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#ruby rose
pilot-boi · 20 hours ago
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Saw people messing around with THIS program, so I decided to try my hand at it
So here’s RWBYJNPR
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hotbabesinupskirts · 2 days ago
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hamliet · 20 hours ago
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When you really, really don’t want to focus on life, you and @aspoonofsugar​ use the wombo app to create RWBY character fantasy art. 
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rwbybutincorrect · 22 hours ago
Ruby: What pronouns do you use please? 
Cinder: Not my problem. Figure it out.
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moistmailman · 2 days ago
*in the middle of the night*
Pyrrha, in bed: Zzzzzzzz
Ruby: *shakes her*
Pyrrha, groggily: Huh, Wha– *yawn* what?
Ruby: Cookies are done.
Pyrrha: What?
Ruby, with a tray of freshly baked cookies: I made cookies. I made peanutbutter, walnuts, and chocolate chips. Want one?
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fillmargarin · a day ago
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Someone should teach Yang how to knock
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thepalestrose · a day ago
Weiss: What are you doing?
Ruby, laying on the floor: Stargazing.
Weiss: Why are there pictures of me taped to the ceiling?
Ruby: The stars are beautiful tonight.
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tupayapsina · 2 days ago
Weiss: Gods, I hope she thinks I'm cool
Ruby: Who?
Weiss: The dog on the other side of the road
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jaune-arc-the-stud-king · 16 hours ago
Jaune to Ruby:
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 2 days ago
Ruby: My old outfit turned you on?
Jaune: You mean the short skirt with the tight corset which shoved your chest out? No. I don't remember it at all.
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anika-art · a day ago
Estaba practicando dibujar manos y aprovechando, quise hacer algo sobre mi ship favorito en RWBY >u<
Imaginaba un momento en que Ruby y Weiss se comprometían y esto salió ❤️
Tumblr media
I was practicing hands drawing and also wanted to do something about my favorite RWBY ship >u<
I was imagining a moment where Ruby and Weiss got engaged and turned out in this pic ❤️
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gorillageek27 · a day ago
Jaune and weiss making out
Weiss: did you bring protection?
Jaune: oh yeah.
Wby and nr bust in*
Yang: fuck her right in the pussy!
(If you remember this vine, then congrat you get a cookie)
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
It’s literally dark by 4pm. Do you think that’s good for me? Do you think I am loving that
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yangsorangescarf · a day ago
Weird RWBY Headcanons that make no sense pt.2
Note: Still in my happy little land of “Nothing Bad Ever Happened” because I am in denial during hiatuses. This one is kind of long, my bad.
Jaune played softball (yes, softball. no, not baseball.). He was really good at it too. His mom still has pictures of him from every year he was on the team. They’re all on the fridge at his family’s home.
Jaune’s sisters got him into Taylor Swift at a young age, and he still listens to her as a guilty pleasure.
Ruby’s a skater kid. She got rusty when she went to Beacon due to getting swamped down by work, but she used to be “One of the best,” according to Yang at least. She used to scare the hell out of Qrow and Tai, because she would come home covered in scrapes and bruises, but what could they do? Say no to her? To Ruby? Yeah, that wasn’t happening.
Weiss will say some of the most out of pocket stuff without thinking about it and then immediately regret it. The thing is that the severity of the comments are inconsistent.
So sometimes she’ll say the most spoiled rich kid stuff, like, “Why can’t they just buy a new one?” before getting a side eye look from Blake and correcting herself and pointing out how the comment was insensitive.
Other times it’ll just be stuff where you question where it came from, like, there’s dead silence then Weiss just says, “If you think about it, Dante’s Inferno is just Bible fanfic.” And then nobody knows what to do with that, so they just stay silent, which ultimately leads to Weiss quietly apologizing and everyone telling her she doesn’t need to.
Or, she’ll say stuff like, “Yeah, I think my dad hit me once,” then get the saddest looks from Yang, Blake, and Ruby, and follow it up with, “Oh, I said something sad again, didn’t I?” and getting slow, concerned nods in return.
There are a lot of mumbled apologies from Weiss because of this, which means there’s also a lot of Ruby, Blake, and Yang panicking and telling her it’s not necessary.
Similarly, Nora will occasionally just drop the wisest or deepest things anyone’s every heard, just out of nowhere. Like, someone will be talking about life and then Nora will just chime in with, “Yeah, that’s the crazy thing about life. It’s very big and you’re very small, and ultimately when you die the world will continue on without you, but also in a sense, it won’t. There’s a strange beauty to it. A weird mixture of grief and survival,” and everybody will just sit slack-jawed and questioning their perception of her until right after she goes, “Can I just call potatoes pre-fries?”
