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the-al-chemist · 34 minutes ago
the ice knight
Tumblr media
The ice that had once covered the easternmost corridor had spread over the entire fifth floor of the castle, coating the walls in a layer of frost that glistened in the evening half-light.
“It’s rather beautiful, in a way,” whispered Penny, as they started to walk eastwards. “Don’t you think?”
“Just make sure you don’t touch any of it,” Rowan warned her. “That’s how Merula ended up trapped last year.”
“That reminds me,” said Penny, reaching into her robes and pulling out four small vials of blue liquid. “We should probably take this now, just in case.”
“What is that?” Bill asked.
“Fire-Protection Potion,” Penny replied, in a voice that was at least half an octave higher than it would normally be. “Rowan and I made it in case we need to use the fire-making spell.”
“You two made a Fire-Protection Potion?” Bill said, looking surprised. Penny and Rowan nodded, both of them grinning like idiots. Artemis rolled her eyes. “That’s pretty complicated stuff.”
“Not for Penny and Rowan, it’s not,” said Artemis. “Penny’s brilliant at Potions and Rowan knows everything there is to know about everything.”
“Well, I’m impressed. Good job, girls.”
Both Rowan and Penny’s faces flushed as they squeakily thanked Bill, and after Bill turned away and continued walking, the pair of them clapped their hands to their mouths and stifled giggles.
“We are here to break a curse,” Artemis hissed at them. “Will you two pull yourselves together?”
She turned on her heel and followed Bill to the easternmost corridor, Rowan and Penny trailing behind her, still whispering to one another.
“Care to do the honours, Artemis?” Bill said, pointing at the wall that hid the vanishing staircase. Artemis pointed her wand at it.
The secret staircase revealed itself once more. Bill turned to all three girls.
“Right, we need to be as quick as possible so we don’t get caught,” he said, a note of urgency in his voice. “When we get to the door, spread out, so it can’t hit all of us in one go. Me and you two” - he pointed at Rowan and Penny - “will concentrate on hitting the door and dodging the blasts as best as we can. Artemis, you’re quick on your feet, so you focus on deflecting the blasts and stopping us from getting hit. Make sure you keep moving so that you’re a harder target, okay?”
“Okay,” Artemis said, and together they ascended the secret staircase.
The armour-lined corridor that led to the Cursed Vault’s door was colder than ever. Luckily, the wall of ice that had blocked the corridor when Artemis and Bill had last been there still had a large hole in the centre of it.
“Right, spread out!” Bill shouted, and the other three split apart from one another. “Start casting spells!”
He, Rowan and Penny started to hit the door with an array of curses. As planned, Artemis darted between them, deflecting, dodging and jinxing the icy bolts that the door emitted in retaliation. The longer they attacked the door, the easier it became.
“It’s getting weaker,” Artemis shouted, as she jumped out of the way of an ice jet and hit the door with a Knockback Jinx for good measure. “We’re winning!”
“We should all hit it at the same time, see if we can blast it open,” Bill said, through gritted teeth. “On three, ready?”
He counted down, and on his count, the four of them aimed their wands at the door and shouted out spells simultaneously.
The spells all struck the door at once, and with a deafening noise, it swung wide open.
“We did it!” Penny squealed. “We really did it!”
The sense of triumph did not last long, however. The unmistakeable sound of footsteps started echoing through the corridor.
“Someone is coming,” said Artemis. “It might be a teacher.”
“That’s not a teacher,” Rowan muttered. “Those footsteps are coming from inside the vault. Artemis, do you reckon it’s -”
But Rowan didn’t finish her sentence, because at that moment, someone appeared in the doorway to the Cursed Vault. They were seven feet tall, and clad in a silvery coloured armour, dusted with white glittery frost. In their left hand they held an ornate shield, and in their right, a sword. Both looked as if they had been carved from ice.
“It’s the Ice Knight!” Artemis shouted.
“Ready your wands!” Bill ordered. “Hit it with any jinx you can think of!”
They did as Bill instructed, but the Ice Knight was a formidable opponent. He used his shield to deflect their spells, which bounced off its icy surface and reflected back at them.
