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#rum tum tugger
roselessart7 hours ago
Power Rangers Cats Au!
Just went through my playlist, the theme song play and thought of Cats Rangers!馃グ
With the Deuteronomy Siblings
馃樇Macavity and Munkustrap often fight on who gets to be a red ranger so they can be the leader. They often do rock, paper, scissor and when lose, Macavity picks black and Munkustrap picks blue.
馃樇Tugger choose green and love the power flute (which he does practice on cause he loves to play different instruments)
馃樇Tugger would ask Misto if he'd like to play with them. He only plays if Victoria is with him and hey the more the merrier right?
馃樇Victoria picks pink and Misto can only get yellow which he doesn't mind.
The thought of five kittens playing Power Rangers with their Rangers suit is adorable! 馃挅
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acatpersonapparently10 hours ago
Tugger and Bombalurina are a cute ship but a cuter OTBromance
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
... Teazer? u ok, hon?
(Leave her alone, she's having a Moment.)
Fr茅d茅ric Norbert as Tugger, Meike Staring as Rumpleteazer, Ellis van Evert as Victoria, Jo毛lle Turcotte as Tantomile, probably Laura Balon as Demeter (on the left); Paris 1989.
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pack-the-pack14 hours ago
Some Cats headcanons I have!
鈥 Quaxo and Misto are two different cats. They're twins and Tugger being the Himbo he is, doesn't clock into this fact for the longest time. He is very confused why one moment "Misto" hates his guts and in the next is very receptive to his flirting and even teases him back.
鈥 Both Quaxo and Mistofelees are Bustopher's kittens.
鈥 Demeter and Bombalurina are Jellylorum's daughters.
鈥 Macavity has two daughters. Jemima through Demeter and Electra through Bomba. (@jellylorum-thecampcounslercat has this hcn as well and I couldn't have agreed more when I saw it on her blog).
鈥 Etcetera was found by the tribe abandoned in the streets and Jenny took it upon herself to raise the kitten.
鈥 Mute!Victoria. Just this. No need to say more.
鈥 Plato is Asparagus Jr.'s son, and he never misses a chance to embarrass Plato in front of Victoria (either intentionally or not).
鈥 Victoria is super feminine, delicate and pastel-y but she's impulsive and kind of a little shit. That's why her, Jerrie and Teazer get along so well.
鈥 Both Plato and Victoria are Bi and they Bi panick together as a couple.
鈥 Electra is a great listener and knows everybody's secrets. You want to know anything, you know that she knows. But she only opens her wise mouth when truly necessary.
鈥 Skimbleshanks has no kittens of his own, so he has a huge soft spot for the Toms and lets them play in the express's carrier carriage whenever it's not in activity.
鈥 Cassandra is a suave goddess and a killer business woman and one of those people that don't need to put effort in how good they look, they just look flawless as soon as they wake up.
鈥 Munkustrap receives gifts from nearly all kittens on father's day every year. Because yes, he deserves it.
鈥 Jemima and Electra have an inkling of Macavity's magic. Jemima can feel other people's feelings on herself like a mirror, while Electra has occasional visions and premonitions. Both of them can see Auras.
鈥 Okay but Alonzo x Electra (Alectra?) anyone?
鈥 On the same note Bombalurina x Cassandra because come on you guuuuys. Two beautiful Queens. Alone. No Tom good enough to hold their incredible power. They might as well help each other and become invincible lesbian moms.
鈥 Coritopat and Tantomile are also magical cats. They're telepaths.
鈥 Coricopat has a crush on Exotica and can't talk straight when around her. He stumbles into his words so bad that at some point he entertained the idea of having Tantomile tell him what to say telepathically so he doesn't look so stupid.
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hamilcastfan-2716 hours ago
What Happened at Last nights party? [Part 1]
After Waking up in Tugger鈥檚 Apartment complex after a long night of celebrating for Munkstraps and Demeter's engagement party, Mistoffelees finds himself being able to remember bits and parts from yesterday鈥檚 party with a bit of confusion of what happened and how he got there.
Thank the everlasting cat he has Rum tum tugger to help him fill in the blanks that are if he will actually tell him what actually happened.
What Happened at Last night鈥檚 party?
Sunlight streams golden through the curtains in a well-mannered announcement of the risen sun as it shined in the dim-lilted bedroom where the small form of a fair-skinned male with night-sky hair with white highlights and cat ears sat on top of his head as he curled up with his tail lying beside him as he groaned turning over in his sleep facing the window.
