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#rowan x aelin
whimsicallyreading · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
For Rowaelin Month day 17
 “A sick day”
CW- PTSD, mentions of violence
Aelin considered herself a fortunate person.
She has survived genocide, her family's murders, losing loved ones, slavery, torture, and the Great War. Now she is a queen, a mother, a beloved Mate.
Her life had changed since those bleak days where she'd wondered if she would ever escape captivity—the days when Aelin didn't know if she would ever be free or find love again. Every morning she woke up curled into Rowan's side, and while she drank her morning tea, Aelin could count on her young daughter snuggling into her lap.
Yes, she was swamped most days, but that was normal for a queen. But even the moments between boring meetings brimmed with life and laughter. Rowan's hand on her thigh beneath the table. Fenrys' theatrics when conversation spiraled off-topic. And even the hardened lords thought it was hilarious when their three-year-old princess barged into councils and demanded her mother's attention.
Her family gathered for dinners at the end of every day. Aelin's little family, Fenrys, Emrys, and Malakai were the regular attendees. Aedion, Lysandra, Elide, and Lorcan joined when they were present. It was a time reserved for family only, and it was by far Aelin's favorite part of the day.
Aelin had a good life now. Her family was growing, and her country thrived beneath her rule.
So it always took her by surprise when a bad day came.
She had woken up fine. Delly had slammed open the chamber door with a gust of wind and squirmed herself between her and Rowan in the early morning. Usually, Aelin treasured the moments when her daughter joined them, but being pregnant again had taken a toll on her sleep.
Rowan tried to stop their child before she entirely collapsed onto Aelin but was a moment too slow. Delly flopped onto her mother's chest in a disarray of wrinkled nightgown and golden curls. Soft sobs were sputtering out of the tiny figure.
I'm sorry. Rowan whispered into her thoughts. He knew how hard pregnancy was on her and took his mate's comfort very seriously. It troubled him that their toddling daughter woke Aelin so abruptly.
Aelin blinks the sleep from her eyes and sends him a happy smile to assure him everything is fine.
"What's wrong, Dell?" Aelin soothes a hand up her baby's quaking form.
Adelia sniffles harder, unable to talk through the tears. She'd started to have bad dreams in recent weeks, but never had she been so inconsolable.
Aelin shifts as Adelia's arms tighten uncomfortably around her bump. Rowan sees her discomfort and reaches around to pull Dell to him instead, but it is met with resistance.
"No," Adelia finally wails. "Mama. I want Mama."
Rowan frowns. Adelia was a daddy's girl to the bone, and this was the first time she'd ever refused to go to him. Their daughter squeezes harder and burrows her face into Aelin's torso.
"Dell," Rowan leans next to her and whispers, a cool breeze brushing against her flushed cheek. "What's wrong little love?"
Adelia lifts her head, and Aelin's heart contracts painfully. Her cheeks are red and swollen from the intensity of her crying, little sobs still stumbling from her chest as Rowan settles her down enough to speak.
"Mama was gone. She was hurt, and she couldn't see me." Dell sniffles, her green eyes glassy. "Can you see me, Mama?"
Aelin tugs her daughter in closer, unable to stand the sight of her so sad. "Yes, of course, I can. I'm right here."
"You were in a box. She wouldn't let me see you," Adelia whimpers in a small voice. "She told me she was gonna keep you. I don't want you to go, Mama."
Aelin's face blanches. It wasn't possible. Her little baby couldn't possibly have seen what was coming to her mind. She looks at Rowan, and his face is pinched with worry.
"It's not real, Dell." Rowan uses a thumb to wipe the tears off her cheek.
Adelia flinches. "Uncle Ress told me it was. He told me Mama had got stollen and put into a box by the bad lady and that she should have stayed there."
Aelin's heart stops. Nausea crawls up her throat, and Rowan tugs Adelia away just in time for her to crawl out of bed and gag into a potted plant. The sickness grips Aelin, the shudders in her arms only growing worse with her daughter's mumbled cries.
"Daddy, I want Mama to stay here." Rowan hushes her and murmurs quiet reassurances. "Don't let her get stollen."
Ress had said that? In front of her daughter? Aelin tries to close her eyes against the visions creeping into her mind. The places her scars used to be ache, and her hands pulse with the remembered pain of reconstruction.
The baby in her womb squirms under its mother's stress, and Aelin throws up again.
She should have stayed there.
Cairn brings the hammer down onto her frail knees, the ringing of cracking bone splits the air.
She should have stayed there.
Aelin opens her eyes to endless darkness. Sweet smoke wafts through invisible holes and sends her to sleep- leaving her mind vulnerable to Maeve's manipulations.
She should have stayed there.
More and more memories swarm behind her eyelids until a pair of grounding arms wrap around her shoulders.
"Fireheart, you are home. You are safe. Can you breathe with me?" Rowan sighs loudly behind her shoulder, and Aelin tries to force her own breath out.
Breathing in is harder, but Rowan's scent fills her nose and loosens the binds on her lungs. Soon, Aelin is doing the exercises independently, and Rowan nuzzles his face into her neck. His hands snake under her bump and lift some of the pressure, easing more of her tension.
"There you are," Rowan kisses her cheek as Aelin comes back around. "Are you okay?"
Aelin shakes her head and sinks into his arms. "Can you take me back to bed?"
Her legs feel like jelly, and her stomach is weak from turning. Rowan lifts her with ease. His arms are warm, and he murmurs sweet nothings into her ear as he carries his mate back to their bed.
"Adelia?" Aelin looks around for their daughter.
Rowan pulls back the duvet and reveals the sleepy from nestled right into the middle of the pillows. "She fell back asleep quickly."
"I can't believe Ress told her those things," Aelin can feel a tear slipping down her face. Ress had never forgiven her for her days as Celaena. Darrow had grown to accept her, but Ress never warmed up to having Aelin as his queen despite her efforts.
She hadn't realized the extent his hatred went.
