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#rose steven au

Official design of my “Rose🌹Steven AU” from my last comic.

Breif summary: Steven got hit by the rejuvinator quite early on and the Crystal gems were the ones to poof Spinel. Instead of losing control of his powers, Rose’s consciousness is brought back to existence but since she’d given her gem to her son, she is unable to fully regenerate into her form and is thrusted to Steven’s mind. Now stuck in his body, Rose is forced to face her past, present and future.

Also, this is a crack AU since it’s been confirmed that she really is gone. This is just for the fun and the angst 🙃🙃

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I offer a gift for the radiant Rose Diamond!  A lovely Morganite and her adorable Creamrose Pearl

Morganite is a clear glassy pink gemstone that is connected with the soul, the heart, and love. Wearing a Morganite crystal will bring you healing energy, compassion, joy, confidence, inner strength, and unconditional love.

A soft, aristocratic gem, used to keep emotions calm and help gems with fusion.  Sometimes it’s not easy for gems right out of the ground to fuse for their jobs.  Morganite oversees newborn gems who are meant to fuse to become stronger gems to serve the Diamonds.

Creamrose Pearl is her attendant and helps her get the clerical stuff out of the way.  Creamrose loves seeing new planets and touring Rose Diamond’s new colonies.  She’s very excited and idyllic, filled with so much joy.



Thank you so much, dear! These gems will make a fabulous home in my court.

We’re making our way through all of these submissions! Keep submitting your gems and we’ll draw them out in our style and post them!

submitted by @kazefiend

drawn by @rhodochrosite-love

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Chapter 5: The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas; a Gigantic Nuclear Furnace!!! Where Hydrogen Is Built Into… I’ll Stop Now. Ft. Explaining Friendship to a Dumb@ss

Note: heya! Hope you all are doing well. I don’t know what else to say. Other than I guess I didn’t realize how long getting this au to a point of completion is gonna take.

Yellow sat on her cot unable to move. She simply stared down at her boots, she only quavered slightly from her large frustrated breaths that were holding back more tears. She had never felt this out of place before. Never felt this lost before. Never felt this amount of not being in control before.

She didn’t want to rejoin the group, she didn’t want to feel like that again, but she knew she had to. She had to head back to the group, train with them, become one of them, so that she could win this war.

She tried to move, but nothing happened. She had suddenly noticed the amount of gems that were outside her tent. They were all heading for the training area she had left. That was more soldiers than she remembers there being.

Yellow breathed faster now.

She already had a bad reputation, was without the group she had come to be slightly familiar with, was surrounded by many unorthodox soldiers who didn’t function normally, and there she was, feeling like she was going to cry. How pathetic. What a clod she was.

She thought about what White or Blue would say to her right now, seeing as she no longer trusted herself for good advice.

“Get back on your feet, now, General. You are the sun for stars sake! They are supposed to revolve around you. Burn brightly, make them fear you. Don’t FAIL again!” White would yell in her voice that would waiver between dangerously calm to dangerously angry.

“Give me your hand.” Blue would say, and she would take her hand and squeeze it gently and just give her a kind look that spoke volumes through nothing but her eyes. She could speak the most well-written paragraphs through nothing but what was communicated through her face.

But neither were here right now. So she improvised.

After looking around sufficiently, to make sure no one could see, she gave her own gloved hand a squeeze, whispering to herself, “You are the sun for stars sake, burn brightly, clod.”

She stood up with a long breath and took a step forward towards the exit of the tent. Her confidence was little, but not nonexistent. It had never quite been nonexistent, it was always there in some form, even if it was fake.

One step.

Another step.

A few more.

She had made it the flap of fabric that led to the outside world; the camp. She took another deep breath and forced herself outside. There were less soldiers now, most had made it to wherever they needed to go; whether that was the training grounds or the forge or someplace unknown to her. She stood there for a moment unsure of where she should go. She was pondering just that when a voice called to her:

“Hey, you. You! Whatcha doin outside the general’s tent? I mean I ain’t gonna judge if you been snoopin’, but you know that ain’t really allowed right?!”

