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theworldbrewery · 10 months ago
A table of D&D town/village/hamlet quirks:
1-8: The town is slowly rising up out of the earth; right now, the village ground hovers a few feet above the crater it left behind.
9-12: The town’s punishment for all crimes, big and small, is the Silent Treatment.
13-17: The town hosts a “farmer’s market” where black market goods are exchanged, and all the members of the town council turn a blind eye.
18-20: The town is under a perpetual bubble of silence, and the population communicates in a dialect of Sign Language.
21-24: The town was involved in a deal with a devil many centuries ago, which has resulted in the last 2 generations of children being born as tieflings.
25-27: The town’s biggest industry is a dragon “conservation rangeland;” most of their “dragons” are just big normal lizards.
28-31: The local inn is a singles’ resort; local tourism reflects the matchmaking atmosphere, and they are enthusiastic with single adventurers.
32-38: The town was cursed to be perpetually blanketed by snow, but that was millennia ago; thanks to climate change, it has become a tropical paradise.
39-41: The town started off as a queer commune for exploring sexuality, but has since become just super gay. These days it has a yearly festival send-off for all the young adults who come out as straight.
42-43: The town is led by a newt. Not even a magic newt, just a newt. Someone is appointed to interpret the will of the newt. Newt election years are extremely divisive.
44-50: The town has an intense rivalry with a neighboring village, caused by duelling claims to being the birthplace of a goddess of trickery. The prank war has been going on for 300 years.
51-54: The town is home to a reclusive clown monastery.
55-57: The town is built over a portal to the Nine Hells, and is trying to build a reputation for its hot springs and bathhouses.
58-63: The town runs a municipal rune network; spells that normally cost huge fees are now covered by local tax dollars.
64-67: The town’s fishing hole is infested with aboleths. Everyone wears tinfoil hats to prevent psychic intrusions.
68-72: The town’s only nice restaurant is run by a mage who enchants the food to taste good but is a terrible host.
73-74: The town is completely deserted. There are no signs of where everyone went or why. Repeat visitors notice that it seems like people do live here--just not when strangers come to town.
75-78: The town has regular 5am marching band practice--in the town square. The general store sells noise-cancelling headphones and earplugs at a premium.
79-83: The mayor has an ongoing vendetta against the local healer because they seem a little too “new age-y,” and won’t allow anyone to go there or give directions to strangers on how to find her.
84-86: The town guard is made up of psionic warriors who have never actually thrown a punch or held a weapon in their lives.
87-90: Everyone in town works for a local factory, lives in company housing, and gets paid in scrip. Absolutely no one questions the ethics or legality of this.
91-93: The townsfolk are constantly bickering and airing each others’ dirty laundry and gossiping to newcomers.
94-98: The town has been overrun by a multi-level-marketing scam selling an anti-fungal cream.
99-100: The population of the town has grown so quickly that the only solution has been to dig underground catacombs to make room for new residents and businesses, but they’re trapped in a legal battle with someone who was living there first.
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venusmage · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
See my pinned post for a link to the commissions page and the queue page (tumblr does not show posts with off-site links in them)
I am comfortable drawing pretty much anything! Fantasy/D&D, Video Games, and Furry are my specialties! Please read through the TOS on kofi and make sure you pick the style of commission you want! I complete commissions in the order they're received. If you have questions about a large commission, a batch of commissions, or something not pictured above - feel free to message me on any of my social media. Twitter is best! Most commissions are posted here! Anthro commissions will be posted to @/hydrapaws!
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thedicepaladin · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vaporwave by AngryCryptidDice on Etsy~
Help support the blog~! ☕
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soufamosa · 5 months ago
Alguns nicksnames pra vcs/Some nicknames for you. :’)
𖣯 ☆̲ ⩇⩇ ⠂🌷🛁 𖦆ׂ bɘ𝗿𝗿𝘆 % 𒄬 ૮₍ ˃̵͈᷄ . ฅ ₎ა
𖣂 ﹕🍏 ▦ s͟ꭐ𝗲ɘt̶ 𝗷𝗲𐐼ꬻ 𒀭 🏐 ꐑꐑ 𓄴
♡̶⠀⋅ 🎀🍴% 𝗹ꪱt̲t̲𝗹ə d𐐫𝗱o ★̶̲  🦴 ⏃  ◗
⩇̲⩇̲ ◗ 🩰 ᰔ 💭 ᯤ̸ ꭑɑ͟𝘁𝘁𝗶ᧉ 𝗍𝗶𝗇𝘆  ⋒ 𒄬  ‹𝟹
𒀭 🕷️ 𓄳 𝗻𝗶𝙽i𝘁ꭎ𝗹𝚒𝗉𝘀 ᯤ̸ 💭 ✹ 𝐈̶̲𝐈̶̲  ⋆ ࣪.
