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「   RP MEME :       CARING FOR SICK MUSES .   」   * change pronouns as needed . [ MY / YOUR ] depends on the receiver .
‘ i told you to stay in bed! ’
‘ i’ll make you some soup. ’
‘ shh. ’
‘ try to rest. ’
‘ you’re not going anywhere today. ’
‘ don’t worry, i’ll get it. ’
‘ i’m here. ’
‘ i’m not going into work today. i’m staying home with you. ’
‘ you look miserable. ’
‘ you don’t look as bad as you did yesterday. ’
‘ a spell won’t help at this point. ’
‘ i think your fever’s breaking. ’
‘ just relax. ’
‘ did you sleep at all last night? ’
‘ i know it tastes bad, but it’ll help you. ’
‘ lay back down. ’
‘ don’t try to get up. ’
‘ please try to eat. ’
‘ you’re being dramatic. ’
‘ it’s not as bad as you’re making it. ’
‘ that cough does not sound good. ’
‘ how long has it been hurting? ’
‘ that’s not a good sign. ’
‘ we can’t move in this state. ’
‘ we’ll have to lay low while you heal up. ’
‘ i’m making you some medicine. ’
‘ this won’t feel good, but it’ll help the infection. ’
‘ i have a spell for that. ’
‘ you’ll make it through; you have to. ’
‘ i got us a place to stay for the night. you have to get out of this rain. ’
‘ get closer to the fire. ’
‘ this will help you warm up. ’
‘ come closer to me. ’
‘ what will make you feel better? ’
‘ it’ll take time to get back to normal. ’
‘ i’m here because i care about you. ’
send ‘ BRUSH ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to brush through [ YOUR / MY ] muse’s hair. 
send ‘ SOUP ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to feed [ YOUR / MY ] muse soup. 
send ‘ BLANKET ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to share a blanket with [ YOUR / MY ] muse. 
send ‘ FEVER ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to press a wet rag to the forehead of [ YOUR / MY ] muse during a high fever. 
send ‘ KISS ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to kiss [ YOUR / MY ] muse’s forehead. 
send ‘ BEDSIDE ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to sit at [ YOUR / MY ] muse’s bedside while they rest.
send ‘ STITCH ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to stitch up an injury on [ YOUR / MY ] muse. 
send ‘ PROP UP ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to prop up [ YOUR / MY ] muse on a set of pillows. 
send ‘ TUCK IN ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to tuck [ YOUR / MY ] muse into bed. 
send ‘ GUIDE ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to guide [ YOUR / MY ] muse back to bed.
send ‘ TEMP ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to check [ YOUR / MY ] muse’s temperature. 
send ‘ HUM ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to sing/hum a lullaby to [ YOUR / MY ] muse. 
send ‘ REMEDY’  for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to make [ YOUR / MY ] muse a healing potion. 
send ‘ BANDAGE ’ for [ MY / YOUR ] muse to bandage a wound on [ YOUR / MY ] muse. 
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Send 💕 to surprise hug my muse
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Pick my muse up!!
Flirt with them or send (bad) pick up lines to see how they respond!
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𝐊𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐄𝐕𝐄 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐓𝐒 (a collection of prompts from the TV show “Killing Eve”, feel free to adjust phrasing and gendered terms as necessary) TW: murder mention
Tumblr media
"God, it’s amazing how efficient things are when you’re a dick to people."
"Who says I want to be happy?"
"You wanna hear about her tits?"
"Isn't that romantic?"
"When I try and think of my future, I just...see your face over and over again."
"I'm going to find the thing you care about the most, and I am going to kill it."
"You should never tell a psychopath they are a psychopath. It upsets them."
"If I killed everyone who betrayed me, there'd be no one left."
"Thank you for the inappropriate touching. It was actually pretty nice."
"Sometimes when you love someone, you will do crazy things."
"Most of the time, most days, I feel nothing."
"I'm just so bored."
"It's monstrous, but it's beautiful."
"Management Sucks."
"I have to kill you now."
"My tits are about to drop off."
"It’s just rude."
"Our job is weird but it’s also boring."
"It’s not my job to care anymore."
"Okay, we can fight."
"We look like bacon."
"Is it hard, being bad?"
"I promise I won't be naughty."
"You murdered him?"
"I swear to God you women will be the death of me."
"What's wrong with you?"
"You don't look fine – you look like an angry Santa Claus."
"Oh, that wouldn’t be very polite."
"People like us aren’t made for happy lives with happy endings."
"Don't break my heart."
"She's so annoying. She's amazing, but so annoying."
"Are you always like this?"
"What do you want from me?"
"I am not a pumpkin."
"Oh God, I'm going to die, aren't I?"
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KISS ME (katara)
The first time Zuko kissed Katara was when she initiated it and she had first started working as ambassador to the Fire Nation, representing the Southern Water Tribe.
Zuko had fallen asleep at his desk—again—and Katara had come to wake him up and drag him to to his bed. She woke him up by gently rubbing his back and stroking his hair until he stirred and was convinced it was morning already—and he had a meeting.
Katara talked him down, assuring him there was still time for shut-eye and she'd see to it he definitely got some. Zuko teased her by reminding her of the times that she, too, had passed out at her desk on a stack of papers and he'd carried her to her room.
To that, Katara laughed, conceding to his point. Her hand was still stroking in his hair and in the low light of the short wax of the candle they caught each other's gaze. Katara's hand hesitantly moved to cup Zuko's scarred cheek and he made no move to dissuade her, instead, kept his eyes steady on hers.
Katara leaned in then, stopping right before their noses brushed, awaiting permission—terrified to overstep any boundaries or soil the deep bond they'd forged and friendship they'd gained. But, Katara was confident in Zuko's feelings and she placed her free hand atop Zuko's on the desk.
Slowly, Katara moved in and placed her lips against Zuko's and the two melted into their first kiss. Both of them smiled against each other's skin as Zuko's hands moved to cup Katara's face and card into her hair and when they pulled away, for a moment, they just looked at each other before laughing softly.
Afterwards, they bother were giddy and warm—overjoyed.
In nothing more than enjoyed shared company, Katara did not return to her own quarters that night after walking with Zuko back to his own.
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The Norwegian wolves look so funny. I feel that's on a eurovision bingo card somewhere. I'm home alone and have nowhere to be tomorrow so the drinks are winking at me. I think it's rude that I don't have a single bag of crisps in this house. No cheers for Germany. Are they covered in glitter or just so sweaty? I'm just not here for party vibe-killing ballads. I am here for a gay Europe party and that is all. Please don't put cats in a blender. Is that Agatha Harkness? Can't see them when you cover your eyes with a funky pink hat. I do however, hate her hair. I can’t deal with all the ballads! This looks like that one meme that's like "you have three types of gays" based on how they're dressed. That man looks like Hawkeye. Ay oh, let’s go! No disrespect to the other acts, but I'm different. I’m excited to see this purely for how much you hate it. This is so creepy?! White Jesus vibes, anyone? Time for the chaos to begin! Some weird floating head. Is this man ok? Does he need help? Turn it back on right now! Sir get off the piano. What’s happening? That guy’s still alive? Where the fuck did the massive heart just come from? Are we in an alternate reality right now? Space Viking is first? I feel like we are watching history unfold. Norway is getting robbed. Can they afford to host it? How the fuck did the French give twelve points to the UK? I just inhaled my tea. I’m posting from beyond the grave. I call robbery! It’s 1AM, bitch! Graham is sending me.
