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I’ve been putting WAY to much thought into a Pro-Wrestling Marvel AU and I want to do some soundboard stuff.  

Because why not?  

Alright, in the “Atlas Wrestling Federation” they have a televised development league similar to NXT, where characters from Champions, Young Avengers, Runaways, etc, all do their stuff. 

My Question for you is this:  Who are the current title holders and who are the contenders.  

We got the main men and women’s titles, a men’s tag-team and women’s tag-team title to fill out.  

My current thoughts? 

The Men’s champion, or the guy who wins it the most often, is obvious Miles Morales.  

I can think of Nova and Amadeus Cho as contenders, but few others.  

Women’s champion?  Easily Kamala Khan.  

Nadia probably made a run for the belt recently, as did Andi Benton.  Gwenpoole had a better run against her than most, but Kamala still reigns.  But is there anyone else to consider? 

Tag Team Champions?  This is where it’s getting harder.  

Men’s division champions are easily Hulkling and Wiccan, but who is out there challenging them for it? 

Women’s Division?  Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean, having recently defeated the team of America Chavez and Kate Bishop.  Anya Corazon and May Parker may also be a tag-team to consider.

But again, I turn to you, Internet, for ideas. 

And… because Marvel treats its teen villains worse than its teen heroes, It’s hard to think of who the top ‘heels’ in the show are.  Most of the characters I mentioned are ‘faces’ or at least ‘heels with face heat’ like Stone Cold back in the day. 

But who are the top true heels?  Becky St. Jude/Lockdown?  The Young Masters?  The Freelancers? Skaar the Son of the Hulk? 


I’ve given this so much thought I’m sort of paralyzed by all the data I have.  

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y’all i’m bummed about QFX being rescheduled and not getting to see Ariela in May and also am having a hard time finishing any of the 24854596785 gertchase fics i have half written so

send me a prompt for post-canon gertchase or gen runaways stuff and i’ll give you a drabble/ficlet/headcanon/maybe it’ll make me finish a fic i have started lmao. post-canon stuff i’ve already written is here.

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I can’t believe it every time I come across a milestone like this: 1500 people following me? Really? For the OP that made a gifset for Picasso the dog

In all seriousness though: sending my love and gratitude to everyone who takes time out of your busy days to visit my corner of Tumblr. Your support (…and witty tags) means so much and I can’t thank you all enough! I hope that you enjoy reading through my content as much as I enjoy posting it. <3


  • make sure you’re following THIS crazy blog
  • reblog this post (please*)
  • send me an ask for one of the goodies below
  • stay tuned over the next few weeks to see your requests!
    (I mean, what better way to get through this hiatus?)

Accepting requests for any of the fandoms you see on my page [I’ll list a few here in the tags] as you can see The 100 is my current obsession for the last two years, but I’m open to any fandom I’m familiar with don’t be shy! 

Send me YOUR requests for…

  • Make me choose
  • Send me a character + ?
  • Send me a ship/brotp/dynamic
  • Your fave scene/episode/season/quote
  • Moodboards
  • Drabbles

I’m tagging a bunch of awesome folks below to get the ball rolling, but everyone is welcome to join in! Once they’re done, all requests will be tagged with  #1.5kfollowerscelebrate! 

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Andrés Genolet (A)
Cover by KRIS ANKA
• The Runaways get approached by a mysterious figure with an offer to form a new Super-Team to protect Los Angeles!
• Who is this mysterious figure, and how will he convince the least-team-oriented kids in the Marvel U?!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Marvel Talk

So another one of these because honestly I’m a fan of it so why shouldn’t I talk about a topic I enjoy

So with the move to marvel tv potentially decanonising most of the marvel tv shows we already have and we’re still awaiting the arrival of the mutants what if the next big event was Secret War however the beyonder decided to take things in a slightly different direction where he draws hero’s and villains across the multiverse, so we could see the runaways, agents of sheild maybe even the Netflix hero’s alongside some of the main movie characters, villain wise this could give us all sorts of mixes and honestly have some villains interact and team up (something that has been lacking a bit from the MCU so far), it could even link into the what if series in a way

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