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#rwby 8

Princess penny!!!


A small idea

Penny was adopted form the king her dad was very terrible I’ll and was great part of his kingdom

Ruby is her child hood friend going into knight hood

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ditching the vest and cape, ready to kick some ass (finally) 🌟

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Going from the warm piano solo energy Salem had to start off the mid-season trailer to closing on the eerie and mostly unstable interval variation gives us that good contrasting atmosphere, definitely. Everything up to Episode 7 has been going according to plan for Salem, she’s living it up onstage.

That variation, though? That’s not a smile. It’s unmoored and cold and malice un-sugarcoated. Either a new development incurs her wrath, or the danger Oscar’s already in is going to dial up from eleven to thirteen.

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On one hand I’m kinda upset that half of the trailer was kinda rehasing the first part of the volume/season but on the other hand that probably means that so much happens in this latter half that they couldn’t use too many clips

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Me like a month ago: Where the fuck did the “Summer is the hound” Theory even come from?

Me now, watching the trailer: So… you know how the wolf tries to impersonate Little red riding hood’s grandma? and how… that could be reversed??

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Can the hacked dilemma for Penny be like the two bagels scenario Please

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I’ve seen the mid season trailer of RWBY and I have one question:

Why Ironwood can’t drop the (so huge) bomb from a plane/fire it like a missle? 🤔 The group of people now is draging it in the middle of charging Grimm and a crossfire while they can’t fight/protect theirselves. Death of even one person is like - we can’t move it, gg, bye. Ok, aura, but still, Ace-ops have to drag it across whole battlefight. 🤦‍♀️ Brother Gods, it’s so stupid. Give them at last a car!

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I have been thinking about this a lot as well, and yes I think there is a very large chance of this! 😨 I am also scared because it would actually make for a very good storyline; so I can see a large chance that they would do it. Pietro just another good dad doing good things! 😭💚⚙️

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Just reminding people that my ask are open if you want to talk about RWBY, send me some questions if you want. ❤️💙🖤💛

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RWBY theories: Oscar volume 8

… What if Oscar doesn’t get away from Salem. I mean what if he stays her captive tell volume 9. And we have to suffer the summer not knowing he is safe with his friends? … just some thoughts running around my head.

Let me know what you think! ☺️😱😱😱😱😱

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He’s coming back. I’m calling it now. He is coming back to help save Atlas.


Salem isn’t ready for the new level of destruction this god can cause. I sure as heck hope I’m right about this.


We aren’t ready.

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New RWBY poll time! ☺️ First up how much control dose Penny have in her up coming hacked state?

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