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#rudy pankow
pankowfruitsnacks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Rudy definetly calls Drew dad. Like “okay, dad” or “nice to see you too dad.” And I don’t think anyone can convince me otherwise
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bdavismusings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When I was down and filled with doubt, I had you-
This was made for one of my ships with two original characters, but can definitely also be used for a cute, fluffy Jiara Christmas edit!
-And we made it through the year, it's so good to be here.
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sourwolf-sterek32 · 2 days ago
Young Love
Summary: After getting sent away by your father nearly two years ago, you return to your hometown, Outer Banks.
You reunite with your friends and twin brother, John B, and help them find the lost gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo. But, during it all, you find yourself falling in love with your brothers blue-eyed best friend without realising it.
Pairings: JJ Maybank x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: Language, violence
Last Chapter
Chapter 11-
Tumblr media
That night Pope, JJ and Kie, stayed at the shack with you and your brother while Sarah stayed with her family and Topper back on Figure 8 after what had happened.
None of you really talked about it when you got back. You weren't sure there were words to even describe what happened. You were still trying to process it if you were being honest. It's not ever day you see a man commit suicide by an exploding boat.
"Deserved it, right?" JJ asked quietly from where he was leaning against the railing of the docks, fishing rod in his hands.
You glanced over at him, his eyes were down, focused on the lure he was trolling, but you could see the worry etched into his expression.
"Of course, he deserved it." You agreed as JJ tilted his head towards you, his bright blue eyes locking with yours. "Ward murdered my father, framed my brother for the murder of the Sheriff and nearly had him killed in jail. He deserved it."
JJ nodded as he reeled his lure in before casting it back out as you leant against the railing beside him. Pope and Kie were sitting on the edge with their legs dangling over the sides while your brother laid on his stomach in the boat that was tied to the docks, over looking the water.
"Never seen anyone blow themselves up like that." Pope commented.
"Cross that off the bucket list." JJ commented causing you to whack his shoulder.
"JJ!" Kie said, shaking her head before she walked over to the boat and sat down beside your brother. "Are you okay?"
"It's not me I'm worried about." John B answered truthfully. 
He was worried about, Sarah. 
You all knew it. After watching her father die like that... it would be hard and Topper was there to comfort her, not your brother and you knew that was getting to him, but he never said it out loud. 
A few days later, Sarah finally showed up... but, everyone's joy and relief seeing her quickly turned to sadness when she broke up with John B.
You were devastated for your twin. You had never seen him so down before, so the rest of you bought some beer and food to try and cheer him up.
It probably wasn't the best idea you've had. The group of you were up late, drinking, smoking and just talking, at the time it was great, but they all had to be up early for school in the morning.
Your brother was still enrolled for the year, the fees already paid by your father before he died, so he could still go. You on the other hand, you couldn't, but you didn't mind. School fucking sucked anyway.
While the others all got up and ready for school, you stayed in your pyjamas and waved them goodbye as they drove to school. JJ was practically asleep in the back of the van when they left and you knew he had one hell of a hangover.
By the time they got home from school, you had cleaned the entire shack because you were that bored by yourself, but the second they walked into the shack, you knew something had happened by the look on their faces.
Apparently their history teacher had given Pope, Denmark Tannings diary. You had no idea how their teacher had gotten it or knew to give it to Pope, but that wasn't important as the group of you sat out under the porch while Pope read through it.
"Guys, this is from Denmark's diary. 'August 15th, set sail from Port-au-Prince on calm seas. Came upon the Spanish ship San Jose on fire. The entire deck was aflame. And we could hear the screams of men trapped below. The Spanish captain cared about only one thing, his valuable cargo, the Cross of Santo Domingo and countless bars of gold. Once the cargo was on board, we went to help the crew, but Captain Limbrey ordered us to pull bayonets and not let any of the Spanish crew on board. He robbed them and left them to die.'" Pope read aloud.
"So, it didn't go down off Bermuda." JJ said, processing the information.
"This diary proves that both the gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo were on the Royal Merchant." Pope explained, but you frowned in confusion.
"Then why didn't we find it in the water well then?"
"Exactly!" JJ agreed on the couch beside you. "I mean, if Denmark was able to get this, like, bedazzled cross off of the Merchant to shore, why didn't he just hide it with the gold?"
"Because it was too big." Your brother said, speaking up for the first time.
"You're right." Pope nodded. "He had to hide it someplace else. Right before he was hung, Denmark said he'd buried the treasure at the foot of the angel."
"Wait, I thought this was about the key." JJ said in confusion.
"Right. So what's the connection?" Kie asked, looking around at the group of you.
Pope pulled the key out his pocket, staring at it. "'The path to the tomb begins in the island room'."
"What is the island room?" You asked, but Pope just shrugged his shoulders.
Everybody was silent for a moment, trying to figure it out, but none of you could. 
"You know what helps me figure shit out?" JJ suddenly asked, standing up from the couch.
"Oh boy. Here we go." John B mumbled.
"Smoking beers and drinking weed. The ideas just pour out of me. If we just sit here and try to figure this out, we're gonna get nowhere. But, if we get creative and go to this bonfire tonight, maybe we get somewhere."
You couldn't fault his logic, despite how strange it sounded. You didn't have any other ideas, so why not?
"Well, I just got disowned by my parents, and I'm an official member of the I-have-nothing-to-lose club." Kie responded.
"Pope?" JJ asked, looking over at him.
He shook his head. "We're so close."
"Look, look, think about how much you could think if you just gave your brain a rest." JJ explained with a grin.
"His logic is flawless." You commented in amusement.
Pope thought about it for a moment before he nodded and you all cheered in excitement.
The bonfire had started out nice. You hung around JJ most the night, shot gunning beers until you started to feel the alcohol kicking in before you swapped to soda, but that didn't stop JJ from still drinking.
It didn't end well though, Sarah was at the bonfire with Hopper and shit hit the fan very quickly.
You and JJ ended up having to pull your brother away from a fight with a bunch of Kooks and split. You didn't hang around to see what would happen next and ended up having your own small campfire back at the shack.
The group of you sat around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and drinking.
"Shit, we're out of marshmallows." Pope said, holding up the empty bag in disappointment.
"We got another bag inside." Your brother quickly said, jumping to his feet before jogging to the shack.
"I think I cooked mine for a little too long." JJ muttered from beside you as you glanced over at his stick to find the marshmallow on the end completely black and engulfed in fire.
Pope and Kie started to laugh as you just shook your head.
"You no longer get to have the title of 'genius' anymore. Just idiot." You teased causing him to look over at you, with a pretend hurt expression.
"Oh, really?" He asked, pointing his burning marshmallow towards you.
Quickly, you got to your feet and took a few steps away eying the marshmallow cautiously as JJ slowly got to his feet, stepping towards you.
"Don't you dare." You warned between fits of laughter. 
"Do I get the 'genius' title back?"
"For that weak excuse of a roasted marshmallow? Hell no."
Pope and Kie lost it laughing as JJ's face broke out in a grin before the threw the stick into the campfire and took a step towards you. You were vaguely aware of the fact that Pope and Kie were watching, but in the moment, you didn't give a shit.
Lifting his hand, JJ cupped the side of your face before he leant forward and kissed you.
"How about now?" He whispered against your lips.
"Kiss me again and find out."
JJ smiled before pressing his lips to yours as you started to kiss him back. His free hand rested against your hip, pulling you closer, deepening the kiss.
"What the fuck?!" Your brothers voice suddenly shouted.
In an instant, JJ jumped away from you, moving faster than you knew possible as you both looked towards the shack to find your brother standing at the door, the packet of marshmallows falling to the ground.
"Oh shit." Pope whispered from the campfire.
"John B, relax." You quickly said, holding your hand up towards him.
"Relax?" Your brother question as an almost hysterical chuckle escaped his lips and you knew he was angry.
"Yes. It's not a big deal-" You began to say before he cut you off.
"My best friend is kissing my sister! How the fuck is that not a big deal?!"
You watched as he started to march towards you and you quickly stepped in front of JJ who hadn't moved, seeming frozen in shock.
"Calm down, I can kiss whoever I want to. It's none of your business." 
"No. Not JJ. That's not going to happen!" He shouted, grabbing your shoulder and pushing you out the way before he grabbed JJ by the collar of his shirt. "Why the fuck were you kissing my sister?!"
"John B!" Kie and Pope both shouted, getting to their feet.
You grabbed your brothers shoulder, but he just shrugged your grip off as he shoved JJ back into a tree, his back pressed against it as John B pinned him there.
JJ didn't even try to fight back or yell as he just stared at your brother, seeming unsure with what to do.
"Bro, let him go." You said, but you might as well be talking to a brick wall because he wasn't listening. "John B!"
"She's her own person, man." JJ started to say, his eyes flashing over to you before looking back at John B. "You can't control her life forever."
"She's my little sister!"
"I'm not the same little girl who you're used to, John B. I've changed during my years at boarding school, I didn't have a choice after dad sent me away. I'm not the little girl you remember. And, you're only 12 minutes older than me, so shut up."
"You're still my little sister! You'll always be my little sister!" He shouted, glancing over at you, but making no indication that he was going to let JJ go.
"Listen to me-" You began to say, but he cut you off.
"And you should know better." He said, his eyes narrowing in JJ's direction. "She's my fucking sister, man! What the fuck were you thinking?!"
Suddenly, JJ shoved your brother back, catching John B by surprise as he staggered back a few steps.
"I was thinking that I fucking love her, dude!" JJ shouted, throwing his arms in the air as he spoke.
Did you just hear him correctly?
JJ said he loved you... JJ Maybank said he fucking loved you. Holy shit.
John B seemed to be as shocked as you were. His mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, but no words came out as he stared at his best friend.
"Yeah, I love your sister, man. You want to take a swing at me for it, then go ahead. But, it won't change how I feel." JJ continued to say.
Your brother looked like he was about to actually take a swing at him for it, but he never got the chance to before something rustled amongst the trees in the distance. 
You all froze, looking over at the trees in the trees in the dark before the chickens suddenly started to cluck loudly, something waking them up.
"Somebody's here." Your brother whispered, letting go of JJ as he looked towards the noise.
