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#roy harper
aeligsido57 minutes ago
For the ask game, Roy harper, steph brown, cassie sandsmark, cissie king jones, Bruce wayne, Barry Allen 馃憖
Push of a cliff: Cassie Sandsmark bc she can fly so she鈥檒l survive without problem.
Kiss: Barry Allen, bc he鈥檚 cute and who wouldn鈥檛 want to kiss him?聽
Marry: Roy Harper. He鈥檚 a hot dad, who doesn鈥檛 want to marry a hot dad???
Set on Fire: Bruce Wayne. Either it鈥檚 the recent canon one and good riddance, or else he just have a contingency for it so it鈥檚 fine.
Wrap a Blanket around: Cissie King Jones bc she deserves soft things.
Be Roomates with: Stephanie Brown bc i love her and it would be fun.聽
Here the game!
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bat-extended-familystuff4 hours ago
A cup of hot coffee
Jason: acts sexy聽to catch Tim鈥檚 attention Result: Tim: ignore Roy: is now bi
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thingsiactuallylike17 hours ago
I need new donnaroy content ASAP! Even if it's just fan content PLEASE I AM BEGGING!
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valkerymillenia19 hours ago
Joyfire for the parenting meme
Oooohhhh this is a good one!
OTP Parent(ing) Meme鈥ho:
packs the lunches
Jason. He's the cook of the family.
blows raspberries while cuddling
is the tickle monster
gives life lesson speeches
Roy. Jay is too reckless and Kori isn't so good at human culture and life lessons.
kisses the boo-boos
Roy and Jason. Kori doesn't quite get the concept.
breaks the bad news
Kori, she's pretty blunt about it. Roy and Jay prefer to avoid the bad stuff.
joins the PTA
Jason. He's surprisingly better at it than Roy
crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories
Roy and Kori.
gives the crazy nicknames
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somecallmejohna day ago
Tumblr media
Lineart commission for @mask131 of Red Arrow/Arsenal.
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jasonslildemona day ago
Like kids
(Roy Harper x reader)
Prompt: Roy leaves in YJ, (y/n) follows
Today was the day, I happily thought as I fled through the darkness of the portal.
The great justice leauge had finally decided that me and my 4 other freinds were finally ready to become full fledged leauge members.
My body flew out of the portal, accidentally knocking me to the ground.
Someone helped me up, as I lifted me head sending them a smile.
I wrapped my arms around roy Harper, aka speedy, as he picked me up spinning me around.
"Todays the day", he quietly sung in my ear causing a grin to reach my ears.
We all were fairly excited about this.
Roy's eyes scanned my figure a smile glazing his lips,"even in heels you still are shorter than me", he joked.
I lightly punched his shoulder turning to the rest of the group.
The group was fairly small, just the leauge members and robin and aqualad.
Our 5th member, wally or kid flash, and his mentor,the flash, still weren't here.
"So the speedsters late", I joked to robin who was Wally's best freind.
Robin sent me a smirk and nodded,"arent they always late though".
I laughed as I leaned against Roy's arm, turning to face batman.
"Did canary come for our little coronation", I asked and he shook his head.
Black canary had been my mentor, sorta, but we hardly worked together anymore.
A wind rushed around my body, before KF appeared infront of me smiling wide.
"Why are you always late to these things", I asked him and he face palmed.
He was about to respond before batman spoke up,"today you 5 will become full members of the justice league".
Roy's arm slid around my shoulders, pulling me to his side as they spoke.
I didnt listen to what they said as uneasyness crept in at all the cameras flashing and clicking away.
They finished their speech and started to walk torwards the hall of justices doors.
I let out a shaky laugh, walking with roy as he silently breathed out," you ready".
"As I'll ever be", I wispeared back and we continued on the tour.
The hall of justice hadnt been as fancy or cool as I had hoped it would be.
We came to a room where the 3 guys went to sit on couches.
I followed roy to stand between all of them.
"So Is this it", I wispeared to roy and heard him grumble back.
