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DNI if: you’ve ever had a crush on your team’s tank, you ever fucked a rock outside your team’s base, you were ever shot by your own teammates more than once, you had to be reminded that rocks aren’t people, you don’t know the difference between Texas and taxes, you ever had an alien’s baby, you helped a convicted criminal commit identity theft to replace someone on your team, you’ve ever had more than one Freelancer on your team, or you’ve never been a Red.

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Remember the face your art challenge? I decided to do it with my rvb art 😊

Ft the reds and blues

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thinkin about how PFL was formed as a magic bullet to end the war but we never actually saw them fight aliens. They were just mercenaries who gave up freedom of movement and negotiation for the comfort of blissful ignorance and moral superiority.

Blood money is just as red when you close your eyes.

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bro imagine simmons and carolina have to do a bloodtest for whatever reason and it comes back that they’re siblings

and then they find out simmons was put up for adoption because the director couldn’t handle a literal baby at the time and tbh carolina was so young and stressed with allison dying and everything she didn’t really remember it

and then Carolina and Grif and Simmons go on an adventure to punch Simmons’s (adoptive) dad and thats the next season yay

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Red Battalion, Blue Regiment - Chapter 4 - tinfoiljones - Red vs. Blue [Archive of Our Own]

Chapter 3: Interviews

The Reds and Blues are given their new ranks and positions. There will be some surprising revelations.

“It matches your armour now, no need to thank me!”

“Thank you?!”

“You’re welcome!”

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Habdkchsn I don’t really have a good opinion on Rvb: Zero. The animation is stellar, don’t get me wrong! But all the colors and everything going way too fast really hurt my brain and I had to quit like mid way through.

(Potential spoilers ahead!!!)

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After-math of Grif getting his heart broke (don’t worry… it’ll get better… eventually). His sister was waiting outside of whatever building they’re crashing in after the whole time-travel deal, because the group finally decided to sit down and listen to Church’s personal good-bye messages for them. Since she wasn’t there for the final battle on Chorus, she was giving them some space for all the emotional issues… but she’s also going to make really bad jokes about it too, because that is just how she is. Obviously she’s aware of who her brother has been interested in, and she wants to try and be supportive… which is hard, when your bro dies of embarrassment  

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when people draw any of the rnb’s with piercings I can only think of how exactly they got them. which brought the concept of sarge with a nerf gun and thumbtacks

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tori says hl1 gordon freeman looks like the rvb’s the Director if he was a fruit

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Why aren’t there more fics with Locus and Grif being friends? Why don’t we have more fics where Locus gets adopted by red team? C'mon guys!

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Sexuality hc: gay he and south are mlm wlw solidarity

Gender hc: cis 😔

Ship: nork

Brotp: north/wash

Notp: uh can’t rlly think of anything

Random headcanon: when he and south were kids he had a habit of accidentally adopting animals. Like a disney princess bird whisperer.

General opinion: ily north i wish you were my dad /hj 



Sexuality hc: bi

Gender hc: agender she/they

Ship: southct or south/ct/tex

Brotp: wash/ct and im realizing now that i put wash for all the brotps i’ve done for this

Notp: uh idk

Random headcanon: connie and wash knew eachother before pfl. They were friends

General opinion: i love connie so much she deserved so much better i think abt her every day

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i did a stimboard for Tucker since Tucker is one of my favorites!! :D

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