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sir-adamus · 13 days ago
i love seeing the arguments against bumbleb/y because they’re always so fucking stupid
the new favourite is “they’re so codependent on each other now, it’s not healthy” which is hilarious because this was prompted by two (count ‘em, 2) moments where the girls were worried about each other and what the other thought about them following a team split and an argument among the team as a whole (if not with each other) over where they should prioritise
oh and the fact that they spend time together more than they spend with other people (it’s almost like they’re a burgeoning relationship feeling things out or something, wild i know)
because as we all know, all healthy relationships are marked by you never once ever thinking about each other, or spending time with each other, or enjoying each others’ company
these people need help
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sir-adamus · 15 days ago
it’s very obvious that whoever’s curating the RWBY/JL page on tvtropes is deliberately avoiding mention of any of the numerous bees moments through the run, i don’t think there’s a single mention on any of the associated pages (should definitely have Everyone Can See It on there because Arthur outright said as much in his introductory chapter)
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sir-adamus · a month ago
It weirds me out and makes me rather uncomfortable that while in the main show RT is mostly consistent about Yang's backstory.
IE, Yang was the one who read to Ruby growing up, Tai was shut down & his neglect endangered the, Yang had to keep the family together ETC.
But then in extraneous semi canon material they label Tai the ultimate dad and using him reading to the girls as a framing device for fairy tales.
Its like they randomly decided "Oh we want him to be a good dad" and are not desperately trying to use external material to retcon what's been shown in the series proper.
mm, yeah
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sir-adamus · a month ago
i’m sorry im pissed abt the tv tropes thing too but i just had the thought of how fuckin hilarious it’s gonna be when blake and yang kiss and officially become a thing and tv tropes is gonna scramble to keep invalidating and adding the kiss to the Romantic Two Girl Friendship trope agdjsskgdls
oh the denial is gonna go on for a stupid long time
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sir-adamus · a month ago
idk who to ask but i trust your opinion: what is the reasoning behind winter/penny?? ive seen it a lot this year in passing and it makes me feel weird because penny has ships with weiss and whitley? sorry
the reasoning behind it is because of the friendship they had established during volume 7 - some people are fucking creeps and ignore that Penny is supposed to be around the same age as Winter’s younger sister
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sir-adamus · a month ago
the contrast between blake and mikasa is even more apparent considering that when adam was gonna bomb a group of train workers blake immediately left him, while when eren announced he was going to commit literal genocide mikasa was like "could you please not tho? pretty please" and didn't stop him until he was 80 percent done.
fucking Wow
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sir-adamus · a month ago
i’ve cracked the code. weebs hate RWBY because the writers over time realised they don’t need to rely on stereotypes or straighforward tropes from anime that got popular in the 2000s. RWBY subverted, inverted, avoided, and now these fools claim the show is bad because no main character boy man with girl-chan as love interest and emotional support, no pervert characters played as comedic relief, no *beach episode*
they’re still really sore that there’s no pervert character they can identify with
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sir-adamus · a month ago
Tumblr media
bro, Mercury’s been in like 6 fights and hasn’t won a single solo fight on-screen, he’s really nothing special and absolutely doesn’t “deserve” a Death Battle more than one of the title characters
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sir-adamus · a month ago
That moment when you realize that Winter can do Mitsurus finishing move with her maiden powers now
yeah... yeah she can
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sir-adamus · a month ago
Huh, random thought I just had. I wonder if the new Switch version of Grimm Eclipse will have new VAs for Port and Oobleck or if they'll just keep it as-is.
hmm, good point
they may just keep things as-is - paying for additional VO work from new actors for a port of the game (with no additional story content besides) doesn’t really make much sense, and the advertising solely used Merlot’s voice lines with absolutely no indication of their involvement, which again makes more sense if they haven’t re-cast them
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sir-adamus · a month ago
why are jaune stans so fucking weird?
