀
The Cullen Family (Twilight)
gif imagine + headcanon
Tumblr media
-> being the only gen z human would include...
Tumblr media
How'd you even get into this family of vampires? Easy. Alice knew you were coming, in need for a safe environment
You were introduced to them when you were 7 years old, so you easily became family to them and vise versa
Alice is the one who takes care of you most of the time, she fills in the empty spaces in your life, you no longer search for a mother figure, a sister, a best friend
She is all of those in one and it's amazing
Rosalie happily helps you with anything related to your human life, especially if it involves helping you get ready for something at school
Rose is secretly emotional on your birthday, she loves how you're living a normal life
She will lecture you though so try to stay on her good side if you want to be spoiled
Emmett is the casual older brother who loves to prank you, scare you, and laugh with you until you can't breathe
Carlisle and Esme are definitely more parent oriented and will look after you as their own even though Alice made it clear that you're basically her baby now
Alice calls you that all the time no matter how old you are, you are her most precious baby and will do anything to keep you safe
Edward is kept to himself most of the time so conversation is rare but that doesn't mean he sees you any different
He will not hesitate to give advice and help you defend yourself emotionally at school
Jasper was unfortunately the last one to warm up to you and actually stay in the same room but the wait was so fucking worth it tbh
Jasper quickly glued himself to your side to guide you, mentally and physically
He likes to teach you how to defend yourself just in case something happens
While being in a loving household with vampires has several pros, the main con is that they don't really understand your generation
Jasper has a weird habit of thinking you're made of glass, the thought of losing you scares him more than he'd admit
When the newborn fight was in the process, he forced you to stay somewhere far away with a friend
He promised to tell you all about it in return
Esme and Carlisle will just nod and smile, give a small chuckle whenever you say something weird that you pulled from the internet
If you're laughing so hard at a meme and they ask what it is and you say "meme" the looks you will receive only make you laugh harder
Rose doesn't react much, only a playful roll of her eyes and a scoff
Edward is the one to give you judgmental looks that hold no real judgment, more like a "what the fuck are you doing/saying"
Emmett is definitely on board with your humor and loves hearing more "tea" as you'd call it
"Dude, you gotta tell me more. What did they do for him to make some long ass video for the whole public to see?"
"What happened to that one dude?"
"Why do people film themselves eating?"
Emmett will ask SO MANY questions but they are genuine and he honestly likes knowing more about "kids these days"
If you have tiktok, Emmett is the first one to make a video with you, no matter how silly it might look on the outside
Once he understands the whole thing about scaring people and recording it to share, you will be pranked and spooked frequently with a phone in your face and his loud laughter filling the silence after your scream
This man-child is the one you can reference vines with, no matter where you're at
Emmett is rarely serious with you so he's more your safe place to run to if you need a good laughing fit
Alice will limit your phone time, she doesn't want you to be sucked into a world where technology is a need and not a want
Jasper agrees if she asks for his opinion
When she's not around though? Jasper will sneak your phone back to you with a grin
Alice knows he does this 99% of the time but doesn't bring it up for discussion, she thinks it's a cute way of bonding for y'all
Alice gives the best mom hugs
She will make you feel super pretty and hype you up with new clothes and makeup if you're interested in wearing some
Jasper didn't hug you often from the anxiety he held, hurting you is always a fear of his but with enough encouragement from Alice, he will push himself to be more physically affectionate
Once he's 100% used to your close proximity, your scent doesn't really bother his instincts to drink you dry
After a long day at school, you run to him and hug him tightly, knowing it won't hurt
Jasper will help you with history, giving you free lessons and story times
He likes it when you voice your opinion on some events and will have friendly debates if he doesn't agree
You eventually teach him about how what he did in the past wasn't right for any reason, and he's fucking stubborn so it took a while for him to admit it to himself
Tbh he just felt ashamed and very guilty
You encourage Jasper to move on from that after he learns his lesson
The relationship you have with Alice and Jasper specifically doesn't have a label
But everyone knows deep down that you're basically their kid, and that they're the best parents in the world for you
If you were to call Alice "mom" on accident she would smile, obviously knowing it would happen but it still had her in a state of bliss
Jasper being called anything besides his name would catch him off guard, maybe even uncomfortable with such a strong label but not because he doesn't want it
He's worried that he'll mess up somehow and that you'll take back the loving nickname and that would break his heart
Jasper is very protective over you like no joke, he will literally do anything to keep you safe and sound
If you mention dating, he is the first to say no, that you should wait until you're 18
Alice will beam with happiness if you have a date and will doll you up even tho Jasper didn't want the date to happen
When she's done and Jasper can see how beautiful you are in whatever Alice planned for you, he feels multiple emotions
Not exactly heartbroken but there's a small weight on his chest, knowing you're growing up and that he can't stop it, that saddens him because he wants you to stay as his little girl
(Jasper is extremely against the idea of you turning, so don't even try asking him)
Alice has a vision of you growing up to a certain age before it stops and it goes blank
She doesn't tell Jasper for a while but when Edward slips up, Jasper will start to question Alice
She tells him the truth, how she cannot see past a certain time of age and he grows more protective, determined to keep you alive and out of danger
No one truly knows why or what will happen but the family definitely had some debates over it
Emmett thinks it's because you'll be one of them in a few years and he proudly confesses that it would be "badass"
Edward thinks the worst as usual and admits his fear of you dying. That shocked you because he almost never spoke to you but it warmed your heart to hear he actually cared about you
Rose is silently protective and if she could cry, she'd break down when she's alone because losing you to death or "death" is horrible either way, in her opinion
Jasper feels an ache in his chest, his anxiety spikes if you're gone for too long or if you're late on coming home at night
Alice remains calm and collected, having faith in her visions. Maybe there's specific choices you need to make before she can see anything more
In conclusion, the cullen family adores you and will do anything in their power to keep you happy and safe. Your future remains a mystery but you don't want anyone to worry about that
So for now, you entertain them with your typical gen z humor, constantly teaching them new things and creating so many memories that you thankfully got to save on your phone, only for them to remember if anything were to happen to you
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superhero--imagines · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here! / Part 8 Here! / Part 9 Here! / Part 10 Here! / Part 11 Here! / Part 12 Here! / Part 13 Here! / Part 14 Here! / Part 15 Here! / Part 16 Here! / Part 17 Here! / Part 18 Here! / Part 19 Here!/ Part 20 Here! His POV Part 1! Here /  His POV Part 2 Here!  / Part 21 Here! / Part 22 Here! / Random Headcanons / Part 23 Here! <This is Part 24!>
Get My Waking up In Twilight Book here! The entire series is rewritten in short story style and donations are made to Move to Higher Ground! Campaign runs until July so grab a copy while you can link is located here!
* “You’re being a bit dramatic don’t you think?”
* You’re sitting on the edge of the piano bench in your room, one leg crossed over the other, an eyebrow raised as you watch Edward pace in front of you
* “Why would you rather the entire student body overhear our conversation?” He hisses through gritted teeth
* You only raise an eyebrow, and Edward pinches the bridge of his nose, his eyes clenching shut.
* “That was uncalled for,” he starts
* “A little bit, yeah.”
* “I apologize.”
* “Apology accepted.”
* “But you don’t know what you’re getting into.” He sighs.
* “What even brought this on, I thought you were happy.”
* You flinch.
* You were happy.
* You meet his eyes, your teeth digging into the flesh on your lip, your gaze drops to your clasped hands.
* You’re not sure what to say.
* That what? You had a dream where an alternate version of yourself - or the you of the future- shows up and tells you that you’re doomed unless you can find a way out.
* Unless you can be human again?
* You feel warmth envelop your hands, looking down to see Edward’s hands cover your own.
* He squeezes lightly, his eyes looking straight into yours.
* “You can tell me, I’ll listen to whatever you say.”
* And despite yourself, you find the corner of your mouth twitching, a slight nod
* You tell him everything, about the dream, about what Eleazer told you about your powers, and also about your own fear
* “I’m scared Edward, I don’t want to be like that - I want to be human.”
* “I know,” he squeezes your hands, his forehead pressed against yours. “But what you’re trying to find is impossible-“
* “But what if it isn’t?”
* You know what this looks like, you can see it in the way Edward’s mouth puckers, the way his teeth dig into his lip.
* “Look,” you start, standing up and crawling on all fours before sliding out a whiteboard from underneath your bed. “I’ve given it a lot of thought.”
* Edward looks at you with a vacant expression
* “How long have you kept a whiteboard underneath your bed?”
* “Could you please focus”
* You start pointing at various places on the white board
* “First there’s me,” you tap your name on the board. “I was turned by Alec, who was turned by Aro, who in turn was turned by someone else in ancient Rome.”
* “Aro, Alec, and I all share the development of ‘gifts’ or supernatural abilities. All of which developed fairly quickly after we turned-“ that much you’ve pieced together from what Alec told you while you were still in the castle.
* “But that’s not a universal experience, not everyone develops ‘gifts’ for example,” you tap Carlisle’s name on the board. “Carlisle turns you, Esme. Rosalie, and Emmett, in that order exactly, but out of the five of you, you’re the only person with a ‘gift’ Edward. Not only that, but from your own account it was a slow transition, one that took several years.”
* “And then there’s the transition itself, you, Emmett, Esme, and Rosalie both experienced a great deal of pain, but that’s not consistent with what happened with me, if the odds are one in every five, then Aro wouldn’t be able to turn so many people with gifts. When you think of it, the only thing that sets Carlisle and Aro apart is the time period they were turned in - both by unknown sources, but a few hundred years apart.”
* “And then there’s Alice, a completely different experience, both with her transition and the development of her gifts.”
* “You think the venom grows weaker the more it’s transmitted.” He says, slightly breathless, and you nod your head.
* “I think it’s something more complex, maybe it’s like a virus or some sort of fungus, with the way it spreads, with each person it gets a little bit different, like multiple strands of the same illness- like it’s mutating or something.”
* “Maybe in a few thousand years everyone becomes a vampire, and it’s so diluted that we can drink blood or eat regular food.”
