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#ruby x blake
blakexruby · 19 hours ago
So i decided to do some ladybug death angst.
So i used multiple bases for this so this isn't all one base
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tupayapsina · a day ago
Blake: Oh, I think somebody has a crush!
Weiss: Pfft, I don't have a crush on Ruby, I just think she's pretty cool, even if a bit weird at times. It's not like I stay up at night thinking about her!
[later that night]
Weiss, very much awake: Fuck
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blakexruby · 3 days ago
I decided to make a little "spicy" ladybug fanart i combined 2 bases together i also put them in singles too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They're just having a heated makeout season and nothing more
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blakexruby · 5 days ago
I kinda had the thought of Blake acting like Ghira while raising Rosabella and Blake notices it and thinks back to her childhood back in Menagerie
Tumblr media
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bridgyrose · 5 days ago
How about an AU based on that Chibi episode where Ruby hypnotizes her teammates in their sleep?
“And you’re sure this is going to work?” 
Weiss nodded, whispering her reply to Blake. “I mean, it worked on us, right? Do you really think Ruby would be immune to her own tricks?” 
Blake sighed, using a step stool to see Ruby on her bed. “Well… no, but I mean… maybe it was just a fluke.” 
“Just whisper things to her in her sleep. I want to see if this really works before doing anything too drastic.” 
Blake looked down at Weiss, frowning a bit. “Why would you want a drastic change to her?” 
“Not anything too serious! Just… you know… to help her be a better teammate… someone who does better in her classes. Not like I’m going to do anything bad to her.” 
Blake shook her head, moving off the step stool. “Look, this is a  bad idea-” 
Weiss smirked a bit. “And miss your chance at getting Ruby to really notice you?” 
Blake hesitated for a moment as she listened to Weiss. “I… dont know what you mean.” 
“Oh, you know exactly what I mean. I know how you feel about Ruby. And she has been oblivious to your hints.” 
Blake slowly looked over to Ruby, taking a breath. “I… I couldnt-” 
“But you could.” Weiss got up onto the stool, standing on her tiptoes to reach Ruby’s ear. “You’ll notice Blake has a crush-” 
Blake quickly pulled Weiss down, covering her mouth. “Are you insane?! You cant just tell her that.” 
Weiss rolled her eyes and started pulling away. “Then you’ll lose your chance, wont you?” 
Blake sighed and looked up at Ruby, watching her a bit as she slept. As much as she hated it, Weiss did have a point. She slowly made her way back to the stepstool, standing up on it and leaning closer to Ruby’s ear.
Ruby yawned and stretched as she jumped out of bed, bright and early in the morning. “Good morning team!” Without any second thought, she went over to Blake and kissed the sleeping faunus on the cheek. 
Blake hesitated for a moment as she felt the kiss, relaxing a bit when she realized why it was happening and smiling. “You seem to be in a good mood.” 
“I had a great dream.” Ruby suddenly got nervous as she talked to Blake, a small blush coming across her face. “A-actually, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me today. You know, since neither of us-” 
“Yes!” Blake quickly hugged Ruby. “I thought you’d never ask.” 
Ruby’s blush started to grow as she pulled away. “And I know the perfect place to go. We can go for lunch once I’m finished helping out in the library.” 
“That sounds fantastic.” 
Ruby smiled and quickly rushed into the bathroom to shower, using her semblance to speed into it. 
Yang watched Ruby curiously. “Well, that was odd.” 
Blake shrugged. “Maybe she’s finally noticing the hints I’m giving.” 
“We’re talking about Ruby. She’s not exactly the most observant person when it comes to people.” 
Blake started gathering her own shower supplies, a grin still on her face. “Maybe she’s finally growing up.” 
Yang frowned a bit as she watched Blake. “Right… grown up.” 
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blakexruby · 7 days ago
When Blake gets a hold of Yang's strawberry sunrise and she has a low tolerance to alcohol and she starts to flirt with Ruby
Tumblr media
Ruby- Um Blake are u okay?
Blake- *chuckles* wow you are adorable u know thats.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and this is why i don't draw characters when they're drunk
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arabesdiangelo · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is team SLVR in their uniform. I decided to do this because I feel like how they wear their uniform says a lot about the characters.
Briar is a goodie two-shoes so she's wearing it properly, Summer and Vic just don't care, while Lia is deriberately wearing it all wrong to annoy the teachers.
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toriwest · 8 days ago
Jaune, to Weiss: Are you peanuts? Because I want to boil you alive.
Pyrrha in heaven:
The gods:
Ozpin: Cha Cha real smooth
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bridgyrose · 9 days ago
My brain no worky. Could I get some insomnia-comfort pollination?
