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#rose does asks
5ivebyfive · a month ago
❤️+ trimberly
Who is the most affectionate?
I think they both are. Maybe Kim a little more. Always has to be touching Trini some way. Holds her hand, plays with her hair, loves doing her braids for her. Often pulls Trini down on her lap.
Who initiates the handholding?
Kim most of the time, but Trini does too.
Who worries more for the other?
Trini, because she knows her girlfriend can get into trouble on a daily basis.
Who is more likely to ask for help?
I think for a long time in their relationship they both struggle with asking for what they need. The longer they're together the easier it gets for both of them. It's then that they'll ask each other for help. Trini in reaching for things, Kim getting into trouble and asking for help. Something along the lines of always starting it by saying "Okay, so I was perfectly innocent..."
Who is the one always losing the keys?
Kim. Every time. When they live together Trini gives a spare key to one of their neighbors that she trusts, and Kim knocks on their door sheepishly on a weekly basis.
Who leaves little love notes for the other?
I don't know about love notes, but Trini is constantly sticking post-it notes to Kim's stuff to remind her of things. Sometimes she'll stick it to Kim's forehead when she's asleep.
Who can’t sleep unless the other is there?
Trini. She suffers from nightmares of Rita often and feels more at ease when she knows Kim is right there.
Who is more likely to propose to the other?
Kim. Even when they're not in "that place", Kim gets all wound up in the idea of it and trying to make secret plans to do it. She probably proposed 2-3 times before Trini said yes.
Who introduced the other to their family first?
Kim. Trini's still worried that her parents might not be supportive, but Kim invites Trini over for dinner with her parents all the time. Even when they weren't dating yet.
Who is more likely to play with the other’s hair?
Who makes sure the other has meals/stays hydrated?
Trini. She knows that Kim doesn't forget to eat or drink water on purpose, it just sometimes doesn't occur to Kim to do those things.
Who is more likely to stand up to anyone for the other?
Trini. She likes to be all big and bad despite her short stature. But Kim does it, too. Mostly because things that should probably scare or worry her, just don't.
Who is the most likely to prepare a surprise for the other?
Definitely Kim. She loves making surprises for Trini. Trini hates surprises. Kim grins and tells her "one day you'll love my surprises".
Who makes the other pinky promise not to do certain things?
Trini. Sometimes it works and keeps Kim out of trouble. Sometimes it doesn't.
Who puts a blanket over the other when they fall asleep on the couch?
Trini will squeeze in front of Kim and pull the blanket over both of them. Kim would flop on top of Trini and just pass out with her, doesn't occur to her to put a blanket down.
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words-writ-in-starlight · 7 months ago
I like the Anais Mitchell version of Tam Lin just fine and it's very fun to sing and it includes my favorite Janet line ("There's none among your gentlemen that I would treat so well") HOWEVER the story of Janet and Tam Lin is unquestionably MUCH funnier if Janet has been explicitly warned not to go to Carterhaugh because of Tam Lin, specifically.
Absolutely everyone ever: "Don't go to Carterhaugh because there is a creature in the roses who will either kill you or seduce you and those odds aren't great." Janet: "Well, hell, I've got a free afternoon." Absolutely everyone ever: "You don't? You have chores?" Janet, already tying her kirtle up: "Chores are for chumps, if I don't come back I'm either dead or kidnapped, catch you later."
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bisexualreginaldpeters · a month ago
just due to the nature of the show being music focused with many in universe bands it becomes so bazaar that netflix doesn’t jump at making some sweet merch. like they have several bands they could make tees for that could easily look like actual band shirts done in the style of each band (i. e. sunset curve. rose and the petal pushers. julie and the phantoms. dirty candi. double trouble. and the hollywood ghost club and trevor wilson could be included too) not mention sunset curve demo cds or just making soundtrack cds available because 90s vibes ??? dirty candi group jackets each matching one of the girls colors ??? double trouble friendship necklaces could be cute ???? or hgc bracelets that look like caleb’s stamp would be pretty cool right ??????? jatp hoodies with ghosts on the sleeves ?? petal pushers patches and band tees with a rocker edge ??????????? the possibilities are endless and work so flawlessly because the show lens itself naturally to band merch because it’s literally !!!! about bands and music !!!!!! and it’s so annoying that the only official merch i see is tacky hot topic tees like netflix what’s the deal here
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anathemafiction · 3 months ago
Mc, makes finger guns at Alessa because she doesn’t know how to flirt:
Alessa: Why do you wish to shoot me?
Alessa stares at your fingers. "I know not what this -" her lips twist "- gun is, but if it is anything akin to a knife..."
She smiles. "I would not mind becoming acquaintanced."
