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spaciebabie a day ago
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based on this post i've had in my drafts for months
afterwards, freddy called a group meeting where they talked about how gregory was a treasured member of the group and was above the comparison to monetary value
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rockabillybun 4 months ago
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Hi guys!!! Soooo this was a BIG passion project for me; as an avid theme parks fan who knows how important character autographs can be to visitors, I thought it would be really fun to create a mockup of what a Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaplex autograph book might look like! I tried styling it similarly to the US Disney parks' autograph books, with some of the character autographs included on the back cover.
Click the read more for some notes on each characters' autographs! :0) I arranged them here (save for DJ Music Man and Monty, switch those two) in the order of which I drew them out. Enjoy!
馃毇鈿狅笍 Please do not use my art/illustration without my permission and please do not repost. If there is something you'd like to use it for, please ask me first! 鈿狅笍馃毇 Thanks!
EDIT: Please look at my pinned post for questions you may have regarding how you can use the book yourself! :)
Each character typically has their own preferred pen or marker to write with.
The Sun Daycare Attendant's autograph is written with a dying orange Sharpie marker. He's my favorite so of course I had to tackle his first! He likes to use whatever stickers he has on hand to decorate the page. Also worth noting: He has many different monikers with the daycare kiddos and just... in general, so he will often times write whatever name you refer to him as. "Mr. Sunshine", "Sunnyface", "Sun Guy", etc., thus his autograph often varies.
Freddy's autograph is... too perfect, so I either chalk that up to 1) his robotic dexterity is just that good or, more realistically, 2) he uses a special stamp for the name portion and writes/draws out the rest, because he's accidentally broken so many pens/markers trying to get it perfect and left some kiddos crying. Which make him feel HORRIBLE!! Best to avoid that at all costs!
(p.s. I am totally behind the fan theory that Bonnie went by "Superstar Bonnie" and/or called Freddy "superstar" and that's who he got it from. Freddy probably started adding that "To my superstar" bit to his autograph some time after Bonnie's decommission. Yes I ship Bonnie and Freddy so hard shhh 馃挃馃挃馃挃)
Superstar Bonnie's autograph was slightly inspired by the Palmer chocolates logo (and subconsciously, according to my friend Connor, the Cadbury logo). There's a joke here about chocolate easter bunnies. Anyways! Bonnie wrote in a purple ink fountain pen. The bunny face in the "O" was going to just have three dots to represent a bowling ball, with bunny ears incorporated on the "B", but I thought I'd combine the two for cuteness's sake. :-) His autograph is (obviously) very very rare since it's now impossible to get. Probably goes for a lot of money on eBay in the FFCU (Freddy Fazbear Cinematic Universe).
Sorry to any Roxy fans who were expecting something a little more exciting with her autograph! 馃槶 I just honestly didn't see her as someone who would spend too much time embellishing her writing with cutesy stuff... but I did put a lot of thought into what I wanted hers to look like. Since she's a raceway girl, I gave her a more "human-like" autograph. I wanted it to be reminiscent of a race car driver who signs giant posters, so the tails of her autograph often drag off of the page and it takes up basically every bit of space that it can on the paper. And of course, to give it that authentic "race car driver autograph feel", I tried rendering it like a silver Sharpie marker. :0)
Glamrock Chica just seems like the kind of girl to have a million glitter pens and highlighters and write in bubble letters... like every girl in middle school (and I mean that in the most endeared way possible).
DJ Music Man... bless his heart... he is VERY enthusiastic to sign autographs because he is rarely ever asked, but... he is so big that his autograph takes up two pages, often times with varying legibility (you have to hold that book STATUE STILL for him). However, large t-shirts are often slightly easier for him to write on, so he might have room to draw a music note or vinyl record for you! ...Or just carry a big ass poster board into the pizzaplex if you want. Go crazy! LMAOOO
Monty... as a Bonnie fan, he is on thin ice for me but I respect everyone who loves him LOL so I hope this does him justice! His paper is a bit more crumpled than the others and has a noticeable hole in it from his thumb claw accidentally stabbing the paper (yes, he is left-handed in my brain shhh). He is trying his best y'all 馃槶
And lastly, but definitely not least (I knew I had to hold myself back from drawing his until the end or I'd never finish all of these LOL), we have the Moon Daycare Attendant! Not much I can really say here about the autograph itself aside from the fact that he too draws a smile on his autograph, just like Sun does. His autograph is, unsurprisingly, basically just as hard-to-get as Bonnie's is nowadays. Once Vanny hacked into him and maintenance couldn't figure out what was causing him to act so... scary... they probably slapped that warning label on the back of the Daycare animatronic's head panel and decided that the Daycare's lights were to stay on indefinitely. Buuuut when he wasn't acting up, he was just as silly and kooky as Sun, just with a slightly different temperament. WE DO NOT STAND BY THE "MOON IS MEAN" THEORY IN THIS HOUSE HE IS A SILLY BOY ALL OF HIS IN-GAME ART IS VERY FRIENDLY IT'S NOT HIS FAULT HE'S ACTING LIKE THIS AAAAAHHHHHH
ANYWAYS!! Thanks for reading my big wall of text if you did!! <:'-) I hope you guys enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it!
