yourplayersaidwhat · 13 hours ago
"I guess we're out of diplomatic options. Let the gods sort their souls and the taker their remains; We're letting [Gunslinger] go near explosives."
The party’s Paladin, after a failed diplomatic mission.
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brewerssupplies · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I really liked the flavor of the Worldslayer card, so here it as a magic item! Only use as a last resort!
[Greg Staples]
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hajima-7 · 2 days ago
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Little Witch In The Woods
[Early access on steam]
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fantasy-inspiration · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Art by Martin Mottet
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bigbadwxlf · a day ago
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Andrew Garfield
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vintagerpg · 20 hours ago
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Star Wars, Revised and Expanded (1996) is the third iteration of West End Games’ D6 Star Wars RPG. It is still considered part of the second edition, but while it is aesthetically inferior to the 1992 edition, it does feature some nice quality of life improvements.
Let’s take on the looks first. I think this book is UGLY. It is full color and the photo reproduction is great, but the illustrations (several of which are colored versions of art that appeared previously in black and white) is just…it reminds me of when I get an old D&D module and find someone had colored in the black and white illustrations, but with none of the charm. I find the art in the 1992 edition, particularly by Alan Nunis and Mike Vilardi inspiring and universe-expanding. This stuff here? Bland and generic.
But what we really care about is the substance, right? Right. Very little of the “revised and expanded” in the title refers to rules and mechanics. What few there are streamline play — you don’t notice them. And that’s the point, because the rest of the changes are all in the service of making this a faster, more cinematic, easier to learn and easier to play game. There are way more explanations (though I can do without the in-character chapter introductions - cornball city) and examples of play, there’s a solo adventure, quick reference rule handouts and a starter group adventure. It is just as chunky a RPG rulebook as every other single-book system rulebook in the 90s, but I am hard pressed to think of a contemporary RPG so focused on making itself easy and accessible. In 1996, we’re past the height of the complexity for complexity’s sake, but that impulse didn’t just vanish off the peak. That makes this iteration of Star Wars all the more impressive. If I ran WEGSW again, this is the rulebook I’d use (unless that bootleg third edition is substantially better, but I’ve not read that too closely).
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sreegs · 21 hours ago
I had a another Cyberpunk Red session in my new setting a few weeks ago. The PCs, residents of the same megabuilding, uncovered an issue with their packages being ransomed for an extra delivery fee. After shaking down a mailroom worker, they discovered it was some scheme being run by one of the gangs on the 45th floor.
They poked around and discovered a phony company called "Last Mile LLC" that was charging COD for packages that normally were delivered without issue. Of course, this was an elaborate facade for package theft run by the gang. They tried breaking in using a distraction, but encountered a guard right on the other side of the door. They yanked him through and ventilated him, then hid in the trash before more guards showed up.
They tried plan B: one of the PC Fixers tried to convince a different staffer that he was here to make a deal with the gang. The NPC managed to roll a double nat 1 and gladly gave him a grand tour. The gang was hacking a delivery drone transmitter to intercept packages, sorting them for valuable items and meds for the residents of floor 45, then charging COD for the packages they didn't want to keep. The tour was cut short by a run-in with the gang's leader, and the Fixer cut his losses and scooted out of there.
Realizing this couldn't be solved with brute force, the PCs decided to regroup think of a new plan to disrupt this package heist scheme next session.
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vestae-vocivus · 2 days ago
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popesphere · a day ago
Concept art for a The Owl House-inspired open world RPG
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's a bit of concept art for an Owl House-inspired open world RPG I've been cooking up in my free time.
I'm not ready to reveal a title or more detailed info although god knows I have a lot floating around inside of my brain. What I can say, however, is the Premise:
An undead scientist, attempting to build a teleporter, accidentally brings you, a human, into a grotesque but whimsical world of witches, centaurs, elves, dwarves, and demons- and where humans have been extinct for a thousand years. What starts as a simple quest to find a way home turns into an archipelago-trotting adventure with strange cults, otherworldly beings, dark secrets, and where all life on the planet is at stake.
So far I have been designing this game to have more of a focus on memorable characters and customization (read: dress-up) than strictly combat, which is something I have found lacking in other games. (I've realized I've been writing this sort of like a cartoon, so I'll lean into it and see where this goes. This means that yes, there will be a beach "episode". Tug on my balls one by one, Disney. I'm not sure how, but it will happen.)