“We need to disarm him,” said Artemis, pointing her wand deliberately at the shield. “Expelliarmus!”
The disarming spell hit the shield directly in its centre, and the shield flew from the Ice Knight’s armoured hand. The Ice Knight turned his head to her, and raised his sword menacingly. The Ice Knight pointed the sword at Artemis, and a bolt of silver light burst from its pointed tip. Artemis ducked, and the light missed her by mere inches.
Bill raised his own wand, but the Ice Knight swung his sword, and Bill was sent flying through the air. Shortly after, Penny and Rowan suffered the same fate.
Only Artemis was left standing, facing the Ice Knight as he marched towards her, raising his sword once more, just like he had in the vision she had received the year before. Then, she had run. This time, she was going to fight.
It was a duel, just another duel, Artemis told herself, placing her feet the way Jane had taught her. She stared at the Ice Knight, and readied her wand.
“Protego!” she shouted, as the Ice Knight pointed his sword at her again. The Shield Charm deflected the silver light that shot at her. “Impedimenta! Petrificus totalus! Bombarda!”
But the Ice Knight’s sword was able to reflect the curses back at her the way his shield had, and now Artemis was dodging and deflecting her own spells as well as those of the knight. If only she had something that could reflect spells, she thought. Then the fight would be a fair one.
Artemis gasped as an idea sparked in her head.
“Accio shield!” she shouted, dodging another spell and holding her left hand up.
The Ice Knight’s shield soared through the air into her outstretched palm. She grabbed hold of it and held it in front of her as the Ice Knight sent another silvery spell her way.
The jet of silver hit the Ice Knight’s - no, Artemis’ - shield, and was reflected back at him. The silver light struck the visor of the knight’s helmet, and the Ice Knight fell, hitting the ground with a large crash of armour.
“Incendio!” Artemis said, pointing her wand at the fallen Ice Knight, who melted away in the flames.
The path to the Cursed Vault was clear at last.
Artemis Hexley and the Secret Staircase Chapter 10: The Vault of Ice
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blackbeak-manxn · an hour ago
Aelin: Dont talk down to me
Rowan: Well I can hardly talk up to you. You are too short
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blackbeak-manxn · an hour ago
Elide: I never understand how tall people sleep with a blanket like the blanket never fits them and their toes are always exposed
Lorcan: Its fucking 4am go to sleep
Elide: Oh you cant sleep either
Elide: Is it the blanket?
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Hogwarts Mystery Characters' reactions to being asked their pronouns.
(I guess this also doubles as my headcanons for some of the Hogwarts Mystery Characters' pronouns)
Rowan: They/Them, She/Her, He/Him. Anything works. 🙂
Ben: ...Uhhh... He/Him... 😳
Penny: Thanks for asking! She/Her!
Bill: He/Him...? He/They...? Fuck it, who cares. 🤷‍♂️
Tonks: She/They, unless I’m pretending to be Filch, then it’s Ugly/Hag. Haha!
Tulip: She/Her, and Dennis’ are He/Him, but he’s been experimenting with They/Them... Yes I am aware he’s a toad!
Barnaby: What’s a pronoun? I didn’t know nouns could be positive. 🧐
Andre: Well to the public it's He/Him, but between us I’m not opposed to They/Them either. *Quietly* Just don’t let Rita know, I haven’t made an outfit for the interview yet.
Charlie: Oh thanks, it’s He/Him.
Jae: It’s He/Him, now are you buying something or not? I don’t have all day.
Badeea: Oh! She/Her is fine.
Liz: Gender is just a social construct created by humans to force us all into well defined boxes. Creatures don’t refer to each other by pronouns and their societies function just fine... just not He/Him please...
Talbott: *Turns into a bird* *flies away*
Chiara: Umm... She/They... maybe??
Diego: Thank you for asking, it’s He/They.
Skye: Wait, we have options!? *A few days later* It's She/They.
Murphy: Well right now there’s a 98% chance its He/Him, but seeing as how our minds are constantly adapting and changing nothing is- ohh- goodbye!
