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fyrapartnersearch · 2 years ago
My name is Kim and I'm 25. I live in the EST time zone but have rped with people from all sorts of timezones. I typically write in third person past tense and can get pretty wordy when the muse calls for it. I've never actually counted how many words my longest response has been but I do know that I can get to 3-4 paragraphs worth.
I am looking for some new partners that can get just as wordy as I can and who loves chatting ooc. I love sharing head canons, getting to know my partner, and creating pinterest boards and the like.
Right now I'd prefer doing this over discord, google docs, or email (with one of my ideas being an exception - it'll be explained below). I also will be more than happy to double if that's something you would like to do but please let me know!
Canon Characters
Peggy Carter - Marvel/MCU This is my exception. I will be more than happy to rp using the above mediums but I do have a sideblog set up for her which can be found here. I can write her canonly but I also have multiple canon divergent verses that involve her unknowingly taking the super soldier serum. Opposites I'd like to have: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Maria Hill, honestly anyone from the MCU I also wouldn't mind throwing her at other Chris Evans characters either (Frank Adler, Andy Barber, Johnny Storm, Ransom Drysdale).
Katherine Plumber - Newsies I have a Spy AU that I've been dying to do with her and Jack. Then I also would love to throw her at other Jeremy Jordan characters like Winn (Supergirl), Jimmy (Smash), and Jamie (The Last Five Years)
Betty Cooper - Riverdale I would like to do any kind of plot with an Archie whether we time jump, do an AU, or I have always wanted to do a thing where they start over as friends in Season 2 after all the Black Hood stuff and do a canon divergent plot. I also write Betty with a little more of comic influence (ie she's the star pitcher for the softball team)
Original Characters (again I would be more than happy to double if that's what you want to do so we can all get plots we want)
Ryn Sterling - Hayley Atwell fc She's an artist from Boston and a single mom. I would love to do either a whoa my kid's teacher is actually super cute or a we were dating but then you went away and now you're back, guess what this is your kid but I don't want to tell you right away cause I'm still hurt that you left plot. Opposites I'd like to have: Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Mackie
Bex Morris - Arielle Kebbel fc She's an FBI agent. I would love to do either a agent x mafia plot or two agents or a Mr. & Mrs. Smith type plot. Opposites I'd like to have: Aaron Tveit, Daniel Gilles, Dylan Bruce
Kat Metonae - Adrianne Palicki fc A former Air Force Colonel turned Senator but if we want to go the Star Wars route in which she was originally created she's a Colonel within the Resistance. Plots I have in mind is annoyed at first sight to lovers and a bodyguard plot. Opposites I'd like to have: Oscar Issac (an oc or Poe Dameron), Nick Blood, DJ Cotrona
If any of these things meet your fancy you can either react to this post and I'll come to you or reach out to me @kimmyiewrites on tumblr or find me on discord at kimmyiewrites#9641. 
(heya love! thank you so much for this amazing blog! Could you also tag this post with riverdale rp, newsies rp, and star wars rp? Thank you so much!)
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noorasvetres · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
sooo here’s my summer wishlist of plots i want, fcs i want to play or play against, and a few ships i would love ! if you’re interested in any of these please like this or im me !! i love headcanoning and developing plots a lot so if you do too, hmu ?? (ps: i also have/prefer discord over iming if you have one !)
fallen inspired plot !! muse a is an angel and is soulmates with muse b, but as a curse put upon them for falling in love, any memory b has of a is wiped. b is constantly reborn and in every life, muse a finds them, they fall in love, and as part of the curse, b dies and is reborn all over again, muse a cursed to find them in every life no matter how much they try to avoid b to protect them. (i probably explained this terribly but it would be so fun to rp in different decades and historical eras !!)
