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#rtx at home

Well the RTX rave is… it feels wrong calling a rave relaxing but like it is.

I just enjoy the excuse to listen to music even though I know almost none of it. Goes in one ear and out the other but I appreciate that

I’ve known two songs so far. More than I expected tbh. And yes I am keeping a count.

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Was I disappointed in the RTX RWBY Panel? Yeah, but there was some good news that came out of it. Namely the announcement of the Pop Up Parade and Nedoroids (meaning RWBY will FINALLY have figures that looks halfway decent) and the Wayforward/ArcSys game (which SHOULD be a fighting game, but Im sure it will platformer or something). 

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the fact that KARA of all people brought up the fact that yang’s boobs would be good hand holds (while riding on the back of yang’s motorcycle) has me SHRIEKING. like barb i would totally expect it from. same with lindsay to an extent. but KARA???? like i get that arryn didn’t bc she’s more of the “reactionary” one where she just tends to be Generally Mortified at the things her friends say, but like….. kara just going for it like that. “yang’s boobs are good hand holds” just THREW ME. sent me into fucking SPACE. like hELLO?????

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Qrow and Winter weren’t in the V8 trailer…

They were last seen either arrested with an unstable mental state or left alone severely injured while questioning their decisions and life purpose…


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