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Side Xiao Long: Fencer of Gold

Hey guys! Welcome back to my canon divergent RWBY AU, Grimm Guardians. This is Side Side Xiao Long. This chapter is named after “Fencer of Gold” by Jam Project.

I TRIED to find a song that had to do with dragons, but again, I couldn’t find any. So please comment a youtube link if you found one, please. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own RWBY or it’s characters.


(Prior to leaving for Junior’s Club)

Yang Xiao Long stretched her arms and legs, before grabbing her Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Ember Celica. After putting them on, she heard a voice. “So…are we finally going to see some action?” The voice yawned, to which Yang chuckled. “Relax, we’re almost ready. It’s been a while since you talked, Ember.” Yang said.

Ember materialized in front of the teenage girl, sitting and gave a smirk. The Weapon Spirit appeared as a young adult, tanned, a bit voluptuous, and toned as hell, with short blonde hair, scars, red right and lilac left eye. She was wearing a yellow muscle shirt, brown jeans, and MMA gloves, along with an orange scarf and sunglasses. “I was bored as hell. Can you blame me?” She said, standing up and matching Yang’s height.

The teenager snorted, “I guess not. Though I would like to talk about you and Dad and how you know each other.” The Weapon Spirit nodded and put an arm around the other blonde’s shoulder. “So, you know how Taiyang, much like Summer, made a bond with a Demigod Grimm? Well, I was that.” She said. “While I didn’t gain a form until I became your Weapon Spirit, Tai always considered me as his ‘sibling’.”

“So…you’re basically my aunt. Is that what you’re saying?” Yang asked, only to receive a shrug. Ember rubbed her chin, “Well, only if you want me as one. I personally don’t have an issue with titles.” Yang nodded, “I’ll stick with Ember. Did you and Dad ever talk?” “Well, we never talked about personal life, as I believed that it should be kept private.” The Weapon Spirit said.

“However, I would give him some advice whenever he was in combat and teach him new fighting techniques.” Ember said, which Yang nodded to. “Did you know…her?” Yang asked. She didn’t need to specify who she meant by “her”. She was obviously referring to her mother, Raven Branwen. Ember sighed and shook her head, “No. All I need knew, up until now, were Tai, Summer, and the Demonic Grimm that inhabited Summer.”

For about an hour, that’s what Yang and Ember talked about. Ember mostly went through her history with Taiyang and only briefly talked about Summer and the Demonic Grimm that inhabited her. She left out any information about Raven, due to not really knowing her. Yang did ask questions here and there, but she was mostly interested and immersed in Ember’s stories.

“What do you think of Crescent Rose?” Yang asked. Ember tapped her chin in deep thought, “She’s good. Nice. Caring. Though something about her seems…familiar.” After a couple of moments, Yang’s eyes widened. “You don’t think she could be…” She started, only for Ember to shake her head. “I doubt it. She was killed. When a bond dies, we Demigod and Demonic Grimm die with them.” The Weapon Spirit said. “Then again…I don’t know if there’s a way to cheat the system.”

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.” Ember said., knowing Yang was coming to conclusions. “While she may look like Summer, there is currently NO evidence that supports that she IS her. Crescent could be the Demonic Grimm that bonded with her or a new being entirely.” Yang sighed, “ Gāisǐ de. ” Ember rubbed the blonde girl’s back, “Relax, Yángguāng. I just said that there was CURRENTLY no evidence. There may be some, but we haven’t found it yet.”

Yang nodded, feeling slightly better over the situation. She then looked at the clock and said, “We should get going very soon.” The Weapon Spirit nodded and stood up, walking to the door. When she opened it, she was unexpectedly greeted by Taiyang. “Came to wish us good luck, Tai?” She asked. The blonde male nodded, “Yes, also I…need to ask you something.” Ember stood in silence, realizing that Taiyang probably heard some of her conversation with Yang.

Before she could answer, Yang came up and hugged her father. Taiyang chuckled and hugged her back, before the two broke the embrace as Yang went to the door. “You be careful, okay?” Taiyang said, receiving a nod from his eldest daughter. “We will!” She said with a grin. “We’ll let you know when we’re on our way back.” She then went outside to prep her motorcycle, Bumblebee for her trip.

After Yang went outside, Taiyang looked at Ember, who just sighed. “I assume you heard?” She asked. The blonde male nodded, “Is it true?” “Is what true?” The Weapon Spirit asked, albeit a tad sarcastically. Before Taiyang could speak, Ember put a hand over his mouth, “Listen, Tai. I don’t know. As of now, there’s NO evidence that proves that Crescent is Summer, the Demonic Grimm that inhabited her, or a completely new individual.”

There was a brief period of silence, before Taiyang sighed with a sad tone. “I assume you don’t want me to think about it too much?” He asked, receiving a nod from his “sister”. “That would be wise.” She said. “I know you miss Summer and Raven, but staying in the past isn’t going to help you. It’s only going to cause depression.” Taiyang just sighed once more, but reluctantly nodded.

Yang came back inside and shouted, “Ember! The bike’s ready!” “I’ll be out in a bit!” The Weapon Spirit called out and then turned back to the blonde man. “Well, I’m headed out. Please don’t think too much on it.” She said. “It’s not healthy for your mind.” After Taiyang reluctantly nodded, he hugged the Weapon Spirit before letting go and waved goodbye to her and his eldest daughter.

“You two be careful now! Okay?” He called out, receiving a nod from Yang. “We will! Bye!” She said with a smile. Taiyang smiled and waved, “Bye. Good luck!” After Yang nodded in thanks, she closed the door. Taiyang sighed as he heard the motorcycle start up and drive off to the girls’ destination and pulled out his scroll. He dialed a number and put the device up to his ear.

