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#rp meme
stitchrph · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝙂𝙀𝙉𝙏𝙇𝙀 𝙋𝙍𝙊𝙈𝙋𝙏𝙎   ,   𝙿𝙰𝚁𝚃 𝙾𝙽𝙴 . (  a collection of roleplay prompts for when one muse is feeling vulnerable , or is in need of some loving ! prompts may be edited or changed to fit muses as required . ‘ my ’ muse refers to the receiver’s muse . add ‘ reverse ’ for the opposite . )
[ STROKE ]  for your muse to stroke my muse’s hair .  [ WRAP ]  for your muse to gently drape a blanket / coat over my muse’s shoulders . [ HUG ]  for your muse to draw mine in for a warm hug . [ SWEET ]  for your muse to present my muse with candy to cheer them up .  [ KISS ]  for your muse to give my muse a surprise kiss .  [ COMFORT ]  for your muse to comfort my muse after a nightmare .  [ BANDAGE ]  for your muse to provide my muse with first - aid .  [ WRITE ]  for your muse to hand my muse a handwritten love letter .  [ DATE ]  for your muse to ask my muse on a date .  [ PILLOW ]  for your muse to challenge my muse to a pillow fight . [ FORT ]  for our muses to build a pillow fort together .  [ CALM ]  for your muse to calm my muse down after a panic attack .  [ NAP ]  for our muses to take a nap together .  [ CUDDLE ]  for our muses to cuddle .  [ CARRY ]  for your muse to pick up my muse and carry them . [ NAME ]  for your muse to call my muse a pet name . [ NOSE ]  for your muse to kiss my muse on the nose . [ BUTTERFLY ]  for your muse to give mine butterfly kisses all over their face .  [ PRAISE ]  for your muse to praise my muse .  [ MOVIE ]  for your muse to suggest my muse join them for a movie night . [ LISTEN ]  for your muse to offer to listen to my muse vent .  [ SILENT ]  for your muse to simply support my muse in silence . [ STAY ]  for your muse to offer to stay with mine for the night .
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leneemusing · 14 hours ago
“  they made you cry.  so i killed them.  ”
“  you’re mine.  and that means i’ll do anything necessary to keep it that way.  ”
“  i’m not going to hurt you.  i came here to help.  ”
“  sometimes,  i feel like i can’t breathe when you’re here.  but when you’re gone it feels like my heart stops.  ”
“  no one gets to get away with making you feel like that.  ”   
“  when i said i’d kill for you,  i meant it.  ”
“  you belong to me.  ”  
“  tell me who did this to you so i can make them pay.  don’t even try to tell me it’s fine.  ”
“  what do you want me to do to them?  anything you ask,  it’s done.  ”
“  say the word and i’ll cut their fucking heart out.  ”
“  one word,  and they’re gone.  ”
“  i don’t trust you.  but i love you.  ”
“  i don’t usually care about people.  i just don’t.  but i care about you.  ”
“  i need you to see how important this is—  us.  i never care about people the way i care about you.  ”
“  why do you let me close? why me?  ”
“  i don’t let people close.  but i chose you.  you’re the only one.  ”
“  i’m not trying to fix you.  i love you.  just let me do that.  ”
“  i didn’t ask for this!  i never asked for you to be willing to do all these things for me.  i just wanted you.  ”
“  you’re gonna be the death of me some day.  and i’m gonna let you.  ”
“  you don’t understand what you do to me.  ”
“  now you’re going to tell me what’s wrong.  the truth.  and then i’m going to fix it.  ”
“  you’re not gonna change me.  i want you.  but not if you think you’re going to save me from myself or some hollywood bullshit like that.  ”
“  i belong to you.  don’t you realize that?  my heart is bleeding in your hands.  ”
“  you can’t scare me off.  growl and bite all you want,  but i’m not afraid.  ” 
“  my world is shrouded in darkness.  always has been.  but bring a little bit of light into it.  ”
“  this is what i am.  i’m one of the goddamn monsters.  you should be running the other way.  ”
“  this isn’t a fairytale.  i’ll never stop craving the scent of blood.  you won’t heal me.  you’ll just slowly become a monster too.  ”
“  i’m here because...i know you’ll help me.  the way i want to be helped.  ”
“  i know i shouldn’t but.  i like it.  i like how far you’ll go to make me feel safe.  ”
“  let me kill them for you.  you don’t need that blood on your hands.  ”
“  do you want to watch?  or do you want me to do it where you can’t see.  this could get very messy.  ”
“  i don’t understand what you do to me. i just...can’t seem to stay away.  ”
“  you don’t belong in my world.  but i do want you here.  and if you choose to stay,  i won’t let anything hurt you.  ”
“  they made me feel.  small.  i don’t wanna feel like that again.  show me how to be strong like you.  ”  
“  i want you to teach me.  teach me how to be like you.  be the kind of person people don’t hurt.  ” 
“  i’m going to do what i need to to keep you safe.  and you’re going to let me.  ”
“  i’m never gonna leave you.  you can try to push me away and lash out all you want,  but i’m not going anywhere.  ”  
“  i don’t care what the world thinks.  i know who you really are.  the good and the bad.  and i love all of it.  ”
“  i don’t want you to be afraid of me.  ”
“  i could make you so much stronger.  ”
“  i’d do anything for you too,  you know.  i know you think you’re the one protecting me but.  it goes both ways.  ”
“  i’m never going to let anyone make you feel like that again.  ”
[ CONSPIRE ] sender’s muse presents a captured individual who hurt receiver’s muse to them,  letting receiver choose what to do with them. 
