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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I’m looking for pen pals!

I’m trying to find some buddies to keep in contact with as I learn a bunch of languages! I’m looking for people who speak:

  • Spanish, especially Castilian
  • Russian
  • Arabic (Modern Standard)
  • Swahili
  • German
  • Latin

So if you speak any of these languages, feel free to send me a message! I’d also love to send letters back and forth. Really anything that helps me practice my target languages.

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I learn new words, too!

Though it is easy to guess what “pigheaded” means, I was curious enough to check the exact translation of the word into Russian. So, pigheaded in Russian would be тупоумный (hmm, ok), упрямый (nah), and, my favourite one, тупорылый, where -рыл- means “ snout”. Ah, the beauty of languages! 

If you are wondering what the context was, it was an epithet to a bunch of covidiot politicians

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for @nereb-and-dungalef and whoever may find it useful

the russian formal-informal you dichotomy may be quite tricky for people who don’t have it in their own language. hell, it may be tricky for russian people themselves! (speaking from my own experience here.) so, i thought i could maybe shed some light on this peculiar topic for russian learners who struggle with it.

general rule: whenever in doubt, use the formal you. sure, there are some people that will get offended if you adress them this way, but that’ll be on them, not on you.

some more in-detail explanations are under the cut.

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акушер /ɐkʊˈʂɛr/ noun, general – obstetrician, midwife

акушерка is a feminine version of the word. 

Моя мать работала акушером в сельской больнице. My mother worked as an obstetrician in a rural hospital.


Okay, it is day six of the handwriting challenge. One more word to go. 

You all have been doing very well! What I’ve learned so far is that non-native speakers can master Russian handwriting and often are better than some native speakers :) 

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