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Kinktober 2020 - 1. Aphrodisiacs

UGH I sped up so much on this one, poor Aphro, I really messed him up… 💨 the base idea was that Aphrodite might have some roses in his collection that can act as aphrodisiacs… maybe a variant of the demon roses? :>

Terribly disappointed by this artwork, looks like a bad frame from the 80s series, big ouch

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Graphtober, jour 1, semaine 1

Bodoni + passion 

La passion, j’ai décidé de la faire vivre au travers d’un peu de poésie (citation ci-dessus par mon coeur de romantique et d’amatrice de tragédie). Passion des romances qui transportent, qui font vibrer, qui inspirent. De celle qui font rêver, comme de celles qu’on aime haïr. Ces amours impossibles et qui pourtant, nous font ressentir comme aucun autre.  Alors oui, les roses rouges pour leur symbolique, la flamme suggérée par cette lueur rougeâtre et les textures qui donne cet effet vieilli de poésie du XIXe qui m’inspire tant ❤ #victorhugoforthewin

—— (en)

I’ve decided to feel the passion with a little bit of poetry (because I fucking love it). This sentence is by me, and I’ll translate it for you “are you still gonna love me tomorrow with the love of today?”. I love romances. I love a real love story, with heartbreak and tragedy. With intensity and feels. I wanted to have passion rhyme with impossible love story and poetry like the XIX French One. With the possibility of being love, unconditionally. The red roses are here for their symbolic of passion, the flamme is with the red light and the textures are for a feeling of old poetry and literature. Like some accursed poet. ❤

@andthereisawoman @graphtober

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