Rowan scowls as he lays Aelin down next to their daughter. "Ress is young and foolish. I have forgiven a lot of his hostility and ignored most of his juvenile antics, but Aelin, I can't forgive this."
"He should never have said those things to Dell." Ress's words linger in her head. She tried to do right by her title and live up to her parent's legacy. Aelin took a lot of pride in listening to the demands of her people and tending to their problems personally. But the odds of Ress being the only one to feel this way are slim. Did they wish she'd never returned? Was she arrogant to take the crown just because it was her inheritance? She'd never had the formal training as ruler and relied a lot on Rowan to help manage foreign affairs. Despite the loss of her fire, many still feared her and considered her a murderer. No matter how hard she tried, Aelin's history as Adarlan's Assassin proceeded her.
Tears burn Aelin's eyes, and Rowan's scowl deepens. "He should have never spoken of you like that at all."
Aelin shakes her head, "It's his right to think what he wants. Maybe he has a point."
"No." Rowan growls, and Dell flinches in her sleep. Taking a deep breath, Rowan softens his voice. "He's wrong, Aelin. Ress was wrong to scare Dell, and he has no right to demean everything you've sacrificed. You've suffered for your people."
"I closed the lock because I had to Rowan," Aelin argues. "That doesn't automatically make me a good queen. What if I'm failing?"
Rowan pulls their duvet up to Aelin's chin, and Dell instinctively snuggles to her mother's side. Her daughter was a leach for warmth, and Aelin could feel her remaining flames writhing in her veins agitated.
"You are a wonderful ruler, Fireheart." Rowan bends down and kisses her lips reverently. "I've met my fair share of emperors, kings, and queens. None of them have given up so much to better the lives of their people. They care for you in return."
Rowan steps away from the bed, and Aelin makes a displeased noise. "Where are you going so early in the morning."
"I'm awake now. I feel like a flight through Oakwald. Go to sleep, and when you wake up, I'll bring my females breakfast," Rowan pulls on a plain white tunic. "Sleep, love. You both need your rest."
Rowan can read her too well. Aelin can feel her eyes drooping despite how much she wants to deny it. "Very well, but there better be tea and pastries."
As Aelin drifts back to sleep, she swears that a mischievous smile passes across her mate's face.
"Aelin," Maeve twirls a lock of blonde hair in her fingers. "Where are the keys?"
Cairn twists the blade in her thigh again, and Aelin screams, "screw yourself."
Aelin writhes beneath the pain and the dark queen's gaze. Her torturer goes to twist the blade again, but Maeve holds up a hand. "Wait. There is a smarter way to go about this."
"I won't tell you anything," Aelin gasps, the blood seeping from her thigh pools onto the table. "There is nothing you can do."
"Not even to spare the princess?" Maeve smiles as the cell door opens. Connall walks into the room, a squirming girl in his arms.
"Let me go," the girl screams, and the air in the room turns frigid. Her blonde hair whips around as she twists and fights. The little girl's head turns, and she freezes when she catches sight of Aelin. "Mama?"
"Adelia?" Aelin asks, confused. "You can't be here. You aren't supposed to be here." With renewed energy, Aelin thrashes against her bonds and bares her teeth at Maeve.
Maeve takes Adelia from Connall and strokes her hair. "Such a pretty one."
"This isn't real," Aelin hisses. "I wasn't pregnant when you took me. Adelia was born in Terresan."
Maeve hums a sympathetic note, "It seems you're confused." Aelin fights as the dark queen sits with a frozen Adelia in her lap. "Begin again, Cairn."
A hot iron is lain against Aelin's neck, and Adelia's screams rattle the stone chamber.
Aelin wakes with a gasp. Her chest is seizing in uncontrollable fits, and little hands cup the sides of her face.
"Mama?" Adelia's concerned face hovers over Aelin's. "Why are you crying?"
Relief washes over her at the sight of her daughter, safe and sound. She tries to take deeper breaths, but her body fights against her. The baby in her womb squirms uncomfortably. Aelin feels guilt that they are so subject to her moods. She tries to open her mouth to speak, consol her frightened daughter, but Aelin can't get any words out.
"Daddy!" Dell screams, frightened tears gathering in the corner of her eyes.
Rowan bursts through the door, "Dell?"
Adelia sniffles and kisses Aelin's face sadly, "Daddy, what's wrong with Mama?"
Aelin grabs at her chest, trying to ease the tightness there. She was scaring her daughter. What kind of mother would do that? Rowan sits beside her, and a cool wind goes up her nose and fills her lungs.
"Fireheart," Rowan lifts Adelia and sits beside her. "Is this a sick day?"
It was the code they'd come up with for the days when the past came back to haunt them. When the turmoil in their mind forces their bodies to rebel, and they can't seem to put on their usual facades. It used to shame Aelin, the days she couldn't rise from bed and do her duty. But her mate's unwavering love soon cracked that lie and eased her burden. Rowan had convincing arguments. Aelin's people needed their queen at her best, and on sick days, she wasn't able to give that to them. Their court was strong. They wouldn't allow Terresan to fall while she recovered. Aelin deserved time to heal.
Rowan must have been able to tell that she wouldn't be able to settle herself this time as his winds continued their push and pull in her chest. "Yes," she rasps dejectedly.
Dell buries her face into Rowan's shoulder. Her mate rests a hand on the side of her face and soothes her cheek. "To whatever end, Aelin. We will get through this just as we do everything else."
Rowan kisses the side of Dell's face. "Little love, do you think you can go to the kitchens and have someone bring Mama tea?"
That fae instinct to fuss rears its head in their child. Adelia perks up at the opportunity to do something useful. "Yes!"
Rowan sets her on the floor, and she takes off in a blur of untamed hair and swishing skirts. They wince as a gust of wind slams the doors of their chambers against the wall.
"She's a handful," Rowan talks, aware of the soothing effect his voice has on her. "But we always knew our children would be. I can't wait to see what kind of chaos our son brings into our lives."
Aelin wraps her arms around him as the remnants of her dreams finally fade away. "You think it's a boy?"