A gem, hunched over a fire that was near her tent, was the one who had spoken. They appeared to be overly tired and worn. Their gem had scuff marks on it, as if they should have been shattered many times.

Yellow tourmaline cocked her head for a moment and pondered who was speaking to her before she realized that she would have to give a response.

“Oh… I am a general. I’m just… new.” the words came out slowly, but somehow found their way to the surface.

“I see. Aren’t ye supposed to be wit the others then?” the gem raised an eyebrow.

“I-…yes.” Yellow frowned and what little confidence she had mustered seemed to drain out of her.

The gem pondered the statement for a moment, but instead of being angry or confused simply patted the log that they sat on and motioned for Yellow to join her. Yellow hesitated, but since she didn’t know what else to do she complied. She shuffled over to the fire awkwardly, but decided to sit on the log across from the gem; seeing as she still wasn’t used to sitting that close to other gems.

“So… what’s yer name, general?” the gem asked with a sigh.

“Tourmaline. Yellow Tourmaline.” she stiffened up.

“Mine’s Ammolite. Most folks just call me ‘A’ though. -Just easier.”

It was quiet for a moment before Yellow piped up, “Why aren’t you with the others? Don’t you have something to do?”

The gem laughed, but it sounded too sad to be real, “I’m retired, really. I been here for so long, Rose said I outta rest, she said I had too many close calls. She said I could go leave and rest, but I couldn’t make myself leave this place. I’m done fightin’, sure. But I ain’t done supportin my friends… of the one’s I got left.”

“I… see.” Yellow did not see.

It was quiet again. Yellow couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that one could simply stop living out a purpose. How could one stop? Her face contorted as she thought.

The gem laughed again, it sounded less sad though, “Confused, eh? Yeah, most are. And yer new so that don’t help. Would you like more of an explanation?”

Yellow frowned into the fire, thought for a moment, then looked into the gems face, and nodded.

Ammolite smiled, “I stopped fightin’ cause Rose believes that I deserve a rest. I was workin so hard, cracked my gem so many times, that she said I should be done. She didn’t want me to get hurt anymore. Sometimes I ain’t even sure why I stick around, though.” The gem sniffed, “All I get to do is sit here and watch what’s left of my friend’s get shattered on the field. I wanna stay, though, cause even though I ain’t fightin, I get to help you newbies. So even though part of my purpose is over and done wit, I gotta a new one now. Even if it’s hard sometimes.”

“Why get close to anyone, then, if you just have to watch them get shattered?” Yellow blurted out before she could stop herself.

The gem was taken slightly aback at the question, but then settled into the fact that Yellow was new to this and answered her, “Because if you don’t care about nobody then what’s the point of anything? Besides, if you don’t care about nobody, who’s gonna care about you? It’s a sad life to live all on yer own, sure it’s sad when you lose a friend, but it’s worth it for the memories, ain’t it?”

“I… suppose so.” she replied.

“You got any friends, Tourmaline?” the gem asked.

“I-…” Yellow thought for a minute. She had something back on homeworld, but she wasn’t sure what it was. She thought about how she would feel if she lost any one of her fellow diamonds. “I don’t know if I have any. I think I used to.”

“What happened to them? If you don’t mind me askin?”

“They-… they’re back on homeworld. I don’t think they would want me if they knew I was here.” she stumbled over her words, still not quite understanding her own feelings.

“I see.” The gem thought for a moment, “I understand you’re new, and don’t understand this, and yer figuring yerself out, but I’m willing to be yer friend if ….you want.”

Yellow thought this over for a moment, “What… would that entail?”

“Nothin, really.” Ammolite laughed, “It’s just a mutual agreement that I care about you and you care about me.”

“Hm.” she responded and she thought for a moment before continuing, “But I-… don’t know you.”

“I know. But you could.”


“I’ll just share some things about myself, and you can do that same.”

There was a pause, “That’s incredibly simple. If it is truly that simple, then why wouldn’t everyone just be friends for the mutual benefit of being allies?”

The gem smiled, a light that hadn’t been there before now dazzling her eyes, “Hm. What a beautiful world that would be.”

“Is that what you fight for? Why you’ve stayed?” Yellow felt the fire reflect on her gem; the morning sun rising.