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feel free to tweak questions + all emojis r listed in text form bc i can't see some of them aAAaaAA! sorry if any of these questions are too similar i tried to avoid that but .. there's a lot lol! categorized by emoji type.
i wanted to make one because i could not find one on tumblr already that had a ton of questions. this was created by combining ones under the #oc ask game tag + my own contributions. hi charmymemes nation i'm back.
👁️ EYE - what colour are their eyes? do people notice their eyes? is there anything special about them (shows emotion easily, literally magical...)?
🤥 LYING - are they good liars? do they have tells to show they're lying?
👻 GHOST - do they believe in ghosts? what are their "ghostly experiences", if any?
💥 COLLISON - what emotions do they have trouble dealing with?
😭 CRYING - what makes them cry? do they cry easily?
👊 PUNCH - are they quick to violence?
💢 ANGER - what are some habits they have that will take some getting used to?
👪 FAMILY - what is their family like? what is your ocs relationship to them? does your oc have any siblings?
😨 FEARFUL - when scared, do they go into "flight" or "fight"?
💤 SLEEPING - do they fall asleep easily? what helps them sleep?
food & drinks
🥞 PANCAKE - what is their comfort breakfast?
🎂 BIRTHDAY CAKE - when is their birthday? do they like celebrating it?
🍩 DONUT - favourite sweet treat?
🍟 FRIES - do they order food often? or they prefer to cook their own food?
☕️ HOT BEVERAGE - do they prefer hot or cold drinks? what is their favourite drink?
🍓 STRAWBERRY - do they eat their fruit & veg? what is their favourite fruit or vegetable?
🍰 CAKE SLICE - favourite cake flavour? are they specific about types of cakes?
🍧 SHAVED ICE - do they still have any objects from their childhood? what significance does it have to them? what would their reaction be if they lost it?
plants & nature
💐 BOUQUET - create a bouqet for them! what do those flowers mean? are any of the flowers their particular favourite?
🌙 MOON - what is your oc's greatest wish? how far are they willing to go for it?
🌋 VOLCANO - how bad is their temper? is it a slow boil, or a instant explosion?
🌺 HIBISCUS - do they have any allergies?
🍁 MAPLE LEAF - what is their favourite season? why?
🍃 FALLING LEAF - do they enjoy being in nature? what is their favourite outdoor activity?
☀️ SUN - are they a morning person? what is the first thing they do in the morning?
🕷️ SPIDER - what is their biggest fear? do they have any irrational / mundane fears?
🌹 ROSE - do they like valentines day? have they been confessed to before? have they confessed to anyone before?
🙈 SEE-NO-EVIL - whats a side of your oc that they don't want to show other people?
🙊 SPEAK-NO-EVIL - what is something your oc will refuse to stay quiet about?
🙉 HEAR-NO-EVIL - what is the worse thing your oc could hear from someone?
🌱 SEEDLING - what is their most vivid memory from childhood?
🍀 CLOVER - do they believe in luck? are they lucky?
🌏 EARTH - will they give up the world for someone they love? is this decision easy for them?
🌌 MILKY WAY - what was the inspiration behind your oc? what was the first thing you decided about them?
⚾ BASEBALL - can they play sports? what is their best position if they play a team sport? what's their strong suit (speed, power etc.)?
🏊 SWIMMING - can they swim? or are they afraid of water? how well do they swim? how do they feel about swimming in the ocean?
📣 MEGAPHONE - how loud are they? what do they speak like? got a voice claim?
📖 OPEN BOOK - do they like reading? what's their favourite genre?
🪤 MOUSE TRAP - what will always lure them into certain danger? a loved one in danger? a promise of something they are always searching for?
📸 CAMERA - do they enjoy having their picture taken? what's their go-to pose? do they like taking photos? what do they take photos of?
🎭 MASKS - do they act differently around certain people? what's different between the way they act around friends, family, strangers, etc.?
✂️ SCISSORS - what is the "last straw" for them to cut someone out of their life? how easily do they let go of people?
💡 LIGHTBULB - is your oc a planner? do they write down every small detail or just wing it?
💎 DIAMOND - how rich are they? can they live the lifestyle they want to?
🎁 PRESENT - what types of presents would they be most happy to receive? are they good at gift giving?
🍼 BABY BOTTLE - what are their thoughts on children?
🔪 KNIFE - how do they react to injury / misfortune befalling their loved ones (significant other, family, friends)? do they put themselves at blame?
👑 CROWN - what does your oc want to be remembered as? why?
✏️ PENCIL - is there a particular quote / lyric that you associate with them?
🎵 MUSIC NOTE - what is their playlist like? their favourite artists? do you associate a particular song with them?
🎤 MICROPHONE - are they good at singing? what is their go-to karaoke song?
🎷 SAXOPHONE - do they play any instruments? are they any good at it?
📚 BOOKS - how were they at school? what is their best subject? what is their worst subject? do they have a favourite subject?
👖 JEANS - what is their go-to outfit?
🎨 PALETTE - can they draw? what do they like to draw?
🎡 FERRIS WHEEL - are they someone who wants to kiss at the top of the ferris wheel?
⏳ HOURGLASS - are they usually late or on-time?
🔫 PISTOL - do they trust people easily? how easily will they turn their back to someone? have they been backstabbed before? will they betray someone if given an ultimatum?
🎀 RIBBON - how would they fit into other worlds / aus? what aus would you like to try out? what fictional world would they fit / not fit into?
📎 PAPERCLIP - a random fact.
📦 PACKAGE - what are some "most likely to..." that can apply to them?
🖍️ CRAYON - what advice would you give to them?
⚙️ GEAR - what are your ocs thoughts on science & art? which do they give more importance to? how much value do they place on each?
🔧 WRENCH - are they good at fixing relationships? or do they tend to avoid doing so?
❇️ SPARKLE - what is their most prized possession? what do they value?
📏 RULER - is your oc well educated? where did they get their learning from?
🚆 TRAIN - what is their answer to the trolley problem?
🚲 BICYCLE - can they ride a bike? what do they remember from learning to ride a bicycle?
🌩️ LIGHTNING - are they scared of lightning?
💧 DROPLET - random angst headcanon
❄️ SNOWFLAKE - do people consider them cold? if so, what made them this way?
🌪️ TORNADO - what is the biggest change you've ever made to them? how have they changed from their original version?
🌈 RAINBOW - what advice would they give to their younger self?