Orion: I don’t let myself be chained down by labels such as pronouns. Simply perceive me and refer to me however you see fit.
Rath: *Annoyedly hits a bulger towards you*
Alanza: My wha- Ohhh! Like what I like to be called!? She/Her is fine! 😝
Beatrice: *Stares blankly at you* She/ whatever the fuck you want, now leave me alone... 🙄
Merula: What does it look like!? No it’s not Murt/Lap!!! 😡
Ismelda: Do I know you!? Then why does it matter!?... She/They.
MC: ...Yes...
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drowninginabactatank · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beautiful little dinner party with friends~
Thank you to our amazing host @tonysstarrk who made us a delicious Thai Mushroom Tart and a Chocolate Mousse Dome with Raspberries and Prosecco Shaved Ice 😍
Wonderful company with MushroomxHead and @raichukaiju 🖤 My heart is full, thank you!
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herondalesofterrasen · 5 hours ago
Aelin: *eating chocolate cake*
Rowan: If the castle was burning and you could only save the cake or me, what would you choose?
Aelin: That’s not fair! The cake doesn’t have legs!
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morganofthewildfire · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Back to my Side
Based on the Taylor swift song Dorothea, because I can’t seem to write anything else but stuff inspired by her songs
They used to be inseparable, they used to know each other like the back of their hands, but time and distance and bad decisions split them apart. But when Rowan, now a lawyer, gets assigned a case by his firm for the client Aelin Galathynius, now an unwilling movie star, does he ever admit that he loved her? Or do they once again go their separate ways?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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acircusfullofdemons · 6 hours ago
This is a Human!AU I've made because most of not all my paras are some sort of supernatural creature — don't be fooled, even if they "look" human, they still have some magical ability. So for this AU, they're just like humans irl.
Also, after some thinking, I’ve decided that they’re all going to be around college-age (I think Anthony & Jordan are a tad younger – juniors or seniors idk) seeing as how I myself am soon entering college...hooray...
His family is very, very rich. You'd think this would be great, but most only like him for his money, so he doesn't have a lot of "real" friends.
He meets Jordan first & then by extension Elliott.
Honestly? His parents probably force him to become a business major in order to take over the ‘family business’. Anthony hates it but doesn’t really know what else he wants to do yet. I think eventually he just drops out & moves in with Jordan for a bit tbh.
Y'know he probably came out as trans to his family after he got a name change / started T...not sure how well they'd take it, though.
He's a Theater Kid. Everyone at the circus is in his theater class. He’s majoring in Musical Theater!
Him & Reverie (who's called Cecilia in this au) ACTUALLY spend time together. Ikr, spending time with your twin sister? What a concept. He used to live with her & their parents before moving in with Rowan & Jane.
He has a Youtube Channel where he sings covers & original songs. He also makes waayyy to many tiktoks.
Does gymnastics w/Cecilia on the side.
She works part-time at StarLight Museum, which is also owned by her mother, Ruth.
Her & Jordan actually grow up together….the chaos Ruth & Gregory had to go through, everyone pray for them.
Her appearance changes a bit: she has blonde hair & blueish-gray eyes instead of brown hair & green eyes. Though….there's always the possibility of her dying it brown one day…
Is renting an apartment with Toby, they’re roommates (omg they were roommates…)
You know what? She's still a teen mom & has Jace. Her parents end up kicking her out so she goes to live with Rowan instead (their childhood friends + Seth [aka rowans dad] was ok with it before they moved out).
Going to college to do something in childcare, possibly be a social worker.
Oh there's definitely gonna be beef between her & Sam (= Jace's dad). I don't think it'll last for long tho bc (1) I don't really wanna think about Sam, (2) Jane is fine being a single mother, (3) Sam doesn't really care all that much about having a son tbh. Sure, he may have tried to get custody, but only bc of the money child support would give him.
She does kickboxing & martial arts! It's her favorite pastime & helps her blow off steam.
Probably one of the few times Cyber goes by their legal name (= Jordan).
