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smashing-quotes · 12 minutes ago
Dark Pit: Why does everybody always assume Robin has a plan? Maybe someone else has a plan.
Robin: Good. Go ahead.
Dark Pit: Oh, that was just hypothetically.
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incorrect-nightmares · 59 minutes ago
RK: must you always attack me with your words?
six: would you prefer me to use rocks?
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scontursi · an hour ago
Mets: Don't Blink Because They Just Might Run Away With This Thing
Mets: Don’t Blink Because They Just Might Run Away With This Thing
The Mets have taken back-to-back series from the potent Padres. Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t carry forward to a runaway in the NL East.  While the Mets may give pause to the Philadelphia Phillies for being the first team in the NL East to climb back to an even.500 record, they’re taking care of business for themselves, and that’s all that matters. Mets Billy McKinney – Taking advantage of…
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incorrect-nightmares · 3 hours ago
RK: i heard an interesting rumor about myself today
six: only one? i started at least twelve
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shoosoo · 4 hours ago
‏‎‏210613| لقد مرّ عام واحد منذُ تحديث سيهون على الانستقرام بهذا الفيديو. ‎ #ToEXOPlanetAndBeyond #DONT_FIGHT_THE_FEELING #Just_as_usual #지켜줄게 #Runaway #No_matter #훅 #Paradise #파라다이스 #EXO #엑소 @weareone.exo ‎‏
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shoosoo · 4 hours ago
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‏‎‏210613| تهانينا! وصل عدد مَبيعات ألبوم اكسو DFTF إلى أكثر مِن 900,000 ألف مَبيع على موقع "هانتيو" لِوحدهِ حتى الأن! ‎ #ToEXOPlanetAndBeyond #DONT_FIGHT_THE_FEELING #Just_as_usual #지켜줄게 #Runaway #No_matter #훅 #Paradise #파라다이스 #EXO #엑소 @weareone.exo ‎‏
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lorelnessa · 5 hours ago
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Like, name one thing about them that isn't perfect.
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na-anak-pagtingdagdag · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
as i was watching Joe Wright's film HANNA, i can't help but notice some resemblance in terms of the vibes into some of the scenes that relates to the singer AURORA's music videos 😳🤯 specifically from her music video Runaway [the scene where Hanna and her Dad were in Finland] and Apple Tree [the scene where Hanna was in a desert]. ❄️🏜 @aurora-daily
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huevobuevo · 8 hours ago
If your stil doing the little nightmares ask game, 👁 and/or ⚰️
👁 - Favorite Monster
Gugh gig I’m not gonna count tm cause ya he spooky but he ain’t like SPOOKY spooky!! Ya kno??
Anyways it’s gotta be the Doctor. What a big fuckung dude!!! Got damn!!!!! Fucked up evil Science and Shit!!!!! Already husband material on god 🧍🏽‍♂️
His part made me sob the most cause wtf why is it so dark!!! Bitch you get paid more then my mama and she can still afford the lightning!!! Fix ur got damn electricity smfh. The doctor makes such fucked up little critters wtf babe muamua estupid
⚰️ - Saddest Death
Ok basic as fuck but ghuhjgggigh. Runaway. Wtf... He’s just a little critter... His ass got Got. .....He was so close..... Fuck you Tarsier......:Let my man go.........He ain’t do nothin wrong!!! 😤✊🏼
besides that unique answer (/sarcasm) TM obviously. Wtf my man got got several times!!! Trapped in this estupid loop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s just tryna LEAVE !!!!! LET MY MAN GO HE AINT DOIN NOTHIN WRONG!!!!
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shoosoo · 8 hours ago
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‏‎‏210613| تجاوزت مشاهدات اوست تشانيول 'Minimal Warm' حاجز الـ2 مليون مشاهدة على اليوتيوب. #ToEXOPlanetAndBeyond #DONT_FIGHT_THE_FEELING #Just_as_usual #지켜줄게 #Runaway #No_matter #훅 #Paradise #파라다이스 #EXO #엑소 @weareone.exo ‎‏
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thepopaddict · 9 hours ago
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En Vogue - Runaway Love (EP)
Runaway Love is an extended play released by En Vogue in 1993. The EP spawned three singles, and also reaching #49 in the US. The EP contains six tracks, and one of which is a collaborative effort of the group with rap group Salt-N-Pepa called “Whatta Man” which was released as a single the same year.