🔥 FIRE - do they have any self destructive tendencies? what habits do they have that hinder them from becoming their best self?
☁️ CLOUD - a soft headcanon
🌟 GLOWING STAR - what do they think about when they look at the night sky? is there someone they want to star gaze with?
🌠 SHOOTING STAR - if they could make any wish with no repercussions, what wish would they make?
☄️ COMET - what do people assume about them? are they right?
💓 BEATING HEART - what gets their heart racing?
💘 HEART W/ ARROW - what traits do they look for in a relationship? do they believe in love at first sight?
💗 GROWING HEART - if they have a crush, is it noticable? what changes when they're in love?
❤️ RED HEART - their love language(s)?
💙 BLUE HEART - do they miss their s/o easily? how do they act when their s/o isn't around?
💚 GREEN HEART - what things make your oc feel comforted? hugs, kisses, food?
💖 SPARKLING HEART - are they a subtle or a showy lover?
💌 LOVE LETTER - do they like love letters? what kind of messages do they leave for their partner?
💔 BROKEN HEART - what could their partner do that would absolutely break their heart?
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
hurt comfort prompts
“ you can stay here, if you'd like. “
“ please don't go. “
“ why don't we stay at your place tonight? “
“ can i get you anything? “
“ let's be pathetic together. “
“ are you crying? “
“ i'm glad that you're here. “
“ you're not doing this alone. “
“ i don't have anyone anymore. “ “ you have me. “
“ are you sure [about staying]? “
“ you didn't force me. i volunteered [to be here], remember? “
“ you are what’s important right now. “
“ it’s okay, you know. if you need to vent. “
“ are you sure? it's quite heavy [of a topic]. “ “ i've got all night. “
“ tonight is about you. you can make it up to me some other time. “
“ i've got nowhere else to be. “
“ you said you needed a distraction. “ “ so... where is it? “ “ you're looking right at it. “
“ why don't you come here for a second? “
“ wanna talk about it? “
“ i can't talk about it. not tonight. “
“ you need to distract me. do something, anything. “
“ i just don't want to be alone tonight. “
“ i'm tired of thinking. let's just... make out, or something “
“ i feel like shit. “ “ you look like it, too. “ “ hey! “
“ it’s okay to cry, you know. “
“ you’re a little hurt, that’s all. “
“ anything you want me to get you? “
“ nothing a good [drink] can't fix. “
“ let’s get you cleaned up. “
“ this is you thinking rationally? “
“ you're really all i've got. “
“ c'mere. let me give you a hug. “
“ and you're absolutely sure this is what you need? “
“ you don't need this right now. “
“ how long are you gonna sit there? “ “ all night, if that's what it takes. “
“ what's it gonna take to make you smile? “
“ if you're not ready to talk about it, let's not talk about it. “
“ wanna play some mario kart? it'll give us both a reason to cry when you beat me. “
“ how about we stay like this, holding each other? “
“ i don’t know what’s wrong with me. “
“ i can’t stop crying. “ “ i'll be strong for the both of us. “
“ i didn’t know where else to go. “
“ the door's always open, you know that. “
“ i thought you were leaving town. “ “ i can't leave now. “
“ there's that smile i know and love... “
“ stay with me. “
“ hey, what’s your favorite snack? “
“ i’m not leaving. “
“ just let it out. “
“ you're stronger than you think. “
“ how about i make a quick run to the store, get you some aspirin? “
“ grab a burger or something on your way home. “
“ you were always there when i needed you. let me repay the favor. “
“ i don't mean to bother you. “ “ you're not. “
“ hey, listen to me... “
“ you’re not a burden. “
“ aren’t you tired? “ “ this isn't about me. “
“ you’re going to be okay. “
“ hey, look at me… “
“ i don’t know what to do. “ “ we’ll figure it out. “
“ you’re not alone. “
“ hey, hey, hey, it's okay... it's okay. you're okay. “
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Meaningful Gestures Prompts
Welcome to my side-prompt blog! Ask me anything from writing, to prompt requests, and even join my discord where I can be frequently found!
Smoothing your fingers down your lover's tie, fixing where your lover couldn't tie it right.
Brushing your lover's waist/shoulder as they pass.
Instinctively pressing your hands against your lover's cheek as they passionately rave, only for them to stop talking and gape, completely distracted by the lack of distance.
Hooking your ankles together underneath the table.
Linking your hands together as you walk through school/a building/the streets--finger rubbing over your lover's knuckles softly.
Putting your hand on your lover's chest as they doze peacefully into the couch arm, focusing on the subtle beat of their heart on your hand.
Unflinchingly settling your head into your lover's lap while they watch television/are reading a book/doing their favorite hobby. Then asking your lover to explain what's going on/what they're doing.
On a whim, pulling your lover into an alley and pressing your lips firmly against theirs, getting lost in each other's touch while the streets bustle outside.
Holding your jacket over your lover's head as they hide from the rain, finding their formal outfit more important than your casual wear.
Whispering jokes/loving words in a lecture/school/church/a meeting. Trying not to laugh/flirt back in fear of disturbing everyone else who's trying to pay attention.
Putting your hand on your lover's thigh and feeling their eyes on you as they try to figure out your motives. Whether the touch is teasing or just for fun.
Mapping out your lover's features while they sleep in your arm, smoothing your thumbs down their cheeks, throat, collarbones, chin and nose.
Hooking a thumb into your lover's belt loop/pocket as a crowd surrounds you, making sure that you don't lose them in the people.
Pressing tiny kisses against your lover's shoulder while they're bent over a desk, trying to focus even though your touch is distracting them.
Wrapping your arms around your lover's waist and pressing your forehead against their back/resting on their shoulder, swaying to music only the two of you can hear.
At your lover's complaining, rubbing a spot where they ache, smiling as they lean into your touch and melt at both the touch and warmth.
Standing still as your lover rubs smudged lipstick/lipstick stains off of your skin, catching them off guard by pressing a kiss against their fingertip.
Pushing your lover against a wall after one too many teasing comments, but being met with unsaid tension instead of the quiet. Both of you unable to continue with the jokes.
After coming home from work/a long trip, finding your lover sobbing on the couch/in bed after a hard day, wiping away their tears with soft touches and gentle words--trying to convince them it's okay, and that you're there for them now.
Softly resting a hand on your lover's shoulder as they face something more difficult than ever, not bothering to exchange words as the touch does it all the same. You've got this in the bag.
Having your lover list everything they're insecure about, and responding with gentle caresses, kisses, and compliments about those areas.
While someone demeans your lover, standing up for them. Either in word, or by physically placing yourself right in front of them as a protective barrier.
Carding your fingers through your lover's hair after a bad nightmare, not caring that it's sweaty or matted, but just that they'll be able to get a good night's sleep, even if it's at the sacrifice of your own.
Protecting your lover's sleep as they doze on your lap, making sure nobody bothers them as they entrusted their peace to you.
Reading up on the things your lover enjoys so that when they talk about them, you'll understand a little better and be able to hold a conversation.