“Qrow?” He said into the mic. “It’s me. I need you to do something for me.” “What is it?” The male Branwen asked. “It’s Yang. She and Ember are heading to Junior’s bar.” The blonde man said, only to hear a chuckle from Qrow. “They’ll be fine, Tai. They aren’t fragile.” The black hair man said. Taiyang’s jaw dropped, “What do you mean they’ll be fine!?”

“Do you have little faith in your daughter and ‘sister’?” Qrow asked. It took a couple seconds for the male Xiao Long to respond, “No.” “Do you trust them that they’ll be safe?” Qrow asked again. Taiyang sighed, “Yes.” “Then don’t worry. They’ll be fine. Yang and Ruby will be fine with their Weapon Spirits.” Qrow confirmed. “Now, I’ll call you back. I have to meet with someone.”

Taiyang raised an eyebrow, “With who?” “She’ll kill me if I told you. Relax, we can trust her.” Qrow answered. While Taiyang had some suspicions on who Qrow’s contact was, he didn’t say anything about, instead saying, “Alright. I’ll leave you to it. By the way, I…want to ask you a personal question.” Qrow suppressed a sigh, “What is it?” Taiyang took a deep breath, before asking, “Do you think Crescent Rose is Summer?” 

Dead silence. There was complete and utter silence from the other end of the line that Taiyang was almost sure that Qrow hung up on him. He snapped back into reality from him feeling guilty when the male Branwen answered, “I don’t know.” “Did Ember speak to you about that?” Qrow asked, earning a sigh from the blonde man. “Yes.” He said. “And?” Qrow asked once more. Taiyang sighed and reluctantly said, “She told me not to worry about it…and that there was no evidence to prove it.”

“Okay then.” Qrow said. “I would suggest that you listen to her.” The blonde man groaned and sighed, “Fine.” “She’s right, you know.” The male Branwen said. “I gotta go now. Bye.” “Bye.” Taiyang then hung up and rubbed his eyes. Was he this tired before? Or was the conversation and his thoughts that made it seem like it? He sighed and laid on the couch. He needed to relax, and if a nap would do that? So be it. He left his scroll on the coffee table, in case anyone needed to call him, and shut his eyes.


Translation from Chinese: Gāisǐ de = Damn it, Yángguāng = Sunshine

And there you have it. Side Xiao Long is FINALLY finished. It took a LOT longer to make this and I’d honestly rather not state why, but it’s done. Side Branwen will be up tomorrow. See you then.

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I have my project for Thanksgiving Break all laid out for me. 😂

Yes, I caved. I am making a RWBY “who broke it” animatic.


My favorite panel so far. “Suspicious.”

I’m excited! 😆

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Side Belladonna: Savior In The Dark

Hey guys! Welcome back to my canon divergent RWBY AU, Grimm Guardians. This is Side Belladonna. This chapter is named after “Savior in The Dark” by Jam Project.

Yeah, unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any other japanese songs that would fit Gambol Shroud’s character, however, if you find one that does, please leave a youtube link so I may check it out.

Disclaimer: I don’t own RWBY or it’s characters.


(Forever Fall)

Needless to say, Blake Belladonna wasn’t really expecting this to happen. Literally right in the middle of a mission that she and Adam Taurus were partnered in, she had just left the White Fang. The mission was simple: get on a cargo train that was shipping Dust from the Schnee Dust Company, steal said item, and leave. She knew that the White Fang had become more violent over the years, but now she realized just how far the organization would go.

Blake sighed and climbed into an empty train car, where she sat down and continued to process what she had just done. However, her thoughts were interrupted by a presence that seems familiar, yet different. “How long have you been here?” The faunus asked. A young woman, who seemed to also be a faunus, appeared from the shadows. She was wearing a black trench coat, purple pants, and black boots. She also seemed to be wearing a mask.

“A while now.” The woman said. She also had feline-like ears, similar to Blake’s and her mother’s, Kali Belladonna and also had earrings on her right ear. “I’m a Weapon Spirit and my duty is simple: To protect and serve my master.” She continued, answering some unasked questions the younger girl had. “Okay.” Blake said. “I suppose that means your name is Gambol Shroud, correct?” Gambol Shroud nodded, “You would be right. I was created by your mother, technically OUR mother, Kali Belladonna in order to protect you when neither she and your father, Ghira could.”

Blake nodded and went back to being silent. Gambol sat down next to her and smiled. “You know you don’t have to keep things secret from me, right?” She said, pulling the younger girl into a side-hug. Blake nodded and sighed again, “I want to do nothing more with the dannato White Fang.” Gambol nodded in agreement, “I understand. Besides, you’re better off without those fucking yarō.”

Blake looked at her and gave a small laugh, “Arigato, onēsan.” “Di niente, sorella.” Gambol said with a smile. “Would you like me to talk a bit about myself? I know some things that you might find interesting.” Blake nodded and gave Gambol her full attention. Gambol started with explaining that she was a Demonic Grimm and faunus hybrid. Blake, surprisingly, seemed quite amazed that she was speaking to something out of Remnant’s mythology.

“You’re…not afraid?” Gambol asked. She honestly thought that because she was a Grimm, Blake would have a completely different opinion on her. “No.” Blake answered. “Why? Should I?” Gambol shook her head, explaining, “No, you shouldn’t. Demonic and Demigod Grimm are usually not hostile and are quite passive, unless we’re provoked into doing so.”

The young faunus nodded and leaned next to Gambol. The Weapon Spirit wrapped her arm around the girl’s shoulder and kissed her forehead. They sat like that for a good amount of time, watching the scenery that the train rushed past. It was about a hour and a half of silence until Blake asked, “What will you do…should someone harm or kill your wielders?”

