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Blake: Do you ever regret marrying Ruby?

Weiss: Lately she’s decided the best way to let me know she wants a kiss is to t-pose in front of me until I kiss her, so that’s the closest I’ve come.

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I was listening to red like roses part 2 when I saw the lyrics and realized that it basically retold the story of Salem

Which means that even back then they knew what her deal was

In fact there are older rwby songs that secretly display information about things, even the song time to say goodbye has some elements of future events

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Ruby saw them every morning. The scarlet eyes for which she was named. Her only inheritance from the woman who gave birth to her. The woman who abandoned her. The woman who was anything to her but her mother.

Ruby Xiao-Long was determined to chart her own path beyond the shadow of Raven Branwen. But with a time of peace coming to an end, and fate shifting with every flap of a butterfly’s wings, the path of mother and daughter may yet intertwine. Only time will say if it shall be as allies or foes.


Chapter 6:

Team JSPR lags behind Team BYRN, under the capable leadership of Bella Ebony. But is the enigmatic girl’s authority truly as unquestioned as it seems?

Weiss approaches Professor Peach with concerns about her team leader’s competence. Ruby can’t help but wonder if Team JSPR is already doomed to repeat the mistakes of STRQ.

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Tai: Oh god no! What have you done?!

Yang: Legend of Korra obviously!

Ruby: Uhh, I think you mean The Last Airbender. Cause that one is the shit.

Yang: Korra. Was. Better. Or do you wanna go?

Ruby: Bring it bitch.

Yang and Ruby: *very loud debate about ATLA and LoK*

Tai: Uuuuuuggggghhhhh! They’re gonna be like this for hours now! Thanks a lot.

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Modern Criminal AU


- They all met through college. Summer managed to get through high school somehow and thought she’d put herself through more suffering by going to college. Tai’s mom would beat his ass if he didn’t go to college. The Branwen twins honestly just went so they could try to figure out what to do with their lives.

- When Raven saw Summer for the first time, she actually gasped at how beautiful she was.

- The other Branwen twin also has a crush. Qrow has his eye on his pretty history professor, Ozpin.

- They all go to the library to study. They pass by each other and see one another. Eventually, they became acquainted and started hanging out.

- They also get close with one of their professors. STRQ and Ozpin get pretty close to the point they all consider themselves friends.

- One day, the group was heading to Ozpin’s house. By accident, they find the entrance to a secret bunker.

Sooo…” Summer whistled. “Who wants to go in first?”

Qrow, Raven, and Tai all turned to her. The Branwen Twins wore blank expressions, and Tai shrugged but still looked at her.

She gasped, “Betrayal!”

Qrow said, “You’re the only white one here. You’ll be fine. Go.” He gestured to the entrance on the floor.

Summer shook her head rapidly. “But I’m not straight! Gay characters always die in horror movies.”

Raven muttered, “Not wrong.” She thought for a moment. “What about the only straight one here?”

They all turned to Tai.

“Oh, that’s fucked up,” Tai grumbled.

“You’re male and straight,” Qrow explained. “You have more privilege than us. You’ll survive.” He then quickly murmured, “Probably.”

Tai glared at him. He took a deep breath and opened the door attached to the floor. He stepped onto the stairs and slowly walked down them.

It went silent. The only sound was the creaking of the old, wooden steps. Summer and Raven both exchanged an anxious look. Qrow gulped as he watched Tai reach the last step.

Tai paused when he stepped onto the concrete ground. He turned around and waved his hand at the others. He gave them a thumbs-up.

They walked down the stairs. They held their breath and listened for any noise.

It was dark, but they could see a faint light behind a wall a few yards away from them. Qrow reached for the wall. It was rough and rugged. He searched for a light switch. Eventually, he found it. He flipped it. The light shined and reached every corner of the room.

Tai said, flabbergasted, “Oh, my god.”

“Holy shit,” Raven muttered under her breath.

Summer remained silent, but Qrow could see her covering her mouth.

Qrow turned around to see what they were talking about. He softly gasped when he saw the walls covered with guns and knives. Papers were scattered on a desk. First aid kits were hidden in the corner. Outfits and wigs used for disguises were on racks on the side.

Qrow heard the cock of a gun. He gulped. He turned around, slow and easy. There stood his professor with a handgun. His eyes were tense. His finger rested on the trigger, ready to shoot.

“Oz?” asked Qrow. He stepped back. His eyes moved to Ozpin’s face, to the gun, and back to Ozpin.

Ozpin stared. “Why are you here? How are you here?”

“Why do you have a gun and a secret basement?” Summer shrieked.

“I’m the one asking questions, Ms. Rose,” Ozpin replied calmly.

“We were coming over to invite you to hang out,” Qrow answered nervously.

“Now, you,” Raven snarled. “Answer Summer’s question.”

Ozpin lowered the gun, but he didn’t put it down. “None of your concern.”

“Uh, I think it is,” Tai blabbered. Ozpin glared at him.