JJ stepped towards you protectively as you looked out at the dark trees.
"Do you have your gun?" Kie asked quietly, looking over at JJ.
"Oh, now she wants the gun."
"Oh, now you don't have the gun? Don't you guys have two now anyway?" She questioned.
"Yeah, in the shack. I wasn't going to let him bring one to the bonfire earlier." You replied before Pope hushed you both. 
"Hey, who's out there?" John B shouted bravely.
JJ picked up a metal rod from the ground and you pulled your pocket knife out from your pocket and flicked the blade out.
"Who's there?" JJ shouted when nobody answered and a second later, a man emerged from behind the trees.
It was the creepy dude who worked, Limbrey. 
Damnit, not this guy again.
"How y'all doing?" He greeted, raising his hands above his head. "Lovely evening we're having."
Your hand tightened around your knife as you watched the man cautiously.
"Look, I don't hold a grudge with any of y'all, alright? But this can go hard, or this can go easy. You know what I'm here for." He continued to say, lifting up his jacket to show that he didn't have any weapons concealed on him. "Let me give you a little demonstration. You see that swing?"
You glanced over at the swing hanging from the tree before turning your attention back to the man.
"I got the best bow hunters in the Army Rangers with me. Hidden."
Suddenly, an arrow flew through the air past your face and cutting the rope of the swing before hitting a tree in the distance. 
"Now, they're out there. They'll stick you just as soon as I say so." He continued to say as JJ stepped towards him raising the metal pipe before an arrow suddenly slammed into the ground by his feet. "Uh, uh, uh. We clear?"
The creepy dude looked at JJ as he spoke and he reluctantly lowered the metal rod. Your fingers tightened around your knife, but you didn't dare try and use it.
"Now, I'm not gonna give a you a countdown or any bullshit like that. I'm just gonna whistle and my archer will fire." The man said, turning his attention to Pope who sighed and pulled the key from his pocket.
"This key belongs to my family."
"I'm losing my patience with you, Pope."
Reluctantly, Pope held the key towards him and he grinned, taking it.
"You did the right thing, kid. Knowing when you don't have a choice is an underappreciated talent. You be safe. Y'all have a good night." He said, nodding at you all before he turned around and walked off.
Nobody moved or said anything as you looked over at Pope who was breathing heavily, glaring in the direction the man had walked off in.
"I'm so sick of this shit." Was all Pope said before storming off back to the shack.
Kie sighed and followed after him before you glanced between JJ and your brother who were now looking at each other.
"John B, are we good?" JJ asked cautiously.
You looked over at your brother, unsure of how this was going to go before John B sighed and nodded.
"Just... just know that if you hurt her, I will hurt you so much worse."
"Goes without saying, man. I would never hurt her, you know that." JJ replied and John B nodded seeming happy with that answer before the group of you walked back to the shack. 
Next Chapter
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obsession-obx · 2 days ago
A Christmas Miracle.
| rudy pankow x reader :)
Tumblr media
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a/n: i’ve been crying all day lol because my stupid Spanish teacher but anyways... since it’s December i felt like writing a Christmas fan fiction to cure my depression :)
summary: you think Rudy can’t be home for Christmas this year because vid filming a Christmas special for outer banks but he comes home to surprise you.
warning: nothing just pure fluff!! soft ending i’m currently crying how cute this is.
Rudy and you have spent every Christmas together, even before you were dating. You both are childhood friends that had Christmas at yours or Rudy’s house ever since you could remember. But sadly this year he couldn’t make it home because the show he works for was doing a special Christmas short film. you were bummed but knew he would be home a few days later to spend Christmas with you. so you thought.
I was currently finishing up the last bit of filming for our Christmas short film. I miss y/n to much. i have to get home to her for Christmas, I wouldn’t ever miss a Christmas with her. she’s amazing. Once we get done filming I will hop on a plane to her. Christmas is the day after tomorrow so that means i have time before Christmas to shop for her! I have already got her multiple things from filming and everything but she deserves the whole world. I know i can’t get her that but i’ll get things that make up to that.
We get done filming and I swear I have never ran to my trailer faster. I was so excited i already have everything packed and ready to hop on the plane. The plane ride so far has been boring so I decided to text y/n.
Me: hey baby, we just got done filming sorry i couldn’t be home for christmas :(
the loml 🤍: its okay sweetheart, i understand why you can’t make it but hey i’m here when you get home after christmas love you.
me; love you too wish i could be there :(
I was almost in tears i can tell she’s upset i’m not there through her texts. she didn’t say “i love you” i know she misses me. not for long i’m currently sitting at the airport to get on another plane then i’m finally home!! these plane rides have been boring I’ve mostly been sleeping passing the time dreaming about the girl i’m coming home to. I was in the middle of a lovely dream when i feel the plane come to a stop, i’ve arrived!!!
i’m rushing off the plane trying my hardest to rush to the taxi i ordered considering y/n drove me to the airport when i was leaving. i’m very jittery in the taxi to the point the driver asks if i’m okay and i say “yeah! i’m surprising my girlfriend for Christmas!” the drive just smiles at the “teen” love when me and y/n are in our 20’s.
when i arrived at our shared small house, i told the driver to park a little bit back considering i knew y/n would be sitting in the living room watching something on tv or reading. what she normally does on a Saturday afternoon when she has nothing else to do. the driver drives away as soon as i hit the driveway. I knock on the door excited to see her.
i hear a knock on the door, i’m confused because i didn’t expect anyone today. i get up from reading my book and pause the music that was softly playing in the background. i go to the door and open it coming to a shock to see who it is. i’m so in shock i don’t move, he pulls me into the biggest hug ever and i hug back. “what are you doing home? i thought you were still in Charleston?!” i say into his neck.
“i finished filming early and wanted to come home before Christmas!” he says pulling away from the hug and into a loving passionate kiss. “well what are we going to do just stand outside?” i ask pulling him to the couch to cuddle with him. i couldn’t have been happier. thank you obx for finishing filming early!
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r0s3mm · a day ago
The Art Of Letting Go // Outer Banks series
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Read me here!
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Pairing: OC!Elizabeth Miller x JJ Maybank
Word count: approx. 10,796 words... y'all im not even sorry.
Episode: 2x08
A/N: nothing that isn't in the show, TW: Luke Maybank, allusions to abuse, language, JJ and Beth kinda going back to their old ways.
my gif
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm lost, is it really even my fault? I don't think that it's supposed to be hard If it's really meant to be So, give me a sign Is he always gonna be mine? Have I given it enough of my time?
Beth walked out of the house and onto the balcony with a plate in her hands. She stabbed her scrambled eggs with the prongs of her fork, adding them on top of her toasted bread before she took a bite.
“That was epic.”
“Did you guys see Kelce’s face?” John B asked, looking up at the brunette who handed him a slice of ham.
“Bomb drop!” JJ grunted, before jumping on the couch and shoving the small ball in the basket.
“Another broken couch.”
“You gotta sleep there.”
“I always sleep there. Hey,” he said, gesturing to the blonde who was entering the space. He quickly looked in the brunette’s plate before grabbing a buttered piece of bread. “Well, hello, princess.”
“What’s up?” Kie greeted, half asleep on the couch.
“You hungry?” Beth offered and Sarah shook her head.
“Shouldn’t you be on Figure Eight with your little group of polo players? Or did you break up with Topper?”
“We’re just friends.”
“Ah, he’s just a friend. You have a lot of friends, Sarah Cameron.”
“Yeah, and it seems like you’ve got some of your own too.” She replied.
“All right, what are you doing here?”
“I’m here for Pope.” She sighed, facing the covered-up teenager. “I think I found the island room.”
They all stood from their seats, exchanged looks, they grabbed their things and practically shoved Sarah’s bike in the back of the van before they started the journey to Tanny Hill.
“Guys, listen to this; the diary says the cross holds the most holy relic in all of Christendom, the Garment of the Savior.”
“So, wait, he saying there’s a holy garment inside the cross?” Kiara spoke up.
“Yeah. It says the garment is capable of healing the sick from any malady.”
“Mmh, yeah.” JJ said as if remembering a long-forgotten memory. Elizabeth looked up from her nails she was picking on and frowned at the blonde in front of her. “If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well.” He recited and Elizabeth shook her head, amused.
“What? I went to Sunday School.” He said to the others that turned towards him, surprised.
“J, you mixed up Matthew 9:21 and Mark 5:28 but yeah, that’s the gist of it.” She mumbled, glancing from the road outside to the smiling teenager who winked her way. Kiara looked at her two friends utterly confused.
“Who the hell are you people?” Elizabeth shook her head before looking at the photocopies in Pope’s hands.
“Well,” Pope cleared his throat. “That explains why Limbrey would want the cross so bad. She thinks it can heal her.”
“What else does it say?”
“Many feel that we have sinned to steal such a sacred thing, and God will strike His vengeance on us.” Pope read off the page.
“Thing is, God did have His vengeance.”
“He sent a hurricane to sink the ship. Only Denmark survived.”
“I swear if this whole thing turns magical or some shit, I’m out.” Elizabeth sighed as she held eye contact with the blonde for a few seconds before she blushed and looked away.
Quietly, they walked through the large front doors, the Pogues all looked around at the mansion commenting how their own houses could fit a couple of times in it.
“This place still freaks me out.”
“Yeah, same.”
“It’s such a beautiful house, though.” Sarah opened a door and walked through first before Pope entered the room.
“Pope, look.”
“Whoa! You’ve got to be kidding me.” He said amazed.
“Yeah, I know right.” Sarah sighed as a smile took over her features. “It’s the island room.”
“It’s been here this whole time.”
“No freaking way.”
“What the- that’s like the whole island.” Beth gasped.
“This definitely means something.”
All six teenagers spread out around the room, looking at the paintings on the walls, places they recognized, details in the paintings that amazed them...
“Yo, this is like a map of the whole island.” John B pointed out.
“Yeah, that’s what I said.”
“Yeah, John B, this is Rixton’s right here.” JJ pointed to a drawing. “And then, there’s the lighthouse.” He stared at the painting before looking out the window and seeing the real lighthouse.
