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#ruggie bucchi
flowerofthemoonworld · 2 days ago
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Twisted Wonderland Line stickers Part 2
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twistedwishingwell · 2 days ago
Something for Malleus, Vil, Leona, Riddle, Deuce, and Ruggie who have been trying to find the right moment to propose to S/o. But then Crowely informs them he has found a way to send S/o back to their world. Seeing as they might not ever have another chance they propose and ask them to stay in Twisted wonderland with them. S/o accepts to stay with them saying "My home is wherever you are, I don't want to be in a world where I can't stand beside you. I love you."
-goes to write another update of my fic-
partner: -slaps hand- you have asks
Sorry for the wait XD I'll be sure to use gender-neutral pronouns since that was what you wanted.
Malleus Draconia
-He had been waiting forever for the right moment, and he was fae so time usually moved rather quickly but with them everyday felt so precious
-The two of them had been living comfortably together in the Valley of Thorns since his graduation from NRC. He fills in his role as king and them working in the castle as an advisor to introducing the kingdom to outside technologies and influences
-He had wanted to propose much sooner but he needed to have his court on his side first. And after so long it took to prove to them a human spouse would be suitable, Malleus wanted to be sure the wait was worth it for them
-Then Crowley came knocking with his 'good news' after all these years he had finally found a way for Malleus' beautiful Briar Rose to go home
-They had to the end of the week to send word back to Crowley on if they would still like to go home or not, and Malleus was so stressed still, he didn't hesitate to take them out into the thorn gardens and propose then
- "My briar rose," he said. "I know this may be selfish of me to ask but I can't live on never knowing what you might have said or if you might have stayed. So I ask you now, Will you marry me and rule by my side here in the Valley of Thorns?"
-They replied with those words and Malleus could feel the tears beginning to fall from his face, sweeping them up in his arms and vowing to make them the happiest human in the world.
Vil Schoenheit
-Life with Vil wasn't easy and he knew it. He was always flitting about filming or participating in photoshoots or working modeling gigs. He knew life with him meant a life in the spotlight even if he tried desperately to keep them out of it. Still, he and his Sweet Potato were happy
-It had been years since he graduated NRC and in that time he had quickly transitioned from teen heartthrob to household award-winning name. And now that he had reached the point where being single wasn't going to influence his job offers anymore he was ready to be married
-He had spent months designing the perfect engagement ring. Months picking out the perfect stones. Months planning the perfect surprise, hiring Crewel to design a suit for himself to wear for the occasion, making sure Rook was free to take photos, working with his PR team for a press release all of it. He would pull out all the stops for his Sweet Potato because they were worth it
-And then Crowley shows up proclaiming that he is so kind and he has found them a way home after all of these years
-Vil hadn't been so frightened since he had begun losing popularity to Neige (something that felt so childish now that they worked together on more mature and morally grey adult projects)
-There didn't end up being a dinner, no photos from Rook, no suit from Crewel. Just the ring he poured his heart and soul into having made for them.
-"I know I can be difficult, I know life with a model isn't easy but..." Vil hesitated in their shared living room before getting down on one knee. "I have never loved anything in my life more than I love you. You bring out the most beautiful in me and I can't stand the idea of you leaving without knowing that so please, will you marry me?"
-They say their words then and Vil knows he's ugly crying. But he doesn't care because it's no one but his Sweet Potato who kisses his cheeks and tells him he's always beautiful even when he knows he looks like trash. He slips the ring on their finger and he can't help but think he finally got his happily ever after.
Leona Kingscholar
-He wasn't about to drag his herbivore into a life of royal monotony just yet. So as soon as he managed to graduate (read: show up to class regularly enough) he began playing for a Magishift team. For him it was perfect. He was adored as if he were a King, he had his Herbivore cheering for him at every match
-Despite this, life after NRC stayed mostly the same. They had to roll him out of bed because he never wanted to go to practice. Ruggie was nagging at him as his manager. And he didn't want it to. Well, except one thing
-He wanted to ask his Herbivore to marry him. But he kept hesitating. He had the ring for a year but he hadn't proposed yet. He kept saying that there wasn't a right time yet but really... he was terrified. What if they changed their mind about him? What if they realized he was everything everyone said about him? What if they found someone better and more suited for them?
-He couldn't bear the thought of losing them so he kept it to himself. Scared he would accidentally break the dream he had been living over these years since they had stepped on his tail that day years ago.