Ozpin’s eyes moved to each of them. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He stammered, “I…”

“You what?” Raven said impatiently.

Ozpin finally said, “It’s a long story.”

“We have time,” Raven spat.

- Ozpin explained some of his story (which I won’t be explaining in this post). He invites STRQ to join him. They find out Glynda, the English professor across Ozpin’s history class, is in on it too. They learn more about the criminal underground.

- The group goes on a few heists and jobs planned by Ozpin. They remain with Oz even after they graduate. This connects some of them more than they expected. Summer and Raven start dating, and Qrow and Ozpin date.

- Summer and Raven get married and decide to have kids. Thanks to Tai being the sperm donor, Yang and Ruby are born. Yang and Ruby grow up with their two moms, Uncle Tai, Uncle Qrow, Uncle Oz, and the grumpy blonde lady who visits sometimes they know as “Glynda” AKA “Scary Lady.”

- Qrow remains loyal to Ozpin. They don’t plan on getting married, but they have a strong relationship.

Inbox is open for any asks about the characters in this AU!

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Yang:Weiss, what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Weiss:I don’t know. Fight the Paladins? Why?

Yang:Just curious. I guess beating Adam was my hardest.

Blake:Try doing other multiple times.

Ruby:Sup, What are talking about?

Weiss:What’s the hardest thing you’re ever done?




Ruby:*red* Oh you meant like conflict! Beacon was crazy-

Yang:You slept with Jaune!?

Ruby:I was talking about his armor! We’ve spared before!


Ruby:*crimson* STOP JUDGING!!!

Blake:You crack like an egg.

Weiss:We didn’t even say anything.

Yang:I was proud of your pun. That being said, where’s the boy?



Jaune:I sense death.

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Another thing that differentiates Oscar from Ozpin and from most others from the group is his willingness in letting himself be exposed

Oscar doesn’t feel a need to hide his vulnerabilities like other characters. He is open about his fears tp Ruby in V5 despite knowing her for a short while after all so he doesn’t stress about inner conflicts. 

Of course other characters can deal with outward conflicts far more easily than himself by using it to fuel their passion, venting, taking their mind of things, etc. 


However, its most likely for that reason Ruby thinks as Oscar as brave in facing the outward conflicts even if he doesn’t realize it. 

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White Rose Weekend ( Day 4 )- Free Day

[Ruby sits on the edge of the kitchen , looking over various sacks of beans, coffee, garbanzo, pinto…]

Weiss - Ruby Rose , what in the WORLD are you doing

Ruby - Oh….well I was talking about you to Yang, and then she told me less bean , so I think she wants me to get rid of our beans

Weiss - …..

Ruby - [sad] But she didn’t tell me what KIND of bean

[Weiss sweats]

Ruby - Weiss, which bean should we have less of ?

Weiss - You are so gods damn stupid [pulls Ruby into a kiss]


Writing Requests are open


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Don’t overthink, just let it go!

Welcome to Santa Monica: the dazzling city by the beach. As Los Angeles’ next door neighbor, it’s no surprise that it’s a familiar LA vibe of roughly 91,000. From natives, celebrities, and Hollywood hopefuls, Santa Monica brings both the meanings of work hard and play hard hand in hand. In Santa Monica, anything is possible, but sometimes, wanting to get where you want to go comes at a price. People tend to underestimate this city, however. Sure, they live by the beach but not all of them have the same relaxed mentality. They’re far from it.

Sure, they’re no Chicago or New York, but they have their own charm and city slicker attitude that will leave you either bewildered or breathless. They have their own type of hustle to prove that they can be just as ambitious, just as hard working, and just as vibrant as all the other big cities. With LA being its big brother, the people of Santa Monica are aware of the reputation they have and they know to show up with style and class.

Santa Monica RP is a mature (19+), literate, semi appless original character roleplay that takes place in present day Santa Monica, California. This roleplay explores the lives of people from all walks of life and focuses on character development and interactions. There will be tasks and plot drops for further interaction and to help characters continue their journey.

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[Team RWBY stands on a stage as Salem attacks Mantle. The people were losing Morale as their homes were destroyed and Yang had decided to use their resident pop star to serenade the people] 

Yang - OK Weiss, we need you to sing a song that  you haven’t sung publicly before and boost morale

Weiss- My entire album has been sung publicly !

Yang- Well I  don’t know ! Sing a song you really like from elsewhere ! As long as its inspiring !

[Weiss thinks for a moment as Yang turns on the machine to broadcast to Mantle]

Weiss-  [singing] We’re on the edge of greatness, turning darkness to light

[Ruby gasps in glee]

Weiss- [singing]  We’re right beside you !

Ruby - [running on stage with a mic] 

Ruby - [singing]  Ready to fight !

Ruby and Weiss -  [singing as they slam their backs together dramatically] We’re going to win in the end !

Yang - [sighs as she facepalms] Two nerds on the team


Writing Requests are OPEN

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