✸  🎀 ◐ 🐮 ⭑ 𝘁𝗶𝗇︭𝘆 𝗯𐐫y̶ ★̶̲ 🏐 ᯤ̸ 𓂃
𐌎 🍎 ⭑ ¡ vɑ͟n𝘁𝗲 𝗹ⱺ︢︣𝘃ᧉs tᧉ𝘁𝗲 ! 𓏔 💭 ◗
ꐑꐑ 📘 % 🧻⭑dɘ꯭𝘁𝗵ɑ͟n 𝗹ͽ𝘃ᧉs 𝗴𐐫𝗼𝗴𝗶𝖾 ᦒ ˵ˊᯅˋ˵
✸ 🦴🎀🐇 ५ 𝚂yd𝗻𝗲𝘆 ૮ ⁄ ⁄ ⁄ ა 𝗰𝗵ɑ꯭ᵰᜒniᧉ ⭒ 𝐈̶̲𝐈̶̲
☆̲ 🧠🦴 ✸  𝘄𝘄w.hɑ͟n𝘀𝗲𝗹.𝗰𐐫̱𝗺 % ˃̵ࡇ˂̵
ᯤ̸ 🌷🦷 ✸ 𝙳𝗮𝗻tᧉ 𝘁࡛𝘂𝗅ι𝗉ׂ𝘀 𖣯 🩰 % ⋆  
𒀭 ᰔ  ◖ 🐰💒 ✸ 𝗰𝘆bɘr 𝗸𝘆u ⋆ ᦒ ›    ꗃ
♡̶ ⋅  ↁ % 🎀🛁 ⋆  𝗳𝗮𝗶𝗋𝗒 ꭑɘ꯭lᦅ𝗱𝘆 ★̶̲  🦴𓂃
૮ – ﻌ–ა ✸  💒 ★̶̲  𝕽𝕺𝗦𝗜𝔼 ᰔ  ◖ 🌷𓂃
✶ ◖🍏 ˓ ִֶָ 𐇲 𝗱𝘆𝗹ɑ͟n ᨑ 𝗽℮𝘁ɑ𝗅𝘀 𓈈 🦷 ⩀
손 ★̶̲ . 🐭🧠 tⱺ︢︣𝗸𝘆𝗼 ୡ hyꭎꬼ𝗷𝗶𝗻 𓈈  ☆★
‣ ⠂📕 ★̲  🧻 % lꭎꬼ𝙽𝗶𝗲 ⋒ 💭 𖦆 ࣪  ▸  
𒄬 🎀 ﹗⩇⩇:⩇⩇ 𖣯 ɑ͟n𝗱𝚈 ‹ 🧸 ᰔ  💭 𖥔
★̶̲ ⛽ ⋒ 💭 𓈈  𝙺ɑ𝗿 ! ꭑ𐐼  ࣪˖  ꐑ 🛁◗  ‹𝟹
★   ⠂🐮🌷 ᯤ̸ ◗  𝘁!𝗇𝘆 𝙻𝗶𐐼ꭑ  ⩇⩇ 𓈈 ⨳
˓  ✹ ִֶָ  ࣪ 🩰🦴 𓊔 ꭑi𝗺𝗶 ꭐᧉ𝗲𝗯 ⋆ ࣪.  𖤘
⩇⩇ ᯤ̸ ◗ 📟  ⬔ hᧉɑ͟𝘁𝗵𝙴𝗿 𝗽ꭐ𝚒𝗻𝗰ᧉ ☆̲ ﹗
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theworldbrewery · 11 months ago
saturday d&d tip: although d&d discourages railroading, sometimes you just need to make the party take a long rest because they’re about to walk into a boss battle with no spell slots. to compromise, consider making the guardians of these areas something the players will find deeply unsettling and creepy, such as:
Swarming Bugs With Too Many Legs
A glittery, levitating white orb with an unidentifiable magic aura
Incel guards
A single, faceless mannequin that eerily resembles a party member
A pair of twins about the age of seven who speak in unison
A serene, elderly woman who knits in her rocking chair, apparently oblivious to the eldritch horrors amongst which she dwells
A friendly gatekeeper who, on closer inspection, is an incredibly lifelike marionette with an unseen controller
These and other options will surely induce paranoia, discomfort, and anxiety in your players, and they are far more likely to second-guess their plan to stroll casually into the next chamber.
