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fawazarts · a day ago
Tumblr media
In progress #fawazarts #royality #royal #ethiopia #haileselassie #prince #africa #ethiopian #oilpainting
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theotherjourney7 · 2 days ago
“Someone in the Mail’s graphics team has been very busy, but it’s a great explainer of what will happen and when, today.
Tumblr media
As the Mail points out, there is coverage of the funeral today on two network TV channels.
On itv we start at 1:15pm from a studio on top of the Guards Room Roof overlooking St George’s Chapel.
(There is also a programme on another channel)
Tumblr media
.”-Chris Ship
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subtlescribbles · 2 days ago
f.. fhdhdh.. fusions..
Tumblr media
OK so this took two weeks cuz I could NOT decide which fusion I wanted to draw but in the end!! I decided on Patron because I love her and she deserves to be drawn.
(if some of y'all don't know this funky little guy, he's from my Fusion AU! Check out my main @subtlereferencetomyinterests masterpost or my ao3 WaeRose if you wanna read about him <3)
(rbs are appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️)
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forgotten-princess · 4 days ago
You know what has incredible angst potential? Half-brothers in a royality AU who love each other deeply but are forced to fight against each other for the throne.
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purplestarrystars · 4 days ago
Roman and Patton singing Love is an open door out of context of the movie is so cute.
Roman and Patton singing Love is an open door in context is heartbreaking.
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abusedsanderssides · 5 days ago
“We’re done!”
Trigger/content warnings: Cursing, mean Janus, Remus being gross, abuse, unkind words, very small makeout session, sexual harassment, abusive dad mention.
Ship(s): Anxceit, Royality, Intrulogical
Characters: Virgil, Janus, Roman, Patton, Logan, Remus, mentions of Remy and Emile.
2502 words
High School AU
Not requested
- 2/20/21
*Virgil's pov*
I hate high school and I hate being "popular." Well, I'm not actually popular it's just that my boyfriend, Janus Serpent, is the most popular person in the entire school, so people know me and my name.
High school is everything to Janus. He runs the entire school and thinks that he is God and everyone else is his servants, including me. I don't have much say in anything. I'm ordered around all the time, but I'm not really affected by it that much, seeing as my dad does the same to me, but I have even fewer rights because I'm his son.
I'm sitting with Janus and our group of friends at our claimed lunch table. Roman, the theatre geek, and Patton, the dad friend are dating as well as Logan, the nerd, and Remus, the disgusting weird perverted kid are dating. Every now and then Janus and Remus will flirt with each other, making both Logan and me nervous and uncomfortable.
"Virgil, you should eat something," Janus turns to look at me sitting next to him. I look up from my notebook that I was writing in and look into his two different colored eyes. His bleached hair is out of his eyes and tucked away in his hat, burn marks on the left side of his face out in the open, making him look even more intimidating.
"Not hungry," I mumble, looking at the words written on the page of my notebook.
He scoffs, rolling his eyes, and snaps, "Well sorry, I was just trying to be a good boyfriend but I guess I'm not." I chose to ignore his comment and continue on what I was writing. I can tell he is glaring at me because I feel his eyes burning into my skull, but I ignore him to piss him off, regretting it shortly after. Janus leans down and whispers into my ear, "Come to the bathroom with me after lunch. We need to talk." He then continues on talking to everyone else enthusiastically, and I grow even more anxious by the second.
The bell rings to dismiss everyone from lunch, so I stand up, putting my things in my bag, and swinging it over my right shoulder. Janus stands up after saying goodbye to everyone, grabs my hand, basically pulling me into the boy's bathroom. He pushed me into a stall, closing the door and locking it from behind him, and I start to panic.
What is he going to do to me? What does he need to talk about? Is he going to hurt me again? Are we going to get in trouble? Questions shooting through my head as panic starts to take over my brain. I can feel my breathing become uneven and speed up, and my hands start to shake. Janus sees this and pulls me into a hug, kissing the top of my head and then running his hands through my hair. I relax into the touch, snuggling my face into his shoulder.