“That’s definitely one reason.” The gem grinned, she could read the recognition in Yellow’s face: something had gotten through to her, even if it wasn’t much, it was something.

“Now let me ask you a question, Tourmaline.” the gem sat up a little, “Why aren’t you with the others? Don’t you have something to do?”

The sun seemed to go behind the clouds, and the morning air became crisper.

“I’m supposed- I’m supposed to be with the other generals, but…” Yellow trailed off.

“Everyone has bad first days, Tourmaline. I had mine when I was a general. First day I almost started a mass panic!” Ammolite reminisced, “You are just new. The squadron you been placed in is one of the most brave I ever seen! They been through a lot, it’s gonna take a while for them to get used to you and you to get used to them. It always takes time.”

Yellow was silent; shocked, in awe. A failure was a failure, and she had failed. She was a failure here, but this gem…

“I can tell that you are a strong one. Just hold out for a bit, take some risks. You ain’t on homeworld anymore.”

Yellow was still unable to speak. She had never quite been treated this way before.

“I tell you what. How ‘bout you go down to the forges and get yer weapon crafted? You’ll need it for when you fight anyway, so even if you can’t go back to the other generals you’ll still be doin work that needs doin.”

“Where… where are the forges?” Yellow was practically whispering.

“They’re right over there.” The gem pointed down the rows of tents to a more concrete tent of sorts with smoke billowing from it.

“Ammolite, I… appreciate your …service.” she eventually concluded.

“You are welcome.” the gem smiled, “And remember we are friends, Tourmaline. You can talk to me, or sit with me if ya need. That’s why I’m here.”

Yellow nodded and then made her way to the forge, her confident strides returning to her.


Her head still reeling from the conversation she just had; she slowly pushed back the warm leathery fabric that covered the forge and walked inside. The gems inside were hard at work in the flames and lava, liquid metal being bent and shaped in their hands. She approached the countertop and stood there, unsure of what to do or say to get what she needed.

While she stood there, awkwardly, she turned her head towards what she believed was the sound of whispering. Sure enough, two gems were sitting on the floor of the forge, presumably waiting for a weapon, and were whispering to each other. As she rolled her thoughts over and over in her head, she suddenly realized a possibility and she stiffened:

Were they whispering about her?

Her face felt hot and she turned away to look back at the lava instead, which subsequently made her face even more hot. She shuffled around, now feeling more awkward than ever. Did they know about her incident from earlier today, already?! She felt tempted to leave but she just kept repeating Ammolite’s words to herself:

“I can tell that you are a strong one. Just hold out for a bit, take some risks. You ain’t on homeworld anymore.”

She chanced another glance at the two gems and they were still whispering, looking at her, but when the one caught her eyes, she too, blushed. Yellow decided just to look away and pretend it had never happened.

“Heya, dear, what can I do for you?” a fusion asked politely.

“I- uhm… I need a weapon made.”

“Have you gotten fitted for it yet?” the fusion, which appeared to be between a jasper and an aquamarine, asked politely.

“No, I don’t believe so.”

“Well then come back with me, hon, we’ll get you fitted.” The fusion led her to a back room that was used for testing weapons.

The rest of her time was spent testing her broadsword. The fusion kept saying that she should use one more proportional to her body type, but she insisted upon the oversized sword. Once the fusion gave up on convincing her, she went back to the forge to make her weapon and let Yellow wait with the other gems for her new sword.

She didn’t look across her at the two whispering gems. She was too… frightened, or maybe it was nervousness. She didn’t know, but she didn’t like the feeling so she made sure not to look at them. Instead she busied herself by fiddling with her gloves or her hair. And she definitely was NOT thinking about the two gems who whispered, not at all.


When she finally received her weapon she quickly left the tent, greatful that the whispering gems had finally left. She kicked up small clouds of dust as she strode back to her tent. When she finally arrived, she was still the only one there. The sun still hung in the sky, her fellow generals wouldn’t be back until long after sunset. The days seemed to tick by so much slower on Earth.

She flashed a quick look at Ammolite before entering her tent. Yellow stood in the entryway, the fabric flap blowing gently in the wind behind her. She sat on her cot and polished her already perfect sword, and was yet again at a loss.

