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#rose lalonde

I haven’t posted art here in a while, so here’s this doodle of rose i did on some of my homework! I might clean it up better in an art program that’s not my phone’s editing app, though, bc the blurry background is a bit distracting

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Trans Karkat Pyrope here, I really adored the talksprite you did for me!!!! Since its TDOV, do you think you could do a panel edit of me and my trans gf, June Lalonde (rose-swapped)? I really adore her a lot but I don’t remember what she looked like too much? I think she had a purple goth vibe though!! Also could I have a hoodie either on or around my shoulders/waist? 

Here you are, Karkat. I hope you enjoy.

☆ Thank you for the request. ☆
  Normal requests are closed - Only requests for TDOV are currently open. 
☆ Credit for general things, such as items of clothing, are on my Carrd. (This message will only be on posts I used a base for.)

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Rose was absolutely disaster pre-time skip, and then on the meteor she learned how to fake being distinguished

nah dude, pre meteor she wanted people to think she was distinguished over the internet where she could build any kind of persona she wanted, however, after spending three years on a meteor with her it would be clear to the others that she was really a disaster lesbian the entire time. what with living with your brother, three hot women and dream bubbles with even more hot women in them. and I add brother because siblings really just bring out the disaster in each other

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