[ SHOW ] receiver’s muse presents a captured individual who hurt sender’s muse to them,  letting sender choose what to do with them. 
[ UNLIKELY ] for one muse to pick a fight with the their rival/enemy because they are upset about something unrelated.  their rival recognizes this and refuses to fight back,  leading them to finally breaking down and end up being comforted by the rival. 
[ STAIN ] for one muse to hold the other’s bloody hand. 
[ APPEASE ] for one muse to kiss the other to prove they can’t scare them off. 
[ GENTLE ] for one muse to clean the other’s bruised knuckles after they got into a fight. 
[ DEDICATION ] for sender to gently caress receivers face after sender killed someone  ( bonus points if it was protecting them  ). 
[ ADORATION ] for receiver to gently caress sender’s face after receiver killed someone ( bonus points if it was protecting them ). 
[ SHY ] for one muse to initially flinch away from the other’s touch,  only to grow still when they realize they’re just stroking their face or hair.  
[ FIRM ] for one muse to force the other to let them see their wounds. 
[ REDIRECT ] for one muse to distract the other from their anger by kissing them.  
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justanotherrpmeme · 2 days ago
Random Symbol Meme
Send a symbol for...
⭐️ for our muses to go stargazing together 🌧 for our muses to get caught in the rain together 🥐 for our muses to have breakfast in bed 🍳 for our muses to cook together 🍻 for our muses to both be drunk ⚽️ for our muses to play a sport together 🏈 for our muses to watch a sporting event together 🎱 for the receiver to ask the sender for advice 🎨 for our muses to do something creative together 🎬 for our muses to watch a movie together 🚑 for the receiver to be injured ✈️ for our muses to go on holiday together  🏖 for our muses to go to the beach together 🏠 for our muses to move in together 💒 for our muses to get married ⌚️ for the receiver to be running late for something 📲 for the receiver to text the sender 📸 for the sender to take the receiver’s photo 📞 for the sender to call the receiver 🕯 for our muses to be in a blackout 🩹 for the sender to tend to the receiver’s injury 🛌 for our muses to share a bed 🎁 for the sender to give the receiver a present 📩 for the receiver to write the sender a letter 📈 for the receiver to give the sender good news 📉 for the receiver to give the sender bad news 🗓 for the sender to ask the receiver on a date ❤️ for the sender to tell the receiver that they love them 🆘 for the sender to ask the receiver for help 🔇 for the sender to tell the receiver to be quiet 💭 for the sender to ask the receiver what they’re thinking 🏳️‍🌈 for the sender to come out to the receiver
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alannasroleplaymemes · 2 days ago
Send Your Muse + A Phrase Below...
For what types of relationship you’d be open to writing between yours and mine! Specify Muses for Multis!
Friendly Rivals
Antagonistic Rivals
Acquaintances at Work/School/etc.
Childhood Friends
Distant Family (Cousins)
Close Family (Siblings, Parents)
Current Significant Other
Ex-Significant Other
New/Recently Acquired Significant Other
Long Distance Relationship
Best Friends
Work Friends
Found Family (Familial, not blood related)
One-sided/Unrequited Love
Enemy of an Enemy
*Or suggest!!
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Terrible Halloween Pick-Up Line Starters.
"I might be a vampire, but I'm here to suck something else besides blood."
"Is that a stake in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
"Broomsticks aren't the only thing witches like to ride."
"Sleep with me and it won't be just the werewolves howling tonight."
"I've been known to make people scream--my name"
"Usually I'm a good witch but tonight I'm feeling a little...Wicked."
Remember to specify muse for multi-muse blogs!
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Interesting Questions for MUNS:
1. Would you say that ever since you started writing for your muse you have become more similar to your muse? In what ways?