Tracing invisible shapes on your lover's skin as they're busy doing something stressful, keeping their attention half on what they're doing, and half on you.
Very softly placing butterfly kisses on your lover's skin up the length of their arm, either stopping at their neck, or drifting back down to their pulse point.
Reassurance in the form of food/movies/games, forcing them to take a second away and relax with you.
Not accepting that it's time to start the day, and pinning them onto the mattress with either your whole body, a leg, or more risque touches.
Visiting them at work, either with lunch, or just to spend the afternoon with them as they try to get things done. Whether they actually get things done, or thing devolve into flirting/romantic gestures is up to you.
"Hold on, let me fix this for you."
"God, you look so good."
"I'm... uh, dammit, your lips are so distracting. Are you doing this on purpose?"
"Your hands are always so warm."
"Be real with me, love. Do you really care about what I'm doing, or do you just want me to talk you to sleep?"
"If we get caught kissing in a small, dark, kind of shady alleyway, it's on you."
"Couldn't you wait to kiss me at home?"
"Please, I don't want the rain getting both of us sick. I volunteer to be tribute--take my jacket."
"Stop, stop! We're going to get in trouble, and I refuse to be yelled at because of you!"
"I am trusting you with that hand, darling. I hope my trust isn't misplaced."
"I promise I'll stay close."
"You know, I am trying to focus... but I can't deny that it doesn't feel good. Keep going, please."
"Take a small break, for me?"
"Never thought I'd have someone to sway with me in the kitchen... I'm glad I was wrong."
"You have lipstick on your cheek, here let me-- oh."
"I-- you-- where we we?"
"Kiss me, please."
"It's going to be okay, I promise."
"Let yourself cry, I'm here now. You're safe."
"You may think differently, but I love this about you."
"Every part, no matter how you feel, is amazing to me. I could spend all day explaining everything I love about you."
"You want to get to them, you go through me."
"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."
"They're just a jerk, why don't we just go somewhere else?"
"I won't let them put their hands on you."
"I'm right here; I won't leave your side. Go back to sleep, darling."
"C'mere, I don't mind letting you sleep on me."
"Hey, leave them alone. They just fell asleep."
"Don't you dare wake them up."
"Wow, you really did your research, huh? That's amazing..."
"Next time, we can talk more about--"
"You know, you make these kinds of things not so painful, so thank you."
"Hmm... I don't whether to appreciate or complain that you're distracting me."
"I love how your pulse races for me..."
"Do I make your heart jump?"
"Come on, watch this movie with me. I promise it won't be as bad as the previous one."
"I bought this really cool game. Come and play it with me?"
"Hey, I got some food. Why don't we go eat in the kitchen for once?"
"Hrmg, I'm not moving. Don't make me."
"It's far too early for this..."
"Please, we need to get up."
"Touch me again, and I'm pushing you off the bed."
"I'm staying here, and I'm not moving. I do not care about your empty threats! Hey-- wait-- what are you doing?"
"I bought two sandwiches... by total accident, of course. Thought I might come give one of them to you, and maybe while I'm here spend some time with you, hm?"
"This... isn't doing work. But I don't think I mind."
"Thank you for joining me, love."
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ohisms · 3 months ago
𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝑵𝑶𝑵𝑽𝑬𝑹𝑩𝑨𝑳 𝑷𝑹𝑶𝑴𝑷𝑻𝑺 .    (  a  collection  of  100  nonverbal  action  prompts .   mature  and  potentially  triggering  themes  are  present .   add  “ + reverse ”  to  swap  assigned  roles .  )
∗ o1﹕ sender  tucks  hair  out  of  receiver’s  face . ∗ o2﹕ sender  offers  receiver  a  bite  from  their  fork . ∗ o3﹕ sender  places  their  feet / legs  in  receiver's  lap . ∗ o4﹕ sender  offers  receiver  an  earbud  to  share  their  music . ∗ o5﹕ sender  comforts  receiver  in  the  aftermath  of  a  nightmare . ∗ o6﹕ sender  gives  receiver  company  in  the  hospital . ∗ o7﹕ sender  wraps  their  arms  around  a  hysterical  receiver  to  calm  them . ∗ o8﹕ sender  shows  up  at  receiver’s  home  late  at  night . ∗ o9﹕ sender  falls  asleep  leaning  against  receiver . ∗ 1o﹕ sender  wields  a  [ gun / knife ]  at  receiver . ∗ 11﹕ sender  runs  their  fingers  through  receiver’s  hair . ∗ 12﹕ sender  invites  receiver  to  dance . ∗ 13﹕ sender  takes  a  [ picture / video ]  of  receiver . ∗ 14﹕ sender  places  their  head  in  receiver’s  lap . ∗ 15﹕ sender  and  receiver  make  eye  contact  across  a  busy  room . ∗ 16﹕ sender  pushes  receiver  against  a  wall  to  kiss  them . ∗ 17﹕ sender  and  receiver  cook  together . ∗ 18﹕ sender  comes  to  receiver  after  being  injured . ∗ 19﹕ sender  sits  in  receiver’s  lap . ∗ 2o﹕ sender  lifts  receiver's  chin ,  invoking  eye  contact . ∗ 21﹕ sender  overtakes  receiver  in  combat . ∗ 22﹕ sender  finds  receiver  [ injured / bloodied ] . ∗ 23﹕ sender  straightens  an  article  of  receiver’s  clothes . ∗ 24﹕ sender  crawls  into  bed  with  receiver . ∗ 25﹕ sender  rolls  their  eyes  at  receiver . ∗ 26﹕ sender  lights  receiver’s  [ cigarette / joint ] . ∗ 27﹕ sender  is  caught  wearing  receiver's  clothes . ∗ 28﹕ sender  strikes  receiver  with  a  pillow . ∗ 29﹕ sender  writes  a  note  on  receiver’s  skin :  [ note ] . ∗ 3o﹕ sender  wraps  a  blanket  around  receiver’s  