“A mutual agreement that I care about you and you care about me.” she thought back to what Ammolite had said.

If she was going to get into the other general’s good graces she was going to have to employ this new tactic.

She quickly busied herself. She tidied each general’s cot, folded the cloths that were strewn about, disposed of Jasper’s pile of broken cot pieces, and studied the lamps that hung about the tent. It took her longer than she would have liked, but when she finally deduced how the primitive lighting technology worked, she had finished. The room was tidy, it was not uniform, but it was tidy. Not only did she feel better about existing in the tiny space, but she hoped that the gesture would be appreciated.

She was sitting on her cot, polishing her sword, when the other’s finally came back.

“Why do I always end up with the most unruly squadrons?” Peach groaned.

“Ah shut up! You love em’!” Ame laughed and punched Peach’s shoulder, playfully.

“I-!” Peach attempted to protest but stopped in her tracks, “… What-…?”

Yellow bolted up from her cot.

“Woah. Yellow, did you do this?” Ame skidded to a halt.

“I did.” Yellow was unable to look at them, “I hope it is to your liking.”

Jazz lifted up the fabric door and entered, “Dang, Peach, bet you didn’t see this one coming!” she laughed.

Emerald pushed past the wide-eyed gems who still hadn’t taken more than four steps onto the premises and cleared her throat.

“General. Your behaviour today was uncalled for, disrespectful, and will not be tolerated in the future.” Bear’s face softened, “But we know what it’s like to be new, and everyone has horrid first days. You’ve clearly shown us that you want to belong here, and we sincerely appreciate you cleaning up our living quarters.”

Yellow simply bowed her head, as a show of acknowledgment and thanks.

The others piled into the tent as if nothing had happened at all, the lamps grew bright and the generals laughed and joked for a few lovely collections of moments. But as always the best moments seem to end the quickest and the joyful, joking air faded into the dirt floor as the generals gathered together to discuss their plans.

“Squadron AC7 is currently out on mission, when they return we can all convene with Rose and plan our next big strike.” Emerald spoke in a hushed voice.

“I hope their mission is going well, we need a win in our corner.” Bis replied, back from the forge. “Not to mention that I can’t stand to lose more folks.”

The group nodded, Yellow simply watched intently from her cot, unable to join the meeting.

“Peach, can you foresee anything about AC7’s outcome on the field?” Emerald translated for Bo.

She thought for a moment, “I-… we’re gonna be lucky if we can achieve a stalemate.” she replied in a despondent voice.

There was a collective sigh of defeat, these gems were exhausted. Yellow had watched her army fight them before, but it seems as though the gems she had fought were shells of what they once were. If they continued on like this, the war was hers. Pink would have her colony back under control, and Yellow could move on with her own.

“Cat’s Eye, we need your input.” Emerald called to the shadow that stood responsibly outside the tent.

The gem strode inside and stopped, robotically at the table at which the general’s were huddled around. They projected a scene from their gem eye, it depicted a series of guerilla tactic strikes in a few key locations. It took yellow a moment before she realized that she recognized those locations: her military bases.

She had thought they were secret.

“We can try, but we’re going to need more squadrons to participate. One won’t be enough.” Jazz replied.

“I agree. The plan is a good one, mate. But I think we still might need to wait on a meeting with all the squadrons before we can go through with it.” Ame concurred.

“What should we do in the meantime?” Bis inquired, absentmindedly filling out weapon reports.

“We should prepare our forces for Cat’s Eye’s ideal attacks. Maybe get the fusion brigades in shape?” Peach sighed, running her fingers through her hair.

“We need a morale boost.” Jazz interpreted roughly for Bo.

The Jasper perked up, but the group quickly shut her down.

“Sorry Jazz, ya classes are a little more niche then what we’re looking for.” Ame patted the now frowning gem’s back, a sympathetic smile upon her face.

“Rose said that she’ll conduct some sort of morale boosting speech or ceremony or something or other before the end of the month. She’s aware of the problem. She says as long as there are more recruits that are coming in we should continue to stay afloat morale wise.” Emerald responded.