Janus then grabs me by my waist and pushes me hard against the wall, and I gasp, shocked.
"Am I really a bad boyfriend?" I shake my head, scared that he might hurt me again. "Then why didn't you say so? You never listen to me or do what I want you to do. That makes me feel like I'm a bad boyfriend," He spat at me in a cruel tone.
"Y-you're not a b-ad boy-yfriend," I choke out, tears starting to form in my eyes, blinking them away before saying, "You're the best boyfriend ever. I wouldn't want anyone else," I make eye contact with him and say with a small smile on my face, "I love you."
Janus just looks at me with squinted eyes, slowly releasing his grip on my hips. "Good, that's what I want to hear from you. Now, let's go to class and forget that I got mad at you. Alright, nightmare?" I nod and follow him out of the bathroom and to our next class, holding his hand on the way. After Janus and I started dating, he convinced the school to change all of our classes so they would be together, so I never get a break. God, he makes me feel like I'm a shitty person.
After school, Janus invites me over to his house, so I have no choice but to accept. As we are walking out of last period, Janus wraps an arm around my shoulders. I look up at him, but he isn't paying attention to me, rather, he's making dirty and disgusting jokes with Remus about other people's bodies. Logan has tutoring to do, so Remus tags along with us, and apparently we are dropping him off at his house before going to Janus'. I stay silent, trying my best to ignore them and figure out the homework that I have to complete and what I could put off until tomorrow morning.
"Oooh look at him," Remus says and stares as we walk past Remy, the only other gay person out at Sanders High School besides our friend group. He always has a coffee in hand and wears sunglasses everywhere. Jan and I have a few classes with him, but he's rarely ever there, sometimes just skipping the whole school day. I will admit, he is attractive, and Roman agrees with me, but he's not my type at all.
Janus looks with him, a smirk appearing on his face. "Imagine him," Janus leans in towards Remus and whispers, "fucking Virgil." My head snaps, looking at Janus with wide eyes even though I know I wasn't supposed to hear that. They're both turned to look at Remy and each other, so they don't see me looking at them. I quickly look away, acting like I didn't hear a thing, walking next to them in silence just like I was before.
Remus snickers, and says, "Oh shit, that'd be a sight." Remus too? Why are they talking about me like that? If anyone even looked at me wrong Janus would beat them into the ground but then it's okay for him and Remus to talk about me like that because he's my boyfriend and my best friend?
I chew and bite my lower lip, staying silent as tears start to form in my eyes. I shake my head a little so all of my hair falls over my eyes, trying my best to blink away the tears so I don't mess up my makeup and they don't notice.
Janus's hand slips down my back slowly and then cups my ass, making me jump a little, but I pay no more attention to it as I should just let him do what he wants so he doesn't get mad. We walk out of school, Remus and Janus still going on about something that I don't want to know.
When we get to the car Janus tells me to sit in the front, Remus groans and complains but eventually gets in the back seat. The two keep their conversation going and I continue to sit in silence, starting on my math homework.
Janus looks over at me while driving and scoffs. "Why the hell are you doing your math homework?"
I look up at him and choose my words carefully before responding, "So that I can give you the answers while I'm with you instead of texting them to you. Is that ok?" Janus glances at me, rolls his eyes, and doesn't respond but instead resuming his conversation with Remus.
We drop Remus off at his house and go to Janus' in silence. The atmosphere is tense and I'm sure that he's mad at me for some reason. Janus parks his car, we walk inside and up to his room after I say hello to his parents.
He shuts the door behind him, grabs the collar of my shirt, and shoves me against the door. I let out a small whimper, shutting my eyes out of instinct. He slots a leg between mine, his hands traveling to cup my face as he smashes his lips against mine. My eyes shoot open, but I relax a little and kiss back, knowing better than to not. We kiss for a while, Janus forcefully tonguing into my mouth before we pull away so that we can breathe.
He keeps his face inches away from mine as we pant on each other's lips. Janus goes in for another kiss, but I turn my head to the side. He backs away, brows furrowed and he glares, anger rising up. "What the fuck was that about?" Janus asks in a condescending tone.
