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#rusty venture

It’s GIF day 22! -> Seasons 1 (ep 13-14)

Aaaaand I suddenly understood I need to rewatch and make gifs for Season 2, wow)) 

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Working for my bartending license meanwhile I’m also passing the time watching Rusty Venture make his series of abominations called “Doctails” once in a blue moon. Does my license get pre-revoked.

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Dr. Thaddeus ‘Rusty’ Venture from The Venture Bros is going to super hell for gay crimes and being a bad father!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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Have I ever told y'all my comfort show is Venture bros? Like anytime I need to “escape” and “turn my mind off” I just think about the perfection that is that show. Last night when I was laying awake in bed super anxious and stressed because of you know what happened, I started writing an imaginary ending to Venture Bros where Rusty and Brock go back to Colorado Springs in exchange for the OSI to get off Rusty’s back and let him be free. And Hank was still gone but Dean was torn between staying at the University or going home with them. It was grand in my head. Maybe I’ll write it down sometime.

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template here

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Another Venture Kitties drawing, and this time I wanted to do a drawing of Dr. Venture and I been drawing a lot of Venture Bros themed stuff! X3

It’s another two-sided character drawing (I did several of those), but I loved doing this one. It is Dr. Venture and his younger self and how he grew up as an adult.

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Each year Doc gives Brock the same present for Christmas. But this year he decides to make a change.
Each year Brock pretends to not love it. But this year he reveals his true feelings ‘bout it.

Headcanon: Rusty can be pretty spoiled and capricious, with his own standards in bed. Let’s say it’s not unusual for him to refuse fulfilling Brcok’s fantasies or straight (haha) up deny intimacy because of a headache. And that’s why Doc gifting himself for a day is actually a good presents for the bodyguard.

P.S. I wanted to do something for Christmas with those two)). But I was lazy, so I ended up doing rough sketches (=

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Dean and Hank found a strange creature on one of their adventures and Dr. Venture is like… “What the hell was that?!” 

Meanwhile, Brock is just vibing at the dock. 

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I wanted to create a different pattern textile. So did the rust sample using steel soap pad. My 1st sample using nails salt and vinegar didnt turn out as I wanted, it rusted quite alright, but it didnt create the bird nest pattern I wanted. I was tempted to leave in the steel soap pads because I love the texture it created. Demostrated a short digital video of final result of textile

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