Still has a prosthetic arm, probably got it in an unfortunate car accident.
STEM already KNOW they’re going into robotics. Or a mechanic...something that let's them work with machines, that's for sure.
Other than that they probably just spend way too much time on the internet ngl.
His dads the chief of police...which isn't all that fun when you live in a small town & everyone avoids you bc they think you're gonna rat them out.
He babysits Blair, Kelly is his foster / adoptive sister (he also watches Jace for Jane sometimes).
Him & Jane are childhood friends, which is how they know each other. One day he just randomly met Calypso — I'm honestly not sure how — and he's never known peace since.
Working on a Masters Degree in Public Health to become an epidemiologist (someone who studies diseases….sir pls help us with covid).
Of course he’s getting a history major. I think he wants to be a history teacher??
Also works are StarLight Museum...but in a totally different section then Elliott goddamn it.
In terms of family, he has a dad & 2 older brothers.
He builds robots with Jordan in his spare time! He's also part of an online photography group.
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luvhrs · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy mother's day to us mothers of ocs 🥺
i don't talk abt my babies enough here yet as i'm still finding a good way to introduce them,, maybe through an oc meme or edit or smth? if anyone has suggestions pls feel free to lmk!! i'd love to share them to the world like y'all do with your lovely ocs ahhhh
anw i miss them sm 💔
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praetoring · 7 hours ago
jc: here’s a friend group
me: but what if i made my own
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autisticarachnid · 7 hours ago
salem and samara are both huge pacifists who will go absolutely fucking feral the second their girlfriend is harmed and they should be feared
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goldenlegacy · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Surprise! 🤭 A new episode of my legacy story and also, my post for the Speak your language challenge by @someone-elsa!
I know, this was supposed to be a challenge for May 7th, but I got super busy so I didn't have the time to do it until today! I'm really sorry and I hope it still counts! I will be posting the translation to English tomorrow... So, for now, have fun figuring out what's going on! (it's not that difficult...). And in case you don't remember my last update: the family is in Shang Simla for a vacation and the kids escaped during the night to go explore a tomb on their own! They're crazy! xD
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morganofthewildfire · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Back to my Side part 3
I’ll have to make a Masterlist for this 😂 I wasn’t expecting it to be this complicated
Part 1 / part 2
- 2k words
CW: mentions of sexual assault, mentions of drugging
It took only a few minutes for her to stop crying, a few minutes for them to descend back into an awkward silence, characterized by her sniffles and him clearing his throat. Aelin pulled back almost immediately after that, seemingly realizing the strangeness of their situation.
“Sorry,” she murmured weakly, looking away and wiping her face with her hands.
“It’s fine,” Rowan said, with an awkward shrug of his shoulders, given the fact that it wasn’t fine.
She fidgeted before stepping back more and gesturing behind her. “Do you like your room?” She asked, wariness in her blue eyes.
“It’s… expensive,” was all he said, earning a chuckle from her. A chuckle that made his heart soar before it devolved back into silence.
“Yes it is,” she shrugged, “but I figured I’d go all out, you know. I - haven’t seen you in a while.” She looked down, wringing her hands together, her french manicure contrasting her tan skin, and making the diamond ring on her finger stand out more.
Wait. Shit.
Apparently his stare was noticeable, because she looked at it, a flicker of panic in her eyes as she looked back up at him, chewing her lip as she waited for his reaction.
“Congratulations,” he said, his voice a bit strangled. He hadn’t heard anything about that in the media. Although to be fair, he tended to avoid all mention of her. For this reason exactly.
“Thank you,” Aelin said really quietly, her brows downturned.
“Does he treat you well?” Rowan asked equally as quietly, and she met his green eyes with a forlorn expression that she quickly covered up.
“Yes,” she murmured, “very well.” He nodded, clenching his jaw. That’s all he needed to know, all he had a right to know. He wasn’t part of her life anymore, he had no right to pry.