Weiss once again lay in bed, wide awake as her mind raced. Past memories, wayward ideas, and past mistakes all rushed through, keeping her from peace. It wasnt the first time this had happened since getting off her… supplements, and it certainly wouldnt be the last. Although, this time, everything felt different. She still felt like she had energy, that her body felt like resting was pointless. That laying down was a waste of time.
Weiss sighed and got out of bed, trying to be careful to not wake up her family. She stopped once she saw Ruby move a bit, staying quiet until she was sure Ruby wasnt waking. Quietly, she started moving out of the bedroom and made her way outside to look out at the stars. 
“Couldnt sleep again?” 
Weiss sighed as she heard Blake’s voice, leaning against the siding to the house. “What tipped you off on that?” 
“You usually arent one for stargazing.” Blake walked up to Weiss and stood next to her, looking out to the cloudless sky. “You know Ruby and Yang worry about you, right?” 
“There’s nothing to worry about.” 
“Says the girl who hasnt actually slept in a week.” 
Weiss didnt argue, still just looking up at the stars. “What can I say? I have things to do.” 
“And things you want to avoid.” 
Weiss frowned, then sighed again as she relaxed. “If I try, I have nightmares. All I see is my father telling me what I can and cannot do. Who I’m supposed to be and who I’m… not…” 
Blake nodded and pulled Weiss into a hug, kissing her neck. “And that’s why you have us. To help you be who you want to and support you. You dont need to hide yourself anymore.” 
Weiss pressed into Blake, shaking a bit. “Its… not just that. There’s… more to it.” 
“Then you can talk to us.” Yang stood at the doorway, smiling at Weiss. “We just want to help where we can. But we cant help if you dont tell us what’s going on.” 
Weiss pulled away from Blake, taking a deep breath. “Those… sleeping aides I was using… They’ve… been an addiction to me. Dreamless nights to get a bit of sleep. And now… I have worries running through my mind that maybe… it was a mistake to stop.” 
“And that’s just the addiction talking to you.” Yang put a hand on Weiss’s cheek, looking her in the eye. “You know the rest of us will help you out as we can. Sure, there’s going to be a few rough patches as we all figure things out, but we have your back.” 
Weiss smiled a bit, pulling Yang into a hug. “I know you do.” 
“Now can you three get back into bed?” Ruby rubbed her eyes as she made her way to the front door, still tired. “Not all of us are night owls and still have a mission to go on in the morning. And I’d rather spend the night with my wives and sister before I’m gone for a week.” 
Weiss nodded and pulled away from Yang, giving her a kiss before walking over to Ruby. 
Blake smiled a bit as she watched Weiss and Ruby head back inside for bed. “You have a plan to help Weiss, dont you?” 
Yang nodded, putting an arm around Blake and pulling her close. “I do. And we can start working on it tomorrow.” 
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glitter-bunny420 · 10 days ago
Happy Pride Month, everyone! (2/2)
Continuing from the last post! Again, if I’m incorrect about any of the artists, please tell me.
Violet x Isabella (Violet Evergarden)
Tumblr media
(credit: Tatatsu on Reddit)
Sumia x Cordelia (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Tumblr media
(credit: paper-hero on DeviantArt)
Yumeko x Mary (Kakegurui)
Tumblr media
(credit: ropucha on Tumblr)
Kirari x Sayaka (Kakegurui)
Tumblr media
(credit: YayaChann on DeviantArt)
Carol x Maria (MCU)
Tumblr media
(credit: @metaldamage on Twitter)
Carol x Valkyrie (MCU)
Tumblr media
(credit: @beverlylove on Twitter)
Ruby x Weiss (RWBY)
Tumblr media
(credit: @cyonko_dhc_ on Twitter)
And last but certainly not least...
Blake x Yang (RWBY)
Tumblr media
(credit: karei026 on Reddit)
There are plenty of others but these are just the primary ones of mine😊
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blakexruby · 10 days ago
Mother daughter moment between Blake and Rosabella
Tumblr media
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cherrynonbinary · 10 days ago
anyway blake and mercury are like. yes thats my girlfriend/boyfriend and they go on dates but most of the time theyre just like very chill besties who read together. blake recommends comics based on things she's seen ruby and sun read and ALSO asks if mercury thinks there are any she'd like. mercury recommends some that are more along the lines of ninjas of love (historical fiction/some romance/some action), he also recommends a lot of webcomics. mercury asks about her favourite books and reads them and then they talk about his thoughts on them. lots of people arent sure if theyre actually dating because they seem like theyre just like best buds.