-And then Crowley came and shattered the dream into a million pieces with his news that he had found them a way home
-A fight had broken out at first because Leona was practically packing their bags for them before they could even say how they felt. Because why, why would they stay with him? Why when they can go home and be with the people they loved and cared about? It didn't make sense
-Then in the midst of it all, the ring had fallen out of his pocket like it was fate, the sound breaking up the fight as they bent down to pick up the ring. Tears welling in his eyes he spills out everything.
- "I had that thing for a year, well not that one specifically. Kept taking it back for a different one because none of them ever felt perfect for you. But... I'm a coward. I couldn't ask because I was scared I was going to lose you. And now... fuck it, go big or go home, wasn't that what Vargas always said right?" Leona rambled, his ears down as he got on one knee. "So Herbivore, will you marry me?"
- He's a sobbing mess when they give their reply. He's pulled them down into his lap and he's nuzzled into their neck, thanking them over and over again and promising he won't ever make them regret it. Because they chose him, for once he was the first choice and if it was the only time he ever was again, he was ok with it because he had them.
Riddle Rosehearts
-Life after graduating had been... hectic to say the least. For starters, he had cut all ties with his parents. A hard and messy process that had ended in a lawsuit and restraining order he didn't want to talk about. He now ran his own law practice that specialized in prosecuting criminals with magic and on occasion, family law particularly concerning children with negligent/abusive homes.
-His rose had been with him for all of it. Staying his rock and helping him get on his feet after his falling out with his family. Helping him establish his practice. Living a life together. It was only natural that he would ask them to marry him.
-He had been planning with Trey and Cater for a while about how he would do it. He wanted it to be a perfect proposal. There were rules to these kinds of things after all. It had to be romantic but not flashy. Memorable but not predictable. But it was so vague he had trouble interpreting it all.
-Finally, he picked out a ring and a date and he was going to ask his rose for their hand. Normally he would talk to their parents first but since they were not in this world, he supposed an exception to that one was ok.
-Until Crowley shows up and ruins all of his careful planning with the news that his rose could finally go back to their world
-Riddle had seen red for a bit. Why now? Why after all of these years? Why after he had fallen hopelessly in love with them had Crowley finally found them a way home. It felt like his whole world was shattering around him. What was the procedure for this? What rules were there? He just didn't know.
-The proposal he had planned went out the window. It wasn't romantic it wasn't anything he had planned. The two of them had just sat across from each other and he began talking
- "This isn't at all how I wanted this to go. But I don't believe it's fair for you to make a choice without knowing everything on the table. So here is my hand, all my cards, all my feelings," Riddle admitted then as he knelt down on one knee. "My Rose, will you do me the honor of becoming my spouse?"
-As soon as they reply he feels himself smiling wider than he even knew possible. Moving quickly to slip the ring on their finger and kiss them senselessly. Cater would be furious he didn't get pictures but Riddle doesn't care. He has his family, his real family, and that's all he could ever want.
Deuce Spade
-There were a few close calls but Deuce did it. He became the honors student he had promised his mother he would always be. He joined the police force he always said he would. And he was dating the person he fell in love with. Needless to say, his life was pretty good.
-The two of them had a routine. And the two of them stuck to it, working their nine to fives, coming home, having dinner with his mother and grandmother on Tuesdays. Going on dates on Saturdays. Sometimes a case would come his way that would throw things off for a bit but everything always came back to routine.
-Deuce was determined to change one thing though, and that was his partner's status to that of Spouse. He had wanted to marry them since they graduated from Night Raven College. Hell, he had almost proposed at graduation but stopped because Ace and his seniors told him that was a dumb and overly flashy idea
-Since then Deuce had kept hesitating putting it off. Telling himself that when he got that promotion, when his grandma was feeling a little better, when the two of you went on vacation
-Until finally Crowley showed up and said he found them a way home
-Crowley wasn't even out the door than before Deuce was down on one knee--the headmaster being forced to stand there awkwardly during the whole display
-"I know I can be a little impulsive and an idiot sometimes. But I'm an idiot who is seriously in love with you, so please, stay," Deuce begged before pulling out the ring he always seemed to keep on him. The same cheap ring he had bought when he was eighteen. "Will you marry me?"
-They say their words to him and Deuce is suddenly spinning them around happily and holding them close. Elated even as Crowley is muttering about how they take it as they don't want to go home anymore and leaving.
Ruggie Bucchi
-Life with Ruggie was always a wild one, and he knew it. Ever since he graduated he took on the role of Leona's manager (which is basically the same but more travel) and he was able to send more money back home to his grandmother to help with the children back home in the slums
-His wonderful and loving Darling had been with him through it all. Helping him with Leona, going back home and seeing his Grandmother, playing with the kids all of it. It was perfect all of it
-Ruggie hadn't ever thought he would be financially stable enough to want to do something like getting married. But here he was, getting his mother's wedding ring from his grandmother. The only thing of hers that the two of them could never part with. It wasn't anything fancy or particularly expensive, but it meant a lot to them.