kind of goes along w/ the fallen plot, but gimme some reincarnated plots !! imagine the familiarity but knowing you’ve never met this person and weird flashbacks and dreams after you meet them and they just can’t stay away from each other 
camp counselors ! imagine making s’mores by the fire and the camp kids shipping them even before they realize they like each other and al;dskjfa; this would be so cute
the summer i turned pretty based plot ! two families have always had beach houses right next to each other and go every summer, making it easy for their kids, muse a to become friends with the two siblings in the other family. a has always had a crush on b but b is difficult and rebellious and won’t admit their feelings for a so, giving up, a connects with b’s brother and they end up dating and ?? lots of angst bc b finally realizes they fucked up ?? and doesn’t know how to fix it ? and a wanting them but also dating b’s sibling and it’s all a mess 
exes plots anyone ? al;sdkjf i love the angst and we can make the breakup super dramatic which means even more angst !! so many ideas for this one ! 
roadtrip plot where two best friends start traveling bc why not ?? and end up realizing their feelings along the way ! based on this.
mob plot !
cute bartender & customer - x.
GIMME SOME 2X2 AND MUMU PLOTS !! i’m such a sucker for these
this plot ! 
this plot bc imagine all of the angst and not being able to deny their feelings even though there’s so much against them !
ok but imagine all of the character development and the possibilities w/ this ?
this bc who doesn’t love cute f/f plots
fwb who end up catching feelings
another cute f/f plot 
wedding planner and divorce lawyer pls 
historical plots !! gimme some 70s, 80s, renaissance, etc bc those are a blast
supernatural plots !!
i’m such a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope and the best friends to lovers trope, so i’m always down for these ? 
lemme play some older fcs (mostly around their 30s) in literally any plot ! 
fcs i’d love to play: 
marilyn lima, elizabeth olsen, adelaide kane, kylie bunbury, britt robertson, keiynan lonsdale, camila mendes, lili reinhart, hillary trinh, froy gutierrez, poppy drayton, nick robinson, tom holland, aja naomi king, lupita nyong’o, haley lu richardson, crystal reed, ana de armas, candice patton, kat mcnamara, philippine stindel, tyler posey, natalia dyer, jamie chung, maia mitchell, alicia vikander, alisha wainwright, lindsey morgan
fcs i’d love to play against:
sean teale, luke mitchell, thomas doherty, austin butler, ivana baquero, keith powers, garrett hedlund, matt daddario, madelaine petsch, joe keery, thomas hayes, dominic sherwood, marlon langeland, jacob elordi, diacre montgomery, caitlin stasey, tom maden, tyler posey, austin butler, ansel elgort, ryan guzman, gregg sulkin, bill skarsgard, kiowa gordan, maia mitchell, alisha wainwright, bob morley
some ships that would be super cool to have (i’ll have it bolded/italicized if i prefer one fc over the other!):
ross butler x katherine langford
tom maden x carlson young
marilyn lima x michel biel
sean teale x emma dumont
chloe bennet x luke mitchell
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gracrps · 4 years ago
favorite rp experiences, favorite ships, favorite users, good parts of your day, favorite memories.
Another great experience I’ve had was a gossip girl, vampire diaries roleplay called Within Temptation! It was the first roleplay where I really learned how to expand on my writing and understand my character, thanks to a few tips from my fellow members. I had always been used to one-liners or a few paragraphs, so when I asked one of the members how she went about writing so much, she told me she just expanded on how her character felt, what he went through to get to this point, and how it aids their situation. I mean, obviously, the answer should be pretty blatant, but it was one of those moments where someone had to say it for me to really acknowledge it. This roleplay also helped me grow my affinity for Stefan Salvatore, who I played, and learned about so deeply. I really appreciate him as a character now, thanks to WT. 
positive rpc ask meme!
