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Made some Monochrome Hugs for @snackles on twitter. And I thought you guys might like to see it too.

Monochrome Monday’s should resume after rwby volume 8 ends (manly because I won’t have to doge all the spoilers on here) 

With that being said. Stay safe, WEAR A MASK, and have a good day/night


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More Bumbleby content again.

Summary: Blake is a lil shit by teasing Yang so early in the morning. 

Despite what others may believe, neither Yang nor Blake were morning people. Even when they would finally drag their bodies from the covers, the pair would head straight to the kitchen, mindset on getting their respective cups of coffee and tea.

On this particular morning, the couple could still be found sound asleep, oblivious to the birds chirping as a new day began. Slowly the sun started to make its presence known by illuminating the landscape of Patch inch by inch as every minute passed.

A grumble left Blake’s throat, cursing herself for not closing the curtains the night prior. The faunus shied away from the unwanted intrusion of the sun’s rays, burying her face under Yang’s chin even further. As her lips involuntarily came into contact with the warm skin below, an idea came into Blake’s head, prompting those very lips to curl up into a mischievous grin.

Beginning with Yang’s neck, the faunus began to leave a trail of delicate kisses. With each peck her amber eyes remained trained on Yang’s face, watching for a reaction. As she ascended, a low, pleased hum was drawn from the blonde’s throat. A dopey grin pulled on Yang’s lips, as lilac eyes fluttered open to the pleasant awakening.

Despite her target now being in the land of the living, Blake continued, gracefully covering her partner’s sharp jawline and freckled cheeks with a plethora of kisses, pausing only when she left one on the corner of her lips. An indignant whine was summoned from Yang, who looked just as shocked as Blake, though the latter was much quicker to regain her resolve. A smug smirk lingered, proud of the masterpiece of pink-tinted cheeks she had caused. She could just give Yang what she wants, but where is the fun in that?

Leaning closer, so their breaths mingled, Blake purposefully diverted at the last second, avoiding Yang’s lips in favour of pecking her nose. “Blakeee,” the call of her name prompted a giggle from the faunus, who proceeded to kiss everywhere except the blonde’s plump lips. Losing her patience quickly, Yang fumbled with her hands, eventually becoming coordinated enough to pull Blake closer, pressing their lips together at last. 

The subsequent sigh Yang released made Blake’s teasing all the more worthwhile, and it would be quite sometime before the brawler would let her go after all payback was in order.

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✨This is what I’m been working on! ✨

I love how it turns out (but the background, I’m still not totally okay with it).

Friendly remainder that I have open commissions for those that are interested, PM if you want :)

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I went a little overboard with this tbh-

“I’ll Always Stand by your Side in the End”



“What do you mean you lost Oscar?!”

The sound of Ruby’s voice from the other side of the room startled Blake awake. She sat up to open her eyes to a living room inside of the Schnee Manor. She was on a sofa, and beside her was Weiss, who was still asleep. Blake took a moment to process what she’d just heard before realization set in.

She shot up off the sofa rushing to Ruby who still was using her scroll. The caller id appeared as she realized it was Yang she was talking to… It’d been hours since they’d heard from the rest of their team, and Blake had been worried most of the night for Yang.

“We were clearing up some grimm down in Mantle and this grimm came in and scared away a few beowolves before literally taking Oscar! This grimm… You won’t believe me when I say this Ruby…” Yang held a pause for a moment which gave Blake an opportunity to hear the engine of a motorbike at full speed in the background, Blake was pulled back to the original conversation when the words she’d never expect to hear in her life rushed out of Yang, “The grimm talked! It even knew how to protect itself! We weren’t able to stop it, at first it kept using Oscar as a… Almost like a meat shield! Then while we’re chasing it-it called for help! Grimm don’t do that… Something is really off.”

“How is that even possible?” Ruby spoke with pure shock. She turned to notice Blake was now awake, “You… Did you hear what happened Blake?”

“Blake?” Yang’s voice came over. Blake’s ear twitched to the sound of her name from Yang.

“I heard… Are you coming back? And even then… What are we going to do?” Blake replied. She felt her ears press against her head as she took a step back.

“I don’t know… But we’re heading back. Are you guys already in Mantle?” Yang was quick to ask her sister.

“No, Nora got injured while we were in the Compound, we’re in the Schnee Manor now letting her rest, but once she’s ready to go we’ll be back down as quick as we can,” Ruby paused for a moment, “So we can figure out how we’re going to get Oscar back from Salem.”


