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#ruby x penny
I loved
I loved
And i lost you
By the way i have youtube channel:
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bridgyrose · 9 days ago
Penny's friends think she is baby, and unable to romance. In an attempt to prove her dear friends wrong, Penny decides to perform a study on romance and woo Ruby. It works too well, and she accidentally woos Weiss as well
Penny quickly ran through everything she could online about dating and romance. She was tired of hearing all of her friends tell her that she wasnt “old” enough to date. Sure, she was only built a few years ago, but she was still an adult. One who was determined to finally get Ruby to see her as someone to date. 
Penny finally stopped after a few hours of running thousands of pages of dating help through her system, trying to process it all. She quickly started narrowing it down to compile the best list of ways to “woo” Ruby. It was easy enough to throw out anything about romancing men, which significantly reduced how much data she still had to sift through. After cross-referencing everything she knew about Ruby’s preferences, she finally shut down for the night, building a list of everything she had to do.
“Hey Ruby.” 
Ruby turned around, pausing and jaw dropping as she saw Penny. The once orange hair was now black with neon green streaks, and seemed a little longer. She wore a black shirt with green stripes following down the sleeves and sides, continuing down to her black skirt. Her nails were painted a glowing green, while her eyes and lips seemed to be brighter. “P-Penny?” 
Penny nodded and smirked at Ruby before giving her a kiss, leaving neon green lip marks on Ruby’s cheek. “I thought I’d find you here.” 
Ruby blushed a bit with how forward Penny was, looking away for a moment. “W-well… I do go to school here.” 
“That’s right, you do.” Penny pulled away from Ruby for a moment. “Why dont you say we go to the forge and you can help me out with a tune up.” 
Ruby nodded, taking Penny’s hands and walking off with her. She was a bit concerned with whatever was going on with Penny, but for now, she was going to accept what was happening and keep her happy. 
Weiss blushed as she watched Penny walk off with Ruby, softly biting her lip. “I’ve never seen her so… forward before.” 
Yang nodded, frowning a bit as she kept an eye on her sister. “Whatever’s gotten into her, I dont like it.” 
“I certainly do.” 
Yang rolled her eyes a bit, walking off to follow Ruby and Penny. “I’m going to keep an eye on Ruby, make sure Penny doesnt hurt her.” 
Weiss nodded, following after Yang. “I’ll come with. You know, to keep an eye on my partner.” And to get a better look at Penny, she thought to herself. 
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yacchannanamin · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nyaberry Shortcake & Mechabug Wallpapers
Feel free to use
Backgrounds credited to @alice-in-idol-land
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kravenger2021 · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Nuts n' Dolts
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bridgyrose · 13 days ago
Hey Bridgy. I have a frostbyte prompt for you to consider, if it should please you. In a universe where Willow is unable to have children, she resorts to making androids like Penny (maybe she hires hunters to donate aura, maybe she doesn't) and while her children are mostly happy, they're pretty lonely being what they are, Weiss being loneliest of all (I swear that was unintentional) until she meets Penny. Anything you can make with this?
Weiss sighed as she looked out the window, watching a few other kids train. She wanted to be out there with them, not locked up and training on her own. She gently pressed a hand onto the glass, metal fingers clinking against it.
“Weiss, you need to focus.”
“Why can't I be out there?” Weiss turned to face her sister, setting her rapier down. “It's so… lonely training all by ourselves.”
Winter sighed and sat down, looking at her own mechanical hand. “You know why we can't, Weiss. We’re different from the other kids. And… as lonely as it is, we have to deal with it. The other kids wont understand us.”
“But we’re just kids-”
“And we’re different.” Winter stood up and made sure to put herself into a ready stance. “Now, let's continue our training. I leave for Atlas Academy in a couple months and I want to make sure you’re ready.”
Weiss let out a sigh and picked up her rapier, half heartedly getting ready. “Yes sister…”
Weiss sighed as she started walking down the street with her team, making sure to keep her joints covered. She finally was able to be with the other kids, as long as she kept herself from being found out. Which meant being overly careful with everything around her.
“And you’re sure she went this way?” asked Ruby.
“I’m positive.” Weiss ran ahead of her team, stopping at the corner and looking out into the crowd. She swore she saw that orange haired girl run down this way. And she had to see her again. Especially since she had to make sure she wasnt seeing things. “She’s gotta be in the crowd somewhere.”
Blake rushed up next to Weiss, panting a bit. “And… what’s so special about this girl?”
“N-nothing, just… wanted to make a new friend.”
“Well, that does sound like our Weiss.” Yang finally caught up to Weiss, looking out to see if she could help spot the girl Weiss had been chasing. “Although, you did scare her.”
“I had to be sure of something.” Weiss grinned as she spotted bright orange hair in the crowd and started rushing off again. This time, she wasnt going to let the girl out of her sight.
Ruby sighed as she watched Weiss run off again. “She never quits, does she?”
Blake shook her head. “Not in the slightest.”