"I know so," Rowan pinches her side, and Aelin smiles. He'd also been confident that their first child would be a girl. His smugness after Adelia's birth was unbearable.
"Rowan," Aelin whispers. "Can we just lay here today?"
"I could never deny you anything," Rowan leans against their headboard and kicks off his shoes. "You don't need to ask, Aelin. It's okay to take time for yourself."
"What if I'm just proving Ress right?" The insecurity slips from her lips before she can stop them. "What if there is someone more capable?"
"Ress won't be a problem anymore," Rowan rests a hand against her bump, and the baby withing kicks at it, bringing a smile to his face.
Aelin narrows her eyes, "What have you done?"
"Nothing that anyone will blame me for," Rowan assures. "He would be in a lot more trouble if the rest of the court learned what he said in front of Dell. Ress should be grateful I didn't do a lot worse."
Aelin sighs, "I don't understand why I can't just let it all go. Why do I allow myself to be so haunted?"
"It's not that simple," Rowan shakes his head. "I'm hundreds of years old, and no matter how many years pass, there are things from my past that haven't healed. The mind is different from the body, and sometimes it takes longer for it to recover. There is nothing wrong with that. You gave up everything for the people you loved."
"Because I had to," Aelin contradicts.
A hardness comes over Rowan, "because no one else could."
Rowan rolls over her body into a plank and looks deep into her eyes. "No one else that day would have made the same sacrifices out of love. Not even me. I was too selfish to let you go. You gave up everything, and by the strength in your soul, you came home to me. In all my decades, I have never met someone so remarkable, and I never will again. Take as many years as you need to recover, Aelin. This world owes a debt to you, and I will make sure it pays. You deserve every happiness."
His hand threads through one of hers and drags it up to rest on the bump between them.
Dell darts back into their room, a cup of tea sloshing in her hands as she runs. "Daddy, I put extra sugar in it. Uncle Fen is coming with more cups, but I made this one special."
Rowan pulls away from her, and the laughter on his face is contagious.  
Aelin smiles and accepts the tea from Dell's hands. She even manages a few sips without cringing from the sweetness. Fenrys follows behind her shortly and sets a fresh cup covertly on her bedside table.
There may be hard days, Aelin realizes as her family gathers around her, but the love they showed her every day made it all worth it.
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rowanaelinn · 14 hours ago
Thank you
rowaelin month day 24 - missing scene from canon
warning: nsfw content
Tumblr media
“Sit,” Rowan ordered, nodding toward the small table standing in the middle of their cabin. Aelin, surprisingly, did as she was told. She sat and parted her legs enough so her lover could stand between them. He had brought with him a pitcher of cold water, putting it beside her with an old rag in bad condition, the fabric had been white a while ago but it was more yellow than anything else now.
“Are you going to yell?” Aelin asked and he only shrugged, taking her bleeding hand in his hand and bringing it to his lips so he could depose a delicate kiss on her bruised knuckles. She smiled at the small show of affection. Rowan had never been good with words, but he had been good at showing her how he felt.
“Why would I be angry?”
It was Aelin’s turn to shrug. “Aedion looked pissed that I punched the witch.”
“I would have done worse for what her coven did to you last spring.” Rowan’s tight voice resonated in the room. His magic started healing her hand, even if she didn’t need it. He just needed to take care of her. Aelin felt her own magic woke up at that, coming out to play with Rowan’s. She would never get tired of this feeling, this connection between their souls.
“You’re the one who got shot.” She retorted, still able to see his bloodied body on the grass, an arrow coming out of him. Aelin never wanted to experience such pain again in her life. She’d take every blow if it meant Rowan not getting hurt.
“But they targeted you.” Rowan looked back at her and Aelin could see the frozen rage on his face. They had been too close to losing each other that day, even if they didn’t even have each other yet at that time.
“Maybe I wanted to get shot,” she smirked. “But of course, you had to be dramatic and steal all the spotlight from me.”
Rowan barked a laugh. “Sometimes, someone else other than you needs to be the center of attention. We wouldn’t want your head to grow too big.”
Aelin rolled her eyes but couldn’t hold back the small smile on her lips. Rowan took more time than necessary to heal her, she knew it, but she didn’t call him out on that. Instead, she chose to enjoy the way his thumb stroked the palm of her hand, the way this simple touch heated her entire body.
She liked peaceful times like these between them, moments when they were together and didn’t either sleep or discuss war plans were rare, so Aelin learned how to enjoy them.
When Rowan was done playing with his magic, he took the rag and wet it before starting to clean her hand. Once again, he took his time, and Aelin was delighted by it. She kept thinking about how good life would be once they won the war and would be back in Terrasen.
“Done,” Rowan murmured before placing another kiss on the back of her hand. She smiled, indeed, her hand was clean and healed as if nothing happened. Rowan came closer to her, wanting to kiss her but Aelin had something else in mind.
Gently, she put her hands on his shoulder and pushed him so she had the space to slide off the table. Rowan looked at her, confusion clear in his eyes, as she walked to the door to lock it. Gods knew she didn’t want anyone other than Rowan to see what she was about to do.
Rowan’s frown deepened when she took her time to walk back to him, intensifying the sway of her hips and drawing attention from her lover just there. When she stood in front of him, she allowed him to kiss her. Just a peck, before she dropped to her knees, never breaking eye contact.
He threw his head back when he understood what she wanted to do, his breathing becoming ragged. Aelin was perfectly content for a moment to just want him as she went for his belt, unbuckling it in record time.
“Fuck, Aelin,” Rowan groaned as she put his pants down, followed by his underwear. He was already hard as if the sheer sight of her on her knees was enough to arouse him. “You don’t have to,” He told her and just for that, she wanted to do it ten times more.
Aelin didn’t answer. No, instead she took him in hand and licked his tip. He let out more curses than Aelin ever heard him speak.