There’s a running joke about Ren being the best wife/husband (they’re used interchangeably). He’ll make flower crowns, cook breakfast, do household chores, etc. This ends up confusing the hell out of the rest of the school for a moment because RWBY, JNP_, Sun, and Neptune are all calling Ren their husband/wife, and nobody can figure out who’s actually dating Ren.
Adding onto that, it is a known fact around the school that, at this point, nobody asks who’s dating who when it comes to RWBY, JNPR, Sun, and Neptune, they’re all just weirdly close and everyone just accepts it.
One time, Yang made a joke about starting a band with Jaune and Sun and calling it The Blondies 3.0. Then, Jaune asked why 3.0 instead of 2.0, which Sun responded to with “So we can kick one out and then rebrand.” Soon there was a whole plot line on what albums they would make, how the break up would go, who would get kicked out, there was even a plan for a failed comeback. The only that stopped them was Blake and Pyrrha.
Ilia’s an astronomy nerd. I know we know, like, nothing about her parents, but I like to think that’s where it came from. Like, they used to teach her about the stars and the universe, and after they died Ilia just kind of held onto to it, because it was all she had left of her parents. She’s not super into astrology, though she does know the constellations and their stories. (Blake is kind of the astrology to Ilia’s astronomy)
Kids and stray animals love Ilia, and she has no idea why. Like, kids will just kind of follow her around and hug her ankles and ask her to tell them stories about the constellations or the White Fang, and she will. And stray animals will come up and give puppy eyes, then suddenly she’s buying dog treats. The kids and the animals know why they love her, but she’s got no clue.
I like to think Ilia is very similar to Qrow in a couple of aspects, specifically love language type stuff. Like, when you do something stupid, she will call you an idiot for it and she will never let you live it down, but she’ll also check to make sure you’re ok and not physically injured in some way. She’s also a nickname collector, and has one for everybody (except for Penny and a few other because they very seriously requested that she stop, which she respects).
Multiple guys have tried to trip up Pyrrha when it comes to her mythology knowledge, since a lot of her actions allude to Achilles. They fail miserably every time due to the fact that Pyrrha just genuinely does enjoy fairytales and mythology. Occasionally, RWBY, JNR, Sun, or Neptune will just ask her about it just so she can talk about it because it makes her happy.
A lot of people in the White Fang had little to no education when it came to Grimm, so there are nicknames for different Grimm. (Ex. Beowolves = Hellhounds, Boarbatusk = Demon Hogs, Lancers = Steroid Wasps, Death Stalkers = Big Boy/Ole Crawlers, etc.)
Vacuo is pretty similar due to their isolation. So, Ilia, Blake, and Sun will talk about Grimm using nicknames, and nobody will know what their talking about.
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tupayapsina · 2 days ago
Weiss: If we die, I'm going to spend the rest of our afterlife reminding you that this was all your fault
Ruby: That's cool, I wouldn't mind having company while being a ghost
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ask-beacons-finest · 18 hours ago
Ruby, stepping into the kitchen with a groan: I think the space heater in our room is broken.
Blake, leaning against the counter with a mug of tea in her hands, sighs: Guess Yang'll be stuck in the middle tonight.
Weiss, sitting at the kitchen island, speaking without looking away from her scroll: We'll just take the one in Parsley's room. At least for tonight.
Ruby, pouring herself a cup of coffee: But won't she need it? We can't let the poor girl freeze.
Weiss, shaking her head, still absorbed in her reading: No no, I told her she can stay the night at Beacon, with Alder.
Blake, gasping and nearly choking on her tea: IN HIS DORM? ALONE?
Weiss, finally laying her scroll down, giving Blake a stern look: Yes. In his team's dorm. With his team.
Ruby, stuttering before finally blurting out: W-Well what if they all decide to go out and Alder just so happens to want to stay in?!? With her??? Alone!?
Weiss, crossing her arms and leaning back: Oh please. For starters, Parsley and Alder are both trustworthy kids, not to mention mature enough to do anything safely IF they decide to do something. The two of you are getting excited over nothing. For two...I'm sorry, but really? The two of you getting up in arms about this?
Blake: What's that supposed to mean?!
Ruby: Yeah!
Weiss, rubbing her eyes: Sun Wukong. Jaune Arc.
Blake: ...
Ruby: ...
Blake: Touché.
Ruby: Yeah that's fair.
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strawberrypincushion · 8 months ago
I am not immune to the trope of "character overextends themselves in a bout of god-like power and immediately passes out afterwards".
Bonus points if they do a superhero landing and / or crack a one liner before collapsing.
Double bonus points if right before they collapse into a puddle the last thing they see is their friends / love interest sprinting towards them at high velocity.
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wu-sisyphus-gang · a day ago
Memes on Ruby's scroll:
Tumblr media
Memes on Weiss's scroll:
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Memes on Jaune's scroll:
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