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sir-adamus · a month ago
god remember the idiots in the fandom in the hiatus following volume 3 were genuinely coming off with ridiculous theories about Yang becoming a villain just because she was hurt that Blake left and didn’t say “i love you” back to Ruby?
dark times
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sir-adamus · a month ago
Ppl who say Winter is bad for not helping Whitley drive me insane. Like she left probably at like 17 to get away from her abusive household, lost her position of heiress and Jacques' favor. What do they expect her to do exactly? Get her brother taken away from jacques fucking schnee, richest man on remnant? She shouldn't have to stay to parent him, that's their parent' job. I think she had the full right to just get out of there the moment she could. It feels sexist to me ngl.
oh yeah
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sir-adamus · a month ago
V8 spoiler musing: why'd Yang apparently *not* semblance up when stickybombing Salem (or as she was getting reeled in)? Was she trying to do *just* enough driveby damage to let everyone resume hauling ass whilst keeping *something* in reserve?
most likely; her Semblance needs build-up to be effective so it’s only really useful for finishers in a drawn-out fight (which is exactly how Yang uses it; because that’s what it for and how it works. like how everyone uses their Semblances and the specific mechanics of their use), and no finisher is actually going to slow Salem down very much, so Yang burning through her Aura would ultimately just leave her vulnerable without much payoff
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sir-adamus · a month ago
I don’t understand the take that Salem isn’t a good or intimidating villain. I saw it once before by Ak/a or Fa/ng or someone I can’t recall but I just saw Ve/x released a vid about Salem. While I obviously didn’t watch it (there are better ways to spend my time) knowing him I can guess where it’s going.
But that just makes me wonder where the idea comes from. Salem was on a serious win streak this volume, and there’s nothing fueling her except spite and a want for death at this point. I saw the complaints that her fighting abilities are weak and she has no defense and.... that first part is just incorrect? And she doesn’t need defense because she literally cannot die? She would have killed six people (one of which is a title character) in one fight had Oscar not had Oz’s magic/cane.
She’s a very terrifying villain and beyond capable and competent.
it’s because she didn’t have a Super Awesome Fight Scene Where She Overwhelmed And Murdered A Member of Team RWBY To Show She Means Business
or some shit
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sir-adamus · a month ago
It really pisses me off when the crew, fans, and show mention how Tai is a great dad, up there with Ghira and Klein. My mind starts to glaze the moment they even say his name. He reminds me of this time with my dad.
I’d just finished telling him how much I’d liked movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. And his response to that was to tell me - his daughter - that women can’t be superheroes. And when I just stared at him he said he was joking and I flat out told him it wasn’t funny and he completely brushed it off, acting like I was just being too sensitive.
That’s how Tai’s “joke” comes across to me and I hate that we’re just supposed to... be okay and think “oh they have such a cute and understanding relationship” when Qrow and Tai are such shits to Yang... all the fuckin time.
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sir-adamus · a month ago
Its just so many people refusing to acknowledge that child neglect is a form of abuse, no matter what he was going through, and he just never actually matured from "school bully" so now he's got 2 traumatised kids that he's incapable of helping and I hate him for it. Yang and Ruby were so so young and idk how people excuse his bullshit I'm violent
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sir-adamus · a month ago
Thinking about Tai pisses me off so much lmao dude sure does think he's hot shit for a guy who does nothing good
the bit where he talks down to Yang and calls her stupid pisses me off so much, like when she brings up that after all she’s been through she can handle a few dirty stories about her parents highschool years, you can see him rolling his fucking eyes before he goes off on her and changes the subject mid-rant to insult, sorry, “joke” about her intelligence
and that scene opens with him bragging about an incident where he intentionally tried to humiliate Qrow who had no cultural context for what a school uniform was
also he’s hanging out with Port, an old creep who was a TA when he was at Beacon, and who made a pass at Yang in her first fucking class with him, which she was visibly uncomfortable with
and then after unintentionally guilt tripping Yang into pushing herself to get back in fighting shape without actually recovering emotionally (which he made no attempt to help her with and in fact just left her to deal with her PTSD alone), so she wouldn’t be “burdening” him with looking after her so he can go after Ruby, he clearly doesn’t make the connection and then just... leaves her to go after Ruby in his stead when honestly, to be completely blunt, it’s not her responsibility - he’s their father. he doesn’t even attempt to offer to go and help, or say he should be the one going, and the excuse that he has to “stay and teach at Signal” is only shoehorned in at the end in a letter Ruby wrote at the end which Yang never even got
Yang is once again left with the responsibility of looking out for Ruby because her own father just.. i guess he just expects that of her at this point, to pick up the slack he’s leaving because he’s not even making an attempt to be proactive
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