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#rue bennett

Wow i never noticed how rue looked back at lexi right at the end of the scene😭 I love how they always cut the scenes right before we get to see a rue and lexi interaction😭 

They did this in the finale episode as well - rue greeted lexi with a hug at the formal in the behind the scenes of ep 8 but they decided not to show it and focus on jules and maddy instead😭

why you trying to deprive us of rexi content sam😭😭😭

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Not saying I will get around to writing these anytime soon but if you have any Rue and Lexi prompts / just Lexi Howard prompts, feel free to send them my way. And hopefully I’ll write one soon.

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So i was having some fun on the personality database and then I found Rue and Lexi’s personality types snd honestly, I think they r very accurate and now this pretty much confirms that our babies hv the most compatible personalities according to an mbti® practitioner😭😭

Then I checked Jules and Rue’s personality compatibility and let’s just say i wasn’t that surprised to find out they aren’t the most compatible pair… (Pls don’t hate me rules shippers😂😬😭)

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Originally posted by asdopeasthepope

  • Pairing: Rue Bennett x Reader
  • Prompts: “Why couldn’t you come to me with your problems?” & “Stay the night. Please.”
  • GIF Not Mine

You stared at the ceiling watching the shadow of the trees dance above you, the moonlight trickling through your window illuminating your room. You were waiting, waiting for Rue to turn up, waiting for her to call you to tell you she was okay, waiting for any sign really. Nights like this you couldn’t sleep so you didn’t bother trying anymore. The not knowing scared you because the last time it happened Rue almost died.

Normally, Rue would climb through your window and into your bed, curling up to you under your covers. You’d watch as she fell into a peaceful sleep, the only time her mind shut up. You wished you could help, you wished you could take her pain away. You knew you couldn’t though. All you could do was be there for her.

That’s why you were in your pyjamas walking through the remanence of what looked to be the party of the century. Thankfully it dwindled down so it was easy to find Rue. You thanked the person who had called you before crouching down brushing her hair out of her eyes. "Hey.” You softly said, hiding the fact your heart broke seeing her like this, hugging the toilet.

“Y/N!” Rue smiled at you, throwing her arms around you.

“Let’s get you home, huh?” You said, picking her up so you could hold her upright to take her to your car.

“No! I can’t go home like this.” She groaned trying to get out of your grasp which only tightened.

“We’ll go to mine.” You assured Rue and her smile returned, laying her head on your shoulder.

The smile stayed as you helped her into your room and dressed, tucking her under your covers. You got up to leave when her hand grabbed your arm, tugging you back onto the bed. “Stay the night. Please.” Rue mumbled and you did. You climbed back into your bed, sitting behind her as she laid on your stomach.

You ran your fingers through her hair as tears silently fell because once again she looked peaceful. The horrible world couldn’t get her when she was asleep. “Why couldn’t you come to me with your problems?” You cried to no one. You wanted to solve her problems but you couldn’t.

Once again you were awake in bed, moonlight trickling through the window as you worried about the girl laying in your bed.

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so to those who wanted to be in a euphpria gc.  please direct message me your whatsapp. i was going to do the chat on imessege but figure whatsapp is better as not everyone needs to have a iphone lol. we can always move the chat if we need to .  if your tagged and you have already shown an intrest in being in one, please dm me asap so i can get the chat created. 

@highheels-diamonds  @andycanbeemotional  @whose-cat-is-it-anyway  @your-forgotten-garlic-bread  @fadingsiren  @blairwitchs  @oneletterawayfromnormal

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