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#ruggie bucchi x reader
Hello! Could I request Ruggie, Idia, & Rook reacting to their s/o trying to scare them with a spooky costume? Like the grim reaper with special effects, or just jumping out of a closet or something 😅
Also thank you and Happy Halloween!! 🎃🍬
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The best reaction you can get out of Ruggie is a slight jump and the widening of his eyes. He reflexes are quick, so he reacts and recovers from surprise just as fast as he first perceived it and tensed up, preparing for a fight.
"What, it’s just you? Yeesh, don't startle me like that! I almost dropped Leona-san's lunch. He'd really chew me out if I messed up his meal..." Ruggie catches your expression and snickers to himself. “Aw, don’t be like that~ You have plenty of other unsuspecting prey to jump.”
You may not have gotten Ruggie spooked, but he offers you his “services” to help spook others. The plan is this: you’ll pose as a ghost, and Ruggie will use his magic to move around a target’s limbs at your command. You’re his partner in crime, and Ruggie’s yours--and together, you tear up the town with ghoulish shrieks.
At the end of the night, your blood’s pumping, and you’re lightheaded from an adrenaline rush. Ruggie lends you his shoulder to lean on as he walks you home, letting the cool night breeze lift your tired soul.
Right as he’s about to turn tail and head home himself, he slips something into your hand: a single piece of candy, seemingly conjured from thin air, and a quick kiss to your temple. “Nishishishi. Don’t look so shocked! Those’re your treats for your tricks. It’s a two-for-one deal today.”
Tumblr media
Idia's almost always jumpy by default, so the moment you pop out with a monstrous shriek, Idia screams just as loud as you. He stumbles over his own feet in an effort to get away, and ends up falling flat on his back, paralyzed with fear.
Idia's so terrorized that he immediately launches into a surrender speech. "I-If you're a God of Death come to c-claim my soul, y-you can have it!! I-I won't fight back! A hopelessly weak otaku shut-in like me isn't strong enough to fend off death, I'm only strong enough for opening snacks and pressing controller buttons...!! Do whatever you want to me, j-just don't lay a finger on Ortho...!!"
When Idia manages to get a closer look at you, he regains a bit of his composure. but still clings to you for support as he catches his breath. Once fully recovered, he chastises you for “cheating” and going for “the cheapest trick in the book”, jump scares. He knows you can do way better.
Idia rambles (in that very “Idia” way of his) about various reference materials and how you can “level up” your surprise attacks. Movies, video games, anime... until he ultimately decides that explaining would take too long, you’ve just got to experience these things for yourself to see why they’re so great!
He offers to escort you to a good viewing space in Ignihyde, shyly offering a milky hand to you. You happily accept—and the moment your fingers meet, it’s like sparks have rushed up his arm, setting a brand new fire on Idia’s face.
Tumblr media
You can't get the upper hand on Rook, no matter how hard you try. This sharp hunter can sense you coming from miles away, and he's always prepared to counterattack.
Just as you leap out to scare him, he’ll expertly dodge, sweeping you up in his arms to catch your fall. Before you know what’s happening, Rook is dipping you, letting your back form a graceful arch as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. “Quelle chance, for our paths to cross again like this. Truly, we are a destined couple, non?”
You laugh it off well enough, but Rook can tell that there’s a part of you that’s disappointed you weren’t able to one-up him. And so, the next time you attempt to scare him, he puts on a grand act.
With staggering steps backward, he throws a hand on his forehead and the other over his heart, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Rook starts a soliloquy, explaining how scared he is in painstaking detail, sprinkling in the occasional theatrical shudder or sob.
He finishes his act by declaring that his heart has stopped from fright and that he can only be awoken by true love’s kiss--then he reclines on the floor and closes his eyes, pretending to be out cold. After a few moments of awkwardness, Rook cracks an eye open and passes you a sly grin, then closes his eyes again... awaiting your fated kiss of revival.
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luvrbug · a month ago
Twst boy's Favorite places to kiss
(edit: i may be shadowbanned so pls comment if u see this in the tags thank u)
(a/n: sfw ofc ! i wanted to get some sort of content out, lest my blog completely whither and die)
Malleus likes to kiss your hands. He gets teased by Lilia for being so "old-fashioned".
Lilia prefers to kiss your nose. It makes you giggle, the cutest flush covering your cheeks.
Sebek is normally the one being kissed, but he's a cheek-kisser at heart. the type to text "can i kiss your cheek after school" and delete it 30 seconds later
Silver likes your shoulders, or anywhere near the shoulder-neck area. He'll wake up from napping against your shoulder, and press a sleepy kiss on your neck.
Leona's favorite pillow is your stomach, so obviously its his favorite place to kiss. If you're ticklish, i pray for you.
Ruggie likes to kiss directly between your eyebrows. It's a habit, to place a smooch there whenever he's passing by.
Jack is also a cheek kisser. He DOESN'T delete his text though. (even if his tail is between his legs while he waits for your awnser)
Azul is a temple kisser. Even when he's got a desk entirely full of paperwork, he still finds the time to give you a smooch.
Jade like to kiss your forehead. He's not really a fan of lip kisses, but his forehead kisses carry all of the words he'd ever need to say.
Floyd is an all over kisser. He doesn't have a favorite place on his beloved shrimpy; all of their body is equally kissable!
Idia is normally too embarrassed to kiss you, but he'll place a smooch on your eyelid while you sleep. (don't wake up, he'll die of embarrassment)
Vil doesn't care about smudging his lipstick when it comes to you. (he wears smudge proof anyway). He finds kissing your forehead to be soothing. A reminder that you'll always be there for him.
Rook claims to love all of your parts equally, but he pays special attention to kissing the inside of your wrists. The thrum of your pulse is soothing.
Epel is the type to ask for a hug after school. He does like to kiss your cheek, even if he does turn the colour of an apple.
Riddle isn't one for kisses in general, but he favours your lips.
Trey is also a forehead kisser, it plays into how parental he is. He'd absolutely melt if you did it back.
Cater likes your neck. It usually makes you giggle, and it just feels intimate to him. Cheek kisses are for posts, but his neck kisses show how much he cares.
Deuce would have a heart attack the moment he pressed his lips to you, but he really likes the space where your eye and nose connect.
Ace likes to kiss your stomach or any pulse point. He always wakes you up with stomach kisses.
Kalim likes to kiss everywhere! Can and Will pounce on you to smother you in kisses.
Jamil is reserved with PDA, but he loves to kiss your temple in public, and shoulders when its just you two
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drac0nia · 26 days ago
✞ 𝐁𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're on your period and this is how he deals with it.
Periods. Enough is said. (also possible inaccuracies and no proofread)
im doing this during class and mostly bc this is helps me cope :,) (and i havent posted much-)
Tumblr media
Most dependable during these times ↴
❥ TREY, Cater, RIDDLE, Ruggie, Jade, JAMIL, VIL, Rook, Lilia (sorta), & NEIGE.
Doesn't know what to do most of the time but tries anyways for your sake ↴
❥ DEUCE, Ace, Jack, Leona (sorta), Azul, KALIM, Idia, MALLEUS, Silver, & Sebek.
Tones down the teasing so you don't get mad at him ↴
❥ ACE, Cater, LEONA, Jade, Lilia, & Chenya.
Willing to carry you around if you can't stand up ↴
❥ Deuce, Jack, Ruggie, FLOYD, KALIM, Malleus, SILVER, & Chenya (then he drops u on the bed </3).
Brings you food, he gives you whatever you crave ↴
❥ TREY, Riddle, Deuce, RUGGIE, Azul, Tweels, SCARABIA, Epel, Idia, Malleus, LILIA, & Chenya.
Persuade/tells you to take a nap with him so he doesn't have to deal with your mood swings ↴
❥ Ace, LEONA, Floyd, Idia, & Chenya.
Does shitty jokes when you're mad which makes you more irritated/frown ↴
❥ ACE, Deuce, Trey, RUGGIE, FLOYD, Kalim, Rook, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
He thinks pads with wings fly ↴
❥ DEUCE, Floyd, KALIM, Epel, MALLEUS, & Chenya (he's joking 🙃).
Remembers your cycle so he can be prepared ↴
❥ RIDDLE, Trey, Deuce, RUGGIE, Jade, AZUL, Jamil, VIL, Rook (for research purposes), Malleus, Lilia, & NEIGE.
Massages the sore parts of your body ↴
❥ Trey, Deuce, Riddle, Cater, RUGGIE, JADE, Azul, Scarabia, POMEFIORE, Silver, & NEIGE.
Sushi rolls you in a blanket before comforting you and placing you on their laps/cuddle ↴
❥ CATER (he saw it on magicam), Ace, LEONA, FLOYD, Epel, Idia, Lilia, & Chenya.
Lends you his coat/jacket if you have period stains ↴
❥ Trey, Riddle, DEUCE, Jack, Kalim (if only it wasn't light colored :,), Jamil, EPEL, Rook, Silver, & Neige.
Lowkey makes fun of you/hides his laugh when you cry over minor inconveniences ↴
❥ ACE, Cater, RUGGIE, Leona, FLOYD, Epel, Rook, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wolken-himmel · 7 months ago
In which (Y/n) enters the Savanaclaw dorm to bring Ruggie a sandwich, only to be overwhelmed by a horde of three animals resembling her friends Jack, Leona, and Ruggie.
Playing zookeeper for a wolf, lion, and hyena might not have been how she intended to spend her afternoon, but it seems like the three won't give her any choice.
Request by @ilovefanficstoomuch.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Ruggie! Deuce and Ace told me to drop of your—"
You had barely entered the Savanclaw dorm when you were able to hear a faint growl coming from your right. Freezing in your steps, you winced when the door fell close behind you, possibly leaving you trapped with the monster lurking around the dorm. Your hand tightened around the paper bag containing a sandwich for your favourite hyena, a strange courtesy of Ace and Deuce, who should be following you right now. Instead, they locked the door with a little spell.
"Ace! Deuce! Open the door!" you yelled, dropping the bag before banging your fists against the now locked door. You only heard snickers from the other side, and the already faint footsteps growing even more quiet as they distanced themselves.
"Have fun at the zoo, (Y/n)!" Ace yelled, laughing as he ignored your screams.
"Ace! Why!" You snapped around when a howl reached your ears, causing your bones to shake in utter fear as you pressed your back against the locked door. Your jaw fell down once you realised that the monster previously lurking in the shadows was a big wolf, who had now stepped into the broad sunlight. Whimpers and cries escaped your lips, as you returned to banging against the door, albeit more desperately than before when you could feel the beast closing in on you. "What did I ever do to you?! Deuce, what's with you? Will you just stand there and witness as monsters tear me to shreds?!"
"They won't hurt you, (Y/n)," Deuce said, his muffled voice only barely reaching your ears. "Besides, we need to distract you somehow because we need to prepare your secret unbirthday party— Oh wait, just act like you didn't hear that." You frowned, and were about to yell from the depths of your throat again before you felt a tail brush by your legs, which made you tense and quiet down in reply. You stood there with your mouth agape, yet no sound came out.
"Deuce!" Ace hissed, slapping his friend over the head. "Let's go before you can spoil the surprise even more..."
Stunned at the little bits you managed to catch of their conversation, you weren't really sure what to think about your situation. After a while, a scowl appeared on your face. "Couldn't they have found a safer distraction? And how even did a big wolf get into Savanaclaw's dorm..."
You carefully turned around, your moves rigid and slow as to not startle the silver wolf standing right in front of you. The wolf's eyes bore into yours, taking you aback at how gentle and warm they looked despite the beast's scary aura. Gulping, you tried to inch away from the beast by using the wall as your guideline, only to stop when the wolf let out a menacing growl.
You froze in your moves, and the wolf trotted over to you again, simply staring at you with unreadable eyes. Scratching your head awkwardly, you asked yourself, "What happened here?"
The wolf let out a little bark, which only made your eyebrows scrunch up even more. It seemed like he understood you while the reverse couldn't be said. Upon realising that you were far too scared to attempt an escape, the wolf sat down onto his behind, his tail wagging back and forth in excitement. The animal's head snapped around to get a hold of his tail's betraying movement, but the tail wouldn't obey. A frustrated howl escaped his throat.
The gesture strangely reminded you of a certain Savanaclaw first-year — and that's when realisation dawned upon you. Gasping, you jolted forward and yelled, "Jack?! Is that you?"
