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so1987 · 2 days ago
those posts that go “it’s just about tolerating weird kids, it’s not about who has adhd/autism” don’t help the problem that neurodivergent people are often put in a position where they don’t know that they are being weird and would stop if you told them that it was inappropriate.
it IS about neurodiversity. it’s about adapting to the way people with disabilities and differences learn and socialize and not correcting mistakes based on punishment. it’s about encouraging people of all ages, abilities, and genders the “mothering” approach young girls often take naturally with neurodivergent kids.
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clowntv · 8 months ago
yeah having rsd sucks and people say shit that shouldnt hurt my feelings but does anyway all the dang time but an important thing that i had to learn was that just because someone hurt my feelings doesn't mean they meant to or even know that they had the ability to hurt my feelings, and i really need to evaluate a situation before my rsd causes me to hold an unnecessary grudge. yes its not unreasonable to ask the people i spend time with to be considerate of my adhd + rsd but i shouldn't be making others feel bad just because my brain always wants to interpret everything as negative, and a certain degree of self awareness is a great thing for both parties.
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lizluvscupcakes · 9 months ago
This is a Pass Post
If you see this post, you have a pass (therefore you are permitted) to not reblog anything you don’t want to reblog
No social issues, no political stuff, no nothing
You are allowed to scroll by no matter how many reblogs there are insisting you are a bad person if you do. You have a pass, they do not apply to you.
You are permitted to not think about donation pools you can’t afford to contribute to, no matter how far from their goal they are. You are allowed to put them out of mind.
You are permitted to take a break from any conversations that are stressing you out, any discourse you are involved in, any cancellations you’re being subjected to, this post gives you a pass to look away.
And you are allowed, implored to reblog this, so other people have permission to break whatever tumblr “good person rules” they need to break for their own mental well-being.
Because see, you could do these things already.
What you needed was permission.
And now, you have a pass, so you can pass it on.
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adhdtho · 5 months ago
a few of my adhd symptoms and experiences as john mulaney quotes because ?? yes ??
1) RSD
Tumblr media
2) Executive dysfunction or “I’m Going To Do This”
Tumblr media
3) Infodumping
Tumblr media
4) Having trouble sitting alone with nothing to do because it will make me overthink myself into a bad mood
Tumblr media
5) Extreme impatience
Tumblr media
6) Auditory processing issues
Tumblr media
7) Emotional dysregulation
Tumblr media
8) Impulsivity
Tumblr media
9) Memory loss, misplacing things, just forgetting everything man
Tumblr media
10) And last but not least the great experience of telling someone you have ADHD but they have no idea what the disorder really means so all they hear is:
Tumblr media
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mere-cant-focus · a year ago
things that i Didn’t Realize throughout my 15 years of life were adhd related: a novel
feel free to add on 😼
apparently not everyone just hums or sings to themselves constantly?? to the point where they annoy everyone around them but can’t stop themselves??? yeah that’s vocal stimming
getting unnecessarily angry or sad,, who knew huge mood swings were from my adhd hell brain
being brain dead all day until it’s bedtime and suddenly you’re kept awake for hours by thoughts and you’re somehow far more productive at 1am than the rest of the day
not being able to pull yourself away from an activity and if you do you think about it constantly until you start doing it again
forgetting to eat,, sometimes it’s like mid afternoon and i Realize,, i didn’t have lunch
but on the flip side eating the same thing every. single. day. u can’t not eat it. i’ve had the same like 3 things for lunch since i was like 5
mental stims??? could be like earworms, quotes, repeating a phrase while u walk,,,
unable to estimate measurements like speed, distance,,, it’s kind of weird but a lot of people i know w adhd seem to struggle with this too??
everyone knows time blindness but trash blindness?? when there’s a mess i am just 👩‍🦯👩‍🦯
brain shutdown after a certain time. this is the wildest thing, like if i need to do something but haven’t done it before a certain time, i’ll just think “well it’s too late now” when there is absolutely enough time
associating work with school and rest with home. this is the reason why i struggle with online school and homework, because my brain is in “work mode” and does just fine in school but as soon as i get home all motivation for any type of schoolwork is gone
i have no idea if these are common “adhd culture things” but these are experiences that me and a lot of other people i talk to w adhd share 😔
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Tumblr media
(Reads; Having both autism and ADHD is a trip because I'm not supposed to be able to understand differences in tone and mood but because of RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria) I'm actually hypersensitive to it and notice if your tone is even slightly off)
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winterserpent · 28 days ago
To every neurodivergent person who needs to hear this,
if you've learned growing up that people cannot like you but only tolerate you
that is a fucking lie.
You've been misunderstood and thus mistreated and that is not your fault.
"No one really likes me, they just tolerate me"
Stop that.
You are loved.
Stop telling yourself otherwise.
You are worth loving and you deserve to be loved
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ablednt · a year ago
RSD check
Your friends don't secretly hate you
You're not a bad person for things you did and said months or years ago that you now recognize as bad
You aren't cringe for being excited about things
You don't talk too much
If you feel sick from intrusive thoughts/rsd please sip on some water, get a blanket or plush to cuddle, put on some music or a video that makes you feel happy
You are loved <3
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so1987 · a month ago
maybe rejection sensitive dysphoria isn’t just personal rejection..
when you try really hard and it doesn’t work…… thats rejection.
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catnippackets · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
this is what having rejection sensitive dysphoria feels like
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adhd-vibes · 4 months ago
someone: talks to me with a slight tone
my brain:
Tumblr media
[ID: The “it’s free real estate” meme, edited to say, “It’s free RSD”. End ID.]
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Here's a reminder that setting boundaries for yourself is important and you don't need to feel guilty about it.
And a reminder that if someone sets a boundary for you, please respect it! You might have a response due to trauma, like RSD, that tells you that when someone sets a normal boundary they're calling you a bad person or rejecting you. Remember that they aren't. They're not rejecting you. They're not insulting you. They're simply setting a boundary for themself. It's okay to feel bad, but don't guilt them about it. It's okay to ask them for reassurance that they don't hate you, but not to guilt trip them anything like "sorry ahhh I'm an absolutely horrible person I'm terrible I'm terrible" (lol). Promise to respect the boundary and then respect it.
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justlgbtthings · 8 months ago
I take criticism so poorly lmao. somehow I keep forgetting that I'm not always wrong and the people criticizing me aren't all-knowing and always right. like every time someone says something mean or harsh, I'm like. oh no. I have made a devastating error. how could I be so foolishly mistaken. I have never done anything correctly in my life. I am terrible. I shall never speak again. but in reality, that's just some random person's opinion. and I am a free person, allowed to dismiss it. I am right sometimes. that's not to say I can be dismissive of every remark, especially if it's meant to be constructive, but. I don't have to take everything to heart. some asshole on the internet saying rude things to me with minimal information about me doesn't matter.
so this one goes out to all the ADHDers and autistics with rejection sensitive dysphoria. you're not always wrong. your thoughts and feelings matter, and you're entitled to them.
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