-Ruggie had been so busy though after getting the ring with it being Magishift season that he hadn't found the right time to ask his Darling to marry him yet. He was going to but with everything so crazy he wanted to put in as many hours as he could to make sure he could have a wonderful party. Even if he didn't particularly like spending money, he didn't mind for something like this (besides then everyone feels obligated to give gifts and invite him to weddings so it's a win-win)
-And then Crowley comes squawking about how he's so kind and that he found his Darling a way home to their world
-Ruggie hadn't ever felt so sick in his life
-No way, absolutely not. He doesn't get to just waltz in like that after they have built a life together. After they had worked so hard to get to where they are now
-Ruggie askes them that night, feeling the pressure building as he worries they are actually considering taking Crowley's offer
-"Darling this isn't at all how I wanted to do this but I hope you don't mind. I've never been one for fancy words so I'll just ask," Ruggie says as he gets down on one knee and presents his mother's ring. "Will you marry me?"
-They tell him their answer and he's laughing and kissing them. He never doubted them for a second. He knew they would stay with him because they loved each other, and for better or for worse they were going to stay that way
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punkray · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
funny little animels
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Hello! Could I request Ruggie, Idia, & Rook reacting to their s/o trying to scare them with a spooky costume? Like the grim reaper with special effects, or just jumping out of a closet or something 😅
Also thank you and Happy Halloween!! 🎃🍬
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The best reaction you can get out of Ruggie is a slight jump and the widening of his eyes. He reflexes are quick, so he reacts and recovers from surprise just as fast as he first perceived it and tensed up, preparing for a fight.
"What, it’s just you? Yeesh, don't startle me like that! I almost dropped Leona-san's lunch. He'd really chew me out if I messed up his meal..." Ruggie catches your expression and snickers to himself. “Aw, don’t be like that~ You have plenty of other unsuspecting prey to jump.”
You may not have gotten Ruggie spooked, but he offers you his “services” to help spook others. The plan is this: you’ll pose as a ghost, and Ruggie will use his magic to move around a target’s limbs at your command. You’re his partner in crime, and Ruggie’s yours--and together, you tear up the town with ghoulish shrieks.
At the end of the night, your blood’s pumping, and you’re lightheaded from an adrenaline rush. Ruggie lends you his shoulder to lean on as he walks you home, letting the cool night breeze lift your tired soul.
Right as he’s about to turn tail and head home himself, he slips something into your hand: a single piece of candy, seemingly conjured from thin air, and a quick kiss to your temple. “Nishishishi. Don’t look so shocked! Those’re your treats for your tricks. It’s a two-for-one deal today.”
Tumblr media
Idia's almost always jumpy by default, so the moment you pop out with a monstrous shriek, Idia screams just as loud as you. He stumbles over his own feet in an effort to get away, and ends up falling flat on his back, paralyzed with fear.
Idia's so terrorized that he immediately launches into a surrender speech. "I-If you're a God of Death come to c-claim my soul, y-you can have it!! I-I won't fight back! A hopelessly weak otaku shut-in like me isn't strong enough to fend off death, I'm only strong enough for opening snacks and pressing controller buttons...!! Do whatever you want to me, j-just don't lay a finger on Ortho...!!"
When Idia manages to get a closer look at you, he regains a bit of his composure. but still clings to you for support as he catches his breath. Once fully recovered, he chastises you for “cheating” and going for “the cheapest trick in the book”, jump scares. He knows you can do way better.
Idia rambles (in that very “Idia” way of his) about various reference materials and how you can “level up” your surprise attacks. Movies, video games, anime... until he ultimately decides that explaining would take too long, you’ve just got to experience these things for yourself to see why they’re so great!
He offers to escort you to a good viewing space in Ignihyde, shyly offering a milky hand to you. You happily accept—and the moment your fingers meet, it’s like sparks have rushed up his arm, setting a brand new fire on Idia’s face.
Tumblr media
You can't get the upper hand on Rook, no matter how hard you try. This sharp hunter can sense you coming from miles away, and he's always prepared to counterattack.
Just as you leap out to scare him, he’ll expertly dodge, sweeping you up in his arms to catch your fall. Before you know what’s happening, Rook is dipping you, letting your back form a graceful arch as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. “Quelle chance, for our paths to cross again like this. Truly, we are a destined couple, non?”
