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[20 May 2022]
“With one letter [our employer] sent us away, and our dialogue turned into a monologue,” says Anton Gorb, a trade union representative at Ukraine’s largest private postal service, New Post. [...]
In March, the Ukrainian parliament passed wartime legislation that severely curtailed the ability of trade unions to represent their members, introduced ‘suspension of employment’ (meaning employees are not fired, but their work and wages are suspended) and gave employers the right to unilaterally suspend collective agreements.
But beyond this temporary measure, a group of Ukrainian MPs and officials are now aiming to further ‘liberalise’ and ‘de-Sovietise’ the country’s labour laws. Under a draft law, people who work in small and medium-sized firms – those which have up to 250 employees – would, in effect, be removed from the country’s existing labour laws and covered by individual contracts negotiated with their employer. More than 70% of the Ukrainian workforce would be affected by this change.
Against a background of concerns that Ukrainian officials are using Russia’s invasion to push through a long-awaited radical deregulation of labour laws, one expert has warned that the introduction of civil law into labour relations risks opening a “Pandora’s box” for workers. [...]
But in April, under Ukraine’s wartime suspension of certain labour rights – which was billed as ‘temporary’ – New Post’s management revoked 30 points of the collective agreement with the trade union.
Most of these points relate to coordination of working conditions with trade unions, but also some social guarantees, such as providing workers with uniforms, the availability of a first-aid kit at the workplace, working hours and others. [...]
“De facto, this regime assumes that literally anything can be entered into an employee’s employment contract, without reference to Ukrainian labour laws. For example, additional grounds for dismissal, liability, or even a 100-hour week,” explains Sandul.
Ukrainian workers had previously protested against the introduction of this law, but as protests have now been banned by the Ukrainian government (using wartime emergency powers) it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stop it going through.
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Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the original folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered Ukrainian clothes called vyshyvanka. It is celebrated every third Thursday of May. This year the way and the style of celebrating are "slightly" different.
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Postcard by Vladimir Zarubin (1993)
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I am saying it already but maybe any of you need more educated people to say it
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Our tax money is always available for war! But when there's an emergency and we need our tax money back, there's suddenly not enough.
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Why pay taxes at all?
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"It’s very important to help the victims. There are a number of refugees in Ukraine and in Russia, too, a certain number of lives have been shattered... It’s important to help all the victims and to help those who are sent to fight and the families have no income anymore. Artists have to help these people and I do so myself". This is a quote from the press conference of Russian film director Kirill Serebrennikov whose film is participating in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival.
Let's take a closer look at what he said to European journalists. Serebrennikov proposes to support not only Ukrainian families affected by the war, but also the families of Russian soldiers who torture and kill Ukrainians, rape Ukrainian children, loot etc (we have too much evidence that Putin didn't do everything by himself only). Once again - Serebrennikov offers to support the families of Russians who are committing genocide against Ukrainians RIGHT NOW. And he supports them himself.
This is just one piece of the puzzle to the image of the director presented as a "dissident" by the festival and many journalists. By the way, this director made his film with the money of oligarch Abramovich who is under sanctions now. The director who was friends with Vladislav Surkov and staged his play in the theater. Do you know who Surkov is? He used to be Putin's right-hand man and he is one of the brightest representers of Russian hybrid war against Ukraine and the implementer of the fifth column system in Ukraine.
Well, the "dissident Serebrennikov" staged a play by Surkov, that was a mistake and it happened before Russia's war against Ukraine, someone might say. Serebrennikov was under house arrest for years then. Yes, it seems so. And then he was released just in time to tell European journalists about pity for Russian soldiers and Russian culture, "which is not guilty of anything."
"Boycotting Russian culture strikes me as unbearable - Russian culture has always promoted human values, the fragility of man, the compassion one can have," said Serebrennikov. “Russian culture has always been anti-militaristic and anti-war". Can you hear the sound? That's me laughing. And you?
..."I don't think Serebrennikov is really a dissident ..." a French journalist and critic told me yesterday evening. I'm glad you noticed. But many others don't. I spoke to the press attache of the festival the other day, and he was sincerely impressed by my attitude to the presence of Serebrennikov's film in the official competition of the festival. "You have to tell our journalists about it, because this is a very unexpected and interesting point of view." Unexpected? Well, everyone has their own surprises. Let's talk, I'm ready for interviews and discussions about the families of Russian soldiers who "need to be supported now".
You can find the article about Serebrennikov's press conference here
By Iryna Tsilyk
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                                                      Heads Up
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If you thought that war in Ukraine is not your problem - russia specifically said they are at war with you. You may think it doesn't concern you, but russia will make it your problem. Now they have their hands full in Ukraine, but you better believe that if they could they would, quoting Lukashenko, "reach the English Channel". And that's not even mentioning the propaganda and hybrid information war they're waging against you every single day.
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The diagnosis is correct: the modern Russia is fascist, and Stalinism is of the same nature with Nazism.
And, yes, we should say it out loud, for the sake of all the past and future victims of the crimeful state.
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(c) Kateryna Kosheleva @tokkamak
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Roman Manukyan
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U.S. reclassifies WNBA star Brittney Griner as 'wrongfully detained' by Russia
"Brittney has been detained for 75 days and our expectation is that the White House do whatever is necessary to bring her home," Griner's agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, said in a statement to ESPN on Tuesday.
The change in official designation means that the U.S. government will no longer wait for Griner's case to play out through the Russian legal system and will seek to negotiate her return. It also means that Griner's fellow WNBA players and supporters in Congress will be told they have the family's blessing to bring as much attention to her case as they wish.
(more at the link above)
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Putin's Russia is the new 'evil empire'. Putin Russia is an enemy of human civilization. Putin Russians are butchers, murderers & rapists of women, children and the elderly. Putin Russians are dehumanized beasts! Only a dead Putin Russian is a good Russian.
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here be monsters
Only recently fully realised the depth of the abyss that divides the very nature of authorities and rulers from 'mortals' in the mind of many Russians. Was talking with my step-brother about all the madness around, and he told me about his coworker's recent arrest. She was detained by police for anti-war signs on her car, and in an attempt to convince her 'to come to her senses' cops threatened her with possible problems for her son.  He is graduating from school now, and is supposed to apply to university this summer, and they told her he won't be accepted and will be forcibly taken to the army if she'll continue with the 'extremist statements'. Obviously I went mad and was ranting angrily about the bastards, how can they believe this crazy shit, how can they think anything in this madness is okay, the police state, totalitarism, etc. Brother just sighed sadly and said -  well, they serve the state, they see it as their duty. And I just. Rebooted and yelled - but WE are the state. We, all the people who live in Russia - we are the country, not a bunch of oligarchs who think we're their property! They're supposed to protect us! And then we just sat here blinking at each other, crushed by the realisation how far 'the state' and 'the people' are removed from each other here.
  The ones in power are viewed as a completely separate entity, and everyone else is just dirt under their shoes, and there's no way to change it, and never was. It's hopeless, and woe to those who dares to point out the king is naked. Anyone who disagrees is either considered stupid and immature or punished for disobeying the laws of nature. Keep your head down and pretend not to notice the monsters, or they'll see you. And if they notice you, beware. And hell if I know how to convince them there’s a way to break the circle.
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“Rot in Spitzform”, 1926, Vassily Kandinsky.
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Torzhok, Tver’ rg., Russia
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