The wolf at first jumped backward in response to your raise in volume, but quickly calmed down upon realising that you meant no harm. His ears relaxing once again, he trudged over to you, nodding with a relieved expression on his face. Although you were still confused, you knelt down to inspect the wolf in front of you more closely. A little bit frightened by the way he flashed his teeth, you tilted your head to the side as you extended your hand towards his head. He froze, but eventually gave an affirming nod that allowed you to put your hand onto his fur covered head.
You carefully ran your hand through his soft fur, and his joyful barks caused a little giggle to escape your lips. Still, the way his barks were so loud made you stutter, "You're kinda scary... maybe it's because of your size?" You pulled your hand back, and rose to your feet to retrieve the bag you had dropped earlier. Jack watched curiously as you did so, ready to pounce if you tried anything daring. After having straightened your back again, you shoot him a frightened smile. "Uhm— I'll just give you this sandwich here for Ruggie, and then take my leave."
His growls made your voice die down in volume. He stalked closer, almost cornering you in like you were some prey he was hunting.
"O-Oh— you don't seem to like that idea," you said, your voice wavering in utter dread as he pounced onto you. Screaming, you collided with the ground. Jack let out a satisfied huff as he grabbed you by your collar to drag you deeper into the Savanaclaw dorm. You thrashed around whilst your body was dragged across the ground, yet the wolf's strength was relentless. "H-Hey! Hey! Jack, you're destroying the collar of my shirt!"
He merely growled, staring you down with glowing eyes. Feeling the vibration from how close your head was to his mouth, you winced, and decided that for your own wellbeing, you should hold your tongue. "Fine, I'll shut up if the big bad wolf won't eat me..."
Your words caused a little chortle to escape his throat, and not before too long, he resumed his walk to an unknown destination. You bit your lip as you gazed down at your clothes that were being ruined by the way they were dragged against the bumpy ground. Deciding that you were too broke to buy yourself a full set of new clothing, you instead wrapped your arms around the wolf's neck. Jack let out a surprised huff, but quickly relaxed when you patted his head.
It wasn't before too long that he stopped to nudge the door in front of you open with a single pounce. You yelped as he temporarily dropped you to the ground to do so. You shakily climbed to your feet, and dusted the dirt and dust off your clothes. Jack quickly dug his fangs into the fabric of your sleeve again before dragging you inside the room. You stumbled inside, and gasped once you realised where you were. "Leona's room?" you called out as you flicked the light switch on, vanquishing the darkness caused by the closed curtains. What you were greeted with made you rip your sleeve out of Jack's mouth. "Ah! What are all these wild animals doing here!"
Screaming once you saw the lion and hyena curiously looking up at you, you immediately darted over to Leona's desk, and jumped onto it. Grabbing a ruler from next to you, you extended it to hopefully keep the three animals at bay when they stalked closer. Your eyes moved frantically, and your movements became more erratic when they came nearer. The bag with Ruggie's food lay forgotten at the entrance of Leona's room.
The wolf and lion closed in on you while the hyena seemed disinterested, preferring the bag you had dropped by the door. You used the ruler to keep the two beasts at bay, yet the lion easily pushed the object out of your hand when he came close enough. Defenseless now, you yelped before backing up further and pressing your back against the wall behind the desk. The lion easily pounced onto the table in an elegant fashion, his eyes never leaving your form.
Your hand searched the desk for a suitable weapon when he stalked closer, and the first thing your hands found was a newspaper. You quickly rolled it, and whacked it over the lion's head when he was close enough.
A dejected cry escaped the mighty lion's throat as he pulled back. The relief flushing your system quickly disappeared when the lion turned around, a vicious growl escaping his lips. His poison green eyes caused you to tremble in utter fear — wait, you knew those eyes.
Gasping, you softly called out, "L-Leona?" The lion's ears perked up, and he nodded at his name being called. Your jaw fell down once again at the revelation. The way you merely stared at him made Leona restless, causing him to wrap his big paw around your hand to hopefully coerce you down from his desk. Whimpering, you tried to free yourself from his grip. "You want me to come down? No, I definitely am not coming down!"
Leona huffed in annoyance.
Your eyes turned to the hyena happily holding the paper bag in his mouth as he obediently stood in front of you, looking up at you with puppy eyes. "And Ruggie, you too?" you cried out as you gazed at the hyena. "What in twisted wonderland happened here?!"
They didn't answer — how could they, anyway.
Instead, they simply sat down around the desk, and stared up at you with curious eyes. Ruggie was the only one who let out a few annoyed mewles as he pointed one paw at the paper bag he had laying in front of him.
Your heartbeat eventually calming down, you nodded at the hyena with a little smile. "The sandwich? Yeah, it's yours, Ruggie— you can eat it."
One moment of distraction was enough for the other two predators to strike. Before you could avert your gaze from the adorable hyena, who had started munching on the sandwich as if it was a gourmet meal, Leona and Jack had already grabbed one of your sleeves each, and pulled you to the ground with one easy tug.
You gasped as you fell forward, and collided with Jack's body. Ripping your sleeves from their mouths, you cried out, "Guys! No, I'm scared— please don't eat me!" Ruggie, who had already devoured his sandwich already, joined the two predators' side, peering down at your helpless and frightened face. Crawling back to create some distance, you felt fear pool in the depths of your stomach. "I don't wanna end up as the food of a lion, wolf, and hyena!"
Jack quickly stopped your escape by simply jumping on top of you. You gasped when the air was knocked out of your lungs. You found it hard to breathe when Jack simply stayed sprawled out over your body, his coarse tongue licking the little scratches that he had accidentallu inflicted upon your neck earlier. When you tried to push him away, a dejected whimper escaped his mouth. He resisted, causing you to yell, "Wait, Jack! I can't breathe and I can't see because of your fur! It's so fluffy though..." Eventually, you ceased your struggles, and decided to enjoy your stay in fluffy heaven. "Hm, you're so warm and soft... I might just fall asleep—"
Before that could happen though, Leona had already pushed Jack away from you. Surprised by the lack of fluffy fur, you were about to sit up — but the lion had other ideas. He draped himself over you, burying his nose in your neck. You thrashed around as you suffocated in his dark mane, and were left a sputtering mess when he shifted to allow you to breathe.
"Leona! Don't be so mean to Jack," you huffed when you heard the wolf whimper in sadness. The lion didn't respond, and only continued purring softly as he claimed you as his own. Sighing, you tried to push him away from you, but he had already fallen asleep. "Hey, Leona, you're kinda heavy—"
You were interrupted by a hyena playing with your hair, softly tugging and pushing the strands that were sprawled out across the floor.
"Ruggie, stop that! It tickles!" you hissed, laughing.
A snout bumping against your hand snapped you out of your laughing fit; you craned your neck to find a whimpering wolf wanting some attention, too. Smiling softly, you raised your hand to pet his ears, which you knew Jack would probably never let you do if he were human right now.
Sighing, you accepted your fate. "Oh my, you three are gonna be the death of me..." you cooed, trying to give attention to the wolf, hyena, and lion all at once. "I don't mind as long as it is because of cuddles."
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rainy-day-coffee · 3 months ago
may i request hcs for the vice dorm leaders (minus ortho-) with a crush who just constantly drowns them with compliments and praise and is just overall super supportive! also small lil note: your writing is so sweet! i always get excited when you post! :D
Thank you so much!! That is very nice of you to say! I hope I can continue to make more things you enjoy!
Also, I apologize for the long wait!
Vice dorm leaders with a supportive crush
Tumblr media
Trey’s usually on the giving end of the support stick, not the receiving end. Your kind nature flusters him greatly, though he tries his best to now let it show. The most you’ll get to see are rosy cheeks as he rubs his neck in slight embarrassment. He’ll try shifting the conversation onto something else before he blushes any harder.
He’s very thankful for what you do! You remind him to take breaks from his duties often, and even when he refuses, you try to make his life a little easier. A nice change of pace from what he’s used to! 
He most likely will never get used to the endless amounts of praise you give him but he gets better with it over time. He even manages to slip in more compliments directed towards you after a while!
He often gives you sweets he baked just for you as a way of saying thanks. If those aren’t your thing, there are plenty of savory treats he can make too! He just wants to let you know that he appreciates you greatly, and food is a good way of showing it.
Tumblr media
He’s taken aback at first. Someone who gives him genuine compliments and adoration with no strings attached? Someone who’s willing to help him with his tasks and doesn’t mind doing so? Oh, he falls very hard for you. 
He doesn’t know how to react to your constant praises apart from chuckling and shifting around in embarrassment, all while his cheeks heat up. He absolutely loves it! It’s a pleasant feeling! Needless to say, he soaks up all your compliments like a sponge.
While he appreciates your help with his schoolwork or his never-ending pile of chores, he also appreciates that you push him to take rest days too. Ruggie is the kind to always push himself to work in one way or another, not wanting to let his free time go to waste. He’s always looking forward to your visits and is always more than happy to spend time with you whenever he can!
Tumblr media
Initially, Jade thought you were simply trying to butter him up, use him to gain something, or perhaps even make him fall in love (a task you succeeded in.) He thinks a lot about someone’s actions, always wanting to predict what they’re doing, you are no exception. Your supportive and overall loving nature definitely attract him. He wants to test out just how far that kindness is willing to go, but he’ll control himself.
While your compliments flatter him, he usually doesn’t get flustered by them! You’d have to really catch him off guard to see a blush of some sort. That being said, he thanks you for all your praises.
He appreciates the support you give him when it comes to his interests! He could happily be explaining something about a common mushroom and you’d be waving your imaginary glow sticks while listening intently. You’re always more than welcome to stop by his club room or go hiking with him. Talking with someone who hypes him up feels a lot better compared to someone who just listens because they have no choice!
Tumblr media
He’ll be uncomfortable at first. Not because he doesn’t want it, but because he’s not used to so much genuine kindness directed at him. You push yourself to understand his feelings, and even when you can’t, you still remain supportive.
He keeps his cool exterior, brushing your words off and trying to let his smug self shine through. On the inside however, he’s burning with a mixture of embarrassment and giddiness. Sure, other students praise him for his various talents, but it’s different when you do it! When you do it, his stomach fills with butterflies, his face warms up a bit, and his heart beats loudly in his chest. A foreign frightening feeling, yet welcome all the same.
He finds himself showing off more when around you, especially since you push him to do so. He loves being able to show you his true potential! 
Jamil repays your kindness, even though you’ve told him countless times he doesn’t have to. It’s exactly because he doesn’t have to that he wants to. 
He makes sure to give you extra helpings of food when you visit Scarabia for meals. You’ll be visiting a lot. After all, any friend of Jamil is a friend of Kalim’s! 
He’s also willing to help you with your studies, and always willing to listen to you talk. He’s not one to give out too many compliments, but he makes sure to praise you about things you’re proud of!
Tumblr media
You two are practically two peas in a pod! Your energy and his energy blend very well together. 
He’s not one to get flustered over honey-coated words but they touch him and make him feel warm.
Anything you do for him, he’ll be throwing right back at you, tenfold. It’s a war of words, each thrown with pure adoration and support, enough to fluster any normal person. Anytime you compliment him, he’ll be sending something right back at you. He leaves many poems and notes for you to find around your dorm!
He’s always delighted to talk to you about his different interests! Among a bunch of other things, he tells you about these new science experiments he’s conducted in his club and things he’s noticed about other students. There’s always a lot to unpack.
Many students are genuinely surprised you two aren’t a couple yet. They are shocked when told you two are still in the crush stage.
Tumblr media
Lilia finds you very charming! He very much adores the supportive and loving energy you display.
He loves basking in your praise and is quite shameless about it. He flirts with and teases you playfully. He also returns said praise with lots of compliments directed towards yourself, of course! You two become each other’s best hype man essentially.
Since you’re willing to listen, he absolutely loves telling you stories about his past! It makes him feel good when someone listens so intensely to his tales. It’s even better when that person actually believes them! He won’t hesitate to talk your ear off.
While he appreciates your willingness to help him with his tasks, he constantly tells you to not worry about him. If anything, he should be the one pestering you to take more breaks and enjoy life. With that in mind, he loves dragging you to different places to just relax. That way, you both are taking a break from your daily schedules.
Tumblr media
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cynthinesia · 3 months ago
Hi ⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧ So what if Crowley found a way for reader to go back to their world but reader is unsure if they should go back or stay. How would Azul, Jamil, Ruggie and Leona react and what would they do to convince reader to stay? (◕ᴗ◕✿)
A/N: Hmmmm... That is my first request and it's a headcanon. 😳 Okay~ Here goes nothing!
First time writing some headcanons... 😳
Also, I am writing it as if the reader is that characters' significant other/love partner... You got it!!
Tumblr media
🐙 Azul Ashengrotto 🐙
"My angelfish is... going away..?" Is what he'd immediately thought when he heard the news. The poor boy is devastated to hear that!!
