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localsapphicperson · 10 months ago
rules is back!
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Bucky Barnes | One Shot | Rules
iI have an idea if you'd like to write this. So I was thinking maybe the reader and Bucky are fuck buddies and they get into a fight, and then they have hate sex (prompt 9. "I hate us sometimes.") and then maybe in the morning, the reader wants to leave but Bucky wants more time with her (prompt 28. "Just five more minutes.") - @crookedpapercreator
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Plot: A constant power struggle where it seems like either you both win or you both lose. Fighting fire with fire, but passion doesn't burn out.
Warnings: 18+. Smut.
Words: 6,3OO
Tumblr media
Once you’ve caught your breath, you rotate your body to the edge of the bed and snatch your clothes from the floor. Tying up your knotted hair the best way you can and being as graceful as possible getting your clothes back on, you hear the sheets ruffle under the movement of the man in the bed with you.
“Always in such a hurry to get away…” He tuts at you in disappointment and you look back over your shoulder before turning to the side to face him.
His chestnut hair is tousled and flows over into the slight beard you told him you found attractive on him. Little did you know that when you told him this, the thing that would drive you insane about that beard, would be feeling it scrape against your inner thighs. A satisfied glint sparkles in his brightly grey-blue eyes and a smirk tugs at his soft, pink lips, almost reeling you right back in for round… seven?
Giving him an innocent smile with a shrug, you lean over to press a soft kiss to his lips.
“You know the rules, Buck.” You taunt and hum into the brief kiss, letting out a soft squeal when his strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you down on top of him. Ignoring the flattered tingles in your stomach at his neediness, you press your hands to his broad chest and push off as far as his hold will allow you.
“I don’t like your rules.” He almost whines at you, an angry frown aimed up in your direction.
“They’re not just my rules. They are yours as well. And there is nothing for you to dislike. I suck you off and you comply to the rules that will prevent this from getting complicated.” You lecture him and he rolls his eyes, his hold on you softening as he lets you get off him.
Climbing off the bed, your chest aches from your protesting heart, who doesn’t agree with your words at all. But your heart doesn’t get a say in the matter. She will probably take away the one connection you have to Bucky and you’re not willing to risk it. It’s too good with him.
“You and I don’t do complicated.” Bucky sits up on the bed as you put your shoes on and search the room for your bag, coming to the conclusion that you probably dropped it at the door the second you barged in the night before.
“Because of the rules.” You clear up and shoot the man a wink before leaving his bedroom.
Bucky is still hopping over the floor to pull on some work-out shorts as he saunters after you, too much of a gentleman to let you let yourself out. You wait for him to catch up at his door and wrap your arms around his neck.
“I’m going out for drink with some friends tonight. I would love it if you showed up.” You tell him and dip your head down, pressing soft kisses to his neck.
Bucky sighs deeply at your kisses and squeezes your hips “Only if you’ll come home with me.”
You chuckle and pull away from him, narrowing your eyes at him “Only if you can seduce me.”
Bucky raises his brows at you as if to dare you to question his effect on you again “All these orgasms and you still question my abilities?”
“This is why I leave so quickly. Can’t have you thinking I’m just around for the taking all the time.” You tease.
“Oh, I’ll take you alright.” He promises and slides his hands to your ass, squeezing as he hauls you into his chest. He gives you a bright smile, knowing for a fact that he can turn you on with every word that he says, before dipping down and pressing a heart-stopping kiss to your lips, leaving you flustered. Your eyes are still closed from the kiss when he continues talking “I’ll see if I can make it, tonight. Text me.”
Bucky lets go of you and walks around you to open the door, letting you exit his apartment with a cheeky wave from him and a roll of your eyes.
Bucky walks into the bar as his sensitive ears adjust to the loud music. Eyes scanning the room and completely ignoring all the ogling men and women that have noticed him walk in, he looks for you in the busy space. He spots a hand waving in the air and his eyes follow the trail down to lock with your eyes. Relief visibly washes over your features and body when your eyes connect and it boosts Bucky’s ego to know that you really do want him to be there.
He walks over to where you’re stood around a few tables with your friends, preparing himself to socialise with people he barely knows. You walk up to him first with your arms wide open and engulf him tightly into a hug, breathing into his ear how grateful you are that he’s here. Bucky presses a secret kiss to the base of your neck and lets go of you to let you lead him to your friends.