“So for now…?” Jazz prompted, her shoulders still slumped, her head in her hands.

“For now we prepare.” Emerald finished, “I just pray to the stars above that Ac7 isn’t obliterated in the meantime.”

Yellow knew her troops would do their best to ensure the opposite. With that thought, Yellow returned to polishing her sword. She shook any of her thoughts about the stars above out of her head

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I thought of an AU where pink pearl didn’t get controlled by White Diamond and gets to be with Pink Diamond and join the crystal gems, along with pearl.

This AU is called: Two pearls and a rose Quartz.

(Trivia: I drew this in the dark with a little light at night because this idea came into my mind and I’m too scared to let this slip by and be forgotten when I do go to sleep, so yeah.)

Also, having two AUs might be too much, so if anyone who loves Steven universe AUs, but don’t have one of their own, now’s your chance to claim it before anyone else does… comment below to get a chance of owning this AU.

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“Um, Mom? What happened?”

The dome was small, and he couldn’t see anything outside of it, just black. He still wasn’t sure what had happened in the last…

Well, he couldn’t be sure how long. He wasn’t hungry, so it had to have been less than a few hours. That was all he had to go on.

Rose was still hugging him on the floor and crying.


She stopped sobbing, coming back enough to respond.

“Steven, are you okay!”

Steven nodded, he kind of ached, and smelled awful, but was otherwise fine

“What happened?”

Rose broke down in stuttering sobs. This was going to take a bit.

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Comparando a blue diamond au do @diegosouzalions2020 com steven universo/créditos ao random guy youtube pela colagem das imagens.|parte 2.


Bixbite,jasper oceano,besouros celeste e terrestre,umas das nefritas,águamarine e rubi(olhuda),as off colors,as outras roses quartzos,as lápis lazulis,mega pérola e o cactos steven são berilo violeta,rose quartzo francesa,olivine rosa,besouros vento e planta,goshinite e rubi (nariz),(off colors dessa au são safira violeta,gêmeas espodumênes,amegreen e rhodonita),Ágatas de rendas,lápis calcites,mega pérola verde, e cactos yuri.


Ep3:botões azuis.



Ep6:um episódio especial.

Ep7:dia de neve.

Ep8:por que tão branco.

Ep9:pequena graduação.

Ep10:par espinhoso.

Ep11:em sonhos.


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It is in the FAQ page, but for those on mobile:

Instead of one child like they were expecting, Rose and Greg found out that she was carrying twins. Just like any other pregnancy, the got an ultras sound and such becuse I seriously doubt Rose was able to replicate the entire female reproduction system without some sort of medical guidance.

So they find out during an appointment with a private physician. Soon after, the twins were born. But of course, Rose only has One Gem. So Steve got gained the power of the diamonds, all of it, right off the bat. And so all of the “Rose was Pink” drama doesn’t really happen, but the boys are born into her problems right off the bat. 

Steven doesn’t have any magic, but he trains with Connie and the two are still a great team! (Yes Steven is dating Connie, Steve is a lonesome turtle who loves them both very much.) 

So yeah! That’s how that came to be! Hope that helps! I’ll add this to this to the FAQ tag for mobile users!

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Arya Quartz

Remember Kaya’s post when I said that she was my rp character? Meet Arya, my friend’s one! So many good memories from last year.

She is a rose quartz hybrid, born and raised in Beach City by her aunt. Although she is very skilled, Arya tends to get in trouble fighting stronger opponents seeking revenge for her deceased father, killed by a Homeworld attack.

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Two months had passed since the metallic gems had formed. The Metallic gems’ base was complete. Howlite was proud of the design. It had everything anyone could possibly want, including room to expand and more space than the metallic gems, who now had 11 members, could possibly use.

 Peridot had come up with a weapon that was capable of shattering gems, though not as effectively as she’d hoped. In total, the metallic gems had managed to shatter about fifteen gems, despite Homeworld focusing more heavily on armor. However, several of those had been by poofing a gem, then manually crushing it, which was rather slow and difficult to do mid-combat.