I stutter over my words before completely giving up, speaking my mind, and pushing away my anxiety. "I could ask you the same thing," he looks at me, confused and even angrier, opening his mouth to say something but I cut him off by continuing, "The comment that you made when talking to Remus that you thought I couldn't hear. What the fuck?"
Janus tries to talk but I don't let him. "Someone could look at me for more than a second and you would murder them, but it's okay for you to talk about me like that? Is it because you're my boyfriend and 'own me?'" I air quote, stepping forwards, anger boiling up inside of me. "Well guess what, you don't own me. No one does! Just because we're dating and you've been given the label 'boyfriend' does not give you the right to treat me the way that you do!"
Well, I started this so I better end it. "Oh, and about that question that you asked me earlier in the bathroom. You are a bad boyfriend. And I don't want to be with someone like you. Who treats me like shit, makes me feel like shit, talks about me, and uses me as though I'm an object," I'm shouting at this point, and I don't care who hears. "We're done! You can have a nice life because I know someone like you will never change. Have a nice time trying to find another boyfriend, because I will never take you back."
Everything that had been on my shoulders and weighing me down has been released. All the worry about him and the sadness that he caused will end now. And it has.
I turn on my heel to leave, but I stop when Janus says, "Virgil. Williams." Ugh, I hate it when he uses my full name. I ignore him, starting to walk towards his door before he grabs me by the arm harshly, hard enough that I'm sure will leave a bruise. He yanks me back towards him, grabs me by the chin, and slaps me across the face.
This time, I don't hold back my tears or the sobs that come out of my mouth. I try my best to get away from him, but he won't let me go and I start to panic.
"LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!" I scream in his face, shocking him enough that he lets go of me, so I dart out the door and run down the stairs, sobbing.
Janus doesn't chase after me. He doesn't even leave his room. His mother stops me before I go out the door, asking me what happened. "P-please d-drive me h-home," I stutter out, the tears falling from my eyes not stopping. She brings me into a quick hug before bringing me out to her car.
After I calm down, I explain everything to her while she drives me home. I can tell that she's furious when she starts crying herself. "I am so so so sorry for all that he's done to you. I had no idea and I'm really sorry," She says, sincere as she continues to cry.
We get to my house and she makes sure that I know I can talk to her about anything and that if I ever needed her that she'd be there. I thank her endlessly, saying goodbye, and then run up to my room the second I walk in the door.
I told everyone about what happened yesterday, including what Remus said. I had asked them all to come over because it was an emergency, and they did. Their responses were all so different but good nonetheless.
Patton immediately pulled me into a tight hug, making sure I was okay with it first of course. He drilled into my brain that he would make sure that I'd never get hurt again because he would never let me go, literally. Logan was pissed, you could tell by how he was talking even though he was trying to make it seem as though he wasn't. He said that he would discuss what happened with Remus and knock some sense into him. Roman's reaction was the worst, but also the best. He immediately started yelling, asking if I was okay, and trying to search my body for any signs that I was hurt. He claimed over and over again that he was going to kill Janus and tear him apart limb by limb.
I showed them my bruises. I showed them the texts between Janus and me. I told them everything. And they didn't discriminate or bring me down for any of it. None of them said it was my fault or that I did something wrong, rather, that I did the right thing. I thanked all of them for being there for me and for all that they did but I was told that I didn't have to thank them because this is what friends do.
The next day at school goes way better than how I expected it to. Logan ended up breaking up with Remus because he didn't see what he did wrong and continued to insult me. All four of us cut all ties between Remus and Janus. Roman acts as my personal bodyguard, keeping me far away from Janus and Remus and them far away from me. Patton got the principal to change all of our classes and told him what Janus and Remus did. The principal, Mr. Picani, suspended both of them and told the entire school what Janus did to me, with my permission of course.
Their social relevance went out the window. They're now the most hated people at this school. The most popular boy is now the most unpopular boy, and it all happened in less than a day. No one is going to want to be their friend. Teachers start to dislike them. They're going to be last on the list to join any club or sport because of their record. Hell, they can forget going to college!