Introductions echo around the group and you tug at Bucky’s bicep to get him to the bar and fix him a drink. Bucky follows you with a chuckle, noticing from the slight blur in your eyes that you are well on your way to intoxication and he knows perfectly what that means for him. You get horny.
Ordering Bucky his favourite drink, he interrupts you when you start ordering yourself a drink and orders you a soda instead. You give him a frown as the bartender walks off and cross your arms.
“Bucky, what the hell?”
“Just one for in between, darling. The night has only just begun.” He tells you and pulls you closer by your waist. You roll your eyes and take a peek at your friends who are watching the two of you getting close.
Gently pushing him off, you avert your eyes from him and redirect your attention to the glass of coke that the bartender put in front of you. Bucky thanks the man for the drink and leans in closer to you with confusion written all over his face.
“What is up with you?” He asks, annoyance lacing his low and gravelly voice. You look up at him with one raised eyebrow, both of your mirroring each other’s annoyance.
“Never took you for the guy to dictate how much I drink.” You retort and Bucky heaves a deep sigh, slipping his hand under your chin as he forces you to look him in the eyes.
“Wasn’t dictating. Just making sure you get some sugar in your system and preventing you from getting hungover tomorrow. You know how much I like it when you’re a little drunk.” He explains and you know he means it, but flinch away from his touch anyway. This time, his hand wraps around your waist roughly and he pulls your attention back to him.
“Stop trying to get away from me.” He growls, his jaw ticking with bubbling anger at your behaviour “You’re being a brat without any good reason.”
“Bucky, you have to stop touching me so much in public. We’re not together.” You warn him and he instantly lets go of your waist. He doesn’t want to appear hurt by your words, so arrogance sweeps over his features, raising unimpressed brows as he glowers down at you.
“Whatever you wish, princess.” He patronizes and orders you your favourite drink before walking off to your friends and leaving you alone.
A strong drink is put down next to your other glass and you heave a deep sigh. You know that look on Bucky. He’s going to make you regret what you said. Luckily you know the reason the two of you get along so well, is because two can play that came and you might just be better at it than him.
In bed, Bucky definitely knows how to order you around and manhandle you until you're a blabbering mess, but everything up to that point is a complete power struggle between the two of you. The constant bickering, teasing and dominating coming from both of you can have your underwear soaking and Bucky's boxers tightening.
Downing the strong drink and the coke, ordering one more strong beverage for good measure and dragging your feet back to your friends, you barely give Bucky the time of day for the rest of the evening. Bitterness and tension is hanging in the air between the two of you and you mindlessly reconnect with your friends to ignore it.
Unable to really put your finger on your own mood swing towards him, you assume this is your coping mechanism shielding you from getting hurt. The last thing you need is your friends continuing to ask questions about you and Bucky and constantly insinuating that something more is going on. It would shatter you.
You slept with him last night and the rule is not to sleep with each other two nights in a row. Another rule is not to sleep over, but in your defence, you’d only been sleeping for about half an hour last night. When you and Bucky come together, there isn’t exactly much time for sleeping. He always mocked your stupid rules and had wanted you to stay over, because leaving would be ‘too much of a hassle’. When you told him the rules wouldn’t allow you to fall asleep together, he made very sure that you stayed the entire night without falling asleep once.
Always finding a loop-hole, that one.
Bidding your friends goodbye with slightly slurred words, you are finally left alone on the sidewalk in front of an emptying bar. Dragging your eyes over the streets, you try to look around for a taxi, wrapping your arms around your body to warm yourself as you wait.
"Your friends are nice." A familiar voice rumbles from behind you and your eyes almost widen at the instant response of your body to the sound.
Alcohol didn't do much else for you than completely turn you on beyond restraint. Hearing Bucky's voice and knowing what it sounds like when he groans or pants or whispers the filthiest things in your ear, your panties dampen at the thought.
"They are."
Bucky supresses a sigh at your behaviour and steps up behind you, his gloved hands wrapping around your upper arms and gently stroking up and down to keep you warm. His head dips forward and his lips press softly to the shell of your ear.
