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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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10 km Nocturninos.

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Part One /Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

Words: 1266
Pairing: Tony Stark & Reader  
Timeline: The Avengers [2012]  
Other Info: Run AU  
Summary: It’s four years later and the morning that the Avengers are supposed to unite for the first time. What starts out as a casual discussion between Tony and Reader about whether or not she gets to meet the Avengers, turns into a family moment about Serina’s place in the middle of two joint families. 
A/N:  This is two days late, but hopefully it’s worth the wait. 


May 2012

It was the morning of the Big Day. You and Tony had been working with SHIELD for years to help Director Fury assemble the team that would as of today be known as The Avengers. Today the others would finally meet for the first time. You woke up early, got dressed and cooked breakfast for your family. You got the kids ready for school and woke Tony.

He grumbled and groaned as he got dressed. He tugged on his old Black Sabbath t-shirt. He’d had it as long as you could remember. The original black of the material had faded to a greyish and you were surprised the shirt still fit. Truthfully the arms fit too tight, but they showed off his biceps. You supposed he’d chosen this shirt on purpose. He pulled on a pair of jeans he found on the floor and crossed the room to kiss you.

“Run?” He suggested hopefully, raising a playful eyebrow at you.

“You have to go Tony.” You said, lovingly adjusting the out of shape collar of his t-shirt. “And I think it’s time to retire this shirt.”

“But Mom what if the other kids make fun of me? Or they want to play with my expensive toys?” He complained, swooping in for another kiss.

“Now we know where Eddie gets his whining from.” You rolled your eyes at your husband’s dramatics. “C’mon, I’ve got breakfast ready and the kids dressed. We’ve gotta hurry if we want to get there before everyone else.” You stepped out into the hall and started walking towards the kitchen.

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- Vivre pieds-nus -

La plus belle découverte que j’ai faite quand j’ai revu entièrement ma façon d’être, c’est la mobilité du pied.

Nous sommes nés avec des pieds, cela paraît étrange comme découverte, mais ce rapport aux pieds, nous n’en avons pas forcément conscience.

Enveloppée dans des chaussettes et chaussures en journée, échauffée dans des chaussons en soirée, camouflée la nuit sous un drap, cette partie du corps est enfermée, conditionnée, « confinée », sans très peu voir le jour !

Mais un pied est un capteur sensoriel incroyablement puissant qui doit être sollicité, car cela permet de vivre en conscience et donc de participer à votre équilibre vital, associé à une alimentation adaptée et une gestion émotionnelle réfléchis.

Ce que je vois, comme vous en ce moment (car nous sommes un peu plus sur les réseaux sociaux en ce moment, il faut bien l’avouer) ce sont les soi-disant « coach sportif » bien musclés et bien bronzés qui font de jolies démos/tutos en chaussures ET en intérieur. Mais WTF ?! Un des plus beaux cadeaux que vous pouvez vous faire durant ce confinement, c’est d’être pieds nus chez vous. Une façon de vous ancrer autant que possible dans votre cocon, d’y être totalement présent.

Une façon de travailler votre chakra racine (l’ancrage) et chakra cœur (l’amour), car en vous ancrant, vous entretenez votre bien être énergétique : vous vous déchargez de toutes vos tensions émotionnelles.

Le froid vous fait peur, car le sol de votre maison ou appartement est recouvert de carrelage… Facile d’entretien, c’est une aberration énergétique, car le coefficient de perte thermique du carrelage est un des plus élevé (réfléchir à couvrir ce sol d’un parquet, quand nous pourrons sortir à nouveau). Déplacez-vous et faites votre sport intérieur en chaussettes épaisses, c’est déjà une belle avancée, même si vos appuis vous paraissent aléatoires, c’est en persévérant que ces appuis se renforceront.

Sommes-nous nés avec des chaussures ?

# Vidéo captée le 05/04/20 devant chez moi : oui, je suis sorti ;-)
#run #runningyogi #running #sport #marche #barefoot #piedsnus #ancrage #energetique #coach #reflexologieplantaire #reflexo #hygienedevie

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Gym Update

I went to the gym for the first time since they closed due to the Coronavirus today!

With my recent move, my home is much further from both the gym and my work, so I have to get crafty about how to fit it into my schedule. My fiancé and I woke up early this morning and went before work, and it was amazing!

I thought I was going to be so much more tired, but it really wasn’t bad at all. Plus, once I got moving, I naturally woke right up.

I almost turned the alarm off and just went back to bed, but then I found that I wasn’t falling immediately asleep, so I decided I had better just get up and do what I planned, and I am so glad I did. It felt amazing to get a run in first thing in the morning, plus it gave me a good chance to bond with my fiancé. I even woke up early enough to make us some breakfast before we got ready for work.

I will say, my abilities have been significantly impacted since I haven’t been able to run for the last few months, so I couldn’t run nearly as fast or as hard as usual, but I know that if I just keep working on it, I’ll be back to where I was in no time. Even though my run was much slower and easier than I used to be able to do, it was still very fulfilling. I feel great, and I’m super excited to be able to go to the gym again!

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