And I can say with pride that they deserved it. I deserve better. I am more than what they treated me as. I am not an object. I am not owned by him.
They can go fuck themselves.
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nandysparadox · 5 days ago
💏 - Favourite romantic ship?
mm royality!! :D I also rlly like dukexiety n intruality
👬 - Favourite platonic ship?
moxiety!! also dukeceit :>
🍰 - Each of the side’s favourite snacks?
u got me with that one.. I'll just assign the sides snacks that I like or eat all the time
patton - cookies (yeah obvious but u have to understand that I eat cookies for breakfast basically every day I couldn't leave it out TT----TT)
remus- those expensive french chocolate cookies that have a little clown in them
logan- toast!! but like the ones u buy n u don't have to make them
virgil- m&ms or any chocolate rlly
roman - chocolate cake n brigadeiros! thats two snacks but I think he deserves it😌
janus- flan? pudding? Idk the name in english but it's good
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vanilla-rose-swirl · 6 days ago
Is there a Pirates of the Caribbean AU out there with Remus as Jack Sparrow, Patton as Will Turner, and Roman as Elizabeth Swan, and Janus as Barbosa, or am I just going to have to make it myself
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theotherjourney7 · 6 days ago
“HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. We thank you for your service. x
Tumblr media
Prince Philip was consort to the monarch for 26,804 days. When he married the Queen, Clement Attlee was the Prime Minister, Charlton Athletic were the FA Cup holders, Elton John was 6 months old and the invention of the hard disk was still a decade away.”-Larry the Cat
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imuronlineteacher · 6 days ago
Lights - Patrick Patrikios Artist Free Background Music By #AuthenticFre...
#vlogmusic​​​​ #freemusic​​​​ #freenocopyright​​​​ #free​​​​ Download free and safe music for content creators (Free Music, No Copyright Music, Royalty-free Music, and Creative Commons) Video Title: Lights - Patrick Patrikios Artist Free Background Music By #AuthenticFreeMusic​ Its a free background music for your website videos or Vlog Humble request to subscribe this channel and like and share our videos
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Royal Attire
Tumblr media
Moon: "My bosses make me wear fancy clothing when we go out on 'Royal Matters', the collar is always so itchy-" Weed: -painful wheezing from exercise in a corset- " It's for- the aesthetic-"
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craftypeaceturtle · 8 days ago
Summary: Roman and his trusted friend, Logan, embark on a journey to visit their local witch. 
Note: I was inspired by a post that described this like exact concept. This is just a small fic that struck me! I have no idea why I am only capable of writing rare pair fics but hey ho! At least I’m writing. Analogical and Royality. 
“Do you even understand where we’re supposed to be going?” Logan muttered as he tried to massage away his upcoming headache. Unfortunately his headache bounded into his side with a wide smirk. 
“Of course! It’s only a simple path through Sanders Woods,” Roman announced as he continued marching through the castle with proud wide steps.
“Do I even need to deconstruct how vague those directions truly are?” 
“Pfft! I’m not an idiot Logan. I do have a map. You just follow through the main path through Sanders Woods but then at some specific stump or something stupid, you turn and then boom! Witches!” Roman wiggled the paper in his face but even that movement didn’t hide that it was just some rushed notes on a napkin from his father. It looked like just simple lines and labels. There wasn’t even an compass pointing north! 
“Ah I stand corrected then, your majesty. Truly you must be a true scholar in the geologies,” Logan sighed and Roman checked his shoulder.  
They were being sent on the incredibly (vague, according to Logan) journey to go track down the kingdom’s local witch to re-establish their trade. A journey that sounded very important and essential so when Logan first heard it, of course he immediately offered his service. The warning sign should have been that Roman was conducting the journey. Another warning sign (as there were many), was the fact that to re-establish their trade, they were trading a kitten and were expecting to get cookies in return. It all painted the very obvious picture that the king wanted his son to do his chores and so asked his friend to ensure the task got done. But then again, Logan prided himself as a man of honour and he wouldn’t refuse to conduct on this journey. He was nobler than this pettiness. He was more serious than any one of the royal family members. He would take great pride in this stupid task.
