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Interesting!!! And no, it’s not your fault, I’m not angry at you but medical professionals in general. I’m just angry at what they continue to ignore and thinking about it makes me triggered qwq.

And I see, when I do talk about RSD, I do mean specifically ADHD, so I’m sorry if that was understood to be what I thought. And I didn’t know it was a symptom of other disorders specifically.

And yeah, I apologise for my intensity, but thinking about medical professionals like that actually triggers me n my rsd egfvcbcvcvcbcbfbcbcbcbvbc

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oh no, im gonna punch the medical community dammit.

fuck i didn’t know this ah shit. Oh well. I mean like- it’s more like a symptom of ADHD. And ??? Idk??? Heck.

I don’t think even most of the ADHD community knows this as it is a generally accepted term in the community. You tend to see a lot bigger blogs use this term as well??

Like damn, medical community get on the research or face my wrath.

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I’ve had the RSD long enough that I can hide it, and that’s the issue. Someone will make a joke that is just supposed to poke fun at me and it stings. Like it hurts because they hit on something I’m insecure about. But I just laugh it off, so they think I’m fine with it, and make fun of it more. And it physically hurts but I’m so used to it that I’m good at acting like it doesn’t. Just because something doesn’t seem to bother someone, doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother them.

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Hey it’s me, Suzy! These are my two oldest #goda (granddaughters of Deaf adult) & they know the safe thing to do this year is to stay home. So they want to have some fun sharing with you, the ASL signs FOR “Happy Halloween”
.#asl #americansignlanguage #deafandproud #signlanguage #deaf #hoh #hearingaids #deafgain #deafcan #deafcreator #access #youtubecreator #tiktokcreator #trubiz #chronicillness #rsd #cholesteatoma #chiari #eds #painwarrior #deafcommunity #deafpride #chronicillness #rarediseases #pacemaker #crps #aslkids #goda #halloween

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last year, i realized that after several attempts, i simply wasn’t well enough to live on my own. i wasn’t eating a nutritious diet, i was getting poor sleep, and despite my small apartments, i couldn’t keep up with the maintenance of it. i self-medicated a lot with weed, often it was the only way i could bring myself to clean house. money was very, very tight.

now, i’m starting to realize how much of that was untreated adhd, untreated anxiety, untreated mental illness

i want to take a sec to acknowledge just how far i’ve come this past year, all the steps i’ve been able to take because of the help of people who love me and value me extra for the times i struggled to value myself

this year, i:

* got a friend to help take me to the hospital before i convinced myself i was “fine” again (until the next wave of anxiety attacks)

* went back to therapy when economic relief money made me richer than i had ever been at one time (and that’s fucked up)

* sought out diagnosis and help for adhd, which i had suspected for nearly a decade and was too afraid to face

* got myself on meds for it all: depression, anxiety, adhd

all of that got me to where i am today. meds have helped me to stabilize myself so that i could work on my shit without being so weighed down by dysfunction

of course there’s still a long road left ahead (life is a hella long road, no?) but i’ve leveled up, upgraded my armour, sharpened my sword, and i’m ready to go another ten rounds armed with so many more strategies than i had before

and if you’ve made it this far down, congrats xD pat yourself on the back

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wow i really do feel like nobody cares about me anymore lol

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@neaturnal Sorry, I had missed this question! RSD stands for ‘Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria’ and it is a term used to describe the extreme emotions and hurt that ADHD people may feel when they perceive that they are being rejected or criticized (whether they actually are or not). I’ve also read some theories that believe RSD to be Complex PTSD, as a reaction to the way the ADHD person has been treated in the past due to their expression of ADHD traits.

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rsd is shit because someone can tell me One (1) thing pertaining to my grades or hygiene or health or anythign relating to me and i will not only take it personally but i will also want to Die because of it

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Hey it’s me, Suzy! I have long, dark hair & brown eyes. I’m wearing burgundy shirt & im on left side of a duet with @cargo_shorts_dad and he was telling us about his daughter who is Deaf -and so I duet him and followed them!
….#asl #americansignlanguage #deafandproud #signlanguage #deaf #hoh #hearingaids #deaftalent #deafgain #deafcan #deafcreator #access #youtubecreator #tiktokcreator #trubiz #chronicillness #rsd #cholesteatoma #chiari #eds #painwarrior #deafcommunity #deafculture #deafawareness #deafpride #deafie #chronicillness #rarediseases #pacemaker #crps #tiktokcreator

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Hey it’s me, Suzy! I have long, dark hair & brown eyes. I’m wearing coral color criss cross tank top. I’m sharing few more ASL Halloween signs. There are more ASL lesson videos on my YouTube at: ASLSuzyQ) **Also, Tiktok chose a song for this video (“This is Halloween”)
.#asl #americansignlanguage #deafandproud #signlanguage #deaf #hoh #hearingaids #deaftalent #deafgain #deafcan #deafcreator #access #youtubecreator #tiktokcreator #trubiz #chronicillness #rsd #cholesteatoma #chiari #eds #painwarrior #deafcommunity #deafculture #chronicillness #rarediseases #pacemaker #crps #asllesson #aslteach #halloweenasl

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come january im moving from portland to san diego. i feel like i have gained access to a healthier sense of self, but its scary to me to know this will probably be the last “new start” for me, as i know my gf wants to root in san diego for her family. i fear i wont be able to reconnect, and form new friendships in california. im thinking, what can i do to be close and open and comfortable enough to.. hang out with people?

i feel wholly scared. idk how to even text without anxiety, or engage. socializing *independently- rarely brings me pleasure. i want to get through this and be a whole ass person when i move :/

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