He'd probably call you to his office is discuss that. Of course, he'd keep his businessman facade on you.
He would offer all the things that he could give to you. Hugs, kisses, money, power, everything.
If that doesn't work, he would break that facade I said earlier. Bit by bit. He would hug you from behind. "Don't go.. I n-need you... Please..."
If that works on you, he would pepper your beautiful face with kisses and he'd start to cry again. But this time, it's from joy!
He would definitely give the things he promised you.
Tumblr media
🐍 Jamil Viper 🐍
On the outside, he doesn't care a bit.
But on the inside, he is emotionally numb. His desert rose, the only person who understands and comforts him, is going back to their world... Leaving him there... He was aware that this time would eventually come, but not when he is that drawn into you...
He would remain silent, but.. he would come to you and offer you to stay there, with him...
If you accept it, he would be happy for you. He would help you in any way possible. Studying, cooking, cleaning.. everything!
If you refuse it, he would understand. You got separated from your friends and family, and fell to there. Now you are returning to the place once you came from. But.. him and you would have to make a deal that you won't ever forget each other. Maybe the next time you come back, if possible, you two can reunite~
Tumblr media
🐆 Ruggie Bucchi 🐆
Great Seven help him-- Hyena boi is both sad and shocked.
You are going away and is he gonna be stay still? Nope!
You can be %100000000 sure that he will do something to cause a mess to not let you leave. He would use his UM on somebody to "accidentally" do something.
If it would succeed, you are gonna wait for a long time too. You totally are unaware of the culprit.
If it wouldn't, then too bad... You're going back with many many good byes...
He is gonna grief you for a long time.
Or... He would ask you to meet him somewhere where you two can be alone, and he'd ask if you can stay here with him...
If you accept, you'll make a hyena the happiest he can ever be~ He'll jump around and laugh for a while until you take him in your arms. Then, he will hug you and laugh as usual.
If you refuse, he'll also understand. Though, he will spend the entire day with you to give you some good memories to remember. He won't forget to give you a good-bye kiss~
Tumblr media
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 🦁
So you're going away, huh?
Well, it's not that easy.
He will definitely hold you back until the whole "sending you back" thing is over.
Like; he will be cuddling you while the other people is searching for you. He can't risk losing you anyway~
If they ever find you, he will beat their asses off. Nobody can take his herbivore away from him!
Or... He will use his unique magic on the mirror that will send you back, turning it into nothing but dust. He can't allow you to go back and forget him.
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treysbimbo · 3 months ago
giving their darling an aphrodisiac.
pairing: leona, ruggie, jack / reader | all chars are 18+.
requested by anon.
( yandere, explicit, use of aphrodisiacs/drugs, non consensual drugging, implied noncon, degradation, mentioned kidnapping, mentioned somnophilia, breeding. )
Tumblr media
it would be pretty uncommon for somebody like leona to give his darling an aphrodisiac — he can just threaten you, which is much easier — he only does it for fun, so that he can see his poor darling getting all needy for him, only to have him deny you of any sorts of pleasure and release.
| “aw,” leona holds a teasing tone, a dangerous smirk kept on his lips as he holds your face, squeezing your cheeks as tears form in your eyes, so needy that you’re humping the foot he’s placed under you, “is my girl needy? so damn needy that you’re humping my foot? such a whore..” whines escape your lips as you so desperately want to get off, to feel any sorts of relief from the burning heat you feel all over. but leona won’t give it to you, not easily at least. “if you want something, you gotta work for it, sweetheart.”
needless to say, you should never leave anything in leona’s reach where he can slip the drug into. unless you’d like to be walking around in soaked panties, burning from the heat you feel and your mind mush with thoughts of getting touched and reaching an orgasm. unless you’d like that of course, but i doubt you would with your kidnapper.
ruggie loves to drug his darling, whether it’s with stuff that’ll knock you out so he can have it easy or stuff that’ll make you listen to his every command, stuff that’ll make you love him. so it’s not a surprise he’s slipping aphrodisiacs to you, he loves watching you come to him all embarrassed, your panties soaked because you’re just so needy for him, you just can’t help but want him to fuck you silly. and who is he to deny his sweet darling?
| “d’ya like me fuckin’ ya silly, y/n baby?” ruggie’s words have you responding in moans as you clench up around him, your nth orgasm coming fast. he’d been more than happy to fuck you until you pass out, when you’d come begging him to make you come, he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! even if it was the drug that was making you so needy and desperate to find a release — even if it was from some random student — he couldn’t help but think of this as you in your right mind, begging for his cock to fill you up nice and good.
this’ll be a norm once ruggie does it the first time. he can’t help but relish in the way you squeeze his cock so many times and the way you’re more than happy to let him fill you up, even when you’re stuffed to the brim you still want more & more of his cock. he’s satisfied with the thought of your stomach swelling and your breasts becoming filled with milk from all his cum filling you.
jack feels so dirty and wrong when he slips you the drug. he knows that it’s wrong, but he can’t help himself. his thoughts of breeding you become too strong sometimes and it’s better if you’re obedient and content with the way his cock fills you up as well as his cum until he can’t stuff you anymore.
| loud moans fill the room as jack fucks into your cunt, his cum seeping out onto the sheets from how much there is. but it’s not enough, not for jack. he wants to fill you until he’s absolutely sure there’s no doubt you’ll be swollen with his pups, that you’ll be waddling around pregnant with his kids. the very thought has him howling as he pounds into you, he’s sure that he’s gonna have to do this multiple times to be positive that you’ll be breed. even if it’s clear this is enough.
after a while jack doesn’t have any shame in drugging you, knowing it’s for the better of the family you two are going to have. the need to breed you overpowers his thoughts of shame and guilt, you’d just look so cute with a round stomach, you know?
Tumblr media
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torikaku · 6 months ago
Hello! I love the scenario where the Dorm Leaders wake up and see their S/O in their shirt. Could you possibly do that same scenario with the Vice Dorm Leaders?
Hi! Thank you for enjoying that post, here it is.
As for your request, absolutely! I love this cliché, hehe
Tumblr media
When Trey wakes up, he feels you hugging him. You always do. You always tell him that he smells nice and sweet, and you can't help but cling to him. But Trey just smiles at your words, allowing you to hug him in your sleep.
He tries to slip away from your embrace carefully and not wake you up. Putting on his glasses, he looks back at you and notices you wearing one of his shirts.
He quietly chuckles at you. The shirt is a bit big for you, but you look adorable in his eyes. Trey leans down and pecks your forehead. After getting dressed, he leaves the room, not disturbing your sleep.
A bit later he enters the room with some breakfast and tea for you, he finds you already awake. Playfully and smirking, Trey asks you why you put on his shirt.
You suddenly feel flustered under his mischievous gaze. Awkwardly, you scratch your nape and tell him that his shirt smells like pastries he always bakes, and you really enjoy the smell. Trey gently smiles, feeling his heart flutter in his chest, and tells you that you should eat your breakfast and not forget to brush your teeth.
Tumblr media
Ruggie enjoys your night cuddles so much, he feels so loved and doesn't want to leave the bed. But sadly, he has a lot of stuff to do even in the morning.
He frees himself from your arms carefully and tries not to wake you up accidentally. He checks you and notices that you're wearing his shirt. Not that he minds, but he was planning to put this shirt on.
The more he looks at you, the more he feels his face getting warmer. His tail begins wagging unintentionally. Ruggie hides his flushed face in the hands and sighs. He never thought that you would look adorable in his clothes.
The fact that you wear his clothes is very important for him. It means you see him as your partner and beloved one. Later, when you left, the clothes still have your scent on it, which Ruggie sniffs when he misses you.
Since you took his shirt, now Ruggie has the right to take yours as well, doesn't he? Don't be surprised later spotting him wearing something yours.
Tumblr media
Jade wakes up and finds himself lying on his side and you facing him and clinging to his chest. Aren't you sweet? He gently pets your head.
In the process of sliding away from your embrace, he notices that you're wearing a shirt that is quite big for you. Obviously, he recognizes this shirt as his own due to its size.
You're almost drowning in the shirt, but nevertheless, decided to use it as your pajama? Well, you look cute, Jade must admit. He grins at you with his usual mischievous smile.
Your obvious size difference always amused Jade, but seeing you wearing his pieces of clothes really makes his heart flutter in his chest and him feel butterflies in the stomach. If you weren't sleeping right now, he'd definitely turn the tables and make you flustered by teasing you and giving you compliments.
Well, since you enjoy wearing Jade's clothes so much, he can allow you to do so. But be ready that his gaze won't leave your figure, because he enjoys seeing you in his clothes as well.
Tumblr media
Jamil is usually not a heavy sleeper, but tonight he sleeps like a log. He's not much a cuddler, but allows you to cling to him. You lie behind him, coiling his waist with your arms and hugging him.
He is busy even in the morning. But he hasn't had enough sleep tonight, so getting up now is a bit tough for him. Sighing, with all his will, Jamil tries to leave the bed, but your arms prevent him from doing so.
Gently removing your arms, Jamil looks back at you and notices that you're wearing something he recognizes as one of his hoodies.
Jamil feels his face getting warmer as he puts the hand on the cheek. Oh, well, you look actually cute, he must admit. How are you always able to make his heart flutter? He sighs and smiles, leaving you lying in the bed and not bothering your sleep.
He doesn't like it when his stuff is taken, but since it's you, he can allow you to take and wear his clothes if you want; they suit you really well.
Tumblr media
Rook enjoys sharing his bed with you and feeling you in his embrace. He lies behind you with his arms around your waist and hugging you, his forehead is on your nape.
Waking up, he carefully squeezes you in his hug. He pulls away to study you and, watching closely, he notices you wearing a shirt that big for you. He quickly recognizes it's his.
Rook gasps in surprise. You look so belle/beau! He would sing you praises and compliments if you weren't asleep right now. It's just a morning now, and you already look so séduisant(e) and only wearing his shirt!
He cups his cheeks and smiles, spending some more minutes watching your beauty before leaving you to get himself ready for the day with his usual morning routine.
A bit later, Rook will mention how magnifique you look in his shirt. Oh, there's no need to be so flustered! He will gladly share some of his clothes with you for you to look more lovely!
Tumblr media
Actually, Lilia doesn't require much sleep as you do, but sometimes he keeps you company (honestly, he just wants to cuddle with you), just like now. He sleeps beside you, clinging to you.
In the morning, when he finally opens his eyes to see your adorable sleeping face, he notices that you are wearing one of his favourite oversized shirts, which is a bit big for you as well.
Lilia is hard to fluster, but now, you somehow have succeeded in making this old man's heart go doki doki because of your cuteness. Oh, is this something you feel when he steals and wears your clothes?
He quietly giggles to himself. He decides to stay with you on the bed until you wake up. Lying on his stomach and holding his face in his hands, Lilia playfully swings his legs back and forth. Now, he has so many reasons to tease you! Ah, you will look so cute with a flushed face.
You can be sure that Lilia won't leave you alone after this situation. Standing behind you and draping himself onto you, he will pleadingly offer you some of his clothes for you to wear. They will definitely look good on you, why don't you try to put them on? (Cue Lilia showing you a puss in boots face)
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bubbledumbbinch · 4 months ago
Thank you so much for doing my ask(>0<;)
I LOVED IT. I kinda have a thing for shy characters if you could tell. If you don't mind, can I request the same oral headcanons for Ruggie, Jamil, Jade and Rook this time? The one who look like the service tops? Thank you so much💕💕
Eek hello again! I’m so happy you enjoyed my last one!! I had fun writing it! Ty for the request again, I’m v excited for these set of characters. And, I like the shy ones too 🙈
A/N: This piece of writing is for 18+ readers only. Minors DO NOT INTERACT.
Warnings: Mild story spoilers for Episode 4 for Jamil(?) , mentions of blood for Jade, slight yandere for Rook 
Ruggie Bucchi x Reader
Right so, it’s no secret that Ruggie is a real giver. He does so much work for Leona and is known for being giving in his community back home! He’s too sweet!
Ruggie playfully slaps your ass as you walk through the halls of NRC, making you gasp as you look around at your surroundings, making sure nobody caught him. Taking his squeezes on your body as a hint, he leads you to a hidden corner and starts to tease you more.
Ruggie also isn’t picky on location either, willing to find a hidden place around the school, a janitor’s closet, or an empty classroom. This man will please you anytime, anywhere.
The dirty blonde would definitely feel you up in preparation, knowing what spots to linger on, letting out his signature shishishi~ as he can hear you moan or feel you shiver at his fingers.