You laugh it off well enough, but Rook can tell that there’s a part of you that’s disappointed you weren’t able to one-up him. And so, the next time you attempt to scare him, he puts on a grand act.
With staggering steps backward, he throws a hand on his forehead and the other over his heart, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Rook starts a soliloquy, explaining how scared he is in painstaking detail, sprinkling in the occasional theatrical shudder or sob.
He finishes his act by declaring that his heart has stopped from fright and that he can only be awoken by true love’s kiss--then he reclines on the floor and closes his eyes, pretending to be out cold. After a few moments of awkwardness, Rook cracks an eye open and passes you a sly grin, then closes his eyes again... awaiting your fated kiss of revival.
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zackcrazyvalentine · a day ago
Let's get domestic! Baking cookies with Ace while he constantly tries to steal a taste of the dough and then just kissing and hugging him while they bake! Cooking when Deuce and your kids enter the kitchen, all of them sweaty, dirty, and laughing from playing outside, asking what's for dinner! Cleaning the house with Neige (whistle while you work!) Lilia cradling your baby and singing a lullaby! Riddle playing games with your baby! Cuddling in bed with Ruggie after a long day! Just domesticity!
That Deuce scenario made me go all 🥺💗💗💗 AND LILIA'S ONE IS ALSO SUPER ADORABLE, OOOH MY HEART 😭💘💘💘💘
Malleus carrying your child around on his shoulders while the cutie uses his horns like a steering wheel lol
Jack and pups playing in the snow in their wolf forms!!! and then coming back inside to a warm home cooked meal!
Leona and your cub napping together, the little one on Leona's chest, with their tails entwined together 🥺💗
Working perfectly alongside Jamil in the kitchen, trying each other's food and pointing out what needs to be added or complimenting the taste
Sebek teaching your kid how to fish. Both, Sebek's and the child's loud laughter and yells of pride at the catch fill the air with buzzing happiness
Floyd taking your child to look at whales and sharks of all sizes up close, sometimes even having them ride atop the animal's back
Your baby being spoiled with the most delicious food from Mama Ashengrotto's restaurant, they always clap and smile brightly when they identify the building. Sometimes their cute tentacles shoot up to bring the spoonful quicker into their mouth "Just like you, Zuzul~!" The octopus lady gushes at the cuteness of her grandchild (much to Azul's embarrassment)
Silver hand crafting your upcoming baby's crib and mobile to hand over it. There's so much love and care in his eyes as he works. Whenever he comes back inside, he never misses to greet you and your bump with a sweet kiss
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sylois · 2 days ago
FINALLY Twst Line sticker!
This is what I want for a long time! You can purchase the sticker on Line sticker shop.
[Twisted Wonderland]
The sticker only in Japan region.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dawnguerra · a day ago
There is only one concern I have about the anime
And that is if it's going to be on Disney+ that means little kids are going to see it and I know they are the young people in the fandom and some of them cause problems and some of them don't
And I feel like the youngest people in the fandom are like 14 to 17 in which I don't care about as long as they don't get involved with the 18+ stuff but if it is on Disney+ we talking about like kids under 10 and in this day and age kids under 10 can get ahold of a phone really fucking easily and look up Twisted Wonderland and easily find something 18+ and that fucking scares me
And when someone under 10 find something 18+ some Karen probably going to get really pissed and start drama and the fact that polygon did this
Tumblr media
And I know that there is a part of the fandom that is 18+ and I'm totally fine with part of the fandom but the idea of a kid finding out about that part of the fandom scares me
And I feel like people need to know about this because it's probably going to happen if it is on Disney+
Also like I said if 14 to 17 olds don't get involved with 18+ stuff I'm fine with not blocking them BUT if someone under 10 gets involved fucking block them because as a person who is in this fandom I know it's not safe for a under the age of 10
And if you don't feel the same way about this as I do that's okay but if you do feel the same way about this as I do Reblogs are appreciated because I feel like this is fucking important
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alynabeatley · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland LINE stickers (for region Japan only)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mysteryshoptls · 12 hours ago
SSR Jade Leech Scary Outfit Personal Story: Part 1
"Would you please teach me?"
Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Ruggie: Excuse me~
Kalim: I'm begging you Jade, you have to do something!
Jade: Kalim-san, it has already been decided. There can be no exceptions.
Silver: Zzzzzz...
Floyd: I'm bored of this back and forth already~
Floyd: Kurage-chan's already fallen asleep too. Kingyo-chan, do something interesting.
Riddle: Why me!? It should just be a matter of you going someplace else, Floyd.
