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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Imagine breaking up with Rue because of her drug addiction.


— You have known Rue for years. She meant everything to you as you meant everything to her. You were best friends, confidants, lovers at the same time. However, you couldn’t manage her drug addiction anymore. Yet you tried. So hard. Again and again but you didn’t have enough strength to continue. You couldn’t live like this anymore. You couldn’t live in the fear to lose her at any moment, at any second. 

« — No, don’t do that. Please y/n… don’t leave me… Please, please, please… I need you. I really do. How I am gonna do if you’re not here anymore? How? I love you much, please… » She asked as tears started to fall down on her cheeks. 

« — Rue… I tried. I tried so hard, I swear and you know it. I can’t. Not anymore. I love you. I always will but it’s over now. »

「 english isn’t my mother tongue, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you see some mistakes, thx! 」

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I refuse to post trash poetry.


So, this is the first post of mine where I’m talking openly like myself instead of my usual stuff. This probably won’t happen again but after my last post I felt the need to come on here and say a little something.

First, I cannot believe how everyone responded to my writing. Even if it’s seems small to some people, all the likes, reblogs, and responses meant so much to me. I honestly did not think people would react that way to it. I wrote that paragraph late one night randomly. My intention for the piece was to put it in one of my books I’m working on. At the time I was expressing something I was feeling so deeply but couldn’t put into the story just yet. So I scribbled it down wanting to use it later and the title was just another thought.

When I went back to it later on I had forgotten what I wrote. It hit me so hard. I didn’t realize I wrote that. My soul flew onto the page and I didn’t even realize. The words meant something and it belonged somewhere other than on my outline. So I just typed it up on here thinking nothing of it.

Then everyone just blew it up. (Again, probably not that much to you but to me it’s a lot.) The entire thing is just so profound to me. I keep reading my work back puzzled at the mere thought that I wrote such a thing. I’m very proud of it. I’m so proud of it that I’m afraid to post something terrible after it. I feel it’s my best work and I want to do even better. I know I can but right now I’m going through a weird thing and I can’t seem to write normally. This always happens but with this feeling I am also urged even more to post stuff.

But I refuse to post trash poetry.

This account is an expression of myself, of how I feel, of life, my emotions, others around me, and how I handle things. I do not want to go off and make something I am not proud of.

All in all, thank you for the support of my last piece. It means so much to me. I’m so stupid and cringey and a loser but what the hell. Anyways, my posts WILL be something I love like all the others before.

Thank you💜



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