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#rose lalonde
turtleduck-ddtd · 18 minutes ago
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homestuck-but-worse · 2 hours ago
Kanaya: How Do You Feel About The Obama Body Pillow
Dave: oh my god please get him for me please
Dave: hes so hot
Rose: What is wrong with you?
Dave: so many things now please get me the obama body pillow
Kanaya: Maybe
Rose: Kanaya.
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thraxxed · 9 hours ago
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Sorry about the floppa here’s roses that I drew for homestuck day that I forgot to post but rlly like
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notquiteluminescent · 13 hours ago
so i finally did this
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(to clarify, im a maid of void/bard of light!
blank + links below :)
it isn’t my favourite song ever (bc who can choose that) but I listen to it a LOT, enough that it was my top Spotify song last year!
blank time :)
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froggy-gutz · 15 hours ago
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morning rosemary <3
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lemontiii · 15 hours ago
Listen: Rose and Kanaya were undoubtedly nervous goobers during their first kiss post-retcon. The only way Rose managed to initiate the kiss was being influenced heavily by alcohol while Kanaya didn’t make any moves towards it first, and in the vriskagram I think it’s implied Rose isn’t as drunk as she was in pre-retcon? 
So imagine a very sober, only just a lil tipsy, Rose and Kanaya walking through the halls of the meteor and at some point they just stop and stare at each other until the other makes a move. 
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homestuck-but-worse · 16 hours ago
Rose: I despise you with every bone in my body
Vriska filing her teeth: You wanna kiss me so bad it m8kes you look stupid
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 20 hours ago
Mom: get me a ovdka on th roxs
Rose: Mother, it's breakfast.
Mom: Nd a pease of toats
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kurukuru-daza · a day ago
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caledfych · a day ago
Chapter 50:  Bottlenecks (But Not The Alcoholic Kind)
DAVE: ok so DAVE: you think that because of this lord english attractor or whatever DAVE: all our really shitty timelines just get joined up into one incredibly assballs shitty timeline DAVE: like some kind of turbo mecha voltron of fate tempting DAVE: which john flies off into the fucking sunset in ROSE: Something like that.
Wow, I posted this on 4/13 to kickstart coming back to this serial and I somehow totally forgot to shill it here!  As usual I don’t know who follows me here instead of elsewhere but if you’ve been missing this series, please have some more.
Progress exists on Chapter 50!  Might need a bit of runway still but it won’t be months and months till it gets posted.
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