* Edward shakes his head
* “But what good does that do us? Someone else being closer to humanity doesn’t help you in anyway, and quite honestly with the way global warming is accelerating I don’t think you have a couple thousand years to spare.”
* You pause
* Well he has a point
* “It does us a lot of good.”
* But you have a point too
* “Logically if we’re to believe that vampirism is growing weaker as time goes on, then that must mean there has to have been an origin right?”
* “You want to find the original, the first.” He murmurs
* “I think it’s our best shot to finding a cure.”
* For several long seconds Edward doesn’t say anything, his eyes tracing your charts and scrawl over the whiteboard.
* You wonder if he’s going to tell you that it’s impossible, that the Likelihood of finding the original is slim to none
* If they haven’t been killed already
* But instead Edward nods
* “Okay we’ll try it this way,”
* “And if doesn’t work?”
* “Then you’ll think of another way and we’ll try that.”
* You grin.
* “But no one can ever see this.” He murmurs, sliding the whiteboard back, and you roll your eyes.
* “I’m serious (Y/N), what you’re doing, what you’re trying to find - Aro will consider it a threat to his power, at the very least we’ll be considered traitors amongst our own kind.”
* “It’ll be a war.” You murmur.
* “So no one can know, not Carlisle or Esme or even Rosalie.”
* You’ll be all alone.
* Until now the idea of a cure had felt like such a far away thing, a dream that you tried to grasp -
* But now it was there, like a flame you could see flickering in the distance, and with it came the very real consequences of your actions.
* And you might have this unstoppable power, and this ageless body, but deep down you were still just the child in the castle, trying to survive one more day
* You begin to tremble, when Edward holds your hand in his.
* “You’re not alone, I’d fall off the edge of the earth if that’s where you led me.”
* You feel the tremble begin to subside, until it’s just a small shiver.
* “The edge of the earth, don’t tell me you’re a flat earther.” You joke and Edward laughs
* “What can I say, they’re making a come back.”
* You close your eyes and feel the warmth of his hand, he squeezes lightly.
* “It’s you and me until the end.” He whispers
* “You and me until the end” you repeat
A/N: Just a reminder if you enjoy this series you can get a physical version written in short story form here!
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secrettangel · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since Isabella had joined the Cullen family, things had unfortunately changed for the worse. Isabella was like a magnet to attract trouble with other people and was also good at putting herself at risk.
Of the whole family Rosalie and Alice were the ones who had the most opinion about their relationship. Rosalie criticized her whenever she had the opportunity and did not care if she hurt her with her words, while Alice was the complete opposite of her sister, she was more than happy to have Bella within the family, either as a friend, sister, and sister-in-law.
Y/n on the other hand kept all her comments and opinions to herself. Isabella had never been to her liking but she was Edward's partner and she had to accept it, and since Renesmee's birth things had changed drastically. Y/n had grown very close to the little hybrid and had no plans to walk away.
Bella was delighted to learn that Y/n had taken care of her daughter the days she was finishing her transformation. But since nothing was perfect in her vampire world, things had gotten complicated again thanks to Irina Denali.
The blonde was still hurt by situations that occurred in the past and took advantage of the moment to approach the guard and inform them about a "crime" starring none other than Edward with his beautiful partner Isabella Swan. Everything was getting out of control and unfortunately a strong battle was approaching them, causing everyone to distance themselves to look for witnesses and also people willing to fight alongside them.
Y/n and Emmett had left a few days ago and now they were looking for Garrett, an old friend of the family and also a person who would not judge them for everything that was happening, a person who was willing to die for their own.
“I'll let you know if something happens” Y/n replied listening to how Bella thanks her over the phone
“We will try to return soon, send Renesmee a kiss for me,” Y/n solicited before cutting off the call with a big smile on her face
“How are they?” Emmett asked, feeling concerned about the state of his family
“They are all fine, Alice and Jasper still do not show signs of life, but they already have several witnesses, the Denali and Eleazar among them” she reported while her boyfriend nodded, feeling calmer
The journey was quite long and they were hours away from reaching their final destination. Emmett despite being a vampire felt tired and bored from being in the same position for so many hours. Y/n on the other hand was thinking about what she could do to distract him and make him feel better.
As the minutes passed her mind lit up and a small smirk appeared on her face.
“You look tense” Y/n commented leaving her hand on his thigh, he did not pay attention to her action since he saw it as something quite innocent
“I know, doll” Emmett answered back turning his head towards her to deliver a quick kiss on her lips
“Can I help you?” she inquired in a sweet tone of voice as Emmett nodded confused
“Do you have any idea?” He asked curiously
“Yes, I'm sure you're going to like it” Y/n replied starting to move her hand up and down
Emmett continued driving while his girlfriend was having fun on her own, her hand getting closer and closer to his cock and that was exactly what she wanted. As the seconds passed, Y/n's games began to take effect and now they could both notice the huge bulge inside his pants.
“Y/n” Emmett warned when he felt his belt being undone and his pants open
“What, baby?” she asked concentrating on her work
Emmett wanted to answer her but when he opened his mouth to speak the only thing that came out was a tiny growl, his girlfriend's hand had curled around his hard cock and now she was giving him strong caresses. For a second the black-haired man thought he would lose control of the car because Y/n was pretty good at what she was doing.
“Do you like it?” She interrogated, looking up to connect her golden eyes with his
“Y-Yes, go on” Emmett indicated by squeezing the steering wheel of the car
Y/n thought that everything was getting boring so she decided to settle into the seat to have better access to his dick. Her lips wrapped around his reddish tip covered with pre-cum.
“Shit, honey” Emmett groaned bringing his right hand to her head pushing it down hard
She choked and felt his cock hit the bottom of her throat, her eyes turned glassy and arousal began to flow through her body, as she sucked on his length.
Emmett wasn't a desperate person for sex, but he hadn't been able to touch his girlfriend for almost two weeks due to his "trip" and now he was having a hard time resisting her touch. For that reason, he decided to pull over on the road and park in the middle of some trees, trying to hide the car.
“What are you doing?” Y/n asked hearing him drop a sarcastic laugh
“You are behaving like a slut, making fun of me while I drive” Emmett snapped pulling her hair tightly leaving their faces extremely close
“I just wanted to help you, Em” she spoke pouting with her lips while pretending innocence
“Well you did the opposite, because now I have a big problem inside my pants”
“I can fix that if you let me” Y/n acknowledged eager to have his cock in her mouth again
“Oh I'm sorry baby, but this time I'm going to need something else to fix this. You will let me use your tight hole, right?” Emmett questioned
“Y-Yes” she responded by nodding eagerly
The thought of having her boyfriend inside her pussy make her legs shake.
“Come here. Now” Emmett ordered throwing the seat back a bit, giving her more space
Y/n gladly sat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck.
“What are we going to do, Em?” she asked fixing her eyes on his lips wanting to kiss them
“Do you really need to ask? It seems that you are a dumb whore, after all,” Emmett spoke by tucking one of his hands under her black skirt
Y/n remained silent preparing to enjoy the caresses of her boyfriend, Emmett's hands quickly found her panties and he did not hesitate to run two of his fingers over the fabric, feeling how wet she was.
“Are you already wet? You needy thing” he muttered taking his lips to the exposed skin of her neck
“I just miss you so much” she explained starting to move her hips back and forth, feeling her boyfriend's teeth dig into her skin leaving a delicious bite
“At another time I would have you on your knees listening to you choke on my cock, but unfortunately we must be quick. Get up a bit”
She followed his orders right away and lifted her body a little, letting Emmett slide her panties to the side, leaving her pussy at his complete disposal.
She followed his orders right away and lifted her body a little, letting Emmett slide her panties to the side, leaving her pussy at his complete disposal.
“Now sweetheart, you are going to sit on my cock, you are going to move and you will stop only when I tell you” he specified placing his tip in her entrance
“Please Em, please,” Y/n begged bringing a smile to her boyfriend's face for her desperation and desire
Emmett left the games behind and began to enter her slowly giving her a few seconds to get used to his large size. Y/n closed her eyes when she felt full again and did not think twice before starting to move.
“Oh Em, you make me feel so good!” She moaned feeling her partner's hands on her hips
“Just like that slut, go on” he whispered
Inside of the car, you could only hear the rapid breaths and the moans, growls, and whimpers. If they were humans their bodies would be all sweaty.
His dick was deep inside her and all his movements were hard, he was in a rush and was making sure to make her cum before they had to leave.
“You so pretty, doll” he grumbled, taking his right hand to one of her breasts to give it a little squeeze
“God babe” she sobbed as he started touching her g-spot
“Come on baby, you are doing amazing” Emmett praised while Y/n’s hands went to his back to stick him closer to her body
“Don't stop, p-please don't stop” she cried out feeling her climax approach her
“You’re gonna come, love?” he asks, leaving a few kisses on her breasts while she nodded in yes
She was starting to get lost in all the pleasure and the words of her boyfriend push her more to the edge. It was too much for her to resist.
“Baby, I'm really close!” Y/n shouted letting her head fall to the back
“Let go, honey, let it go”
She upon hearing Emmett's words, let herself be carried away and her orgasm captured her making her legs tremble. her fluids mixed with those of Em, leaving a mess in the middle of their hot bodies.
“Thank you, baby. Thank you” Y/n mumbled letting out a sigh of relief
Tag: @silverdelirium
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nymphastoriasblog · 3 months ago
Carlisle: He’d watch something like The Great or The Tudors (even if he wasnt born back then yet), because he would truly enjoy to add historical facts while watching. “Oh, this actually never happend” or “this type of dress was created ten years later”. Or he would be really like “I was there when this happened.”. You would probably learn more from him than from any doc. And he wouldn’t like Grey’s Anatomy (*ded) because it’s too much drama, as he would say. “This never happen in hospitals” “The avengers arent real and you still are a fond of them” “iTs DiFFeRenT”.
Esme: She’s such a softie and would watch Anne with an E, and probably would start to grow in her inside a desire of living in a farm. She would also be really into watching Gilmore Girls and would be like “Hm, I am going to try this with the girls later”. 100% cuddling while watching. Would place your head in her lap while playing with your hair and if you’re a human, would prepare you some snacks to eat while watching.