The woman stayed silent, her grip on Blake’s shoulder tightening and her expression becoming more angered and serious. “Whoever hurt you should pray that they never did in the first place.” Gambol said, growling slightly. “Should our wielders be harms, we will do whatever it takes to kill the ones who harmed you. Afterwards, we’ll use dome aura to heal you.”

“As for…what should happen if you’re killed….” The older faunus went silent as her expression turned from anger to uncertainty and possible fear. After a good minute of no saying anything, Gambol finally answered, “I don’t know.” Seeing as Gambol seemed uncomfortable with her answer, Blake went back to being silent and rested against the Weapon Spirit.

After what happened today, it was no surprise that Blake had fallen asleep. Noticing that the young girl was now napping, Gambol chuckled and placed her trench coat over her as a makeshift blanket. After kissing her forehead, Gambol got up and took Blake’s scroll, beginning to make a call. She looked through Blake’s contacts and found her mother’s number, immediately selecting it.

It didn’t take too long for Kali to answer. “Hello? Blake?” The voice of their mother could be heard as she called out for her daughter. “She’s asleep, Okāsan. She’s safe.” Gambol said. At first, there was no response, causing the Weapon Spirit to worry if she did something wrong. She assumed she probably did, as she didn’t remember if she ever spoke to Kali before now. Before she could say anything, Kali finally responded, “You’re…her, aren’t you? Gambol Shroud, correct?” “Yes, that’s me. I’m sorry if what I said was…awkward.” The older faunus said.

She was surprised that the woman on the other side of the call laughed in response, “It’s okay. It’s an honor to finally hear your voice, Gambol.” Gambol nodded, “You too. I’ve only heard your voice when you created me, so it’s nice to yours again.” “So, Blake is safe. She’s napping right now.” She said, receiving a hum from her mother. “I see. That’s good. May I ask what happened?”

Gambol looked at Blake and sighed, “It’s…probably not my place to say. It might be better if Blake explained to you and Otōsan herself.” “However, I can say that Blake has decide that she wants to do nothing with the White Fang any longer.” She said. She could imagine Kali nodding on the other side, as she said, “I understand. I’m just glad you two are alive and safe.”

“We’ll try to get home as soon as possible once we get off this train.” Gambol said, continuing to watch the scenery. Kali hummed, “I see. That’s good.” “Will you still protect her? No matter what?” Kali asked. Gambol looked over at Blake and smiled; she would be fine. She had chosen her own future now, after all. “Don’t worry, I will. I’ll be enshadowed guardian.” Gambol said.


Translation from italian: Dannazione = Damn and Sei il benvenuto, sorella = You’re welcome, sister.

Translation from japanese: Yarō = Bastard(s), Arigato, onēsan = Thank you, big sister, Okāsan = Mom, and Otōsan = Dad.

And there you have it. Side Belladonna is finished. It took a little longer to make this due to me being busy around this time, but it’s done. Side Xiao Long will be posted tomorrow. See you then.

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Setting: Jaune is stuck jumping from universe to universe. Thankfully, a familiar friend is willing help.

Jaune: (Appears in a dorm room) Where am I now?!

Roman: Jaune! (Jaune meets a long-haired Roman Torchwick in gym clothes) I know about your problem, and I can help you, but you need to trust me. All you need to do is- (Impaled through the chest by a black buster-sword, Falls and reveals Neo behind him)

Neo: This is indeed a disturbing universe. (Presses the button on Jaune’s teleporter)

Jaune: Dammit… (Disappears)

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Dark Passions(Cover image)


I simply drew them in their volume 8 outfits. I dunno what I would do without drawing, and I dunno how I managed to not think of this for a bit. Simply put, crackship Gauntlets and Greaves has rekted my life and is now a part of me. I can say however that this crackship deserves more love. I ain’t however gonna force anyone to liking this. Love is love, so baby don’t worry, don’t worry, no more~ Bumblebee is still cannon and nothing like this fanart will change that. GnG for life. Sorry for the load of tags

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Interdimensional Moms: intro

[The complete Interdimensional dads here!]

Team RWBY finds themselves sitting at a table. All of them are middle age but vary in appearances that aren’t strange to an average stranger by any means, but different from what they are used to seeing from one another. For starters was Weiss. Her three friends had never known her to have shoulder length hair, or a horizontal scar underneath the one they’ve always noticed. Something about her eyes seemed…different. Brighter. As if they were infinitely dancing. Weiss’s eyes, they hid no emotions. The only thing more surprising was the fact she was wearing faded jeans and a white shirt with her symbol in black on it. Nobody said anything, but Weiss in jeans was somehow equally as gorgeous. Yang was slightly salty about it.

Blake’s eyes weren’t like Weiss’s, but they weren’t the usual stern but hopeful ones they all loved dearly. Blake looked relaxed. Like, wake up Saturday morning to watch tv and get cereal, kind of relaxed. The top of her long hair pulled into a bun while the back flowed freely. Despite her eyes, her clothes was ready for action. In fact, it looked like her dad’s clothes, with the way the royal purple coat flowed to white, puffy ends. And obviously, a shirt. Weiss could notice the subtle grays in the raven black hair and the women’s hands and face were healthy, but noticeably slimmer. A clear sign that she either had gotten sick, or her job had gotten to her once or twice. Maybe that’s why she looked relaxed? A similar chain of events happened with Winter.

Yang didn’t look too different. Except for Blake, who was awe struck. Yang to her was different, but also very much how she used to look back when they all journeyed together. Slight lines were under the bruisers eyes that resembled Raven’s. Her favorite coat that went with her bike was a little worn and Yang had noticeably gotten even buffer. Her muscles and beauty radiating with such vitality. Yang always burned bright like an inferno, but this was different. She smiled awkwardly at her team as they looked at her. A sublet chuckle escaped her and confirmed Blake’s feeling. This Yang was different, and felt like the sun itself.