"Let me take you home, baby." He speaks lowly and even though his touch is warming you up slightly, a shiver rolls down your spine at the sound of his voice again.
"No, thank you. I just charged my vibrator." You decline with a voice as even as you can muster and Bucky grabs your arms roughly and spins you around until you're looking up at him with round, glazed over eyes.
"Are you still on this?" Bucky questions, clearly irritated by your little act to keep him at a distance "You genuinely think your vibrator is going to take care of you aching pussy like I do?"
You swallow hard, said aching intensifying at his words. Staying quiet, you let your eyes roll over the features of his face. He's so handsome. Fuck. His eyes are so dark and broody, his jaw is so sharp and the light wrinkles in his face around his bone structure make you want to straddle it. And then he decides to wear black, a colour on him that renders you completely feral. A black leather jacket. You wonder if he knows what he's doing.
“It is, isn’t it?” He asks, a light tug of a smug smirk at the corner of his tempting lips “It’s aching for me.”
From the corner of your eyes, you notice a taxi driving up and you jump away from Bucky, raising your hand to haul it to the curb. Bucky rolls his eyes and grits his teeth at your dismissiveness. You open the door to the backseat and a metal hand, covered by a glove rests on the roof of the taxi.
"Don't leave without talking to me." Bucky orders and you halt before you get a chance to step inside of the car. You heave a deep sigh and squeeze your eyes shut for a second, dreading the words you’re about to say. You open your eyes and connect them with his.
“I don’t think we should do this anymore.”
Bucky’s face drops instantly before expertly covering it up with the same brooding expression he so often carries “And why is that, princess?”
Your chest constricts at his cold tone, feeling him distance himself from you already. Swallowing hard, you try to convey your words through your eyes instead, only speaking up when he continues staring at you expectantly.
“If we no longer obey the rules, we brake it off.” You repeat the final rule to which Bucky reluctantly agreed when you first surrendered to your desires.
Deciding not to give him another chance to question you, you gracefully fold into the back seat and close the car door. When the taxi drives off, you fight the urge to look back and watch the man you left on the sidewalk, making you unable to see him drop him his head down in defeat only to raise it again with nothing but determination.
“I’m coming! I’m coming!” You yell, quickly slipping your soaking wet body into your robe and tying it up as you hurry over to you door. The incessant ringing of your doorbell is cutting through the peace you tried to achieve with your shower as soon as you got home. Who the hell comes for a house visit at 3am?!
Swinging the door open with your built up frustration and aggression towards the person ringing your doorbell this impatiently, you’re ready to scold the culprit.
But of course, you should’ve know it was Bucky.
A thick shove against your chest sends you backwards as he steps in, throwing the door closed behind him without any grace and probably waking all of your neighbours in the building. Approaching you with long strides, Bucky corners you against your dinner table.
“Bucky what the f-” Your scolding gets interrupted by a large hand wrapping around your windpipe, squeezing the sides to limit blood flow to your brain, a woozy wave of shock alerting your body and effectively shutting you up.
“Fucking brat.” He growls in your face and your wide eyes search his face to predict what will happen next. Unable to read his expression, you ultimately watch Bucky become the impulsive, aggressive version of himself that has been buried deep into his core. And you almost roll your eyes at yourself when slick pools between your damp thighs as a reaction to this realisation.
Bucky watches you open your mouth, undoubtedly to make another snide remark, and quickly shuts you up by roughly turning you around, knotting his metal fist into your hair and throwing your chest to the surface of the table. A gasp leaves your lips at the sting from your cheek being pressed to the rough wood. A warm palm slides from the back of your thigh, under your robe and over the curve of your ass, raising the hem of the robe with it and draping it over your lower back.
“Buck- AH!” A sharp sting crashes into the flesh of your ass cheek and you whimper, squirming under his hold as you rub your thighs together to shield yourself from him as much as you can. Rough boots kick your bare ankles apart, spreading your legs as you rest your weight on the sturdy table below you. Another quick smack is landed onto the flushed skin of your ass and you squirm once more, your knees buckling over when that same hand roughly starts massaging your throbbing pussy, making you forget the pain from the flesh surrounding it.