She opened her mouth like she wanted to say more, but shut it, walking stiltedly back to her chair, like she was a puppet being controlled. He followed her, staying standing as she sat down and rested her face on her arm against the arm of the chair, her hand covering her eyes. He could see the conflict in her mind, the things she wanted to say but just couldn’t bring herself too.
“Aelin,” he whispered, and she looked up, tears in her eyes once again. “What happened?” She took a deep shuddering breath, looking out at the late afternoon sky, the day quickly turning into evening. Here was the root of everything, the reason why he was here, the thing that was eating at her brain.
“There’s a reason I want to keep it quiet,” she murmured, “at least for now. At some point I’ll have to share, I’ll need to share, if only to keep it from happening to anyone else.”
Ice filled his veins, and he sank down across from her, keeping his eyes steady on her. A bad feeling was swirling in his gut, but he stayed quiet, waiting for her to talk.
“You know that I never wanted to be in this world,” she said quietly, “I never wanted the fame.” Rowan nodded, confirming her statement. He’d known that the moment he met her. “The money is nice I suppose,” she smiled weakly, “but I don’t think it’s worth everything else, everyone else.” She took another deep breath, finally turning and looking at him. “I was at the afterparty of a premier for my last movie,” her lip trembled, “I wasn’t being careful because the only one I was really hanging around was my costar, and I thought I could trust him.” Rowan reached a hand out and she clutched it tightly, her knuckles white. “I don’t remember much, but I do remember feeling really groggy and not in control of my movements.” She let out a small sob. “He acted helpful at first, so I let him guide me out of the party, heading toward my hotel room upstairs. I thought he was just helping me get to bed.” She shook her head, and horror settled in his gut. “I was an easy catch I guess,” she shrugged, her voice small. “I couldn’t stop it from happening.”
“Gods,” he said, his voice thick with unshed tears. “I’m so so sorry, Aelin. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” She blinked back her tears, taking a breath.
“Me too,” was all she said, looking away from him again, but keeping her grip on his hand.
“Who else knows?” Rowan asked quietly, not even thinking of the case, just wanting to be there to support her. “Did you report it to the police?” Aelin just shook her head. “You didn’t? Did anyone else?” She shook her head again. “Did you tell anyone at all?” She pursed her lips and shook her head a final time.
“You’re the only one I trusted enough to tell.” He hated that the words sent a bit of satisfaction through him.
“What about your fiance?” Aelin just shrugged, not elaborating, and Rowan sighed. “Okay, well, if you want to take him to trial, which I’m assuming is what your goal is?” She nodded slowly. “Then it’s going to be hard to pin him down without evidence from that night,” he admitted.
“I kept the dress,” she said, her voice a little less shaky, “and I didn’t get drug tested but I know a few people who can corroborate that I was acting off.” Rowan nodded.
“That’s a good place to start,” he said, trying to sound confident for her sake. But he had to know. “Can you tell me who it was? If not yet that’s fine, I just need to know at some point for the case.” He should know from what she’d told him, but like he said, he didn’t watch her movies or pay attention to news about her, on purpose. So he was at a loss.
Aelin loosed a breath, clutching her skirt tightly with her ringed hand. “It was Archer Finn.”
Archer Finn. He recognized the name, could picture his sleazy face, with his sleazy smile. And he didn’t think he’d ever hated a man more.
Rowan was about to say something else, opening his mouth, when her phone rang. Aelin sniffled again, wiping at her face before picking it up quickly and answering it.
“Hello?” She said. “This is Aelin Galathynius.” A pause. “Oh shit, I’m sorry mom, I completely forgot. I’ll be at the restaurant in ten minutes.” Another pause. “Okay, I already said I’m sorry, can you give me a break for once?” A heavy sigh. “I’ve been busy, it’s not like I forgot on purpose.” A frown. “Okay, okay, can I go now? I have to leave otherwise I’ll be even later.” Her brows raised. “Okay bye mom,” she said incredulously before hanging up and throwing the phone down with a huff. “I’m late for dinner,” she told him, shoving herself to a stand, her heels clicking against the floor as she walked toward the elevator. “I’m sorry I can’t stay, but I’ll call you later okay?”