FAVORITE SHIPS !!!!!! I have so many !!!!!! But, okay… I will attempt to list them all from my poor excuse of a memory, and/or narrow it down to my real real real favs that I can’t live without :-) but, of course, the list will grow as roleplaying lives on~
Richard & Eleanor ( Evan Peters and AnnaSophia Robb — They were this, poor boy / rich girl ship that happened out of nowhere between myself and @vcorhees  way back in the day. They really feel like a couple to me, and I guess I love them because a lot of my ‘ships’ take a long time to get to that point where they’re finally a couple, but it just happened so effortlessly for them. They really couldn’t be any more different, yet mesh so well together… they were my core reasons for loving both Evan & AnnaSophia ) — Stephen & Wendy ( Max Irons and Jessica Alba — Okay, I know I know. They’re really new and really fresh and hardly a ship. I might be getting ahead of myself, but I feel like these two are such a classic “opposites attract” or “friendship turned into something more” that it really gets me excited to see where their thread goes. I really like these two, the chem is off the charts !!! )  
Alice & Patrick ( Olivia Cooke and Logan Lerman — So these two really helped me as a writer. At the time, Patrick was in and out of relationships with various girls and honestly, it was mostly because I was bored when ships finally became couples. I admit it was a huge flaw I had as a roleplayer until Alice came along, shout out to @nierps  for sliding into my life like that. She challenged Patrick in such a real way that helped me admit to myself that your character will be the bad guy, if not sometimes, all the time. I’m so thankful that they happened because now, it helps me shape my characters in such a real way that I wouldn’t have before. ) 
Indiana & Silas ( Nina Dobrev and Hunter Parrish — Okay, so talk about the slowest of all the burns. I think slow burns are great but are so hard to stay committed to in a roleplay filled with options thrown at your feet. However, when you feel that connection, that you know you’d love to see play out on some sort of screen, that you’d be rooting for sitting in your seat… that’s when it’s easy to stay committed. Contrary to my last ship, Indiana and Silas taught me how to stay committed, and that it’s safe to put your ship through real-life tragedies and struggles, without fearing abandonment as a roleplayer. I want to thank @veronicalodgv for always meeting me with the same amount of enthusiasm that I wouldn’t have if she hadn’t too. ) 
Sara & Ace ( Phoebe Tonkin and Bill Skarsgard — They are your typical, push and pull, hate to love you type of couple. At first, I assumed my thread with @electricinndigo would turn into some sort of hate sex kind of thing, which I wasn’t totally comfortable with because my smut is shit, honestly, lmfao. But I have to say, Ace and Sara are really turning into a ship that is so promising, that I’d really love to see what else they go through. I think this ship is also really important to me because I find it quite difficult to challenge a ship when it’s in an indie instead of a roleplay community. You’re not being thrown other ‘options’ or having other characters chime in on your character or ship. Frankly, I haven’t been in indie for that long, but I was quick to judge the easiness of shipping when you have no one else to challenge you. That’s why Sara and Ace are special to me, because they challenge each other, and it’s opening more doors for the other ships I have. So, Kellie!! Thank you for that. )
Blake & Cindy ( Matthew Daddario and Lee Jieun — So @requicms​ and I have been writing these two for a long time now, haha, but no complaints are coming from me whatsoever. My adoration for Matthew is definitely satsified when it comes to these two, as well as my thirst for a POC ship!!! Lbr, I feel like they’re soooo cute. Anyway, Cindy is such a hard character for me to be flexible with, so the fact that I’m shipping her with Blake is such a huge thing for me as a writer. It helps me go through the steps of opening a character up to something intimiate and real, and with these two, it’s just so pure and innocent. It’s not like any other ship I’ve had, so I really love these two for helping me try out something new, with a character as closed off as Cindy. ) 
These are a few honorable mentions that I really want to give a shout out to. I know some of these are brand new, but it’s just me feeling out the potential with what few threads we have going on~ [ Jude & Hannah ( Jamie Campbell Bower & Haley Bennett ) @eightysixed​ / Adele & Ben ( Holland Roden & Lucas Till ) @snikklefritsrps​ / Adam & Jana ( Paul Wesley & Kristin Kreuk ) / Cameron & Silas ( Kat McNamara & Hunter Parrish ) @wisteria1x1 / River & Mallory ( Nick Robinson & AnnaSophia Robb ) / Harrison & Prue ( KJ Apa and Stefanie Scott ) @holywitchkid ]
Okay, so assuming this means my mutuals…. @electricinndigo​, I want to go on and on about how much I love her but I feel like that’s really repetitive because I’ve done it more than twice, haha. She’s just amazing. I love her writing style, her gifs, her muses… the list goes on. @requicms​, there’s something amazing about having as much characters as her and being as invested to each and every one of them that blows my mind. I mean, I might be getting ahead of myself, but our plethora of threads really challenges me to not be lazy and put the same amount of effort in order to not just ‘reply bc I have to’. Thank you for challenging me, Lisa! @nierps​, LORD don’t even get me started, lmfao. Nie is the god of all writers, I aspire to be as amazing as her ( hence I probably should’ve finished /proper/ college ). I can’t even go on, I feel like I’ll just be babbling with how great and cool she is. @veronicalodgv​, okay I know she doesn’t indie enough, but tee has become such a close friend of mine since we’ve met all those years ago. she’s the best admin i’ve ever had the honor to be under, who can so effortlessly handle the stress that comes with it. i think the fact that she’s fair without having to bend over backwards to make people happy is really admirable, esp coming from someone like me, who feels like they have to do that when you’re in an admin position. i can’t wait to work with you the future, you’ll always have a special place in my heart @armyofskanksx​, so while I gotta admit that we don’t have a lot of the same favorite face claims (x your kindness is unreal. i really do appreciate your time and patience when it came to helping me learn how to gif, i can’t even explain my gratitude. thank you so much. 
