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#russian gp
pablogavi · a month ago
we’re in the alternate universe lmao
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Tumblr media
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The Now
Lando Norris x Reader
Universe: Formula 1
Requested: No
Warnings: Sad & Crying Lando, Recount of what happened to Lando in Sochi, One curse word, Angst.
Summary: Lando needs someone to lean on so you were there for him.
Type: Oneshot, Angst and Fluff, 1k words.
Tumblr media
On any other day, Lando would get irritated with his helmet after a race. Now, he was thanking it.
He approached Lewis and Lewis sent him a smile, though he wasn’t sure of the emotion being portrayed on his face. They shared a brotherly hug, and Lewis patted him on the back.
“You did good,” Lewis whispered, loud enough for him to hear but quiet enough for no one else to listen in. Lando only nodded.
“You did too.” His quiet voice was still heard by Lewis and he let him go, Lewis plastering a quick smile on his face. He then turned back to the camera and without looking back, Lando walked away, hearing words of praise fall from the winner’s lips. They would normally make him feel better but now, he just wanted to get away.
He sat on his bed, drained from all the driving, sentences of pity, and with all the ‘you’ll get it next time’ bullshit.
He wants to get it next time, he knows that he will, but he just wants to focus on the now, not the “next time.”
He had worked day in and day out for that moment. All the training didn’t go down the drain, no that wasn’t it. It was all the energy, all the hope that he put out in qualifying. That was what went down the drain. Sure, he could earn more of both, but he just wants to rest.
Two silent knocks were heard on his door and he sighed, rubbing his face. He sluggishly walked over and opened the door a little. He didn’t want to see anybody and he didn’t want anybody to see him. Well, he wanted to see one person and one person only and that was—
“Lando?” A small smile tugged at his lips when he heard your voice. He opened the door just enough for you to slip in and you closed the door behind you. When you turned back around, he was already on his bed, facing away from you, hugging a pillow close to his chest and burying his face in it. You bit back a whimper. Seeing him like this was absolutely heartbreaking.
He heard the sheets shuffle and a weight on the bed was added and he knew it was you but he couldn’t find the energy to face you. He kept staring at the wall, sucking in deep breaths so his tears wouldn’t fall.
“Lando, look at me.” You pleaded softly, not wanting to upset him. He groaned but complied, turning on the bed and lying on his side, facing you. You gave him a sad smile and pulled him close, his face in your neck.
“Go on, baby,” you whispered. “Let it out.” And with that, he broke.
His tears streamed down his face as he bit his lip, trying to contain his cries. You got your thumb and brushed it over his mouth, pulling his lip out of the confines of his white teeth. He let out a quiet sob, and he cried into your chest.
Your shirt was soaking wet from his tears but you paid it no mind. Your attention was all on Lando. You would be lying if you said you didn’t cry along with him. He was so disappointed and upset with himself that the sadness was radiating off him and onto you.
After a few minutes that felt like hours, his tears were still dripping from his eyes but his sobs went silent. His arms were wrapped around your middle and his face in your chest, nuzzling into you. You craned your neck and softly kissed his head, making him look up at you. He smiled but he moved off of your body. Instead, he opted to stay beside you. Lying on his side, he looked at you as you did the same.
You reached a hand up to caress his cheek and he leaned into your touch, tilting the side of his head to kiss your palm. You sent a light smile to him, rubbing his tear-stained cheek with your thumb.
“It’s alright, Lando.” You quip comfortingly. He was expecting you to say something like “there’s still next time” or “you can make it another time” but you said, “It just wasn’t meant to be, today. You’ll come back stronger. I just know it.”
He nodded, your voice making everything a hundred times better. He felt you cuddle up to him, your foot going on top of his body and your arms wrapping around his waist and now it was your turn to bury your head in his chest.
“Next time, don’t panic. And trust your crew,” You playfully slapped him on the arm, making him chuckle. “I hope you apologized to your engineer, he absolutely did not deserve to be shouted at. I know you were very stressed out but still, go apologize.”
“I already did.” His voice came out scratchy, due to the long time of crying but it was perfectly fine.