Edward: Would 10/10 watch outer banks and be like “why cant I go to the beach like other people?” “Why my skin sparkles on sunlight?” “I wanna learn how to surf” “I am miserable” “This is the skin of a killer, y/n, a skin that will never get tanned.” But to be honest, his favorite tv show is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He’s always so sad and since you came to his life, he started to search happiness and colors in everything. You forced him to watch the first ep and now he watches it when you’re not around, is his comfort show.
Rosalie: Gossip Girl. All the ways. And Elite, but more gossip girl. Her favorite character is Serena because she just looks like her. While watching it, she would force you to do girls night with her. When she’s at school her mind goes like “Blair is so toxic and so does Chuck. They were made to each other.” or “Dan and Blair just doesnt fit”. For some reason, she has this crush on Chuck but would never admit it.
Emmett: Modern family. He just loves it. It makes him laugh to no end and his favorite character is Phil. They are just the same person. One of his favorite scenes is that one that Joe says he likes stealing. It makes Emmett piss himself by laughing (if that could be even possible). Sometimes he will skip classes to watch the show with you in his bedroom. And would watch Rick and Morty as well.
Alice: That’s so Raven 💀💀. I am not even kidding. She thinks its funny to see Raven struggling with her visions that are so silly. But she also would like to watch Ginny and Georgia to judge their acting skills. She likes to watch Peaky Blinders too, because it reminds her a lot of the 20s. Would lay her head on your chest to watch it and probably would rewatch a tv show because she misses it.
Jasper: Would watch Outlander. I don’t know why. He would just do it. And would watch it silently, and would finish it in less than two weeks, and would complain to you and to himself sometimes that season 6 is taking too long to come out. It would be so awkward to watch all sex scenes with him. He’d be like “if I skip it will show that I am taking it too seriously and if I don’t skip it will looks like I am a pervert”. And probably would try to say something like “Its a little rainy today” between the scenes and it would turn it even worse.
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kerakaali · a month ago
Imagine if the twilight characters were emotional and you comfort them
Twilight Characters being emotional HC
Includes: Rosalie, Emmett, Caius, Jane, Aro
A/N: I have to say I love this idea, but I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but you know here it is!
+600ish words, not proof read
Tumblr media
Her being emotional could go with two different ways. 
1) Her sadness would turn into anger. 
 She would just walk away to the forest and rip few trees from their roots.  
And few minutes later she would just walk back inside acting like nothing had happened.  
2) She would glue herself to you, and don’t even think that she is letting go. Rosalie wouldn’t say anything but she will get mad if you don’t kiss and hug her back.  
Rosalie isn’t the best when it comes to showing her emotions or even telling what she is feeling. But if you just ask what’s wrong, she will break with the truth. (She could never keep anything from you.)  
Overall, she doesn’t really talk about her emotions but if you look hard enough and push gently, she will open to you in seconds.  
Emmett has always been the fun friend, so even when he is feeling upset or emotional, he tries to make it into something positive.  
He makes jokes about his distress but you can always see through it.  
You would need to be alone with him just to get him understand that you were serious.  
Seeing you upset because of him just makes him want to do anything it make you feel better, even if he needs to tell you what has gotten him upset.  
He will tell you the truth and that will continue to the bedroom where you are buried under his massive form.  
With Caius don’t expect a big breakdown.  
It’s not that he isn’t emotional at all, he is just very private person when it comes to his thoughts and feelings.  
He will just pull you to him until you had to pull away from the lack of oxygen. (He will be slightly offended.) 
But he will accept your apology if you give him some kisses and play with his hair.  
You two end up on your bed cuddling the rest of the day. And Caius will open up to you only when you are close to sleep or if he is feeling awful.  
If she is sad, just hold her and give few kisses to her hair.  
But if she is upset, her feeling better might be more difficult. Jane's words are full of sarcasm, and not the good kind. 
She won’t show it openly, she has a job after all.  
Talking about her job, she will have a harder time to stop her torturous stare when Aro tells her to stop.  
Alec basically has to run to you, begging you to calm his sister down. And you say yes, no matter what, she is you girlfriend after all.  
As a recap, just cuddle her and tell her that everything is okay.  
When Aro is upset, trust me you will see it.  
He will look at you with sad puppy eyes and ask for a hug.  
Because his powers, he would feel your skin and look back to all the memories and love that you have felt over your relationship. (It calms him down like nothing else.)  
He has to do a lot of bad things because his job and sometimes it’s just hard to tell when the job ends and when the relationship fluff starts.  
Aro loves all ways of affection no matter if he is giving or receiving it, so just give him some sense of normal love.  
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multifandom-imgns · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"get behind us y/n. right now."
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infictionalwonderland · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Imagine Rosalie, your best friend, being in love with you and having to watch you fall for someone else
warnings : swearing
— ‘tis short ‘n shit
A happy grin was permanently etched onto your lipstick coated lips and Rosalie could not take her eyes off of it. You were absolute perfection in her eyes, beyond that actually.
And she knew, god you didn’t have to remind her, that she shouldn’t be feeling these things in an entirely platonic relationship but she simply couldn’t control it.
“D’ya think she’ll like it?” You asked excitedly, spinning around in the little dress you had chosen and successfully getting Rosalie’s attention off of her thoughts —ah yeah, you had a date with Leah Clearwater.
‘Off all people, a mutt’ the blonde thought bitterly.
“Who wouldn’t?” She contoured back rhetorically and tried to internally swat away the butterflies which swarmed in her stomach as you titled your head back with a soft laugh, looking ever so angelic under the gentle light of the night sky.
You lifted your head, a soft smile playing on your painted lips as you maintained eye contact with your best friend who you were truly grateful to have in your life.
Rose swore in she could blush, she’d be turning fifty fucking shades of red right now.
“You’re truly the best.” You breathed out gratefully, walking over to Rosalie and taking her into a loving embrace.
Rose closed her eyes contently as she snuggled further into your embrace—drifting off into a reality she wished was true, a reality where you were as hopelessly in love with her as she was you. But, unfortunately, it certainly wasn’t this reality and it most likely never would be.
“Bye Rosie.” You grinned when you heard the knock of the door, pulling back but keeping close proximity to her as you pressed a kiss to her eternally cold cheek before making an exist.
So Rosalie stayed standing there under the night sky, eyes closed almost painfully as she chose not to listen to your conversation with Leah, knowing it’d only lead her further into sadness. And she imagined a world where you and her lived happily ever after.
But that’s all it was.
Her imagination.
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justafairytailofinnocence · 4 months ago
Hello :) can you maybe do a Twilight x reader and how they would react to the reader always asking if they want tea during a stressful time? Kinda random but I feel like it's such an act of lovingness 😂😂 (bonus for if the reader always takes care of the others but then is sad kinda sulking in their room? {Let's assume reader lives with the Cullen's in a spare room})
Hello dear thank you for the imagine 💖
How the Cullen's would react to you offering tea and then takes care of them but is secretly sad 🎀
Tumblr media
Edward cullen✨
Tumblr media
- he would be greatful towards you since he's been dealing with keeping you a secret.
- he is rather warm towards you but knowing something is wrong he would ask you.
- when he catches you in your room crying he would run up and hug you, he would whisper everything is alright.
Jasper Hale 🤠
Tumblr media
- he is quiet but until you came along, once you offer him tea he would kiss your cheek.
- he likes to stare at you for the most part but he would be worried about you he can sense something is off.
- when he finds you in your room crying he would slowly approach you. He would ask if everything is alright and hold you. He would use his gift to cheer your mood.
Alice cullen🛍️
Tumblr media
- she is one of the best people for comforting, she would have a vision that something is wrong straight away.
- if you offer her tea she would ask if everything is alright. You would be quiet.
- you would run off to your room crying and she would hold you. She would even offer food and hugs.
Emmett cullen💪
Tumblr media
- he would be kind of oblivious to your reactions, when offering tea he would smile and kiss your head.
- he would see you as someone who's a mother figure.
- when your crying in your room he drops the smile and runs to hug you he never knew about This. He would hold you for as long as you need.
Esme cullen💃
Tumblr media
- she has a motherly instinct and knows when something is wrong with you. She would accept the tea and be quite happy.
- when your being a big help she would ask if everything is alright.
- when she sees you crying she would hug you and treat you like a daughter. She gives you all the time you need.
Rosalie Hale💅
Tumblr media
- she isn't one for niceness but she would warm up to you offering her tea.
- when your acting motherly she would find it annoying but she didn't know something was off.
- when your crying in your room she would run to you, she suddenly breaks away from her icey barrier and comforts you.
Carlise cullen⚕️
Tumblr media
- he would be quite kind towards you spending his days hugging you. He kindly accepts the tea.
- he would be worried as seeing you over work yourself can be tiring.
- when he sees you crying in your room he offers tea and beverages to be helpful. He would also be at your service for the rest of the night.
Anyways that's all I have for now:
Ta Ta 💫
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tatestripedsweater · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Being Rosalie and Emmett’s mate HC (GN)
Requested by: @mossybank (I do apologise I accidentally deleted your message for the request, but I remember the basis of the request!)
Warnings: Blood
A/N: I found this gif on google so if it’s yours or you know the created please let me know so I can credit them. I also enjoyed this request way to much so thank you for it!
Emmett would be the one to find you on the forest floor, all bloody. It was evident Victoria, James and/or Laurent had attacked you.
As soon as he carried you in through the front door, everyone circled him and you. It didn’t take the others long to notice how instantly caring Emmett and Rosalie were towards you.
They both felt an attachment to you, even though you had not spoken yet. They stayed at your bedside until you woke. She occasionally brushed your hair, so it didn’t tangle or become messy.
The minute you woke up, you were greeted by Emmett and Rosalie. They wanted to be the first ones you saw when you woke up.
“Hey there, sleepyhead.” Would be the first thing out of Emmett’s mouth. You didn’t know them, but you didn’t want either of the two to leave you.
Rosalie would feel some sympathy towards you because, just like herself, you were turned without yourself even deciding. Even though Carlisle didn’t attack her, she still felt sorry for you.
