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Monster Soul Traits basically follow UT canon lore to a degree, with the caveat that going against their trait can shatter them. They also have far more traits than canon lore. A monsters Soul Trait can be just about anything and their Core Trait is essentially their only trait but not their only personality trait. 

Human Soul Traits are similar to Monsters except they do not shatter if they don’t abide by their traits and their Core Trait can change with age and experience. Their Souls also tend to have more than one trait. 

Fae Soul Traits all Fae species have the same Core Trait and it cannot and will not change. They cannot fight the pull of it and therefore are never at risk of shattering. However, their Souls, like humans, pick up the traits of others or ones they want and thus they are often lead by whimsy and emotion. Fae Soul Traits and Core Traits are entirely emotion based and cannot be concept but feelings. 

An example is mermaid fae. All their Core Trait is fervor, they are passionate and obsessive driven by this selfish desire. A shape-changer or shifters Core Trait is greed, they want to possess everything and this manifests into taking the form of everything. That said how these traits present vary by individual as they would with any person.

Hybrids follow the rules of both their Souls merging and it is a constant tug-o-war and hard thing. A human/monster hybrid now must curb themselves from going against their Core Trait but also will have more flexibility given they have many unlike pure monsters. 

And thats on that. Ask questions if ya got ‘em!

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What’s something you are no longer scared of?

San: I don’t fear anything

Eal: Dunno

Do you sleep with stuffed toys?

San: Never

Eal: Yeah, currently have two on my bed and many laying around my bedroom

What’s your favorite chore?

San: Cleaning

Eal: Cooking

What’s your favorite scent?

San: Cinnamon

Eal: Oh I have many

What are the names of your pets?

San: Don’t have any

Eal: 6 cats, too many names

Are you scared of insects?

San: Like I said, I’m not scared of anything

Eal: Only when they are touching me when I don’t want them touching me

Would you become immortal if you could?

San: No

Eal: Yeah

Are you squeamish?

San: No

Eal: Sometimes

Do you believe in curses?

San: No

Eal: Yeah

Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

San: Savoury

Eal: Sweet

Have you ever broken a bone?

San: A few times

Eal: No

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Eal: He was my greatest friend! And my biggest crush … Sadly he disapeared … But when he comes back I’ll tell him how I feel and we’ll be together! He is such a great artist, I really miss him

This is an unhealthy obsession, get over him

Eal: No, don’t tell me how I should live

I’m just telling you that you should calm down with this crush, because when he rejects you, it will be much more painful if you don’t calm down

Eal: Whatever …

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no but seriously

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does the old tree whose leaves fall right off as soon as it grows them in front of toriel’s house represent toriel herself in that the old tree is toriel and the new leaves that fall off are all the kids that she met but that eventually left her or am i reading into things

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