Yang looked towards Ruby and was left speechless. All of them were. Out of the four, it was Ruby that had changed the most. To Yang, it was like seeing Summer. There was just this overwhelming presence that cake from her sister. They all noticed the long hair that went down her right shoulder and stunning black and red corset. The skirt dropped right past her knees. Her legs dawned black pantyhose with roses along them and Weiss couldn’t look away from the ruby red heels. The signature cloak was still with her of course. Silver eyes shined bright and a raised brow arched as she too was confused by the familiar, yet different faces. Still, Yang and the others were still soaking in her appearance. No scars, ruffled her, tired eyes, or even an overly goofy expression. Ruby Rose, looked like a fairytale come to life. Not only that. Between her youthful yet clearly mature appearance, the others felt something greater. The dream they were told by heart countless times by their leader. The romanticized vision of being a huntress, a hero, this Ruby had grabbed that dream truly with both hands. They just knew it.

Ruby:Ummm hello?


Ruby:So uh, umm, what? What is happening here? I’m not the only person thinking something is off, right?

Blake:You’re not. But the question is….

Yang:What the hell is “off” to begin with?

Weiss:I think that’s us? Also, where exactly are we?

The void.

Yang:Who said that!?

No one important me. Consider me a operator. I could say a god, but that’s way too much considering I’ll do anything.

Weiss:Sounds like a god to me. Okay, give us the long and short of it. We’ll figure it out.

RBY: (We will?)

What you’re wittinessing is a meeting of team RWBY, but flipped on its side. Different universes, different outcomes, similar people, different endgames. Including kids. Discuss and have fun. That’s all. Think of it as a reunion that was never meant to be. Catch up, learn.

Weiss:Well then, can’t say I’m not interested. It’s not the craziest thing in the world.

Blake:It isn’t!? Why is this happening?


Yang:I think he left.

Ruby:Well that’s about as long and short as you can get I suppose. Still…what!? Different universes?

Weiss:Considering the way you’re dressed, I believe it.

Ruby:What does that mean!?

Yang:Yeah she’s right. Look at you, all womanly. Last time I checked, my sister beautiful, but not rivaling me in the hips department. Which brings me back to what I just heard. Kids?


Yang:Weiss, Blake, you too?


Yang:Definitely different universes. Last time I checked, the only mama bear on team RWBY is me.

Blake:Last time I checked, you were single and alone.

Yang:WHAT!? Why would I be single!?

RW:….You mean you don’t kids together?

BY:Why would we have kids together?


Ruby:Wow, I didn’t even think a sentence like that could exist. Guess alternate worlds do exist.

Weiss:And apparently infinite if you two aren’t shacking up.

Yang:Since when does Weiss Schnee day “shacking up?” Since when do you wear pants!?

Weiss:They’re cheaper to maintain. Why wouldn’t- oh my goodness. How do you usually see me!? What am I doing?

RB:You rub your company.

Yang:The best Atlas huntress to ever exist.

Weiss:…So I was never broke?


Blake:Okay, let’s take a step back. Clearly the differences really do vary. That’s all well and good but before all of that I wanna know why us for specifically? That doesn’t seem at random, does it?

Yang:Four out of infinity? I mean I’d just close my eyes and pick.

Ruby:Now that, that’s on brand for you. Hehe, I guess some things never change?

Blake:Yeah but it has to be more than just personality, right.

Weiss:Hey, we’re all wearing wedding rings.

They looked at each other’s hands. Each girl had a jewel that matched their color over a beautiful golden band that had different, yet similar engravings on it. Too similar. There’s no way the same store just happen to do it in every universe. However, was it crazy to think the shopkeeper was given similar instructions on the rings if it was the same person who asked for jewelry? Like Ruby said, somethings never change, and an idea like ring designs as endearingly cheesy as this brought only one face to mind.


Blake:On three. One….two….

RWBY:I married Jaune A-…….

Yang:Well, clearly we all have amazing taste in men. *smiles*

RB:That’s insane!

Yang:Why? That’s not too crazy.

RB:You liking men is

Weiss:Why? She’s bi.

Yang:Actually….yeah, I guess so. Given my history- how do you know that!?

Weiss:Because I know you, dunce! You’re an openly sexual person that never misses an opportunity to anybody’s head spin, before teasingly going over to Blake and kissing her. Just so people know you’re off the market.


Yang:That’s pretty fucking great.

Ruby:And still on brand.


Yang:Well then. I guess we have a lot to talk about. Sheesh, Jaune Arc. Gotta admit, it’s crazy knowing he’s gotten so much attention. How scandalous.

Weiss:You make it sound like cheating?

Blake:I do feel that a little.

Ruby:Yeah, not a fan. But…losing to you three is understandable. Bittersweet, but I get it.

Yang:You didn’t lose though! You, the one right here, is married to him!

Ruby:All I’m saying is if it was up to me, our love would transcend space and time.

WBY:(Dummy, in a way, it does.) Ruby, you’re really greedy, you know that right?

Ruby:Huh!? Hey, what’s that all about.

Her teammate all looked at each other. They didn’t have to say anything. A single glance was enough to know they were on a similar page. Oh yes. Ruby Rose was definitely greedy, and hilariously adorable whenever she got picked on. They all laughed as this familiar Rose grew red with embarrassment and pouted. The more things change, the more they stayed the same. A reunion that was never meant to be. Yeah, it was gonna be a blast.

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Side Schnee: Lady of Worlds

Hey guys! Welcome back to my canon divergent RWBY AU, Grimm Guardians. This is Side Schnee. This chapter is named after “Lady of Worlds” by Miracle of Sound.

Now, this was made before Volume 7, so Weiss’s mom will be named Arktis until Separated Union.