Within an hour Weiss had woken up, along with May who had been sleeping on another sofa. Nora still was unconscious and her aura only in the middle. Blake hoped it wouldn’t be too long before they could get back down to Mantle, she was worried about them. About Jaune, Ren, especially Oscar… And Yang.

Her mind wouldn’t drift to anything else aside from Yang. The fear in her voice still shook her. She’d witnessed probably the first grimm ever in the history of Remnant talk and show signs of actual intelligence.

Ruby and Weiss had been lightly conversing about the situation, Weiss, who was also very shocked to hear what had happened to the other group, had barely spoken all morning. Blake still sat by the window, wondering just how bad it was… If grimm learned how to actually protect themselves, that could be bad for all of Remnant, not just them.

She’d been tempted to call Yang, she figured they’d be back in Mantle by now waiting for them, but part of her wouldn’t let her pick up her scroll. If she did she’d stare at the call button for a few minutes before putting her scroll back down.

Things finally started to get a move on for the morning when Nora awoke around 15 minutes later. Her aura was still around halfway recharged but they had an actual emergency now. The burn marks from the electricity though were healing to be scars that ran throughout her body.

After an even longer amount of time, Ruby and Weiss went off and made breakfast for them, something quick since they didn’t have much time. Waffles, something Blake enjoyed. The 5 of them had sat and eaten quickly before checking to see if they had everything and soon enough they were back in the airship they came in. They took off, and Blake was beside Ruby, who stared out the window.

She took the moment to talk to her.

“Are you okay..?” She asked, Ruby, didn’t turn around as her face grew slightly sadder.

“Yeah… I’m just worried about Oscar… And Penny… Keeping Penny out of reach of Salem is the best option we have right now but I still worry… If the littlest thing goes wrong with launching Amity…” She paused, taking in a breath of hesitation. Ruby turned to Blake, and Blake met her silver eyes.

“Oscar… We know Salem has the relic and… Oscar technically still has Ozpin buried inside him somewhere… I worry… Salem probably doesn’t know how to work the Relic of Knowledge but Oscar does.” Ruby spoke. Blake understood the point, who knows what Salem would even want with the Relic of Knowledge.

“We’re here.” May cut off the conversation as Blake finally looked out the window again and realized they were down in Mantle. As they landed Weiss pulled out her scroll and began to pull up a call with Jaune Ren and Yang. Within moments it was Jaune who answered.

“We’re back, are you guys at the restaurant?” Weiss said.

“Yes, we’re working on a plan, you really need to hurry,” Jaune said.

“Why? More news?” Blake asked.

“No… It’s just really bad.” Jaune sighed. The group hopped out of the airship and set off for the restaurant and within seconds they were back inside the same room they started in.

The reunion was… Different than expected. When Blake entered Yang hadn’t even turned to her, she stood up to hug Ruby, looked at Weiss then sat back down.

Is she… Mad at me?

The horrid thought wouldn’t leave her, but it stayed for a while when they all sat around the table. So far the only plan they’d had was to go straight into the giant Grimm whale and see if that was where Oscar was.

Of course, that plan had been thrown off the table quickly, and in this case literally. There was a scrapped piece of paper on the floor of a battle plan of sorts.

What felt like hours passed by and nothing. They’d had smaller plans that would quickly be scrapped. They decided to take a short break, take a minute to breathe, and see if any good ideas would come that way. Blake had sat nervously, wondering if Yang would maybe acknowledge her now. She’d conversed with her in parts of their planning session but they still hadn’t had an actual conversation.

What she didn’t expect was to not have been paying attention when she did eventually speak to her.

“Are you… Mad at me?”

The tables almost turned as Blake realized Yang wasn’t mad at her… She was… Was she worried she was mad at her?

“No! I’m not upset…  I’m just worried. Everything going on…” Blake sighed as Yang took a seat beside her, “I thought you were mad at me for not going with you…”

“Blake, you were doing what you thought was right and in this situation, I’m just glad you’re okay.” Yang sighed.

“Are you okay, Yang?” Blake asked, turning to face her partner more directly. Yang took a while to respond. Blake grew anxious more and more before the response came.

“I don’t know…” Yang’s voice was barely a whisper. Blake could see invisible tears roll down Yang’s face. Just by the looks of things it seemed worse than she’d expected overall. She spoke again, still in a whisper, “I just feel like this is partially my fault… Oscar being taken and all.”