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dare-to-dm · 12 days ago
Me arranging plot threads for my D&D campaign
Tumblr media
My players interpreting the plot threads
Tumblr media
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lawfulgoodness · 10 months ago
Do you have a master list of tabletop insider jokes? Everyone I play with is under 30 so a lot of the jokes go over our heads.
I’ve been wanting to do this for forever, but I’m always intimidated by the fact that what I think is a widely known inside joke may just be a running gag in my own close circle. However, I love introducing new people to my hobby, and part of that is introducing them to the “inside baseball” of Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games.  So, here’s a very short list, arranged roughly by date.
I hope my followers & others can include noteworthy additions I may have missed.
Monty Python & the Holy Grail (1975) 
Tumblr media
If your group isn’t quoting this excessively during your gaming sessions, you’re doing it wrong.  Currently available for streaming on Netflix.
Eaten by a grue (1977)
You know you’ve got some graybeards in your group if this reference comes up, but it still sees the light of day in pop culture in the form of Video Game Achievements or old school gaming podcasts.  A grue was a faceless, unseen monster in the video game Zork, from 1977.  When players of the text-based adventure game wandered into a dark area after forgetting they hadn’t turned on a light yet, they would be warned with “You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”  If they persisted, they would be eaten by the undescribed monster.  Some RPGamers picked up the phrase to mean “If we do something the GM doesn’t expect or doesn’t want, we’re sure to be destroyed.”
Info on Wikipedia
Alignment (1977)
Tumblr media
We can all agree at this point that the alignment chart is just a running gag / inside joke, right?  I mean, nobody takes it that seriously, and it’s only brought up when people want a lol, right?   :D
Mazes & Monsters  (1982)
Tumblr media
No overview of Dungeons & Dragons history would be complete without an understanding of the moral & religious panics seen in the late ‘70s and ‘80s over the game. I’m not sure if the religious panic or the secular moral panic came first.  Honestly, I’m not sure they were really all that separate.  But this made-for-TV movie starring a young Tom Hanks relies more on psycho-babble warnings against D&D rather than religious babblilng.  The result is a propaganda film / morality tale that is as unhinged and divorced from reality as “Reefer Madness” or “The Big Bang Theory.”  I don’t know what it is about humans that makes us love the things that hate us (again, see stoners’ love of “Reefer Madness'' or so many nerds’ love of “TBBT”).  But in any case, plenty of gamers love to reference this movie.
“Dark Dungeons” Chick Tract (1984)
Tumblr media
Fortunately, gamers don’t have to worry about misrepresenting the views of those they disagree with on D&D: this religious tract gives plenty of examples of how so many churches completely misunderstood & misrepresented D&D.  The morality tale unfolds in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable.  This was the mentality of the church I grew up in, where Chick Tracts were traded like baseball cards amongst us kids that weren’t allowed mainstream comics (for obvious reasons).  Fortunately, my dad got a hold of them at some point and hit the roof over how biblically & factually inaccurate Chick tracts were, as well as bigoted in numerous ways.  He told me to never read them again, and told the father of the kid that gave me one that he better not let another fall in my hands.  I still appreciate how my dad handled the peddling of this toxic paraphernalia, and many years later I would run an RPG campaign at that same church, with 2 deacons and their children in my campaign.
The tract didn’t become popular with D&D gamers until years later when it migrated onto the internet and became an easy punching bag for other grown-up gamers with unaddressed baggage from this period.
The complete “Dark Dungeons” Chick Tract
“Dark Dungeons” movie, based on the Tract
The Dread Gazebo (1987)
Tumblr media
I’ve posted about the “Dead Gazebo” before.  It’s one of those inside jokes that everybody in the D&D/RPG community is supposed to know, but that makes it really hard to actually learn.  Everyone references it, but nobody actually tells the original story.  I played D&D for years before I got up the nerve to ask why everyone made jokes about gazebos.