While I don’t love going to work and dealing with the bullshit that is the nursing home, I feel pretty lucky to be there. Sitting all day isn’t great for my health, but being in the lobby when it’s 6pm and everyone went home is probably the second place I get the most inspiration for my writing. I also have a time limit, so I try and squeeze in all my writing before 7:30pm, which is when I have to leave because if my husband is home, I can’t focus on my writing. I also love going home (surprising, I know) and seeing my pup. I love the process of getting ready for bed, like taking off the makeup and tending to skin care, getting into your home clothes… while I sometimes rush towards the process, that’s my ‘me’ time, you know? I don’t have as much me time since I got married, lmfao.
It’s bittersweet, but one of them would have to be all the times I used to just sit in one of my ex-best friends car. We used to be this trio that loved to drive around and just talk about how we felt and our dreams of being this band that made it big ( we were a church band, fyi lmao ) There was something magical about his car and him driving, with me in the passenger seat and @vcorhees in the back. We were best friends that just… fell so effortlessly into any kind of conversation. We’d pig out, smoke pot & *other, confide in one another and just enjoyed the simplicities of being in each other’s company. I mean, we were more than just friends, we were family. It was a hard slap in the face when that fell apart, but I believe God has a reason for everything and even if I don’t know the reason yet, I trust he’s gonna be alright, despite my reservations. 
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amorremanet · 5 years ago
Sorry if this is a weird question but Is Sebastian the only one of your OCs you have a fancast(?) for or are there more 👀
Well, he’s the one whose fancast is the most set in my mind, but that’s mostly a function of: 1. him being around the longest (since… this whole thing got started, originally, as me writing background for him when he was an RP character, so my DM could have more ammunition for future plots and/or character torture);
and 2. me going, “Kassie, no, do not imagine him looking like Hayden Christensen, istg” — which clearly worked out about as well as telling a goat to do your calculus homework, since going, “don’t do this thing” only made me continue thinking about it so much that it stuck
But some other fancast thoughts I’ve had are:
Todd initially looked like Aidan Turner, but that’s currently in a state of, “ehhhhh, not quite so much” — they still have a few things in common but not enough that I like the fancast anymore
I’m annoyed that Margot, in my head, looks basically like Scar*Jo in Ghost World, if she were about 4’11”, less skinny (like, Margot is in that irritating, “in-betweenie” body type where you’re not really thin, but you’re not fat, but your weight isn’t distributed in the right way for people to mean it in a nice way when they call you, “curvy”), and had black hair and glasses
I’m annoyed with this because I’m annoyed with Scar*Jo in general — but I’m mostly letting it go and hoping that someone else comes to mind, because the last time I fought myself too hard on fancasting these losers, I went, “No, stop it, no Hayden Christensen”…… and now Seb looks like Hayden Christensen, so?
Maybe if I don’t argue with myself too hard, Margot won’t look like Scar*Jo forever.
Lucy changes between Kat McNamara and Sophie Turner, because I really do like both of them for her.
