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Hey everyone! I am so sorry for taking so long, but life’s been really hectic for me lately. But here we are, chapter four of Red Reaper and The White Princess!



Neither girl say a word as they lock eyes with each other. They are both well aware of what Ozpin said. Weiss smiles shyly as her tail begins to wag gently, as Ruby grins happily. Neither of them could explain why they had this instant attraction to the other from the moment they met, but neither of them were about to argue. 

Weiss holds a hand out, which Ruby takes firmly with her grin still in place. In unison, the Red Reaper and the White Princess set out together, both young women now believing firmly that no matter what life throws at them they will be facing it together.

Including a giant Nevermore and a giant Deathstalker.

Weiss saved Ruby from the Deathstalker, earning one of those brilliant grins she is coming to adore and cherish. For her it is like basking in a light so pure it has no equal.

Ruby saved them all from the Nevermore, especially the white haired wolf faunus who’s sky blue eyes remind her of the skies she dreams of being able to touch one day.

Ruby was pleasantly surprised when Weiss was the first to reach her, laughing happily as she launches herself into her new partner’s waiting embrace. Both of them noting to themselves that the hug simply felt right, as if they belonged in each other’s arms. Sky blue meets Quicksilver as they share a smile.

Somehow, they both feel as if they have come home at last.

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Lumity Cosplay as Whiterose


I forgot to post here, I’m way more active on my Instagram lol,, anyway(s?) I thought Weiss fits Amity so much and Ruby fits Luz 1:1 lol so I just had to draw them like this

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Drabble for @white-rose-weekend Day 3: Waking up in the morning.

“Goodnight, all!”

“Night, Yang. Sleep well.”

“Oh, I’ll try but it might be hard with Blake and her–ow! I was going to say snoring!”

Weiss holds back a giggle as she watches the latter half of her team bicker all the way into their bedroom. That makes three couples to all three rooms, and Weiss gets to experience the magic of sleeping on a couch. When Team RWBY and Team JNPR embarked on a joint mission, she figures that someone would have had the sense to make sure their sleeping arrangements would be adequately met. Instead she’s served with a reminder of her favorite mantra: if you want it done right, do it yourself.

At least it wasn’t entirely unsalvageable. With six out of eight of them dating each other, most people had a bed. Blake and Yang, Ren and Nora, Jaune and Pyrrha… And then Weiss. Just Weiss.


A small pang of loneliness wells up in her heart, something she wouldn’t have expected. Relationships have never been at the forefront of her mind. Planning to inherit the SDC, and when that didn’t pan out, becoming a professional licensed huntress was always her priority. Still though, that doesn’t mean she can’t think of it once in a blue moon, right?

Maybe it’s the realization that most of her friends are practically joined at the hip that’s driving these thoughts as of late. It’s understandable but not something she can’t ignore. She harumphs to herself and spreads her blankets over the couch.

Does Ruby ever feel the same?

What a silly thought. Weiss chides herself just for having it. What difference would it make? She brushes it off as mild curiosity stemming from the fact that they’re both in the same situation compared to their teammates. And yet…


“What’s up?” The girl in question peers around a corner, arms full of blankets and pillows. They’re stacked so high that all Weiss can see of Ruby are messy bangs and two silver eyes.

Weiss bites her lip. It’s a dumb idea. She shouldn’t ask. It’ll make things awkward between them. “Would you like to share the couch?” It slips from her lips anyways, the idea too tempting to let go of.

She can’t quite tell what expression Ruby’s making, but her silver eyes blink-blink a few times. “I thought you wanted it. I packed a sleeping bag, remember? Told ya it would come in handy!”

Handy? Right now it’s more like an obstacle in the way of her goal. “It’d be more comfortable for you, and probably warmer too. I don’t mind.”

Ruby looks between Weiss and then the couch and then back to Weiss, and the former heiress again wishes that Ruby would put down those sheets so she could read her expression. It’d certainly make her heart stop beating so fast.

“Sure!” Ruby chirps, and would you look at that, Weiss’s heart skips even faster. She clears her throat to buy herself a second, needing to make sure her composure doesn’t crack.

“If you insist,” she says as if she weren’t just the one to make the invitation. “Finish getting ready and I’ll make the bed.” Ruby takes that as invitation to toss everything she’s carrying onto Weiss, who catches it with a yelp. Ruby salutes at her before scampering away.

With a sigh, Weiss untangles herself from the blankets and gets to the arduous task of setting them out. She takes the back cushions off of the couch to make more room for two, and then sets them on the floor. You know, just in case someone is a kicker and pushes her onto the floor in her sleep. Well now that she thinks about it, which side would Ruby prefer? Weiss can see the appeal of being on the edge and having more room to stretch, but being on the inner side would mean you’re squished in between the couch back and the other person–

Weiss decides she’ll take inner spot.

