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#rough sketch

This is Min’s Half brother

Basic information

Name: Alvar  C. Alroy

Age: 22

Height: 6’4

B-day: Nov 24

Gender: male

Eye color: Light blue ( Blind)

Race: Puerto Rican / Korean

Skin tone: Rich Caramel

Body type: mesomorph, built but not too much 

Quirk: Stealth wings(Wings

Personality: Chill, Fearless, optimistic,  keen, and affable. Has a habit of being too quiet, when listening to others he forgets to speak. Looks down a lot.  Slow in movements(scary way). When talking to him his head turns in your direction first then his body. 

Love: moving vehicles, driving, hide n seek(his version)

Hate: Unknown 

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K I know I said I was gonna do more male boxing characters, but for now I just wanted to do a quick warm-up and another concept drawing with Roundhouse defending a small boy from a hungry monster. Her heavy gloved fists tense and the muscles in her arms bulge and swell with an excess build up of upper body strength as she prepares to throw some bone breaking punches to her opponent.

Follow up page shows her doing just that, throwing a strong, heavy left to the creature’s face, breaking a face plate and chipping away a couple of their teeth.

This character specifically trained to battle inhuman monsters, the gloves she wears aren’t just for show, they correlate with Roundhouse’s upperbody strength; the force depends on just how strong the wearer is and in turn how hard they can hit.

In Roundhouse’s case, she can lift 500lb-1000lb with one arm each, so just one punch from her with the gloves on if she wants to make it really strong can pummel an opponent with 4000 lbs of force. Turning her fists into built in sledgehammers.

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