Ruggie pushes your form onto the door lightly, giggling at the way it rattled from the pressure. 
Pulling your pants down, the smell of your sweat from throughout the day, permeates his senses making his cock and ears twitch. It’s a dirty pleasure~
I can also imagine him saying “THANK YOU FOR THIS MEAL” before going down on you
Ruggie is aggressively trying to make you cum, he’s rough yet so good with his tongue, keen on hearing those sharp noises from your mouth.
When you get close, you put your hands on his head, rubbing his ears and giving him so many praises. He feels his cock twitch in his pants as he starts sucking on your clit with more fervor than before - making you squirt on his face
The beastman laps up at your juices as you ride out your high, eating up the flavors and the noises coming from you~
“Shishishi~ Y/N, you couldn’t help those lewd noises from coming out hm?” Ruggie teases, as he helps you put your pants back on. “Careful though, next time, I don’t want to risk having anybody else but me hearing those noises, okay~?”
You and Ruggie are in his bedroom back at Savanaclaw, after a tiring day of him running errands for Leona. You praise him for his efforts and offer to suck him off to reward him for being such a good helper!
Ruggie is not used to someone offering to service HIM instead of the other way around, so don’t tease him for looking so shocked!
He blushes, asking if you’re sure you really want to. Internally there is some doubt as if he doesn’t know if you really meant it or if you were just joking.
Once he realizes you’re serious, he eagerly strips down to his boxers, letting the tent in his pants be all the more obvious.
You wanted to service the hardworking hyena boy as much as possible, stroking him through the cloth of his undergarments until you could see a dark spot on the briefs where the tip of his dick was.
Suddenly, you felt your hands moving on their own. You looked up as Ruggie was controlling your hands, making you pull his underwear off, as he couldn’t take anymore messing around. 
Eventually he lets control of you go, and he lets you bring his cock into your waiting mouth. He closes his eyes and lays into his pillow, groaning immediately.
After working his length in your mouth, he uses his hands to pull at your hair, his tail now wagging violently under him.
It doesn’t take long before he already starts to twitch in your mouth. As he gets closer, he asks to cum on your body, preferably on your chest
Ruggie lets out hot frequent pants as he releases, his ears twitching in delight as he paints your naked chest with his cum
He isn’t satisfied with one time, he is greedy and wants you to make him cum at least twice!
“Haanh- wow..! It felt so good, Y/N...” the blonde panted. He stroked himself back to hardness as he looked at his seed that served as art on your body. “Here, open your mouth, c-can you do it again for me? Please?”
Jamil Viper x Reader
Jamil has also been a giver for most if not all of his life. As we’ve come to find out, he isn’t extremely happy about being a giver and in turn putting himself and his desires after.
However, when it comes to you, Jamil wants to give you so much, at least as much as he can within his power. Nobody has cared this much about him romantically to a point where he can feel like he can be himself.
Jamil convinced to teach you how to make one of your favorite dishes of his in Scarabia’s kitchen, his hands grazing over yours as he stands behind you, fingers lingering over places all over your body, his touches ghosting over your ass. You hadn’t even gotten to the actual “cooking” part, only gathering the necessary ingredients and starting to cut vegetables.
Jamil’s offer to pleasure you with his mouth comes from him as he stands behind your smaller form, whispering in your ear about how he would love to taste you, making you whimper at the sound of his voice combined with his lewd words. You find yourself grinding onto Jamil, hearing a hiss leave his mouth.
After finding a clean table in the kitchen to set you on top of, Jamil makes sure to lock the door to the kitchen and make sure the coast is clear before he stalks back to your form with a mischievous glint in his eye, promptly pulling your pants down and licks up your clothed pussy.
Jamil moves the cloth to the side and skillfully uses his tongue to lick up and down your cunt, then directing his attention to flicking his tongue on your clit.
Jamil’s so good at this you have to wonder how many time’s he’s done it before, but a particularly hard suck at your clit is bringing your full attention back to him.
Jamil also knows how to use his hands, bringing his calloused fingertips from basketball practice and putting them to use on your nipples.
Maintaining eye contact with his dark eyes, Jamil works you up gradually to a slow but intense climax. He holds onto your legs as you squirm in front of him. You’re struggling to find something on the smooth table to grip onto so you bring your fingers to his head, feeling his smooth black locks in your grasp.
Only moans and slurping sounds can only be heard in the kitchen as you try to keep yourself silent. “Y/N...” Jamil’s liquid honey voice calls to you. “Let me hear those beautiful sounds you’re making, my jewel. Let me hear you scream out my name as you cum..!” was all you heard before losing yourself to the pleasure once again.
Jamil was coming by to visit you at Ramshackle dorm after basketball practice. The way his tan skin glistened with sweat never escaped you, and your gaze trailed from his eyes, to his arms, down to his gym pants. His sweat seeped through his clothes and created multiple dark spots.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, Jamil was perceptive and smirked once he noticed where your gaze was at the moment, blush coating his cheek as he chuckled. He would never push you however to do anything sexual, if you didn’t want to.
Like Ruggie, Jamil would be a bit shocked about you offering to give him a blowjob. He knew you were bold but... the fact you were offering it to him and knowing who he was, what he’s done, and you still forgave him... Jamil is absolutely shocked but he feels a certain emotion that makes his heart feel warm.
He lets you take the lead as you both lay in bed, kissing him gently while stroking him through his pants. Every grunt and pant is like music to your ears.
You crawl down so your face is near his crotch, as you pull down his pants and free his member. After a few pumps and a very visible bead of precum comes to your attention, you stare into his eyes as you take him into your mouth.
Jamil releases a low sigh, as if he doesn’t want to be heard by a single soul. His expression can only be described as admiring as you bob your head up and down his cock, stroking what you can’t fit into your mouth in your dominant hands.
Jamil covers his face with his hood, cheeks visibly red and his hair splayed messily on your bed. Suddenly, he bucks his hips up when you tongue his head, causing you to moan in pleasure.
Jamil warns you of his incoming release, telling you to go faster. You answer his pleas and suck more of him and move your hand faster up and down his dick, causing him to groan loudly and release his hot cum.
You look up and see him staring down at you with piercing dark orbs, black bangs sticking to the side of his face as he’s panting heavily.
“Let me see it, my jewel. Open your mouth.” You obeyed Jamil and opened your mouth to reveal all of his cum on your tongue, allowing it to drip onto his limp cock. “Tsk, it looks you’re gonna have to clean this up now...” Jamil placed a hand on your cheek and lowered your head again, gently.
Jade Leech x Reader
Lord have mercy I’m boutta BUST
Jade notices how tired you are when you’re both working shifts in the Mostro Lounge, seeing how you stretch your back and move a bit slower than usual. He can tell you’re nearing the end of your multiple hour shift.
Once you’re both finished your shifts, Jade offers to lend you his bed to rest on. He smirks once you turn away hehe
While you rest yourself on his bed, you take off your blazer, scarf, and hat from your uniform. You close your and you hear Jade from across the room shuffling about - removing his shoes, the sounds of his clothes being placed into his closet, his steady breathing.
Jade was beautiful. 190cm of pure intimidation, yet he was always gentle and chivalrous towards you. His stunning eyes were unique and the way he smiled at you only served to send shivers through your body. Not with fear but exhilaration.
You moved your head to sniff at his pillow, inhaling his scent of light cologne and pressing your legs together under his covers. Suddenly you hear him leave the room and you take the bold liberty to remove your shirt and pants. If he finds you, you can just weasel your way into making him believe you were too hot, right?
After several minutes of imagining Jade’s presence and his scent, you nearly screamed when you felt a sudden dip in weight on the bed, opening your eyes to see Jade’s signature smile.
Once he rips off his sheets from your body, he smirks and trails his fingers lightly along your form - from your chest, your abdomen, then finally to the waistline of your panties.
Jade bites you lightly, on your plush thighs, drawing a bit of blood and licking the wounds, making you squeal.
“May I?” Jade looks into your eyes, voice as smooth as ever. After given the signal of approval, Jade removes your undergarments swiftly and gets to work on your leaking pussy, tongue changing paces on your clit.
After a few minutes, Jade eases off. “If you don’t mind, darling...” he simply mutters as he takes off his gloves and inserts his long middle finger into your hole, earning a throaty moan from you.
Jade feels his cock leaking from the actions and sounds coming from his partner - yet he only pays attention to you, focusing his energy on pleasing you.
It feels like electricity running through you as your orgasm rips through your body - you gripping onto Jade’s bedding as you still feel him on your pussy, slowing down his ministrations as you come down from your high.
“Oya oya~ what do we have here?” Jade whispers. “I could smell your arousal from the other room, darling. Have I been neglecting you?” He feigns sadness as he raises his eyebrows and licks his lips. “Don’t worry, I’ll service you soon so, please, allow me...”
Jade was coming back to campus from one of his frequent trips to the mountains to gather some mushrooms. Some were questionable and some were edible, and Jade loved to find out which were which.
You offer to service Jade, teasingly, when he told you he was going to cook one of your favorite mushroom dishes for you with his fresh inventory.
“Oya? Don’t tease me like that, you’ll make me think you’re serious. Although, that would be nice.” He chuckled, patting your head. You huffed and started working on his pants, lowering them to reveal his still flaccid penis.
You started gently working on Jade’s length with your fingers, watching how the blood started to rush to it and make it harden. As precum leaked down his dick, you licked it from where it was on his length back up to his tip, taking him into your mouth.
Jade only offered a pleased “Hm.” as you started to move his girthy dick in and out of your mouth. You stared up to see his face, still the same expression as ever, but with a light blush across his cheeks. Were you not making him feel good..?
As if the eel merman could sense your feelings, he gave you firm praises telling you how good it feels and to keep going.
As you move faster, Jade starts meeting your pace by moving his hips to meet your mouth, chasing after his own release.
Jade makes light grunts and starts panting when he finally cums into your mouth, staring into your eyes. You swear his heterochromatic eyes glow, whether you have the lights on or not.
“Aah, darling... you were lovely.” Jade praises you and strokes your hair. “I wonder, how you’ll feel if you serviced me with your other holes...” Jade’s smile only grew as he bared his serrated teeth.
Rook Hunt x Reader
lord have mercy im boutta bust part 2
Rook Hunt is a romantic - he’s over the top, poetic, compliments you endlessly, gives you plenty of affection, what more could you want from a lover? Some may think he was too eccentric but you loved that about him.
You were in his room as he showed you his collection of photos. You knew Rook had a thing for taking candid photos of people, it was quirky and it made him unique! However, when you passed by a certain page, Rook quickly tried to take the album from you frantically.
After finally pulling it back, you open the next pages to see many photos of you from afar, close up photos of your clothed chest and photos of you in gym class, your shorts showing off your thighs shining with sweat. Around the photos were hearts on the photo covers and cute stickers.
Rook visibly grows embarrassed, furrowing his brows and looks away from you.
However, you take the opportunity to bring his chin back to face you, and plant a loving kiss onto his lips. Were you really not creeped out by him?! You already had a feeling Rook would have done something like this. In fact, the idea of him being so fixated on you only turned you on more.
“Mon amour... I’m sorry but you are so ravishing I could not resist.” Rook bites the bottom of your lip, making you gasp. He uses this opportunity to skillfully let his tongue slip into your mouth. Feeling the way his tongue moved over your tongue, you couldn’t help but whisper “I wish I could feel your tongue somewhere else, mon chasseur d’amour...”
Something inside of him awoke when you used what little knowledge of his mother tongue to speak so seductively like that. Swiftly, Rook lifted you from your position on your chair and brought you to his bed.
With your permission, he stripped you down fully naked to be able to admire your beauty. He sighed as his cock twitched in his pants at the sight of your nude form.
It feels like heaven once Rook’s mouth is kissing your lower lips. He moans into your cunt as he tastes your juices - making a show of his tongue working hard on your clit. Vibrations are sent from his throat through your body as he moans while sucking violently on your clit, making you scream in pleasure.
Yet, he doesn’t stop - after he notices you really love when he does that, he keeps going. Now, he slips a finger to your dripping pussy and uses his fingers on his other hands to play with your nipples.
The overstimulation has you screaming, panting his name and squeezing his head into your thighs. You’re cumming as a blubbering mess, only his name leaving your mouth as high pitched squeals.
“Ah, Y/N, mon amour...” Rook’s blonde locks stick to his face in a mixture of his sweat and your juices as he raises his head up. “You were amazing! I wish I could have recorded that so I could watch it over and over again... you won’t mind if I did that next time, right?”