Aelin had never done this, never felt confident enough to do it to Chaol last year, and ever since she had Rowan shared their body on that beach, Rowan had never let her do anything, always taking the lead and being the one on his knees. So, for the last few days, Aelin had planned how to surprise him so she could finally give him this pleasure. Of course, she hadn’t planned on beating the witch just so she could suck her lover off, but it sure as hell was an amazing opportunity. Especially when she had felt the slight change in his scent when she had delivered the blow. She loved his wicked mind.
Slowly, she licked him from base to tip, taking the head on her mouth and using her tongue to play with it. If the noises coming out of Rowan were any indication, she’d say she wasn’t too bad at it.
She used her hand to pump the base of his erection as she took more and more in her mouth. Aelin felt the ghost of a thrust in her mouth and when she looked up, Rowan’s pained eyes were on her.
The overbearing buzzard probably just wanted to keep it slow for her, once again putting her before his own pleasure, but Aelin was having none of that today. This was for him, she wanted him to enjoy himself and think about himself for once.
She slid her hand from his shaft to his balls, cupping them. At this, Rowan’s hand gripped her shoulder. She kept looking at him as she took almost all of him, this tip hitting the back of his throat almost making her choke. “Fuck, you’re so good,” Rowan said and it had her clenching her thighs. Seeing him receiving pleasure, hearing him speak to her, shouldn’t turn her on that much.
Tears were rolling down her face when she pulled her head back, taking him in hand while she tried to get her breathing back to normal. Rowan’s hand clenched on her shoulder when she fisted him harder and while it did nothing to her, she still moaned with him.
“Fuck my mouth,” she looked up at him and he cursed. She was probably a sight to behold right now saliva on her chin and rosy swollen lips, tears coming out of her eyes. Rowan shook his head, but Aelin had none of it. “Come on, Rowan. I’m not some pretty flower that will break.” She told him as she tightened her hold on him, his free hand shot to her other shoulder, trying to keep himself on his feet.
“One condition,” he told her and Aelin urged him to speak by stroking him faster. “Touch yourself.”
It was her turn to shake her head. No, it was all about Rowan. All about pleasing him. All about thanking him for everything he did for her.
“Aelin, I can smell how much you want it, your scent is driving me-” he groaned as Aelin twisted her hand, her other one finding his balls. “-crazy. Do it,” he said and when he saw he hadn’t convinced her, he used his last card. “For me. Do it for me,” he grilled through his teeth, and suddenly, Aelin was undoing her own belt before shoving her hand down her pants.
She didn’t even know males were turned on by this, but Rowan definitely was. Oh, gods, she’d have so much fun with that later. She couldn’t help but smirk at every scenario in which she could tease him that comes to her mind.
As her hand slipped under her panties, finding her soaked heat, Rowan took off her hand from his balls and started stroking himself, eyes fixed on her hand moving under the garments. She moaned, letting her head fall back on his thigh, as her fingers found her clit and started circling it.
Not wasting time, Aelin put her mouth back on Rowan, taking in his tip and some of his length, before stopping her movements on him, looking up at Rowan, waiting for him to do anything.
She moaned around him when she slid a finger in her, and it urged him to thrust. Faster than she could comprehend, Rowan’s hands were in her hair, holding her head still, as he thrust his hips erratically in her.
Aelin had nothing do to but keeping her mouth open as she kept fucking herself with her fingers. She hadn’t touched herself since Rowan first touched her on that beach and she could not help but realize how small her fingers were compared to his.
She gagged every time he hit the back of her throat but she didn’t ask him to stop. On the contrary, she kept moaning around him, her silent way to beg him to keep going. “Such a good mouth,” Rowan groaned and Aelin clenched around her fingers at that. She loved it when he was talkative in bed.
She was already so close, too worked up from seeing Rowan take pleasure and having his way with her. He pulled hard at her head, making her release a loud moan, Rowan followed, taking pleasure in the vibrations around his cock. “Fuck, Fireheart, I’m gonna-” He groaned loudly as she took the initiative to make him as deep as she could.
He had warned her to let her retract if she wanted, but Aelin Ashryver Galathynius had never been one to back down from a challenge. She wanted all of Rowan, wanted his taste deep in her throat.
They worked together, each second bringing them closer to the edge, and when Aelin reached that peak, Rowan followed, spilling himself in her throat.
Her orgasm made it harder to swallow, too focused on what she was feeling. So she wasn’t surprised to see Rowan kneeling in front of her, using the rag from earlier to clean her lips and chin. When he was done, Aelin smiled at him and he returned it.
“You’re amazing, Fireheart,” Rowan said as he leaned in to kiss her. The kiss started sweet and loving, but it soon turned needy. It was crazy to Aelin how they could need each other so soon after getting off, but she prayed to all the gods it would never stop.
When his hands went to take off her shirt, someone knocked on their door. Loudly.
Rowan cursed, letting his head drop on her shoulder as she chuckled, using her small hands to stroke his back.
Apparently, they’d have to wait before he could find out how wet, exactly, it made her to touch him.
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rosiethorns88 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
A new sketch featuring a scene from Kingdom of Ash where Aelin and Rowan take a quiet moment during their cave treasure pilfering to exchange rings! This was voted on by my Patreons for the August Sketch-a-Wish!
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maryberry · 4 months ago
One of my favorite things about ya/na fantasy is probably that the maturity levels of a several hundred year old man is finally enough to match that of a 16-20 something year old woman and I honestly think that's the most realistic thing in these books.