Fingers traveling through your folds, squeezing the flesh of your pussy around your clit and rolling his digits over the bundle to send ripples of pleasure down your legs and to your toes, has you turning to mush. More and more arousal pools out of you and you could feel it dripping down your thighs if Bucky wasn’t coating you with it completely.
“So sick and tired of you calling it quits whenever you goddamn please-” Bucky hisses, his relentless torture outside of your pussy not faltering as he watches you writhe before him “I hate us sometimes. Always ready to lawyer me when I try to meet you halfway. Always trying to make sense of everything. Always thinking. So. Goddamn. Much.”
Each word is emphasized with a pressured stroke over your clit, making your spine tense and curl upward, now balancing on your toes to raise your lower half to his touch. Another loud smack to your ass is your reward for reaching to him and you clench down, letting out a soft whimper. Stepping to your side, metal hand in your hair and flesh hand rubbing your bruising skin roughly, Bucky leans down to your ear.
“Don’t worry darling. If your overthinking is getting in my way, I know perfectly well how to make that worried little brain of yours short-circuit.” He promises, his breath against the sensitive skin of your ears making a shudder ripple down your spine and raising your ass up again. “When I’m done with you, all you can say is ‘Yes, Bucky’ and ‘Please, Bucky’. No thinking required.”
You force your eyes to peer up at him and he gives you an evil smile, his eyes sparkling with promise as his grip on the roots of your hair tightens. He turns your head to the side and leans in until his face is so intimately close to yours, you almost relax at the closeness of him. His fingertips scratching the skin of your scalp and his eyes trailing over your bare face is his way of telling you that you can trust him with your pain.
You sink your teeth into your bottom lip harshly and give him pleading eyes whilst steadying your feet onto the floor under the table, still bent over and pressured against the table. Bucky raises to a stand again, but his eyes remain on you. The strain of following him with your eyes makes you close them and you almost bite your lip straight off when two of Bucky’s fingers delve into you without a warning. Letting out a strained moan, your back arches as you raise to your toes again, pulsing around his finger tightly.
“Good girl.” His low voice rumbles through your chest “Always so responsive.”
Twisting his wrist, Bucky drags his fingers against your walls and you quiver slightly and squeeze your eyes shut at the pleasure from the base of his thick fingers stretching you. Eyes dart from your face contorting in pleasure to his fingers disappearing into you with every push, the sounds of your wet core sounding like music to Bucky.
“And you choose this moment to be quiet?” Bucky patronizes you and sweeps his finger inside of you until he grazes his very favourite spot “I don’t think so.”
You cry out, curling up as much as you can on the table as he starts fucking his fingers over that spot over and over, your body glowing with heat and your insides drawing vacuum at the tightening in your lower belly. Buzzing zooms through your ear drums and you barely notice the array of moans gliding from your tongue.
His hand slips from your hair and you immediately try to push upwards as your body desperately responds to the pleasure, but the hand travels to your lower back, pressing your lower body into the hard surface as his finger don’t let up. The added pressure into your pelvis and belly, together with his relentless fingering makes your body split apart completely and your nails dig into the wood as your orgasm crashes into you. Wind knocked out of your lungs and body convulsing as he fucks you through your high, choked moans and whimpers release from your pliant body.
Twitching away from him at your sensitivity, he finally lets go of you and steps away. You scramble to your feet, almost rolling off the table at your trembling limbs. You don’t remember an orgasm from him having this much effect on you. Finally managing to get to your feet, you barge over to him, shoving his chest.
His eyes glimmer with amusement and you realise you didn’t get up fast, no. He gave you the time to get up because he is trying to get a rise out of you.
“Me?” He mocks, his metal hand resting over his chest as he feigns offence. You stare at him with eyes ablaze, but your lids lower when he lifts his other hand to his mouth and cleans his fingers from your shiny slick.
“Bucky…” You warn, but your voice sounds completely defeated.
“What is it, darling?” He coos and steps over to you, his hands dropping to take a hold of the strings that tie your robe closed. You stay quiet, your eyes getting lost in his and you feel the robe loosening around your body, a soft breeze hitting your bare skin and cooling the burn.
“We can’t do this.”