“Guys, look, Parcel 9 and the well.”
“Okay, so, if that’s Parcel 9 and then if that’s Rixton’s, then that’s gotta be—”
“Surf break at Mase.” Elizabeth finished his thought and the curly haired teenager nodded.
“Right and look.” JJ grabbed a page of the photocopied diary and placed it underneath the painting. “Pope, come here. This is Denmark’s handwriting for sure.”
“The drawings, they match up.”
“Holy shit.”
“Denmark, you genius! These are all his drawings. He... he painted this entire room.” Pope said, turning on himself.
“Yeah, question is why. What’s he trying to tell us?”
“It has to be related to the key, right?” Elizabeth said, thinking of the key they had lost the night before.
“Yeah, but what?”
“How did you know to uncover this?” An impressed John B asked Sarah who was tracing a painting with the tip of her finger.
“I didn’t. It was like this when I got home.”
“Okay, then who did it?” Kie asked.
“I don’t know.”
“The freaks.” The group gasped, and Elizabeth reached for her gun before she noticed the voice came from Wheezie, Sarah’s little sister.
“For fuck’s sake.” The brunette breathed, releasing the hold she had on the firearm.
“What freaks are we talking about, Wheeze?”
“Uh... that sick lady and her attack dog. They... they showed up last night, and they wanted to talk to Rafe.” The young girl explained.
“Wait. Pale blond lady?”
“She have crutches?” Wheezie nodded at the teenagers’ questions.
“It’s gotta be Limbrey.”
“Wha... what happened?”
“Well, at first they searched the whole house looking for something, and then Rafe told me to go upstairs. But I didn’t wanna miss out, so I listened through the grate.” The little brunette explained, and Elizabeth smiled, amused. “I heard them tearing off the wallpaper, saying how they’d found it. And they were talking about getting across the sand flamingo.”
“That’s code for something.” JJ said immediately.
“The cross. The Cross of Santo Domingo?” Pope offered and the girl’s face lit up.
“Yeah, that’s it. Oh, and they were talking about angels.”
“A lot of angels talk.” She looked to the older kids in front of them. “I don’t know.”
“Guys, Denmark’s famous last words. He buried the real treasure at the foot of the angel. They’re looking for an angel. We have to find the angel in the room.”
“Start looking, start looking. Come with me.” He grabbed Beth’s jacket sleeve and pulled her with him, and she opened her eyes wider in surprise.
“Spread out.”
“There’s a church over here!”
“Yeah, check the church.”
Their voices became one as they talked over each other, sharing theories of heat sensitivity, other angel names were shouted. Elizabeth felt JJ’s fingers separate from hers and she followed after him, keeping their limbs intwined. She watched him carefully, in silence as she could see the wheels turn in his head; the way his lips were pursed, and his brows were furrowed. The way his eyes stayed on one particular focus point and how his stress induced erratic breathing stopped for a few seconds. His free hand reached forward, tracing the outline of what looked like a keyhole.
“It’s still there.” He said quietly and she stared at him. “Hey, yo! Hey, guys, I think I found something!” he shouted, and they all stopped only to turn towards him and make their ways to where the pair was. “Come here. This humongous tree is still on Goat Island. You know what it’s called?”
“Angel oak.” Elizabeth mumbled, memories of the start of the summer hit her and an easy smile fell on her face. JJ looked down at her, sharing the same expression. “Look there. There’s the keyhole.”
“That means the cross is buried at the foot of the angel.” Pope said, staring proudly at the blond. “Wow, that must be where he put it. That must be where they are right now! We have to go!”
“I think I’m Sherlock Holmes, all right?” JJ wondered excited. “You’re welcome by the way.” The group left quickly leaving JJ and Beth to be the last to leave the room.
“Hey, Sherlock.” She called from behind him, and he turned around. She held onto his shoulder and stood on her tip toes, she leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth, getting back to her usual height with a small giddy bounce. A small laugh left her lungs before she started to quickly walk back to her friends.
“Hey Sherlock and Watson. Stop with the macking we gotta go, now!” John B shouted from the front door and JJ shook his head, trying to shake off a grin before he followed, practically chasing after the girl, both running out of the house and into the van under their friends’ gazes.
They drove on a deserted path, in a little corner of their island that had been abandoned for a while now.
“Guys, we’re coming up on Freedman’s Church. The church Denmark built for all the slaves he freed.”
Driving on the dirt path, John B and his friends looked around, trying to find the tree they were looking for.
“There it is, Angel Oak.” Kiara said and they watched the tree right in front of them grow bigger and bigger.
The Twinkie slowed to a full stop in the middle of a sparse forest and the three girls in the back were pulled from their hushed conversation and they leaned forward with a pout.
“Oh, shit! Tide’s coming in.” John B carefully watched the watery mud in front of them. “Um...”
“Hey, wait a second. Look.” He pointed to the barely visible tire tracks. “They already came through here. Those have to be Limbrey’s tire tracks. Guys, we gotta go.” He urged.
“Mmm, what do you think chief?”
“I’m thinking it’s looking a little dicey.” John B told his best friend.
“Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with that statement.”
“Okay, clearly, they made it. No?”
“In a two-wheel drive? I don’t know about that.”
“Why are y’all acting like you’re not gonna do it anyways?” Sarah asked with an amused smile and Elizabeth chuckled with her head on her shoulder. “Like when have y’all ever done the safe thing?” John B and JJ looked back at the blonde before staring at each other.
“C’mon John! Put it in second, press on the gas and close your eyes.”
“Yeah, what Beth said.” JJ nodded, both of them faced the road. “Speed is your friend, here.”
“Oh, and stick to the high ground in the middle.”
Both brunettes and the blonde in the backseat held each other’s hands and breathed in before they nodded to John B’s gaze in the rearview mirror.
“For fuck’s sake, just do it.” Elizabeth mumbled and Kiara and Sarah laughed at her dramatics.
“All right, ready?” they all nodded. “Here we go!”
“Come on, bro. Punch it. Speed is your friend.” JJ repeated for the second time. “You’re not going fast enough.”
“I’m in second.” John B replied, slightly annoyed.
“It’s gonna slide.” Kiara commented from the far right of the backseat.
“You’re fishtailing already.”
“Yeah, I know! I know!”
“Not to put any more pressure on you, but you don’t make it through, we’ll be stuck here forever.” Pope spoke up in between the two front seats.
“We’ll be stuck here forever.” Elizabeth mocked the teenager. “And JJ and I are the dramatic ones? Please...”
“Put your head back, okay?” John B said. One of his hands left the wheel to push the boy’s head back.
“John, both hands on the wheel please.” He glanced at his oldest friend in the backseat before doing what she asked.
The six teenagers cheered when they finally made it through, and the stress and tension left their bodies.
“See? I told you we’d make it.”
“That’s my girl.” JJ chuckled, slapping the van. “All right, all right. Right here, right here’s good.” He instructed the driver who stopped the van. “Angel Oak is right through here.”
“Um, yeah, guys just, you know be careful of the gators.” Elizabeth mentioned once JJ had slid the door open for them.
“What?” Kiara turned to face her friends.
“Yeah, know that gators nest back here, just keep your eyes peeled. You don’t wanna step on a mama gator. That’s the last thing that you want.”
“They have nests?”
“Seems like a good place to park.” Sarah nodded, unconvinced.
“All right.” JJ sighed once he saw that everyone had made it out of the van. They started to walk between the trees and on fallen leaves. “You don’t wanna be a Pat Womack.”
“JJ, enough with Pat Womack.” Elizabeth sighed, turning around to face him for a few seconds. “It’s every time we come here, now.” She shook her head and rolled her eyes when he kept going.
“She had her calf chewed off by a gator, right? You know that, right?”
“That’s actually not true.” Kie mumbled.
“Jesus, finally.” Ellie sighed; her hands raised in the air as a thanks.
“Pat Womack was injured in a car accident, but I hear ya.”
“Okay, just live-in ignorance. But like, she had her calf chewed off by a mama gator. I know that for a fact.” Elizabeth listened to the banter, almost tripping before she held onto Pope that was walking in front of her. “They like the brackish water.” JJ stepped onto a little surface of solidified dirt near a source of water. “Wait. Hold on. I see something.”
“What are you doing?” Kiara asked before JJ grabbed a large branch and hit the water with it, making large ripples appear on the surface.
“Right. Wake them up. That’s smart.” The blonde girl mocked.
“I was just making sure it wasn’t a gator. That’s all, all right?”
They walked a little while further, Elizabeth, JJ, Kiara, and Pope all pretended to not be able to hear the broken-up couple behind them and snickers could be heard within the quartet.
“Hey, shh.” Pope, who was ahead, shushed them and once they had all quieted down, they could hear the indistinct voices and the whirring sounds of the engines.
“I don’t see shit. Are you sure this is the right spot?” JJ joined Ellie and Pope who stood behind a large and tall bush.
“The fuck is your brother doing here, Sarah?” Elizabeth asked the girl who’d just appeared by her sides before JJ shushed her.
“It’s there. The garment will be in the cross and the cross will be at the foot of the tree.” Limbrey spoke weakly.
“Well, whatever we find, I get my cut.” Renfield spoke.
“The actual garment. You understand the significance.”
“I do, Carla. Completely.”
“One touch of it, and I’ll be healed, and this long nightmare will be over.”
“Your lips to God’s ears.”
Pope watched curiously as they dug a hole at the foot of the tree. The sound of wood being hit could be heard from the teenagers that were feet away from the actual scene and they tensed up, unwilling to admit that they would fail their newest quest. Carla screamed at the workers, requested that they stop and did it by hand. She hovered over the hole and the men and watched amazed but then confused as they lifted a casket off the ground.
“He put it in a casket.” The woman chuckled breathlessly. “Denmark put it in a casket. Get it up.”
“Let’s go.” Elizabeth looked at Pope’s profile, seeing the disappointment in his eyes.
The casket was brought out of the hole, Renfield and Rafe grunted as they carried it barely a foot away.
“They got the cross? What do we do? What do we do?” JJ asked frustrated.
“What can we do.”
“Be careful.” Carla said to the two men working to get the casket opened. “Don’t touch anything inside! Don’t touch anything inside!”