She would be protective over you, as would Emmett, the both of them keeping you close to their side until you could handle being a vampire. But even with their behaviour around you, the others welcomed you into the family.
If your life ever got threatened in any way, then god help the person who did so because they would both go after them instantly. They were protective over one another, but even more so over you.
Carlisle ends up being the one explaining the concept of mates, it being why they felt such a bond with you. He was very welcoming with you, joining the family and helped you through the entire process.
They don’t hide their affection for you in public, the both of them show that the three of you are in a polyamorous relationship with each other. Emmett and Rosalie having a hold on each of your hands.
When they have to do another ‘wedding’ for photos, they include you in the ceremony, having a sort of three-way wedding. The honeymoon is where things get raunchy…
As you grow more into being a vampire, the two can’t help but be attracted to how much stronger you’ve become. Emmett often teases you by saying that you’re much stronger than him, even though it might not be true.
If anyone ever questions your relationship with one another, then they get rather annoyed, Rosalie. You and Emmett tend to shrug them off and laugh, whereas she is more protective over what’s hers.
You three have jewellery with one another’s names/initials in it to show the affection you have for each other. Rosalie has a necklace, Emmett has a ring, they let you choose which one you wanted.
Always being there for one another, like any other relationship, but you all understand that with the way things are that it can get too much sometimes. So, if one's grumpy, the other two won’t give up on cheering the other up or finding out what’s wrong.
Emmett calling you babe, whereas Rosalie calls you baby, similar to Emmett’s, but she has to have something different for you. You call them both your loves, which always makes them smile.
You’re one another’s weakness’ and everyone knows, other vampires use that to their advantage when they want to cause any trouble.
You and Emmett have a habit of teasing Rosalie about almost anything. You both are the only ones who can get away with annoying her without having a slap across the face or a ruthless insult.
No matter what life throws at you three, with time, your relationship only grows stronger each day.
But as time goes on, you take on both of their names. ‘Cullen-Hale’ because let’s be honest. There was no way Rosalie would let you have her last name for it not to be at the end.
Tumblr media
Twilight Taglist:
@kitwalker64 @mossybank @mxlti-fand0m-imaginess - Taglist in Navigation Link
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danverswitch · 4 months ago
Y/n: i wish we could block people in real life
Emmett: restraining order
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thedragonqueensblog · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine: Jasper getting jealous of the attention that you're getting from his siblings and Bella
Anonymous request:Jasper sibling know his mate is human so they all befriend her and do things to piss off jasper Like Emmett likes to give her hugs and have his arms around her when ever he sees jasper Rosalie likes to always take her away from jasper when ever they try to hang out Alice is always picking her up to go shopping keeping her away from jasper for hours Edward likes to compliment her like non stop and he will use jaspers darlin word because he knows that gets under jaspers skin because that’s his name for you Bella will always take reader to school so jasper can’t drive her and is always asking her for help with things just to get her away from him Reader knows they’re doing it to mess with her mate but she can’t help but play along acting like she doesn’t know what’s going on
Your Jasper's human mate his siblings and Bella befriend you so they could piss off Jasper.
Is he happy? Of course not he can't do or be with you without his siblings or Bella being in the way
You were waiting for your boyfriend to take you to the movies that's when Emmett walked in and saw you he decided to greet you
He saw Jasper walking towards the Direction that you both are at. He hugged you "Hi Y/n".
You hugged back. "Hey Emmett". Jasper frowned when he saw Emmett and you hugging.
"That's enough, let Y/n go." Jasper tried to pull you out, but he couldn't because Rosalie had just walked in the room screaming your name.
Jasper rolled his eyes "Rosalie of course she came here to hangout with my darling again". He whispers.
"You came here to hang out with me". Rosalie smiles, pulling you out of Emmett's arms.
"She's hanging out with me". Jasper says
"No she's hanging out with me". Emmett says back
"Sorry boys, she's with me bye Jasper and Emmett". Rosalie and you said before leaving a mad Jasper and an upset Emmett.
Jasper smiled when he saw Rosalie and you coming back after being hours away from him, but his smile turn into a frowned when he saw Alice and you walking towards the door
"Darling where are you going"? Jasper asked, annoyed since you were leaving again.
"Honey Alice and I are going shopping". You answered happily.
Jasper crossed his arms. "Again"?
"Jasper we're girls we always need new clothes and new shoes". Alice playful rolls her eyes.
"Yes, but not every single day".
"You wouldn't of understand. your a guy and guys never do".
Edward walked in and when he saw you he smirked and he decided to tease Jasper.
"Hey darling, you look beautiful everyday, why you gotta be so gorgeous, you're so adorable darling You always be smelling good like cherries and flowers my sweet darling". Edward compliments you with a smile.
"Thank you sweetie". You smiled, making Jasper mad that you don't seem to care what his siblings are doing to him
"Edward enough of calling her darling, that's my name for her and don't call her that ever again and I can only ​compliment her you can't do that". Jasper grabbed your hand to leave with him.
"Hey! She was supposed to hangout with me"!!
"No Alice she was supposed to hangout with me"!!
"Oh, shut up Edward she never hangs out with me"!!
"Emmett maybe because she doesn't like you"!!
"I wasn't talking to you Rosalie"!!
Bella had picked you up for school, she always does that and you know why so she can piss of Jasper. You knew what his siblings and Bella were doing to him you just play along acting like you didn't know what was going on.
"I'm so done with my siblings and Bella". Jaspers tells you.
You raised an eyebrow "what are you talking about"? You asked acting confused.
"I can't hang out with you without them being in the way I'm so done with Emmett hugging you when he sees us. with Rosalie and Alice taking you away from me for hours and with Edward always complimenting you and him using my name for you. bella for always picking you up for school she always asks for your help when she can asked someone else but no.and you don't seem to care". He gives you a sad look.
"Honey they're just messing around with you and I do care I was just acting that I didn't know but I did". You confessed "but from now on If they want to hang out they'll have to wait and I'll tell Bella that you will pick me up eveyday". You add making Jasper smiled, but his smile fell, when he sees his siblings and Bella coming making you to turn around
"Sorry guys, but I'm hanging out with my honey". You and Jasper got up, leaving his siblings and Bella craving for your attention.
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marvelatthetwilight · 11 months ago
Dark Minds
Tumblr media
⬅️ Part five: Lonely Minds
A/N: This was a long one, but I've cut it in two so I was able to include the detail I wanted to, enjoy!
It had been nearly six months since Bella Swan came bounding into your life and turned it upside down and inside out. Life was very different with Bella in it. You barely saw Edward. Spending most of your days tagging along with your siblings; avoiding spending time with Edward and Bella as best you could.
He drove Bella to school, sat with Bella at lunch, drove Bella home, spent evenings and afternoons with Bella, the list goes on. It was only when he needed to come home to hunt that you spent any time together at all. After the James fiasco he didn't want to leave her side "just in case", and despite your guarantee to support and trust him, he still didn't fully trust you, and you weren't sure you could ever trust him either.
Tumblr media
On the day of Bella's 18th birthday, you made a promise to Alice to be on best behaviour. Smile Y/N, look happy, look like you want to be there, that's all I'm asking of you.
She was looking at you seriously across the table as you sat in history together. Neither of you needed to pay attention; having both sat through the exact same lesson many times before. You shrug your shoulders at her in response and she rolls her eyes.
Please Y/N. Just for an evening.
"What will that achieve?" You ask her as the bell rings and you begin packing up your stuff.
It'll be fun. I've seen it.
"You know that doesn't work on me. I know you haven't"
SMILE. She draws a smile on her face as she leaves the room, beams at you, then walks down the corridor.
Tumblr media
Today was Bella's 18th birthday.
You had agreed to smile this evening. That was it. No one said anything about needing to smile all day, pretending you were happy. Edward knew that. He wasn't expecting anything else from you.
"Happy...birthday Bella!" Alice starts then whispers in Bella's ear when Bella looks panic stricken at the thought of everyone knowing it's her birthday.
She glances behind Alice at you and Jasper, and you both offer her a small smile and a nod in acknowledgement of her birthday.
You fake a bigger smile towards Bella and Edward, the latter frowning at you.
Why are you looking at us like that?
Promised Alice I would smile.
I see. So not actually happy then?
Don't start.
"Is this something I need to get used to?" Bella asks laughing, referring to your silent conversation with Edward.
"Not anymore, don't worry." You reply, before walking off towards your next lesson, blocking out your siblings' voices.
You drove home from school with Emmett and Rosalie in an attempt to avoid any more Bella birthday drama. Sitting in the back seat you look up at the rear view mirror as you hear Rosalie and see her looking at you smiling.
We can protest against Alice's demands to make us smile, I'll back you up. We can just stand in the corner scowling.
This makes you smile as you turn to look out of the window at the trees passing. Now would be an ideal time for this supposed mate to appear; to stop the loneliness, the awkwardness your family felt at always trying to make sure you were involved. You needed an escape.
Tumblr media
Once everyone is back at the house, dressed and ready for the 'party' that Alice had planned, you hear her calling you from downstairs.
"Y/N, Rosalie, Emmett, quick, Bella's here!"
The three of you make your way to the living room to find it filled with candles and rose filled bowls.
Wow, this is a bit much. You look at Rosalie and smirk, Alice has really gone all out with this one. Before you have a chance to respond you hear Edward.
Please don't make this awkward.
I think you're forgetting who you're talking to. I don't care any more Edward. Happy birthday Bella and all that.
As they make their way into the room, Bella winces at the sight in front of her.
Told you it was a bit much. Rosalie glances at you sideways.
"Sorry about all this. We tried to rein Alice in." Carlisle says as he hugs Bella.
"Like that's even possible. Happy birthday Bella." Esme moves forwards, opening her arms to hug Bella.
You move backwards to stand at the back of the room, observing your family closely. Rosalie hands over a silver wrapped package quickly, muttering something about it before moving away. Bella smiles awkwardly at the attention as Alice drags her towards a table full of presents.
