kiwimercury 2 days ago
the rsd when they don鈥檛 match your energy hits different 馃槥
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shorteststory 5 months ago
I'm sorry I've been gone. Here's me trying to find my way back.聽In November I got an ADHD diagnosis that was 30 years overdue. I've been unpacking thoughts on ADHD, rejection sensitivity and friendship fails.
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justlgbtthings 9 months ago
why autistic/adhd people may not ask for help
i鈥檓 not sure where to start and i don鈥檛 even know what questions to ask that would help me understand any of this
i want to ask you but i鈥檓 deathly afraid that you will hate my guts and resent me forever
i feel stupid and embarrassed for not knowing/understanding this
i wasn鈥檛 paying attention/i zoned out/you were talking too fast while going over this
鈥渙h my god are you serious? it鈥檚 obvious, weren鈥檛 you paying any attention?鈥 thanks for confirming i鈥檓 as stupid as i feel, appreciate it
i forgot about this deadline and i should鈥檝e done it sooner but now it鈥檚 too late and awkward to say anything
your criticism will cast me into despair
i have no idea how to articulate my concerns so i will sit here silently until i can
i feel horrible about not doing it and not asking you initially and so i鈥檓 avoiding talking about it in the hopes that i will miraculously and suddenly understand it instead of doing the walk of shame to your office and risking the chance that i鈥檒l piss you off and ruin your night
i鈥檓 working up the confidence to ask you
i鈥檓 formulating in my head a way to ask that doesn鈥檛 make me sound like i didn鈥檛 care enough to do it sooner, and that i actually have the willingness to do it, and that doesn鈥檛 place any blame on anyone except maybe me
autistic/adhd people feel free to add on! obviously this will vary from person to person, but this is my personal experience as an autistic and adhd person. if you鈥檙e neurotypical, please don鈥檛 try to offer tips for how to get around this because i can almost guarantee it will not be helpful :)
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n0isemaker 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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strangerthanyou011 3 months ago
being neurodivergent is all fun and games until someone is slightly critical of you and you suddenly feel physically ill
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positivelyadhd 3 months ago
learning how to handle rejection is so important, especially with rsd. because as scary as it can be, rejection is a part of life and spending your time running away from it will do more long term damage than experiencing and learning how to experience rejection in the short term.
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justseveralowls a month ago
Message of the day:
You do not need to be beautiful to justify your existence, you do not need to productive to justify your existence, you do not need to be useful to justify your existence. You are allowed to just be, you deserve to take up space and experience the world, no strings attached.
You are valuable just as you are in this moment, and you always have been, you do not need to prove your worth or perform a role to exist in this world. You are you, you are human, and that is enough.
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desultory-suggestions 9 months ago
Have you ever been annoying? Yeah me too! And that鈥檚 okay, because we鈥檙e human and humans are annoying sometimes.聽
We have a whole lot of feelings and thoughts, and sometimes they don鈥檛 line up quite right with the people around us.聽
You are not a bad person because you have been annoying. You still deserve love, you still have people who adore you.
Remember that you are just a person, and while you鈥檝e probably been annoying you鈥檝e also made people happy, comfortable, confident, and wanted.聽
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ghostonly 4 months ago
One of my favorite scenes in the entirety of Our Flag Means Death is when Ed is in the dining room with the fancy assholes because, let me back up
ADHD/autism pairings are literally my lifeblood and whether it was intended in writing or not, these two are a very very good example of that. Stede is written very much autistic and Ed is a perfect and shining example of ADHD and I love it
And the thing about this episode is it's a terrible but accurate trope where one character is completely overshadowed by the other, and the way Ed suddenly lit up and became the life of the party, he made Stede feel invisible and pathetic because Stede has been trying so desperately his entire life to follow all of the rules that his allistic peers have laid out for him, and then Ed shows up to a fancy event for the first time in his life and everybody loves him, and Ed gets fucking drunk on the social approval.
It's such an accurate portrayal of when people like you and you have ADHD that it hurts. The dopamine from social acceptance made him completely blind to Stede's feelings the entire night, but that's not why it's painfully accurate. That's not why I love this scene.
I love this scene because, just like is the reality for so many people with ADHD, the social approval only lasts as long as Ed is being funny and making a show for people. And the second he sits down and tries to actually do something in earnest, to use all this fancy silverware and eat this fancy food, the show is over, but they're still laughing, and he realizes that his value to them is as entertainment only. And he looks to his side and suddenly the dopamine high is gone and Stede is not there.
His anchor is gone.
And he completely unravels.
He was never better at fitting in than Stede. He was just better at laughing with them and playing along like the things that they found funny were meant to be. But the thing about ADHD is that, in that moment, the high of the social approval is so strong that it convinces you, too, that you're really doing something spectacular.
And when he suddenly realizes that he's out of his depth - when the high has worn off - he realizes that he's the joke. And the RSD hits him.
You can see it in his face - the devastation and the panic. And he loses his composure and he yells.
And I was fully prepared for him to make good on his threats and kill every last one of them. Because that's what most TV writers would have done.
This is my favorite scene because I finally saw a writer accurately portray someone having an RSD breakdown without using humiliation as an excuse for sensationalism.
He didn't kill them, he fled. Because he wasn't murderous or enraged,
his heart was fucking broken.
The look on his face when he finds Stede. This man is on the verge of fucking tears and only then does he finally pull out his gun and start fiddling around with it, because it's the only way he can distract himself from the onslaught of emotions he's trying to swallow
And then Stede goes and does his thing, because nobody hurts his boyfriend like that
So anyway I'm not crying or anything
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castiel-has-bees a year ago
One time in 3rd grade I zoned out and I don't think I've ever zoned back in
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bridgeoverstrawberryfields a month ago
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How I wish more people understood this.
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notabled-noodle 20 days ago
worst feeling has to be when you excitedly tell someone something and they just go 鈥渙h. okay鈥 as if it doesn鈥檛 matter at all
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clowniconography a year ago
yeah having rsd sucks and people say shit that shouldnt hurt my feelings but does anyway all the dang time but an important thing that i had to learn was that just because someone hurt my feelings doesn't mean they meant to or even know that they had the ability to hurt my feelings, and i really need to evaluate a situation before my rsd causes me to hold an unnecessary grudge. yes its not unreasonable to ask the people i spend time with to be considerate of my adhd + rsd but i shouldn't be making others feel bad just because my brain always wants to interpret everything as negative, and a certain degree of self awareness is a great thing for both parties.
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lucisadventures 3 months ago
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Stole these from random ig pages hope it helps
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art-of-mathematics 4 months ago
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Credit: NeuroClastic
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tfw-adhd a year ago
Tumblr media
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positivelyadhd 2 months ago
people really aren't wrong when they tell you to only focus on what you can control.
if someone is determined to misinterpret what you're saying or make unkind comments that is a problem for them, not you.
you can't control what other people do or say but you can control how you react to them. sometimes when people are being unkind they don't deserve a reaction at all
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