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ohlookitsthebookbitch · 2 months ago
rowan, straight faced and dead serious: *pushes aelin to her limits and beyond, doesn't let her rest, barks orders at her*
aelin: *wears a lacey night gown*
rowan, sweating: oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh my god what am i doing oh god
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artbycharlizeed · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Rowaelin Month Day 4
Prompt: Library
It looks kind of messy but I still like it
I really wanted to post something on September 4th because it’s my birthday so that’s fun I guess :)
Characters by Sarah J. Maas, art by me
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live-the-fangirl-life · 20 days ago
My Library, My Love
Aelin Galathynius x Rowan Whitethorn - Library Oneshot
After moving into their new house, Rowan helps Aelin organize her new library and gifts her a very special present
Tumblr media
Written for Rowaelin Month 2021. Day 4: Library/Librarian AU. @rowaelinscourt
Masterlist | Read on Ao3 | Rowaelin Month Masterlist
Warnings: Language
4898 words
Too giddy to sleep in any longer, Aelin carefully removed herself from the cocoon of Rowan’s arms. It was rare he slept in later than her but occasionally there were days when she’d rise first and get to look at his face, soft with sleep, or listen to the steady rhythm of his breathing as she savored the warmth of being wrapped up with him.
Today, however, she barely spared him a second glance before changing into a pair of comfortable shorts and a sweater, and slipped out, making sure to close the door quietly behind her.
Aelin pulled her hair up into a messy bun as she found her way to the kitchen. Her first—and most vital—task was to make coffee.
She was careful not to trip over any of the boxes she and Rowan had set haphazardly in the way. As the machine came to life and the rich, sweet smell of coffee filtered into their home, Aelin looked around sighed contentedly.
Their home.
Their home.
She and Rowan had found this house by accident. They’d been driving around this neighborhood because it was one of the best places in Terrasen to see the fall leaves change color when they passed a quaint, beautiful house with a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard. They’d already been looking for a place but so far, nothing felt right. Until they saw this place.
It was perfect.
It wasn’t massive, but it was perfect for her, Rowan, and Fleetfoot who particularly loved the backyard. It was on a quiet street with beautiful trees that canopied over the road. She could look at them from the bay window of their living room, or, a little less clearly, from the kitchen given the open floor plan that immediately made Aelin and Rowan love the place. Even with their boxes littering the floors and furniture placed sporadically, she could picture what the house would look once she and Rowan finished moving in.
They’d spent the entire day before moving out of their old apartment and into this house with the help, and loving complaints, of their friends. They finally finished unloading everything and celebrated over pizza and drinks on their new back porch, content to toast with their friends and watch the sunset. Once everyone else left, Aelin and Rowan celebrated in their own way by breaking in their living room (the sofa up against the side wall), their kitchen (the wide, perfectly-placed island), their bathroom (the shower: a necessity after a long day of moving), and finally, their bedroom (the king-sized bed Aelin insisted they buy).
They both were very excited to finally be in their own home.
The coffee machine buzzed and Aelin fixed the drink to her liking. She took a long sip and smiled as the warmth and sweetness of the caramel flavor flowed through her. In her opinion, coffee was the closest thing to magic.
She grinned again as she remembered why she was so excited to wake up today. Aelin clutched her coffee cup in her hand and walked upstairs. The upstairs only had space for a small sitting area near a large window and a room just off the staircase. They hadn’t put any curtains up yet, so the morning sun was shining in through the window brightening up the entire space.
She pushed the door of the room open carefully so she wouldn’t damage any of the boxes inside. This was her favorite room in the whole house—or, it would be once she finished setting it up.
Aelin placed her coffee mug on a box and looked around the room that would be her—and Rowan’s of course, but mostly her—library.
It was a good thing she’d splurged on the good beer last night because it was the only way that Lorcan, Fenrys, and Aedion reluctantly forgave her for making them haul her dozens of boxes of books up the stairs and into this room.
Unable to wait any longer, Aelin opened a box and began unpacking her books into various stacks around her. Once she’d gotten them all out of their boxes then the real fun could start.
Rowan expected to wake up the way he normally did: Aelin tucked in his arm with her own wrapped around his middle, her hair tickling or, more often than not, suffocating him, and her light snores that she adamantly refused to acknowledge filling the room.
That’s not how he woke up.
The first thing he noticed was the lack of Aelin. When she slept, she was always touching him in some way, but he didn’t feel her hand or her face or any other part of her body on his. He also didn’t hear any snoring or smell her shampoo.
Cracking his eyes open, it took Rowan a moment to remember why the room looked so unfamiliar. They’d moved into a new house yesterday. A house. Fenrys liked teasing them that they were finally real adults even though Rowan was almost thirty. He and Aelin knew they had a future together so when the lease on the apartment they’d shared was set to expire they decided to look for a house of their own.
Fenrys also teased them about how they were doing things backward by buying a house together before they were even properly engaged. But Rowan didn’t think there was anything wrong with it—any right way to do things—and neither did Aelin.
And, unbeknownst to Aelin, that other part was going to be rectified soon, anyway. Very soon.
Rowan sat up and rubbed the sleep away from his face but couldn’t stop his satisfied grin as he remembered how they got well acquainted with their house last night after their friends left.
Rowan pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a plain shirt he’d made sure to set out before packing the rest of his clothing away, then padded out to the kitchen and towards the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
He smiled at seeing the extra mug Aelin must have let out for him near the still half-full coffee pot. Rowan drank half the cup in one go and felt better as the caffeine surged through him. Now, his mind a little more coherent, he knew exactly where Aelin would be.
As he pushed the door to the library open, Rowan leaned against the doorframe crossing his arms. Aelin was sitting crossed-legged in the middle of the room, surrounded by towering stacks of books as she continued to pull novels out of a box. Thankfully, it looked like it was the last box if the pile of cardboard in the corner was any indicator.
Rowan’s lips curled up as he watched his girlfriend excitedly unpack her prized possessions. She hadn’t heard him come in, too caught up in her books, so he took a moment to watch her.
Rowan didn’t think he would ever get used to Aelin.
Not in the sense that he didn’t know her or understand her, because he absolutely knew those things. Rowan knew that Aelin liked her coffee golden brown with enough caramel in it to drown out the actual coffee flavor. He knew that when she was feeling sad she would watch Ocean’s Eleven, but when she was sad and angsty she would watch Practical Magic. Rowan knew she loved an adrenaline rush when she could feel the wind rushing through her hair whether that be on a roller coaster or a go-cart, or that one time she convinced him to go skydiving with her. He knew that she knew exactly how to convince him to do anything. Rowan knew her favorite songs, how she got the scar on her finger (falling off a swing as a kid after Aedion accidentally pushed her too hard before he spent the rest of the day letting her play dress-up with him as an apology), and how she was normally tapping her fingers to some melody only she could hear.