He groaned again as the sunlight came in contact with his face making him hiss softly as he slowly opened his blue and yellowish-orange eyes as he glared at the light that disturbs his peaceful slumber. Mistoffelees sat up in bed as he let out an annoyed groan before stretching his arms out as he blinked his eyes tiredly looking around.
Mistoffelees looked around the room in confusion as he groaned in pain as a pain-splitting headache racked his brain from his hangover.
鈥淲hat the hell happened last night鈥 He mumbled as he tried to remember where he was or what had happened as he tried to think of the events from last night.
Oh right鈥 He mutters as he put a hand on his forehead eyebrows crinkled together. 鈥淭he party with Bombalurina and Cassandra, Man that was a wild night鈥
The night with those two was a bit of a blurry spell. All he can recall was that they were in celebrating Munkstraps and Demeter's engagement and they all decide to go out to a club for a fun night of drinking and dancing.
He remembers seeing Tugger at the bar with Alonzo having a drinking contest seeing who can hold down their liquid as well as some random cat giving him some unwanted moves on him and that was it, some parts of his memory were a bit fuzzy on some of the edges here and there.
鈥淏ut how did I get here,鈥 Misto thought to himself as a mouthwatering smell filled his nose.
He got out of bed and opened the door to the bedroom as he left to go investigate the aroma, He walked downstairs peaking his head around the corner as he looked around.
The place was in a modern rock style touch that could use a little cleaning here and there with some quick vacuuming under the couch and wiping down the dust off of the glass table end table. The couch was a light grey fabrics with dark grey and red couch cushions with engraved patterned full of little squiggly line and a loop-after a loop, Misto walked over as he picked up the pillow moving his fingers across the design.
He heard a voice quietly humming in the kitchen as he walked over towards the room looking around the corner to see a tall male standing in front of the stove as he moved the pan around, His skinny long golden-brown tail with brown spots moved side to side as he ran a hand through his hair ears peaking up.
鈥淭-Tugger鈥 Misto questioned looking at him as the Maine coon turned to look at him a smile full on his lips.
鈥淥h good morning sparkles,鈥 He said cheerfully as he held the spatula in his hand 鈥淕ood to see that your wake鈥
Mistoffeleeswinced in pain as he held on to his head at the volume of Tugger鈥檚 voice while he walked over to the kitchen table sitting down while holding his head in his hands while his ears folded laying down on his hair, He grumbled a small 鈥淗ey鈥 while letting out a small groan.
Tugger walked over and pushed a warm glass of water and two Aspirin pills towards the tom as he walked back to the oven fixing breakfast for the both of them. The tom lifted his head from the table as he eyed the two tablets and a glass of water before hissing in pain as he took the tablets while drinking down some water to cure his hangover.
鈥淗angover huh??鈥 Tugger said glancing behind him as he eyed Misto who was now taking small sips of his water.
Mistoffelees just nods his head letting out a small sigh as Tugger walked over towards the table and sat down two pancakes with eggs and bacon as he set on the plates in front of him as well as silverware.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 this??鈥
Tugger chuckled at Tom as he exclaimed with humor 鈥淯hh Breakfast, What else鈥
Misto sighs as he picked up his fork rubbing his head as he picked at the pancakes 鈥淚 knew that鈥 He mutters as his stomach growled audibly causing him to blush.
The food smelled Incredible as he picked at it, He just hopes that it tastes as good as it smells, he stabbed at his pancake as he brought the floppy cake to his lips and took a small bite.
鈥淣ot so bad, At least he didn鈥檛 burn it like that last time he invited me over for breakfast鈥
He grabbed the bottle of maple syrup that was on the table as he drizzling it on top before eating licking the syrup off his lips looking up at tugger to see the Maine coon doing the same before eating.
The two ate in silence the only sound was their utensils clinking and hitting against the plates as they looked down at their breakfast, Misto looked up at Tugger as he watched him eat.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know if you wanted rice pudding or not, so I hope this is okay鈥 Tugger spoke breaking the silence.
Misto looked at Tugger as he cleared his throat while pressing his lips together.
鈥淣o, this is fine鈥
Tugger nodded his head going back to eat.
鈥淛ust ask him what happed last night鈥
鈥淛ust ask him what happed last night鈥
鈥淛ust ask him what happed last night鈥
鈥淛ust ask him already!!鈥
鈥淯mm, Hey Tugger??鈥 Misto asked breaking the silence yellow and blue eyes gazing into his light brown ones.