Honestly, a world where Alessa and guns co-exist is a very scary one.
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dantelionwishes · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[tedtalk voice] so what if my pokemon ocs had better guardians?
D: rose and miriam stayed together, got married, and had a kid together! instead of becoming a gym challenger, he is crowned with the future responsibility of marcos cosmos
POPPY: professor rowan, instead of letting poppy go by himself, takes responsibility and takes care of him! as a result, he becomes his assistant :^)
TURQUOISE: her family doesn't hate pokemon, and since turquoise was still a bit of a brat, they sent her to train with the local gym leader: brycen!
Tumblr media
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vilz · 8 months ago
Ballerina Osomatsu. (And maybe his brothers reacting to his being able to do that type of stuff)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they’re t-posing thank u for the prompt!!!! my askbox is still open so feel free 2 send more !! blmatsus dont talk 2 me
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walktheline-au · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steven: A few moments later the portal disappeared. Another one popped up a few dozen yards away, and White Lion came out of it. We’ve been following his trail ever since then.
<< PREV || FIRST || NEXT >>
Well now that I’ve drawn something that doesn't have some kind of lighting overlay on it you can see how hilariously inaccurate my colors are lol 
OG Lion is literally the only character I’ve bothered with using a color reference for... pretty much everything else I’ve been eyeballing.
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rcse · 13 days ago
The TARDIS pump...and the subtle art of Gallifreyan seduction.
Seriously, though, my head goes empty when the Doctor uses the pump.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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5ivebyfive · 11 days ago
Trimberly + time
For six sentence sunday!
Tumblr media
[content warning for naked cuddling.]
"Baby...time...," Trini murmured while her girlfriend Kim had an arm around Trini and was giving Trini soft kisses along her jaw.
"Forget time," Kim whispered back, slowly and lazily running her fingers against Trini's soft skin.
Trini felt lulled, drawn in, and she let out a sigh of words, "Pot roast...probably done...," and she felt Kim's touch freeze, her kisses pause, and Trini opened her eyes to look at Kim, whose face was contorted in some kind of inner debate. Trini raised a brow, smirked, and said "You can't decide between food and naked cuddling, huh?"
A wrinkle showed between Kim's brows and she pouted and replied, "Can't I have both?"
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latinposeidon · 2 months ago
Rose thinking Sunset Curve was an annoying bunch of too-flirty kids and slowly learning more and more about how nice they were as Bobby opens up to her my beloved
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highlifeboat · a month ago
Daniela: First you took my horny, now you take my Bela... What else are you gonna take away from me!? ... Are those my coockies?
Cassandra, eating Dani's coockies: ...nooo...
Daniela: Am I.... THE LONE SISTER?? Have the tides changed? The tables turned? THE ROCK FLIPPED??
Bela: You gotta calm down, kiddo.
Daniela: Am I at least still your favourite?!
Bela: Oh Dani, no....
Bela: Rosemary is my favourite.
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moodymelanist · a month ago
Some more from this toxic!Nessian AU before I switch gears and go back to finishing this last Gwynriel chapter...
“Does he make you come like that?” Cassian asked, his voice smug.
“That’s none of your business,” Nesta snapped. She knew rising to his bait was never the smart thing to do, but he was just a little too good at pushing all her buttons.
“I’ll take that as a no,” he said with a smirk. “You should really date someone who you’re more sexually compatible with, sweetheart.”
“Sexual compatibility isn’t everything, sweetheart,” she shot back. “All the sex in the world can’t fix a relationship. Didn’t we teach each other that?”
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mostlygleethoughts · 2 months ago
ALLI hi I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever??? So do you have any marlique headcannons???
i know right?? how’ve you been child? i hope you’ve fallen into illegal habits during our time apart
do I have marlique headcanons?? me? moi? why would i. it’s not like i think about them at all…
1. they have those matching best friend necklaces. you know the ones you have to put together to complete? when i was little i thought they were the true representation of friendship so of course these two have them
2. both their families adore the other one. millie rose is so happy that marley has opened herself so much to someone and unique’s parents are glad that unique has someone that never wavers from her side
3. they organised a week where they coordinated their outfits. they had a blast. one day it was leather jackets and eye liner, on another day it was pastel. they made sure pink was for wednesday though
4. a more romantic headcanon now because i completely support that these two are girlfriends. marley wears [insert flavour] lipgloss more often because she notices that unique loves the smell/taste of it and that means more kisses
5. picnic dates are their favourites. they love lying down in the grass, holding hands , listening to music and being relaxed
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I love your post about Leon and Eternatus and what brought them together was mutual understanding! First from Leon, who wanted to help stop Eternatus' pain, then from Eternatus. I think that they have something else in common, though neither Masters nor SWSH acknowledge it. Rose used both of them in his plan against their will. Forcing the Darkest Day forced them respectively into action. Your paragraph about Leon asking Eternatus for permission to help it reminded me of that.