“Logan!” Roman shouted, Logan whipped round to face him, “Do you mind leaving the kitten alone for at least one second and help me pick out an outfit?”
“Pick an outfit?” Logan squealed indignantly, ignoring his own burning blush as he followed Roman into his room, leaving the poor mewing kitten to sprawl around its basket, “What’s wrong with what you’re wearing?”
He was wearing his typical outfit which was his full princely attire. A pristine white tunic with gold embellishments that all highlighted the strong red of the emblem on his sleeves. He would usually wear a bright red sash across his chest but instead he was flinging it about like a child first trying to learn ballet. But now he blushed bright enough to match the emblem. “We’re meeting new people. Of course a prince should always present their best foot forward.”
“Oh all princes?”
“Okay, don’t pretend that’s fair! We all know that Remus is an octopus dressed as a prince. He shouldn’t be considered along with all other princes!” 
“An octopus?” Logan chuckled.
“Dad got at me for constantly calling him a rat so I’m calling him an octopus. Just as ugly but this time dad thinks it’s just some weird nickname,” Roman said way too proudly for someone who was in his twenties and definitely above sibling squabbles. Then again this was indeed Roman. 
“Ah, you are just so charming and intelligent, your majesty,” Logan smirked before he also bumped their shoulders, “But don’t think that will distract me. Please promise me that you will not flirt with the witch.”
“It’s not flirting! It’s called being friendly, not that you would know that Intronerd!” 
“It’s definitely flirting. And it definitely taints any and all official communication. Do I even need to retell the event with Janus?”
“Right! I’m all ready to go, are you?” Roman bellowed, rushing past him with a satchel of bare essentials. Logan simply sighed and carefully cradled the basket with the kitten. 
It was just after midday and they were finally on their way, the guards around the castle grounds waved with barely hidden laughs. Roman frowned at them and clutched Logan to his side. He was well aware of his reputation around the castle. Foolish and way too optimistic. It stung each time but then Roman knew himself better than any guard could. Plus he could always sick Remus on them! But he also knew Logan was quickly getting mixed in with that reputation. A truly genuine travesty to this world. Logan was a bold, determined and so quietly compassionate but he was only regarded as dumb and easily flustered. And Roman could get it! Like yeah, seeing this emotionless guy walk out of the grounds cradling a kitten was funny, but he knew Logan well enough to laugh at how lovey he was really. They just laughed at the ditzy dumb consort who pretended to be cold and collected. Yet Logan always remained oblivious and Roman would risk his life to ensure it would remain that way. 
He wished he could say it was a beautiful summer’s morn with the birds chirping their victory as they headed into the deep mysterious forest. But instead the sky was a striking grey with a wind that was just the wrong side of cold. Reports stated it would rain in the afternoon and he was unfortunately momentarily defeated by the allure of sleeping in so he couldn’t leave early enough. Meh, he was pretty sure Logan appreciated the extra hours to sit around doing nothing! He waved the famous royal wave to a bunch of children who scattered at their approach with amazed giggles while Logan did his usual Logan thing of keeping his eyes forward and walking away before they could talk. Perhaps it was for the best, they had to focus. 
Well... ‘focus’. The journey was important and all but also this tiny little ginger kitten snuggling into Logan’s muscly bulky arms was very distracting. 
The path into the woods was very simple. It was a worn away path in the grass that become wider and wider each time he saw it. It was pretty much a very wonky lane straight through the forest and the map clearly presented an equally wonky line to a blackened tree stump that “they could not miss”. Then turn left and, as he eloquently put it, boom! Witch. In all honesty, the journey was the very last thing on his mind currently. Sanders Woods was big but it was so close to the kingdom that there was never anything too dangerous in there- people travelled through it every day. But, Roman prided himself on his studies into the kingdom’s history and all the fables and stories that it inspired. It didn’t take a genius to know that witches meant trouble. Witches cursed and violently lashed out at any hero that came their way. 