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  • Okay, so last I left off, Aizawa left Adohira with the Sides.
  • They raised her until she was about 10. Logan, Patton, Janus, and Virgil all gave her lessons on academic things, like languages, math, reading, writing, science, history, etc. Roman and Remus then took her on adventures, though Patton told them she was too young to fight monsters. They did start teaching her about her powers, though, and would talk about Smoky often.
  • During that time, they visited the Crystal Gems often, and Adohira and Steven were thick as thieves. Steven even nicknamed her Addy, though he was the only one who called her that until she was about 13.
  • When Adohira was 10, she started going to Beach City to train beside Steven.

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Steven stood there frozen, not knowing what to say, think, or do. Jasper, who previously had attempted to hurt him and his friends, now stood there and stared at him with a mix of desperation and admiration. A sense of guilt poured in as he recalled how he used the revelation of his Diamond heritage to get her to spare him… how much better could he be than his mom, if he was tricking Jasper in such a similar way?

Falling to her knees, shaking the ground, Jasper would clasp her hands together and plead, “M-My Diamond, I need your guidance! I thought that I had myself under control but I still feel so much confliction inside of me! What do I do, how do I keep myself worthy of your grace…?!”

“J-Jasper… I…”

Sensing something wrong, Jasper would promise, “I can uh, give you time to speak if you need! I’ll wait as long as you wish- after all, I’ve waited thousands of years for you to somehow some back, and you made all that waiting worth it!”

“I’m… I’m not who you think I am…”

This left the soldier looking quite bewildered and confused, but soon something would interrupt that. Behind Steven came Garnet, Pearl, and Bismuth, all looking quite determined to protect the youngest of their group. 

(Peridot and Spinel had their own thing going on, and didn’t feel like they’d have much luck in this situation.)

However, the three would be confused when Amethyst came to step in front of Jasper, urging the other Crystal Gems, “Now’s not the time, we’re having a moment!”

“Pink Diamond, tell your servants that-”

Suddenly shouting, Steven proclaimed with tears in his eyes, “My name is Steven, not Pink Diamond! Pink Diamond is my mom, and I told you I was Pink Diamond because you would’ve shattered me otherwise! And they’re not my servants, they’re my family!”

“S…Steven…? T-that’s… no, you’re not serious, are you?”

Pearl, trying to butt in and add a bit of clarity, would explain, “H-he’s telling the truth, Pink Diamond is his mother. S-she uh, took on the identity of Rose Quartz-”

“Y-you’re lying to me! What else can I expect from a defective Pearl like you?! Even if this isn’t Pink Diamond, I know that she’d never pretend to be the leader of the Crystal Gems!”

Garnet would adjust her visor to get a better understanding of what to say, and soon begin to speak: “She wasn’t pretending. She was our leader. Pink Diamond saw the harm coming to the Earth and felt she had to stop it, but feared that the Diamonds would not care to hear her arguments. That is why she became someone else. I know it may hurt at first, but you have to let it hurt so you can start to heal.”

“…why… why did you let me out, if all you wanted was to have me suffer…?”

the question shocked Amethyst, who did not expect Jasper to suddenly turn to face her.

Amethyst wanted to say something indignant or angry in response, but could only muster tears as she responded, “I… I didn’t want you to hurt… but we’re all hurting right now.”

Jasper would turn back to the doorway where the Crystal Gems stood, and after a moment, Garnet would whisper something in the other two’s ear. 

And with that, they stepped out of the way, allowing Jasper to dash out. She did end up accidentally smashing the door down on her way out, but that was less than one might expect.

“G-Garnet, is she-”

Interrupting Steven, knowing what he was going to say, Garnet assured him, “She won’t hurt anyone. She intends to find a place to be alone. But I know she won’t want to be alone for long, so when she’s ready, we can speak to her.”

“But right now, Steven, I think it might be good if we talked,” Pearl told him, and he’d respond with a slow nod.


At the barn, Peridot was making sure the drill’s construction was moving along smoothly, while Spinel had some ice cream. In the distance, she swore she saw some sort of familiar orange blur, but she’d deduce it was just a strange sun flare messing with her vision and move on.

(If you like this chapter, make sure to reblog so others can see!)

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