No, when he thinks that he’ll never get used to Aelin, he means, he’ll never get used to the way her smile brightens up a room or how her eyes twinkle when she gets an insane idea in her head. Rowan will never get used to the way his heart stutters when she pins her full attention on him or the way her hair shines like liquid gold when the sun hits it just right. He’ll never get used to the rightness he feels when he wakes up and she’s in his arms.
Taking a sip of coffee and hiding a grin in his cup, Rowan casually felt for the two small boxes inside his pocket.
“Have you decided how you want to organize things in here?” Rowan asked, startling Aelin and making her head jerk up.
She offered him a smile and he walked over to where she was sitting to press a quick kiss to her forehead. “Good Morning.”
“G’Morning, babe.” Aelin tilted her head up and pouted until he pressed an identical kiss to her lips.
Aelin sighed and looking lovingly at all the shelves “I’m figuring that out. I thought maybe I could sort them by color, you know, because it’s a nice aesthetic, but then the series would be broken up and I would get too frustrated with that. Then I thought about alphabetizing them by the author because I want to keep an author’s books together, but some of them have written so many books that they won’t all fit right and then the series would still be broken up because of the size of the shelves.” She loosed another sigh and stood up from her spot on the floor. “So, I’ll probably break up authors, but keep series together. I’m going to try to keep genres together, too. Just as long as everything looks good.”
She blinked and turned towards him, “This is yours, too, Ro,” she waved a hand around the room and raised a brow at him, “Do you have any preference?”
As much he loved hearing that the room was theirs, he smirked because they both knew exactly who would oversee this room.
“Aelin,” Rowan rolled his eyes at the obviously asked-out-of-politeness question and stepped closer to her to press another kiss to her forehead, “my books will fit onto one shelf, maybe two. All the rest of this is yours, you can sort them however you want.”
She grinned and scrunched her nose, “I know, Buzzard.” She stood on her toes and affectionately patted him on the cheek. “I just thought I’d put it on record that I asked; I would’ve done it my way regardless.”
He rolled his eyes again as she laughed.
Aelin walked so that the shelves were to her back. She placed her hands on her hips to survey the room and the piles of books in front of her.
“Do you want help, or should I give you some alone time with the books?” he asked her, smirking.
Aelin snorted but said, “I want you to help me,” she looked at him in that way that made him want to smile. “Can you pass me the books I ask for so I can put them up?”
Rowan set down his coffee and she flashed him a smirk.
“I will also need you to reach the top shelf.”
He shook his head as she chuckled while he exaggerated cracking his knuckles, “What do you need, Fireheart?”
“Aelin,” Rowan groaned from behind her, grabbing several books at once, “how many copies of one book do you need?”
She rolled her eyes as she placed the book she was holding on the shelf in front of her before walking over to her exasperated boyfriend.
“This one,” she grabbed one from his hand, “is a first edition hardcover. This one,” she plucked another up, “is from a publisher who adds bonus content.” Aelin put the books on the shelf and grabbed the rest from Rowan. “This one is a signed copy, this one is an anniversary edition, and this one I just have because I was at the airport and finished the book I brought so I bought this one at the store. But, look, it has a different cover on it.”
Rowan watched bemused as she picked them all up and sorted them accordingly. “You have that book as an audiobook and an eBook, too, don’t you?” It was less of a question and more of an I already know the answer is yes, you ridiculous, wonderful, book-hoarding woman.
Aelin winked, “Of course I do.”
Rowan huffed a laugh and went back to handing her books.
Aelin loved her books. She loved her books and she loved the authors who wrote those books. She repeated that to herself over and over again as she got more irritated by the fact that some authors write so many books that they can’t all fit together on her shelves.
Aelin supposed it wasn’t a bad problem to have. But she’d only had one cup of coffee this morning, so it was definitely an annoying problem.
“Ugh, I knew this wasn’t going to work.” Aelin groaned as she tried again to maneuver multiple series by the same author into a particular shelf.
“What wasn’t going to work?”
Aelin turned to face Rowan and watched for a moment as he flipped through a book before grabbing another and doing the same thing. He hadn’t looked up when she complained, just kept looking through her collection. She smiled softly as he humored her, but then remembered her problem and scowled.
“There are too many books.” She told him.
At that, his head jerked up and he raised a brow at her. “Too many books?” she narrowed her eyes at the teasing in his voice. “Did Aelin Galathynius just say she had too many books? My gods, the world is ending.”
Aelin snorted and rolled her eyes, giving her boyfriend a shove that, to neither’s surprise, didn’t make him budge an inch.
“Smartass. I meant too many books in this series to fit together.” She explained the obvious. “And, for the record, there is no such thing as too many books.”
This time Rowan snorted, “Yeah, that sounds more like it.”
Aelin sat on the floor sorting through books for the bottom shelf. She didn’t spot Rowan abandon his current pile to grab a book from the row she’d reserved for her romance novels. The porn with(out) plot as Rowan liked to tease. He glanced down at her concentrated face and smirked as he found one that looked well-worn.
As Rowan read—or, flipped through aimlessly, more like—he couldn’t stop the small chuckle that escaped his lips as he recognized a few scenes from the book as things he and Aelin had tried.
“They really make up for lack of plot,” he said, raising a brow and startling Aelin from her own pile of books, drawing her attention towards him, “with imaginative writing.”
She leaped up and made a squawk of indignant protest.
“Give me that.” She insisted, stepping towards him with her hand outstretched and her face quickly turning red.
“What?” he was fully grinning as he held the book just out of reach. “it’s not like we haven’t done worse.”
She made another embarrassed sound and his grin became a shit-eating smirk as he turned and opened the book to a particular scene. “We did this last week.”