shoulders . ∗ 31﹕ sender  runs  and  jumps  into  receiver’s  arms . ∗ 32﹕ sender  shoves  receiver  out  of  anger . ∗ 33﹕ sender  hovers  over  receiver’s  shoulder  as  they  complete  a  task . ∗ 34﹕ sender  is  found  by  receiver  somewhere  they  shouldn’t  be . ∗ 35﹕ sender  curls  up  against  receiver  in  their  sleep . ∗ 36﹕ sender  is  found  drunk  by  receiver . ∗ 37﹕ sender  throws  an  item  of  sentiment  bitterly  at  receiver . ∗ 38﹕ sender  joins  receiver  in  the  shower . ∗ 39﹕ sender  is  caught  following  receiver . ∗ 4o﹕ sender  traces  one  of  receiver’s  [ scars / bruises ] . ∗ 41﹕ sender  twines  their  fingers  with  receiver’s . ∗ 42﹕ sender  barges  into  receiver’s  home  unannounced . ∗ 43﹕ sender  kicks  receiver’s  shin  beneath  a  table . ∗ 44﹕ sender  aggressively  shoves  past  receiver . ∗ 45﹕ sender  kisses  receiver’s  [ forehead / cheek ] . ∗ 46﹕ sender  pulls  receiver  out  of  harm’s  way . ∗ 47﹕ sender  is  found  sobbing  by  receiver . ∗ 48﹕ sender  locks  receiver  out  of  their  room . ∗ 49﹕ sender  brings  receiver  [ coffee / tea ]  in  the  morning . ∗ 5o﹕ sender  rests  their  forehead  against  receiver’s . ∗ 51﹕ sender  plays  a  song  for  receiver  that  reminds  them  of  them :  [ song ] . ∗ 52﹕ sender  takes  a  [ punch / stab / bullet ]  meant  for  receiver . ∗ 53﹕ sender  buys  receiver  a  drink  at  a  bar . ∗ 54﹕ sender  needs  receiver’s  help  getting  in  the  bath . ∗ 55﹕ sender  and  receiver  cross  paths  in  the  kitchen  late  at  night . ∗ 56﹕ sender  twists  receiver’s  arm  behind  their  back . ∗ 57﹕ sender  winks  at  receiver . ∗ 58﹕ sender  is  found  collapsed  by  receiver . ∗ 59﹕ sender  prevents  an  injured  receiver  from  getting  up . ∗ 6o﹕ sender  claps  a  hand  over  receiver’s  mouth  to  silence  them . ∗ 61﹕ sender  cages  receiver  against  a  [ wall / the floor ]  with  their  arms . ∗ 62﹕ sender  storms  away  from  receiver  during  an  argument . ∗ 63﹕ sender  is  found  by  receiver  sleeping  in  receiver’s  bed . ∗ 64﹕ sender  [ applies / touches up ]  receiver’s  makeup . ∗ 65﹕ sender  throws  receiver  into  a  wall  during  combat . ∗ 66﹕ sender  dances  sensually  with  receiver . ∗ 67﹕ sender  strikes  receiver  across  the  face . ∗ 68﹕ sender  places  their  hand  on  receiver’s  leg  while  driving . ∗ 69﹕ sender  pulls  a  chair  out  from  under  receiver . ∗ 7o﹕ sender  catches  receiver’s  wrist  when  they  turn  to  leave . ∗ 71﹕ sender  leaves  an  intimate  mark  on  receiver . ∗ 72﹕ sender  beats  receiver  in  a  video  game . ∗ 73﹕ sender  and  receiver  stand  in  stunned  silence  after  a  fight . ∗ 74﹕ sender  cares  for  receiver  while  they’re  sick . ∗ 75﹕ sender  and  receiver  go  on  a  hike . ∗ 76﹕ sender  is  caught  snooping  in  receiver’s  things . ∗ 77﹕ sender  and  receiver  cuddle  while  watching  television . ∗ 78﹕ sender  throws  something  aggressively  at  receiver . ∗ 79﹕ sender  creeps  up  behind  receiver  to  scare  them . ∗ 8o﹕ sender  and  receiver  go  shopping  together . ∗ 81﹕ sender  helps  receiver  [ dye / style ]  their  hair . ∗ 82﹕ sender  draws  receiver  into  a  kiss  by  the  back  of  their  neck . ∗ 83﹕ sender  is  discovered  having  a  panic  attack  by  receiver . ∗ 84﹕ sender  accidentally  injures  receiver  during  sparring . ∗ 85﹕ sender  grabs  receiver  roughly  by  the  hair . ∗ 86﹕ sender  brings  receiver  to  their  knees  during  combat . ∗ 87﹕ sender  shows  receiver  evidence  of  a  lie  they  told . ∗ 88﹕ sender  winks  [ seductively / mockingly ]  at  receiver . ∗ 89﹕ sender  yells  at  receiver  to  put  their  hands  in  the  air . ∗ 9o﹕ sender  helps  receiver  patch  up  a  wound . ∗ 91﹕ sender  holds  receiver  as  they  cry . ∗ 92﹕ sender  silently  and  angrily  points  receiver  towards  the  door . ∗ 93﹕ sender  gestures  for  receiver  to  sit  down . ∗ 94﹕ sender  pulls  receiver  into  their  lap . ∗ 95﹕ sender  cradles  receiver’s  face . ∗ 96﹕ sender  tackles  receiver  out  of  the  way  of  danger . ∗ 97﹕ sender  has  hidden  an  injury  from  receiver ,  and  receiver  finds  out . ∗ 98﹕ sender  confronts  receiver  about  their  unhealthy  behavior . ∗ 99﹕ sender  proposes  to  receiver . ∗ 1oo﹕ sender  has  just  died ,  receiver  finds  out .
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delilahfairchild · 3 months ago
betrayal liners
"i should have seen it coming."
"given your history, i should have known better."
"please tell me that at least a part of it was real."
"[friend's name] tried to warn me about you, but i didn't listen, you know."
"i was ready to give you my heart."
"you should have killed me earlier, so i wouldn't live to see this."
"get away from me."
"kill me right now then, i dare you."
"i should have left you bleeding to your death."
"do you have any regrets doing this to me?"
"i hope you will remember this until your death."
"i loved you in this lifetime. i won't make that mistake in the next."
"no one could have saved you."
"somehow, i expected that this would happen eventually."
"do we really have to end it all?"
"the worst of it all, it's that if you ask now, i will forgive you."
"are you expecting me to beg for my life now?"
"you made a promise."
"we could have had a thousand of tomorrows together."
"i lost, didn't i?"
"i deserve this. you deserve to kill me"
"technically you won't kill me, because i gave it to you. do it properly, then."
"make it quick, please."
"please tell me why."
"was i not enough for you?"
"please forgive me for pushing you this far"
"i forgive you."
