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#rwby art

And in its place there’s nothing
Just an endless empty hole
The light that showed the way is gone
And darkness takes control
Bitterness and anger
Are quick to fill the void
The path to isolation
Is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed

anyone else think that Path to Isolation fits Whitley more than Weiss? 

anyway imagine hating on a 13-14 year old child who grew up with an abusive father, an emotionally distant, alcoholic mother and two older sisters who got out when they could but also left him behind in a cold and abusive family so he had to conform to his father’s wishes and do as he was told and only had his father as a role model so he became a cold and cruel as a survival method but in reality is just a lonely and isolated child. 

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so, ever since qrow’s semblance was revealed, I’ve been dying for some more spooky or detrimental semblances, and i had an idea for oscar’s. Since one of his core themes in v7 was conquering fear, i thought it would be rather ironic for him to have a semblance that directly causes it, because i like to hurt characters i like. 

some other additional points I didn’t mention

-a small aesthetic thing, but when he’s not using it, his shadow can often look abnormally long and wispy.

-small outbursts of his semblance can often crack fragile things, such as glass.

-it’s directly tied to his emotions, so he doesn’t have great control over it.

-when he first discovered it, he opted not to tell the rest of the team, it freaked him out so much.

-the black thing is nicknamed ‘ozpin junior’ much to oz’s chagrin.

feel free to add on to this, idk

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