You and Rook hadn’t seen each other as often as you’d like, recently. Whether it was with his Science club’s activities, your assignment workload being too intense, or just misalignment of schedule free time, you felt down.
You missed your blonde lover and his affection. Therefore, you hatched a plan. You had ordered a bunny suit and ears and were waiting in his room. You admired the way your thighs and breasts looked in the suit, angled his chair towards the door, sat on it with your legs crossed, and waited.
After minutes that felt like hours, you heard his footsteps and humming from outside of his room. Opening the door, Rook stopped dead in his tracks as he caught sight of you waiting for him.
He dropped his backpack to the floor, closed the door, and practically dashed to where you were sitting, falling to his knees and kissing your pantyhose clad legs.
After a few heated kisses were exchanged from this position, you got up to lift the blonde up from the floor and push him to the chair you were just sitting in.
“Roook~ my love, I’ve missed you...” you whined, unbuckling his pesky uniform pants. “Let me service you today, mon chasseur d’amour~” he groans at the use of his self given nickname leaving your mouth.
Rook watches intently as you pull his pants down and kiss up his legs, stopping where his undergarments started. Gazing up at him with half lidded eyes, you took the fabric down with your teeth, causing him to breathe heavily and moan at the sight
You part your lips and lick his throbbing pink head, tasting the precum as you sink further down his length. Slowly, you bring your head back up only to come back down, sucking his cock eagerly.
Rook had a mirror on his wall that was, luckily, facing him so he could see the view of your back and the way your ass looked in the tight bunny suit you wore. He even fawned over the little tail that was on top.
Cupping his balls and stroking his cock with your free hand and your mouth, you could feel him twitch. Rook brought his calloused hands to entwine his fingers in your hair as he feels himself coming close to his orgasm.
Rook spits nothing but praises into your ears as he releases his seed into your mouth, listening to you gag lightly. You swallow his cum and he pulls you up high enough to kiss you, his greedy tongue tasting himself in your mouth.
“Mon amour, what a little trickster you are, no? I never expected to see you waiting for me... it’s like I got caught in your trap, oui?” Rook wiped his forehead of his sticky sheen of sweat. “My, bunny... you look like you’re in heat. Why don’t we take care of that together? I’ll help you this time...”
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thehollowwriter · 9 days ago
Bathtime With the Twst Boys Part Two: Savanaclaw
Tumblr media
Leona falling alseep with his hear resting on the edge of the tub or in the middle of the bath...
It was late. The bathwater had gone from hot to lukewarm. You couldn't move. And you almost didn't want to. A certain lazy lion was using you as a pillow, his head resting on your chest with no intention of moving. His ears twitched and light snores escaped from him. You looked down at him. "We need to get out now. The water's getting cold." Leona cracked one eye open. "No." And then he went back to sleep. You shook your head, because you could already hear him complaining about how cold he was in the near future.
Ruggie takes time to relax fully, but he doesn't miss the chance to tease you about it, his tail wagging the entire time
"Shishishi. You're really good at this~ It should be your new job. I don't think Crowley would mind giving you another job eh, prefect? You're his maid, after all." Ruggie was so incredibly smug as you washed his hair for him. He really did think he was funny. You would've hit him, if it weren't for the fact that he was still so incredibly rigid. "You can relax, you know." You told him. "I'm not going to eat you." Ruggie pouted, slightly put off at how you ignored his jab at you. "Yeah yeah. I just... take a while." You petted his hair. "Well, being Leona's housewife. does make one quite tense." Ruggie choked and turned to splash you in the face. So you did notice what he said.
Jack's tail wags when he feels you rub that spot. That spot being his ears, and it's like magic the way he radiates joy.
Jack leaned back into you as you scrubbed at his hair, tugging lightly at as well as scratching under his ears. You were mostly focused and getting the dirt and sweat out of his hair, but that didn't stop you from catching on to how he enjoyed the attention. Jack's tail swished back and forth excitedly, splashing water around and almost batting you in the face. You wanted to lightly scold him, but the golden halo around him and the bright happy grin on his face made you stop. Instead you just shook your head and laughed at his antics. Jack didn't notice. He was too busy grabbing your hands to make you continue scratching his ears.
A/N: Here's the Savanaclaw boys! Extra fluffy and mischievous~
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Can I ask for Sebek, Floyd, and Ruggie tagging along with their S/O when they go trick or treating? Would they be excited to get candy with them or think it's childish, things like that. Thank you Raven!
Uh, just a warning! The last headcanon for Ruggie’s is a little sad 💦
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Of course Sebek will come along! ... But not for the reasons you'd expect. He's not in this to amass candy, he insists that he's going to "keep malevolent and wicked spirits at bay" while you do your trick-or-treating. Wow, such a... gallant (?) knight!
He treats the experience like a high-profile escort mission and acts like he's your personal bodyguard. In fact, he doesn't even show up in costume or with a bag (so you volunteer to collect candy on your own while Sebek stands beside you and stares daggers at the home owners).
The slightest noise, from children's laughter to a twig snapping under your foot, can set him off. When Sebek detects danger, he thrusts an arm in front of you and tells you to step back while he battles with a "ferocious beast". ("... Sebek, that's literally a car driving at a snail's pace.")
Shakes his fist and yells at troublemakers (there will be no toilet papered or egged homes while he’s on patrol!). Sebek’s shouting practically wakes up the whole neighborhood, so you have him apologize with you when you make your rounds for candy.
At the end of the night, he'll pat himself on the back for a job well done protecting you. And in truth, he’s hoping to be praised by you, too—so when you crack open a candy bar and offer half to him, Sebek’s so touched, his eyes glistening with happy tears.
He wants to cherish the candy bar for as long as he can, so he makes the mistake of warming the chocolate in his hands. It smears in an unsightly manner when he attempts to fix the mess. Sebek apologizes profusely—but he won’t say no to you wiping him down, his cheeks as red as the leaves and face as stiff as autumn’s chill.
Tumblr media
Floyd's excited when you invite him for a night of trick-or-treating! He loves the unpredictability of not knowing what each house will throw at him, be it the candy or the decorations. Plus, he could never turn down a chance to goof off from work with you!
Don’t expect him to wear a couple’s costume—he doesn’t like sameness, or knowing in advance what you’ll be dressed up as. Surprise him, and he’ll surprise you in return! (When Floyd shows up for trick-or-treating, he looks like an amalgamation of random items he found in his closet. You’re not sure what he is, but he claims that your costumes “fit” together so well.)
He spends the entire evening chasing around and scaring everyone, from little kids to the elderly... and even you! Sometimes Floyd will straight up vanish when you turn your back, only to grab you unexpectedly from the dark. He’ll gush about the sound of your screams—they’re amazingly cute, and he never tires of them.
If someone doesn’t answer their door after he rings the doorbell or knocks, he’ll tell you to sit tight while he runs up to the window, shouting and slamming his hands on it, trying to get the attention of the people living there. Floyd almost breaks a few doors and windows (but you stop him just in time and convince him to try another house).
He’s the type of person that shamelessly tries to grab entire handfuls of candy when offered to take some. And if someone left a bowl on the porch? Floyd’s taking all of that candy and the bowl for himself. (He’ll have a new bowl collection by the end of the night.)
You have way too much candy (and too many bowls) when you finish. In an effort to find a use for it all, you end up forfeiting some of your share to Floyd—and he’ll happily find creative uses for it! Maybe he’ll toss candy at you when you visit the lounge (and you’ll have to catch it in your mouth!), or maybe he’ll whip up some wacky dish with the candies to surprise you!
Tumblr media
Nabbing free candy? Say no more, Ruggie's already grabbing his stuff and rushing over at the mention of free anything! You wonder how he can be ready so quickly, but as it turns out, Ruggie's been recycling the same Halloween costume every year (a well worn "this IS my costume" T-shirt) to save on cash.
He has all kinds of tricks to maximize candy intake for the night, and he's not above stooping low to do it. You'll find him taking more than one candy at houses that leave bowls out for trick-or-treaters, and making puppy dog eyes to get a few extra candies~ Ruggie (the bad influence that he is) encourages you to do the same!
Between houses, you and Ruggie crack each other up with stories and jokes, whether trading bad puns or scary tales. Though the path ahead may be dark, your heart always feels light with Ruggie’s smile and laughter at your side, and his hand in yours.
Ruggie’s prepared if you’re in a pinch! His resourcefulness comes in handy if you have a costume malfunction—he seems to have some life hack or trick up his sleeve to most of them. And if your costume’s unsuitable for the cool weather? Ruggie will offer you the blazer off his back (he’ll be fine, he insists that he has dealt with worse before).
If you get anything you don't like (including raisins, pretzels, croutons, and non-edibles), just donate them to Ruggie--he's not picky! None of it will go to waste on his watch. You have a playful bartering game, exchanging a combination of candies and kisses, to get what you want from Ruggie’s bucket.
You’ll sit on the sidewalk, leaning against one another, shoulder to shoulder, snacking on candies and watching the night sky. “Did you know? The stars are people who used to be here,” Ruggie tells you, head nuzzling against yours. “... I’m sure mom would’ve loved you, too.”
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fairestwriting · 4 months ago
May I request when the vice dorm leaders (is?? Ruggie included???) realize they have a crush on GN reader? Or maybe how they fell in love with them? Thank you, I love your work :)
ruggie is included because i love him. i already have something very similar for jamil done here!
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
Trey’s brand of love is, unsurprisingly, a very caring type. He takes a little while to realize his feelings since taking care of others is something he’s so used to doing, but sometime into your friendship, he eventually takes note of how he’s so much more protective of you.
Then he gets conflicted. If he’s gotten to the point of falling for you, it means you’re rather close friends already, and he worries a bit about ruining this friendship. You’ve become so dear to him, even though he knows it’s selfish, he doesn’t want you to be put off and leave.
He’ll talk out his feelings with his friends, mostly Cater or Riddle, trying to figure out what to do. Trey feels silly, being the one to ask for advice, but he wants to be sure he approaches this as well as possible.
When he feels prepared to confess, it’s a 50/50 chance he’ll do it by making you your favorite baked good.
Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie approaches romance in a sort of cheeky, casual way. It’s not that he doesn’t take his relationships seriously or isn’t loyal, he just tends towards playfulness unless it’s a time where it isn’t appropriate. He wants to take life as lightly as possible.
When he realizes his crush, you two are probably already in a sort of romantic friendship, jokingly flirting with each other and walking just a little too close, making everyone around wonder if you’re dating or not. Maybe you two take the game a little too far, and it hits him that, ah, he really meant the things he’s been passing off as jokes.
Ruggie has a bit of a minimal freakout then. Well, now what? Does he confess? Keep it to himself? He evaluates the details of your relationship in his mind, trying to figure out what path to take.
He might tell you how he feels or he might not, it depends on how likely he thinks his feelings are returned. He doesn’t want to risk making everything weird with an unwanted confession, so if it seems that things are unrequited, he’ll just wait it out. It sucks, but that’s just life, huh? Plenty of other fish in the sea, or whatever...
Jade Leech
Jade’s a weird one. He knows you’ve pique his interest in a very specific way, but he takes a while to understand why. He’ll be so curious about you for the longest time, prone to lingering around whenever you come to Mostro Lounge just so he can go talk to you, and everyone else but him will be very aware that he’s got a thing for you.
He doesn’t actually realize it by himself at all, he needs Floyd to smack him on the shoulder and say, stop eyeing Shrimpy like that when I’m around, it’s gross, for it to hit him that he didn’t look at you the same way he looked at everyone else at all.
Jade feels a little silly to know his feelings have been so clear to anyone but him, but he accepts them gracefully. From there, he’ll start putting together a plan of how he should tell you about them.
How close you are doesn’t matter much to him. He observes you closing, catching clues about things you like, and immerses himself quite a lot in making you look at him the same way he does at you. He approaches it almost like a game, and it’s hard to tell how he feels about losing when he’s always with that smile on his face, really...
Rook Hunt
Rook, surprisingly, takes a while to understand that his feelings are in fact romantic love. It’s ironic, how someone who calls himself the “hunter of love” ends up being almost oblivious regarding what he chases, but in the end, he’s so in love with the concept itself that he loses sight of how it feels like when applied to someone.
He knows he loves you when he starts singling you out from others in his head -- When he’s admiring the beauty of the world and you just seem to stand out, no matter how much he saw on everything else.
And when realization hits him, Rook is happy. He realizes that irony too, and he laughs at himself. Now, you’d think he’d jump straight at announcing his feelings to you, but he wants to take his time with it. He’ll let himself appreciate you from afar before thinking about that, really taking note of every intricacy of the feelings of yearning.