2. Do you self-project yourself into your muse? If so, then how?
3. Do you regret writing any of your past muses?
4. Would you like to become more like your muse some day?
5. Do you agree with your muse's decisions? Why or why not?
6. If your muse came to life, do you think you would get along with them?
7. Would you say that your attitude changes when you get 'into the zone' of writing your muse? (ex: when you write for your muse do you begin to sort of talk like them? do you find yourself feeling grumpy after? etc)
8. Do you like to tell people that you like to RP on tumblr? If not, then do you think you'll tell anybody?
9. Has your muse taught you anything about yourself and/or the world?
10. After a writing slump, how do you manage to get your muse back?
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brittsmemes · a day ago
put  a  (  ✒  )  in  my  ask  and  i  will  write  you  a  random  starter  based  on  any  of  the  below  tropes:   ship  edition.
love  at  first  sight.
friends  to  lovers. 
enemies  to  lovers. 
forbidden  love. 
love  potion. 
married  in  vegas.  
childhood  friends. 
love  triangle. 
already  taken  (  pining.  )
unrequited  love. 
secret  love. 
boss / employee. 
nerd / jock. 
partners  in  crime.  
using  this  randomizer  i  will  choose  the  trope  or  alternatively  you  can  send  one  of  your  own  choosing. 
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rpsourcedmemes · a day ago
Under the cut is a list of words. Send a word and I will write a memory, thought or short scene for my/our muses with something related to that word.
As an example; Heat could mean a time when my muse felt warm or when they got into a heated argument etc. Completely open to interpretation.
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ghstmemes · 2 days ago
adult  themes / language tw.  customize  as  you  need / wish  !  
Maybe it’s because (s)he got me out of that dark hole that now I feel like I owe him/her.
Why is everyone looking at me like I’m an outcast?
I don’t want to make things worse, but you pissed them off.
Oh, really. And when did I manage to do that, may I ask?
Let’s be honest. Your work is mediocre at best, and you don’t have any special talents.
Is there anything you want to tell me?!
You made a rash decision without notifying me. 
Rash? That doesn’t sound like me. 
If you want to explain yourself, then by all means. 
I’d like that, but what does that have to do with anything?
I did this to give you a fresh start.
You may be right, and I should’ve warned you beforehand. For that, I apologize.
Nobody has any idea what you’ve been through.
You shouldn’t care about what others think of you. This is your life. 
And why do you decide to mention this now?
I want to be honest with the person who’s helping me. I feel like I don’t deserve it.
I don’t want to make the same mistake twice, ________. If you know what I mean. 
The past is over, and a different life awaits you━the one you wanted. The one you deserve. 
Why the hell do you have to prove anything to anyone?
If I ever get that lucky, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about what others thought of me.
Let them choke on their jealousy.
After you left... I never thought I’d see you again. How did you end up here?
Are you trying to get me drunk again so I do something stupid?
I think we maxed out on stupid things for the night.
What an asshole! I told you right away that I didn’t like him/her.
I can see that something is bothering you. You can tell me, and I’ll listen.
Those were the good times, don’t you think? Everything was so simple... 
I’m trying to accept it. But the more pitfalls I run into, the harder it gets for me to accept my fate. 
Life bends you to its will, and there’s nowhere you can go. 
We have to accept that nothing will be the same as before, and move on. 
I don’t want to make you suffer because of my mistakes.
Tell me how dangerous whatever you’ve got yourself into is. 
I know that you’re used to fixing everything, but sometimes you need help. 
Sometimes you should let someone in; someone who’ll give you a hand at the most crucial moment. 
This isn’t where you belong. Just keep following your path.
First impressions are always misleading. 
No wonder they say women live longer than men. Apparently, they have an instinct for self-preservation.
It helps me keep my anger under control. You have to understand me. 
I have no right to lecture you, and I don’t want to force you to give up what you love.
I feel calmer around you. Can you hear my heartbeat?
As soon as you hug me, my heart rate settles at seventy beats per minute.
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rp-meme-glaceon · a day ago
Yankee Candle Asks
Balsam and Cedar- Is there something you do or once did that you never would have considered in the past?
Christmas Cookie- What do you love/hate about the holidays?
Vanilla Cupcake- How do you celebrate your birthday?
Macintosh- What are some ways you stay physically/mentally/spiritually healthy?
Ciderhouse- Do you like or hate foods and drinks with bitter flavors?
Home for the Holidays- Could people describe you as childish or sensitive?
Sicilian Lemon- What are your thoughts on seaside themed decor?
Spiced Pumpkin- Describe your best friend/rival
Black Cherry- Do you have any secrets you are willing to share?
Banana Nut Bread- Describe something you find comforting
Cinnamon Stick- Do you like spicy things? Why or why not?
Autumn Leaves- What is something you find particularly beautiful about nature?
Clean Cotton- Do you have laundry that needs to get done?
Fresh Cut Roses- How did your first ever date go?
White Strawberry Bellini- Do you drink? What was your first ever alcoholic beverage?
Mistletoe- What is something you want in a relationship?