Roy had been excited for the day that he'd get to join the justice leauge, that that was all he had talked about for the last few days where we patrolled.
The other justice leauge members gathered around batman,"Quick debrief to discuss the coincidence of four Ice Villains attacking on the same day."
A green beam shot out of the wall scanning them calling put there names as they all talked in hushed tones.
It was clear there weren't going to involve us in their mission.
Roy pulled his arm back causing me to look at him as he stepped in front of us,"That鈥檚 it? You promised us a real look inside, not a glorified backstage pass".
We all stared in shock as roy fires off.
Aquaman was the first to respond,"It鈥檚 a first step. You鈥檝e been granted access few others get".
I looked over to the glass as did roy,"Oh, really? Who cares which side of the glass we鈥檙e on?"
"Roy c'mon just let it go", I tried to tell him as green arrow tried to put his arm on Roy's shoulder.
Roy shook him off as green arrow spoke," Roy, you just need to be patient".
"What I need is respect", roy said turning to the other 3 who were looking at roy wide eyed,"They're treating us like kids. Worse--like sidekicks! We deserve better than this".
I slowly nodded putting my hand on Roy's bicep as he glared at the other 3,"You're kidding, right? You鈥檙e playing their game? Why? Today was supposed to be聽the聽day, step one in becoming full-fledged members of the league".
"Roy stop, just let it go", I tried but he shook his head.
Wally was the first one to speak,"Well, sure, but I thought step one was the tour of the HQ".
I could feel the angry bubbling under Roy's skin.
"Except the Hall isn't the League's real HQ. I bet they never told you it's just a false front for tourists and a pit stop for catching Zeta-beam teleporter tubes to the real thing, an orbiting satellite called the watchtower", roy said and the other 3's eyes widened.
Roy had already told me this so when the others eyes drifted to me and I nodded they all furrowed their eyebrows.
"Roy please c'mon just drop it", I gently urged him, but he shook his head turning to me.
"I'm done being treated like a kid (y/n/n)", he softly said, he inability to get mad at me showing.
"You're not helping your cause here, son. Stand down or--", aquaman tried to tell him and Roy's temper flared.
"Or what? You'll send me to my room? And I'm not your son! I'm not even his. I thought I was his partner, but not anymore..", he shouted and I stomped on Roy's foot.
"Roy stop", I said and he looked to the ground before taking off his hat throwing it do the ground.
"I'm done, if I was you all, I'd follow my lead", roy said before storming off the other way.
We all watched him go as I bent to pick up his speedy hat.
"I'm gonna go after him", I softly said, dashing after roy.
My heels clicked after him as he went down hall after hall.
"Roy please slow down", I shouted after his receiding figure.
I watched him stop,his back to me, as I came to a stop.
"If your going to get me to go back, I'm not going to", roy harshly muttered causing me to sigh.
I tried to touch his shoulder but he flinched away making my heart clench.
"I wasnt going to tell you to go back", I softly said and roy turned around, his mask gone.
"Then why dont you go back there with them", he harshly said causing me to flinch.
"RoyJoy everything you said back there is true, they do treat us like kids", I said, watching as Roy's eyes met mine.
"You won't have to worry about me anymore", he said,"I'm gonna fly solo".
My heart strings tightened and I boldly reached out to grab his hand.
"Do you got room for a tag-along partner", I asked and watched as his eyes lit up.
"A partner, but what about the justice leauge", he asked causing me to smile.
"Theres no roy harper in the justice leauge, so theres no (y/n) (l/n)", I said earning a smile from roy as he quickly wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him back, as my heels lifted off the ground.
His bare fingers softly touched my waist causing me to shiver as he put me down, lacing are fingers together.
"So Roy and (y/n) off to face the world", he said looking down to me.
I nodded holding up my hand, making a portal,"to the apartment", I asked and he nodded.
We stepped through the portal ready to face the world together.
My shitty writing,
Would anyone read a book of this?