“No, wait.” Elizabeth mumbled; her eyes focused on the now open crate. She watched as Carla Limbrey didn’t have the reaction of a woman who had found the thing she’d been looking for, for years. She looked defeated and exhausted. Rafe wiped his upper lip, sighed, and crouched in front of the wooden box.
“It’s just a corpse... Sorry Carla.”
“We must have missed something.” Carla Limbrey grunted, struggling to get back on her feet.
“Of course.” Rafe started. “Of course, yeah. Of course, it’s just a dead body. Jesus!” The oldest Cameron sibling swore under his breath.
“We just got the wrong place.” The Pogues watched, starting to feel their patience thinning out. “We’ll go back to the island room. We’re going back! We’re going back! It’s not over.” Carla screamed, her voice straining.
The teenagers watched as a few men got into their cars, along with Limbrey and her brother, and left the space in a hurried manner. Pope pushed his way through the bush as soon as Rafe, the last one to leave, had fully gone away.
“Pope. Pope, wait. Wait! Shit.” JJ whispered to his friend.
The teenager ran, his heart was beating quicker than it had in a long time and he fell on his knees, right in front of the casket.
“Wait, wait. Yo.” They stopped half a dozen feet away from the boy, watching him attentively.
“Cecilia Tanny, Denmark’s wife.” He read the plaque inside the box and their eyes opened wide. “He wasn’t talking about the cross.” Pope stood up, walking closer to the tree. “He buried her at the foot of the angel.” His voice cracked.
“The true treasure.” Kiara said beside Elizabeth and the brunette smiled, her eyes watery.
“His wife.” Elizabeth didn’t miss the stolen glance John B threw Sarah and a small smile appeared on her face at the simple thought of love.
All five of them surrounded Pope and the coffin, their eyes sad and hearts heavy at seeing their friend, who had fallen to his knees, crying.
“Denmark was hung for burying his wife, and now they defiled her grave.” He cried, feeling JJ and Kiara’s comforting touches on his arms. Slowly, he reached in and wiped the dust away from what looked to be a thin name tag.
“This must have been from Denmark.” Sarah said quietly. In her hand, she held a wedding band, a simple thin ring that once, represented the love two people held for each other. “Her wedding ring.” She stated, looking at the man that made her heart beat faster.
Sarah and Pope placed the objects back where they found them, the teenagers stayed silent for a minute or so.
“We can’t leave her like this.”
“We won’t.”
They started to work together, JJ, John B and Pope put the cover back on the casket while Elizabeth went to get a few flowers that were nearby. She handed them to Pope and smiled as he added them to what remained of Cecilia Tanny.
“I just don’t get it. I mean, you guys saw the map.” Pope stuttered while JJ finished covering the hole with dirt. “He hides his gold, so no one finds it for a hundred and seventy years. And then he sends a message to his son Robert to come here to his mother’s grave, but the message never gets to him. Denmark wanted him to find the cross. I know we’re in the right spot. It just feels like—”
“Like we missed something?” JJ spoke up pushing away from the van he was leaning on. “Guys. Come here.” The blonde’s eyes were fixated on something that was high up. The teenagers turned around with a frown trying to see what JJ was looking at. They watched him climb easily on top of the van and Kiara followed close after him.
“That looks like—”
“The painting in the island room.” The pair said, standing close to a hole in the tree.
“Wait guys, is there something in it?” Elizabeth asked.
“It’s worth a shot, right?”
“Go for it.” JJ stepped aside letting Kiara take the lead, but she shook her head.
“Not a chance.”
“You do it!” Sarah told JJ.
“Sorry. I... I went in the storm drain so...”
“She did go in the storm drain.”
“Yeah. No, I’m gonna do it. It’s just...”
“He’s scared.” Kiara whispered teasingly and smiled when she saw her friends laugh.
“I’m not scared dude.”
“You seem scared.”
He hesitated, his hand was in the air for a few seconds, retreating and going forward before he closed his eyes and shoved half of his arm in the hole and the teenagers watched attentively.
“There’s something in there.” He licked his lips before pushing his arm further down. He chuckled humorlessly and frowned. “Wait—” The blonde started to scream, calling for help; Kiara quickly moved to him, trying to pull JJ’s arm out while the rest called for him from the ground.
“Kiara! Get him out!” Elizabeth and Pope shouted, worried for their friend.
JJ started laughing, his whole body shook, his head was thrown back and his teeth were showing. Kiara flicked his ear, Sarah stared at him while John B and Pope were watching him with annoyance, Elizabeth though, sent a full glare to the boy.
“Oh, you asshole.”
“Oh man! I got all of you on that one.”
“Oh, yeah, real original.” Pope replicated.
“Wait, but seriously, there’s something in here.” His fingers wrapped around a cylindric object, made of metal that felt cool under his touch. He pulled the object out with a grunt before giving it a quick look.
“Let me see it.” Pope stood on his tip toes, grabbing it from JJ’s hands and he turned it before wiping away dust that covered half of an inscription. “HMS Royal Merchant.” He read enthusiastically.
“Give it to the captain.” JJ grabbed it from Pope’s hold as soon as his feet touched the ground. “Here we go. It’s a spyglass.” JJ twisted it open, his arm extended out in front of him as he tried to stare into it.
“There’s something on the ends.” Kiara noticed while John B examined it.
“An inscription right there.” John B mumbled and Elizabeth and Sarah stared at each other, curious. “Look at that shit.”
“Oh, what does it say?” JJ asked impatient.
“You’ve come this far, do not falter the cross is on the freedman’s altar.” He read off before turning towards his friends. The teenagers grinned at each other, victorious. “” Freedman’s altar.” The cross is at the church!”
“Oh my god.” Sarah held onto the brunette’s arm tightly as they jumped up and down for a few seconds.
“What are we doing here, guys?”
“Come on!”
“We got it!” Pope shouted; his voice turned into a high pitch shriek making the rest of the group laugh.
As quickly as they could, they scrambled back into the van, retracing their route back to the church.
“Ah, crap!” John B groaned from the driver’s seat.
“What?” Elizabeth looked up from an old polaroid picture of her, JJ, Pope, Kiara and John B and she smiled, her finger traced their round faces from when they were younger.
“The tide!”
“Oh, this doesn’t look good.”
“How deep is that?” Kiara raised herself to take a look and she frowned.
“I don’t know. The road’s gone.” John B hit the brakes; his friends all moved forward before they fell back against the backs of their seats.
“Tide rose faster than I thought it would.”
“Just a little bit.”
“Uh, John B, how high are the spark plugs?”
“They’re good. We’re fine.” He stated and Kiara and Elizabeth looked at each other, recognizing the boy’s tone.
“How high are they?” JJ and Pope asked their best friend and the group frowned.
“Oh, um...” he hesitated before looking out the window. “Uh, just above the taillight.”
“Oh god that’s not good.”
“Okay, so that’s, what, three feet?”
“That’s three feet. Yeah.” JJ confirmed, he bit his lip as the wheels in his head started to turn and his blue eyes were trained on the brunette who seemed lost in her own thoughts.
“It can’t be three feet deep.”
“Then what’s the problem?” John B asked.
“Not a problem. No, we’re good. We’re good. She’ll make it.” JJ said unconvincingly. “B, you good?” the blonde asked the girl.
“Huh?” she raised her head and their eyes met.
“You okay? Cold?” he asked, noticing the way her hands shook.
“Nah, I’m fine.” She smiled.
Elizabeth reached forward, rubbed his arm lovingly before sitting back in her seat. She wiped her palms on her jeans and looked at Sarah when the girl grabbed her hand. The rest of the friends didn’t say a word about the interaction they had witnessed but turned their attention to the van’s driver.
“Yeah. Fasten your seat belts. Hold on to something. We’re going into hyperdrive.” John B instructed and Elizabeth attached the old and barely usable seatbelt around her hips.
“I’ll say a quick prayer.” JJ said before he closed his eyes.
“You got this! You got this!” They started to yell as the Twinkie’s wheels turned in the liquid mud. “Faster! Faster!” JJ repeated the words he had said earlier, silently hoping they would make it across.
The vehicle started to lose its speed before it drifted to the right and out of its intended course, thanks to the water overflowing. They came to an abrupt stop, their bodies surged forward, and Kiara and Pope hit their heads together.
“Shit!” JJ swore.
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” John B said out loud, trying to get the van out of there.
“I think we miscalculated.” Pope said and Sarah grimaced unamused before holding her index and thumb close together.
“Just a little.”
“I knew I should have driven.” JJ commented before the teenagers groaned.
“Let’s get out.” John B said.
One after the other, they got out of the van, Elizabeth crawled to the back of the van, sitting on its edge perfectly placed between Kiara and JJ, the sole of her shoes dangled over the murky water.
“Okay, maybe we can walk from here.”
“What? And leave the Twinkie? The... the tide’s coming in.” John B protested Pope’s idea.
“So then, what are we supposed to do?”
“Not stay here.” Ellie saw her best friend’s face and rolled her eyes at the idea brewing in the teenager’s head.
“No, Kie, c’mon.”
“What?” JJ frowned, seeing the expression on the girls’ faces.
“I can take my dad’s truck.”
“Kie, are you sure?”
“How much worse can it get, you know?”
“Wait, my mom’s, JJ.” Elizabeth said, starring at JJ.
“What?” Kiara asked.
“JJ, would my mom’s truck be able to pull the Twinkie out?”
“I mean, yeah, probably. We’d need something to pull her out with. There’s the winch at the Chateau.”
“So, your mom left without her car?” Sarah asked confused.
“Mom has the little blue Toyota she uses day to day that she left with and then she’s got this old ass Jeep that JJ’s been working on for the past few months.” Sarah nodded and Beth turned her attention to her friends.
“Okay, so, to the Chateau that’s like two miles.”
“That’s a good idea.”
“If you’re gonna do it, let’s go, okay?” JJ nodded before he started to walk out of the water. “Tide’s coming in, Twinkie’s going under water.”
“Hey, thanks.” Kiara smiled at her best friend and Ellie nodded.
“Of course.”
“Yo, princess! You coming or?”