He stared up at Logan out of the corner of his eye. Logan looked the part certainly with his official royal uniform and he was fairly built. But Roman also knew Logan. While he could look intimidating, he was anything but. At the first sign of conflict he would freeze, and even if he didn’t, he was in no way trained for battle. He looked built but his muscle purely came from grabbing heavy books from high shelves. He wouldn’t last a second against a witch in a physical battle.
“How have your studies been going?” Roman innocently asked innocently.
“As expected, why?”
“What do you mean why! I can be interested in your studies! What are you learning about now? It was magic right?” Roman kept his focus on his light marching steps. Logan huffed a chuckle.
“Magic is such a broad term I don’t even know how to go about correcting you. Yes, I have largely been studying magic. It is...” Logan scrunched his face up, “going, to put realistically. I’m struggling to fully grip the module I am currently on. But overall, my study of magic is going better than I first thought. How are your studies? Are you studying anything right now?” Logan raised an eyebrow.
“Not really. I finished the whole economics junk and I have a bit of a break before I launch back into studies. Trying to make the most of it,” Roman answered honestly but he kept his gaze straight ahead, “Anyway, what kind of magic are you doing? Like any... cool spells?” 
“Cool... spells...” Logan said, stopping completely in his path, “Why are you so interested?”
“As I said! I can be interested in what my friend is doing!” 
“You haven’t ever before taken interest in my, how did you put it, ‘nerdy junk’!” 
“Well!” Roman snarked back but he could feel Logan looking right through him, “It’s just important to know what kind of magic you can do. Just in case we ever n-”
“You think this is dangerous don’t you!” Logan gasped, feeling panic slam into his chest. 
“What?” Roman nervously laughed off, “No...”
“You do!” Logan dramatically pointed at him, “Oh we don’t have nearly the right supplies for any kind of conflict! We’re carrying around a cat!” 
“It won’t be dangerous!” Roman tried to soothe while panickily pacing. 
“I asked you! I asked you! I asked and you said that it was a simple trade. That we are practically just acting as postmen!” Logan threw his head back. 
“I’m sorry!” Roman gasped.
“You’ve got your sword. Plus, I really don’t think your dad would send us on some dangerous journey without at least some back up. I think you just got into your head with worry. There’s lots of rumours about witches despite those spreading them having never met a witch, we should be fine,” Logan answered softly. There was no use having them both panicking when they were already significantly through the woods. But then again maybe they could turn back now before they truly prove themselves to be idiots. 
“Yeah!” Roman lit up and snapped up straight with an obnoxious smile, “C’mon, we’ll be fine!”
Logan simply ran through his warning signs he listed earlier about how this task was a stupid chore. His hand found the kitten’s fuzzy little forehead and he gave some scritches before following in Roman’s footsteps. 
It was another hour where each minute felt more and more uncomfortable. They were a decent way through the woods but they had yet to see anything resembling a tree stump. Even Roman was now flicking his gaze behind him, checking to see if they had perhaps passed it without realising. Logan was practically chanting about how King Thomas wouldn’t send his idiot of a son on a difficult journey without a proper map. But then again both of his sons were idiots so maybe he just chose Roman as the lesser of two evils? Maybe the wobbly scrawled line on the map was just longer than expected. This was why people added scales and a compass! Eventually they paused at a blackened tree. They didn’t even talk or notice the other had paused as well. 
“Maybe by stump they more meant a stumpy tree?” Roman cautiously looked around. 
“Did your father not describe it any more than that?” Logan asked, still not convinced.
“I mean he even drew it in black!” Roman yelled out in what was supposed to be confidence. Logan winced as Roman marched slowly forward into the treeline.
“That cannot be where the line is. That map should never be considered as accurate or, or- just slow down Roman. We have no idea if this is the right direction!”
“Yeah well, we literally just go left into the trees. If it turns out to be wrong then we know which direction we went and just go back.”
Logan sighed at the legitimate logic the illogical prince presented, “It’s going to rain soon.”
