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Winter: I do not have feelings for Qrow. I like Sebastians sophistication and poise. And I’ve seen that man dance on a mechanical bull. Sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Qrow WISHES he could dance on a mechanical bull.

Qrow: She’s right. I live in envy of Sebastions mechanical bull dancing skills.

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Jaune: Why thank you kind Nonnie! I like to be funny where I can be! And as for the nut shots? Well it was all near nut shots, and I had on protection! Safety is pretty important on set, so all precautions are taken to prevent actual injury.

Jaune: I mean yeah, sometimes something will happen and someone will get hurt. But we have medics on set just in case! And pretty great health insurance! Soooo, yeah! Hope that answered you question!

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Tai: Oh god no! What have you done?!

Yang: Legend of Korra obviously!

Ruby: Uhh, I think you mean The Last Airbender. Cause that one is the shit.

Yang: Korra. Was. Better. Or do you wanna go?

Ruby: Bring it bitch.

Yang and Ruby: *very loud debate about ATLA and LoK*

Tai: Uuuuuuggggghhhhh! They’re gonna be like this for hours now! Thanks a lot.

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Ozpin: Blake is not to participate in sinday as she is to young, please do not ask the younger cast Sinday questions.

Salem: Marry Hazel if he wasn’t already married, kill Watts cause he stole my damn cheese puffs, and fuck Tyrian he looks like he’s a freak in bed. I dig that.

Qrow: Kill Clover.

Ozpin: …And the other ones?

Qrow: I ain’t touchin those. I’d just kill Clover.

Clover: Well fuck you too.

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Pyrrha Nikos!

Pyrrha got her break on Red vs Blue as Carolina. At first she was reluctant to do stunts until Jaune pointed out her athletic career in high school would probably make her really good at action scenes.

Because of this, she was a perfect choice for the unbeatable girl in RWBY, even though the personality was a little hard for her to tap into at first.

Although she wears extensions for RWBY, the color of her hair is pretty close to her natural shade. Since RWBY was meant to have bright colors, she had her hair brightened. She ended up loving it and has kept it even after her role on RWBY ended.

She misses working on RWBY. All she remembers about her last day of shooting was how much she cried afterwards. While she says she’d be perfectly happy to reprise her role (and, in fact, she has had to film brief cameos for v4 and v6), she hopes they don’t resurrect her character. She wants the unbeatable girl to rest in peace

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Ozpin: I hate to admit this. But the reason it’s taken days to answer you is simply because I didn’t know how to respond. And I’m sorry for that. And to be honest, I’m still not completely sure.

Ozpin: Your feelings are always valid though. I understand wanting a relationship without falling in love. Love can be scary. Terrifying even. But love is also beautiful. And there are so many different kinds of love.

Ozpin: The thing you should do first of all is learn to love yourself. Decisions of the heart are easier made when you understand and love yourself. Also, open your heart to all sorts of possibilities But take your time. Figure other things out and then see what you want to do.

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