Disclaimer: I don’t own RWBY or it’s characters.


(Schnee Dust Company)

Weiss Schnee hissed as Klein Sieben, her family’s butler dabbed the young heiress’s new wound with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. “Ow.” She said simply, as she squeezed her eyelids shut. Klein gave her a sympathetic look as he continued trying to patch up Weiss’s wound. “Easy. It’ll be done soon.” He reassured, as he finished cleaning up the wound and began bandaging it up.

I honestly can’t understand why her father put her through that damn test.’ He thought. He didn’t care if Jacques had any faith in his youngest daughter. It was still extremely dangerous for her to go through that! However, despite the pain and danger, Weiss managed to stay concentrated and strong during the test. She was much like her mother, Willow Arktis Schnee before she had passed on.

He knew Weiss was still struggling with what happened to her mother, forcing herself to be strong and collected like her. He wasn’t sure if he should be proud of Weiss’s strength or worried about her new found change. After a couple minutes, Klein finally finished patching Weiss up and said, “Alright. You should be good now.” Weiss nodded, “Thank you, Klein.”

Klein smiled and hugged the young girl,  “You’re welcome, sweetheart. Just let me know if it starts to bleed again. I’ll replace the bandages.” Weiss nodded and returned the hug to the man who was more like a father than her own. As the two exited the washroom, Winter came rushing towards them. She had come to see Weiss’s concert that was in a few days. Though, judging from her worrying expression, Klein assumed she had just been told about Weiss’s test and injuries.

As soon as she was her older sister, Weiss rushed up and hugged her tightly. After returning the hug Winter brushed Weiss’s hair out of her face to examine the bandage work. As soon as she finished the examination, a lot of question came out. “Are you okay?”, “How bad is it?”, and “Why did you do that test?” were just a few of them. However, Weiss answered reassuringly with every question that came up. Despite that, Winter hugged Weiss tightly, warping her arms around her younger sister protectively. “I missed you, little sister.” She whispered. Neither of the sisters expected Winter to have her voice sound so soft. Weiss returned the embrace, murmuring, “I missed you too.” all while Klein smiled at the sisters’ reunion.


(Weiss’s Bedroom)

As Weiss finished reading in her bed, she reflected on what happened in the past couple days. She was frustrated, in all honesty. She was doing her best to be more like her mother and live up to her father’s expectations, but she was struggling. No matter how hard she tried, she always felt she was one step behind from either.

Out of frustration, she threw her book across the room, accidentally knocking over Myrtenaster, her Multi Action Dust Rapier. Weiss winced as the rapier hit the floor harshly and slowly got out of bed to pick up the book and reposition the weapon. However, just as she was about to touch the rapier, it suddenly reacted and gave off a cold chill and white light.

Surprised by the unexpected reaction, Weiss leaned backwards, ultimately causing her to trip and land back first on the floor. Groaning, she slowly sat up, rubbing her back to sooth the pain. The chill coming from the rapier began forming a human-sized ice crystal, encasing the weapon inside. As soon as the crystal’s formation finished, it cracked and began shattering.

As the shards feel, the young heiress backed up towards her bed out of survival instinct. She didn’t know what happened, but she wasn’t sure if whatever was happening was a threat to her safety. As the shattering of the crystal came to a halt, all that was left was an ice statue of a woman with Myrtenaster in its left hand.

After a few seconds of staring at the statue in shook, Weiss hesitantly tip-toed over to it. Upon closer observation, Weiss could tell that the statue’s “hair” was braided and it seemed to be wearing “clothes” that were similar to a three-piece suit, although without the jacket. She could also see that the statue was sporting two earrings and a necklace that seemed identical to the ice crystal. The statue also appeared to be quite thin, similar to Weiss’s own body proportions.

Weiss looked down at the rapier in the statue’s hand and reached out to touch it, only for the statue to suddenly move and take in a deep breath. The young Schnee jumped and backed up, hitting the edge of her bed and falling on the mattress. ‘So much for it being just a statue! Warum zum Teufel würde etwas aus Eis atmen !?’ She thought as she watched the ice flake off like snow, revealing the “statue”’s skin, hair, and clothing. The woman sighed as the ice shed off her body and felt the warm air in the girl’s room.

As Weiss watched the woman gaining consciousness, her confusion and uncertainty rose. Who even was this woman? While she seemed to be in her twenties, she didn’t look familiar to Weiss in the slightest. The woman had white hair, similar to her own, and her suit and tie were white with a blue shirt. Her earrings and necklace remained and as the woman opened her eyes, Weiss could tell that they appeared to be light blue.

The woman looked at Weiss and walked up to her, only for the girl to back towards the wall that her bed was against. “Who are you? WHAT are you? Why are yo-” Weiss’s questions were cut off by the woman placing her hand off the heiress’s mouth, giving her a reassuring smile. “Relax, I’m not here to harm you. To answer your first questions: My name is Myrtenaster, the spirit that lies within your rapier, and I’m here to do what all weapon spirits do; serve, help, and protect my wielder.” She said.

The young Schnee just gave her a look of disbelief. Weapon Spirits were nothing more than legends. There weren’t even any trace of factual evidence to prove that they existed. “I know that it’s hard to believe.” Myrtenaster said, sighing. “But can you truly say that I’m not telling the truth, despite what you saw with your own eyes?” Something in Weiss cracked at the words that were just spoken. She didn’t know what it was, but something told…no, BEGGED her to believe and trust the woman.

Weiss sighed and reluctantly nodded. “Alright. What else are you?” She asked. The braided woman sat down next to the girl, “Well, I’m also a Demigod Grimm-Human hybrid, if you want me to be specific.” Well, that was something that peeked Weiss’s interest. “Soul Grimm exist?” She asked, receiving a nod from Myrtenaster. “Yep. Though most prefer staying secluded from society.” She said.