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slashy-ashya day ago
I鈥檓 pretty sure that we all can agree that Dick Grayson is a Main Character, there is no questioning that. I would even go even further to say that he was THE Main Character, which is so true because no matter how many times DC tries to ruin, take, and sabotage his personality or character he鈥檚 always able to bounce back because it鈥檚 hard to ruin this character. He鈥檚 a eighty something year old character who鈥檚 been rocking with DC for literal decades and now with his new comic out I鈥檓 excited to see him actually back to himself now, if only DC would bring back the old Roy Harper now 馃 maybe even bring back the rest of the Titans and have them go on some adventures together just like old times 馃ぉ maybe throw in some AU鈥檚 along the way, like for example we see some Titans crossover events, I鈥檓 talking like an Titans/Paper Girls crossover, Titans/Archie crossover (and come on that wouldn鈥檛 be the weirdest crossover now would it?), Titans/Hellboy, Titans/Starwars, Titans/Snotgirl, Titans/Nancy Drew. I鈥檓 pretty sure you catch my drift now, like come on DC spoil me, come on I dare you to spoil me, I triple dog dare you to spoil me, so give me the content please馃ズ we want the content 馃槨
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mocegoa day ago
This is Roy and Lian during the pandemic when Jason鈥檚 not home to make eatable food. That鈥檚 it. That鈥檚 the post and no one can change my mind.
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undyingpeculiaritya day ago
I've never asked for something and I know you've already done roy and jason but maybe jayroy with "never enough"?
Tumblr media
Sdhdj I love these two sm
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kimberly-spirits13a day ago
Roy Harper Dating HC (Request):
Tumblr media
This guy is already experienced with the Batfam
He meets you through missions and then gets closer and closer without the help of Jason
That helps a lot since Jason can trust him more
jay knows that you have a good sense of placement and that you can take care of yourself
So he just gives his blessing and moves on
Roy is the kind of guy that Bruce doesn't want you dating
He's the bad boy the dads are always trying to keep their daughters away but eventually, over time Roy earns his trust and blessing more and more
It starts out with him taking you on nice, simple dates
From beach walks and junk food picnics to an amusement park and movies, he makes sure to spend time with you
After any very stressful week of solving cases and patrol, he pulls you onto the couch to watch stupid reality TV or Star Wars movies
Totally an older- classic movie fan as well
Dude's a fanboy to things and you cannot change my mind
he stays in the cave working on his arrows and technique while you either train or work cases
Always teasing you and flirting
If you get a costume change, he notices (like really notices 馃檭)
When Bruce annoys you, Roy is the kind of person that'll throw his fingers up like the bat ears on Bruce's suit and mock him
*Roy running around chaotically* I AM VenGeAnCe, I AM THE NigHT, I AM BaTMAn
it's pretty funny but he'd rather die than be caught by anyone but you since that'd be scary if it were B and embarrassing if it were anyone else
Clark does not approve
Basically the only way that you can get to Roy is when you're on a mission or with the league
Maybe you'd also be hanging with the Batfam since that's a thing for the Super and Bat kids to do
Jon and Kon aint no snitches so they say NOTHING
Kon does make the pact with Roy that he won't say anything but if Roy hurts you, it's done for him
Clark is very sure to make sure that you're always safe and sound
Which is annoying
At first you only really see Roy as the player guy with issues whom your dad always said to stay away from
and of course Superman knows best so you went with it
Lois knew that you'd have a crush on him eventually
After months and months of slowly getting more and more comfortable with Roy, you two went on your first date
It was secret and you had to make sure that your dad would never know
The time that Clark finally accepted it was when you were shot with Kryptonite by Luthor
Clark was devastated that he couldn't get to you since he was tied up at the moment during the same mission a few blocks away
Roy was the first on the scene and extracted the bullet making sure to give you an antidote
It saved your life and Clark owed it to him
You're always hanging out now
he teaches you to shoot with his bow and is impressed when you already know since it's a farm thing
Though he does teach you things that you wouldn't've gotten at the farm
You'll fly him up into the air to practice bird's eye shooting
best team work
Basically your high school sweetheart turned long lasting romance
Crack heads
you two are insanely chaotic all the time
Going everywhere
Doing everything
Basically you have weekly movie nights, always running around, road trips, insane patrols and missions
Like ya'll do be doin the most
Barry and the rest accept him and love him
Wally is already close with Roy and so he's cool with it
He trusts Roy
Roy basically has the time of his life every single day
Flirting and pun gods