Rook wants to enjoy all of this properly, even if it ends up being unrequited. There’s beauty in that as well, after all.
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia has been around for so long, he’s seen and met and loved and hated all sorts of people. He notices his feelings as soon as they start to take root, and honestly, he is, before anything, surprised they’re even there.
He’s amused when he finds out. You’re certainly something else, aren’t you? Out of all people he found so... dull, really, you managed to pique his interest like that. Maybe that’s where the love is born -- Out of curiosity that blooms into something else.
Lilia isn’t quick to confess either, but you’ll absolutely bring out his flirty side. He’s probably been flirting with you already, though he’d been thinking of it as a joke, but now he’s serious. And he says all sorts of things, passing all of them off as jokes that get you thinking hard about what his true intentions might be.
All in all, Lilia is just feeling refreshed. It’s been so long since he’s felt this way for someone, he’ll be sure to live this situation to its fullest. The possibility of his crush not being returned doesn’t bother him much, either, though he’d definitely be upset at the thought of losing someone so interesting...
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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drac0nia · a month ago
♡ 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐝
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❣︎ details ; what they do when you're mad.
❣︎ content ; various students x reader, fluff, no proofreading.
❣︎ notes ; this has been living in my mind so have my 'semi-break' brainrots, my friends.
Tumblr media
❥ They get really clingy.
— Cater, FLOYD, MALLEUS, Silver, & Neige.
❥ Apologises profusely because he's either scared or doesn't like you being mad.
— Deuce, Kalim, & IDIA
❥ Leaves you alone till' you've calm down and apologises afterwards.
— Riddle, Trey, Jack, Azul, Jamil, Vil, & Silver.
❥ Adds more flames to the fire by annoying you more.
— ACE, Floyd, JADE, Lilia, & Chenya.
❥ Suddenly your wish list has been fulfilled and everything you wanted to buy was at your dorm.
— KALIM & Malleus.
❥ Bribes you with your favourite snacks to forgive him.
— Heartslabuyl, RUGGIE, Azul, Epel, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
❥ Takes you on a date.
— Cater, Deuce, Jade, Azul, Kalim, ROOK, Silver, & NEIGE.
❥ Too stubborn/prideful to apologise so he ends up ignoring you too.
— Ace, LEONA, Floyd, Vil (maybe), & SEBEK.
❥ Brings you flowers or chocolates, thinking it would work and make you forgive him.
— Riddle, Deuce, Ruggie, Azul, EPEL, & Neige.
❥ Makes you nap with him because he thinks you're cranky cause' you're tired.
— LEONA, Jack, Silver, & Chenya.
Tumblr media
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wolken-himmel · 5 months ago
In which (Y/n) just absolutely loves to pet Ruggie. Seeing this as a chance to get something in return, he charges her food for petting him.
Food and pets? That's hyena heaven for Ruggie — so just keep on spoiling him, (Y/n)!
Request by @aupoe.
Tumblr media
"Ruggie~! Ruggie!"
An excited voice rang out through the glass walls and roof of the botanical gardens, accompanied by eager and quick-paced footsteps. Ruggie jumped up at his voice being called, his tail wagging back and forth in joy upon recognising whom the voice belonged to.
Leona didn't look nearly as happy when your sing-songy voice reached his ears, pulling him out of his slumber. Ruggie ceased in his endeavour to make Leona get up and make him attend his class since the hyena himself was too excited upon catching a whiff of food: something sweet and delectable!
"Oh?" Leona called out, briefly perking up when Ruggie stopped pulling on his leg. "The herbivore is searching for you?"
"Yes! And I smell food!" Ruggie muttered quietly while barely able to keep still. His hands were twitching, looking forward on getting his claws on the food you had brought him.
Leona sat upright, much to the surprise of Ruggie, and looked him deep in the eyes, curious about your friendship. "Since when does she pester you?" the lion asked, his ears flickering in exasperation when you just continued calling out for the hyena, never leaving your throat any rest.
"Ever since she found out how fluffy my ears are!" Ruggie exclaimed and put his hands behind his head, a proud grin appearing on his lips. He liked to think that striking such an amazing deal with you made him a mastermind; you never liked to tell him otherwise, anyway. Looking awfully smug, Ruggie let out a sheepish giggle. "I have to survive, though... so I told her she could pet me if she gives me food!"
Letting out an amused scoff, Leona went back to his nap. "Hm, smart as always..." he muttered under his breath while he did his best cover his sensitive ears with his arms, wishing Ruggie would just go meet you so that you would stop screaming like a lunatic.
Ruggie could barely hold back the excited giggles bubbling in his throat as he drawled, "I have to go now, Leona~" The hyena's boss let out an acknowledging hum before Ruggie trudged off to wherever you were. Clasping his hands together, he let out a delighted sigh. "Oh, I'm so looking forward to getting spoiled! All for my hard work today."
Ruggie rounded the corner, and finally revealed himself to you, previously hidden behind the tall greenery of the botanical garden. Your eyes lit up once his trademark laughter filled your ears, and you immediately stormed over to him. "Ruggie! There you are." A bright smile on your face, you grabbed his hand and eagerly led him to a nearby bench. "I've been searching all of the botanical gardens for you!"
Ruggie let himself be tugged away by you, the mischievous grin on his lips growing when his eyes fell on the brown paperbag in your hand. "Well, here I am!" he exclaimed, eyes closed casually once you pulled him down onto the bench, seating him right next to you.
"I see that—" you mused, shooting him a little wink that made his heart beat slightly quicker. Letting out a little giggle, your eyes fell onto your paperbag and you handed it over to him.
Ruggie looked curious about the mysterious content of your bag, too. "What did you bring me for lunch?" he asked hurriedly, yet lazily putting his chin onto your shoulder.
You let out a little giggle at how tired he seemed despite having appeared so lively just mere minutes ago; your presence just had a strangely calming effect on him, not that he would ever admit that to you.
"Donuts, of course!" you chirped, to which he eagerly snatched the bag from your hands. Eyes sparkling in amusement, you watched as he fiddled with the top part, opening the bag in such a hurry that his panic brought him struggles. "Jack told me they're your favourites. And only the best for my favourite hyena!"
Ruggie took a deep breath from the bag that smelled like pure sugar and oil before letting out a delighted sigh, his toes curling in pleasure. "Ah, you're too kind to me, (Y/n)..." he muttered with a big smile on his lips, one that was so genuine and earnest compared to his usual scheming grin. "I swear, I could get used to this..."
You watched him with intent eyes as he stuffed his hand down the bag and pulled one of the treats out of the container. His eyes seemed to sparkle while he eyed the donut with big eyes, its sprinkles and glaze giving him life just by looking at the pastry. "Here you go!" you announced, giggling and running your hand through his messy hair. "Three donuts for Ruggie!"
"Hell yes!" Ruggie immediately dug in, not caring for smudges of sticky glaze getting smeared all over his face. His eyes were closed in utter satisfaction while he let the sweetness of the glaze and taste of the dough overtake his tastebuds. He further sank into the bench, letting out a few sobs at how much he was caught in ecstasy. "Ah, they're super delicious..."
"Hm! I'm glad you like them!" You eyed him with amused eyes before scooting closer to him and letting your hand wander to his twitching ears, keen on getting your part of the deal. Letting your fingertips run over his large ears, you watched with humoured eyes as his ears flattened in utter delight at your touch. Laughing, you cooed, "Oh Ruggie, your ears are so soft..."
Leaning right into your touch, he greedily grabbed the next donut and stuffed it into his mouth. "I'm in hyena heaven..." he muttered between a series of blissful exhales. "Ah, you shouldn't spoil me this much, (Y/n)... you know what they say about not feeding stray cats..."
You shook your head, which made him grin in satisfaction. "Only the best for my adorable Ruggie!" you huffed, going on to scratch him behind his ears. The hyena immediately let out a little gasp when your fingertips hit his favourite spot, the one that always made him turn into pudding. The sweet compliments you whispered into his ear didn't help his predicament. "My favourite hyena. So hard-working and diligent."
"Hm~ I'm your favourite hyena..." he repeated, his words slurred as he devoured the third and last donut. "I like that."
Time passed on, and Ruggie enjoyed every single second of it. So, when you removed your hand from his hair with a heavy heart, Ruggie's eyes immediately shot open in alarm. "Ah, I think my time has ran out—" you said, a little frown on your face as you grabbed a napkin from your pocket and used it to wipe the glaze and crumbs off his mouth and cheeks. "Half an hour passes so quickly... I'm afraid my time for petting you has ended now—"
Ruggie immediately gasped and shook his head vigorously. "No! No!" he cried out as he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you back onto the bench, a frown on his face. "Don't stop what you're doing!" He looked very much like a child — a spoiled one at that; yet, you didn't have the heart to deny him.
"Huh?" You furrowed your eyebrows in curiosity, a little bit surprised since this hadn't happened before. Then, your eyes fell on the empty paper bag laying scrunched up next to Ruggie. "But I don't have any food anymore for payment—"
"Your petting is enough of payment, alright?" Ruggie hissed, his voice a little bit embarrassed with how much he hated himself for being so weak to your touches. Turning away from you to hide the blush on his cheeks, he let out a little scoff, intentionally showing his fluffy ears off to you in an attempt to entice you to continue. "So just... go back to petting me — right behind my ears, alright?"
Admitting defeat, you lowered yourself onto the bench again and resumed petting your spoiled hyena. "Whatever you say, Ruggie~"
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nanamisflowerfield · 2 months ago
How would Azul, Jamil and Ruggie react to a normally calm and sweet reader laughing like a psychopath when someone tries to bully/ pick on them? (Headcanons) QwQ
Of course, honey!❤️ I tried my best! I really hope that I did my best and that you like it! Have a great day!
Tumblr media
🍩 When the hyaena met you, his first thoughts were; “Aw, adorable and super calm.” But oh, was he wrong, well not very wrong… 🍩 You had a tendency to laugh… differently than some others. It wasn’t as sweet as your personality, no, more like… a psychopath, which surprised Ruggie a lot. 🍩 But that laugher of yours was rare and Ruggie hoped that he would never have to hear it ever again, not because it was strange, no, it’s because you always tend to do it whenever you got bullied by the other students. 🍩 Ruggie walked through the school, trying to listen to a nearby conversation until his feet stopped. “Aww, what are you going to do? Gonna use a spell? Oh wait! You can’t use magic!” The hyaena heard laughers of some students, when he walked to the loud direction, seeing your back turned to him. 🍩 But then you started to laugh, making your bullies irritated and Ruggie’s tail flick at the noise of yours. It was so scary…
Tumblr media
🐙 Azul promised himself one thing. To always protect this sweet, adorable, calm, magicless creature. You. Why? Because you surely needed his protection, if you have to live in this twisted world, full of danger and cruel people. 🐙 Cruel people just like some students of NRC, who started to pick on you. Why? Probably due your sweet personality or maybe because you were different than any other student. Well, teenagers could always find a way to pick on people. 🐙 That’s what he knew best. Back then, when he used to be a chubby child, merpeople bullied him too, which is why he wouldn’t want to see people bully you! 🐙 “Where is-?“ Azul interrupted his own question as he looked down the open window of the school, staring at the four students. Two Savanaclaw students and one was a Pomefiore, poking you, insulting you until they stopped in the middle as they and Azul heard one strange thing of the sweet human being. 🐙 “W-What the hell is wrong with you?” One gulped as he heard your psychopathically laugher, while the other ones seemed to be shocked as well. Even Azul, who stared at the scene got a bit scared of it. That surely was different than your typical laugher…
Tumblr media
🐍 Jamil was exhausted, like on many other days. Why? Because he had to babysit Kalim and you. It was more like “I have to protect that sweet person no matter what” and not babysit. You were not like Kalim thankfully! 🐍 But because Jamil was often busy with his work, he couldn’t always help you and kick your bullies asses for you. 🐍 When the sly vice-dorm leader heard that some people tried to annoy you again, he rushed to the garden of the school, seeing them insulting you and even shove you around. 🐍 The blackhead stormed to you, trying to stop them but then he heard your laugher. It was so different like wth happened right now? Are you still the sweet (y/n) or someones else? What happened? 🐍 “Oh… Let’s go. Get away from us, psycho!” One shouted, running away as he dragged his friend alongside, while Jamil stared at you, raising in confusion his eyebrow. “Did you do it on purpose…?
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yandere-romanticaa · a month ago
Hello hello! I Love your Writing!! 💕💕Can I Request A Yandere! Kalim And Ruggie (Separate) With a Fem! Energetic!Darling who’s Very Affectionate and Loving Who One Day out of blue just Starts Avoiding them not because they want too! But because they’ve been getting Threats from unknown Sources? Thank you!!