It’s just one night after all. What’s the worst that could happen?


Apparently the answer is insomnia. Weiss’s body jitters with adrenaline as if she had just stepped into a Deathstalker nest. That might be preferable if she’s being honest. At least then she wouldn’t have to lay here in silence wondering why the girl pressed against her is living rent free in her brain.

Trying to find a position that will help her sleep, Weiss turns onto her side and promptly freezes up. Ruby’s not only still awake but gazing at her. They’re mere inches apart, the other girl filling Weiss’s vision.

“Still up?” Ruby whispers, seemingly unfazed by the closeness.

“I could ask you the same.”

Ruby tries to shrug but laying on her side turns it into a strange little wiggle. “Usually takes a while… Are you comfortable?”

Weiss is not, but it’s not because of the bed. She’s not about to admit that though. “I’m fine. Maybe a bit cold.”

“Want more of the blanket?”

“Haven’t I already hogged enough?” she says, well aware that she prefers to bundle up.

Ruby purses her lip in thought, and then her eyes alight when an idea seems to come to her. Before Weiss can question her intentions, a hand slips around her waist and tugs her close to Ruby.

Weiss’s thoughts can be described as the sound of TV static for a few seconds as she comes to the realization of what’s happening. A blush forms on her cheeks and down her neck, fair skin doing nothing to hide it. “Ruby?” she whispers.

Cyan meet silver, and a quaint little smile crosses Ruby’s face. It’s the only answer Weiss receives. For reasons she’d rather not dwell on, her musings from earlier return to the forefront of her thoughts. ‘Does Ruby ever feel the same?’ For half a second, a question forms on the tip of her tongue that’s far more personal than she’d ever have thought herself capable of asking.

With a satisfied hum, Ruby closes her eyes. Her smile hasn’t faded, and she shuffles in to rest her head just shy of Weiss’s shoulder.

On second thought, she can ask another time. Why not enjoy the peaceful moment instead of risking ruining it with what-ifs? Weiss lets out a breath she’d been holding and lets her tension flow out with it. She leans forward so they come into contact, just barely. Tonight, at least, she won’t feel any more pangs of loneliness as she drifts into dreams decorated with roses.


Waking up in the morning proves a shock thanks to six pairs of eyes staring at Weiss and Ruby with varying degrees of amusement and surprise. She opens her mouth to swear at them, only for a still-sleeping Ruby to pull her closer with a coo. Weiss sighs and pulls the blanket over both their heads, shielding them from their unwelcome onlookers. Five more minutes.

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<p>: <b>Weiss:</b> I love you<p/><b>Ruby:</b> I love you too, but you've said that every twenty minutes for entire day<p/><b>Weiss:</b> I've contained my love for you for so long, and now it's all coming out. Deal with it<p/><b>Yang:</b> THAT was you CONTAINING your love?!<p/></p>
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Ruby : Anything else before we defeat Salem?

Blake : Uh yes. Something I’d like to say. I’m a pretty private person so this is kind hard for me, but… here we go. I’m bisexual. Alright, I will now field one minute and zero seconds of question pertening to this. Go. Ren.

Ren : How long have you known ?

Blake : Since a couple of month. When Sun comes at my home and we fought the White Fang. I thought Sun is hot. And then I thought Ilia also hot.

Weiss : What make you decided to tell us now ?

Blake : Jaune found out on road trip and I was positive that he was not gonna be able to keep the secret for much longer.

~Past scene between Blake and Jaune~

Jaune : Bye Blake! …. I mean not “bi” but bye! I mean see ya! I mean have fun only having sex with men. Just bagin’ dudes left and right.

Blake looking at Jaune angry

~Today scene~

Jaune: I just stopped saying bye together *smiles awkardly*

Ruby: So are you seeing anyone right now?

Blake: Yeah. Her name is Tiffany

Weiss : Are you lying about their name so we won’t look them up. *glances at Yang*

Blake : Yes I am. Next.

Oscar : Ozpin want to know if you know Anne Heche?

Blake: Yes I do.

Ruby : I must say this is going considerably better then when I came out to you guys

Yang: Because you were in love with the Ice Queen?

Weiss: Hey!

Ruby:  It’s grammatically incorect, I still am.

Blake: Ok, we have time for one more question

Nora, raising her hand: OH OOOH OHHH!

Blake: No. Absolutely not. We’re done.

Nora: Smart. It was not tasteful.

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