After a full hour of discussing about the woman, Weiss ended up falling asleep against the woman’s shoulder. Myrtenaster chuckled and placed the heiress in bed, careful not to wake her. After putting the comforters over the girl, Myrtenaster kissed the girl’s forehead, murmuring “Goodnight, meine kleine schneeflocke .” with a small smile and left the room.

After quietly closing the door to the heiress’s room, the woman spotted Klein. The butler walked up to her with a welcoming smile that she had almost forgotten. “It’s been a while, Klein.” She said, hugging the man. Klein chuckled and returned the embrace with a full smile, “Yes, it has. Welcome home, Arktis.” “Thank you.” Myrtenaster…no, Arktis said. “It’s nice to be home.”

“Mom?” The two turned to spot Winter, staring at Arktis in disbelief. Arktis looked back at her eldest child and averted her line of sight from her. She was sure that Winter would be upset, especially given the circumstances surrounding the older woman’s death. 2 years prior to dying and becoming a Weapon Spirit, Arktis and Jacques had gotten into a very heated argument and debate over their children’s future.

While Arktis wanted them to seek out there own futures, Jacques wanted them to uphold the Schnee family name. After bringing up the whole fiasco that happened on Weiss’s 10th birthday, Jacques snapped. This lead to some heated anger between the two and ultimately lead to Arktis to having a drinking problem. On the day of her death, Arktis had become depressed over her believing that she was failure to not only the Schnee name, but her father and daughters as well.

Now resurrected and back home, Arktis bit her lip and flinched at the memories. She had realized too late that due to her death, she had ultimately caused her children to suffer. Winter walked up to her and the older woman braced herself for the berating she was going to get. However, she was brought into a tight hug by Winter, who was crying tears of joy.

“You’re home….” Winter whispered, voice cracking. Arktis returned the embrace and rubbed her daughter’s back. She kissed her eldest child’s head, “I’m home, meine tochter .” After a bit of silence and a bit more gentle whispers, the suited woman finally said, “I’m so sorry for leaving you.” Winter hugged tighter, “You’re home now, so…I forgive you.” Arktis nodded and gently broke the embrace, wiping her own tears away. “I missed you.” She said. “All of you.”

“Even Jacques?” Klein asked, half-joking half-serious. The suited woman huffed out a laugh, “Well, all of you, excluding him.” Klein and Winter hugged Arktis once more, the latter saying. “We missed you too, Mom.” After breaking the hug again, the butler suggested, “How about we have some tea? We can get you caught up on what you missed.” Arktis smiled and nodded, “That would be lovely, Klein.”


Translation from german: Warum zum Teufel würde etwas aus Eis atmen!? = Why the fuck would an ice statue breathe!?

Meine kleine schneeflocke. = my little snowflake.

Meine Tochter = my daughter

Well, that was Side Schnee. I hope you enjoyed it! This was honestly a little harder than Side Rose was, but overall, I’m happy with the result. I’ll be posting Side Belladonna tomorrow. Let me know what you liked and what I could improve on. Remember, constructive criticism is good! Flames are not. See ya then!

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Salem paused for a moment hand on her throne and soon spoke before everyone left. “Where is Mark and his servant?” 

this caused Neo to look up worried Benjamin came thru the entrance Emerald, Mercury and Hazel had just walked thru “My apologies madam I got a bit lost while following master’s Emerald and Mercury” 

Neo wiped her forehead in relief at just Seeing Benjamin come in thankfully Celine was left on the ship she was glad at least Cinder didn’t tell anyone here about that but to cut the relief short a loud chuckle could be heard as everyone looked at the door. 

Mark was in his robes once more his hands stained with crimson red and a few bandages on his arms “I am so sorry I was late my queen I had a few injuries I needed tending to they should be healed up right quick after that aura boosting pill I took” Salem looked at him and nodded.

Neo gulped sweating a little as she saw HIM she wasn’t nervous about being around him she’s nervous about him discovering Celine is here she knows she could take him but with Salem around she knows she can’t fight him so she attempted to walk away with Cinder before. 

“AH if it isn’t little miss ice cream cone herself the one who stole my darling wife from me” Mark walked up to her and dragged a claw to her chin Cinder was about to stop him when Salem spoke up as she was leaving 

“Actor you need to heal save your strength I will be needing you again soon Celine may have been important earlier but she isn’t anymore I don’t need her dead if you still want her death then so be it but after atlas is completely destroyed” 

Mark sighed heavily as he walked away from Neo “Oh yes of course my queen I shall heal fully then be ready for my next mission don’t expect me to wear my robes though HA HA HA!”

A light chuckle came from Salem not lasting long she found a few of the things he did entertaining which is one of the reasons he was still around soon everyone had left the room besides Neo and Cinder. 

Cinder turned to look at Neo “your lucky he doesn’t know she’s on the ship we should go wait there untill orders are given your thankful she didn’t notice Celine on the ship she didn’t ask about it so i didn’t tell” Neo rolled her eyes before walking with Cinder back to the ship.   


Meanwhile back in mantle Penny just received a call from General Ironwood looking worried everyone looked at her as she soon answered James told her he was worried about her and to tell him her location so she can be picked up Ruby quickly hugged penny and told him that she’s not going anywhere and they are going to save mantle. 

Before James could continue to speak William picked up the phone and scoffed 

“JAMES JUST SO YOU KNOW… YOUR FIRED WHEN I GET BACK UP THERE and I don’t trust you to take the news so well so I will be prepared your insane and thats coming from me! someone’s who’s semblance drives people crazy!… your better then this General we will meet again but i am not gonna let you murder me or any of these kids in cold blood” 

General Ironwood of course went on about protecting atlas and how it’s humanity’s best hope at survival and mantle doesn’t matter William ended the call and gave penny back her scroll laughing a little. 