鈥淵es, Misto鈥 Tugger focusing his attention on him as he leaned his arms on the table.
Can you tell me what the heck happen last night鈥 He asked nervously rubbing the back of his neck eyes downcast?
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 remember what happened last night鈥 He inquired raising a brow at him looking shocked
鈥漌ell, I can recall bits and pieces but not all of it鈥 He chuckled tapping his fingers on the table 鈥淪o I wanted to know if you remember something鈥 Mistoffelees Questioned blinking at him with a nervous made its way on his lips.
Tugger leaned back in his chair as he looked up towards the ceiling as Misto watched him tap his chin before glossing over his face and smile. He chuckled before taking in a shape breath through his teeth.
鈥淲ell, last night's events were very interesting, most importantly when you got drunk and started to dance on the table in the bar with people cheering you on鈥 He grinned as he saw the horrified expression on Misto face.
鈥淚 did what鈥..鈥
鈥淵ou danced on bar tables last night with Bombalurina, It was so hilarious that Victoria and Coricopat couldn鈥檛 help but take pictures and videos. Man you were really hitting those high notes too鈥
Mistoffelees couldn鈥檛 hardly believe what he was hearing, He. The magical Mr. Mistoffelees was drunkenly singing and dancing while on a bar table, How much did he drink last night as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat only to hiss in pain.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 funny, When did my ass start to hurt,鈥 He thought as he rubs a hand down his face looking down at the chair legs moving side to side, hoping that Tugger didn鈥檛 notice.
Tugger noticed all right, But he did decide not to comment anything about it.
鈥淥h dear everlasting cat, that鈥檚 embarrassing鈥
鈥淓mbarrassing yes but funny I almost pissed my pants while laughing. You were singing and dancing all over. Seemed like that alcohol really loosed you up at lot鈥 Tugger hummed
鈥淲hat else happened??鈥 Mistoffelees utter as he swallowed as a cold feeling washed over him as he saw the Maine coon smile grow even wider on his face.
鈥淎fterwards, I brought you home鈥. Well, Munkustrap brought me home with you, He offered to take you home as well but you were so adamant that you wanted to come home with me. He was a little shocked by your decision but remember that you were as drunk as I was, so he let you鈥
Misto opened his mouth to say something but decided against it 鈥淲hat else happened鈥
鈥淲e had a very intense make-out session, it was rough that you had me against the wall and then well.鈥 He let鈥檚 not mention that intensely make out session that we had together鈥
The tuxedo cat groaned as he really didn鈥檛 really want to hear any more of this story.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e telling me that we made out last night鈥 Mistoshuddered 鈥淚s that all that happened鈥
Tugger shook his head as he ate his food 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not all that happened last night鈥 running a hand through his hair 鈥淵ou sure you want to know what happened鈥
鈥淵es, I want to know what happened,鈥 Mistoffelees said growling 鈥淒on鈥檛 stop the story you bore!鈥
Tugger sighed as he shook his head as he crossed his arms glaring playfully at the tux 鈥淛ust for that, I鈥檓 not telling you what happened last night鈥
Misto eyes widened as he grinds his teeth together, his eyes went from confused to angrier quick 鈥淭ell me now or I鈥檒l turn into a tuna can!鈥
Tugger shook his head 鈥淣ope, You wanna call me a bore鈥 He replied playful 鈥淪o no ending鈥
Mistoffelees knew that Tugger was a pure nuisance and the Joker when it came telling those make up stories about him being courageous to his little 鈥渇an club鈥 But when Misto looked into his best friend's brown eyes as he could see is the seriousness within them.
鈥淥kay, Fine I鈥檓 sorry for getting angry at you鈥 Misto apologized 鈥淐an you please tell me鈥
鈥淗mmm, Nah I鈥檓 too tired now,鈥 Tugger said as he faked a yawned getting up from his seat taking his and misto plates walking away from him as he dumped their food and started to wash the dishes.
Misto eyes widened as he eyed his friend as he walked out of the kitchen, The sounds of footsteps were heard as Tugger went up the stairs leaving Misto there with a slightly painful headache and his ass feeling some hit him multiply times on it as he got up shakily as he got up and walked out of the room letting out a sigh.
鈥淪o much for getting some words out of the rum tum tugger鈥 Misto mumbled 鈥淲hy won鈥檛 he just tell me what happened鈥 He growled as he looked down at himself before walking up the stairs to get his things.