That said, I wish I knew what either of them looks like with short hair, because the long hair works for a little while, but eventually, she’s going to cut it short (because if you’re going to run headlong into things where fights could ensue, then giving your hypothetical opponents something they can easily grab onto, like long hair, is a really bad idea)
(also because I personally find the idea of an eager beaver go-getting young autistic hemokinetic with short, bright red hair and no chill…… super cute)
For Sara Grace, I really love Asha Bromfield, who’s currently playing Melody Valentine on Riverdale
I am perpetually cranky that I don’t have a fancast for Pete, because I love him more than GRRM loves Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister — and I initially thought of Karl “Manila Luzon” Westerberg, because Manila and Pete are both white/Filipinx biracial (and as I just found out, they are apparently the same height)…… but Manila’s skin is a few shades lighter than I see Pete’s, and their respective tones are pretty different, too
Convenient points of comparison: I see Pete’s skin tones and shades being closer to Bianca “Jiggly Caliente” Castro’s or Ryan “Ongina” Ong Palao’s (who are both also Filipinx, though not biracial afaik) than to Manila’s
Pete’s older brother Jimmy is closer to Manila in terms of shading, though their skin-tones are still different
I do know that Emerson, one of Pete’s cousins from his Dad’s side of the family, looks like Eddie Redmayne, but that’s just because Emerson used to be in a different project, and I moved him to this one, and he’s looked like Eddie Redmayne since, like, 2009.
He’s also a really secondary/tertiary character, so it’s kind of a cheap consolation prize to not having a fancast for Pete that makes me happy
Like, Emerson is not quite to, “I could replace him with an interesting lamp and have the same effect” levels, but he’s not a big deal.
I mean?? He’s Pete’s cousin. Both of them are the gay cousin, but Emerson is a gay Libertarian who works for the FBI and Pete is completely certain that he’s making up his alleged boyfriend because why would someone who sounds so cool and nice want to date Emerson
He’s not making up his boyfriend. But Pete’s enjoying himself in trying to prove that Emerson is making Asa up, just like how he made up two separate girlfriends before he accepted that he’s gay, and Pete’s had a pretty rough time of things in the past few years, and he really is Em’s favorite cousin, so Emerson figures he can let Pete enjoy the, “prove that Emerson’s boyfriend is a big conspiracy theory” thing until about Thanksgiving
But that’s beside the point, and seriously, about the most relevance that Emerson has is being Pete’s cousin and being employed by the FBI’s department of mutant shenanigans
Josie, once upon a time, looked like this goth model who I’ve never seen anywhere else but the face-claim suggestions/resources blog where I found the banner and icons that I used for Josie, back when they were a character in an all-dudeslash RPG because in those days, all-slash games were one of the only ways you could play any characters who weren’t 100% hetero without it being hella mocked and/or hella policed
—unfortunately, said goth model’s name is, “Aaron Gilmore” which makes him impossible to Google because there are a ton of people named, “Aaron Gilmore” and none of them has ever been the one I want, excepting the one of whom very few pictures actually exist
He’s also only good for Josie c. high school and undergrad, and?? idk, I kinda like Ben Whishaw, but I also have reasons why I don’t entirely like him for Josie
Another minor character whose face I know: Nick, who is Seb and Pete’s sponsor and Stephen’s boss, looks like Nathan Lane, and pretty much wandered into my head looking like Nathan Lane as soon as I decided that Seb and Pete’s sponsor existed, his name was Nick, and he has an art gallery
I’m kind of annoyed that I have no freaking clue where to start looking for Stephen’s fancast, but I’m also not surprised because he’s tall, and chubby, and a dork whose favorite colors are hot pink and acid green, and who laughs at his own jokes so much that he cannot finish telling the damn joke, and his Dad is black/white biracial while his Mom is Puerto Rican mestizx, and here we are
There is, to the surprise of absolutely no one, a side-character who looks like Tyler Posey. He… needs to be renamed, because I named him at like three in the morning and only just realized why I felt weird about him being named, “Rafael Delgado” (…because Melissa McCall’s maiden name is Delgado, and Scott’s blobfish-shaped gene donor was named Rafael, oh jeez)
—but anyway, he’s a member of the Wardens, who are “totally not” a middle finger to a lot of my issues with how Marvel has handled the X-Men over the years, and he teaches music at their attached school for “the gifted”
This wasn’t the first time that I did something like this, either.