Bella opens an empty car radio box from Emmett for the radio he installed in her truck earlier that day, before Alice hands her the next box.
The next few minutes pass by in a blur. You remember suddenly smelling blood. Before you can fully acknowledge what is going on, Jasper is flung back at the wall next to you before he attempts to lunge at Edward again.
"Y/N!" Carlisle calls out, his eyes darting to Jasper, and you realise what you need to do.
"Jasper, look at me!" You call out, and Alice quickly realises what needs to happen. Emmett and Carlisle tackle Jasper down and you climb on top of him to look into his eyes.
"You don't want to hurt Bella, Jasper. You don't want to..."
You slowly look up towards where Edward is standing; Bella sat on the floor behind him on the broken table, holding on to her arm which is streaming with blood.
“Carlisle I…” You look up at him, a pained expression on your face as your siblings all realise the same thing and struggle to control their thirst.
Carlisle rushes to Bella’s side and holds some fabric to her arm. Edward has paled slightly but he rushes to Bella’s side, putting himself between your siblings and Bella. He looks at you desperately.
Y/N get them out.
You take a deep breath then look at Emmett who is struggling to hold himself together.
“Em, look at me.” He turns to look at you, his eyes dark and hungry. “Get Jasper and leave, take him outside, stay away from this room.”
“Rose.” Rosalie forces her gaze away from Bella. “Go with Emmett, get Jasper out of here.”
You watch as Rosalie and Emmett drag a snarling Jasper out of the house. Esme sends an apologetic look to Bella and pinches her nose as she leaves.
Only you and Alice are left. Alice looks at you and shakes her head. “I’m sorry Bella, I can’t…” she whispers before leaving the room.
You share a look with Carlisle.
Edward. Carlisle can look after her. Go and speak to Jasper. He is going to need to hear from you.
I’m fine.
I’m not asking for you. I’m asking for Jasper. You need to check on him. Let’s go.
“I’m fine Y/N.” He says again, out loud this time so he can reassure Bella, but as he looks to give her a reassuring look, his eyes focus on the crimson blood running down her arm.
Her blood smells so good.
Edward. NOW.
With that Edward rushes to the door. He glances back at Bella one last time before leaving. You nod at Carlisle, offer Bella a small smile before rushing out of the room after him.
Tumblr media
3 days later
"Hold on. We're leaving? But I don't want to leave." You tell Carlisle, he turns around to face you, a frustrated look on his face that you normally only see reserved for your siblings, you've never had it directed at you. This wasn't the escape you wanted. Not like this.
"We have to leave Y/N, you know this." He pleads with you as he packs away some clothes into a bag then walks out of the room.
Please just pack Y/N.
You stare after him, mouth open in shock. "No I don't know this. I don't understand why this has come as a shock to anyone. Rosalie warned us all of this from the very beginning."
Rosalie comes to stand beside you. "Welcome to my life Y/N." She drapes an arm across your shoulders and leans down to rest her head on you.
None of them are going to acknowledge that this is what I said. Edward is playing the saint like he's suddenly doing us all a favour by forcing us to leave.
You turn to look at her, frowning.
Don't even get me started on poor Jasper.
"I'm not playing the saint Rosalie. I didn't think this would happen, was naïve that this would work but...it's just too dangerous for me to be with Bella." Edward says quietly as he stands in the doorway.
"And that's exactly what I told you would happen." Rosalie stands up straight and moves towards Edward, her face contorted in anger.
"You chose this. You were warned but you chose this. You abandoned Y/N. All of this for Bella, and now you're abandoning her now it's too difficult. You're pathetic Edward."
"Rose" Carlisle warns as he returns to the room.
"No, Carlisle. No." Rosalie looks around at her family before her eyes land on you.
"Carlisle, do we really have to leave? Does it really need to be like this?" You ask him again, your face pained and mind full of thoughts.
"Alice said this is the only way. We have to trust in that." You look down at the floor.
"It'll work out Y/N. I promise." Alice says softly from the doorway. "I've seen it."
Tumblr media
Mexico, 3 months later
You missed your life in Forks. Whilst you had been desperate to leave, it wasn't really Forks you wanted to leave; the life your family had created there was comfortable. You had been happy.
Now you were miserable. You all started off together in New York for a while until Carlisle suggested everyone split up, each of the couples desperate for some alone time. As usual you ended up with Edward. But it wasn’t the same. It wasn't like before when you went travelling together. Your relationship was fractured. You were hurt, you felt abandoned, he didn’t trust you and he was depressed, missing Bella so deeply he felt numb inside. His thoughts were dark, your thoughts were dark, and neither of you could keep out of each other’s heads. You were bringing each other down.
You needed to escape. Again.
You sigh as you drop your book into your lap and look out at the view from the balcony of your room. Mexico City was busy and bustling below you. You loved the smells, the noises; it was lively and felt so...human. But you yearned for the calm and quiet of Forks; something you never thought you would say. Edward looks up from his position at the desk in the corner of the room and looks at you quizzically.
He had been writing letters to Bella, pouring out his heart, then burning them, in an attempt to stop feeling. He thinks it's helping, but you disagree. You aren't sure of what you want in life, but this wasn't it. You love Edward, of course you do, he's family after all, your brother, your best friend, but...
Edward I can’t do this anymore.
He frowns.
What is ‘this’?
Us. This life we’ve ended up with since we left Forks. I’m miserable. You’re miserable. It’s dangerous for both of us. Someone is going to snap.
So what? What can we do about it?
I can leave.
Edward gets up from his seat at the desk to sit next to you on the balcony.
“You can’t leave.”
“Yes I can. Perfectly capable of it.”
He rolls his "I mean, you can't leave me."
"I know that's what you meant. But it's still not true."
“Where will you go? Somewhere on your own? You’ve never been without any of us Y/N. It would be too dangerous for you.”
“I know Carlisle thinks that I’m delicate and need to be protected at all costs because of my power but I had hoped you knew me better. That I am in control of it, you’ve seen it. I don’t need protecting anymore.”
“So that’s your mind made up?”
“Where are you going?”
“I don’t know yet, I just need to get away.”
“Get away from me you mean.”
You look up at him as he looks down at his hands, twisting the material of his bedsheet between his fingers.
“We were good for each other for a while. Our abilities helped keep each other sane. But now…it won’t be forever. I promise. You’ll always be my brother.”
With that Edward rubs at his eyes and storms out of the room. You hear his thoughts fading as you take a deep sigh and look out to the window. Where do I go? You consider joining your parents at Isle Esme, then shudder at the idea of being a third wheel to Esme and Carlisle on a romantic island. At that moment your laptop pings with a notification. Carlisle had ordered you all to change phones and deactivate any methods of contact, but you had kept one thing. One piece of your life in Forks. Your email address.
Y/N. I know this is probably weird for me to be emailing you, but I don’t know what else to do. Alice won’t talk to me; all my emails to her fail, and her phone number doesn’t exist anymore. Things are so strange here, like none of you ever existed. Like you were never here, like her was never here. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore. – Bella
That's it. Mind made up. I need to go back to Forks.
Tumblr media
As you drive past the Forks sign, you feel anxiety building in your chest. You hadn’t replied to Bella, you weren’t sure what to say, you weren’t close, but you felt responsible. Your family had done this to her and you felt responsible to make it ok, since no one else was going to.
You slow as you approach the Swan residence; Charlie’s police cruiser was missing so you knew he was at work, and as it was the weekend, Bella wouldn’t be at school. Pulling up on the other side of the street you take a deep, but unnecessary breath to calm your nerves. Just as you are about to open the door, the front door of the house swings open and Bella emerges wearing a hoodie pulled over her head.
She looks happier than anticipated, a skip in her step maybe. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all.
As she walks over to her truck she catches sight of your car and stops.
Her eyes widen as you open the door and step out.
“Y/N” she whispers, before running towards you and enveloping you in a hug.
“Woah, that was unexpected” you laugh, reciprocating the hug before holding her at arm’s length to study her face.
Now she was closer you could see that the happiness you thought you saw before wasn’t real: the bags under her eyes are deep and dark from lack of sleep, her skin is patchy, her eyes red rimmed from crying. She watches you carefully as you study her face, then sighs.
“I know I look like crap.” She says softly, pulling away from you and rubbing her face with her sleeve.
“I wasn’t going to say that.”
Bella rolls her eyes at you and you both laugh.
“Ok, maybe I was.”
“We can’t all be beautiful for eternity vampires Y/N. Humans look like crap when they’re sad.”
You nod your head slowly. “I know that too well Bella, don’t worry. Can we go inside? I don’t want it to be a big deal that I’m here…no one else knows.”
Bella considers this for a moment. You can see she wants to ask you, but can’t summon the energy or confidence to enter into that conversation.
“Not even him.” You say softly, putting an arm around her shoulders and leading her back towards the house.
Tumblr media
“Where did you go?” She asks after a moment of silence. You are both sat in her living room, the TV playing to itself, whilst Bella fills you in on what she has been doing. She has been better, happier even, thanks to her friend Jacob.
“Everyone is all over the place. Carlisle and Esme have gone to Isle Esme to work on the house there, Alice and Jasper went travelling around East Asia, Emmett and Rosalie are off on another honeymoon…” You pause and wince as you think of Edward and what he must be feeling now you are gone.
“And…him?” She whispers, not wanting to make eye contact.
“We travelled together for a bit. I left him in Mexico.”
“Left him? To come see me?” She looks up at you confused.
“Not quite. I wanted to leave anyway. Your email just gave me a prompt to come back to Forks. It was needed.”
She nods her head before pausing. “Why did you want to leave him?”
“I’m not sure we want that conversation, Bella.”
“I want to know.”
You sigh at her persistence.
“Our gifts are extremely helpful most of the time, and our gifts together up until now have made life bearable. I’ve never been very good at opening up, always hated it, but being with Edward meant I didn’t need to, he knew. Same goes for him. We helped each other. But now his thoughts are dark, he is sad, depressed perhaps, and that has an impact on how I feel, makes me feel the same. I couldn’t stay around that. We can't help each other anymore."
Bella doesn’t reply, just looks up towards the window as she hears a door slam.