“Well hurry up then!” Roman had already started running into the woods and Logan grumbled out some swears before reluctantly trudging after him. 
Now underneath the thick canopy of the woods, it was quite dark and moody. Roman tried to lighten the mood by pointing out every single squirrel that skittered away when they passed but even that didn’t fix the tension. The ideas of danger were swirling uncomfortably through them. The kitten was now restless and was mewing very pathetically. Logan winced at each quiet mew and Roman knew that it was a matter of seconds before Logan demand they go back and get the kitten to safety. And he was about to agree until he saw a tiny mushroom on a tree.
It softly glowed, and if that wasn’t a strong enough indicator of magic and witches, it was illuminous purple. It almost seemed transparent as black smoke billowed underneath it’s surface but it still somehow glowed brightly. 
“Logan, I think we’re almost there,” Roman muttered and tugged him forward.
“Roman.” Logan stopped them dead in the path. He was shifting and looking away but his back was straight and his posture screamed listen. Roman, of course, stopped in his tracks. “What if they use the cat... like... what if they kill the cat?”
Roman paused. That... would be very in character for witches. The kitten was frumpily stomping around and of course released an adorable mew as if it very well knew they were talking about it. “We’ve got to establish trade routes... Maybe we could be the ones to persuade them to see the light and understand cuteness and love for all living things!”
“Hmm.” Logan took the lead and stepped forward. 
They had walked for another ten minutes but yet the woods felt unrecognisable. The woods went from very stereotypical brown and green woods that seemed to stretch onwards forever. Now the mushrooms were everywhere and they couldn’t see the trunks of the trees anymore. The forest was filled with an overwhelming nauseating swirls of colours. Now they were seeing flashes of deer and groans from toads under their feet. The sun was completely blocked from the trees and it was almost like walking inside a building. 
It wasn’t long until they stumbled finally into a cottage looking house. A thatched roof and everything. It almost blended in, blackened charred wood with no windows or even sign of anyone living there. Dead leaves were still swamped up again its sides like it was still autumn. Logan cradled the kitten tighter and Roman couldn’t exactly blame him. 
It seemed straight out of a storybook. 
When the main characters stumble into the villain’s lair. 
Roman gulped and latched on arm on to Logan’s shoulder, which Logan happily sank into. They approached the door in timid steps. The wind harshly ripped through the forest, whipping around the wet clumps of leaves around the sunken door. The rain finally arrived and a few drops pattered on the ceiling of leaves. Logan stuttered in his steps but Roman winced and guided him forward. 
As they were a few metres from the door, it slammed open. 
“AAAH!” They both shrieked. 
A witch stood there... kinda proudly. He had a wide stance and the hood hid his face. But also his arms were crossed and he was hunched over to look extra small. He probably reached Roman’s shoulder standing straight... he looked like the wind around his house would knock him over. But also the billowing black cloak and clenched fists also spoke for themselves. “What are you doing here!” A whiny voice broke through their panic. 
Logan was clearly frozen and his mind only screaming about the kitten in his arms. It took a few moments for Roman to realise he wasn’t going to snap out and talk. He stuttered out, “Oh ah... hello there. We are fr- We come from the kingdom of Sanders to present a trading opportunity. I understand you have been in discussion with our king to re-establish our long ancient trading with you, Witch.”
The witch frowned, “Oh I’m not a witch. That’s Patton you’re looking for.”
He pointed over his shoulder to a cottage past his house. Now this looked like the idyllic cottage countryside house. Thatched roof, pristine pastel pink house and a beautiful neat line of wild bluebells. Roman found himself drawing near it without realising. It looked beautiful and the house straight out of his dreams. “Oh sorry sir! C’mon Logan, we’ll sort this out!” Roman tugged his arm but Logan remained statue still. “Uh, Logan?”
Logan was completely trapped under the gaze of the random civilian that stumbled into.  His chest glowed along with his bright red face. The man had very strong features and was clearly much more awkward than anything dangerous. It took a minute before he realised that words were needed if he was just going to stare, “Oh H-hi, I’m Lo...” He winced but tried to battle through, “Y-you’re not a witch?”