You, Jason, Roy, Wally, Star, Artemis, and Bazzaro are basically the Outlaw Justice League which is pretty awesome
The Justice League but mouthier and more likely to flip off a diplomat
Not that they didn't deserve it
He always makes sure that there's food
Very very important because a hangry Speedster is a terrifying site
He's also prone to having a very might metabolism
So there's always food
He likes energy drinks and was terrified the first time that you got your hands on one
It was non-stop chaos and now he hides caffeine and everything energy drink wise from you
absolutely not happening
Green Lantern:
He is always hanging out with you and that's that
Best friends to lovers
always wants to know things about your ring
Literally makes you create a crossbow or bow and arrows so that he can saw he's used the Green Lantern's weapons
Just so that he can do that, that's the only reason
May or may not have convinced you to create a massive crossbow so he can launch himself at a villain or something stupidly dangerous that you didn't have time to say no to
Always playing pranks on each other whether that be basic pranks or full on elaborate kind of collapse on floor pranks from laughing
Roy always misses you on your missions outside of Earth and makes sure to ask tons of questions when you get back since sometimes the missions are actually really really cool
You drag him to the League's tower since you have to go there for briefings
The best road trip music taste
Just a random thing but he probably has great music
Just sayin
makes you watch old movies especially sci-fi even if you've already seen them
Immaculate tv show taste
You create some really awesome archery courses for him to run which really help with training
All request are completed and coming out within the next few days, went ahead and got this done since my best friend asked for it lmao but they are coming quickly and daily, plus the Dick and then Bruce series are to come
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northoftheroad2 days ago
wait if roy worked for the gov and they know his secret id (since they had him be the leader of the titans) wouldn't they be able to easily found out abt the titans and the arrow fam id ?
Unless there鈥檚 something with Roy as a government agent I don鈥檛 know, that seems reasonable.聽They鈥檇 have to be deaf and blind not to realize that Ollie is GA...聽
I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 common knowledge that the original five are friends as civilians (as if you鈥檇 find it if you googled their names). But if they tailed聽Roy and found him having dinner with another redheaded guy (Wally didn鈥檛 have red hair originally, b t w 鈥 it was more light brown. I don鈥檛 know when and why that changed.), an Atlantean and a guy and a lady with black hair, it鈥檚 not hard to guess...
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golaplioness2 days ago
Judge: I hereby sentence you to 68 years of prison
Roy, as Jason's lawyer: Your honor, my client respectfully requests a year to be added to his sentence.
Batfamily: *facepalm*
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river-bottom-nightmare2 days ago
Hi! I was wondering if you had any headcanons on the fab five? Thank you!
hello babe. indeed i do, i have so many聽headcanons for the fab five
dick regularly models for photoshoots for donna. he鈥檚 already required to do it, or so says the WE PR offices, and bruce has an image to keep up. normally, dick hates it, but it鈥檚 never a bother when his photographer is donna. he genuinely has fun, and the pictures always come out looking gorgeous because dick鈥檚 not faking his smile. donna keeps, not the best ones, but her personal favourites for herself
roy never used to get along with wally. the was overly-optimistic but in an annoying way, obnoxious with his powers, was conservative and close-minded, and hero-worshipped聽barry to the point where roy started to actively dislike barry, despite only meeting him like once or twice. but during an argument once, where roy spat out,聽鈥渨hat the hell聽do you know about hardship?鈥 wally kind of shut down, then told him about his dad. not only mildly abusive, but also an intergalactic war criminal who鈥檚 rotting away in a prison on oa??聽and wally helped put him there???聽colour roy surprised, and a bit apologetic. they bond over shitty dads. whenever dick tries to join their group, and immediately gets kicked out bc聽鈥渄ear god dick do you not realize how much batman cares??? do you not realize how much batman loves you?? you may not see it but it鈥檚 embarassingly transparent for the rest of us.鈥
texture is so different above water than below it, but especially hair. discounting the fact that most atlanteans don鈥檛 have hair聽hair, garth finds human hair fascinating. it鈥檚 so soft聽and pretty. donna indulges him and teaches him how to braid her hair. from there, it鈥檚 youtube video after youtube video as garth learns new and increasingly complex braids and hairdos to try out.聽 he doesn鈥檛 really see the titans much anymore, as much as it hurts him. but on the few times they get together, just to bring up a sense of nostalgia for the old good times, garth鈥檚 always pleasantly surprised when he remembers roy has long hair now, and braids his hair too. this leads to lian demanding special hair treatment, and garth is only too happy to oblige.