Weiss rushed through the crowd, practically tackling the girl when she found her, smiling a bit. “Got you!”
The girl looked up at Weiss, hesitating for a moment. “Y-you’re not going to hurt me, are you?”
Weiss shook her head. “No, I just… had to be sure of something.” She got up and offered a hand to the girl. “And now that I’ve gotten a better look at you, I see that I was right. You are like me.”
The girl blinked for a few moments before taking Weiss’s hand and standing up, getting a better look at Weiss. “So… you’re a-”
“I am. And to tell you the truth, as much fun as it is to have human friends, its still been a bit lonely. And I was hoping that maybe… you and I could be friends too.” Weiss’s cheeks reddened a bit as they started to heat up. “
“I’ve never had friends before.” The girl hesitated for a moment before taking Weiss’s hand and shaking it. “Oh, right… my name’s Penny. Penny Polendina.”
“Weiss. And it’s nice to meet you.”
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eyes green quite the enhantment
eyes grey soft and metallic
And i'm going down like the titanic
By the way i have youtube channel:
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luminoushane · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
My sisters convinced me that I should doodle them since I'm abandoning the au anyway--
Ah yes, The Captain who has no idea how kidnapping works, or how working together works. Princess charming who looks way too happy about being held hostage (or so Weiss says) and thinks she's all that, and the siren who did not ask for any of this shit, but is too kind-hearted to leave the two idiots alone. (not like she can leave, anyway)
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narwhalish · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Nnd week day 7!!! Married life. Penny loves polar bears at the zoo!!
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narwhalish · 27 days ago
Nuts and Dolts Day 6: Glowy Eyes!
Tumblr media
Collab with @yoomschoocs !!! Our corruption au
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narwhalish · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Nuts and dolts day 5: AU
TLOU AU!!! @nuts-and-dolts-week
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sapphicrubyy · 29 days ago
Day 3 and 4 - First Date and Fireflies
I love them so I wanted to do something for nnd week! :]
Tumblr media
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narwhalish · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Nnd week Day 4: Fireflies!!
This is @yoomschoocs and I’s pirate AU featuring a lot of French haha.
Also a collab with yoom who did the lines!
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strawberrypincushion · a month ago
Okay so I know this has been discussed before, but I am low-key very excited for rwby reunion in vol 9 for one specific reason: I want Ruby to Go Off on her teammates. I want her to be absolutely pissed at them because they all collectively decided to put her life above their own. I want to see Ruby properly get mad at Weiss and Blake and yes, Yang too. I want her to be like:
Ruby: "How DARE you! How dare you all decide to put my wellbeing above your own lives. How dare you try and sacrifice yourselves for me!"
Meanwhile the rest of the team tries to explain their reasoning for why they did so.
Yang: You're my sister Ruby! I would do anything to protect you!
Blake: We all know that if one of us has the chance to take out Cinder / Salem it would be you (basically: your the MVP)
Weiss: We love you Ruby! That's why we did what we did!
Ruby takes some time to absorb this and Instead of being reassured gets angrier: "You guys are just as important! You all are important to me! If we're going to have a chance at defeating Salem then we need to work together - not against each other by deciding whos life is more worthy or important!
And everyone in team RWBY has a good cry and then Jaune shows up and its gets sad again with the news of Penny as Neo plots from the distance - but thats a topic for another post.
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narwhalish · a month ago
Tumblr media
Nuts and Dolts week day 2: Geeking out
Two seconds later: You died
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narwhalish · a month ago
Tumblr media
Nuts and Dolts Week Day 1!
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glitter-bunny420 · a month ago
You know what would be awesome?
A Nuts and Dolts WandaVision AU
Fan-artists and fanfic writers, you know what to do!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: GUYS I JUST HAD AN INCREDIBLE IDEA. *clears throat* *leans towards the mic* cinder as agatha
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kravenger2021 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Nuts n' Dolts Saturday
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bridgyrose · a month ago
Ruby smiled a bit as she looked… well felt… four months of work for her project. Her walking aide prototype was just about completed and ready for its first test run. And even better yet: no sign of Weiss or Penny for the last few weeks. No needing to worry about soulmates and no worrying about getting yelled at for not wanting to deal with it. Just herself and the mechanical aide she was ready to test-
The sound of machinery being stepped on echoed through the room. Ruby hesitated as she heard exactly where that sound had come from. “My project…”
A familiar voice trailed into Ruby’s ears. “Shit. I didnt see that. I’m sorry.”
Ruby sighed and started clearing up the pieces to rebuild everything. “Weiss, why are you here? I thought I told you I didnt want to see you again.”
“A-and you dont have to. I just…” Weiss hesitated for a moment and gently reached for Ruby’s hand in a feigned attempt to help clean up the project pieces. “I just…. Wanted to come around to apologize.”
“And to do that you thought stepping on my project would be good enough?”
“I… I didnt see it…” Weiss brushed her hand across Ruby’s, watching as her vision slowly started to come back. “I wanted to say I was sorry about how I acted before. I… I didnt mean to push so hard before about all of this.”