For example: Pete has an ex-boyfriend, who is very much an, “I could replace him with an interesting lamp and it would be essentially the same”-level character. I named him Wade, first as a placeholder, and then I liked it so it stuck but something felt a little off about it
It took me about a month to remember that Spidey*pool is a Thing, and their civvies names are Peter and Wade, respectively, and ohhhhh, that’s why it felt weird…… well, shit. (Interesting Lamp Ex-Boyfriend has since been renamed Blake)
I also have “fancasts” for all of Sebastian’s dogs (Lola, Achilles, Angel, Oscar, Renly, Chewie, Toby, Biscuit, and Cat) and for Nick’s cat (Ms. Dorothy), but that literally just means, “I decided what breed I wanted Ms. Dorothy and Seb’s dogs to be, I went on Google Image Search, and I found the ones I liked the best, yay cute animals”
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christofurrwood · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can’t keep doing this to yourself, Katrina. Nick would’ve wanted you to move on.
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christofurrwood · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I didn’t break up with Christian. I couldn’t.
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christofurrwood · 4 years ago
It’s been the most boring week the entire semester for Nick. Katrina is out of campus for some ballet conference or something and Nick was just getting bored and missing her. Although they talk consistently and secretly when they have time, it still was different to get to hold her and kiss her. Thankfully, after four days, the group is back on campus. As agreed upon, Nick will pick her up at the performing arts building so they could have lunch outside. It was also perfect because Christian will be training with the team and the new recruits during those hours. 
Laying down on the bed, all dressed up in his sneaky black jacket and jeans, his phone buzzed to which he quickly checked. Smiling, Nick got a text from Katrina saying they’re at the building already and were just unloading some stuff from their trip. He’s not gonna wait any longer honestly so Nick replied that he was on his way to pick her up. Getting out of bed, Nick fixed his hair a little more when the door suddenly opened. Turning around, he saw Christian back with his duffel bag and Nick looked like he just saw a ghost. His heart definitely skipped a beat because he should be on the field. What was he doing here?
“Hey. Uhh, I thought... Don’t you have a training to attend?” Nick asked casually, adding a few chuckle to avoid suspicion.
Christian shook his head before tossing his bag on his bed. He looked like he was up to something and Nick wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out what it was. “Uh, I skipped. The others can handle it.” He said, shrugging his shoulders but he stayed in his position, right in front of the door. “Where ya going, man? You haven’t been out for like...four days now. You looked dressed up.” Christian added. his face eager to hear Nick’s response.
Why was he questioning him suddenly? Chuckling still, Nick shook his head. “I just... Like you said, I haven’t been out for four days so...might as well check if the sun is still there, right?” Nick even joked, figuring he’s just overthinking all of this.
“Trust me. It’s still there. And it’s not going anywhere. Because the sun is happy where she is. She doesn’t need the darkness running after her.” At this point, Christian’s eyes says it all. He was done playing games and he’s definitely talking about something else that gives the both of them light. Nick was quiet and he just gave him the look of confusion. Christian decided to continue. “I’ve noticed...something different though. Most of the time — well, I honestly feel like it’s every time now, I ask my girlfriend out, she’s always busy and she suddenly has a lot to do, you know? And then I go home, and I figured, why not ask my buddy out for some drinks, right? I don’t have my girl so might as well hang out with my best friend — my brother. But no. Apparently, my best friend is busy too, suddenly has a lot to do. Coincidence?”
Nick looked at him for a while, feeling his heart sink but still thought he could get out of this. “Bro, it’s most likely gonna be our last year in campus. Everyone’s really busy.”
Christian laughed sarcastically at this, shaking his head like a little devil finally figuring things out. “Bullshit, man. That’s bullshit.” He said with another laugh. Moving closer to him, Nick could already see the anger in Christian’s eyes. He definitely knows what’s going on. “You’re bullshit. You are so full of shit, Langford. Stuck in here for for days and just when I got a text from my girlfriend that they’re back on campus, you suddenly feel like going out? Where are you meeting her?” 
Clearly, there was more more escaping this and Nick has no choice but to come clean. It took him a while to speak but finally he did, but his words weren’t enough. “Christian, I can explain.” He started but Christian was quick to punch him in the face, causing Nick to fall to his bed.
