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familydissapoiment · 3 days ago
Why Latinos Have So Much Trauma
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(Y/n) *talking to Jaime and Eduardo after a mission*: Y'know in the US they called it 'bullying'.
Jaime: In the Latino Community is called "family values"
(Y/n): Because instead of getting bully in your school. You get bullied at your own house.
Eduardo: With La Chancla for free
(Y/n): Delivery Express
Jaime: ✨Latino Family Package✨
(Y/n): Don't even get me started with our trust issues.
Jaime: Right, right
Cassie: Are you guys, okay?
Eduardo: Do we look okay to you?
(Y/n): Have you ever live with a Latina mother, Cassie?
Cassie: No, but it can't be that bad?
(Y/n): No, it can be that bad. Like you would be crying, and she would tell you ‘Come out I'm not going to hit you,' ha ha.
Jaime: And then she pulled out La Chancla?
Eduardo: And then she ask you, she had the audacity to ask, 'why are you crying?'
(Y/n): No?!
Cassie: ...
(Y/n): I didn't think so
Jason *whispering to Tim*: Does she realize that she does the exact thing to us?
Tim: I don't know, and I don't want to ask. I'm afraid of getting hit with La Chancla again.
Roy: You're afraid of (Y/n)? Ha, weak
Dick: Ask Damian what happen last time he tried (Y/n)
Damian *rocking back and forth, having flash backs of being chase all over the Manor with a pissed of (Y/n). Who keep cursing in Spanish and yelling at him “This hurts me more than it hurts you”*: ...
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nightwingthebooty · 23 hours ago
Bruce Wayne 🤝 Roy Harper
Not having a proper custody agreement with their ex
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theundeadrobinclub · 20 hours ago
Roy: hey so have you talked to any of your family about-
Jason: ooh, stop right there. they're not my family.
Roy: I'm... pretty sure they are?
Jason: no, see, family is a complicated word. I try to avoid it. it implies a level of trust that is not necessarily healthy.
Jason: *smiles*
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Hot take: “Hawkeye” is a funnier, higher-budget version of CW “Arrow”
Arguing points
1) Clint Barton was initially this ruthless, anti-hero vigilante who wore a hood during his crusade on organized crime. As a vigilante, he became infamous for murdering all the criminals he came across. Now that he’s no longer the Hood Ronin, Clint suffers from immense guilt from what he did.
* Speaking of Clint, just like Oliver, he is a no-nonsense, stoic figure who usually plays straight man to his more humorous teammates.
2) Kate Bishop is what you get when you fuse Roy Harper and Thea Queen together (she’s a spoiled rich girl, Clint’s sidekick, and they have a sort of familial-esque relationship).
3) Maya Lopez is Adrian Chase (a villain whose sole motivation is going after the main hero because they killed their father)
4) Lila Barton is Mia Queen (main hero’s daughter who takes up archery). I guess this makes Laura Barton the show’s version of Felicity Smoak? You know, now that I think about it, the Laura-Felicity comparison works because, just like Felicity, Laura’s not a main pairing for Clint in the comics. Clint is usually paired up with Natasha Romanoff or Bobbi Morse, similar to how Oliver Queen is usually paired up with Laurel Lance.
5) Speaking of Nat, I guess this means Natasha is the Laurel Lance/Black Canary of Hawkeye. Which kinda works in a fucked up way since Laurel died in season 4.
6) Big fight scene took place in a warehouse/factory-type setting 
7) Rich people problems, specifically on Kate’s side however 
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nightwingvixen23 · 2 days ago
Artemis : *glancing around*
Roy : *loading up on arrows*
Artemis : hey. where in the hell is Jason's ass at anyway ?? he's the one who put together this operation; the least he could do is actually lead it
Roy : he had to dip outta town for something sooner than expected
Artemis : what do you mean by " dip out for something "
Roy : . . . somethin shady. I wouldn't ask if I were you. . . . . but, if you really wanna know--
Artemis : hell no. the less I know the better. but, what I do want to know is who's gonna be picking up the slack on Jay's end of the job if he's not going to be here to do it ?
Roy : it's all good. he convinced Tim to take initiative on this one
Artemis : Tim Drake ??
Roy : sure ! why not ! I mean, the kid is practically a genius and basically excels in all departments
Artemis : *watching Timmers approaching where they stand*
Roy :
Artemis :
Tim :
*crickets somehow getting louder*
Tim : I. . . . . I--uh, I wasn't expecting this much tension to arise once I was to arrive
Roy : *nonchalantly going back to his bows*
Tim :
Artemis : *unphased*
Tim : *in a desperate attempt at lightening the heavy mood* so what rock group has 4 men who don't sing ??
Artemis :
Roy : what ?
Tim : Mount Rushmore !
Roy :
Artemis : get out.
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Everytime I go on a reblog spree and then one or a couple people go through and like/reblog everything I just posted and then some I get so manically excited like yeah we're both going down this rabbit hole together now. This is OUR special interest. The communal hyper fixation if you will. So glad I infected you with my love and excitement for my latest comfort/character media. Welcome to the pit comrade, we have shared hc's and fanart.
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the-rebellious-one · 2 days ago
Roy: So, Kon huh? How did that happen?
Jason: *thinking back on the time he saw Kon stuff his face with French fries after a mission
Jason: Idk, it just felt right.
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darsky17 · 10 hours ago
Hey there! Long time no see!
*During a Batmas Party*
Dick: Wears matching Rudolph Christmas sweaters with Wally.
Jason: Drinks too much eggnog and eats gingerbread cookies with Roy.
Tim: Is dressed as Mrs. Claus while Kon is dressed up as a hot Santa.
Damian: Singing Christmas carols against his will thanks to Jon.
Barbara: Hanging up mistletoes anywhere she can because of Kara.
Stephanie: Mixing her hot cocoa with tequila cuz she’s over the party.
Cassandra: Shaking every secret Santa gift to see if she got the goods.
Feel free to reblog/like!
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preraphaedyke · 16 hours ago
Gotham politician: But you have to understand the status quo. It’s the way of things. People don’t work if they’re not hungry.
Jason holding him at gun point: I don’t lick boots
Roy standing behind him: Heh. That wasn’t true last night.
Jason: *pulls trigger*
Jason: Do you see what you did, Roy? You forced my hand and now he’s a dead man. Congratulations.
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Green Arrow (Comics) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Roy Harper & Oliver Queen Characters: Roy Harper, Oliver Queen Additional Tags: Fluff, I'll stay right here ok, Roy's first night at Oliver's house Series: Part 1 of Arrowfam Week 2021 Summary:
It's Roy's first night at his new home with Oliver Queen and it's not going too well
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fanfictiongreenirises · 2 days ago
DickRoy Valentine's Day Gift Exchange Sign-ups!!
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!! We're organising a DickRoy Valentine's Day gift exchange. If you're a fan of the relationship between Dick Grayson and Roy Harper (platonic, romantic, etc.) and want to create and receive a fanwork, sign up to our exchange!!
You can sign up here on our Ao3 collection page. Sign ups will be open until Dec 15th, and assignments will be released on Dec 19th.
If you have any questions, you can: refer to the FAQ page; DM @marzue or myself, or join our DickRoy 18+ Discord server and ask there!!
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oifaaa · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Local billionaire doesn't know how to tell son he misses him, kidnaps child instead
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