“I don’t care.” He almost growls and drops his eyes down, shamelessly raking down your body and drinking you in. Hands stroke down the edge of your robe, his thumbs tracing your skin. Calloused thumbs brush your hardening nipples and trail down the length of your body until they reach the apex of your thighs, fingers gripping the fabric lightly “Don’t care about your fucking rules.”
Trying to haul yourself from his dizzying spell on you, you step away from him, only for him to rip you back into his chest by his grip on your robe. A soft gasp leaves your lips as you crash into him and Bucky takes advantage of your parted lips by slotting his over yours and delving his tongue into your mouth eagerly.
You whine against him, your hands pressing to his chest to push him off, but his hands slip under your robe and around your frame to your ass. Groping the flesh harshly into his large hands, he hauls you up against him, your core grazing his straining bulge under the rough fabric of his jeans.
A moan travels from your mouth to his and he repays you with a groan of his own, squeezing and kneading your ass as his long fingers crawl closer to your dripping core. Standing on your toes, your hands slide around his neck and into his hair, tugging wantonly at his roots.
You immediately follow his order and he hoists you up into his arms, your thighs wrapping tightly around his waist. Walking you back to the table, he sits you at the edge, your naked chest attached to him tightly and your legs pulling him as close as the laws of physics allow. His mouth travels sloppily down your jaw and to your neck, your head dropping backwards of his soft lips and warm tongue heavenly combine with his stinging suckles and rough nibbles at your skin.
“Fucking hell..” You groan when he drives his hips into yours, circling them against you as his grip on your ass keeps you in place against him.
“Damn right.” He breathes and rips your arms away from him to remove your robe from your shoulder and strip you completely naked. His movements are rough, his control over you like he is pulling at a puppet.
Your raise your hands again to touch him, but he roughly grips your wrists into his hands, collecting them in one hand after forcing them behind your back. His free hand tugs the rope from the loops on your robe and expertly winds it around your wrist, knowing exactly how to tie your wrists tightly enough so you can’t break free, but not cut off your circulation.
Looking at him with furrowed brows, he removes his hands from behind you and smirks, his palms smoothing up and down your thighs. Hands traveling down and around your knees, he roughly pulls you forwards and off the table. You barely have time to stumble before you are once again spun around and bent over the table.
“Shut up or I’ll gag you. And you know what I’ll use as a gag.” He threatens and you clamp your mouth shut.
Trying to anticipate Bucky’s next move makes you close your eyes, every other sense heightened. You hear the faint sound of a zipper sliding down and another gush of slick oozes from your pulsing pussy, pushing your ass up in response as you hear the shuffling of his jeans.
A breathy chuckle from Bucky fills the thick air of the room, followed by another sharp slap, the biting sting to the skin of your ass following a second later. You hear him work himself, his slick hand moving up and down his undoubtedly hard length, his shallow breathing so faint you barely hear it.
Wiggling your ass backwards, cool vibranium wraps around the rope on your wrists and roughly pushes you back into the table, the edge of the wood painfully cutting into the top of your thighs at the force.
You almost squeal when his wet tip glides down your slit, pressing softly against your oversensitive clit. Sweat gathers on your forehead, feeling like the man has been edging you for hours now, but you have no idea how much time has actually passed since he rang your doorbell.
“Fucking tease.” You complain under your breath, but you wish you’d swallowed your words when a painful thrust drives his entire cock into you, sinking himself deep inside of you until you quiver and a shudder rolls down your spine at the fullness. Not getting any time to bask in the relieving and pleasurable feeling of him finally filling your aching heat, he pulls out almost completely.
You whine and he chuckles again, the sound dark and mocking, almost making you jut out your lip into a pout. Once again, Bucky watches you open your mouth to complain and he drives himself into you harshly, circling his hips as if he can work himself into you deeper. He supresses a grunt, wanting to anchor himself into your clenching warmth and never leave.
Air is stuck in your ribcage and you weaken onto the table, deciding to take his torture as heavy as it comes. When Bucky finally notices you have decided to shut up, he withholds his usual praise and starts moving. Gripping your wrists tightly and making your hips meet his thrust every time he plunges into you, dulling the painful ache he leaves with every retreat of his cock.
Squeezing your eyes shut, you drown in the sound of him working into you and the pleasure from every snap of his hips into yours, feeling his burning gaze on your ass as it ripples with every collision. A tight coil winds around your channel as your abdomen tense tightly, making you grip Bucky’s cock tightly with your silky heat.