Chocolate Layer Cake- What is something you really want that is completely superficial? Why?
Whipped Pumpkin Spice- What are three guilty pleasures of yours?
Home Sweet Home- Describe your home, living space, bedroom, ect.
Dried Lavender and Oak- Describe the last dream you had that you can remember
White Christmas- Do you like snow? Why or why not?
Be Thankful- Are you…?
Child’s Wish- Tell is a funny story
Eucalyptus- How do you prepare for bed?
Coconut Beach- All of the money and power you need falls into your lap. What do you do with it?
French Vanilla- Does ice cream taste better in summer or winter?
Beach Walk- What is your favorite sea creature?
New England Blueberry- Have you ever gotten upset at someone only to immediately regret it?
Cranberry Chutney- What is a food or drink you really want to try?
Juicy Watermelon- Who is someone you will not miss?
Warm Luxe Cashmere- Do You like it cold or hot?
MidSummer Night- If you were on death row, what would your last meal request be?
Pineapple Cilantro- What is something unusual about yourself?
Mountain Lodge- Do you wish you could hibernate?
Magical Frosted Forest- What is your favorite mythological animal? Why?
Tropical Starfruit- What experience left a sour memory?
Life’s a Breeze- Is it true…?
Café Al Fresco- How do you like your coffee?
Mystic Moon- Favorite constellation?
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spunsugarmusings · a day ago
Ask my muse an "is it normal?" question and they'll have to answer if it's normal or not
Ex; "is it normal to sleep with a nightlight at age 26?" or "Is it normal to be afraid of elves?"
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stitchrph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝘼𝙐𝙏𝙐𝙈𝙉 𝙏𝙃𝙀𝙈𝙀𝘿 𝙋𝙍𝙊𝙈𝙋𝙏𝙎 . (  a series of roleplay prompts centred around fall / autumn time as it’s my favourite time of year ! you may edit or otherwise change any of the prompts to better suit your character or the relationship dynamic !  )
❛  come on ! if we’re late , we won’t find the perfect pumpkin !  ❜ ❛  what are you planning to carve into your pumpkin this year ?  ❜ ❛  careful , [ name ] , the leaves are going to be slippery !  ❜ ❛  here , i made you some hot chocolate and there’s marshmallows in the cupboard .  ❜ ❛  come dance in the rain with me .  ❜ ❛  which candle scent do you prefer ? cinnamon or pumpkin spice ?  ❜ ❛  it’s october . if you play one more christmas song , i’m evicting you .  ❜ ❛  let’s go costume shopping ! what about matching ones this year ?  ❜ ❛  it’s free candy . you’re never too old for free candy .  ❜ ❛  so i may have handmade a halloween costume for you this year ...  ❜ ❛  the leaves are so pretty this time of year !  ❜ ❛  don’t you think that the colours make this feel like a fairytale , [ name ] ?  ❜ ❛  kiss me in the rain ? i promise i’ll take care of you when we catch colds !  ❜ ❛  i just finished raking those leaves . jump into it and we’re getting divorced .  ❜ ❛  this year i’m going to dress up as a disappointment for halloween .  ❜ ❛  come bake some shortbread with me ? we can dip it in chocolate !  ❜ ❛  want to come try the new seasonal drinks with me ?  ❜ ❛  it’s too cold to go out ! stay in and cuddle with me .  ❜ ❛  how do you feel about horror movies , [ name ] ?  ❜ ❛  witches and vampires are overrated . this year i’m going as [ insert costume here ] .  ❜ ❛  i may or may not have eaten all of the candy we purchased for the kids ...  ❜ ❛  why did you bring a leaf home ... ? we’ll have to press it to keep it good .  ❜ ❛  is it too early to make pumpkin pie ?  ❜ ❛  hah ! nothing can scare me !  ❜ ❛  i have a confession , [ name ] ... i don’t like halloween .  ❜ ❛  i am 10% water , 90% pumpkin spice latte .  ❜
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glampirememes · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄  𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐕𝐄𝐑  𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌  𝟐 :  𝑊𝐸𝐿𝐶𝑂𝑀𝐸  𝑇𝑂  𝐻𝑂𝑅𝑅𝑂𝑅𝑊𝑂𝑂𝐷  ( 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟷 )      ♡      𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎  𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜.
   ╰   *  𝗣𝗔𝗥𝗧  𝗙𝗢𝗨𝗥  𝗢𝗙  𝗙𝗜𝗩𝗘.
triggers  +  nsfw  may  be   present  in  this  specific  meme ,  as  the  album  is  based  upon   horror  films.   some  grammar  /  phrasing  has  been  changed  to  fit  a  roleplay  setting  from  the  original  content.  any  pronouns  may  be  changed  to  fit  the  situation.  i  ask  that  you  please  do  not  steal  this  compilation  and  post  it  as  your  own.