-⭐️✨ Anon
Tumblr media
♡Kalim Al Asim.♡
This will be a total nightmare for Kalim! As a walking ray of sunshine himself, Kalim already had the habit of showering you with praise and affection day in and day out, and he really loves it when you reciprocate those exact gestures back!!
What gives?!
He of course assumes the worst and things it's someone's else's fault for your sour mood, which is actually correct for once. He can actually be sort of annoying because all you want to do is be left alone but Kalim, bless the sweet boy, cannot leave you alone for the life of him. He says that he'll give you space but when he sees you all sad and gloomy, he just gets so worried!! Please lay all your troubles on him, he will help you out, he promises! Strict Jamil usually has to drag the ditzy door head away, usually shooting you an apologetic look right before the pair leave. Once they're in the privacy of their dorm Jamil shall propose a plan to Kalim - he will just tail you until he sees something suspicious, how does that sound? At first Kalim is a little taken aback because he still hasn't realized just how unhealthy his emotions actually are and that deep down that yes, he does want Jamil to follow you around. He just isn't quite ready to say that out loud yet.
After a bit of convincing, Kalim breaks and allows his servant to go through with the plan.
It doesn't take Jamil long to figure out what the real source of the problem is. After some minimal digging around, he figures out that you've been getting harassed in secret. Without hesitation, he quickly reports back to Kalim and suffice to say, seeing such a happy go lucky person turn so sour in a matter of seconds is not a pleasant sight to see. Anger bubbles up inside of him and Kalim practically storms out of the dorm, ready to give the bullies a piece of his mind! Thanks to Jamil he has a vague idea of who they might be so he makes his way towards them!
...but when he sees you sitting on a bench, teary eyed and all alone, his iron resolve melts away completely. There he is, running straight back to you, doing his absolute best to comfort you and make you smile. Forget those bullies darling, just focus on his instead! Life should be fun, and someone like you shouldn't worry about something so awful! He'll be your sun, moon and the stars, just open up to him and share your woes!
The bullies will be dealt with accordingly in secret, and it is all thanks to Jamil's capable hands. You will be smiling again in no time, just you wait sweetie!
Tumblr media
♡Ruggie Bucchi.♡
He is frustrated, to say the least. He is quite good at reading people and he doesn't like being lied to, especially if you are the person who is doing so. Ruggie is the kind of guy that will drop the subject if you keep insisting on it but your bitter and standoffish attitude are really getting on his nerve. The hyena boy isn't liking this change, not a single bit!!
Where are his cuddles? Where are his good morning kisses?! The cute lunch dates, your undivided attention, it's all gone now!!! He despises it!! It doesn't help that your overall scent changed as well - you usually radiate the smell of sweetness and sugar but these days it's just... salt. And it leaves an awful taste in his mouth. You can bet your left kidney that he will corner you sooner rather than later and he will get the answers that he needs to hear. He doesn't want to force you but damn it, your sadness is making him sad too! So spill it, will ya?!
You can't help but to break down, showing him all the awful things that were being sent to you. Ruggie hastily goes through everything and all he can see is red. His eyes have narrowed into slits, he is growling, his teeth are bared but he forces himself to stay calm. He hates it but he mustn't be hasty. After all, he is a sneaky little thing and he will most definitely use this to his advantage. His special magic is also a huge help too. Oh well would you look at that, one of the bullies has a broken nose! What's this, another one broke both of his legs?! How is this possible!? Oh, look, look, there's another one, he is getting expelled!!
Ruggie isn't going to tolerate this and he will make that crystal clear. Besides, he is more than happy to take out the trash for you anyway.
Tags: @yanroma
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treysbimbo · 3 months ago
darling who doesn’t mind being locked away.
pairings: rook, idia, malleus, azul, leona, ruggie / reader.
requested by anon.
( yandere content, kidnapping, pregnancy mentions, marriage mentions, unhealthy relationships, blood mentions, violence mentions. )
Tumblr media
rook finds it a bit boring at first… he enjoys the hunt, chasing down his prey and earning it once he captures you, but he does still manage to find the beauty in it. you’re sweet and docile, you let him hold you and show his ‘love’. he’s a lot less violent than he thought he’d have to be.
he’ll spoil you so much, you won’t get any breathing room and if he ever comes to trust you enough and lets you out, he’ll be watching from afar, ready to take you back any moment he sees you being a little too friendly. you’re the cutest thing in the world to him, reminding him of different kinds of small animals he’s hunted. he doesn’t mind showing you love and is incredibly happy when you listen to some troubles he’s had. he wouldn’t mind a bit of a change every once in a while, though.
he falls even more in obsession once you return his affections, letting him cling and hold onto you whenever he pleases (which is always), not caring for the things he could do or has done. your uncaring nature about this is also great for ortho, to anybody else it seems like a normal relationship and that’s a perfect thing for the young robot boy to see.
he’ll never let you go now. knowing that you’re content in this life with him makes his obsession grow more & more, becoming more paranoid whenever you even mention somebody else — even ortho. he’s never had anybody see him in such a way like you do, crazy but loveable, and he can’t let you go… he wouldn’t ever find a love like this again.
unexpected but absolutely fantastic, everything will move smoothly and according to plan since you’re so willing to let him do whatever he needs. the wedding will be planned within the week and thoughts of children will be spoken upon, how many he’d like and how terrific you’d be as a mother, all while his hand rubs over your stomach, a dark look visible in his eyes.
he’ll have lilia convince you to have children as soon as possible, as well as a wedding. he doesn’t want any chances of you leaving him, sebek and silver are your guards as well now, following and watching your every move, making sure you don’t ever get too far away from the young master. soon enough even if you have thoughts of running, you won’t be able to. whether it’s the ring that sits on your finger or the child that’s growing in your stomach.
oh azul is so, so very happy! he’ll make sure to smother your with his love, kisses every chance he gets and hugs that feel as if they’re going to crack your ribs! even with your feelings of contentment, he’ll still have you locked away, hidden from anybody else (besides the eel twins, of course) only for his eyes to see. a chain sitting on your ankle as water surrounds you, giving nowhere to run even if you were to consider it. you won’t have an uncomfortable life, but it won’t necessarily be a happy one.
he insists on skin-to-skin contact every moment you two spend together. he doesn’t even dare to speak, knowing it only takes away from the precious cuddling and kissing times shared between the two of you. azul would’ve been clingy even if you weren’t so easy, but it’s 10x worse now that he knows what he can get away with, that you’re happy to listen to his problems and let him run rampant with the things he does.
like rook, leona’s a bit bored. he expected a prey he’d have to hunt down, one he’d have to threaten and fight with. but, this isn’t all that bad, either, he’s quite the lazy lion and you’re happy enough to let him use you as if you were a pillow that lays on his bed, to let him express his anger about his family and position as the second-prince.
that’s not saying he’s any bit gentle, leona’s volatile, and incredibly easy to get jealous, even one peep from your mouth of another guy at this school is enough to earn you a lifelong scar. he isn’t afraid to watch the blood pour from wounds he gives you, happily dragging you to lay down while you cry in pain. his obsession may seem alright if you allow him to throw you around, bruising and marking you as his own, but beneath all of that lies a predator, and one that’s very dangerous.
ruggie is so grateful! his darling is happy to be kidnapped by him? hell yeah! your days spent with him will not be anything but love and happiness! he’s thinking of ways to get you stuck with him forever, a bit worried about jumping straight to marriage — money, mostly — but it’s definitely very much stuck in his mind. he wants you to meet all the kids from the slums just like him! you’d love ‘em, you love him! so they’ll be no different. and once you meet them, there’s no going back.
he’s having your future planned out with him, first you two will graduate, and by then he’ll have a decent amount of money from all his part-time jobs, score a better job through his fourth-year applications and searching, and then once you two are done with everything, you’ll have a nice house where everyone can come and visit! them always asking about babies and marriage, how they wanna throw flowers or bring the ring, to witness ruggie’s wedding with his perfect bride (because he only deserves the best!) and then see little hyena babies! they’re all so impatient and excited that you don’t even know if you can make it out of nrc!
Tumblr media
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zackcrazyvalentine · 7 months ago
When you touch their ears [Savanaclaw x Reader]
Summary: Ever wondered how the beastmen react to having their ears pet? Do you wanna find out~? 
Tags/Extra info: 2nd person POV, gender neutral reader, fluff
-- -- --
Ah~ Vargas Camp Ruggie SSR~  Those cute round floofy ears encircled by the visor (´⌣` ʃƪ)💕💕💕
Also~ .....might have gotten an idea similar to this for Octa trio, about admiring their merfolk forms/teeth/claws... would anyone be interested in that? 👉👈
-- -- --
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 🦁
Trapped within a sleeping lion’s arms,
That is your predicament.
You paid Leona a visit to make sure he was attending his school duties and such, but of course the lionman decided to shut you up and take a nap right in the middle of your conversation. Not like Grim minded, anyway, the other lazy cat graciously welcomed some shut eye.
What were you to do now?
Well, only the most logical thing...
Leona had his face buried on the crook of your neck, the position you were in had you facing one another. Ever so carefully, you lifted your hand up towards his chocolate mane. You had to be extremely careful to fulfill your goal and sate your curiosity, his senses are much sharper than those of a regular human.
Slowly, patiently, you made your way towards the top of his head. Eyes and ears attentive to any movement or sound made by the sleeping beastman as your hand carefully...
Stroked his ear
Soft, very soft! The short fur was silky smooth to the touch!
Careful now, his ears twitched after the first pet. Few seconds went by and thankfully Leona remained sleeping, so you resumed your ear petting shenanigans.
As you explored the cute small ear, stroking and scratching here and there, you came face to face with a surprise. While scratching right on the base, where fur meets scalp, a deep low grumble left the sleeping feline.
“Whoa! What... Is that... purring?!” You tried your best not to flinch from the surprise. Curious as ever, you continued scratching that same spot, moving from side to side occasionally to see if his reaction changed (which it did, by the way, he prefers being scratched on one side more than the other, evident on how his purr intensifies when scratched on the preferred spot).
The vibrations traveled through you from how close Leona held you. This was definitely the most fun you’ve had in a while, until...
“What’re you doin’, herbivore?” He slurred out, looking up at you with eyes that struggled to remain open.
Panic rose in your heart as your hand stopped on its tracks. The dorm head, however, spoke again before you could do anything else: " 'f yer gonna... venerate me... d' it... pro..prly..." His head slumped back to the comfortably lay on your shoulder.
Stunned, you blinked a couple times to process what happened. "Yes, My King." You answered back, lips trembling as you tried to hold back your giggles. "Oh my lord, that was so DUMB and CUTE!" You admitted to yourself.
So, being a good little "royal servant", you went back to pet his ears. Immediately, the purring resumed with a renewed intensity, Leona's hold became more secure around you. Then you felt it,
A rough tongue very languidly licking at the exposed skin of your neck.
"WHAT the absolute..?! Leona?!" You were so confused and startled, goosebumps waking your skin while a blush lit up your cheeks. It was impossible not to flinch now, but even so the lion kept sleeping.
Could it be that having his ears tenderly scratched like this relaxed him so much to behave like an affectionate cat-dog?
You just buried your face on his hair, emotions too jumbled together for you to keep a straight face. Man, if he finds out what about what you did that led him to do that, to purr and sleep talk... Guess it was a good life to live.
For now, one though echoed through the mess of feelings:
"Too cute, Leonyaaaaaaa..!"
-- -- --
🍩 Ruggie Bucchi 🍩
Knowing the hyena worked himself to the bone in order to keep Savanaclaw functional and afloat, you decided to help him with some chores (plus, free labor like that was always welcomed by Ruggie).
You had just finished washing bedsheets and putting them up to dry while he folded the freshly dried uniforms.
"Ruggie, didn't you say last time second years and up can wash their clothes with magic?" You asked with annoyance while rolling your neck and trying to crack your back.
"Ah, yes, that's how it is." Came his answer.
"Then why is everyone still too lazy to do that?! What I'd give to have magic for this! I never knew bedsheets were so troublesome, even more so the Savanaclaw bedsheets! You guys need to clean them with special detergents against ticks and fleas, aside from the regular detergents, my hands are destroyed!" You whined. The dry sensation on your hands was already bothering you. Boy, if Vil got word of your disgraceful hands... You really need some powerful hydrating lotion.
The beastboy laughed his signature laugh at your misery. "Do remember it was you who wished to help~ I didn't ask you to come." He made his way over to you and took the basket of clean sheets to hang on the newly unoccupied clotheslines. “Let me help you with that.”