“This is going to be awkward to explain.” She says quickly before heading to the front door.
“Whose car is that?” You hear from the front door; from a voice you don’t recognise.
“Y/N is here.” Bella replies.
“Y/N Cullen? His sister?” The voice spits back angrily.
“Yes, but she didn’t do this, she didn’t want to do this…” Before Bella has a chance to reply, you can put a face to the voice as Jacob comes storming into the living room to argue with you.
He pauses in the doorway as you stand up to greet him. Your presence has put him on edge, but he doesn’t know why. He feels protective towards Bella, like he needs to protect her from you.
“Why are you here?” He asks angrily.
“To be here for Bella.”
“She doesn’t need you. She hasn’t needed you. If you wanted to be here for her, you wouldn’t have left.”
“I didn’t have a choice. My family…they made the decision for me.”
“And now? What’s different now?
“I’ve had the courage to know that they’ve made the wrong decision, I’m making the right one.” You turn to Bella now as you speak. “Bella, what happened wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair on you. I tried to argue with…dad…but…I just didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry…”
Bella goes to interrupt you, to tell you it’s fine, that everything is ok.
“No, it’s not fine. That shouldn’t have happened. But I’m here. I know I’m probably your last choice of Cullen to be here with you but I’m here, and I’ll stay here as long as you need me.”
Maybe she isn’t so bad.
You smile at Jacob, and he looks back at you confused before shaking the thoughts from his head and turning back to Bella.
“Do we want to try out these bikes or not?”
“Bikes? What bikes?”
“You want to come with us? Try them out too?” Bella asks you, gesturing towards the truck at the front of the house. You hesitate for a moment. Edward would want me to look after her. You nod in response and Bella's face brightens.
Jacob looks unsure, but seeing how happy your presence has made Bella he gives in.
Maybe she's different to the others.
“Are you scared?” Jacob asks teasingly as he walks towards the front door with you.
You roll your eyes in reply.
“I don’t think Y/N is scared of anything.” Bella replies for you.
Jacob laughs, “Ha, we will see!”
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➡️ Part seven: Lovesick Minds
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I'm back hyperfixating on Twilight (it comes and it goes, lol) therefore yall should expect to see a few more fics coming your way ;)
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Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Part 4)
Jacob Black x Fem!Vampire!Swan!Reader
Summary: Jacob Black, alpha of his pack, would never fall in love with a bloodsucker, much less imprint on one. The problem is that Y/N Swan was human…until she wasn’t anymore.
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Tumblr media
“Alright, cheese on three.” Charlie says, positioning the camera at his daughters and their prom dates. “Jacob, Edward, hands where I can see ‘em.”
“Don’t shoot.” Jacob wiggles his fingers to show that they are appropriately placed, for now.
“I assure you Chief Swan, Bella is in good hands.” Edward replies.
“Nobody likes a brown noser.” Jacob grumbles and Y/N elbows him in the ribs. “Ah!”
Charlie smiles proudly, “that’s my girl.”
“Come on Dad,” Bella sighs, “we’re gonna be late.”
“That’s my other girl,” the man says under his breath. “One, two, three.”
“Cheese,” Y/N grins.
Jacob beside her smiles like he swallowed the sun.
They are together and safe.
Bella’s mouth is twisted into a smirk and even Edward looks happy.
“That’s one for the grandkids.” Billy remarks from his chair.
Charlie murmurs something inaudible.
“Didn’t quite catch that.” Y/N cups a hand around her ear.
Charlie’s face softens. “You both look beautiful, that’s all.”
Bella flushes, not used to taking compliments.
The Y/H/C moves forward, pecking her father’s cheek.
Charlie rubs his fingers over the skin she touched, ice cold. But he doesn’t question it. Not so long as she’s here.
“Have a great time.” Billy waves the young lovers away.
“We will,” Jacob calls as they head for the door.
Prom is nice. Returning to any kind of normal is nice. But it fades like a photograph left out in the sun.
Jacob is gone a lot, his responsibility to the pack is ever growing. At night he is exhausted. Climbing through Y/N’s bedroom window to sleep with her chilled frame pressed up against him.
“Baby,” Jacob murmurs in his sleep, “my baby.” His hold on her tightens.
“I’m here,” Y/N whispers; tracing the line between his worried brows. “I love you, Jacob.”
“Luh you,” he sighs, then let’s out a loud snore.
Y/N chuckles to herself, head resting on his chest. Listening to the sound of his beating heart, the peaceful intake of breath.
So perfect, so warm, so alive.
A finger draws patterns on his skin, allowing him to sleep until morning. Which comes all too soon.
She’s lonely then, in a way she never has been before. Jealousy pangs in her chest, seeing the ease with which Bella is adjusting to the world of mythical creatures. Taking confident strides where Y/N stumbles. Almost like Bella was made for this.
Made for Edward in every way. Her scent appealing, her temperature enticing, her mind a fortress like none other.
“Happy Birthday Bella!” Y/N sings, as the brunette creeps down the stairs for school.
Charlie had apparently beat her to it, Bella is already holding a new scrap book and camera.
“Thanks,” Bella clicks the button and a flash snaps at their sister.
Y/N is wearing an oversized flannel shirt that the Bella assumes to be Jacob’s. Not a hair out of place, too painfully beautiful to be human.
Bella envies that more than she will ever admit. Y/N will never get any older. Frozen in time, just like Edward.
“So Alice called. Said they’re having a party for you tonight.” This is news to Bella. “They invited me and my plus one.”
“You and Jake should come.” Bella encourages, maybe they can cut through some of their tension with the Cullens. “It’ll be fun.”
“House full of vampires sounds like fun to you?” Y/N scrunches her nose.
“One human, a werewolf and several vampires.” Bella ticks off on her fingers. “What could do wrong?”
Y/N sighs, “I’ll text Jacob.”
His reply comes during geometry, ‘what should I wear?’
‘Well, Alice gave me a blue dress that I’m required to wear.’ Y/N taps at the keyboard, pressing send with a roll of her eyes.
‘Required?’ The phone hums almost immediately.
‘No shirt, no shoes, no service.’ Y/N smiles at her come back. Then adds, ‘meet me at my house after school. I’m making Bella a cake and I need someone to taste test.’
‘I’m so there!’ Jacob would never turn down food. ‘I’ll find a shirt.’
“Hey,” Alice opens the Cullen’s door for Y/N and Jacob. “You look great! I knew that dress was perfect.”
“Thanks,” Y/N runs her hands over the front of the silky material.
Alice leans in for a hug, surprising Y/N.
“Oh,” Y/N pats her back awkwardly.
“I can take that.” Jasper extends a hand to Jacob.
“Sure, yeah.” Jacob shrugs, allowing the vampire to take the chocolate cake and wrapped presents.
They reek worse than Y/N.
“Is the birthday girl here?” Y/N takes a tentative step inside.
“She’s changing upstairs,” Alice squeals in excitement. “Come on,” she grabs Y/N’s hand, leading her through the hallway into the living room.
Jacob hesitates in the entry way, the pixie’s blonde counterpart making eyes at him.
“You’re uncomfortable,” Jasper says.
“That’s an understatement.”
“You worry about her.”
“Kinda my job.”
Jasper pauses, looking him up and down. “There’s pain here. Helplessness.”
“Can you bloodsuckers stay out of my head for five minutes?” Jacob snaps.
“I’m not in your head.” Jasper half smirks, “it radiates off you.”
“Perfect, great.” Jacob hates it here. “Can we go now?”
“She’s happy. Here with you and Bella and us.” The vampire stops him. “But she worries too.”
“I better-“ Jacob jerks his thumb in the direction that Y/N and Alice have disappeared.
Jasper lets him pass, “of course.”
Bella joins them after a moment, dazzled by the scene before her. The music is soft in the background, smiling faces gaze up at her. All pale and beautiful. Jacob stands out like a sore thumb.
“Happy Birthday!” Alice pounces on her first, gifts at the ready. Even from Rosalie, who is less than thrilled to be celebrating.
“Uh thanks.” Bella accepts the parcel, opening it to peek inside.
“It’s a necklace,” Rosalie spoils the surprise. “Alice picked it out.”
“Cool,” Bella shakes it off.
“I made you a cake,” Y/N offers. “It’s chocolate, used to be your favorite. I don’t know-“
“That’s perfect!” Bella wasn’t expecting cake at all. “You didn’t have to go to the trouble. You know, since I’m the only one who eats.”
“Hey, that’s not true.” Jacob reminds her. “I licked the bowl Bells, it’s amazing.”
“We should sing,” Esme smiles. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen a birthday.
“No, please don’t.” A blush burns on Bella’s cheeks.
“Too late,” Edward whispers, sympathetically.
The candles are placed and lit at inhuman speed.
“Happy birthday to you,” Y/N leads the choir.
“Happy birthday to you.” The Cullens chime in.
“Happy birthday dear Bella,” the brunette turns her face into Edward’s shoulder.
“Happy birthday to you.”
“Make a wish.” Edward kisses the top of her head.
Bella does, closing her eyes as she blows out the candles. She wishes things could stay like this.
They dance, Bella and Jake eat cake. Everyone gets along, it’s better than any of them thought possible. Maybe, just maybe, this can work. Maybe it can be this easy.
“Alright, we’ve got a shit ton more presents and the human needs her beauty rest.” Emmett announces, a heap of boxes in his arms.
“Get to work Bella,” Y/N smiles.
Bella shakes her head, “I can’t accept all of this.”
“You absolutely can,” Edward argues.
“Which one’s from you?” Bella asks her sister.
“Start with this one.” Y/N plucks a small box from the pile. “It’s not perfect, but Jacob is teaching me.”
“She’s being modest,” Jacob counters, “cranked that one out in twenty minutes.”
Bella wonders what it could be. Peeling back the wrapping she finds a silver bracelet with a hand carved wooden ‘B’ hanging in the center. “This is beautiful.” She marvels, holding it up into the light.
“You like it?” Y/N asks.
“I love it.” Bella sighs, “thank you. Can you help me put it on?”