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cocokoalatea 4 months ago
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I drew them all on one canvas and like. That was prolly a bad idea.
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devilsintermission 4 months ago
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like an animatronic at night, she's a bit quirky. i like to think she forgets she can see through walls and just. walks through them
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rainy-nomad 3 months ago
sun/moon helps the glamrocks clean up! forcing monty to clean up his messes when he gets angry, wiping chica's face when she eats, brushing roxy's fur, picking up trash and cups and stuff for dj music man.
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zeraphiimm 4 months ago
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STOP rebloging the ugly freddy I drew and reblog this one instead
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kaisodai a month ago
YALL HERES ANOTHER AU me and @spacelupinss made
Uhh it鈥檚 a pirate au inspired by our flag means death!
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Here鈥檚 a line up of them :D
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abowlofmoe 2 months ago
Patch is here!!
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toasteraaa 2 months ago
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The comic I've been struggling to do for the past few days. First it was distractions. Now my hand. I am praying for no surgery, cus this is very likely, considering my pain and everything. I had to take pain killers while doing this lmao. But I finished it, time for a big hiatus and recovery. I can't draw with a sprained wrist.
Anyways, despite my health concerns and all that, Therapist Bonnie is back in a session with the one and only Roxanne Wolf.
We know Roxy has the reputation to either talk huge about herself or to ruin her own self-esteem. Gosh reminds me of me. My self-esteem is pretty low, but I would rarely talk big about myself. I think Roxy suffers from self-esteem issues, because she knows she is a replacement of Foxy.
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deadnades 4 months ago
饾悅饾悇饾悑饾悇饾悂饾悜饾悁饾悡饾悎饾悕饾悊 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜 饾悈饾悎饾悜饾悞饾悡 饾悅饾悋饾悜饾悎饾悞饾悡饾悓饾悁饾悞 饾悥饾悎饾悡饾悋 饾悡饾悋饾悇 饾悁饾悕饾悎饾悓饾悁饾悡饾悜饾悗饾悕饾悎饾悅饾悞 <饾煈 !!
A/N: GN!AnimatronicReader 鈥 I would also like to add that you鈥檙e a new animatronic and know nothing about Christmas. <33 Merry Christmas!!
鈺 鉁с兓You already know he's the one most excited for Christmas.
鈺 鉁с兓Decorations? Yes! Freddy NEVER skimps out on decorating his room to the max. You could go blind the second you walk into his room, bright red and green lights practically taking over the darkness. A Christmas tree decorated to the max with glamrock designed ornaments and loads of wrapped gifts stacked under it.
鈺 鉁с兓Most definitely bringing you along to sing Christmas carols. room to room wasn't such a bright idea but Freddy says it's the thought that counts.
鈺 鉁с兓You ever seen an animatronic bear try to bake cookies? A mess sure, but he's trying his best to make this your best Christmas ever. Freddy uses cookie cutters but the shape never holds up whenever they're baked, but that's alright because they were delicious.
鈺 鉁с兓Freddy wears his own specially made Christmas sweaters and noticed you didn't have one so he ended up giving you a spare one. Oversized but very warm.
鈺 鉁с兓You already knew with the way Monty acts; his gifts were nothing but coal! (except the gift that Freddy gave him).
鈺 鉁с兓Despite how sometimes he could be cold, he would soften up around you, ESPECIALLY on your first Christmas. He was stumped at what he should buy for you but he decided that he'd snag a few items from the gift shop.
鈺 鉁с兓Carols? No. He thought of something better ... Writing and Singing a song for you. He thought it was sappy but he really wanted you to have the best first Christmas.
鈺 鉁с兓If you two could feel coldness, you better believe he's awkwardly wrapping his hands around you to keep you warm.
鈺 鉁с兓Isn't really excited about Christmas, but anything for you.
鈺 鉁с兓One word. mistletoe. You didn't know what it was for and asking Foxy what it was didn't help because he'd look off to the side, telling you to forget about it.