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leneemusing · 2 months ago
❝  you need someone.  let me be that person.  let me be what you need.  ❞
❝  look,  i dunno if i’m the kind of person you need or even want right now.  but i’m looking around and i’m the only one who’s here.  ❞
❝  i never realized how much i needed you until you were the one person who wasn’t there.  ❞
❝  you asked me once,  if i would ever take a chance on us...maybe that ship sailed.  but.  ask me again?  sometime— doesn’t have to be today.  maybe tomorrow just.  ask me again.  ❞
❝  i know i can’t protect you from everything,  but i wish you’d let me protect you from the things i can control.  ❞
❝  i used to have so much faith.  maybe not in deities or something but,  in the world.  the universe.  i believed their was a purpose to it all.  i’m not sure when i lost that.  ❞
❝  have you ever had something...missing?  like something just doesn’t feel right inside you but you don’t know what it is.  ❞
❝  sometimes,  i just need the world to be beautiful.  i know how dark and ugly it can be but i just want to see something good and focus only on it for a few minutes.  ❞
❝  i was sort’ve hoping you needed me.  is that selfish?  ❞
❝  people need someone to see them for what they are and not just see it but accept it.  i want to be that person for anyone i can...but it can be so suffocating to be that person and also remain unseen.  ❞
❝  sometimes i feel i’m being crushed under the weight of everything i’ll never be.  ❞
❝  you’re looking at me but you’re not seeing me.  do you know how that feels?  just see me.  please.  ❞
❝  i want to deserve you.  i’m trying to deserve you.  ❞
❝  i know i fucked up.  i know i did but don’t shut me out anymore.  let me in.  please let in.  ❞
❝  every time you smile at me,  i memorize it.  i remember each moment that i get to be the one to bring out that light inside you.  no matter what happens between us,  that’s what i’ll remember.   ❞
❝  i can’t help but think there’s got to be something out there for me,  somewhere.  just some place where i actually feel like i belong.  ❞ 
❝  the world is so big.  why do i never feel like i fit into it?  ❞
❝  when i’m with you i feel like myself.  i feel like every side of me is present and accepted.  and i feel good about it—  i feel good about who i am when i’m with you.  ❞
❝  do you like me?  i know you love me.  i know you care about me but.  do you like who i am?  ❞
❝  i want to look in the mirror one day and not feel uncomfortable with my own reflection.  ❞
❝  just take my hand and close your eyes.  pretend we’re anywhere else but here.  ❞
❝  so,  what would you be?  if you had to power to change all the things making you unhappy,  what would your life look like?  ❞
❝  do you even know what it does to me?  every time i see you cry,  any time you’re hurt even the smallest bit it just— do you realize how deeply you’ve imbedded yourself into my heart?  ❞
❝  i don’t feel like a whole person without you anymore.  i don’t fucking care if anyone else would say about that.  you’re part of who i am now.  the most important piece of me.  ❞
❝  every time you walk away you take another piece of me with you.  ❞
❝  i’m only really living in the moments when we’re together.  the rest is just existing until you look at me again.  ❞
❝  it feels like there’s a string around my heart and it’s connected to you.  everywhere you go you’re just tugging me behind,  pulling me towards you.  ❞
❝  you’ve got me in the palm of your hands.  you could crush me and i would still thank you for touching me at all.  ❞
❝  i no longer know where i end and you begin.  you’ve wound yourself around my soul so tightly,  you’re all i feel anymore.  ❞
❝  you’ve stolen my heart,  the least you could do is tell me what you intend to do with it.  ❞
❝  i don’t have perfect words.  i’m not the kind of person who knows how to sound poetic and shit.  so all i know what to tell you is that i belong to you.  i don’t know if you want me.  but i’m yours.  and at this point however it is you need me,  i’m here.  ❞
❝  you’re the only thing that matters anymore.  i can’t eat,  i can’t sleep—  all the goddamn cliches from every stupid movie and song.  you’re all i think about.  i’m useless except when i’m yours.  ❞
❝  i haven’t stopped thinking about the way you laugh.  i’m hoping i’ll get to hear it again.  ❞
❝  when your eyes are on me,  i feel like something worth seeing.  ❞
❝  just let me look at you for a little bit.  ❞
❝  i would do anything for you.  all my lines and rules.  they mean nothing when it comes to you.  it’d cross and break them all just to make you happy.  ❞
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rpsourcedmemes · 2 days ago
Send 🥊 to start a fight with my muse
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akarii-memes · 2 days ago
Drop a hint about your muse on Anon, followed by "Guess who?" And my muse will try yo guess who it is!
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soulprompts · 2 months ago
okay so i got like, three books delivered this week, and in anticipation i reread another book that i had, and lads, let me tell ye, it was like quicksand. so now i have a list, some from my head, many from my wonderful friends’ heads, of prompts that basically made us all very soft or very “pleasantly scandalized rich lady from the sixties who just found out a juicy bit of goss about the new neighbor”. i hope ye like them! (DO NOT ADD TO THE LIST. I WILL MAKE A PART TWO. AND THREE. AND FOUR. MANY MANY PARTS. EVENTUALLY. )
[ HAIR ]:          sender slowly reaches out to catch a loose strand of the receiver’s hair and tuck it gently and securely back behind their ear, letting their touch linger afterwards. (if the receiver has short hair, then the sender reaches out and gently runs their fingers through their hair to smooth it back.)
[ CLOSE ]:          while standing remarkably close to one another, the sender is unable to stop themselves from running their gaze across the receiver’s body, lingering for a moment on their lips, before returning to initiate prolonged, intense eye contact.
[ CHIN ]:          as they stand close to one another, the sender hooks a finger and tenderly lifts the receiver’s chin, tilting it up so that they can look at one another, and running a thumb across their skin lightly.
[ THUMB ]:          while cupping the receiver’s cheek in their hand, the sender slowly glides their thumb across their cheekbone in a tender, sweeping caress.
[ WOUND ]:          upon noticing a recent injury on the receiver’s person, the sender carefully moves closer, running a thumb (or hand) across the wound in a gentle, troubled manner.
[ INHALE ]:          while standing in very close quarters to the receiver, the sender shakily inhales with desire/anticipation as they realize how intimately close they are to one another.
[ DANCE ]:          when alone together (e.g. the bedroom, the kitchen, literally anywhere once they’re alone) the sender takes the receiver’s hand, and pulls them into a graceful yet intimate dance as a spontaneous act.
[ BARE ]:          as they get undressed, the sender gently places a soft, tender kiss against the receiver’s bare shoulder.
[ SCAR ]:          noticing a scar on the receiver’s skin, the sender tentatively stops them from covering it up, and rests a gentle, soft kiss over it.
[ FOREHEAD ]:          placing a hand on the back of the receiver’s neck, the sender guides them close and rests their foreheads together.
[ PALM ]:          taking the receiver’s hand, the sender brings it to their mouth, and places a tender kiss against the receiver’s palm.
[ LINGER ]:          taking the receiver’s hand, the sender lifts it to their lips, and gently kisses their knuckles, lingering for a moment before withdrawing.
[ BEHIND ]:         upon entering the same room as the receiver, the sender steps behind them, and winds their arms around the receiver’s waist, drawing them close against them.
[ WAIT ]:          realizing the receiver is about to leave the room, the sender hastily reaches out and catches their wrist, preventing them from continuing their departure.
[ ARM ]:          after holding their hand, the sender releases the receiver, but slowly glides their hand up the full length of their arm, lingering on the upper arm, then the shoulder, then resting their touch against the side of their neck.
[ HOLD ]:          while close to the receiver, the sender wordlessly takes a hold of their hand, for no other purpose than to be holding it.
[ PLAY ]:          while sitting together, the sender absently lifts the receiver’s hand, idly running their fingertips across the lines of their palms, mapping out every inch of their hand with slow, lazy touches.
[ GUIDE ]:          in the process of guiding the receiver through a crowded place, the sender’s hand protectively grazes against the small of their back
[ TOUCH ]:          while touching the receiver’s waist, the sender’s hand briefly dips beneath the hem of their shirt, skimming briefly across the bare skin of their waist.