Y/N leans forward, mindful of the delicate clasp and her even more delicate sister. “There,” she says proudly.
Edward smiles at their exchange. “Now it’s my turn.”
“I told you, no presents.” Bella frowns at him.
Edward places it in her lap anyway.
Halfway through removing the paper Bella winces, “paper cut.”
Blood oozes from the wound.
“Hey,” Jacob catches Y/N’s face in his hands. “It’s just a little blood.”
Y/N replies with a tortured sound, “Bella.”
“She’s ok,” The wolf assures her.
All the golden eyes fall on the birthday girl.
Edward, having read Jasper’s mind, shoves Bella out of the way. Not adjusting his force, he sends her through the tempered glass table. Her blood pouring freely from fresh wounds.
Edward jumps to her defense, throwing Jasper back into the piano.
Y/N is on fire, but she is in control. Rising to her sister’s aid. Crouching protectively in front of her, the movement tearing a slit in the Y/H/C’s dress.
Jacob is there, all but fuming, still human, until Jasper snaps his teeth at him. His body contorts so quickly into the reddish brown wolf that Bella can hardly believe her eyes.
The animal comes to stand beside his mate, chest heaving as they draw a firm line between the Cullens and Bella. They are out numbered, but they will fight.
Carlisle is the one to skirt behind Y/N and Jacob to tend Bella’s wounds as Emmett is finally able to restrain Jasper. Alice soothes him into submission and removes him from the house.
One by one the Cullens leave, all accept for the doctor. Edward is last, looking utterly worn down.
“Y/N,” Carlisle calls her attention softly. “I’m going to stitch Bella up in my office. You should wait outside.”
Y/N stands upright, making that sound again. The terrible one that keeps Jacob up at night. Reaching a trembling hand out she finds his fur, grounding herself.
The wolf leans into her touch, a whine sounds from low in his throat. Y/N is in pain, therefore so is he. He nuzzles her ribcage, left exposed by her hold on him.
The exchange so intimate that Bella tears her gaze away. “It’s ok, Y/N. I’m ok.”
At this the Y/H/C takes a reluctant step toward the door. “I’m so sorry, Bella.”
“We need to talk,” the words tumble from Edward’s mouth the moment Y/N’s feet touch the solid ground beyond the steps of the Cullen home.
“I have nothing to say.” Y/N states numbly, releasing her hold on Jacob. The wolf backs away, giving her space but staying close enough to comfort her.
“Please,” Edward breathes. “It’s important.”
Edward leaves. Leaves behind a shell of Bella, taking pieces of her with him that she will never get back. That is his grand solution to the ‘problem’ he created.
Months pass. Y/N and Charlie are at a loss. Trying to navigate around the hole in Bella’s chest. But nothing helps. Time moves around her, without her.
Things between Y/N and Jacob are still strained. Her duty is to Bella and his to the pack. Their inability to turn away from either one leaves them stretched thin.
Bella has nightmares constantly. Dreams of being left, dreams of being alone. Y/N stays in Bella’s room, hoping to keep them at bay. Even her nights no longer belong to Jacob. Still they go through the motions, hoping that the smaller details will hammer themselves out.
“So uh, Dad tells me that I need to get out of the house or he’s sending me to Jacksonville.” Bella tells her sister, eyes fixed on the front tire of her truck as she kicks it.
“I’ll talk to him. He’s just worried about you. We all are.” Y/N explains.
“No, you don’t need to worry.” Bella tucks a bit of hair behind her ear.
“I was actually hoping I could third wheel.“ Bella interrupts, “with you and Jake. What are you doing later?”
“Anything you want.” Y/N reaches for her phone.
“We could just… hangout.”
“Ok.” The vampire eyes her warily. “Jacob has a motorcycle, by the way. If you wanted a ride you could’ve asked, no need to drive off with some creep.”
Bella huffs, “Jessica told you about that?”
“It’s high school Bella.” Y/N laughs, “Jessica told everyone.”
“Great,” Bella shakes her head, “that’s really great.”
“I was also gonna ask…if you know any good mechanics.” Bella bites her bottom lip.
“I know a very good mechanic,” Y/N leans against the cab of Bella’s truck, “cheap too. He pretty much rebuilt my entire car in exchange for pizza and sexual favors.”
Bella’s eyes widen, “Jacob was ok with that?”
“Jacob was the mechanic,” the corner of Y/N’s mouth twitches. What a time. “He was more than ok with it. Although I do think he dragged out the rebuild a bit.”
“That makes a lot more sense.” Bella stuffs her hands into her pockets.
“So what’d you need a mechanic for? Is the truck giving you trouble?” The Y/H/C cocks her head to the side.
“No it runs like a charm. But seeing as you brought up bikes, I saved one from the scrap yard. I was hoping to fix it up.”
“Jacob might be up for a new project.”
“As long as you cover the second half of the payment arrangement, I’m good for the pizza.” Bella smiles, Y/N hasn’t seen her smile in months, not since Edward left.
Y/N bumps her shoulder playfully. “Let me call Jacob.”
“Scrap metal and pizza,” Jacob muses, watching Bella and Y/N park the truck, “you shouldn’t have.”
“I told her you’re the best mechanic I know.” Y/N winks.
“Cheap too,” Bella adds.
“So you told her about that thing you used to-“
“Not in detail you dirty dog.” Y/N chastises, no heat behind her words as Jacob wraps his arms around her. She whispers something in his ear that brings color to his cheeks and a grin to his lips.
“Down girl.” Jacob swats her behind playfully, “alright Bella, show me what we’re working with.”
Y/N steps out of the way, watching as her sister uncovers the bike frame.
“I get it if you think this is really stupid-“ Bella runs a hand through her hair.
“Very stupid, it’s gonna cost you tons of pizza.” Jacob cuts her off, lifting the machine with ease.
“So, I gotta ask.” Bella’s eyes dart between the two of them. “Who’s the strongest?”
“Me,” Jacob replies.
“I am,” Y/N says at the same time.
Bella immediately regrets asking, they continue shoving at each other and laughing all the way into the garage.
Bella takes a look around, tools and spare parts litter the ground. Photos of Y/N hang everywhere, mostly notable human Y/N. A few are new, the difference isn’t tremendously, because of the contacts; but Bella can spot it.
“Wow,” Bella sinks back, “you’ve got like a full shrine in here.”
“I prefer collage,” Jacob chuckles, “but tomato, tamoto.”
Y/N exchanges a private look with her boyfriend. She has never loved or been loved the way she is with Jacob.
“You had a ton of hair Jake,” Bella points at the nearest picture. Jacob’s dark hair hanging past his shoulders, an arm slung around Y/N’s neck. They look happy, impossibly so. She might envy them if she didn’t know better.
“Yeah, I did.” Jacob nods, leaning against the body of a vintage car he recently finished gutting.
“Why did you cut it?” Bella can’t help but wonder.
“It’s a wolf thing,” Jacob divulges. “The longer our hair in human form, the longer our fur.”
“Can’t have it getting in your eyes,” Bella understands.
“Exactly,” Jacob claps his hand together, “so tell me this, do you know the difference between a Phillips head and a flat head screw driver?”
Things are better in their company, Bella feels almost normal again. Her heart doesn’t ache as much. Until the first day Y/N starts flaking on the bike rebuild.
She doesn’t read too much into it, until the third day. “So where is Y/N anyway?” Bella asks, waiting near the garage door for the pizza delivery.
“Baby steps,” Jacob pulls up a stool for her. “She won’t stay long and she won’t come everyday.” He sighs, “do you still want me to fix the bike?”
“I- yes. Thank you,” Bella rakes a hand through her hair. “I just figured she’d be happy, you know? With Edward gone, less vampires in the area, should mean less Quileutes joining the pack.”
“You still don’t get it Bella.” Jacob stills, moving the wrench away from is work. “Y/N begged him to stay.”
“But she didn’t even like the Cullens.” Bella looks away, utterly confused.
“She loves you and she knew how heartbroken you would be.” Jacob lowers his voice, as if not to farther startle her.
Bella swallows down her guilt. “I didn’t know.”
“Just don’t tell her I told you that.” Jacob presses his lips together, returning to work.
“Secret’s safe with me,” Bella stares down her feet.
The window of Y/N��s room stays opened, open to possibility, open to him.
Tonight Jacob shows.
“Mr. Black,” the vampire smiles. Shifting up on her knees to meet Jacob at foot of her bed. “Are you here to collect your payment?” She trails a finger over his chest.
The wolf smirks, catching her wandering hand and bringing it to his lips, “I’m interested in something a little different this time.”
“Oh?” Y/N arches a brow. “Well name your price.”
“First, just explain to me which part of being with me forever freaks you out.”
“Honestly?” She squints, “no part of it.”
“So why do you shut down every time I talk about life after Forks?” He whispers.
“I just- we’ll fight.”
“We already fight.” Jacob points out, “and here we still are.”
“We’ll grow apart.”
“I highly doubt that,” Jacob grounds out. “What’s it gonna take for you to commit to me?”
“Jake, I am committed.” Y/N stammers.
“Then why in the hell are you fighting me so hard?” Jacob can’t help but laugh.
“I don’t want to be seventeen forever.” Y/N searches his brown eyes with her orange ones. “I don’t want to matriculate every ten years. I don’t want a wall full of graduation caps or to repeat high school until I know every element of the periodic table by heart. I’m stuck.” She motions to herself. “You’re not.”
Jacob recoils as if she slapped him.
“You can have a life, you can go to college and get married and have kids. You can go forward, I can’t.” She pauses, mustering her courage. “I want forever with you, Jacob. But I won’t do that to you…not when I’ve spent my entire life loving you.”
“I want to be stuck, dummy.” Jacob caresses her temple with his knuckles. “We can go to college, we can get married, we can try to have kids. And if we can’t, I will be more than happy just to have you. Let me show you how good it can be.”
“I know it would be good.” Y/N shakes her head, but she won’t allow herself to want it.
“You want me to walk away.” Jacob knows her. “You want me to throw in the towel and say it’s too much but I won’t. Not after I’ve spent my entire life loving you.”
“We don’t have to do this to each other.”