Omg thank you!! I'm glad you liked it😭😭
Tumblr media
I like how you said it reminded you of how Rose used them both because I didn't even make that connection until you brought it up
Eternatus 🤝 Leon
Being manipulated by Rose
Seriously though, it does make me wonder how Rose will be treated in this game when he comes. Will he acknowledge what he did and how it negatively affected Leon, Eternatus, Bede(who isn't in the game yet) and the region as a whole?
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ask-beacons-finest · 2 months ago
Ruby, leaning against Pyhhra’s seat: Pyhhraaaa how are you not tireddd Pyhhra, laughing, looks at Ruby through the review mirror: Ruby if I was tired while driving that’s a hazard. Ruby: so your not tired by sheer willpower? Pyhhra stops at a red light, and brushes Ren’s bangs out of his sleeping face: You can put it that way. The drive is almost over anyways, you can sleep at our place if you like. Ruby, jolting upwards: REALLY Jaune: shh up Ruby: a Pyhhra giggles: If Nora still isn’t upset about us going on a drive, then of course. Ruby, leaning back into her seat, suddenly vibrating: Ayyyyy Ruby suddenly launches herself out of her seat: Pyhhra: Ruby? What’s the m Ruby: PYHHRA-
Nora picks up the phone: Hi Yang whaddy- Nora: Yang slow down. Nora: What do you mean they- Nora stands up abruptly and dashes to get her keys: Which hospital are they at
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strqyr · 6 months ago
i know i’ve said that i expect all of team rwby to fall into the abyss, but i’ve actually managed to sell myself the idea that they’ll actually split up - with ruby and yang falling, and weiss and blake don’t and are left to deal with the refugees.
some sort of a detour is likely, but i want to bring up this quote from kerry from this interview:
“ i think you could assume that. i will neither confirm nor deny, and i won't... i don't want to say, or not, that there might be a detour on the way. but we definitely would be remiss if we didn't get to see vacuo at some point -- maybe some point soon. ”
yes, it hints at detour, but kerry also states that we would see vacuo some point soon. and while the split up could be team rwby in the void and the rest on remnant, it’s not something the show has done before - a member of team rwby has always been a central part of a storyline, even when separated. ruby and yang taking a detour while weiss and blake deal with the evacuations and the rest would also play nicely into their character arcs without sacrificing anything.
now, if the girl who fell through the world foreshadows falling into the abyss, then whoever falls in is in for some life and person changing adventures - they won’t be the same girl anymore when they get back. 
and that’s the crux of it. weiss and blake have already mostly finished their personal arc. weiss has re-bonded with whitley and willow, and now what awaits is winter reuniting with them as well. throwing weiss into the abyss would put all of that on hold. blake has already long time ago reunited with her parents and taken back the white fang - the same white fang who are now likely on their way to atlas to help. i don’t think they’d set that up only to have nothing come out of it... and if blake falls into the abyss, she won’t get the chance to show her leadership qualities with the white fang, or meet up with her parents and ilia again.
to put it simply, there are story opportunities for weiss and blake on remnant, and considering how far their arcs have already progressed, there’s not much that could shake their worlds in the void of magical wonders. especially if said wonders have to do with past and any big revelations that come with it.
which brings us to ruby and yang. because if anyone, it’s them who have a big family secrets that won’t be revealed in any conventional manner because certain people (we’re not naming any names) aren’t exactly eager to talk about their pasts.
and family (especially summer and raven, but team strq as a whole, too) has always been a big part of ruby’s and yang’s personal arcs, and any magical void adventures and secrets revealed along that journey could further progress their arcs towards a turning point.
and say, if there would be a ruby and yang vs cinder and neo fight that leads them to fall with cinder and maybe even neo, it would also move along the grimmification plotline.
there’s also this look ruby and yang share after ambrosius gives his warning...
Tumblr media
...which just gives me the vibes of “guess who’s going to fall!!” and also reminds me of this opening shot...
Tumblr media
...of them having each others backs no matter what, so, i guess there’s that too.
anyway, volume 9 focusing on family, with ruby and yang going on a detour and learning their family secrets, while weiss and blake have their own adventures in vacuo (and maybe even having to make the difficult decision whether to close the portals to keep salem out, or risk it for a chance that ruby and yang will make it out in time), would be a perfect way to keep all of their arcs going while still doing something new and fresh, but also showcasing vacuo at the same time.
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