“What?” JJ waved at her to join him, and she jumped into the water, grimacing when her feet became cold and wet. “On my way! Wait for me.”
“Double time, B. You and your little legs gotta move, okay? I’m not carrying you.”
“I’m walking as fast as I can, J!” was the last thing the Pogues heard before the pair was out of sight and too far for them to be heard.
They had been walking for almost twenty minutes when JJ cleared his throat, breaking the comfortable between the two.
“Yes, JJ?”
“So, how you been?”
“I’ve been good, yep, yep.” She clapped her hands, they turned the corner and started to hear civilization. “You?”
“Are we gonna talk about it, one day or...?”
“About what?” she asked, pretending to be oblivious.
“You never called me back.” He stated and she felt the anxiety grow in her. She kept walking, trying to avoid his intense gaze as he burned holes in the side of her face. “B?”
“JJ, I’m sorry.”
“Did you even listen to them?”
“The messages?” she asked and nodded. “Yeah.”
“I don’t know if knowing you did, makes this worse.” He breathed in sharply.
“Can I be honest?” he nodded, noticing the way her chest rose and fell as she took a deep breath. “I’m just scared that things will change.” He watched her carefully. “We had a good thing, a great thing even and just—”
“Do you have feelings for Kie?” a chuckle left his lips and she felt stupid for a few seconds, thinking back to how he reacted to her that night and how many times she had caught him staring at her as if she had hung the moon.
“No.” she nodded, relief clear in her face.
“Okay, huh, so we’re cool?”
“I am if you are.”
“Great.” She smiled contagiously; the blonde shared the same expression as they walked the rest of the way to her house.
They walked on the pathway to the front door. She wrapped her hand around the knob and twisted it finding the door locked.
“The fuck...” she mumbled and frowned. JJ appeared behind her, and she let him go while she tried to find another key she knew was supposedly stashed somewhere.
“Your bedroom window.” His head snapped up and his thumb pointed towards the back of the house.
“It’s always unlocked, no?”
“True, true. Let’s go.” She put her hands on his shoulders, turning him around and leading him to the overgrown backyard where the jeep was parked.
The blonde stopped in front of the familiar window, he made sure the lock was undone before he pushed the window to the right and then lifted it up. He had done the exact, same thing about a hundred times over the past few years, and it had become a habit, something he did automatically.
“I never knew how you opened it from the outside every time, damn.”
“Yeah,” he grunted, pulling himself up and inside the room. “Pope told me a few months ago.” He waited for her by the window, on stand-by if she needed help to get in.
Elizabeth got to her feet and walked out of her room, and she frowned at the empty house.
“Lou?” she called out and frowned when she didn’t hear the pads of her dog’s paws hit the floor. “Keys are in the kitchen.” She told the blonde before she went to the bathroom and her mother’s room. She grabbed her mom’s coat and put it over her shoulders, she frowned when she noticed a piece of paper on the back of the door.
Had to go back home. Left the dog with Mrs. P. Call me when you get home. -Ollie.
She ripped the note from the door and crumpled it before throwing it in the trash. While JJ searched for the keys, she walked to her room and grabbed a new bag before stuffing a few things inside.
“Found them.” She nodded, looking back to her room as she felt a sense of nostalgia fill her. She closed the window and her bedroom door and made her way through the backdoor where JJ was waiting for her.
“Chateau?” he nodded before getting in the driver’s seat.
Quickly, they drove past half a dozen house before they got at John B’s residence. He parked the truck, quickly throwing the keys on her laps and he scrambled out, holding onto the door as his foot slipped a little bit before he started to run towards the shack.
“Don’t hurt yourself!” she laughed as he jumped over a branch but tripped on another. He fell halfway into the air and a groan left his lips when his arm cushioned the fall.
“I’m okay!” he shouted, and she shook her head.
She could hear noises from the shack, and she sighed, letting her head hit the back of the seat, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the semblance of peace she had for the first time in days. She sighed and looked at the time before pressing down on the horn.
“C’mon they’re waiting on us!” she yelled to the blonde and leaned forward to try and catch sight of him. “J!” she got out of the car and walked to the shack, worried as she had not heard the blonde in a short while.
“Dad, get off me!” She heard and her steps became quicker as she fell on the father and son duo.
“Listen to me!” The man said severely as she grabbed the collar of his son’s jacket. JJ’s eyes turned wide when he saw the brunette in the corner, anger written on her face. “I should’ve had the Phantom, but I don’t because of you.”
“Hey!” she shouted but Luke paid her no attention, shaking his son to get the blonde to look at him.
“I got your restitution hanging over me. This is your fault.” Her jaw clenched when she noticed the tension in JJ’s body; the way his knuckles turned white around the equipment in his hands, she could see him clench and unclench his jaw and heard his heavy breathing.
“Luke, get off.” She shouted and the man simply flipped her off.
“You telling me you’re not gonna help your own blood?” Luke’s voice turned soft, a fake softness that made her blood boil.
Luke knew and JJ knew too that he wasn’t the kind of father that was soft and nice with his child. JJ stared between the man he called dad and the girl he had always called his, unofficially that is.
“No.” she shook her head, never broke eye contact with the blonde as he made a decision. He avoided her stare, grabbing his father’s shirt roughly and pulling him towards the truck. “Fuck, no. JJ!” she called out and he ignored her, even though she was a few inches away from him. “Look at me!” he huffed as his dad hurried.
“Just get in the truck.” He instructed her, severely as he shoved his things in the back.
“Our friends are waiting for us, J. We don’t have time. The twinkie’s fucking drowning.”
“Get in the truck, Beth.” He repeated his voice lowered, and she frowned, seeing his hands balled up into fists and his nostrils flaring.
“As soon as he gets out of my mother’s car!” she turned to the adult who smiled victoriously at her, and she flipped him off. “What is that? What is this? No—" she followed him as he took a few steps away.
“Listen to me!” he said loudly, he grabbed her arms tightly and pushed her against the driver’s side door. “Listen to me, okay?” she frowned, hating the way his hands felt on her right now. “I need to get into the marina at the Island club. There’s a boat there he can take. Your mom still got the sticker on the truck.” He licked his lips and his voice softened. “Twenty minutes, that’s all I need.”
“There won’t be a Twinkie to save in twenty minutes!” she said, and her voice cracked. Her eyes followed his movements as he moved to the passenger’s door.
“I know.”
“We can come back later for his sorry ass, our friends need us, right now!” he took a few steps towards her, stopping when he faced the car fully and his fists hit the truck’s hood.
“The cops are after him! If I do this now, maybe I will never have to do it again. Just think about it, our life, together, without him.” He said and she nodded. She turned to get in the driver’s seat and let out a frustrated yell.
“I don’t have a license.” She said once at the passenger door, the blonde sighed and got out, he closed the door behind her before getting behind the wheel. “Don’t ever grab me like that, JJ.” She snapped and he stared at her while she stared out the window.
She could feel Luke’s eyes on her, and she wiped away a salty tear that managed to escape.
“Don’t even look at her.” JJ ordered his dad before he started the car.
They had been driving in silence for almost ten minutes when Luke’s voice broke through.
“Hey, pull up to Home Food here. I’m gonna need provisions.” The man instructed and JJ nodded, shooting a quick glance to the silent brunette next to him. “Crackers and baked beans and tuna, all right? And some salt and pepper.” Elizabeth rolled her eyes and shoved her hands in the jacket’s pockets, she frowned when she touched what felt like a small piece of cardboard paper. “Five days’ worth.”
“I know.” JJ shot Elizabeth a warning glance before he walked away and into the store.
The brunette frowned when she pulled the object out. A business card from a well-known bank was in her hand and she read the information before flipping it and seeing her mother’s handwriting.
“Lizzie’s trust fund.” She heard from over her shoulder, and she jumped when Luke’s face appeared over her shoulder.
“Fuck off.” She swatted the air, getting him to sit back.
He started to hit the front seats, creating an off-beat rhythm that made her groan. She got out of the car and leaned against the hood. Elizabeth went back to the car and picked up the blonde’s cellphone from the driver’s seat. She typed in the phone number written on the card before putting it against her ear.
"Branch Banking and Trust Company, account number please.”
“Uh, yea.” She held the paper tightly in her hand, reading the series of numbers on the back of it. "000746328765.”
"Alright, mother’s maiden name?”
“Mabel Davis.”
“Security question number one; which city were you born in?"
“Charleston, South Carolina.”
“Security question number two; name of your first child?”
“Elizabeth Dawn Miller.” She said as her voice shook, and she glanced around her.
“Alright miss Miller, what can we do for you today?”
“Can I know my account’s balance?”
“Yes of course, give me a few seconds.” The brunette stared through the store window, trying to see if she could catch the blonde in the store. "The current balance is of twenty-five thousand seven hundred thirty-six dollars and ninety-eight cents.”
"Oh shit.” She gasped before repeating the number.
“Anything else for you Miss Miller?” she shook her head, kicking a rock that rolled under a picnic table a few feet away. “Miss Miller, was there anything else?”
“Uh, when would a withdrawal be possible?”
“We have to be advised twenty-four hours before a withdrawal is made.”
“Okay, thank you.” She hung up and immediately went to recent calls and deleted the number she had contacted.
The brunette walked back to her seat, under Luke Maybank’s vile stare and she sighed, the amount running around in her head like a hamster on its wheel.
“What you gon’ do with twenty-five K, Elizabeth?” she noticed JJ at the register, eyes trained on the old Jeep, and she stared at him with an easy smile on her face.
“Do you even know his favorite meal?”
“Mac and cheese with hot dogs cut up in it.” The father said confidently, and she snorted.
“Not since he was ten but thanks for trying. Tell me, you know you’re a miserable excuse of a father, right?”
“Lecture me all you want, Miller.”
“You never even tried to get to know him,” she said calmly. “your son’s the best person I’ve ever known, and I feel so lucky to have the chance to know him.”
“He’s a thief is what he is.”
“If he is, what does that make you? Oh wait, I know, failure as a dad, the town’s clown, drunk and failed fisherman and the only thing you merely succeeded at was to get involved with the wrong people. Can’t say that you’re an impressive shit.” He chuckled, his tongue poked out and it rested between his two front teeth.