“Yes we do.” Jacob growls, “which part of stay with me forever was too subtle for you?”
Y/N tries after that, really tries to be there for Jacob the way she used to…before.
She starts small, with Bella. Introducing her sister to the people who had once been her friends.
Jake is handling something near the northern boarder with Sam and Quil. Nothing major, or so he says.
The vampire decides that Emily’s place will be the easiest to start making amends. Knocking quickly against the screen door, before she can lose her nerve.
“Y/N,” Sam’s fiancé smiles warily, when she finds the Swan sisters on her doorstep.
“Hi Emily.” Y/N waves, “this is my sister, Bella.”
“Nice to meet you,” Emily replies.
“Can we come in?” Y/N sighs, this will be interesting.
Emily hesitates, then drawing in a deep breath, swings the door open fully. “Of course. The guys should be back soon. For now just Paul and Embry.”
“Fucking Paul,” Y/N chuckles, despite herself.
“Is something wrong with Paul?” Bella whispers. She hasn’t seen him since they were all kids.
The second they enter the kitchen Bella’s fears are put to rest.
“Come here,” Paul chases Y/N around the table twice before she finally allows him to catch her. After locking her head in place the wolf gives her several noogies.
“Paws off,” she laughs.
“Paul,” Emily says in warning.
“What?” The wolf throws up his hands. “I haven’t seen my favorite vampire in months.”
“I would say I haven’t seen my favorite wolf either, but…” Y/N squints at him.
“Hey Bella.” Paul turns his attention to the new comer. “Your sister thinks she’s funny.”
“I am funny!” The vampire flattens out her hair when Paul releases her.
“Were funny, you’re all broody and serious now.” Embry points at her.
“What?” Y/N scoffs, “I am not broody.”
“Yeah right,” Paul can’t believe his ears. “You can’t hide from Jacob’s obsessive inner monologue anymore than we can.”
“Well, let’s hear it.” Y/N challenges, taking a seat although she doesn’t tire.
“I wish Y/N would show up,” Paul gets the ball rolling.
“I wish Y/N would show up and not leave.” Embry adds on.
“Maybe I should make her stay,” Paul laughs.
“Alright, that’s enough.” Emily chastises. “You’ll scare her away.”
“I don’t scare easy,” Y/N smiles, “and you know why I can’t be here all the time.”
“You turn men into animals. Literally. Figuratively. It’s a compliment really.” Paul nudges her playfully.
“Sure,” Y/N arches a brow and changes the subject. “Emily is a great cook.”
“And baker, not to toot my own horn or anything.” The woman places a fresh plate of muffins on the table.
Y/N closes her eyes, “I just know that smells heavenly. Have one for me.”
“Do you mind?” Bella motions toward the baked goods.
“No! Please, take as many as you’d like.” Emily encourages.
“You know back before….when I could eat,” Y/N clarifies. “Jacob and I would hang here as much as we could.”
“They’d have full blown foodgasms.” Embry remembers like it was yesterday.
“Sounds like I dodged a bullet,” Bella blinks.
“I miss food,” Y/N laments, “I miss-“
“Me?” Jacob suggests from the doorway.
The Y/H/C joins him at vampire speed. “The guys were just telling me how much you think about me.”
Jacob let’s out a disapproving sigh, “just couldn’t keep your mouths shut, huh?”
“At least we didn’t let Leah lay into her.” Paul points out.
“Leah?” Y/N peers over at Jacob.
“It’s nothing.” Jacob presses a chaste kiss to her worried brow.
The woman in question bumps the vampire’s shoulder on her way through the door. “If you’re here to torture Jacob some more feel free to leave.”
A growl rumbles out low in Jacob’s chest, a protective arm pulling Y/N flush against him. Their skin sending up smoke where it meets. “Leave it alone, Leah.”
The female wolf lowers her eyes.
“Jake,” Y/N taps his chest. “It’s ok, I…deserved that.”
“You deserve respect,” Jacob snaps. His primitive nature boiling a little too close to the surface.
“They respect me enough to tell me the truth.”
Jacob bares his teeth.
“Just say it. I wanna hear it from you,” Y/N challenges.
“That’s not-“ Jacob shakes his head to clear it. “Come with me.”
“But Bella-“
“The pack will protect her,” they have orders.
“Please,” Jacob cuts Y/N off with finality.
After a nod from Bella, Y/N follows Jacob out the door.
“She’s gonna get it now,” Quil remarks.
“Should we go after them?” Bella stands up immediately. “What if they hurt each other?”
“It’s dangerous to interfere with a wolf and their imprint.” Sam’s voice fills the room.
“But you’ve gotta have a death wish to get between Jacob and Y/N.”
Jacob leads her leisurely beyond the tree line.
“So,” Y/N begins, “you wanna tell me what’s going on?”
He runs both hands over his face. “I thought…that things would be different.”
“Well I was thinking about- your responsibility to the pack. I’ve been trying to protect them too.”
“How?” Jacob demands. “You’re never damn here.”
“That’s the point! Jacob don’t you see?” How can she make him understand? “I don’t belong here anymore.”
“You belong with me,” Jacob insists.
“I want to believe that,” she does. “But I understand that being in the same room as me makes their blood boil. They can never relax, even though I wish that wasn’t true. Even though they’ll deny it.”
“The pack just needs more time.” Jacob reasons, everything happened so fast. “They need to see for themselves, not just through my eyes. But you have to be here for that to happen. You have to stop running away.”
Y/N flinches, “I’m not running.”
“You are,” Jacob grimaces, “whether it’s intentional or not.”
“I was only trying to be helpful. Even though it tears me apart. Being away from you kills me, Jake.”
“There’s a council meeting tonight at sundown. It would be good for the tribe to see you there.” They can make this better, or it can keep getting worse. “We start by building trust with those who are unsure.”
“What if they won’t accept me? I’m not gonna make you choose between me and the pack.” That’s been her fear all this time.
“I would choose you.” Jacob clenches his fists.
“I know…that’s why I would never ask you to do that. They need you to lead them Jacob.” He was born for this.
“And I need you. They will accept that, most already do.”
“How do you know?”
Jacob rocks back on his heels, “do you remember the last council meeting that you came to? Like two weeks before you…changed.”
Y/N nods.
“Maybe you should sit down,” Jacob is still freaked out by the whole thing.
“Honey, vampires don’t faint.”
“Right,” Jacob breathes, “well I’m gonna sit.” Because he might. The wolf backs up, finding purchase against a tree and sliding down to the ground.
Y/N kneeling beside him, uses a finger to turn his face toward her.
“What if I told you that this isn’t the first lifetime we’re meeting?” He looks scared and lost, his eyes search hers frantically.
“I would,” Y/N pauses, that didn’t seem impossible. Knowing Jacob in another life seemed nice. “Reincarnation?”
“You didn’t think it’d just be vampires and werewolves, did you?” Jacob jests, even though the world is weighing down on him.
“Well,” Y/N lets out an unnecessary puff of air, “do you like…remember me? How I was?”
“Yes and no,” Jacob admits, his thoughts far away. “It happened after the first time I phased. Once I became Alpha it got more intense. The flashbacks. I thought at first it was just because of all the history lessons the council was trying to cram in. But everything started to get jumbled up, you and them. Me and them. I guess because it was always me and you.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Y/N whispers, feeling his jaw tense beneath her fingers.
“The alpha finds his mate, only to lose her again. Most times later in life, I thought we had more time.” Jacob breaks off, “then I watched you die.”
Y/N inches closer.
“I knew it was real.” He felt it in his bones. “I knew what I was supposed to do. What werewolves do to vampires.”
“Kill,” she understands.
“I couldn’t do it.” Jacob relaxes into her touch as she cards his hair. “That’s why everything feels so out of control.” He pauses, “you’ve never made it this far in any time line.”
“Who was I before? Any honorable mentions?” Y/N wonders, ribbing him lightly.
“It’s mostly mental jibberish. But I could never forget my third and favorite wife.” Jacob smiles, bumping her shoulder.
“Did I kill the first two?” She snarks.
“No, you were a bit more…tame back then,” submissive even. This version of her, the one he truly got to know, to grow up with, fall in love with, is his favorite by far.
“Welcome to the twenty-first century.” Y/N murmurs, “in this lifetime I’m gonna be your only wife.”
“Only one I want. Only one I can handle, shit.” Jacob adds, with a shake of his head. “Taha Aki must’ve been on something.”
“Anything else I should know, chief?” Y/N inquires.
“Two days ago we took out a vampire, red eyes, dreads, wearing a suit without a shirt underneath.”
“Hot.” Y/N purses her lips.
“You familiar?” Jacob scowls. Now who’s lost their sense of humor?
“I remember Edward saying a nomad group came across them playing baseball with Bella. The ones who were with the tracker. We should ask her. See if the description jogs her memory.”
Jacob nods, “there’s another. A woman with red hair. We chased her all the way to the Canadian border last night. But she keeps coming back. We’re trying figure out what she wants.”
“That sounds personal,“ Y/N crosses both arms over chest. “Vampires don’t hunt that way.”
“That’s what I thought.” They don’t play with their food.
Part 5
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LUST. LUST (series.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: in which two of the seven deadly sins come to Forks looking for fun. Or in which a certain vampire discover certain emotions for a certain sin.
pairings: edward cullen x lust sin!fem!reader.
disclaimer: everything written in these chapters are for entertainment purpose only. i do not own the twilight saga and any of their characters. i only own (Y/N) and the oc's presented here.
cw: angst. detailed writting of graphic violence. blood and gore. suggestive themes. deaths. explicit sex scenes. use of drugs and alcohol. age gaps & adult vocabulary. discretion and respect are recommended when reading.
author’s note: it's me again!!! after of being in a hiatus for more than five months, i'm back. first of all i wanted to say sorry to y'all for going to a hiatus without saying anything, i don't really have an excuse :3 but hey i'm back with a new theme for the story and new upcoming chapters for it. i hope y'all enjoy!!!! ( TAGLIST )
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© cyphersuna (2021) original fanfiction work. do not copy, translate or remake w/o my permission. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME.
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