Tumblr media
𝚝𝚑𝚎  𝚋𝚘𝚡
hellraiser  ( 1987 )  dir.  clive  barker
“ this  is  hell. ”
“ is  it  pleasure  or  pain? ”
“ doubt  weighs  heavy. ”
“ think  outside  the  box. ”
“ demons  become  angels  to  some. ”
“ all  hail  the  priest  of  hell ,  master  of  sin. ”
“ the  puzzle’s  in  pieces  again. ”
“ drag  me  back  to  hell. ”
“ is  it  virtue  or  sin? ”
“ don’t  fear  the  answers  that  lie  deep  within. ”
“ don’t  forget  that  it’s  a  paradox. ”
“ on  his  command ,  they  tear  your  soul  apart! ”
“ say  farewell–––  welcome  to  hell! ”
the  fly  ( 1986 )  dir.  david  cronenberg
“ i  won’t  deny  the  way  times  flies  when  we’re  close  to  the  end. ”
“ i  spent  my  life  learning  to  fly  despite  a  constant  descent. ”
“ i  was  born  to  fly. ”
“ i’m  not  saying  i’m  not  playing  god. ”
“ i’m  raising  the  stakes. ”
“ i’m  not  saying  i’m  not  worth  saving. ”
“ faster  and  faster  i  circle  disaster. ”
𝚠𝚞̈𝚛𝚜𝚝  𝚟𝚊𝚌𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗
hostel  ( 2005 )  dir.  eli  roth
“ eins ,  zwei ,  drei ,  die! ”
“ take  a  seat. ”
“ kiss  your  ass  goodbye. ”
“ gorgeous  girls ,  drinks  and  drugs ,  all  your  fantasies. ”
“ say  your  prayers. ”
“ nothing’s  what  it  seems. ”
“ i  paid  to  make  you  mine ,  you  see. ”
“ you’re  just  a  pretty  piece  of  meat. ”
“ kill  ‘em  all. ”
“ paint  the  walls  with  their  flesh  and  bones. ”
“ say  goodbye ,  now  you  die. ”
“ you’re  not  going  home. ”
“ fuck  humanity! ”
“ no  pain ,  no  gain ,  no  mercy. ”
“ ditch  the  gag. ”
“ let  me  hear  you  squeal. ”
“ the  fun  has  just  begun. ”
“ a  gun  is  too  american. ”
“ you  fell  for  the  bait  and  switch. ”
“ death  is  priceless. ”
“ that  makes  you  my  bitch. ”
“ stupid  kid ,  it’s  not  about  the  money. ”
“ you  don’t  like  our  customs? ”
“ there  are  no  survivors. ”
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justanotherrpmeme · 18 hours ago
Multi-Muse Starter Meme
Send a symbol for a starter with one (or more) of...
😇 my most innocent muses 😘 my most flirtatious muses 🤪 my most jovial muses 🤓 my most geeky muses 😎 my coolest muses 🥳 my muses who are the life of the party 😡 my angriest muses 🤗 my kindest muses 🤫 my quietest muses 🤥 my muses most likely to lie 🙄 my most sarcastic muses 🤑 my richest muses 😈 my most sinful muses 👽 my weirdest muses ✌️ my most peaceful muses 🤞 my luckiest muses 👍 my most positive muses 👎 my most negative muses 👊 my muses most likely to punch yours 🙏 my most faithful muses 💪 my strongest muses 🧠 my smartest muses 👀 my most observant muses 💋 my muses most likely to kiss yours 👶 my youngest muses 🧒 my most childish muses 👵 my most mature muses 👴 my oldest muses 👮 my most law abiding muses 👩‍🎓 my most qualified muses
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rawrmeansmemes · a day ago
Just random things.
“No, we aren’t getting more cats! We have 5 already.”
“Please stop singing ‘Bad Romance’. I can’t tell if this is the Lady Gaga version or The Chipmunk version, but I hate it.”
“No, not the version of Despacito with Bieber. Why do you hate me so much?”
“The Duolingo owl is threatening my life. This would’ve never happened if I just learned a language when Muzzy was out.”
*laying on ground* “Do you think Bo Burnham knows how much ‘Goodbye’ really gets me?”
“I want you to let me in! But the only person you seem to want to let in anymore is your best friend who sleeps on an air mattress in our bedroom.”
“We are not getting into an argument about which Spider-Man is best. I’ll fist fight you.”
“I’m fine with the fact that you’d leave me for Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans. I’d leave you for them too.”
“I know we talked about this. I know we did. I didn’t imagine it. So, why are you dressed like Ransom from Knives Out?”
“No, I can’t do it. We’re not sitting through another Disney movie marathon while you quote the entire movie, sing all the songs, and dance while wearing a Disney onesie.”