Here’s a link to the original story.
The story about the story.
GURPS Cyberpunk (1990)
Tumblr media
More of a funny RPG anecdote than an “Inside Joke,” in 1990, Steve Jackson Games (SJG) was raided by the Secret Service and notes for the manuscript for their Cyberpunk RPG source book were confiscated.  While the origin of the raid was actually due to online activities of one of its employees (Loyd Blankenship, author of “The Hacker Manifesto”), the general media & popular culture created a story where the Secret Service were foolish enough to think this game book was a “handbook for hacking.”  With Shadowrun already firmly fixed in the mind of the RPGamer community, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine some dopey Deputy Dogood not knowing the difference between rolling some dice over cold pizza and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.  The story took off from there, with GURPS Cyberpunk sadly getting more attention as a black eye on Law Enforcement's ability to handle electronic crime than as the valuable resource for gamers interested in “Hi-Tech Lowlife” RPGs.
Info on Wikipedia
Dead Alewives’ “Dungeons & Dragons” sketch (1996)
Tumblr media
This audio recording from the Wisconsin-based comedy group was spliced together with lots of different late-’90s web animations.  The lines “I attack the darkness!” or “Roll a dice to see if I’m getting drunk!” are regularly repeated in any group familiar with the sketch (that hasn’t systematically banned them for overuse.)  The sketch claims to be about the “dangers” of dungeons and dragons, while demonstrating just how harmless it is.  It appeared on the album “Take Down the Grandmaster.”  (Fun fact:  Dan Harmon is an alum of Dead Alewives.)
Audio clip only
8Bit Theater version
(Pictured Above) Adapted by video game studio Volition, Inc using characters from the game Summoner
Swordchucks (2001)
Tumblr media
While 8Bit Theater concluded over a decade ago, it’s mashup of Final Fantasy sprites and D&D tropes had a huge impact on me & my gaming group, and I suspect a lot of others playing at that time.  While I won’t try to reduce a 10-year storyline into a catchphrase, the most lasting “meme” from the series is undoubtedly “Swordchucks, yo!”
The initial Swordchucks episode
8Bit Theater’s first comic
Fear of Girls (2007)
Tumblr media
With a name like “Fear of Girls,” you know this early webisode did not age well.  Still though, this extremely quotable clip is full of the best & worst of gamer tropes.  It came out when the “mockumentary” style of comedy was still young & fresh, and purported to be a documentary on the lives of those individuals that are obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons.  It catalogued the antics of two “elite” gamers / LARPers man-children and their daily antics.  The following episodes aren’t quite as funny as the initial pilot, but the series is still worth a laugh for those that don’t hate cringe humor.  It is the reason I still refer to my best friend (and the one responsible for introducing me to RPGs) as my “Platonic Life Partner,” and why my wife will exclaim, “Heey!  I need yer coopon!” in a midwest accent whenever I order pizza for our gaming group.
Fear of Girls, Episode 1 on YouTube
The Peasant Railgun (2008)
Tumblr media
This little piece of absurdity showed up on 1d4chan as a way to manipulate the rules of 3.x D&D to the amusement of players & frustration of GMs. 
I’ve posted about it before.
Source on 1d4Chan
Well Tumblr?  What else you got?
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cluelesshero · a month ago
Tumblr media
#340 Clothless Hero
No time for dressing rooms!!! Facebook | Instagram | Shop
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thedicepaladin · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Layered Rainbow Bingsu by DeadEyeDice on Etsy
They’re a very nice seller, I definitely plan on getting more of their stuff in the future~!
Help support the blog~! ☕
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Tumblr media
Look at this cool commission I got from @marylovesyellow !
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dr-archeville · 10 months ago
Coyote and Crow
Kickstarter Coming Soon…
Our Kickstarter Preview Is Live And You Can Sign Up For Notifications:
A sci-fi and fantasy tabletop role playing game set in a First Nations alternate future where colonization never happened.  This game is being created and lead by an all Native team.  For more information, please check out the Development Blog.  To get in touch with Connor Alexander, the project lead and owner, please use the Contact Page.
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