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Meet The Crystal Gems!

They’re basically the same as the real Crystal Gems (and yes, Moonstone is a fusion of Vi and Lo)

The Others | The Outcasts | Tiger’s Eye

Below the cut is some more info and additional refs

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currently in progress: a silver tungsten inlayed with rose quartz and crushed mother of pearl ring! theres a few pieces of crushed pink opal thrown in there for texture purposes so it’s not just all the same, with pink and pearl pigment powder!

inspired by Steven Universe!

in the dark when you turn the lights off theres an unexpected surprise :D

(hint: its glow in the dark)

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The Future,  Thanks Steven! 

No puedo creer que ya se acabara, me lleno de feels, gracias por todo, unos ocho años si mal no recuerdo. 

I´m full of feels about the end of the serie, I follow it for years and I love it, thanks. 

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Rose Moon Crystal Altar

Let’s celebrate the Full Rose Moon Eclipse. Long, light filled days allow us to see everything clearly, good and bad. It’s important to clear the spiritual weeds so we can bloom into our best selves ❤️🌕🥀

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PearI forgot to talk about something in my Rose and Pearl analysis:

Pearl was the one who inspired Rose to start the Gem revolution.


When Pink wanted to learn more about Earth, Pearl was the one who suggested her to disguise herself as a Rose Quartz. She took Pearl´s advice and then they went to experience the Earth in person.


Rose slowly feel in love with the life that was on Earth and notices how the gems were destroying all the life.

¨All this life that’s been growing wild here on Earth… None of it… will survive my invasion. We’re not creating life from nothing. We’re taking life, and leaving nothing behind.¨  (Now We’re Only Falling Apart)


 ¨This whole time, we thought we were following her, but she was following us. How could she not after you swept her off her feet?¨ (Now We’re Only Falling Apart )

You took her on this whirlwind tour of Earth and then she wanted to live here with you forever! (Now We’re Only Falling Apart)  

If it wasn´t for Pearl.. Rose would have never care about Earth. It was their field trip that made her realise she wanted to protect and fight for the life that it´s on the planet.

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 There is quite a lot  of discourse in the SU fandom about Pearl and Rose relationship,what was what really about, if Rose had feelings for Pearl.. if she was just ¨playing¨ with her.

But one common misconception i keep finding it´s that Pearl did what she did because Rose somehow ordered her to fight in the Gem Rebelion.

Here´s the thing: Pearl did what she did because she LOVED (and keeps loving) Rose.


¨Everything I ever did, I did for her. Now she’s gone, but I’m still here.¨ ( Rose’s Scabbard)

¨Rose made me feel… like I was… everything.¨  (Sworn to the Sword)

Pearl was truly devoted to her, the problem was that she sometimes took that devotion too far and her identity was defined around Rose. Not due Rose ordering her but because Pearl still had self worth issues to deal with.


¨Back during the war, Pearl took pride in risking her destruction for your mother. She put Rose Quartz over everything; over logic, over consequence, over her own life.¨  ( Sworn to the Sword )

Pearl still believed that she was less important than others since pearls on Homeworld are seen as ¨nothing¨ and that they just exists to please their Diamond.


¨No matter how hard I try to be strong like you… I’m just a Pearl. I’m useless on my own. I need someone to tell me what to do.¨ ( Friend Ship)  

This sometimes made Rose and Pearl argue. If we paid atention Steven and Pearl arguing in ¨Sworn to the Sword¨ it´s implied that Pearl had this argument with Rose before.


¨Why won´t just let me do this for you,Rose?!¨ 

Rose wanted Pearl to be free, she wanted her to be her own gem.That´s why she told Pearl to never ¨stop thinking things¨.


¨But I’ve been… imagining things, even when you haven’t asked me to. I imagined that I ran away and met you here on Earth, a Rose Quartz. And I’m not yours, but, I make you so happy anyway! Isn’t that ridiculous?! Tell me to stop!¨

¨Please, don’t ever stop!¨


Pearl was excited for faking the shattering and be finally free. She fully wanted to dismantle Homeworld´s system.

¨You know this is crazy, right? Your status, my purpose. None of it will matter anymore. This will change everything.¨- Pearl 

¨I know! Isn’t it exciting?!¨- Rose 

¨It is.¨-Pearl  

¨¨We can leave our old lives behind. If this is really my world, I want to give it to the Crystal Gems. I want to live here with human beings! I wanna live here with you! We’ll both finally be free!¨ -Rose

Pearl´s character arc is about her learning to become her own person, to understand she can love Rose in a healthy way and not shape her identity around her. She slowly begins to understand that Rose was a flawed being as she is. Over time overcomes her self worth issues, coming in terms with the fact she´s an important member of the Crystal Gems and she´s isn´t less of a gem.

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