“Wow he didn’t even react to what I said what a shock!” He rolled his eyes 

afterwards they talked about what would happen next who was going with who but Yang spoke up looking a bit confused “hey colonel where the heck is Fluffy?” William perked up as he looked at her.

“OH FLUFFY? he’s just ripping apart a few of the grimm nearby what a rascal am I right?”

Penny looked over at him after letting go of Ruby “Mr. Barnum sir more importantly are your injuries healed? do you think you’ll be combat ready? and which group will you be going with?” 

Will rubbed his chin as he looked between Yang and Ruby “Penny dear just call me William and hmm i will go with miss rose I might not have my clearances anymore but i still know that place like the back of my hand and yes thank you for asking i’ve made a full recovery by now just a few scars on my chest”

Yancy did a backflip and landed right beside Yang and leaned on her shoulder “Well’s I guess’es I’ll be going with miss Yangs here ten sure I trust youse Colonel but I don’t do well working with authorities”  

Ruby nodded and looked at them “OK! it’s settled then me Weiss, Nora, Blake, Penny, and William will try to get amity up and running while Yang, Oscar, Jaune, Ren and Yancy will work on helping people in mantle” 

William loaded his gun “WELL THEN BULLY! WE’VE GOT SOME WORK TODO!” 

Yancy cracked his knuckles and put on his sparkly gloves “let’s do this pallies and hey don’t sweat it I know’s we can do this.”

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Another AU I plan on doing. A mixture of RWBY and the book series, Spirit Animals! Would you guys like to see this AU. If you do Start this hashtag and repost!!

#RWBY/Spirit Animals

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Chapter 13: “Sitrep” of the WYCD AU is now up on Ao3! Read the chapter here or start from the beginning here.

The members of Team WYCD issue situation reports to their various ulterior motivators, with differing levels of positivity. I finally understand why people like writing chatfics.

The thumbnail makes it look like Winter and Ilia are texting lmao. As always, click for better quality.

To cap off NaNoWriMo, stay tuned for Chapter 14, coming Sunday, November 29!

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// Yes. Good. Time to suffer Blake. 8D - mod lilac


“You! You did this!”

Oh crap. The last person he wanted to see was here, and here he was still stuck in a hospital bed from the Battle of Beacon, unable to escape or run away. He couldn’t help sweating as the dark-haired faunus approached, hand pressed against her abdomen, and then leaned forward without doing anything.

For a moment, he hoped. And then the hands around his neck proved that hope was nothing more than a four letter word for lie. Immediately, the other girl started tightening her grip and shaking him against his bed, head banging against his pillow.  

“When I said it might be interesting to become a Ninjas of Love protagonist, I didn’t mean you using your Semblance on me in real life,” Blake screamed angrily, “Do you know what sort of month I’ve had because of you?”

“Acck. Blake. I need to breath. Blake,” he said as he patted the other girls’ arms to mark his submission. He wasn’t actually getting hurt, but as he knew from living with seven older sisters, sometimes the feeling of getting revenge justice was enough.

Otherwise, if they don’t think you’ve suffered enough, that’s when your life gets miserable.

“I thought everyone around me was going crazy! Everyone proposing to me out of the blue,” Blake screamed, “And they were!” She loosened her grip on Jaune’s neck as she took deep breathes, “Then Pyrrha came to visit me, and since she still seemed sane, I told her what’s been happening to me. Guess what I found out. Apparently Jaune Arc has a semblance that turns people into harem protagonists!”

“What did I do to you to deserve this?!” Her hands twitched again as if ready to go for another round of strangle the blond.

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Side Rose: Wake The White Wolf

Hey guys! I’m back with the OFFICIAL start of my canon divergent RWBY AU, Grimm Guardians. This is the beginning of our story, where the weapons are awakened and take on their humanoid forms for the first time. These first four tales take place shortly after or just before the RWBY Color Trailers.

This is Side Rose. Most of the chapter titles of this tale will be named after a song. This one is named after “Wake the White Wolf” by Miracle of Sound. Also, these chapters will be short for now.

Disclaimer: I don’t own RWBY or it’s characters. Wish I did though. Also, thank you, Monty. For making this great series. I don’t own the music either.


(Cliffside Forest)

That’s it. That’s the last of them.’ Ruby Rose thought as bullet casings fell from the night sky as the snowy grounds of Cliffside Forest were now littered with the blood and corpses of the armada of Beowolves. She sighed with relief that she could now leave and get home. Her dad, Taiyang Xiao Long and half-sister, Yang Xiao Long were waiting for her. It was possible that they’re starting to get worried. She stayed out a little later then she was planning, but that was thanks to the Beowolves.

She had come out to Cliffside to visit the grave of her mother, Summer. She had come to visit and tell what had been happening since Ruby last visited. She had finally finished her High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe, Crescent Rose just a week ago and was excited to tell her mom about it. She just wished she could see it in person.

Ruby swallowed the lump that had began forming in her neck. She missed her mother dearly. Ever since her mother’s death, Ruby had tried to stay strong and optimistic, just like her. Her uncle, Qrow Branwen even said that she must’ve inherited most, if not ALL, of her mother’s genes, since Summer was pretty much just like that when the three of them and Yang’s mother were back in Beacon.

However, those optimistic side of her were limited. While she may have been too young to understand it, as time went on, she began wanting to see her mother again, to YEARN for her again. Ruby sniffed and wiped her eyes with her cloak. Her mother wouldn’t want her to be sad and depressed. She’d want Ruby to be happy and to fulfill her dreams.