“Nah, I’m... I guess you’d call it emo and just hate people,” The guy awkwardly chuckled as he stepped out from his doorway. Logan allowed himself to smile and only just remembered Roman’s advice to puff out his chest and show himself off. Right, time to sweep this handsome man off his feet. 
“Ah I understand that sentiment. People can be so frustrating and exhausting.” The man walked forward before he awkwardly looked away.
“Uh can I?” The man asked with his hand out stretched towards his chest. Logan burst into a childish smile. Maybe Roman was right and he is handsome! All that heavy book lifting did pay off if cute emos then wanted to feel up his chest! Maybe he can sweep someone off their feet. Maybe he should work out more!
“Sure!” He squeaked.
The man smiled in thanks before grabbing the kitten from his arms and pressing loud sappy kissies to his fuzzy little forehead. His croaky foreboding voice snapped to a squealing happy coo. 
Roman laughed at how ridiculous he was and went down to the next house. He’s never seen Logan so useless! He was never going to let me live this down- after all that teasing he’s been putting up with for flirting with Janus. Now he had some fuel to fight back. 
He knocked on the door with a new found confidence as the rain finally started to slip through the leaves and actually start to slowly soak him. Humming to himself, he looked back at Logan still failing to flirt with the random scary guy. He’d never be that useless. The door opened, “Hello there. Are you the witch that lives in these wooooo-”
A young man opened the door with a cheery smile, ginger curls flying about his head with wire frame glasses. Freckles absolutely everywhere. He was a little taller than even him! He was of course wearing a pink frilly apron with a blue soft chunky knit jumper. Everything about him looked soft. “Oh hello there. What’s your name!” 
“Uhhhhhhh... Ro?” Roman awkwardly drawled out while trying to pick his jaw off the floor. He looked back at Logan who was now walking over with the other man. 
“Hey Pat. We need a talk.” He growled out while Patton awkwardly laughed. Instinctually, Roman stepped forward to protect this marshmallow from this emo. 
“Y-yeah Virge?”
“Did you really organise for the king to sneak you a kitten?”
“Maaaybe!” Patton squeaked before launching forward and spinning him in tight excited circles. Logan was now carrying the kitten, he looked very confused and flustered as he kept his gaze firmly on the kitten. 
“Don’t distract me! You’re allergic!”
“Well are you going to make these nice young men walk all the way back with the heavy basket and wiggly little itty bitty kitty!” 
The man, Virgil, frowned with a look. “Okay. I will take the kitten and you can have visiting rights. But! Those visiting rights can be revoked at any time!” 
“Yippee!” Patton laughed with all of himself. His arms flailing into a hug for himself, his belly bursting and moving with the genuine happy laughter. Roman was thoroughly star struck. 
“Can’t believe you’re the witch of us...” Virgil groaned with his own fond smile, to which Logan was also star struck. 
They both paused as a fat raindrop slapped against Patton’s forehead. The rain must have been truly heavy if it was still dripping through the thick canopy. They turned and faced the two men and only now noticed that they were fairly wet with their hair plastered against their foreheads. They did look pretty pathetic.
Patton smiled, “Hey, Ro was it? Would you like to come in? Just to wait for the rain. Sorry, uhh,”
“Logan,” Logan introduced.
“Logan, the house is fairly small but I’m sure Virgil would love to show you around his little place!” Patton smirked innocently. 
All three of them gulped with bright blushes... but of course they all nodded along to that plan.
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my tss shipping playlists but the titles get increasingly more ridiculous
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(uhhh links under the cut if anyone’s interested <3)
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Patton: Are you free on Friday night?
Virgil: yeah why?
Patton: How about you?
Roman: yes I am
Patton: Awesome, I’m not, you too are going on a date, have fun
Virgil & Roman: what just happened?
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antisocial-xxxpert · 12 days ago
Ghosts in the Sun
Chapter 4- Lunch
Analogical Week Day 4- AU (College AU)
Summary: Four friends gather for lunch in the common cafeteria. Virgil deals with the guilt of lying to the others.
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