“That’s good,” You traced his stomach, leaving electric shocks in their touch. You moved closer to him. “Now go get some rest. You’ll need it.” You told him but he didn’t respond. Your eyebrows furrowed, confusion washing over you until you looked up at him and you stifled a giggle.
He was out like a light, soft snores leaving him. His eyes were closed with his head tilted down to you. You grin softly, carefully pushing yourself up with your elbows. You placed a kiss on the top of both his eyebrows, a kiss on the nose, and a kiss on the cheek.
Your heart ached, why, you don’t know. Maybe it was because he was so close to getting it but he slipped. Maybe it was because he looked happier now than before. Maybe because he looked so at peace with himself with his eyes closed and his breathing steady. Maybe, maybe not, but you didn’t think about the why and the how.
You thought about the now. And right now, there’s a man beside you who needs you, so you’re there, just beside him.
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formulahannah · a month ago
Tumblr media
@AstonmartinF1:Same, Seb... but at least we're dry. 🤷
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tricciardo · a month ago
Sochi will be like:
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brilliantskies · a month ago
“From the information I got told that’s what led to my decision to say ‘No I wanna stay out’ and from that information it was correct. And I stand by that and I think I made the right decision. But all together it was the wrong decision to win the race.”
Lando talks to Ziggo Sport F1 after the Russian Grand Prix
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sharlleglerg · a month ago
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all i can see is lestappen together
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pablogavi · a month ago
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Tumblr media
#first pole feels
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danielavocadof1 · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Daniel Ricciardo | Thursday, September 23, 2021 | Russian GP
Daniel playing table tennis 🏓
(Sergei Grits)
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realnosts-blog · 23 days ago
*is having the most devastating race in his F1 career*
Lando Norris: oh no .... anyway. Do you wanna see
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tricciardo · a month ago
Latifi right now:
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adrena-dine · a month ago
Russian GP 2021: a summary
yeah i am back
everybody got scared of the rain
and we were damn right to be
carlos has never watched a marvel movie and pierre got so shocked about it that dude is ready to land him his disney+ account
seb did an attempt of making Kimi laugh with a Seb joke™️and failed
a kid asked Charles if he likes éclairs ?????? idk whether to cry or to laugh
daniel complimented mick until the poor boy didnt know what to say anymore
alpha tauri race poster looks like stalinian propaganda
cancelled races and practices
seb went into mclaren facility to have a pingpong game with lando and daniel
which lando won
and then we had the most brillaint daniel ricciardo's tweet EVER
well "daniel's" *cough cough*
anyway those two aint awkward anymore. Ultimate proof: they watch compilation of vines together, if it's not real friendship idk what it is
apparently seb has a charity. this man is impressing me more and more
while the f1 paddock was calmly waiting for the rain to stop, f2 and f3 people were fighting not to drown
charles and max starting alongside hihi besties were together <3
"CARLANDO FRONT ROW" It's not me who said it, it's carlos himself
best front row of the season, y'all won't change my mind
angey pierre
yuki shyly asking if pierre is mad at him, pls stop sir i already have a soft spot for you
mick stole fia's job and censored his words himself, i stan (1) multifunctionnal man
mercedes decided to sacrifice Bottas once again, would they spare this man one day ?
no rain finally
Carlos promised lando that he was going to overtake him at the start and he did it
lewis struggling in the traffic
pitstops drama
the aston martin making contact again
amazing fights, then boredom, then fights, then boredom then RAIN
and then: chaos.
at this point they were just doing some ice skating, funny enough they were in sochi
Yuki decided to put soft while they were all in intermediate. He is f crazy but he is ✨free✨
lando got fucked by his tyres
lando's loss is heartbreaking. I want to cry.
congrats to lewis for his 100th win tho, what record does this man still havent broken ?
lewis and max 1-2, who would have thought ? not me
lewis hugging lando at the end, i want to cry even more pls
the championship is closer than never
anyway see ya in turkey
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f1stuffpsd · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
100x SIR LEWIS HAMILTON [headers]
like/reblog if you save ♡
only suggestions!
credits on twitter: @f1stuffpsd
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