A grunt falls from his lips and that sound alone drives you so close to the edge, you know you’re lost. You know it for a fact. But then Bucky pulls out completely, leaving you so empty you’re sure he took your soul with him.
You whimper and whine like a fucking child at the loss of his touch and you feel a faint tug at your wrists. Trying to catch your breath from Bucky’s rough fucking of seconds ago, you lunge forward over the table when his warm tongue glides over your slit.
He slobbers and slurps at you, the sounds vile and desperate as he buries his face into you completely. You can’t help but move your pussy onto him, wanting more, so much more. He hums against you in disappointment and pushes you forward again by your wrists.
“I would like to enjoy my meal in peace.” He tuts arrogantly “Don’t. Move.”
His mouth is back on you and you try everything in your power to keep still, the feeling of his wet tongue soothing the pain between your thighs both frustrating and pleasing. His sucking becomes more aggressive and his licks become wider, plunging his tongue into you as you pulse around the muscle. You pray to God that it doesn’t count as movement, but he hums against you and you know for a fact that he loves it. He loves this.
Your high was still close and builds up once again, your cries soft and incoherent. You can’t make sense of anything anymore. You need to come. You need to come so bad. The sounds rolling from your tongue are stuttered and hiccupped, your forehead pressed into the table as you try to compose yourself.
Bucky watches you lose your mind, watches you completely ascend from your body as he teases you. He wants to keep licking you, keeping drinking you up, but he lives for seeing you so completely broken and weak for him. He needed some sense of control over the situation since you were threatening to take it away from him. He won’t let you, won’t let you take yourself away from him. This -having you, taking you, fucking you, watching you, praising you -it’s his favourite thing.
Pulling away once more, he watches you sink into the table in defeat, your thighs trembling at the sensitivity of once again being so close, yet so far away from finding release. He strokes his hand up and down your spine.
“Is that it, darling?” He asks, his voice nearly gentle. Nearly. “Is this what it takes to shut your smart little mouth?”
He hears nothing but shallow panting from you and feels a shiver roll down your spine again under his touch. He smiles at your lack of response and lines himself up with you again. Gliding his tip through your soaking folds, he watches your face contort as it once again falls to the side. Heaving a deep sigh, he glides into you effortlessly and lets out a moan himself.
You whimper again and press your ass into his hips as your walls flutter around him to keep him in. Pulling back out, it takes no time for him to roll his hips back into you again, picking up his pace as he goes. Losing his own self-control, Bucky grabs onto your wrists again, his other hand grabbing your hip and digging his fingers into your flesh painfully hard as he ruts his hips into you over and over and over until he finds a steady rhythm and moans drop from your lips like his favourite chant.
His hand glides from your hip down to your knee and he lifts it until your leg is up next to your body and dangling off the side of the table. Opening you up wider and changing your angle, the following snap of his hips collides into a spot that stills your body and makes stars appear on your eyelids. Your eyes roll back as your body curls under him, your hands clenching into fists.
“There she is.” Bucky sings and his strokes get long and firm, dragging in and out of you, making you feel every ridge and vein of his throbbing cock inside of you. This is the pace that has you blabbering his name -or portions of his name. You’re gasping, whimpering and begging for something, anything. The ‘yes, Buckys’ and ‘please, Buckys’ drifting from your lips to his ears.
Removing his hand from your leg and snaking between your legs, his fingers start toying with your clit, his thrusts still long and deeper than you can comprehend.
“You’re taking me so good, sweetheart. So good.” He coos and you whimper, the tightness in your muscles demanding all your attention, because you need to come so bad and you don’t know how much longer you can hold it. You can’t, you can’t.
“ ‘s okay. Come.” He adds a deep pressure to your clit, his circles slow as he buries himself into you a few second with a deep stroke and you are done for.
Heat licking over the length of your body and your eyes rolling to the back of your head, your high washes your vision completely white, your lower body constricting around Bucky wantonly. You can only gasp for air, a scream of pleasure ripping from your throat at the release.