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demons-incorrect-alw16 hours ago
*Mr. Mistoffelees enters, to the sound of dramatic music*
Mr. Mistoffelees: ...Huh, thanks for the musical cue!
The Rum Tum Tugger: Any time, baby!
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i-overanalyze-musicals17 hours ago
Here's another tuggoffelees tiktok
The theme: tol pestering smol
On my way to find more lol
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the-rum-tum-hatter18 hours ago
I've never watched tts but annapantsus cover of crossing the line is so good for my villain tugger au. Like it's got all the angst i pictured and how he feels and why he leaves the tribe im screaming lol
ngl in normal cannon i see Munk not being the best big brother in the world as a kitten. Tugger sees it as Munks holding him back and Macavity manipulates and uses him and that's enough to break him
also here mac and bomba are mates who have electra and munk and dem have sillabub and jemima, so while tugger has feelings for misto here, he doesn't do anything about it and probably feels incredibly lonely. Mac and Munk attend to their protector/leader duties, their dads barely around, and their mom left years before
he runs away thinking he's better on his own, clearly not learning that lesson from griz. on his own, no one holds him back, no one uses him, he's not just seen as the annoying little brother that all the elders look down on. no one asks him why can't he be like his brothers anymore. he's spent his whole life in their shadows, but now he's in the spotlight
tugger is my favorite idk why i give him sm angst and sorrow
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linadoondrawsa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATS - Tiny Tugger (my beloved)
*gently holds*
Here鈥檚 my Commission Sheet!
Hit me on chat if you鈥檙e interested!
If you like my art, please consider supporting me on Patreon ( or Ko-fi (! 鈾
Reblogs are very appreciated! 鈾モ櫏
This is my art. Do NOT use/repost/copy/trace.
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i love how based on who you hc as Tugger and/or Munk's mom, you can make their lives absolutely miserably or happy and fluffy
Grizabella 馃槶馃槶馃拃馃拃馃挃馃挃 or Jennyanydots 馃グ馃グ鉁ㄢ湪馃挄馃挄
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so what was your favorite bomba moment
Thanks for asking! I鈥檓 gonna say either when she interrupted Mistoffelees and Tumblebrutus during the jellicle ball, or when Pouncival stuck his ass up so she would touch it during Rum Tum Tugger鈥檚. Both always make me laugh.
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favorite chorus cat and favorite principal cat?
well my favorite chorus cat would be bombalurina. a least predictable answer. would be demeter
my favorite principal charachter is either tugger or jenny
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munku-collara day ago
Rum Tum Tugger: So what's everyone's favorite spot in the Junkyard?
Munkustrap: Demeter's lap
Bombalurina: Demeter's lap
Mungojerrie: Demeter's lap
Rum Tum Tugger: Are you serious? You can't all think that.
Mungojerrie: Buddy, have you ever laid your head in her lap? Has she ever scratched your ear and rubbed your shoulder?
Bombalurina: Naps in Deme's lap are godlike. She's so warm and soft. There's a reason I'm always in her den, Tugger.
Munkustrap: [to Bomba] You frequently cut into my lap time, but yes, I wholeheartedly agree.
Rum Tum Tugger: Are you serious??
Everyone: Yes!
Rum Tum Tugger: ....Well shit.
Rum Tum Tugger: [Yells] Hey Demeter????
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(after they get into a fight and break up)
rum tum tugger: well... i still have your underwear
bombalurina: i still have your virginity
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ive seen a bunch of posts abt electra being bomba's daughter through macavity and ofc im like hell yeah???
but combine that with jemima also being his daughter through demeter. ofc theres so many possibilites w that. but. i cant help focusing on the mental image of munkustrap and tugger suddenly like "oh shit we have kids now"
like tug and bomba arent dating anymore, but ofc he helps her raise electra platonically. he calls electra his daughter and ofc misto helps out, too! ("wow, electra, your mom let's you have two dads!" - etcetera)
(not to mention the angst of both girls being their brother's daughters like. imagine the discussions between the two brothers??)
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the-rum-tum-hattera day ago
*about baby tugger*
Old Deutoronomy: "My sweet, sweet son, Tugger just asked why he can't quit school and I said it's because they'll put me in jail."
Old Deutoronomy: "He deadass looked me in the eyes and said "I'll visit you.""
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catsonstairsa day ago
Here is my first attempt to make a gif on tumblr, but more importantly, something I've noticed a few mins ago-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mr Mistoffelees in the background, checking on a big black nothing his bf during The Journey to the Heavyside Layer
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