“That was all Robin right there.” He mumbled and she frowned at the mention of her mom. “You’re the spitting image of your mama and you got lucky too ‘cause Clive isn’t exactly a looker if you know what I mean, but you know, he was the bad boy that she fell for back in the day.” She watched JJ talk to someone inside the store, both him and the older woman frowned. “And your friend, Anna’s daughter, slumming with the bad boys while she has it all. Both your mama’s did the same thing y’all are doing with the boys, wonder which one of y’all will get pregnant first...” he leaned closer, and Elizabeth looked at him from the corner of her eye. “If you’re as open minded as your mom you might end up the same way later, stuck with a good for nothing husba—” she turned around, facing him as best as she could and glared.
“Don’t you fucking dare talk about my family or my friends cause I swear you won’t—”
“Hey.” JJ whistled as he approached the car, noticing the frown and angry look on the brunette’s face. She watched JJ hand his father a pack of six beers before he dropped the paper bag in the trunk. He stared between the girl and his father, worried about their expressions as he got into the seat next to hers.
“Let’s go before I throw his sorry ass out of the car.”
“Yeah, okay.” The blonde nodded before he looked back at his father who bit the inside of his cheek, amused.
The whole ride to the club, JJ kept looking between the road and the brunette beside him who seemed upset.
“The sticker’s expired.” She mumbled once they arrived close to the gate.
“It’ll be fine.” JJ nodded to himself in reassurance, and he drove past the guard who played a game on his phone. The blonde jumped out of the car and walked around it to open the door for his father who had leaned in closer to Beth.
“Why don’t you say hello to Anna and Robin next time you see them for me, yeah?” he smirked, and Elizabeth just shoved his head away.
“Stop it.” JJ groaned as he pulled his father out of the car. “I told you not to speak to her.”
“J, gotta go quick.” He nodded before pulling his father away from the car. “Hey Luke,” he turned around. “I’ll pray that you choke on your own saliva.” She said and she flipped him off with a smile on her face, hoping it’d be the last time she would ever see the man,
“C’mon, go. Go!” JJ led his father away from the car.
The father and son pair walked on the pontoon to the boat that waited for the oldest of the two. Together they started to get the boat ready and got the provisions out.
“Did you have to do that? Did you have to go after her like that?” JJ asked.
“I told her some of the history, some Pogues history, thought she’d like it.”
“Everything.” The son groaned. “Everything I have, you try and fricking ruin.” JJ shook his head.
“With her? Was there even anything to ruin, c’mon she’s a dud.” The adult chuckled.
“Shut up!” he snapped, slapping the cupboard’s door close. “Yes, she’s the everything that you can’t ruin, dad! Not her.”
“I don’t try to. Happens naturally.”
JJ breathed out, trying to calm himself as best as he could before he climbed the ladder and started the engine. He went back down and joined his father who was putting away a dozen pill bottles.
“You’ve got... You’ve got a full tank of gas, but I reckon that’s only gonna get you to Jacksonville.” Luke walked past his son, his hand went over his head when he noticed the teenage girl walking down the pontoon, stopping halfway. “You got money for gas, right?”
“What do you think? Yeah, no, I’ll figure it out.” JJ sighed, frustrated before he fished his wallet out before grabbing the eight dollars he had left.
“Dad.” He lifted the money up, showing his father and the man stood, watching his defeated son. Luke walked to JJ who simply handed him the cash and started to walk away.
“Hey. Come here, son. Come here.” Luke stopped him, hands on his shoulders in a somewhat affectionate manner that felt unknown to the blonde. He grabbed JJ’s head, holding him in place as the teenager tried to keep the tears at bay, tears that held a multitude of emotions that even his own father couldn’t guess. “I know I could’ve been better.”
“I hadn’t exactly been perfect either.” JJ mumbled, avoiding the eyes he had known all his life.
“Hey, perfect don’t matter.” Luke finally stared at his son, eye to eye as the youngest breathed out sharply. “You got a good heart; I know your girlfriend and your friends have a lot to do about it.” Luke finished and pulled back on his son’s arm when he tried to walk away. “No, no. Come on. Can’t let it end like this. I’m going to Yucatán. I might never be coming back. It’ll all work out.”
“Not it’s not.” JJ sniffled. “But maybe in the next life.”
“Come on, J. Don’t be like that.”
“Take care, dad. Okay?”
From afar, Elizabeth watched the pair hug, strangely she felt relieved when Luke seemed to hug his son tighter. She watched JJ pull away and she wiped another tear that fell down her cheek. The blonde got off the boat before he untied the rope that held the boat to the dock.
The rope that still tied his father to his life.
She brought her hands to her mouth and watched his shoulders shake as Luke started to pull away from the dock. She jogged the rest of the way before she arrived next to him and watched him throw a couple of bottles in the trash. She opened her arms and he fell against her; his head was in the crook of her neck and his arms were tightly wrapped around her waist and she scratched his scalp comfortingly. Luke Maybank looked back for the last time, a small smile made its way to his lips when he saw and finally recognized that his son had been taken care of for a while now. With both of her hands, she cupped his face and wiped away the few tears that he let go of. They shared a small smile when their eyes met and she kissed his cheeks, the blonde’s eyes closed instinctively as the soft touch.
“I got you.” She mumbled before she grabbed his hand.
Together, they made their way up the dock, into the jeep and away from the Island Club, making their way to their friends who had grown impatient. The blonde slowly hit the brakes when their friends and the almost totally submerged van came into view.
“Oh, speak of the freaking devil!” Pope said, though it wasn’t heard by the pair. JJ pressed the horn, signaling their arrival. Elizabeth opened her window and looked back at the four teenagers sat on top of the Twinkie. “The Maybanks, always and forever... late. Just a couple hours late.” She opened the door, letting herself out as her eyes fell on John B. “Where the hell were you guys?”
“Asshole—” she cleared her throat before pointing to JJ. “Sorry, paternal complications.”
“Luke was at the chateau.” JJ explained, grabbing things from the backseat of the Jeep.
“Oh, great! While you were having family time with your pops, John B got bit by a gator.”
“WHAT?” Elizabeth dropped what she had in her hands and ran to the water only to be stopped by Pope.
“Like, for real?” JJ asked, going to help the brunette back up the small hill.
“Does it look like we’re joking?” Sarah snapped, showing the curly haired teenager’s leg.
“Okay, but what happened?”
“What happened?” John B groaned. “I got bit by a gator!”
“He got bit by a gator!” Pope shouted, irritated.
“I don’t know why I’m being yelled at! Why we’re being yelled at!” she corrected herself. “Sorry we took a bit more time than predicted but for fuck’s sake JJ just—”
“You’re being yelled at because it took two hours to do something t’was supposed to take twenty minutes!” Pope interrupted and Beth glared at the boy.
“Hey! If it was for me I would’ve brought Luke’s ass here and I would’ve fed him to the fucking gator but—” Elizabeth groaned as the five teenagers all started to yell at each other.
“Shut up!” the blonde snapped as he held the roots of his hair tightly in his fists. The group became silent quickly, their breathing was erratic as they stared at each other, all of them looking at the blonde.
“Seriously, guys, I can’t take it anymore, all right? Everyone just cut it out for a second.” He chuckled humorlessly and Beth muttered a small apology. He leaned back against a tree, holding himself up on his knees and the rest of the Pogues all looked like children being scolded by their parents. “Look, I just helped my dad leave this island for good. Like, he’s not ever coming back. He’s just straight up like the Spanish. Just, “Bon Voyage.”” He finished and they all held their laughs at the misuse to the word.
“JJ, what have you been doing during Spanish class?” Elizabeth mumbled as she frowned, and she stared at Sarah who just shook her head.
“All we got...” he started, “And I know for a fact that all I got is you guys, okay?” he scoffed before his eyes trailed to the brunette a few feet from him. “You’re it. And I’ve come too close to losing you, all of you.” He looked between all of his friends, memories of them hitting him at full speed. “I mean, shit, like Kie almost drowned. Pope, you were kidnapped. Sarah, you’ve been shot. John B, you were almost dinner for a freaking gator, bro.” he sighed and then turned his attention to the brunette and John B smiled at how his best friends were looking at each other. “B, if you get hurt I’m gonna lose my goddamn mind.” He mumbled and she swallowed thickly, her heart felt heavy at the feelings she had for the blonde. “So,” he cleared his throat, suddenly all too aware of the attention on him. “this blaming each other is some Kook-ass bullshit, all right? We don’t do that. Okay? We’re Pogues.” He ended before smiles pulled at his friends’ lips. “Sorry, that was a lot right now.” Beth got her hands out of her jacket’s pockets and let her hands hit each other in a loud clap, which then turned into a slow applause from the rest of the Pogues. “Yeah, all right.” He scoffed, he rubbed his eye with the tip of his finger, a blush appeared on his cheeks and Elizabeth shuffled towards him, wrapped an arm around his bicep and hugged herself to his arm an action that made him grin.
“Well, done.”
“I gotta be honest.” John B said. “That was the best freaking speech you have ever given.” JJ nodded, smugly. “Also, you should think about like, a Rosetta Stone because your Spanish and French are flip-flopped.” JJ shook his head, lifting his arm so the girl could get closer to him before he flipped them off.
“We should bon voyage out of here.” Sarah suggested and Kiara and Beth agreed, doing simultaneous finger guns.
“Alright,” JJ said determined, he raised his arm twirling the brunette around before they walked to the jeep, under their friends’ stares. “let’s get this damn Twinkie out of here.”
The blonde tied the Twinkie to the Jeep before he got behind the wheel and started the engine.
“Princess, you gotta lead me, though. Stand right there and just—”
“Shout shit?” JJ chuckled and nodded.
She wiped her hands on her pants and stood on the side with Kiara while Sarah, John B and Pope climbed aboard the Twinkie.
“You guys ready?” she asked and received two loud horns as answers. “J, Sarah! Put it in drive!” she said, and the blondes started to press on the gas pedals slowly.
They went back and forth, turning and straightening the vehicles out in their efforts to get the van out.