You shake and shudder through your high, the pulse of your pussy around Bucky making him release as you milk him for all that he has. Slow thrusts fuck his spent into you deeper, filling you up to the brim and making Bucky groan at the feeling of you milking his sensitive and softening cock.
Liquifying onto the table, your spasming muscles are your only sign of life and Bucky finally pulls out. Gently untying your wrists and helping your limp body up, he hoists you into his arms and carries you to your bathroom. He sits you into the edge of your bath and turns on the hot water, filling the tub.
Kneeling between your legs, he cups your face and gently strokes your cheek “Talk to me.”
Your eyes flutter open and connect with his “Asshole.”
He lets out a soft chuckle and presses a wet kiss to your lips “You’re the asshole, darling.”
You huff at him and roll your eyes, still too weak to fight him on this. Bucky keeps an eye on you as the bath fills up, using a wet cloth to clean up your dripping core, the sight of your puffy pussy dripping his essence making his cock twitch again.
Once the tub is filled, he slips you inside and climbs in behind you, the scent of roses invading your senses. Too tired to be angry, you sink into his chest, your head dropping to his shoulder as Bucky presses soft kisses to your shoulder.
Your body wakes up after the loud sound of sirens passing your street wake you from your deep slumber. Instinctively, you roll over and bury into the large mass on the bed next to you, humming at the familiar scent of the man who once again managed to stay over for the night. He doesn’t even give you a chance to send him away, almost knocking you out completely with his skilful fucking.
Two strong arms wrap around your body, indicating Bucky was also awake, but neither of you bothered to open your eyes.
“Morning.” He grumbles, his voice croaked and low.
“Hmm..” Is all you reply and bury your face in his neck “You stayed over again.”
“Don’t care about your fucking rules.” He reminds you and you refrain from letting out a chuckle, not wanting to egg him on at all.
“You have to go.” You mumble, finally making work of climbing off his body and prying his arms off you in the process. Reluctantly, you remove yourself from his warmth and roll your body of the soft mattress, deciding a splash of cold water will help you wake up.
A deep, hot blush rises to your cheeks when you stand to your feet and immediately crumple to the floor, your legs feeling like jelly as bruises cover your hips and thighs.
The sound of something crashing to the ground makes Bucky’s eyes open wide and he looks down at you with wide eyes, before bursting out laughing. His laughter is deep and booms through the room, collapsing back into the mattress as he clutches his stomach.
“Oh, that’s fantastic.” He bellows through his laughter. You sit on the ground, leaning back on your hands as you watch him, waiting patiently for his amusement to pass as if to say ‘alright, alright, laugh it up’. When his laughter finally falters, he looks at you with an arrogant expression on his face, quite literally looking down on you “Now what if you were staying at my place and I told you to leave, huh? You wouldn’t be able to keep to your stupid rules even if you wanted to.”
You roll your eyes and carefully try to climb to a stand, wobbling like Bambi on ice as Bucky’s eyes look at you expectantly.
“Don’t you worry, Buck. I’d find a way to get away from you.” You promise him and finally steady yourself, grasping a hold on his wrist and trying to pull him out of the bed.
“I don’t doubt it.” He chuckles at you, but not a cheerfully as he did before. Looking down at your hands tugging at his wrist, he raises an unimpressed brow at you “What is it you are doing?”
“Getting you out of my bed.” You force out as you put your entire weight behind it.
He shakes his head at you before giving one strong pull and making you collide into him. He manhandles you with ease, pulling you to straddle his waist as he sits against the headboard of the bed “Are you done?”
You sigh in defeat and nod slowly “Fine. But just five more minutes.”
Bucky gives you a boyish smile and gently traces the skin of your cheek “Do you have any idea what I can do in five minutes?”
“Bucky, no.”
“Bucky, yes.” He smirks and rolls you over on your back.
Always finding a loop hole, that one.
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wlwsource · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rue was the first girl that didn't just look at me. She actually saw me. The me that's underneath a million layers of not me.
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forbescaroline · 4 months ago
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6K CELEBRATION ~ TOP 20 WLW SHIPS (as voted by my followers) #7. rue and jules - euphoria I hate everyone else in the world but you.