I don't have any character/species concept art I am willing to show at the moment, because I'm currently redesigning the visual style of the game. Sorry! I'll share it soon, though.
Also, you get a grappling hook. So there's that.
Other general info:
Q) Does this take place in The Owl House universe? A) No. This is not an Owl House AU/Fan game. It's its own thing with its own rules and lore, but borrows heavily from the show. It might be helpful to this on this as like Vast Error and Homestuck.
Q) Is there actually a game being actively made? A) Yes! There's not much to see, though. It's still at the "Everything is a cube and a capsule" stage of development; I'm focusing on getting a solid foundation laid rather than making any visible progress, which is important for a large-scale game. I've made significant progress, though: I estimate I am about 75% done with the base gameplay elements and making it, you know, playable. For the technically inclined, I have done the following (from the perspective of someone familiar with the Skyrim Creation Kit): - Cell streaming (plugin) - Cross-cell persistence - Goal Orientated Action Planning for NPCs - Lua/Moonscript VM for programming AI and acting as the equivalent of Papyrus (Plugin/my own work) - Player like movement and stuff - Dialogue using the Yarn plugin - NPC inter-cell navigation (think exterior to interior. Very difficult.) - Granular world simulation using Unity's DOTS - Physical properties of items (Systems game stuff, like Breath of the Wild) - You can harvest plants! Holy shit - You can read books
Q) Can I play the game right now? A) Hell no. Not yet, anyway. I'll release an alpha demo at some point, though, which will include: - The Marrows (Right arm of island), the first of currently 8 Prefectures (Analogous to Skyrim's Holds), which itself contains 1 city, 3 towns, 4 regions (geographically distinct areas. Two of them are pictured in the art above) - 30 ish quests? - Representative gameplay - Introduction to the major characters and the antagonist (This world's Belos and Hunter)
Q) What kind of mood is this world going for? A) Mostly lighthearted with some serious moments.
Q) What other influences does this world have? A) Lots. - FLCL (Should be apparent in the combat) - The Elder Scrolls (duh) - Bloodborne - Amphibia - Hyper Light Drifter
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I can't promise I will be willing to answer them, though. But then again, I am always happy to blab on and on about the world that live inside my mind.

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catinthedicebag · a day ago
Here is the finished blue-black set. I decided on "Transmute and Surveil" as the name, these are two keyword abilities from the dimir guild of mtg, after which I modelled these dice.
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 days ago
"It doesn't take a wise old hag to tell you don't like the puss-puss."
A sea hag to my very gay cleric after he offered to trade her his first born son in exchange for information. She was not convinced.
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Here is a free pdf of the players handbook
Here is a free pdf of xanathars guide to everything
Here is a free pdf to monsters manual
Here is a free pdf to tashas cauldron of everything
Here is a free pdf to dungeon master’s guide
Here is a free pdf to volo’s guide to monsters
Here is a free pdf of mordenkainen’s tomb of foes
For all your dnd purposes
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fantasy-inspiration · a day ago
Tumblr media
Art by Martin Mottet
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forgamers · 4 months ago
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qursidae · a month ago
Tumblr media
Leliana my love 😩❤️ Been thinking og her and my warden lately (for some reason because I watched Midnight Mass ??)
Her armor is heavily based on my own armor mod (The mod would look somewhat like this if I only I knew how to mesh mod DAO)
[On DeviantART] [Ko-Fi ☕️]
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sosuperawesome · 10 months ago
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Hand Painted Dice
Everything Dice Co on Etsy
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lunagospel · 6 months ago
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I couldn't do this without you, old friend
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thechekhov · 9 months ago
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I think I’ve posted this before, but it’s a THING now. 
In the game I DM, I ended up making up a recurring merchant NPC just for shits and giggles - a Kobold who calls himself Dumas and goes around selling strange magical/enchanted items which are... not as they seem. His prices are enticing, but the items have strange properties, and it’s a gamble to see if your investment is worth it. 
My players love him so much they have taken to Sending him every time they want something new, and all of their party funds end up going to this little creature, who is delighted, and is now probably the richest bastard in all of Barovia. (Yes, this is in Curse of Strahd.... look, humor needs to be a part of EVERY game imo, even the Gothiest of them all.)
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