“It was not your fault.” Her hand moved to caress Yang’s cheek, “No one has ever seen a grimm like that before, and look now, we have no idea how to handle this. Even if you’d tried something then there’s no guarantee it’ll work. We’ll get Oscar back. I promise.” Yang stayed silent again as she leaned forward to fall into a hug with Blake, to which Blake moved her arms to hold onto Yang who by this point was almost crying. She noticed Ruby in the background, staring at the two of them. Her eyes wide with worry, but Blake nodded and Ruby turned away.

Once the hug was released she held eye contact with Yang.

“Yang, I know this wasn’t your fault, and you did everything you could. You, Jaune, and Ren. This wasn’t any of your faults, and I want you to know that.” Blake said, “I’m not mad at you whatsoever, I just don’t want you to get too worked up over this… I don’t know what the future holds if I’m being honest, but no matter what, I promise I’ll stand by your side in the end.”

Silence rested between the two as Yang stood up with Blake. They hugged for a moment before Yang’s eyes lit up.

“Guys, I have an idea.”



I don’t usually like writing things that could be in a canon setting per say but this was actually fun, writing hurt/comfort is kinda my jam, and for what it usually turns out to be this worked out a bit better than most I feel. Anyways… Please just be okay you two omg :(

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It’s funny how many of the “Yang is a bad sister to Ruby and only cares about Blake now” crowd also seem to desperately want Yang’s entire character to return to revolving solely around Ruby. And by funny I mean transparent and infuriatingly hypocritical.

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Yo i aint gonna lie but…blake got a dump truck man. Can yall imagine her twerkin?

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Rwby volume 8 spoilers

Here’s something I’ve thought about you know how in rwby the new Grimm, the hound, well I was thinking Salem created the Grimm in memory of her daughter. Remember when we got that flashback about Salem and Ozma and their family and one of their daughters was holding a Grimm looking dog. I’m not sure but I think it was the youngest, however after thinks about this I feel like Salem might be trying to bring her daughters back to life. I don’t know her actual plan is besides take over remnant, but I feel like she would use jin to tell her where that staff is (forgot the name) and use it to bring back her daughters.


Here’s the daughter I was referring to. You can see her holding that Grimm like dog or just a dog. However I still believe this has something to do with the new Grimm, the hound.

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So, im seeing alot of people mad that Yang isn’t talking about ruby but Blake. And not that anyone asked. But here is my opinion

Yang and Ruby are sisters. And like i get they prob need to have a conversation but Sisters disagree. Sisters fight, sisters say things they either don’t mean or they regret. But that happens all the time. And at the end of the day you are sisters. And you will be there for each other no matter what. And thats important, but it doesn’t need to be said. Yang is not worried about Ruby’s opinion about her. Bc like she knows no matter what they will be ok. I can see that some people don’t understand this. They even show this, with blake being worried. But Weiss isn’t and neither is jaune. Why? They get it. They have siblings and they know.

Now for Blake. I get why she’s worried. Yang has abandonment issues. Everyone she has loved has left her. And as harsh as it is to say, no one came back for her. She went to find Ruby. Not the other way around. Weiss was looking for Winter and ran into yang. And blake was at haven for the white fang and ran into RWY. No one chose to come back to her, even after losing an arm no one went to Yang. So now they are separated again bc they disagreed on what was the right path. And shes worried. Shes worried that when they meet up again that blake will think less of her. And I get that. They are in like this relationship limbo bc they haven’t really talked about what they are to each other. And yeah they established that they are protecting each other and staying together. But that doesn’t guarantee blakes feelings for her. So she’s feeling self conscious about that. And I get that.

And as for people who think that she should prioritize ruby over blake or that ruby would be mad bc she does I also disagree. Like for 1 how selfish do you think ruby is? Ruby loves Yang. And from the ending of season 6 I think its obvious that ruby knows how they feel for each other and is happy for them. And 2. Since blake and yang are moving in the direction of having a romantic relationship that puts Blake above ruby. Like anyone with siblings knows that. Like I love my sister and brothers, but my gf comes first. You are stuck with your siblings but your partner is who you are choosing to be with for the rest of your life, and it is understood that they will have similar choices to make. Ruby may get together with Oscar, or Weiss, or Penny, or maybe shes Asexual. But Ruby’s partner will be above yang. Its may sound harsh. But its reality and it doesn’t take anything aways from your relationships with your siblings it just means you love someone in a way that it becomes your priority and there is nothing shameful about that.