[ CUP ]:           bringing both hands up to cup the receiver’s face, the sender draws them in closer to them in order to get a better look at their face.
[ TUG ]:          the sender tugs the receiver close against them by resting a hand against the small of their back, pulling them flush against their body.
[ HUSH ]:          while standing close to one another and hiding from pursuers, the sender reaches up and places a finger against the receiver’s lips to prevent them from speaking and revealing their location.
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toadmemes · 4 months ago
more random dialogue prompts ,
“why do you have that look on your face?”
“finish what you’re doing, we have to talk.”
“what have you done to yourself?”
“did you do something different with your hair?”
“it doesn’t do any good to get worked up.”
“when was the last time we had a real conversation.”
“are you in the witness protection program, or what?”
“there’s something wrong with me.”
“no, i don’t hate you.”
“hey stupid.”
“we’re aren’t them.”
“looks like i’ll live long enough to make you pay.”
“you know you’re wrong.”
"i don’t understand, why are you doing this?”
“now, before i say anything, promise me you’ll stay calm.”
“what makes me so special?”
“you have no idea what i’ve been through.”
“you really don’t have to do that, not for me.”
“did you really think you’d get a second chance?”
"how about we don’t do that.”
“i have a lot going for me, but humility is not one of them.”
“you’re the worst.”
“i don’t need you right now.”
“don’t just stand there, looking at me.”
“i thought you were supposed to call me.”
“take my hand.”
“i need you.”
“you’re allowed to need help sometimes.”
“for someone who doesn’t like to feel things, you sure feel a lot of it out loud.”
“when this is all over, i want it to be you and me.”
“why won’t you tell me what happened?”
“you don’t know what this means to me.
“i know it doesn’t make sense.”
“i’m trying really hard to keep it together.”
“i know you’re new, but we do things a little differently here.”
“your voice is putting me to sleep.”
“did you find what you were looking for?”
"you knew and you didn’t even warn me?”
“well, i guess that’s broken.”
“i thought it was part of the act.”
“you think u don’t know you’re only here because they sent you?”
“you promised to call me if you didn’t know what to wear.”
“you can keep a secret, can’t you?”
“how could you do this to me?”
“put the gun down, dearest. i have news!”
“i know you don’t have any reason to trust me, but you need to know something.”
“if you’re here to tell me what happened last night, someone beat you to it.”
“people think i’m weird.”
“i think i’m losing myself again.”
“you can’t be here.”
“i wish you’d come to the funeral.”
“do you know what today is?”
“so, you broke my favourite mug… and you’re breaking up with me?”
“i need to get out.”
“it’s like i’m cursed or something.”
“you are remarkably well-behaved tonight, what have you been up to?”
“you gonna eat that?”
“sir, the pony rides are for children only.”
“i don’t want you to worry about that anymore.”
“we’ll never make it in time.”
“you’d be late for your own funeral.”
“you should have seen it coming.”
“oh, good, you’re here! hold this.”
“why can’t you just be happy for me?”
“on a scale of one to ten, how do you feel about nachos right now?”
“is this how you flirt with everyone?”
“how much longer till we’re there?”
“what have you done?”
“it’s time for you to repay that debt you owe me.”
“where did you get that? who gave it to you?”
“what kind of mother has thoughts like that?”
“i know I haven’t been what you needed, but i’m here, and i wanna help.”
“i never want to hear you say that again.”
“you’re all i have.”
“i know it’s not perfect, but i did follow the recipe this time.”
“i was doing so well until you showed up.”
“don’t eat that! i made it ‘specially for our guest.”
“it’s not that i don’t like my life, it’s that i don’t have the energy to enjoy it.”
“how can you stand this place?”
“don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t exactly blend in.”
“you need to stop.”
“i don’t like that look, what happened?”
“is that seriously your password?”
“what’s your problem?”
“you had no right to use it without asking.”
“oh, wow, you weren’t kidding.”
“i couldn’t trust my own parents to protect me.”
“i’m surprised you haven’t been arrested yet. wait, no, i’m not.”
“why do you want to help me?”
“ten bucks for that piece of crap?”
“we have to hurry, they’re coming!”
“hey, look what came in the mail!”
“do you want to get a drink or something?”
“please tell me you didn’t eat that.”
“the worst part is you didn’t even notice.”
“if i wanted help, i would have asked.”
“wanna tell me what’s going on with your grades?”
“you need to leave.”
“talk to me, okay? i need to know what’s going on.”
“i do blame you.”
“sometimes life deals you a bad hand, but you can still play your cards right and win.”
“you're no longer useful to me.”
“i’m not good with sarcasm: if you don’t like me, just say it.”
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soulmemes · 4 months ago
lads if i ever have to type “pin against the wall” ever again in this lifetime, it’ll be too soon, but i really hope you enjoy these!! if you think of more that you would like to be added, let me know! please do NOT add more in the reblogs, it is VERY likely that i can and will be making a second part to this list! now go drink some water and i hope y’all enjoy the memes!
[ KISS ]:     sender pins receiver against the wall and kisses them passionately.
[ ANGER ]:     sender pins receiver against the wall out of anger.
[ CHALLENGE ]:     in a motion designed to challenge the receiver's authority, sender pins receiver against the wall.
[ TRAINING ]:     during a sparring match, sender ends up pinning the receiver against the wall.
[ HEAT ]:      while in the middle of a make-out session, sender pushes the receiver up against the wall, unwittingly heating things up even more.
[ SHIELD ]:     in order to protect them from physical harm caused by a third party, the sender shoves the receiver against the wall and shields them with their body.
[ COVER ]:     while hiding from persecutors, sender pushes the receiver against a wall and uses their body to hide the receiver's face from view.
[ HIDE ]:     while on the run, the sender hastily grabs the receiver and pins them against a wall that's hidden from public view to avoid being seen.
[ STOP ]:     in order to stop the receiver from walking away, the sender guides them back and pushes them against a wall.
[ FIGHT ]:     while in a physical fight, sender shoves the receiver against the wall in an effort to gain the upper hand.
[ RESTRAIN ]:     sender pushes the receiver back against the wall to stop them from physically fighting the sender.
[ STEADY ]:     sender gently catches and guides the emotionally distressed receiver against a wall in order to physically steady them.
[ CLOSER ]:     while pinning the receiver against the wall, sender glances down at their lips, suddenly aware of how close they are to one another...
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memesomething · 6 months ago
Noticing Trauma sentence starters
Feel free to alter dialogue to suit your muse!
“That really spooked you.” 
“I don’t want to pry, but.. I want you to know I also want to listen, if you want someone to talk to.” 
“Well, pretend I’m not here. What would you say if nobody could hear it?” 
“Does this happen a lot?” 
“Hey, what happened between you two?” 
“When is the last time you ate?”
“Is this okay?” 
“This is the third meal you’ve missed this week, are you okay?” 