Track List:
Runaway Love (EP Version) [feat. FMob]
Whatta Man (Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue)
Hip Hop Lover (Hip Hop Remix)
Desire (Dancehall Remix)
What Is Love (Club Mix)
Runaway Love (Extended Version) [feat. FMob]
Here are some of the tracks:
Runaway Love
A cool summer groovy track with some funk and r&b influences that make surely satisfy your cravings for good music. The funky groove tune of the song has its simplicity that makes you feel relaxed and while En Vogue’s harmonies will make you feel refreshed.
Whatta Man
Whatta Man is a collaborative effort between Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue that oozes a swaggy women’s anthem. This women anthem has a different energy: it is women telling us what they like on their men, and praised them for it. Unlike your usual women’s anthem that don’t rely on men.
What Is Love (Club Mix)
A very good remixed dance track that didn’t drowned the song from overproduced trance beats and synths. This version is like a fusion of Robin S. “Show Me Love” and Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” but still sounding different, and good at the same time.
Picture Gallery:
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ruv-on-the-run · 11 hours ago
(is it funny that the moment Swap Ruv gets turned into a child, regular Ruv quickly gets turned into one shortly afterwards?)
((if you mean normal ruv but small then that's even better.
the anons are working together i swear
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psssh-its-pastel · 11 hours ago
Body conscious!reader who’s into the make-out session initially, but shuts down and absconds when itching fingers slide up their clothes seeking skin—teasing the waistband of their garments desiring the heat within.
Tumblr media
This is rated ‘s’ for spice. 🌶
Tumblr media
Aizawa groans into your kiss, showing his enjoyment with a roll against your print. His teeth beseech entrance to your lips, an impatient tongue breaking past your defenses when you give in. He rolls you down into the couch with each moan from his willing throat, reverberated through your mouths as he gives and inspires one with the insistent nudge of his hips. Grasping your palm, the hero interlocks your hands, squeezing tighter the more desperate he gets. His hold is returned sevenfold. Eager, you buck upwards to meet him—needful and wanting another press of the outline straining his trousers—the bulge wonderfully warm and heavy—thick. So snug against your heated core, providing the relief you sought from the need deep within with every rut. The perfect fit. Shouta’s eagerness was felt as much as it was seen, it dampened the crotch of your outfit.
You’d call it a whine, but stoic Shouta Aizawa didn’t whine. His eyes do when they find you, pants fan over your skin, mint and cinnamon. He leans on your forehead for support, catching his breath.
“Can I…?”
You’re confused as he trails, leaving his question in the air.
He makes his request known by way of exploring fingers, asking for permission to touch you when they glide up, idling at your stomach.
He’s confused as you recoil—attempting to squish yourself into the cushions to escape.
“Kitten?” His voice sobers, clear of the carnal daze he’d been under. Sitting up, he allows you to scurry from underneath him. Shouta calls out for you, but you’re already slamming your door shut.
Was…it something he did?
Your hair rises like an agitated cat, spooked from the gentle knocking that follows immediately afterwards. You whip to face the door just as an even softer voice addresses you.
“Kitten? (Name)?” He tries your birth name when you don’t reply.
You’re too embarrassed. You don’t want to face him right now.
You probably made him feel terrible, and all because of your stupid insecurities.
“Did I do something you didn’t like?”
You hear him lean against the door.
“Would tell me what it was so I don’t repeat it?”
You’re too mortified to tell him you loved everything.
“Can I come in?”
You’d die.
A sigh comes form behind the door. There’s a dull thump.
“Could you at least let me know you’re okay?”
You do.
“‘m…I’m fine.”
Another sigh, although this one is relief.
“I’ll be sitting here waiting when you’re ready to talk to me.”
He’s going to be waiting a long time.
— — —
Hizashi is equally perplexed when you jet after he’d put his greedy little paws on your chest.
You were clearly interested. They just couldn’t figure out why you squirmed away from them when you were squirming to get closer mere seconds ago.
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The DJ doesn’t let you wiggle away this time.
Tumblr media
Your retreat is halted by a hand snagging your arm. You’re pulled back into a warm chest.
“Not so fast, sugar. Ya can’t keep teasin’ us like that.” He makes you comfortable in his lap. “You can’t rub all up on us and go ghost without warning, yo.”
“Why don’t you tell us why you always shy away?” Shouta takes your uncooperative hands in his.
“Are we doing something you don’t like?”
“It…it isn’t you, it’s me.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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