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#rowan whitehorn
a-reading-brunette · 18 hours ago
Never forget that Fenrys Moonbeam severed the blood oath for Aelin.
He deserves the freaking world.
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Random pheasant: Did you hear? King Rowan Whithorn Galathynius and Queen Aelin decided to throw a wedding ceremony!
Vaughan: Hm sorry what?
Another pheasant: Oh, I hope it’s as lovely as Lord Lorcan and Lady Elide’s ceremony.
Vaughan, doing a double take: Say that again
Third pheasant: What of Gavriel’s son and Lady Lysandra?
Vaughan: Wait a fucking minute—
Fourth pheasant: I heard Fenrys became a worldwide ambassador
Fifth pheasant, nodding: He’s famous for his diplomatic words, his eternal patience and his eternal respect
Vaughan: Wait that little shit knows what respect is? Since fucking wHEN—
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Lorcan: I am a feared warrior, most dangerous of the cadre—
Elide: Fuck you
Lorcan: Well fUCK YOU TOO
Elide: Sweetheart you couldn’t fuck this if you tried
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ToG/ACOTAR Crossover
Rhys and Aelin are immediate best friends
Rowan and Feyre have a cup of tea while watching their mates out-sass both enemies and allies alike
Rowan and Rhysand watching Feyre and Aelin wreak chaos and havoc
Aelin and Mor give each other fashion advice
Cassian and Dorian become friends purely based off of dating shit-scary women
Nesta and Manon find this delightfully hilarious and become best friends
They proceed to join Aelin and Feyre in their chaos (to Aelin’s delight)
Fenrys and Azriel have an arm-wrestling match (Fenrys’s idea)
Fenrys proceeds to lose
Mor and Aelin find this hilarious
Lorcan is delighted
Elide calls him out on it and makes him arm-wrestle Azriel
Lorcan loses (to Aelin’s eternal joy)
Nesta grows an immediate liking to Elide
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The cadre: No, we don’t like Aelin
Arobynn: *breathes*
The cadre, bringing out weapons: Alright listen here you fucker—
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hellogoodbye14 · 11 days ago
Why do I picture Rowan pulling a Hopper from stranger things when it’ll come to his daughter dating Nyx?
“No young lady, for the sake of your dad KEEP THE DOOR OPEN THREE INCHES. “
Tumblr media
And if they don’t follow his rules
Tumblr media
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a-reading-brunette · 13 days ago
“She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius—­and she would not be afraid.”
- Heir of Fire
"Rowan beheld all Aelin was and is, and he was not afraid."
- Tower of Dawn
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 28 days ago
Heir of Fire in a nutshell
Rowan: Shift
Aelin: I can't
Rowan: Shift.
Aelin: Can you hear old man? I can't
Rowan: Shift
Aelin: Holy Gods you're insufferable
Rowan: Shift
Aelin: ShIfT
Rowan *glowers* *snarls*
Aelin: what are you gonna do? Bite me 🙄
Rowan bites her, Aelin: what the hell?
Rowan: happy? Now shift.
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hellogoodbye14 · a month ago
My absolute top couples
1. Feyre and Rhysand (ACOTAR series)
2. Merit and Ethan (Chicagoland vampires series)
3. Annabeth and Percy (PJO and HOO series)
4. Kate and Anthony (Bridgeton series)
5. Aelin and Rowan (Throne of Glass series)
6. Ally and Derren (Mercury Pack series)
7. Daisy and Alex (Kiss an angel)
8. Harper and Knox (Dark in You series)
9. Lorcan and Elide (Throne of Glass series)
10. Azriel and Gwyn (ACOTAR series)
Whats yours?
And would defo suggest these series and books, especially chicagoland. That series is GOLD.
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Tumblr media
“ So Aelin ripped out her power. Ripped out a chunk of what Mala had given her, a force to level the world, and flung it toward the Lock.
The final bit. The last bit.
And then Aelin leaped through the gate”
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notmewrongbitch · 2 months ago
Say whatever you want about SJM being a terrible writer for the way she fucked up ACOTAR
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 months ago
Rhys saying, “because she is high lady of the night court”
And Rowan saying, “where is my wife”
Has the same energy.
Like these boys be dropping truth bombs on the people around them like its no big deal.
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notmewrongbitch · 2 months ago
Is it normal to feel the urge to cry every time I remember any Rowaelin, Nessian, Elorcan or any SJM ship moment?
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 months ago
Rowan tucking in Aelin with all the gentleness and care in Heir of Fire.
Thats it, thats the post.
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im-someone-i-guess · 2 months ago
Whitehorns getting ready to fight
Tumblr media
(not my proudest work but u get what I mean)
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 2 months ago
Cassian, Azriel, Rhys, Rowan, Fenrys, Aedion
Push off a cliff - Azriel
Kiss - Aedion
Marry - Cassian
Set on Fire - Rhys
Wrap a Blanket around - Fenrys
Be Roommates with - Rowan (I can't kiss or marry him @starbornvalkyrie won't allow me too 😩)
Six character ask
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 3 months ago
Rank Rowan lorcan and fenrys
This is the hardest one yet 😩 I generally love all three of them so much.
1. Rowan
2. Fenrys
3. Lorcan (I mean he did try to kill Aelin and sold them out lmao. I guess he's three)
Send me 3 characters and I'll rank em
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