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#rwby art

Hey if I were to make an interactive RWBY story, would y’all rather I-

Write it out as a fanfic (on AO3)


Draw it out as a comic? (I’d post on tumblr and insta)

The story is gonna be about “if you were in Oscar’s position” so it’s kinda a self insert thing? It’s where you’re the host for Ozpin, and you get to make choices along the way of the show.

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oh, and this isnt a character in RWBY, this is my own OC lmao, her name is Archie and shes… shes tired XD 

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Happy Birthday Nora! 

Everyone’s favourite lil’ lightning bolt was born on January 19th (Thorsblot!) With electricity in her veins and a bottomless pit in her stomach, s'mores on a cross-continental journey with her found family are the best gifts she could ask for!

Art by: @catsofhorror

Fic by: @data-plays-viola

Edited by: @altheminotaur

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i heard it was her birthday(?) either yesterday or today, so have a Blake babie!

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so i figure i’ll be drawing more than just single-figure characters as cats, so if yall wanna request anything, heres what i accept.

-Ships (no nsfw please, they’re literally animals)
-Scene redraws
-Specific scene requests (like stuff from AUs, but you have to describe it thoroughly or else i wont get it)
-idk, like if you want me to draw ‘ice flower sitting in the snow’ or something i really dont care, just ask and i’ll (probably) do it.

Reminder: im only drawing them as cats. 

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Janurwby day 17: missing scene

Drew the bees because I would do anything to see their club date with team FNKI. Also Yang finnaly had her Strawberry Sunrise, at a legal age this time ;)

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