“What did he/she/they do?” 
“This ... hurts you.” 
“You don’t feel safe, here.” 
“When you look at [trigger], you... what is that?” 
“What can I do?” 
“You were crying in your sleep.” 
“What do you dream about?” 
“Whenever you get stressed, you do this thing with your hands. What is it?” 
“You’re right, I don’t understand, yet. Will you help me?” 
“Should I leave a light on for you?” 
“I brought you some water.” 
“I won’t judge you.” 
“It doesn’t have anything to do with trust. You don’t have to tell me. But I’ll listen, if you do.” 
“Count your breaths with me, okay? Ready? One, two, three, four...” 
“I’m here.” 
“Talk to me.” 
“You don’t need to tell me everything. I just want to know how I can help.” 
“Let me hold your hair back, at least.” 
“You used to love that [item].” 
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screnwriter · a month ago
kissing starters
“ kiss me. ”
“ can't we just... make out, or something? “
“ i really want to kiss you right now. “
“ just one more... “
“ it was more of a peck... “
“ kiss me and you'll find out. “
“ i’m here for business, not pleasure. “
“ so you don’t want me to kiss you? “
“ i could kiss you for hours. “
“ how about a good night kiss? “
“ you may now kiss the bride. “
“ permission to lean in? “ “ permission granted. “
“ we should practice for our wedding day. “
“ you, me, bed, now. “
“ i want [our first kiss] to be special. “
“ i fell asleep before i could kiss you. “
“ we didn't kiss each other good morning. “
“ i’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while. “
“ kiss me, i’m miserable. “
“ who was your first kiss? “
“ did you do the laundry? “ “ yes, now where’s my kiss? “
“ if you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask. “
“ you’re a great kisser. “
“ with your mouth on mine, there's less bullshit coming out of it. “
“ teach me how to do it. “
“ can i get another one? “
“ every time you kiss me, i swear i'm falling even more in love with you. “
“ i haven’t mastered the art of kissing yet. “
“ wanna practice? “
“ you’re a great kisser. “
“ kiss the pain away. “
“ with your lips on mine... “
“ is there such a thing as love at first kiss? “
“ if i were to kiss someone, it would be you. “
“ you’re irresistible. ”
“ you said i had nice lips. who says that? “
“ kiss me again, but don’t stop this time. “
“ i love it when you kiss me. “
“ your kisses mean the world to me. “
“ i want you to kiss me. for real, this time. “
“ one last kiss is worth being late to work for. “
“ if you kiss me, we’re not getting out of bed today… “
“ you kissed me last night. “ “ and you didn’t stop me. “
“ no more kisses! i need to get ready for work. “
“ i really want to kiss you. “
“ it’s cute, this thing you’re doing. “ “ being all nervous? “
“ you’ve never kissed anyone before? “
“ you’re going to have to guide me through this. “
“ do i just… close my eyes and lean in? “
“ i want our first kiss to be special. “
“ [our first kiss] it's going to be magical. “
“ i kissed you. “ “ i know, i… was there. “
“ you just can’t help yourself, can you? “
“ i’ve always wondered what it would be like to kiss you. “
“ it’s just an innocent kiss. “
“ we’re friends, right? friends kiss each other all the time. “
“ people kiss each other all the time. doesn’t mean there’s feelings involved. “
“ i’m sorry for bringing it up. “ “ actually, i would love to kiss you. “
“ you mean, you and me? kissing? “
“ you’ve seriously never thought about [us kissing]? “ “ maybe once or twice. “
“ you mean us, kissing? “ “ can’t say it never crossed my mind... “
“ let’s kiss. just to see what it’s like. “
“ oh, what the hell. let’s do it. “
“ of course i'm a little curious. i've heard great things about you. “
“ all i want to do is kiss you. all day, every day. “
“ i’ve never kissed anyone before. “
“ well, if anybody were to kiss me, i would want that person to be you. “
“ you just can’t get enough of me, can you? “
“ and right now, i think you should kiss me. “
“ i’ll kiss you right now to prove i don’t feel something for you. “
“ you kissed me first. “ “ i definitely didn’t. “ “ you were literally all over me. “
“ did you just kiss me? “
“ you’re so full of shit... [if you think the kiss didn't mean something] “
“ did we just kiss? “
“ your kiss already gave you away. “
“ we don't have to do this if you don’t want to. “
“ don’t speak. just kiss me. “
“ come kiss me. “
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poohsources · 5 months ago
🐝  *  ―  𝐒𝐎𝐅𝐓  𝐃𝐈𝐑𝐓𝐘  𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐊  𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄  𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒.   (  nsfw  !  just  another  assortment  of random  sentences  that  can  be  used  for  smutty  situations.  feel  free  to  adjust  to  better  fit  your  muses.  )
❛  relax, and just let me kiss you.  ❜ ❛  be naked when i come home.  ❜ ❛  i wanna do bad things to you.  ❜ ❛  you’re gonna beg for it, baby.  ❜ ❛  me. you. bed. now.  ❜ ❛  i want to taste you.  ❜ ❛  i’ve been waiting for this all day.  ❜ ❛  ready for round two ?  ❜ ❛  you make me smile ... and also super horny, but that’s not the point.  ❜ ❛  do whatever you want to me.  ❜ ❛  all i could think about today was you.  ❜ ❛  my words can do a better job of teasing you than my words can.  ❜ ❛  tell me where you want me to touch you first.  ❜ ❛  you have no idea how much i want you right now.  ❜ ❛  just looking at you is making me horny.  ❜ ❛  if we were alone right now, what would you do to me ?  ❜ ❛  you’re not wearing any underwear.  ❜ ❛  it’s not that i’m horny all the time. it’s just that you’re always sexy.  ❜ ❛  i can’t wait to feel you inside me.  ❜ ❛  tonight, i want you to take control.  ❜ ❛  i want you in my mouth.  ❜ ❛  tell me what you want me to do.  ❜ ❛  right there, that feels so good.  ❜ ❛  how does this feel ?  ❜ ❛  you’re not allowed to cum until i say so.  ❜ ❛  tease me until i am begging for it.  ❜ ❛  i’m crazy for you.  ❜ ❛  i’ve been very bad. i think i need to be punished.  ❜ ❛  if you keep looking at me like that, i’m not responsible for what happens next.  ❜ ❛  you are the biggest turn on.  ❜ ❛  i love it when you put your hands on me.  ❜ ❛  no one makes me as horny as you do.  ❜ ❛  first, i want you to undress me. then i want you to kiss every part of my body.  ❜ ❛  i get so turned on just thinking about last time.  ❜ ❛  just wait till we get home ...  ❜ ❛  do you like that ?  ❜ ❛  just lie back and let me take care of you.  ❜ ❛  i love when you talk to me like that.  ❜ ❛  i can’t wait to have my way with you.  ❜ ❛  i feel so weak and turned on at the same time when i’m in your arms.  ❜
Tumblr media
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