鈺 鉁с兓 It didn't stop you from asking Freddy what a mistletoe was. When you came back to him, you cleared your throat to catch his attention. Pointing at the mistletoe as you can clearly see how embarrassed he was.
鈺 鉁с兓You got your kiss and while he seemed to be sour, he couldn't help but look at the bright smile on your face. Don't expect him to do it again though.
鈺 鉁с兓Is thrilled about having someone experience their first Christmas.
鈺 鉁с兓Already taking you on not one, but TWO dates. Of course one was bowling but it was just the two of you together. Bonnie helping you with how to roll a bowling bowl safely and cheers you on when you hit strikes. After that's done, He's already bringing you to the theater since Christmas movies were being played.
鈺 鉁с兓Bonnie taking you to go see the pretty Christmas decorations around the plex. It's cute that he tries his best to see you happy even when he's not.
鈺 鉁с兓When he brings you to his room, he already has a ton of gifts wrapped for you, even some letters. You can tell how much he loves you.
鈺 鉁с兓You had a gift for him and that gift was giving him a hug and a swarm of face kisses in which he enjoyed.
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them4ng0 a month ago
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human fnaf鈥檚 designs are made by @/moraskull (insta) / @/lemonfishu (twitter) pls follow them, they are literally SO big brained
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cinnamonsly 4 months ago
roxy!!!! 鉁煄糕湪
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uselesscurency 4 months ago
Fnaf animatronics are cool and all but have you seen animatronics in REAL life? Those things fucking suck. Chucky Cheese and what ever tf his friends are called? Literally the worst things to exist. They aren't hot OR fuckable and they don't even have the souls of dead children in them so what's even the point?
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cocokoalatea 4 months ago
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Wholesome pic of Roxy and Gregory playing
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sicksadgreenworld 4 months ago
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burntrap + bonus because u can鈥檛 go wrong with uncle monty :D
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rainy-nomad 3 months ago
the cast is split btwn 'good and bad' aesthetic and they do this for multiplayer games sometimes. freddy, chica, and sun on one team, monty, roxy, and moon on the other team.
I put way to much thought into this!!!!
Game night with the gang
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I literally planed out all their outfits if yall interested in more info.
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georgetheblob-art 4 months ago
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literally couldn鈥檛 resist this is deep inside of my bones
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wishpai 4 months ago
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The fuck is she sniffing so hard for ???
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birdie-ghost 3 months ago
Gregory grows due to a combination of engineering him to randomly have 'growth spurts' where Gregory's endoskeleton 'expands' (this isn't going to be the best explanation but it's like if you roll up a piece of paper really tight and at a shorter angle, its smaller and shorter, but if you let it unroll and have it at a higher angle, it's taller and wider. As well as those like, extendable brooms? have any of you used those? It's a combination of those two mechanisms I guess.) and Mike upgrading Gregory every now and while he sleeps.
Gregory has a soul of his own. He's not a dead kid made into a robot.
Jeremy made the in-universe FNAF games. It would explain why they exist and have actual events accurate to Mike's life. Jeremy and Mike colaberated on it to try and actively give Fazbear Ent a bad name. It kind of worked, but after a little while It actually ended up backfiring. Much to Their dismay.
Jeremy published games where published under the alias Gerald, because he didn't want to use his actual name in case Fazbear Ent came after him, so he just cut off the first part of his last name and said "good enough". Not expecting them to actually get popular.
Mike draws at work in a little sketchbook he keeps in his pocket. He doodles lil drawings of Jeremy or Gregory, or the animatronics, or just funny things that happened throughout the day.
Once he left one of his lil books at the pizzaplex, it fell out of his pocket. Roxanne found it and flipped through it. She returned it to him the next day with a page where he had drawn her ripped out. She keeps that page in her drawer in her vanity 'cus she's convinced she's Mike's favorite and it's actually pretty sweet. (to an extent she is. She's his favorite Glamrock animatronic.)
Sometimes whenever Mike is running the daily diagnostics she'll ask to see his sketchbook, most the time he doesn't answer or he'll tell her to be quiet. But once she nagged him enough and he was too tired to sit there and listen to her nag him for the 7 minutes it takes to run them so he let her look through it.
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toasteraaa 3 months ago
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Since yall are so cool, and thank you so much for 50 followers 馃挆鉂o笍馃挊馃挄馃挆馃挀 (Almost 60), I treat you with a Valentine's special episode of "Inspired by stock photos".
This is the inspiration behind the art. It looks more like a Facebook meme, but who cares. It's an inspiration 鉁
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