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#run with the wind

I’m still working on this Yuki/Shindo fic. It’s 10K and they haven’t even hooked up yet. This is from a later scene, though.

“My step-dad doesn’t understand me, anyway.” Yuki’s eyes narrowed behind his glasses. “I don’t think he’d react well if I brought home a man.” He sighed and eyed Shindo, who was looking increasingly uncomfortable. “And what about yours? If you’re set on telling people, let’s start with your family.”

“Mine?” Shindo was incredulous. “My family is too conservative. They might disown me and remove my name from the business altogether.” He frowned. “I can’t do anything else. I spent my whole life on that farm.”

“Then it’s decided.” Shindo looked up. “We’re not telling anyone.” Yuki furrowed his brow, unsure of how they were going to navigate a long-distance relationship and also keep it secret. His family would be no problem, since he rarely saw them anyway, but Shindo–he was too earnest for his own good.

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I switched tablet when I drew this, and all the screen resolution was messed up because of multiple levels of automatic scaling of programs in windows, and I was like WHAT IS THIS BLURRY MESS.

I just really wanted to draw when they finished their section of the run and finally arrive at Otemachi. Kakeru and ouji were still on their way, King was probably also on his way, and Haiji would be running. 

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dear Loooordd when I get to heaavennn, please let me brinngg mYY MANNNN
this is basically an exposée y’all know too much now

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What the fuck. Run with the Wind gets a 10/10, I don’t even care anymore that was the best shit I’ve seen in a hot minute

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Graduation / 6 pages

My contribution to  the zine, Meteor Road.

It is technically something of a snippet of a longer story I want to draw that I still have a hard time getting down to…

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Oh I’m totally not losing my shit over the fact that Hinata Shoyo was mentioned in Run with the Wind, of course not

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Run with the Wind episodes end with so many cliffhangers, I don’t even wanna know what the people who watched it in simulcast felt lmfao

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Wait forget what I said, Haiji looks like Oikawa’s and Ushijima’s lovechild

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so i binge watched a sports anime recently … 

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