“What is there to explain, huh? You snuck behind my back and stole my girl. And still, you have the balls to call me bro? Fuck you, Langford!” He said loudly, ready to give him another one but Nick looked at him and there’s blood on his nose and his lips. Christian hit him really hard. Shaking his head, Christian grabbed him by his shirt to stand up, then brushing off his clothes as if he’ll look any better. “Sorry, man. I just... That was too much but...you know, I had to.” He explained, grabbing a napkin near him and wiping the blood off of Nick’s face and then showing it to him. Nick was just standing there, completely guilty and beaten.
“Why, Nick? Why did you have to do that? After everything my family has done for you and your family, this is how you repay us? You stabbed me behind my back?” Christian’s grin was getting creepier because it was a mix of anger and sarcasm. Nick wasn’t sure how to read him anymore but that’s probably because the guilt was eating him alive. “I could easily kick you out of this campus, you know? One call and your fucking time here is done. Your future, gone in a snap. Your mom will lose her home, the home my family gave her.”
“Please, Christian.” The moment Nick heard the mention of his mom, he totally lost it. “Do whatever you want to do to me but don’t touch my mom, ever. She has nothing to do with this. It’s you and me, man. If you want to beat the living shit out of me, do it. Just don’t... Not my mom.” He was practically begging already and he could feel his tears forming, as much as he hated showing vulnerability.
Shaking his head, Christian wasn’t entirely convinced. “That doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been sneaking on Katrina for the past weeks, maybe months. I don’t know anymore but I’m sure it’s been going on for a while now.”
“I love her. You know that. It’s always been her.”
“Yeah, okay, let’s say you saw her first but...she’s my girlfriend because I wasn’t a coward and yeah, she loves me and I love her so... It’s clear what’s right and wrong here.” He shrugged his shoulder when Christian saw Nick’s phone light up from the bed. “You’re not meeting her today. Not tomorrow, not ever. I’m gonna give you a chance, Langford. Stay away from Katrina, cut all ties with her, no explanation. Then, we can go back to how things are supposed to be with a few changes. Move to a new dorm room, I’m getting a new roommate by tonight. You can still finish college with no debts, your mother keeps her home and you leave me and Katrina alone.” 
Nick was just looking at him, now filled with the same anger as Christian had earlier. He wasn’t sure what to say but his mom and his future was on the line. Could he really stay away from Katrina? It was a hard decision for Nick to make but it was obvious what he must do. Slowly, Nick nodded with his eyes closed. 
“Good boy.” Christian smiled devilishly, looking at Nick’s phone again and grabbing it, then throwing it to the wall. “Just to make sure you won’t call my girl.” He added, looking around and seeing a bouquet of flowers on the side that Nick ordered for Katrina. Christian grabbed it and smelled, it was still fresh so Nick would have most likely gave it to Katrina on his way out. “This for my girl? Thanks for paying, man. I appreciate it. Anyway, gotta get going. I’m sure she’s waiting eagerly to meet her boyfriend.” Christian fixed his hair in front of him with a smile. “You have five hours till we get back. I want you gone by then.” As he walked out the door, Nick finally broke down, feeling devastated and destroyed from what just happened and what was about to him. There’s still a few blood dripping from his nose but there’s no point in cleaning that up now. He just lost his best friend, his best girl and his dignity, there’s no point in caring anymore. Turning around, Nick decided to start packing so he can meet up with the RA soon. Still, Katrina’s on his mind and Nick knew she wouldn’t forgive him for suddenly ditching her entirely. But again, what’s the point? He’s not allowed to have anything to do with Katrina.
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christofurrwood · 4 years ago
[text]: I just don’t really feel like being your secret.
[text]: seriously? i thought we already talked about this?[text]: christian can’t find out okay? at least, not just yet. let’s just keep sneaking around for a while. aren’t you having fun anymore? :p
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christofurrwood · 4 years ago
[text]: did you enjoy the pics? ;)
[text]: I did. Although, it would’ve been better if done in a better angle. Or better yet, if I saw it personally, you know. Yeah, seeing it in person is definitely better. Let’s make that happen.[text]: Open the door. Got you a special gift all the way from LA. :-)
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