“where are you going” “you just told me that your fantasy man is luke hemmings. I truly no longer wish to exist” “because he’s hot” “no because he’s ugly and you have bad taste”
“It’s always team cap this or team iron man that. what about me?! who is on my team?!”
“No, you aren’t leaving me with the dog. He/She hates me. Not to mention I’m pretty sure they are plotting my murder. Look at the eyes!”
“No, not the ‘that is a scarecrow’ part of that Bo Burnham song. Please no. Give me the phone. No more TikTok.”
“we’re watching the emoji movie” “no we are not” “we are, i want to feel this moment.” “we’re getting a divorce.”
“It’s always how hot bucky is, what can bucky do for you, why is  it never how is bucky?” “babe, all i said was that he was sexy in The Winter Soldier movie.” “Cat jail. Right now.”
“why do i have a long voicemail of you singing ‘we built this city’s’ lyrics to the beat of ‘hungry eyes’“ “because when I am drunk, i am actually a dj.”
“if you do that stupid mommy/daddy trend from tiktok on me, i swear to god, i’m driving to Burbank and leaving you there.”
“immediately no. immediately no.” “all i said was that we could go to bed early and wake up early. what is wrong with you’ ‘you can’t understand anything but tiktok audios. so here we are.’
*making hand motions* ‘what do you think wackus bonkus’ ‘i....why do you do this?”
“stop talking about america’s ass.” ‘absolutely not.”
‘to be fair, i said till death do us part, i never said it had to be mine.” “Tony Stark is a fictional character.”
*blares dancing with your ghost* IM DANCING WITH YOUR GHOST ‘please god, take me now.’
‘Am I wroNg” “ I am canceling amazon prime. immediately.”
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honest2godd · 3 months ago
Send in 📜 and I’ll use this incorrect quotes generator using your muse and my muse. (Please specify how many muses//which muses for multimuse blogs!!)
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sacred romantic moments + sentence starters
“ don't go. stay. “
“ but you're here. so stay. “
“ i wouldn't tell you this if it wasn't important. “
“ you can talk to about anything, you know. “
“ do you hate me? “
“ i could never hate you. not really. “
“ you're my friend, but, i wish you were more than that.
“ we're not just friends. you know that. “
“ i think you're in love with me. “
“ i think i'm in love with you. “
“ i don't want to be alone tonight. “
“ let's be alone together.
“ hold my hand. “
“ can i hold your hand? “
“ your hand is tiny. look at the size different. “
“ things would be so much easier if we were honest with each other. “
“ why can't you just be honest with me? with yourself? “
“ maybe you could stay? just for tonight? it’s dark outside, and it’s raining. my arms are much safer. “
“ you can't keep doing this. you can't keep lying to yourself. “
“ i can't keep lying to myself, or to you. it's not fair to either of us. “
“ i think you should kiss me. “ “ really? “ “ yeah. “
“ kiss me like you mean it. “
“ just kiss me. “
“ you shouldn't kiss me right now. “
“ look me in the eyes and tell me you love me. “
“ you can't lie to me, you know. you can try but, your eyes will always tell the truth. “
“ you're pretty amazing. you know that, right? “
“ you're just... you're extraordinary. “
“ you're good to me, you know. really good. “
“ you've made me the happiest i've ever been. “
“ i don't know what i would have done if you weren't here. “
“ our love could conquer anything. “
“ and for many generations to come, our love story will live on. “
“ i want you to marry me. “
“ if you asked me to marry you tomorrow, i'd say yes. “ “ what about today? “
“ marry me, name. marry me and make me the luckiest [x] in the world. “
“ i'd tell you i love you but, i'd rather show you. “
“ your kiss could mend a broken heart. “
“ are you going to kiss me again, or do i have to do it myself? “
“ i could cry, that's how much i love you. “
“ you're worthy of my love. “
“ truth is that i'm so damn in love with you that i don't know what to do with myself. “
“ maybe tonight, it's you and me. “
“ i don't know what the future holds. all i know is that i hope you're in it. “
“ could you promise me one thing? “ “ what's that? “ “ that we'll be together, no matter what. “
“ it's you and me, forever. no matter what. “
“ i didn't want to tell you before i was sure, but... i'm pregnant. “
“ we're going to be family! “
“ this baby, it's the best thing that could ever have happened to us. “
“ i can't believe this! we're going to be parents! “
“ dance with me? “
“ may i have this dance? “
“ take me to paris, and kiss me under the stars. “
“ you're my whole world, you know. “
“ don't speak, just... kiss me. “
“ you have no idea how long i've been wanting to that. “
“ i've been wanting to tell you for so long... “
“ so... is this, like a thing now? “
“ i always miss you. even when you're right beside me. “
“ you make me happier. “
“ i love waking up next to you. “
“ my favorite thing is falling asleep next to you. “
“ just hold me. “
“ come cuddle with me. “
“ this is torture, isn't it? “ “ not in the slightest. “
“ do you love me? “
“ could this be something more? “
“ move in with me. “
“ do you think we should move in together?