“C’mon, Cameron! Keep it coming! C’mon, c’mon!” she encouraged. “She’s almost out! Okay, slow, slow.” She stared at JJ who had the Jeep straightened up and ready for the last pull. “Sarah, to the right! Okay, forward, just straight now!”
“I am straightening!” She walked five steps to her right and saw the entirety of the Twinkie out of the marsh.
“Whoo! And she shall live!” The group cheered when they had successfully achieved the rescue of their main way of transport.
“The Twinkie lives!” JJ shouted.
Joining him back in the jeep, Elizabeth and JJ led the rest of the Pogues back to the church where they excitedly exited the vehicles. Pope and JJ were the first to reach the doors and together they opened them, eyeing in amazement the old and decaying establishment. John B leaned on Pope for support as he walked on the small step, arriving at the same level as the two boys.
“Okay, you’re telling me Denmark Tanny decided to hide the cross here?”
“Everybody, just spread out.” Kiara suggested and they all went their separate ways.
“Okay,” John B’s voice echoed in the wooden structure. “well, if I was a cross and wanted to be hidden in an old church, where would I hide?” Elizabeth crouched down and looked underneath the benches, her fingers following the marks that looked like letters under one of them.
“Are you sure that Denmark hid the cross here, Pope? Like are we at the right church?”
“JJ, we’re in the church that Denmark built... I don’t see it being hidden anywhere else.” Beth mumbled facing the wall.
“It’s gotta be here somewhere, guys.”
“What if we have to push a secret button or, play, like, a ... a certain chord, and then, all of sudden the ground beneath us reveals the catacombs or something on which we stand?” Kiara and Sarah shared a look amongst themselves before glancing at Beth who just shrugged and kept looking.
“You’re gonna play Fur Elise for us, J while we look for the priceless cross?” she smiled at him, her head raised at the ceiling. “Or maybe pull a talking map out of your purple bag?” she snickered, and he shook his head.
“I know what you want me to pull—"
“How about we try to find obvious clues and you guys stop flirting for a freaking second?” John B interrupted and he shook his head in disgust.
“It’s gotta be in here.” Pope snapped, frustrated.
“Sorry. I’m sorry.” JJ said softly as he went to the girl’s side and bumped the side of his hips with hers.
“Come on!” Pope pleaded.
“Look, I can’t see where they would hide a giant cross, here.”
“No, no. There’s no way he would set us up on a freaking goose chase that would lead us to a church that has nothing.”
“I know, I know!” John B said over Pope’s rambling. “Yes, I get it. I don’t know what to tell you, man.”
“The clues led us here. The cross is in this church.” He let his body fall on a creaking bench.
“Pope, it’ll be alright. We’ve had setbacks in the past, and we figured it out. We’re gonna find it.”
“He’s right.” Kiara agreed from her place next to Pope.
“We’ve just gonna think about this logically, all right?” Pope grabbed the telescope, closed one eye, and looked into the lens. “Where else would you hide a seven-foot-tall cross made of gold?” His expression dropped when he saw the beams on the ceiling, and he pulled the spyglass away from his eye.
The teenagers noticed their friend’s silence, and all looked at him as he stared at the roof.
“What?” JJ asked as he and Beth followed Pope’s glance. The dark-skinned teenager stood and took a few steps and that’s when it clicked in their minds.
“Oh my god! Look at that.” Kiara gasped. JJ and Beth walked away from the window and joined the four others.
“Pope, what are you doing?” Elizabeth asked when Pope started to climb up the fragile wall.
“Hey, no!” JJ scolded he quickly wall to stand under his friend, worried that he might slip and hurt himself.
“And now Pope’s climbing the wall.” John B sighed, exasperated.
“Wait. Pope, wait! This is crazy!”
“Pope, this church is old.”
“I’m just gonna, stand here.”
“Like really old. This isn’t safe.” Kiara shared a look with JJ who had his arms extended out in front of him just in case.
His foot moved to a hole that had been eaten by termites and they heard it creaking, seeing pieces of old wood crumble on the floor.
“Yo! This church gots to be at least two hundred years old.”
“He’s right, Pope. It’s too dangerous.”
“Guys, clearly he’s made up his mind.” The brunette pointed out, gesturing to the teenager that had reached the horizontal beam. “Best we can do is make sure he doesn’t break his face when he’s gonna fall.” JJ put his hand over the girl’s mouth, he held her in front of him as they both looked at their friend.
“Hey! Yo, let me just be real.” He shouted, getting his hand off where it was. “You’re not the most coordinated person on planet Earth—"
“Neither are you, by the way.” Beth mumbled and he pinched her thigh lightly and she yelped.
“You hear me? What are you doing?” they frowned when the boy starting to hit the beams.
“All right, this one’s solid wood.” He finally spoke before he leaned forward. “I’m gonna try the other beam.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, I don’t wanna see this.” She got out of the blonde’s hold and turned around, pulling at the root of her hair before she put it in a ponytail. The situation stressed her out; she had started to sweat a little and so she rid herself of the jacket that kept her warmth close to her body.
“Pope, that’s rotten as shit right there, okay?” Pope grunted as he hit yet another beam.
“Hey, easy!”
“Pope, I hate to break it to you, but that’s wood.”
“No, no. It has to be here. I know it.” Elizabeth’s eyes went over the structure for any sign of gold.
“Oh god,” she gasped, and her hand gripped the material of JJ’s jacket. “Pope, please look out for the giant wasp nest.”
“What?” Kiara gasped.
“It’s right over your head.” She added and Pope finally heard the buzzing made by the wasps’ wings and he looked up.
“Hey, just... just move slow, all right? Nice and easy, all right?” John B guided.
They all watched, breathless as Pope stood to his full height, a short distance between his head and the wasps nest. He took a step, pushing away with his foot a piece of wood that flew by the Pogues’ heads.
“Whoa, hey! Yo!” JJ yelped when the wood passed right by his head.
“Look!” he said, eyeing the hole that formed after the piece of wood fell. “It’s hollow. Go get me a crowbar!” he requested, and Sarah pushed off the wall and ran outside.
“What are you gonna do, Pope? I don’t want this entire church to collapse on top of us. That’s all I’m saying.” JJ stated.
“Sarah!” Pope said as he broke off a piece of the dried wood with his hands.
“Hey. Pope.”
“Throw it.” He motioned and Sarah spread her legs apart, solidifying her grasp on the ground.
“Oh, for real?”
“Everybody, watch your heads.” John B warned.
“Wait.” JJ said as he took a step back.
Sarah threw the crowbar in the air, and Pope grunted as it flew in front of him, and he grabbed it with his free hand.
“Got it!”
“Not bad.” Kiara smiled and John B and JJ clapped.
“Yo, P. Just please be careful. You got that wasp nest right over there, okay?” the boy looked up and swallowed. “Slow movements, nothing harsh or big.” Elizabeth warned.
“Got it.”
He hit the wood with the crowbar a few times and grunts left his lips, the friends all looked up worried.
“Hey, uh...” Sarah spoke when pieces of wood fell to the ground. Ellie and Sarah noticed the wasps getting restless, both of them grew worried. “What is that?”
“Do you guys see that?”
“Oh my god.” Beth gasped when a large piece of wood was broken off and the cross was uncovered.
The group watched in amazement; hands flew to mouths to cover gasps, eyes opened wide, hearts started to beat quickly, and victorious smiles started to appear on the Pogues’ faces.
“Holy shit.”
“It’s here. Oh my god.”
“You did it buddy.” JJ said as emotions took over his body and he wrapped an arm around his best friend’s shoulders.
“What is that?”
The three girls started to freak out amongst themselves while John B and JJ shouted, and Pope stood still and watched the gold cross in astonishment.
“We did it!”
“Oh, my fucking god!”
“Keep going!” They encouraged loudly, jumping up and down in excitement.
“I thought you were crazy!” Kiara shouted and Beth laughed at her friends’ expressions, the pure happiness she felt could not be surpassed.
“We did it! We did it!” Pope shouted before he grimaced. “Okay, they’re stinging now. Ow!” he said before he dropped the crowbar right where JJ stood.
“Take it easy!” the blonde shouted as he moved to the side to avoid being hurt.
The boy started to slap himself, trying to get rid of the wasps which made them angrier, and he released his hold on the beam. He quickly lost his balance, his body falling off before he held as best as he could onto what he could.
“Move the pews! Move these!” They started to gather the old cushions that was left there, moving, and placing them under the boy to soften his fall.
“Pope, hold on!”
“I can’t hold!” The boy shouted; his voice strained from the effort it took to keep himself up.
They shouted at him to hold on, trying to move as quick as they could, and they all shrieked when one of his arms gave out.
“I’m slipping guys!”
“Hang on! Hang on!” JJ screamed before the dust gathered on the beam made it too hard for Pope to grab and he fell. The cushions made his fall softer but the dust that rose from it made them all cough.
“Pope, are you okay?” Kiara was at his sides in a second.
“Are you good?”
“Are you okay?”
“Anything broken?”
“P, can you talk?” The teenager’s eyes fluttered open when he heard something creak.
“You did not tuck and roll, that’s for sure.” JJ said breathlessly.
Pope’s eyes opened wide, and the air left his lungs when he saw the cross fall from the beam, heading right to them. With reflexes he did not know he had, he rolled to his right, bringing Elizabeth with him as the group all fell on their backs.
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pankowfruitsnacks · 9 hours ago
Willow (r.c)
Rafe runs into his assistant on her off day. Y/n manages to talk him into taking the day off, spending time with her and her daughter.
Rafe begin to spend every Saturday with Willow and her mom. Unfortunately plans had to be canceled. Instead of forgoing seeing one another, they make plans for Sunday. (12/07/21)
(coming soon)
A/n: I have so many ideas for this. There will be more, I promise. Thank you for your support.
tag: @deepestfancloud @obxluv @mrs-starkey1 @rafeswh0ree @halsmultibitch @agent007knight @hopebaker @fangirlfree
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surii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RUDY PANKOW as JJ MAYBANK in  2.05 “The Darkest Hour” OUTER BANKS (2020-)
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avenging-fandoms · 4 months ago
no but like enemies to fuck buddies with jj? my FUCKING GOD.