You got to work together, striking small talk until you were finally done.
“I guess people are just tremendously lazy and have too much spare money.” Ruggie suddenly said after a while of silence. You turned to look at him, confused. You were sitting in the shade to rest your tired feet and legs from standing for such a long while.
“Why they don’t wash their stuff, even when magic’s available... Downright slothful people with too much money...” He stretched and yawned, sprawling himself to rest his head on your lap.
“You mean... they paid you to do this stuff?” The hamster in your head stopped spinning the thought processing wheel for a second.
“Ye~s... should’ve charged them more, honestly. I’m missing out on buying leftovers from Sam’s and doing my meal prep for the week, yanno?” A groan left him, hands going to massage his biceps. “That was way too much work.” Another yawned led him to close his eyes and find a comfortable position to nap on.
Noticing your silence, the hyena cracked one eye open. “Ah, sorry for not telling you ‘bout the pay... But it’s not like I asked you for help~” He chuckled once more, returning to try and sleep.
With a subtle pout, you spoke, “I’m not mad... too mad about the money stuff, Ruggie.” You poked his forehead to call for his attention, “But I’m concerned about you taking on so much workload instead of attending your business. I mean, I live somewhat frugally in Ramshackle with Grim and certainly would never let an opportunity to buy good-to-use leftovers pass by... So why would you? and let your meal prep plans be ruined too? Did you really need money that desperately to neglect yourself?” Worry laced your voice and frown. "Do you ever get a chance to relax and rest well? Your body needs proper rest to function and prevent blotting!"
“Ah... eh... it’s really not a bother...” The boy became a little nervous and awkward at being object of concern, ears laid flat in embarrassment.
“No, no! Allow me to help~!” Before he could even react, you already had your hands buried on his hair.
“Ah, whoa, wait! Wha-?!” Ruggie tried to straighten up, but his attempts were immediately quelled by an extremely comfortable sensation that rendered him stupid.
Shoulders and neck released their tension, limbs went limp as tingles traveled through his spine and goosebumps rose on his skin, scrunched up face relaxed into a wide smile. Ruggie's whole body was submerged in a sea of bliss.
What caused this? Very simple...
Your delicate touch on his big round ears turned to be a major weakness, a surefire way to send pleasurable sensations through him that relaxed all his muscles. Gleeful giggles could only tumble out of your lips at his cute goofy expression.
The ear petting continued for few minutes until you eventually stopped.
Dazed eyes opened to look at you expectantly, "Why did you stop?" His lips formed a pout.
"Hoho~ Want some more?" There was a subtle teasing tone in your words, "I certainly wouldn't mind~!" You were eager to return your hands to his hair, massaging his scalp until you reached those adorable fluffy ears.
He cleared his throat, look averted from your general direction due to bashfulness. “Ah, [Name]... Could you... maybe massage the inside of my ear? B-But don’t insert your finger too deep inside, okay?!” The hyena’s cheeks were tinted pink.
“Sure thing~” You smiled a the boy, getting to work on his request. “Hey, Ruggie,” You turned to look at each other, “Whenever you need to relax, my services will always be free of charge for you~!” A final cheeky wink accompanied your words.
Ruggie could only blush a little more while sharing a laugh with you.
-- -- --
🐺 Jack Howl 🐺
Sometimes cloud watching helped bring back even the tiniest drop of happiness and calm to your day, thus why you decided to lay on a random patch of grass and look at the sky.
“Dumbass cat... stupid tanuki...” Bitterness still clung to your heart, however the boil of anger quickly turned to sadness. You and Grim had an argument that left you emotionally and mentally exhausted, no smidge of joy could be found in you.
It felt dumb to be hung up on the discussion, but he said some sensitive stuff and you equally retaliated. Even so, guilt and regret took over your mind, making you realize an apology to your feline-monster companion was due soon. He was your first ever friend in this world, for heaven's sake! There's unique fondness in your heart for him, something a dumb tantrum cannot break.
But first, you needed to collect yourself and regain some cheer.
Meanwhile, as you looked at the sky above and lost yourself in thought, paws trotted up to you. Loud sniffing and a damp sensation on your cheek and neck broke you out of your trance.
“Woah, doggo.” Was the first thing that came to mind as you sat up to look at the perpetrator. The big white canine groaned at you, annoyance clear on his eyes. “Kidding kidding, sorry! Jack, that you, bud? Been a while since I saw your wolf form.”
Your fellow first year nodded. Silence stretched on because, really, what could you expect a wolf to do? You’ve yet to become an expert at animal languages, so you did the talking between you two.
“Are you training your unique magic? Deuce once mentioned you doing so while in track practice... Seems you can hold your form for longer, good job.” You praised while an accomplished look crossed Jack’s furry face.
It seems your face remained gloomy in your little exchange which urged your friend to find a way to make you talk about what was bothering you. His solution? Pawing at your hands until you got the idea.
“What’ wrong? You need something?” He groaned, displeased with your question. “Uh... Something the matter?” The wolf snorted in irritation.
Looks like he needs a more direct approach. Your friend took to poke your chest with his snout and tilt his head to the side, trying to signal that he had a question regarding you.
“Oh! Uh, are you curious about me? Have something to ask me?” That was it! Jack finally assented. “Ah... I think I know what you’re curious about... Why am I here, why I was laying on the grass looking at nothing, right?”
A sigh before more words left your mouth. “Grim and I had a dumb fight. Figured I needed to simmer down before going to apologize. Cloud watching helped back then, but... not this time...” You looked down at your hands, feeling too vulnerable to sustain eye contact with the wolf boy.
Before he could do anything, an idea crossed your mind. “Worth the risk.”
“Actually, Jack, do you think...!” Your movements were so sudden, you ended up so very closely face to face with the canine for he was making his way over to you.
“Ahaha, sorry about that.” Came your apology. “But... Jack... Could I, maybe, if you allow me to, pet you? I-I think it could help cheer me a little.” Still you kept your gaze away from his, fingers fidgeting with one another to quell the nerves.
All you got as confirmation was something landing on your shoulder and nuzzling close to you. He closed the gap between you as best he could in his current form, encouraging you to hug him and pet as you so desired.
And that you did.
His fur was thick and dense, fitting for someone who lives in a snowy place.
Your hands traveled along his back and up towards his head, while your head planted itself on what you could say was the crook of his neck.
That’s when you leaned new information about your wolf boy friend, when your hands reached his ears.
For most part of the hug-petting session, Jack remained still, making some low noises as you scratched here and there and stroked his fur... But once you got to his ears...
Tail perked up, wagging a mile a minute, he let most of his weight fall on you as he relaxed and enjoyed the sensation brought by your massage. The big canine let out pleased sighs as your hands freely pet his fur.
But it was all interrupted by a sudden POOF!
There he was, the Jack you knew and love, wrapped up in your arms while his tail kept wagging from the love shown to his ears.
It took some time for your giggles to register in his head, but once it did he looked at you. “What? What’s funny?”
“Ah...” He cleared his throat. You were the first to let go and separate from the embrace. “So that made me lose control of my magic, huh...?” He whispered, but you heard him. The light blush on his cheeks betrayed his supposed calm and collected demeanor.
You decided to let it go, save the boy from further embarrassment. “Thank you, that helped a lot, Jack. I feel ready now.”
“It’s... never a problem to help you, [Name].” He stood up, offering you a hand that you gladly took. “Do you know where Grim is?” He took some steps, signaling you to lead the way, he would accompany you to do what you needed.
It surprised you, since Howl pride himself on being the lone wolf, but his company was always welcomed. “Yes, I recall him saying he’d go to Ace and Deuce to get away from me... That cat.”
Your friend nodded, waiting for you to catch up so both could make your way towards Heartslabyul and settle this rough patch in your friendship with Grim.
-- -- --
Say, are you guys also curious about touching the boys’ ears (and tails)? Hope they let us explore this trope in game at least once~
Thank you for reading!
...and maybe....if you like my writing, consider participating in a little special event of sorts I’m hosting in the blog?
I’ll be looking forward to fulfill your requests~!
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curryandbread · a month ago
Twst Vice dorm leader with a bully victim S/O
TWST Vice Dorm leaders with a bully victim s/o
Thank u for requesting
then, enjoy !
Trey Clover
He may not know what it’s like that you’ve been dragged around by people who seem to be above you, but he’ll stick by you until the end.
He's dealt with these kind of issues since his siblings may have gone through what you've gone through, so he'd know what to do.
But if your experience was that traumatic and you just cannot seem to get out of it, he will tread carefully behind you as he'll help you make your way out of this misery.
Hugs! Blankets!! Cuddles!!! Lots and lots of those will come your way, he wants you to know that he's going to go through this together with you.
Ruggie Bucchi
He's somehow felt your pain. He was abandoned, rejected by society, he had no support but his only grandmother.
So hearing your story made him step forward to getting stronger. Stronger, so that he'll be able to protect you from some baddies.
He has had gone through manipulation, and god you were thankful that he didn't overblot from that. You insisted that he is strong.
He will take you out to watch sunsets with him, for you both found it therapeutic, leaning onto his shoulder as he pulls you closer to his side.
Jade Leech
He would see right through you. It is claimed that he likes to predict things. How, since when, and why'd you act so fake in front of people, like you were a programmed robot.
He is very observant, he'd follow every moment from you and analyze it. He wants to know how much it affects you.
Who knows, maybe this merman would do a background check if you ever spill the identity of those inflictors. He won't have any plans with the information though.... for now.
Of course, he wouldn't want to press on these further on if you've become uncomfortable or sensitive with the topic. He'll invite you over, for he wants to show you how many things are there to live for, especially that he is the one for you.
Jamil Viper
There is no doubt that Jamil will have that 'mother hen' instinct, the same treatment he gives to Kalim.
He would want to spend time with you a lot, and I mean a lot. Would drop by in your classroom, cafeteria dates, I mean everywhere.
A chance that he would hunt down the inflictor. But he'd do it in secrecy. He wouldn't cause immediate harm but rather a little more patient.
Will always keep you in comfort, if anyone around the school seemed to make you feel agitated, he will immediately step in, take you somewhere far away and will literally just cling to you.
Rook Hunt
Just say the word and this man will fight passive-aggressively.
In all seriousness, he would calmly ask you if you'd like to talk about it. He will nod along to what you'd say, also reminding you to take things slow.
If you've ever felt like it was weighing you down, he will always tell you that he'll be there for you to share it with.
Will always remind you that he loves you, I find Rook to be a very touchy person; with your consent, of course. Head pats, an arm slung around your shoulder, back hugs!
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia has probably seen many prominent bullying throughout his whole years of living.
He'd definitely know how to handle situations like this. It's pretty much the same as Silver consulting to him while he was still young, so having you coming to him seems like another job for him to take.
He's willing to walk you to classes each day when there are times that you are not at ease.
Not a chance will he let you continue to sulk from the trauma. He is always willing to offer a hand. And maybe even tell stories from when he raised Malleus and Silver, on how vulnerable they were before and that bullies exist because of normal human behavior.
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eliqxx · 8 days ago
Could i request relationship hcs for savanaclaw (like the one u did for heartslabyul, which i freaking loved btw 😍) btw do you have a character limit?
Hey anon, so as of right now, I don't. It'll be pinned when I find one tho! But good request :)
gn reader!
- Just because you're his S/O doesn't mean you're immune to teasing.
- PDA? Fuck yeah. He wants everyone to know who you're dating.
- You are the only permitted in his bed for cuddling. He's def the big spoon and hugs you from behind.
- Every kiss turns into a make out session. It can just be your lips touching and he'll manage to slip his tongue in there.
"I love ya, you know that? No one else is allowed to have eyes for you."
- Ruggie is another gift giver. They're mostly small gifts though, because his deals with Sam only work so often.
-He'd work more at his part time jobs so he can get you something valuable though, like jewelry or something.
- His ideas of dates would be a movie theater or something. While you two are sitting next to each other, he would move his hand to gently hold yours.
- Whenever you two hug or cuddle, he always nuzzles your neck or chest.
"You're special to me, MC. I love you, and I hope you do too."
- He's never been in a relationship, so you might have to help him a little bit.
- If you're in a crowded place together, he'll have a tight grip on your hand. Not too tight to the point where your bones crush, just enough for you to feel safe.
- He gives you cactus plants, you both raise them like they're your children.
- He wont tell you this, but he loves being scratched behind his ears or having his hair played with. He is a dog, after all.
"Stay with me. I could never imagine you getting hurt. I care about you too much for that."
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