However, it would seem that her trip back home wasn’t going to be easy. A massive heavily armored 20 foot tall Beowulf started charging from the forest and towards the red cloaked girl. The beast was headed towards Ruby at a speed that was too fast for her to brace herself in time. As soon as the Grimm was in attacking range, it immediately backhanded the girl with enough force to send her a whopping 30 yards away. The red and black clothed girl landed harshly and rolled on the snowy ground. She hissed in pain as she struggled to stand. The Grimm probably either brushed or broke her rib or two and it was clear it wasn’t going to stop until Ruby’s life was in its jaws.

Soon, a few more Beowolves showed up. They were nowhere as big as the armored one, but it was more than enough to make sure that Ruby would be overwhelmed. Even though she was staring death in the face, Ruby grabbed Crescent Rose and aimed it at two of the smaller Grimm, successfully getting in two headshots on them, before the other surviving members of their pack began rushing to attack.

‘Oh, merde …’ Ruby thought and tried to brace herself for the inevitable impact. However, the impact never came. Instead, her HCSS’s blade was burrowed deep in the head of one of the smaller Beowolves, even though she didn’t throw it at them. In an instant, rose petals formed and swirled around the weapon, ultimately forming a body of an adult woman holding it.

The woman was clad in a red cloak, with fur along its seam lining, red belt strapped shirt, black pants, eyepatch, and black boots. Immediately, Ruby noticed that the woman’s hair color and complexion were very similar to her own and she seemed about approximately 6 feet or so. “Are you alright?” The woman asked, turning herself to face the young girl. Ruby nodded hesitantly, only to hiss in pain and grip her side.

“Relax. This shouldn’t take long.” The woman said, giving an optimistic smile and immediately cleaved open the head of the Beowulf the scythe was burrowed in. In a flash, The woman began shooting and slicing the Beowolves down effortlessly until only the 20 foot Beowulf remained. The Grimm growled and roared at the woman in rage…only for said woman to grit her teeth and growl at the beast just as intimidating. Understandably, this action startled the other two occupants near her.

Swiftly, the woman jumped into the air and threw the HCSS hard enough for it to spin towards the Grimm at an extreme high speed. It was so fast that it managed to not only split the head on the beast open, but slice through the beast as if the weapon was a saw. After the woman landed, she grabbed the scythe and went over to Ruby. “Who…or WHAT are you?” The young girl asked.

“I am a weapon spirit. A soul that is the manifestation of your weapon.” The woman said. She knelt down and placed her hand on Ruby’s injuries. “I suggest you bite down on my arm. What I’m about to do may be very painful, but it WILL heal you.” She reassured, raising her free arm to Ruby’s face. The young Rose did as she was instructed and bit down on the arm, only to tighten that bite as she felt immense pain coming from her side.

After a few seconds of intense pain and muffled screams of pain, the woman removed her hand off of the girl’s side. “You’re healed now.” The woman said. Ruby released the arm from her bite and raised an eyebrow, before checking her injuries…which were no longer there. The girl looked at the weapon spirit and asked, “How did you…?” “I am also part-Demonic Grimm. It’s one of the abilities they have.” The woman replied.

“I thought those Grimm were just legends.” Ruby said. The woman chuckled and smiled, “There are SOME legends that are true.” After the two shared a quick laugh, it was only then that Ruby was able to concentrate on the woman’s face. Her eye color was much like hers and and Ruby knew her facial features were familiar in some way. However, she decided not to ask about it.

“What’s your name?” The young Rose asked, which caught the woman off by surprise. “My name…?” She asked and looked at herself, before wincing. “I don’t remember…anything from my previous life.” She said. “What’s the name of your weapon?” “Crescent Rose.” The young girl answered. “Do you want that to be your name until your memories come back?”

The woman looked at Ruby. For some odd reason, she looked so familiar to her. Was she someone from her past? Did she used to know her in some way? Realizing that the young girl was waiting for an answer, the woman nodded. “I would appreciate that. Thank you.” She said and helped Ruby up onto her feet. “What’s your name, maîtriser ?”

The young girl looked at the newly christened Crescent Rose, before smiling and answering, “My name is Ruby Rose.” Crescent Rose nodded with a smile, “Nice to meet you then, Ruby.” “Nice to meet you too, Crescent Rose.” Ruby replied.


Translation from french: Merde = Shit. Maîtriser = Master

Well, that was Side Rose. I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be uploading Side Schnee tomorrow. Let me know what you liked and what I could improve on. Remember, constructive criticism is good! Flames are not. See ya then!

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RWBY au where everything is the same except that Salem has a lesbian in her ranks who’s literal heart’s desire is that Salem would notice her and love her. This lesbian would burn the whole world down just for Salem if she asked. When Salem asks her about any weaknesses she might see in (Salem’s inner) circle, the lesbian might reply with “Watts would only betray you if he felt like Ironwood may give him a better deal at revenge against Pietro. Hazel would run rogue to kill the man who killed his sister. Cinder would go rogue to kill Ruby despite you ordering everyone NOT to. Emerald would deflect to try and save Cinder because she has a gigantic lesbian crush on her-”

“And Tyrian?”

“A scorpion’s nature is to kill anyone, even those who help them. If a frog is helping a scorpion across a river, the scorpion would sting the frog and they would both drown. But knowing Tyrian? Yeah, no, he sees himself as an extension of you, your stinger, in scorpion terms. He’s devout. There’s nothing that comes to mind in how he’d ever betray you.”

“And what of yourself? Would you betray me for your heart’s desires? To accomplish your goals?”

The lesbian doesn’t hesitate to reply “no. Never. You are my goal, Salem. My goal is to become your wife. To shower you in my love, and to receive yours. There’s nothing on Remnant that will ever quench the love that I have for you. I want you to be proud of me. To look at me a certain way, a way you’d never look at anyone else. I want to be touched. But not the way you touch me. I just… Want you.”

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