“Rowan,” she tried to grab it as he flipped the page, “I swear to the Gods if you don’t give me that—”
He turned again, keeping the book just out of her reach, still grinning, as he glanced at another scene. “And we did that at last year’s New Year’s Eve party.”
Both of them paused their squabbling to smirk at one another as they remember that night. That very satisfying night.
Aelin finally gained her composer back and shook her head. She let out an exasperated sighed as she crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “Fine. Make fun of my book all you want, you’re the one who’ll stop benefitting from it.” She gave him a feline smile that he knew meant wicked trouble. He loved it. “At least read chapter forty.”
Rowan brought the book back within reading distance and tried to find the right page. He huffed a laugh and said, “Believe me, Fireheart, I’m not making fun of these books,” he winked, still flipping through pages, “they’re great inspiration.”
She rolled her eyes and leaned against the shelf carefully, watching him with unconcealed amusement as he finally found the chapter she mentioned. Her smirk grew as his eyes flew across the page, widening with every line. When he got to the paragraph Aelin was thinking about, he choked. His eyes rapidly flicked between the book and her. Her smirk grew impossibly wider and she raised a brow in challenge.
“This—” Rowan stammered and cleared his throat, “This is uh—hm—creative.”
Unable to hold back her laughter at his flustered state, Aelin threw her back and laughed. “Inspiring enough for you?”
Rowan closed the book and cleared his throat again, seeming to get himself back under control as he slowly stalked towards her.
When he stood in front of her he dipped his head and brushed his lips across her cheek. Then down her neck to land at the base of her throat, right where it met her collar bone. He nipped at the skin and she sucked in a breath as he pressed closer to her.
“We haven’t broken in this room yet, Fireheart.” He murmured against her skin as she wound her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer.
Aelin gasped as he sucked a mark onto her sensitive skin. “We can’t,” she cut off as a soft moan left her lips when he kissed his way up her neck and his hands moved to cup her ass. “We can’t have sex in front of the books, Ro,” Another moan as he licked up to her ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth and it took all her focus to not get lost in the sensation, in him. “that’s—that’s sacrilegious.”
He detached his mouth from her and pulled back to look into her eyes with a look mixed with amusement and satisfaction at her heavy breathing, and snort, “Sacrilegious? Really?”
Aelin rolled her eyes and despite her comment, pulled Rowan back down towards her. She didn’t know how long they stayed like that, wrapped up in each other, savoring the taste of the other. But as Rowan pressed himself more firmly against her, her leg hitched up around his hips, the bookshelf behind her made a creaking sound that immediately drew her attention.
They broke apart and Rowan leaned down to bury his face in her chest as she glanced behind her and checked on the books.
“Ro,” she said in a voice that made Rowan groan because he knew what she was about to say, “let's finish putting the books away,” she grabbed his face in her hands and smiled at his exaggerated pout as he detangled himself from her. She smirked again and told him, “When we're done, we can try out chapter forty.”
Rowan had never been more efficient at sorting books.
Aelin slotted the final book into its place on the shelf and stepped back.
It was beautiful. The shelves were a warm white that seemed to glow in the sunlight streaming in through the window. They were filled with books; each shelf housing her favorite stories, travel guides, textbooks, vintage editions, and of course, there was a full shelf for Rowan’s books, too.
She beamed as she turned towards Rowan to see him already watching her with a fond expression. She broke down the last cardboard box and placed it in the pile with the remains of the other boxes that had held her books.
Aelin couldn’t stop her grin as she wrapped her arms around Rowan and said giddily, “I have a library. An actual library—not just a wall in my room, but an actual library.”
Rowan’s eyes twinkled as he looped his arms around her waist, keeping her close, and smiled at the pure joy radiating out of her. “You have a library.”
“My own library.”
“Your very own library.”
Her arms tightened and she pulled back an inch and winced, “I mean, our library.”
He snorted and fought back a smirk, “Our library.”
Rowan watched her face as she itched to say something else. He just raised a single brow and waited for her to say what he knew she was going to say.
She sighed and gave him a knowing look. “My library.”
Rowan laughed, not at all upset at Aelin’s claim on the room. They both knew it was true from the moment she saw the room during their tour and declared it a perfect home for books. She smiled as he tilted his head to kiss her. After a long moment, they broke apart and Rowan agreed, “Your library.”
Rowan took a deep breath and said as casually as he could, “I have something for you.”
Aelin was about to make a joke but she caught the apprehension on his face that he quickly tried to mask. No, not apprehension—nervousness. She cocked her head in confusion and tried to think of why he would be nervous. They were having a great morning, a perfect morning, so she asked, “You do?”
He nodded, “I do.” Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small rectangular box. Aelin looked between him and the unadorned black box. She lifted it from his hands and carefully pried the lid off.
It took less than a second for Aelin to realize what he’d gifted her.
“You got me a book stamp!” She grinned up at him and it immediately calmed his racing heart. “I love it, Buzzard.” She stepped closer to him and kissed him quickly before turning towards her books.
He rolled his eyes at the nickname but reached around her to grab one of her favorites off the shelf and handed it to her.
She took the book from him but didn’t open it, instead, she quirked her mouth to the side and said, “Not that this isn’t great, because it is and I love it,” she rushed to reassure him, “but why didn’t you give this to me before we put all the books away? I could’ve stamped them as I shelved them.”
Because I know you and it would’ve ruined the surprise.
He smirked, “Because I know you love any excuse to reorganize and reshelve your books.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, “now that you’ve figured out where you want them all, you can go through and stamp them accordingly.”
Aelin beamed and grabbed his face in her free hand, her other still holding the stamp wrapped around the back of his neck, and kissed him.
“You know me so well, Buzzard.”
“I’d like to think so, Fireheart.”
Aelin let go of him and set the stamp down as she opened the cover of the book to the first blank page.
Rowan could feel his hands getting clammy and his heart start pounding as she lifted the stamp and muttered something about liking how the ink was already in place.