“It should’ve been enough when I said no, right?” Ruby’s vision slowly started to come into focus as she kept her eyes on her project. “But no, I dont accept your apology. Right now, I just want to be left alone-”
“-and finish your project. I know. That’s… actually what I wanted to talk to you about.”
Ruby looked up at Weiss curiously, not quite understanding what she meant. “You wanted to talk to me about my project?”
“I was hoping I could help you with any trial runs that needed to be done.” Weiss sighed and watched her vision fade in and out a bit. “I… may have started pressing you about the soulmate stuff because… my vision is fading. Somehow, I have two soulmates: you and Penny. And I only found out about you because my vision… is starting to fade when I’m not near you.”
“So what, you were hoping that if you helped me with my project that I’d stay near you?” Ruby sighed and finished picking up the pieces to her project and looking over the remains. It was going to take weeks for her to rebuild everything. “I think I’ll pass.”
“That’s… not the whole goal. I mean, yes, there’s always the hope that maybe we could figure something out. But I really was hoping that maybe we could… talk.”
“You.” Weiss stopped what she was doing and looked at Ruby. “I want to get to know you. Penny… said you mentioned a few things and it got me thinking that… maybe I really should get to know you instead of just trying to rush into things. Penny and I sorta hit things off really quick, but our circumstances were a bit… different from this.”
Ruby sighed and looked from her project to Weiss. “I’ll… I’ll have to think about it. I really dont want to do anything with soulmates, but… I’ll consider getting to know you.”
Weiss smiled a bit. “That’s great. Then maybe we can-”
“I said I’d consider it, not that I agreed to it.” Ruby started getting the pieces of her project together in her bag. “I need time to clear my head and to think things over. Give me a few days and I’ll let you know what I think.”
“A few days. I… I can do that.”
Ruby grabbed her bag after putting the rest of her project away and started heading back to her dorm. “Please dont make me regret this.”
Weiss smiled a bit. “I wont.”
Ruby silent walked down the hallway of the school to her dorm, a bit lost in her own thoughts. Everything from how Penny and Weiss acted, to the accidental destruction of her mobility aide started to weigh down her mind. Part of her thought that maybe going along with Weiss would be best since it’d give her sight, while on the other hand, she still wasnt even sure she wanted a relationship. The very idea of it all seemed a bit foreign to her.
Ruby was snapped back to the reality of the grey halls by the sound of her ringtone going off. She quickly grabbed her scroll out of her pocket, along with reaching for the cane hanging off her backpack as her sight started to blur. “Hello?”
Yang’s voice filled Ruby’s ears once more. “Hey Rubes. How’s school? Getting close to your first semester being over, arent you?”
“Why does it sound like you’re about to ask me about soulmate stuff again?”
Yang sighed. “That obvious, huh?”
“I told you, I’m not planning to look-”
“Jaune told me everything.”
Ruby groaned a bit. “Remind me to kill him when I get back.”
“He’s just trying to look out for you. Besides, now that you know who your soulmates are-”
“-you can start dating them and letting mom know.”
“She’ll be glad that you’re finally starting to come out of your shell a bit-”
“Yang!” Ruby’s voice started to raise while on the call as she became irritated. “I’m not going to date anyone! Yes, I know who my soulmates are, but I’m not interested in dating at all! And so far, the two of them are understanding that a bit more than you are!”
Yang went silent for a moment before starting to speak up again. “But… what if you never… you know… feel complete?”
“I am complete on my own!” Ruby sighed a bit, lowering her voice. “I dont need anyone else to “complete” me like you and mom keep telling me. And right now, I’m still not fond of Weiss or Penny with how they’ve been pushing things, but they’ve seemed to figure out what I need and are taking things slow with a friendship. And right now, that’s all I want. All I need. Now please, quit pushing it.”
“Mom and I dont want to see you ending up like Qrow.”
“Like what? Happy with the man lives with? Look, I dont need this right now. I need to go and rebuild my project. I’ll talk to you later.” Ruby hung up the call without waiting for a response from Yang, sighing and leaning against the hall. “Why does everything have to be so difficult?”
“Because if everything was easy, then what would be the point?” Penny asked while walking up to Ruby.
Ruby looked away when she heard Penny. “Hey… Penny…”
“Everything okay? I overheard a little of your call and well… you seem like you could use a friend right now.”
“I’m.. fine. I really just need to get to my dorm and fix my project.”
“Would it be okay if I help you? I know my way around with tech.”
Ruby thought for a moment before looking in Penny’s direction and smiling a bit. “Sure. And… sorry about what I said a few weeks ago. Weiss… sorta told me that you talked to her-”
“If you’re trying to apologize for what you said, its fine.” Penny smiled and took Ruby’s hand to lead her back to her dorm. “Besides, being friends right now seems nice. And I promise, Weiss will understand if you just tell her exactly what you’re looking for.”
Ruby smiled a bit as her vision started to come back, seeing Penny’s smiling face as she first looked. “Thanks Penny.”
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