everyone鈥檚 just a little jealous of dick and wally. aside from the two of them knowing each other first, and therefore being friends for longer, the flash is one of the few members of the justice league batman likes, and one of the even fewer he鈥檒l allow in gotham. dick and wally hang out all the time.聽 they have sleepovers and patrol together and train together and eat aunt iris鈥 famous cookies and alfred鈥檚 even more聽famous cookies. they just,,,exist together, happily. plus they also want to see the batcave聽because omg that鈥檚 so cool it鈥檚 the freaking BATCAVE!!!! none of them will say it out loud, though. too afraid that they鈥檙e the only one feeling this petty jealousy, too afraid it鈥檒l come out the wrong way and sound mean and selfish, too afraid that the envy is deeper than any of them care to admit.
roy buys donna flowers all the time. at first, it鈥檚 because of his little crush, but over time, it just turns into a habit. he wants to, it makes her happy, so he does. donna doesn鈥檛 really have a preference, she loves everything. so roy buys her everything.聽 once they get older, donna will smell the flowers and hug them adoringly. then she鈥檒l take one flower out from the bouquet and give it to lian.
wally and garth are obsessed with setting world records. it鈥檚 something they do in their free time constantly. the fab five are hanging out and suddenly someone looks up and realizes that garth and wally are missing? it鈥檚 because they鈥檙e trying to set a world record. and it鈥檒l be for the weirdest stuff. how long can a human run wearing clown shoes that have spikes in them? 452 graphic calculators long. how long is the longest ramen noodle and how fast can someone slurp it up? the answer is several聽yards, and garth can slurp it up in about a minute. how many seahorses can someone consume? garth has to veto this one because a) he can鈥檛 do this challenge because he can carry seahorses to birth so it isn鈥檛 fair and b) he doesn鈥檛 want wally to eat seahorses. roy points out that none of these count because neither of them are human. wally and garth do not care in the slightest.
everyone鈥檚 a little terrified of how desensitized dick is. no one actually,,,,understands gotham. they鈥檝e heard stories and hushed warnings from their mentors. but none of them have done a real聽patrol in gotham the way dick鈥檚 been doing for years. the mock-ones bruce sometimes lets the titans do on very special occasions are mild ones, where bruce specifically makes sure they don鈥檛 come across any of the usual gotham stuff. as a result, they all sorta chuckle nervously when dick recounts what he did over the weekend with easy tone. they work up their courage to tell dick to cool it when he鈥檚 fighting, to stop breaking so many bones, and they鈥檙e even more scared when dick turns around all confused, bc he barely noticed he was doing it and didn鈥檛 really understand why it was so bad: he was that聽used to it.聽 even worse is when they鈥檙e on a mission that takes a turn for the worse, and they see things that they halted to admit were real.聽horrors that make the vomit and cry and wonder why the hell they were trying so hard to save humanity if humanity is this.聽but throughout all of those, dick never once falters, never once acts like anything is even out of the ordinary, and completes the mission to his satisfaction. they鈥檙e all a little terrified of what gotham鈥檒l end up turning dick into
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