“ maybe you should move in? you spend all your time here anyway. “
“ are you serious? i've had a crush on you for as long as i can remember. “
“ i know you're in love with me. “
“ you're really cute, you know. “
“ you're so damn attractive. you know that right? “
“ provide me your past and i'll show you my future. “
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brittsmemes · a day ago
“do  you  have  your  costume  ready?” 
“i  don’t  know  what  to  be  this  year.” 
“should  we  do  a  couple’s  costume?” 
“my  costume  is  literally  going  to  kill.” 
"aren’t  you  a  little  young  to  be  trick  or  treating  alone?” 
“aren’t  you  too  old  to  be  trick  or  treating?” 
“help  yourself  to  the  candy  and  leave.” 
“oh!  what  a  great  costume,  here,  you  can  have  double  candy!” 
“i  don’t  like  candy,  can  i  have  money  instead?” 
“who  want’s  to  care  the  pumpkin?” 
“who  wants  to  go  apple  picking?” 
“candy  apples  are  my  favorite.” 
“let’s  bob  for  apples,  loser  takes  a  shot!” 
“i’m  going  home  with  jack  skellington,  don’t  wait  up!” 
“don’t  go  in  there,  it’s  haunted!” 
“i’m  not  afraid  of  ghosts!”  
“haunted  houses  are  so  lame.   AGGHH!!” 
“BOO!  haha,  i  scared  you!”  
“why  do  spiders  have  to  be  all ....  halloweeny?  i  hate  spiders!” 
“the  decorations  look  great!” 
“these  decorations  are  so  bad.” 
“just  because  i’m  dressed  as  a  sexy  pumpkin  doesn’t  mean  you  don’t  have  to  buy  me  a  drink  first.” 
“vampires  turn  me  on.”  
“wait!  -  did  you  hear  that?” 
“[name]?  are  you  in  here?” 
“have  you  seen  [name]  i  haven’t  seen  them  all  night,  i’m  worried.” 
“you’re  never  too  old  for  candy  corn.” 
“my  wings  broken,  guess  i’m  a  fallen  angel!” 
“is  that  real  blood?” 
“you  can’t  take  a  real  knife, you’ll  get  arrested!” 
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ohisms · 6 months ago
𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐃  &  𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐅𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄    (  a  series  of  nonverbal  prompts .   mature  themes  present ,   ‘ my ’  muse  belongs  to  the  one who  posted  the  meme  -  send   “ + REVERSE ”   to  reverse  the  prompts .  )
→     𝐈 .    GENERAL
❛   hush .   raise  a  finger  in  a  gesture  to  silence  my  muse . ❛   sit .   gesture  for  my  muse  to  sit  down . ❛   door .   hold  a  door  open  for  my  muse . ❛   tap .   tap  my  muse  on  the  shoulder  to  garner  their  attention . ❛   hunger .   give  my  muse  something  to  eat  /  drink . ❛   cook .   present  my  muse  with  home - cooked  food . ❛   brush .   work  a  brush  /  comb  through  my  muse’s  hair . ❛   read .   silently  read  a  book  alongside  my  muse . ❛   hand .   hold  out  a  hand  for  my  muse  to  take . ❛   dressed .   help  my  muse  put  on  an  article  of  clothing . ❛   note .   give  my  muse  a  note  saying :   [ content ] . ❛   amplify .   turn  up  the  music  in  the  car .
→     𝐈𝐈 .    ANGST
❛   patch .   help  my  muse  patch  up  a  wound . ❛   night terrors .   hold  my  muse  after  they  wake  up  from  a  nightmare . ❛   company .   silently  sit  with  my  muse  to  comfort  them. ❛   hospital .   my  muse  is  told  that  yours  is  in  the  hospital . ❛   revelation .   show  my  muse  evidence  of  a  lie  they  told . ❛   indulge .   find  my  muse  drinking  to  cope . ❛   downfall .   find  my  muse  collapsed  on  the  ground . ❛   console .   comfort  my  muse  as  they  cry . ❛   nurse .   give  my  muse  company  in  the  hospital .
❛   wink .   wink  at  my  muse .  ❛   wrap .   wrap  an  arm  around  my  muse’s  [ shoulders  /  waist ] . ❛   caress .   gently  caress  my  muse’s  face . ❛   tousle .   mess  playfully  with  my  muse’s  hair . ❛   chest .   place  your  head  on  my  muse’s  chest .    ❛   comb .   comb  fingers  through  my  muse’s  hair . ❛   grasp .   run  to  my  muse  &  jump  into  their  arms . ❛   lean .   lean  on  my  muse’s  shoulder . ❛   tender .   kiss  my  muse  on  the  [ forehead  /  cheek  /  nose ] . ❛   abrupt .   kiss  my  muse  out  of  the  blue . ❛   chaste .   chastely  kiss  my  muse . ❛   good morning .   kiss  my  muse  the  morning  after . ❛   volumes .   gaze  at  my  muse  in  a  way  that  silently  says  ‘i love you’ .