Ruggie: Woah, it seems like it's super lively in here. Are you all in the middle of some kind of panic?
Jamil: Silver and I are just here in attendance. No need to heed us at all.
Kalim: Just wait a little longer, Ruggie. I'm in the middle of negotiating the budget with Jade right now.
Jade: Kalim-san. As I've said multiple times now, there is no space for negotiation of the budget. Please reduce your spending some more.
Kalim: Don't say that, Jade. The flashier the props, the more the visitors will be able to enjoy, right?
Riddle: Kalim, the budget is set for the whole school. We need Scarabia to follow those rules as well.
Ruggie: My business is pretty quick, so. Jade-kun, here. The budget application.
Jade: Yes, thank you. ...Kalim-san, please observe and learn from the Savanaclaw dorm.
Jade: You see, they stayed perfectly within their budget.
Silver: Zzzzzz...
Jamil: Silver has gotten so tired of waiting, he's fallen asleep... Kalim, let's take it back and reconsider it for the time being.
Kalim: Hrrm... I don't know. Ah, has everyone already finished putting together your costumes and decorations?
Ruggie: We've already finished. Looks like our theme this year is pirates.
???: Oya oya, that is quite a frightening theme.
Jamil: Azul. I see you came too.
Azul: Of course. While I was passing the classroom, there seemed to be such a lively atmosphere coming from here.
Jade: Pirate ghosts that left behind numerous legends of ravaging the seas in pursuit of treasure... it certainly is terrifying.
Ruggie: I don't think Jack-kun thought about it that much when he came up with the idea.
Ruggie: He probably just though that it fit the Savanaclaw Dorm since we have a bunch of tough-looking students.
Floyd: That's good~ perfect for Halloween.
Kalim: Speaking of which, does the Coral Sea also have Halloween events?
Jade: Yes, of course. Every year around this time, we become extremely busy collecting shells and starfish.
Jade: And then on the day of, everyone takes a bottle filled with the bioluminescent organism Noctiluca... you would call them lanterns on the surface. We would make our rounds while carrying one.
Floyd: We'd play some lively songs on instruments too~
Kalim: That's neat! You definitely need music on days of banquets or festivities.
Jamil: I'm sure that in the Coral Sea, the type of instruments as well as the melodies are most likely different from those on land.
Silver: Carrying around lanterns of those Noctiluca is a fascinating custom that could only happen in the ocean.
Riddle: Yes, It feels as if you would be able to see a wondrous sight.
Azul: It's an honor that you would be interested in our homeland.
Azul: If you so desire, I would be willing to put together a package tour and show everyone around during a long vacation.
Jade: Azul. That does seem exceedingly exciting, however let us leave that talk for a later date.
Jade: Now. As everyone has surmised, Halloween on land and in the ocean and vastly different.
Jade: We have been constantly surprised by the cultural differences ever since coming to land.
Jade: I'm sure there are still many things we do not know. As part of the Steering Committee, and for the sake of enlivening this event,
Jade: I wish to deepen my understanding of Halloween on land.
Jade: Would you please teach me how you spend Halloween in your home town?
Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)
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askbloatedbellyblog · 2 days ago
Since everyone is on a Twisted Wonderland kick with the anime news
I just wanted to point out Jack's birthday card video where both he and Ruggie eat a bunch and would have gotten more without a spending limit.
And then shows he gets covered in cake and surrounded by more food for him to eat. Just let the wolf boy eat.
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Tumblr media
god knows we like archaic kinds of fun
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Child Au: Trick or treat.
Mc: Okay I let you go on a trick or treat round so promise I won’t have to regret this.
Kids: Okay
Mc: Lilia and Chenya, I guess you realize I see those water balloons and toilet paper rolls.
*All Child's run away*
After about a couple of hours of candy rounds, it’s time to compare who got the most candies. You also have to apologize to people and make sure the kids don’t eat all their candy right away.
Child Ace: I get 30 candies...
Child Floyd: I got 42 candies. * Show tongue to Ace *
Child Ruggie: If you have too many candies you can give them to me.
Child Ace and child Floyd: No
Child Malleus: I just get 10 candies... For some reason, no one opened the door.
Child Ace: *start laugh*
Mc: Ace! Don't laugh.
Child Sebek: Waka-Sama can get my candy.
Child Malleus:... R-really?
Child Sebek: Yes.
Mc: That was really kind Sebek. * Hugs Sebek * We can buy you our own candies because you are so kind.
And now everyone wants to donate their candy to Malleus so they can get a hug from Mc. Ruggie is jealous.
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