Aelin smiled brightly as she opened the book Rowan had grabbed. It was one of her favorites. Not only because the story was so well-written and the characters felt real, but because Rowan had gifted it to her on one of their first dates.
Somehow, they’d gotten to talking about the best books to read on a road trip and she’d rambled on about her favorites. She remembered finally taking a breath after a long-winded explanation of a particular book series to see Rowan watching her with rapt attention and a smile. He looked satisfied to listen to her talk about books for hours. Especially when he told her, “I think I could listen to you talk about your favorite books for hours.”
He’d said it with such sincerity that that was the moment she started falling in love with him.
The next day, Rowan gave her the book she was currently holding and told her that it was one of his favorites and wanted to share it with her. Aelin had immediately wiped away any insecurity or hesitation he had at the gesture by wrapping her arms around him and thanking him profusely and intimately.
Now, the book was filled with her annotations and little notes in the margins, and the pages were soft with use. It really was her favorite.
Carefully choosing a blank spot on the page, Aelin didn’t notice how Rowan moved to stand behind her out of her eye line, as she took the book stamp and pressed firmly onto the page.
“Ta-da!” She grinned happily as she removed the stamp and set it down, making sure the ink wouldn’t get on anything else.
Aelin looked at the small design. It was circular with a minimalistic image of a stack of books.
Her breath caught in her throat and her heart stuttered as she read and reread the inscription. Around the image held the words:
“This Book is Belongs to the Personal Library of Aelin Galathynius-Whitethorn.”
Aelin Galathynius-Whitethorn.
She blinked and it took a moment for her brain to catch up to the word she was reading. Taking a steadying breath, Aelin slowly turned around.
Rowan was standing behind her with a smile. When their eyes met, hers watery and his nervous, but both so filled with love, his smile softened, and he held her gaze as he slowly lowered himself to one knee.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out the second small black box he’d kept in there. Aelin was speechless as he opened it and she saw the striking emerald ring sitting inside.
Aelin couldn’t hold back the choked sound she made as she fully realized what was happening. Her hands flew to her mouth to keep any more noises at bay. She wasn’t going to ruin this moment by emitting any more incomprehensible squawks or sobs.
Rowan’s hands shook slightly, and he tried to calm his racing heart.
He didn’t think he had ever been more nervous. But he’d also never been more sure of anything in his life; never more sure of anyone.
It was the way she was looking at him with hope and certainty and love that allowed him to say with a steady voice, “Aelin, Fireheart, you are my friend, my confidant, my partner, my love.”
Aelin knew she was crying but couldn’t help it as she listened to Rowan.
“Your spit-fire personality and wit drew me in, and your kindness, compassion, and fierce protectiveness for the people you love has made me fall in love with you more every day. I love the way your nose scrunches up when you focus, and how you mouth along with the words to your favorite movies. I love staying up until two in the morning and dancing around the kitchen with you. And even though you make me want to pull my hair out most days,” Aelin choked out a laugh as he continued. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You are it. Aelin, you are my heart. In this life and the next, to whatever end, Fireheart—”
Rowan was cut off from saying anything more as Aelin launched herself at him and wrapped her arms around him tightly. The force of her impact knocked him off his knee and sent them both tumbling to the ground. Rowan twisted his leg quickly and landed on his back with Aelin on top of him, one arm gripping firmly around her waist, keeping her close as she held his face in both her hands and kissed him deeply.
“Yes,” Kiss. “Yes,” Kiss. “Yes, of course, Rowan.” Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.
Aelin pulled back from his dazed expression and smiled more joyfully than he’d ever seen. He brought the hand still holding the emerald ring up to gently brush away some tears that were trekking down her face.
“I haven’t even asked you yet.” He pointed out, grinning.
She huffed a laughed and rolled her eyes but didn’t dim her smile. “Then hurry up and ask me, Buzzard.”
Rowan’s booming laugh filled the room as he looked up at the woman laying on top of him who held his heart.
“Aelin, will you marry me?”
Her smile softened into one she only ever showed him, and whispered, “Yes, Rowan, I will marry you.”
This time, Rowan pulled her down and kissed her. It was sweet and filled with every ounce of love they could pour into it. When they broke apart Aelin rested her forehead against his and placed one more chaste kiss on his lips.
Slowly, they sat up. Rowan removed the ring from its box and took Aelin’s hand in his.
“To whatever end,” he spoke the words reverently as he slid the ring onto her finger.
Aelin looked at the ring and twisted her hand to see it catch the light. When she caught his gaze once more, she smiled again.
“To whatever end.”
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✨•𝚁𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙰𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗 •✨
“I spent centuries wandering the world, from empires to kingdoms to wastelands, never settling, never stopping—not for one moment. I was always looking toward the horizon, always wondering what waited across the next ocean, over the next mountain. But I think … I think that whole time, all those centuries, I was just looking for you.”
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I just finished this Rowaelin drawing and wanted everyone to see it❤️, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do
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theres something so personal about Aelin wanting to be a healer when she was young and Chaol saying that a healer would make a great queen and then also Yrene being Aelins mirror and also Chaol loving them both for who they are
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rowaelin never had a bad track. “even when this world is forgotten whisper of dust between the stars, i will love you.” SEXY. “i'd walk into the burning heart of hell itself to find you” BANGER. “to whatever end” SMOOTH. don’t even get me STARTED on “all those centuries, i was just looking for you”
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Friendly Reminder
That when Lyria died, Rowan counted the exact amount of years, months and days he had lived without her ever since then. And when Maeve took Aelin at the end of EoS he did the same thing for her and when in KoA she asked how long she had been gone, he gave her the exact amount of months, days and hours (2 months, 3 days and 7 hours).
He only did this for Lyria after he knew she was dead. Therefore, it goes to say that a part of him thought he had lost Aelin forever.
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Rowaelin Month Day 6
Prompt: The firstborn arrives ✨
Ngl I kind of hate Rowan's face in this but I didn’t have enough time over the weekend to fix it so here we go. At least the baby looks cute :))
Characters by Sarah J. Maas, art by me
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