→     𝐈𝐈𝐈 .    VIOLENT
❛   strike .   [ slap / punch ]  my muse in the face . ❛   gun .   wield  a  gun  at  my  muse . ❛   twist .   twist  my  muse’s  arm  behind  their  back . ❛   throttle .   aggressively  wrap  your  hands  around  my  muse’s  throat . ❛   parch .   burn  my  muse  with  a  hot  object . ❛   take down .   forcefully  bring  my  muse  to  the  ground . ❛   gouge .   wield  a  sharp  object  at  my  muse . ❛  shunt .   shove  my  muse  backwards . ❛  stickup .   yell  at  my  muse  to  put  their  hands  in  the  air. ❛  shoot .   [ fatally  /  non-fatally ]   shoot  my  muse . ❛  stab .   stab  my  muse with a  [ knife / other object ].
→     𝐈𝐕 .    NSFW
❛   surprise .   send  an  unexpected  nsfw  image  to  my  muse . ❛   pin .   push  my  muse  against  a  [ wall,  table,  other ] . ❛   go down .   go  down  on  my  muse . ❛   choke .   intimately  wrap  your  hands  around  my  muse’s  throat . ❛   belt loops .   pull  my  muse  closer  by  their  belt loops . ❛   skinny dipping .   go  skinny  dipping  with  my  muse . ❛   rip .   tear  a  piece  of  clothing  from  my  muse’s  body . ❛   mark .   leave  a  mark  on  my  muse’s  body  [ specify where ] .
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marichive · 2 months ago
An Extremely Self-Indulgent Meme
Physical prompts based around some of my favorite tropes / physical actions in threads. Send this   + reverse   to change which muse does which action.
tw for implied violence in some
❰❰ PIN ❱❱ sender pins receiver during a fight/training
❰❰ HURT ❱❱ sender is hurt protecting receiver
❰❰ CARRY ❱❱ sender carries receiver bridal style
❰❰ LIFT ❱❱ sender carries receiver over their shoulder
❰❰ MEDIC ❱❱ sender bandages receiver's wounds
❰❰ SUPPORT ❱❱ sender comforts receiver after a loss / traumatic event
❰❰ THREAT ❱❱ sender holds a weapon up to receiver as a threat
❰❰ SAVE ❱❱ sender saves receiver's life
❰❰ CRY ❱❱ sender cries in front of receiver
❰❰ DANCE ❱❱ sender invites receiver to slow dance
❰❰ HAND KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the hand or wrist
❰❰ CHEEK KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the cheek
❰❰ HEAD KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the forehead
❰❰ EMBRACE ❱❱ sender embraces receiver
❰❰ HANDS ❱❱ sender's fingers graze the receiver's fingers
❰❰ CUDDLE ❱❱ our muses cuddle
❰❰ BED ❱❱ our muses share a bed
❰❰ BRUSH ❱❱ sender plays with / brushes receiver's hair
❰❰ GAZE ❱❱ our muses make extended eye contact
❰❰ ALMOST ❱❱ our muses almost kiss but don't or are interrupted before they do
❰❰ ARGUE ❱❱ sender ends an argument with receiver with a kiss
❰❰ ARM ❱❱ sender puts their arm around receiver
❰❰ PULL ❱❱ sender pulls receiver close to them
❰❰ BACK ❱❱ sender touches receiver on the back
❰❰ SHOULDER ❱❱ sender touches receiver on the shoulder
❰❰ LEAN ❱❱ sender leans against receiver
❰❰ CARESS ❱❱ sender caresses the receiver's cheek
❰❰ HAIR ❱❱ sender pushes receiver’s hair away from their face
❰❰ TILT ❱❱ sender tilts the receiver's chin with their hand
❰❰ CHIN ❱❱ sender tilts the receiver's chin with their weapon
❰❰ LEG ❱❱ sender's leg touches the receiver's leg under the table
❰❰ FOOD ❱❱ sender feeds the receiver
❰❰ WALL ❱❱ sender pushes the receiver against a wall
❰❰ FREE ❱❱ sender frees the receiver from restraints
❰❰ TACKLE ❱❱ sender hugs the receiver so hard they almost fall over / do fall over
❰❰ DYING ❱❱ sender finds the receiver near death
❰❰ PANIC ❱❱ sender comforts the receiver as they have a panic attack or get overstimulated
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