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macrolit · 4 months ago
What is very important is to exist, and that's rarer than one realizes. To have a daily task and to accomplish it; and at the same time attend to what is going on, inside oneself as well as outside, conscious of all life's forms, all its expressions. To follow the major rules, but also to give free rein to the least familiar aspects of oneself.
Carl Jung (1875-1961) Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst
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kazuhasbunny · 3 months ago
hi hi ! welcome to my blog (๑❛ᴗ❛๑) ~
Tumblr media
☆*:.。. requests are closed .。.:*☆
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— introduction ⁎⁺˳✧༚
name’s elina ! but u can call me eli or ei ! i go by she/they and i’m 18 . my mbti is infp if anyone’s wondering ahaha .. i write genshin fics during my free time ! i play on the asia server , hmu if you’d like to play with me ! (heads up , i deal total fart dmg) my content here is mostly nsfw but sfw is totally allowed ! my dms are always open so feel free to drop a message if you’d like or come and chat with me on discord ! tag is eli !#8044 ♡
Tumblr media
˚✧₊⁎ feel free to add me in genshin ! uid is : 819282796 ⁎⁺˳✧༚
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— ⁎⁺˳✧༚ recent work : no use in running , little bunny ~
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— rules ⁎⁺˳✧
please read the rules before requesting/thirsting ! thanks (*´︶`*)
• this is an x reader blog only !
• i do not write for dom! readers nor switch! readers . any asks related to it will be deleted
• i write for every character except for klee , qiqi , diona and sayu unless if it’s sfw (sibling-like relationship) , others are aged 18+
• 17+ only , not trying to get in trouble here . block the #eli.thirsts and #eli.sins if you’re uncomfy with nsfw content
• i will not write for mxm due to controversial reasons , but i will accept fxf content . 
• please state which gender you’d prefer as for my default is fem! reader 
• be patient when it comes to me answering your asks , i’m not the best with replying so it might take some time for me to reply since i’m quite busy from time to time
• please , don’t cause any problems here ^^ thanks
Tumblr media
☆*:.。. o ★彡 masterlist  ★彡 anon list ★彡 discord server
        ・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
                          ★彡 taglist ★彡 ao3 o .。.:*☆
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my blog will include dark content such as noncon/dubcon , monsterfucking , etc. , please block tw : (insert content) if you’re uncomfortable by it . 
Tumblr media
have fun thirsting ! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
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localsapphicperson · 9 months ago
if euphoria actually allows rue and jules to heal individually, learn from their experiences and grow and then actually end up together in a healthy full blown relationship, [maybe around college because healing takes times but not forever], then it’ll be the most complex yet most beautifully developed w|w relationship i’ll personally ever see.
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she can ruin my life 🙏🏻🥵
Hunter schafer vía Stories @alexademie
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witchsambingo · 26 days ago
This is the proship Witch!Sam Bingo. We are not affiliated with the other samwitchbingo.
I’m here to serve Witch!Sam justice in a shippy, explicit, wholesome, whatever, just in a way where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Non shippers, gen fans, shippers. 
Really, everyone. You can request a bingo card here - starting September 30th 2021! The event will run for a whole YEAR - but if you have something Witch!Sam-ish that you have to get out in the world on SAMhain (hee hee I like this), feel free to start creating whenever you want!
The first round will end August 31st 2022! 
Currently: looking for a co-mod! Send an ask to get in touch.
Rules & Template under the cut!
Everyone is welcome.
To make it short:
Basic etiquette applies!
Do not harass or bully others over ships, takes, headcanons. 
If you're working on a fill for another seasonal event and it happens to sync with one of our prompts, we'd be happy to have it!
Also, you can fill up to three squares in one fic!
Your fic should have a minimum length of 300 words -> a drabble-ish length. There’s no maximum!
Please only request one bingo card at a time. When you’re done with the first, you can apply for a second one.
If there’s something on your Bingo Card you feel uncomfortable about to write for whatever reason, get in touch with me. (jackandthesoulmates[at] or here)
Please tag with common sense; AO3 warnings should be used. 
Reblogging your fellow Bingo player’s creations is encouraged!
Use the tags #witchsambingo or #witchsamisforeveryone to be seen.
If needed, join our discord server. -> please get in touch for the invite!
please use the following format for your works: click here for the google doc!
Happy Creating Everyone. 
Tumblr media
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