“Okay,” he confirmed, standing up as well. Aelin smiled at him softly before turning and pressing the button. But then she turned and looked at him, her brows furrowed.
“How would you like to come with?” She proposed, tilting her head. “I’m sure my mom would love to see you.”
“Would she?” Rowan asked incredulously. “She hated me.” She snorted, but the words were true. Evalin Galathynius never approved of him, didn’t like that he encouraged her daughter to think for herself instead of following whatever she said. He was sure that hadn’t changed over the years.
“Come on,” Aelin laughed, “it’ll be fine.” Gone was the grieving woman from a few minutes before, replaced by the teasing version of her he knew well.
“Okay fine,” he conceded, walking toward her, “it’s not like I have much else to do here.” She laughed again and he smiled softly. The awkwardness was still there, the years apart and the way those years had started still lingering between them, but in that moment he didn’t care. Because gods, he’d missed her.
Turns out, dinner was much worse than he’d expected. Aelin’s mom had frowned at him the moment he stepped foot inside the restaurant, wide eyes as he realized the whole place had been rented out. Precautions, Aelin had told him, it makes security easier. And she was right. There were bodyguards still there, but it was nowhere near the chaos it would’ve been if there were other people.
She’d explained his presence away, saying he was in town and they’d met up, glossing over the elephant in the room. They all knew she’d cut him out, had stopped talking to him. Even if he didn’t know why, it made it a lot harder to pretend like this was just a casual visit.
But he’d smiled and postured, putting up with Evalin’s prying questions, the tension in the room clear. Especially when Aelin’s phone rang again, and she snapped it up just the same way, a weak smile on her face as she greeted the person with a “hey baby.”
Rowan froze.
“Yeah I’m at dinner right now, but I’ll be home soon.” A pause, and then Aelin laughed, and his heart clenched at the sound. He was happy to hear her laugh, but it hurt to hear it come from her lips because of someone else. Especially when that someone else was apparently someone she didn’t trust enough to tell him about what happened to her. “Well tell her to shove off, you’ve already turned down the role once, you shouldn’t need to do it again.” Faint murmuring on the other side of the phone. “Ugh fine. I’ll come help you, you useless lump, give me a few minutes to finish up here.” She laughed again and then hung up, looking back at the table with an apologetic smile. “I have to go,” she said, her teasing tone clear, “the fiance requires some assistance.”
Evalin smiled warmly, and he almost scowled at the sight. Rowan made sure to watch Aelin carefully as she stood up, watching the way her expression stayed guarded even as she said a bright goodbye, like it had been throughout the whole meal. He didn’t want her to leave. He didn’t want her out of his sight, only because he wasn’t sure if she’d ever come back.
And with the knowledge he had now, he just wanted to be there for her. Even if he knew she would make that difficult. Because he also knew that she liked to keep her problems to herself, keep her burdens to herself instead of sharing the load. She’d only begun to share things with him after almost a year of being friends, and something this monumental, something this traumatic… well, it shouldn’t be something she had to work through alone.
He had the perfect opportunity to help. And even if he couldn’t be in her heart anymore, he would hold her hand while she got a grip back on her life, while she found a way to keep everything steady.
Aelin looked at him, pausing her journey toward the limo waiting for her at the entrance. “I’ll call you tomorrow okay?” She asked, and he murmured a sure back. “We can continue our earlier conversation.”
He smiled and nodded, and then she was leaving, her hips swaying as she waltzed out the door, like a woman on a mission. It sent a wave of nostalgia through him, an image of her walking down the hall toward math like that, attitude with every single step. It was nice to see some things hadn’t changed.
Rowan quickly made his excuses to Evalin after that, heading back to the hotel with his hands in his pockets, his mind whirling. Should he call his boss and tell her about what he’d found out? No. He would wait for Aelin’s approval before doing that. Instead, his first steps would be researching Archer Finn, finding out about any past accusations or history of harassment, and then asking Aelin for the evidence she had, beginning to gather the pieces that he could glue together into a coherent case.
After all, that’s all he was here for. So he might as well make sure he did his job well.
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