blake and ruby have very chill dates as well that are a lot of walking around and going into different shops just to look. they go to the library and bookstore a lot! they also have a favourite cafe that they visit and have lunch at. sometimes ruby can talk blake into rollerskating around vale with her and blake enjoys it but also is kind of terrified that she's gonna completely lose her balance and wind up on her ass. they take turns picking date ideas! everyone knows theyre dating because blake never shuts up about ruby <3
ruby and mercury's dates consist of either a) weapon talk, b) adrenaline dates, or c) arcade dates. they are VERY competitive with one another. mercury also will sometimes choose to spend their dates training with ruby! hand to hand is important to know. ruby agrees but only if mercury will learn to swing crescent rose :). sometimes when its a more chill day ruby will just sit in mercury's lap and they'll play video games or read comics! they exchange comics a lot.
now!! blake/ruby/mercury dates consist of three parts. a chill precursor (usually lunch and a walk), something fast paced and exciting (always something new!), and a chill come down (a movie or dinner). they all plan together so no one is caught off guard or made to do something they wont enjoy. they're just all in love man :)!!
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blakexruby · 10 days ago
Some more ladybug family fanart ill
Tumblr media
Be drawing Rosabella as a teenager next and maybe some fanart of just her
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bridgyrose · 11 days ago
there have been request for trans ruby (which is awesome) but may I request trans bumbleby? Blake wants to tell yang she's trans but is too afraid to tell her, so she finally gets the courage and tells yang. (bonus if it's heartwarmingly cute between the two)
Blake nervously watched Yang study, feeling her heart pound in her chest. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and what she wanted to ask, but every time she tried, the words couldnt come out. She knew Yang would be accepting, after all, the blonde was openly trans herself, but Blake still couldnt figure out how to tell her that she was trans too. Or ask her crush on a date for once. 
“Do you need something?” 
Blake hesitated as she realized Yang was talking to her. She quickly sat down, nervously tapping her fingers. “A-actually… I was… I was hoping that I could… talk to you about a couple things.” 
Yang nodded and closed her book, giving her full attention to Blake. “Sure. What about?” 
“Oh… well.. I ummm…” Blake slowly started to feel the words slip away from her for the umpteenth time. She took a deep breath, trying to keep herself calm and to get the words she wanted back. “I umm… I… wanted to tell you… a secret I’ve been keeping.” 
“And what kind of secret is that?” 
“I’m… I dont think… no… I know I’m not a girl.” 
Yang looked at her curiously. “So… you’re a boy then?” 
“No… at least… I dont think so…” Blake sighed, trying to get her thoughts straight. “I’m not a girl, but I’m not exactly a boy. I’m… something between. Or… maybe neither. I like being called handsome, and being called she and her still feels right, but being a girl… just isnt.” 
Yang smiled a bit as she listened to Blake. “So, you still want to use she/her, but would rather hear me tell you how handsome I think you are?” 
Blake blushed, her cheeks starting to grow warm. “W-well.. I mean.. I wouldnt go that far… but… you know… it… does sound nice.” 
“Maybe I can help you figure things out a bit.” 
“Please. We can talk about things over dinner tonight. Just… me and you.” 
This time Yang started to blush as she listened to Blake’s words. “W-wait, are you… asking me out on a date?” 
“O-only if you want to! I mean… we could just go as friends if its too awkward. Just two gals being pals, right?” 
“I have no problem with this being a date.” Yang looked away, trying to keep Blake from noticing her blush. “There’s a nice little fish joint in Patch we can go to. You know, just the two of us.” 
Blake smiled a bit, still feeling nervous. “That sounds great. I’ll see you then.” 
Yang nodded, watching Blake walk off. “Y-yeah, of course, see you then.” 
Weiss rolled her eyes as she watched the two. “Yang, you do remember she’s on our team, right? You’ll see her in the dorm when we’re done studying.” 
Yang hesitated for a moment before dropping her head onto the table. “Gods… I’m such an idiot…” 
“You’re not an idiot.” Ruby put an arm on Yang’s shoulder. “You just need to relax. Its just Blake. You just need to do what Weiss and I did.” 
Weiss shook her head. “Absolutely not.” 
Ruby grinned a bit. “Oh, you know you liked it when I asked you out to pick out a new binder for you.” 
Weiss blushed and moved her hands to cover her chest a bit. “Not so loud. I’m still not out yet, remember?” 
Ruby nodded and kissed Weiss’s cheek. “I know. And your secret is still safe with me.” 
Yang sighed as she listened to her teammates, still hiding her blush out of embarrassment. “Yup, I’m a hopeless idiot…” 
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amai-matcha · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rip Yang uwu
Just a redraw and a short comic uwu
(The original pose on the last slide is by xenecavz from Instagram :>) (Link to the artist of the original pose:
(If you wanna check out my other works or support me:
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