Tumblr media
*should i make this a series?
you laid back in the chair with your bikini top and shorts, listening to kiara and sarah talking about john b and pope while you stared out to the river.
“was it.. like.. romantic at least?” sarah giggled and kiara nudged her friend. you squinted as you looked at kiara, biting her lip and resting her chin on her knee.
"on the beach? in the moonlight? duh, of course it was romantic!" you smirk and shake your head, closing your eyes and soaking in the little bit on sun left before it went down. "what about you?" kiara hit your leg and you looked at her.
"me? who would i be screwing" you asked and sarah looked at kiara, the both of them laughing and you sat up in the chair. "what?! am i screwing someone i don't even know about?"
"we know you and jj have big sexual tension" sarah winked and you scrunched your nose, shaking your head and waving your hand, the girls laughing.
"absolutely, no way in hell i'd screw jj. i'd rather fuck topper than jj. no offense sarah" you look at her and she waves you off.
"none taken, i promise" she giggles. "no but really, yn, you and jj need to go at it or something. every time you two interact we can see it" you snort and sway your knee back and forth.
"definitely not. and if by 'go at it' you mean punching his teeth in, then yeah, i'd go at it with jj" the screen door slammed shut and the three boys walked out of the house.
"in your dreams, cupcake" jj winked and you gagged.
"you didn't hear me before. i said i'd rather fuck a kook than you. i want nothing to do with you" your elbows rested on the arms of the chair and you watched him move the toothpick in his mouth.
"is that why you're wearing my button up?" you looked at the blue tropical print and shook your head. "that's what i thought" you sighed and pulled your sunglasses over your eyes. "too bright for you, princess? the sun’s halfway down"
"is someone talking?" while everyone else talked, you couldn't help but watch jj. maybe sarah was right, or maybe she wasn't. but you couldn't help but watch the toothpick roll around his tongue. behind your dark shades, no one could see where your eyes were, but you did see when jj would take sneaky looks your way.
you jumped awake after dreaming about falling off a very tall building, huffing. you blinked as you looked around the room, seeing nothing but jj sleeping on the floor. "you've got to be fucking kidding me" you spoke and jj jumped awake, rubbing his eyes and looking at you.
"how the hell did i end up here?" he mumbled and stood up, going to grab the door knob but it was locked. "uhm.. hello?" you checked your window, which was also locked from the outside. "guys?!"
"you two are going to stay in there until you be nicer to each other! we don't like seeing you two fight all the time!" pope yelled and you both bang on the door, begging for them to open the door, but the screen door slammed and you watched them leave in kiara's car.
"this is bullshit. i can't be stuck in here, especially with you!" you exclaim and jj rolls his eyes, sitting on your bed. "can you please get off my bed?"
"hmm.. no" jj shook his head and laid on it, hands behind his head. you gritted your teeth and lunged on the bed, jj holding your wrists as you tried to put your hands around his neck. sadly, jj was stronger and flipped you onto your back, straddling your waist and holding your wrists above your head.
you looked at him, and really looked at him. there was no denying he wasn't bad to look at, and you couldn't deny that you really wanted to kiss him. jj caught his breath and ran his eyes over your face. "are you done?" you shook your head and he pushed your wrists to the bed, getting off of you.
jj sighed as he sat with his back towards you, slightly hunched as he played with his bracelet. “how did you end up sleeping in here?” you ask and he shrugs.
“is there a reason you hate me so much, yn?” jj asked the question he always wanted to. and now that you were locked together in a room, you couldn’t run from answering it.
"you're cocky and you're arrogant. happy?" jj knitted his eyebrows together as he looked at you. "you are, jj. you think everyone should go along with your stupid plans, and when they don't you throw a hissy fit"
"i do not" you look at him and he smirks, laughing. you let out a chuckle and shake your head. "i don't hate you. but you are very annoying sometimes. you think you're untouchable and that you're the boss of everything. it's aggravating" jj was now facing you, and your heart was in your stomach.
"i don't.. fuck you jj" you huff and he laughs, pushing your thigh. you look at him and his face was expressionless, but his eyes were on fire. you pushed your leg up and pushed your leg next to him, poking his side with your socked foot.
"when you say.. 'fuck you jj' .. do you mean that literally or..?" jj pressed his fists into the mattress and you scoff.
"in your dreams, maybank" you shake your head and he sat in between your legs. his fingers brushed against your thigh and you inhale sharply.
"actually.. i have" jj looked at you and you cocked an eyebrow. "i had a few dreams about you. about.. fucking you. had you screaming my name. we were down on my boat, and nearly flipped over from-"
"alright!" you held up your hands and he stopped, your head back against your pillows. "alright. i've.. i've had dreams about you too" your knee swayed and jj smirked. "and i don't know why! cause i don't.." you stood up and tried to lie, but it wouldn't fall past your tongue.
"don't what, yn?" jj stood up behind you, his breath on your neck with his fingers hovering over your hips.
"i don't hate you" jj spun you around and you held his face, pulling him down to kiss him. it was rough, but your lips molded perfectly against his. it was weird to be kissing jj, you had bickered every day with him.
you pushed jj to the bed and straddle his waist, jj's hands holding the hem of your t-shirt and pulling it over your head. you forgot you weren't wearing a bra and blushed, but jj held your back and kissed up your stomach, up the valley of your breasts and flicking his tongue over your nipple.
“fuck.. jj..” you whimper and your fingers gripped his hair at the back of his head. he looked up at you and pulled back, smiling up at you. he kept eye contact as his mouth went to your other nipple, his fingers following your stomach down to your shorts. jj pushed his fingers into your underwear, and you gasped against him.
jj’s mouth but your shoulder as he pumped his middle finger into you. “so wet..” jj mumbled against your hot skin and you held his wrist.
“m..more” you pleaded, jj laying you on the bed and pulling your shorts and underwear off. you pulled off his tank top, running your fingers down his toned stomach.
jj fell in between your legs and kissed your thighs, spreading your legs and licking your clit softly. “jj.. wait” he sat up immediately, hand on your thigh. “can i.. try something i dreamed of?”
“sure, what?” you bit your lip and rolled him onto his back, straddling his face. jj’s face broke out in a grin and held your ass as he sat you down on his tongue. the feeling was euphoric and shot electricity up your body, your hands gripping your boobs tightly. “so pretty from here” jj mumbled and wrapped his arms around your thigh, plunging his tongue into you.
your eyes rolled back slightly, moving your hips against his tongue a little fast. you gasp and jj pushed his fingers into you, the pleasure washing over you. “yes.. yes!” you exclaim, shaking and pushing your thighs against either side of his head. “fucking hell”
jj put you on the bed and straddled your waist again, his lips swollen pink and cheeks rosy. you sat up and untied his sweatpants, rubbing his cock outside of the cloth. you pulled them down slowly, eyes widening as his long cock popped out of his boxers.
“guess i was lying when i called you a shrimp, hm?” you wink and he chuckles, but it drops when you wrap your hand around the base. your tongue pressed against his tip, wrapping your lips around him. your tongue swirled around his swollen head, bobbing your head and hallowing your cheeks.
“so beautiful, princess” that nickname used to be an insult, but hearing it as he almost moaned made you wetter than before. “o..okay. stop before i cum in your mouth. i wanna fuck you, yn”
you fell back against the bed and jj grabbed a condom, ripping it open and sliding it on. he rubbed his length up and down your folds, making you jump as he grazed your clit.
jj finally thrusted himself into you and you gasp, pressing your hand against his stomach as you adjusted to him. “fuck, w-wait, jj. shit”
“am i hurting you? do you want to stop?” jj never cared about you this much, and normally you’d feel sick. but that just made butterflies flutter in your stomach.
“no, go, jj. fuck me like you hate me” jj smirked and roughly grabbed your calves, putting your ankles up on his shoulders and thrusting into you. you gasp and rub your clit, moaning jj’s name. “right there!! fuck yes, jj, oh my god”
“feel good, yn? are you eating your words?” he smirked, kissing your calf. “you look gorgeous taking my cock” jj flipped you onto your hand and knees, pushing your head to the bed and thrusting deep into you.
you never expected to find yourself in bed with jj, having sex, or even talking to him. you and him bickered like it was your job, but you always liked him. you knew kiara and sarah knew, but you would have to hide this. for now, at least”
“jj, i’m gonna.. fuck!” you thrusted back into him and jj held your hips, thrusting faster and deeper. you gasped for air as you came, holding onto jj for support.
“you didn’t wait for me” jj pouted and you laughed, shaking your head. “on your back, let me paint those pretty tits of yours, hm?” you nod and push your boobs together, jj taking off the condom and thrusting.
you watched his face as he got closer to the brink of his orgasm. your hand pressed against his stomach and his thrusts got sloppy. “yes.. yes.. oh my god.. good girl..” you held your tongue out and licked him clean. you wiped your face and stood up, heading to the bathroom to wash off his mess.
you put back on the pajama shorts and shirt, jj as well. he sat on your bed with his hand on your thigh. you both look at each other and just smile. you heard multiple car doors slam and you jumped.
“pretend to be sleeping, jj!” you grabbed your book and laid on the bed, someone unlocking the door and they all piled in. “fucking finally!”
“well..? did the plan work?” pope asked and you looked down at jj. he peeked his eyes opened and winked at you.
“it worked actually better than i expected” you said and they all clapped. “but seriously, a hostage situation?! not cool!”
jj had to pull the blankets up over his mouth so no on say him smiling. you were the last one out of the room and looked back at jj, who winked at you again.
you started today with fucking with jj, but now you were actually fucking jj. and you never wanted it to stop. he was the best sex you ever had, but you couldn’t tell him that. it would go straight to his head.
jj came out a few minutes, rubbing his eyes. “oh so we’re let out of our cage?” everyone laughed and jj sat down next to you.
“see? now i’m glad we locked you two in there. you just voluntarily sat next to yn!” pope examined and you looked at jj. he smiled and wrapped his arm around your neck, rubbing his knuckle softly against your head.
“ew get off me, you stink!” you push him off and laugh, jj rubbing your arm.
“there’s my girl! welcome back, cupcake” jj winked and you laughed, pushing his face away.
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