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Can we talk about how much sense it makes for Yang to be worried about Blake thinking less of her, though? Blake has always been a big picture person, focussed on important causes and overall goals. But Yang isn’t. Yang is the opposite; she tends to prioritise personal objectives and helping individuals instead. That’s why they’re in separate groups this Volume, with Blake wanting to reunite the world while Yang wants to help the people around them first.

And this has always been there! All the way back in Volume 2 we see them talk about this exact thing, with Yang admiring Blake’s drive and that she doesn’t back down from a challenge. But we also saw Yang’s concern over it.


Yang’s always considered herself directionless, and it’s clearly something that’s bothered her a lot. Combined with her abandonment issues, it makes perfect sense that she’d be afraid that Blake will eventually get bored of her because of this. Blake was an activist from when she was a kid, and left home to stay in the White Fang when she was only just a teenager. To Yang, it probably feels like Blake has achieved an awful lot in her life already while Yang still isn’t sure of her own path.


In Volume 7, Yang seemed concerned too when she realised that Blake didn’t agree with her about the best course of action. But they easily reached a compromise they were both happy with, which is what shows that Yang is wrong about this. Her and Blake’s different priorities are actually one of the reasons they make a fantastic couple. Together they form a complete picture, and bring out the best in each other by balancing each other out. Which Yang will eventually come to realise.

Blake was literally drawn to Yang mostly because Yang has such a big heart and values interpersonal connections over the big picture. The thing that Yang is worried will drive them apart is really what brought them together in the first place.

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My thoughts and theories for this episode!


I really like this Qrow and Robyn dynamic! I really like how she and Qrow had a moment where she told him how difficult it has been for her to form a connection with someone. I think they’re gonna be a powerful team when taking down Ironwood.


I also really liked how Robyn immediately told Qrow it wasn’t his fault. Although Qrow did play a part, Clover didn’t have to fight. Not to mention, I’ve rewatched the fight with Tyrian, Qrow, and Clover after they crashed in the airship multiple times. Im still confused as to why Clover was so adamant about fighting. Either way, they both had an opportunity to stop, Qrow was just reacting IMO. Maybe Clover chose to focus on Qrow instead of Tyrian during the fight because he thought of him as the more dangerous opponent? I’d love to hear some theories cause I really can’t understand.


So this here is starting to make me think that the Ace Ops are going to play a role with helping Robyn and Qrow take out Ironwood. Harriet is starting to question Ironwoods authority, what he says, and wether it’s all true. Marrow has been doing the same since Volume 7. I think that the Ace Ops at the very least are going to be the ones to provide Robyn and Qrow an escape from their cells. I think the confrontation part is where they will differ in how to handle Ironwood, depending on how the rest of the season and his choices play out.


I’m really enjoying how the sister dynamic is working with Ruby and Yang. They’re sisters. They love each other. This isn’t their first fight. Keep in mind too, I think this has barely been a day story wise. It’s not like it’s been a week. And already, Ruby had called Yang. She’s rightfully worried because she knows that Yang wouldn’t answer for no reason. I think Ruby knows it has nothing to do with their fight IMO. Also, it’s very cute that Blake is so worried and trying so hard to resolve the fight Yang and Ruby had. I definitely think that her worry is misplaced. Although I’m sure she is worried about Ruby and Yangs relationship, it’s not in jeopardy. I believe she is worried as all hell about Yang and wants to call her, but doesn’t know how to go about that, or if she should, with what went down with Ruby and Yang.


I’m glad that Yang was the one to kinda check and push Ren. I think someone needed to call him out on his bullshit. Ren is going through some shit. It’s never healthy to keep it bottled up. Yang knows this, has gone through this, and has grown from it. Ren is obviously going to need to deal with his trauma. But whether or not it’s gonna be time is another question.


I’m pretty sure this beating will somehow speed up the process of making Oscar and Ozpin into one mind. Either that or maybe Ozpin will take hold of Oscar when he’s getting beaten to keep Oscar sane.


I love Neo, she’s like “NOPE. Hot demon queen told you no, so it’s a no for me cause I wanna live.” Emerald coming in to save the day for Cinder. Can’t wait to see their dynamic again. I really hope Cinder treats her just as well as before now that they will put some distance between them and Salem. I hope Emerald can maybe change the tide for Cinder because I love a good redemption arc, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.


Buzz buzz bitch and oblivious Jaune. Everything I didn’t know I wanted lol


On a more serious note though, I love how complicated all these characters are. Even though Yang has grown and evolved as a person, she is still very worried that Blake isn’t going to like her anymore. She still has these insecurities and abandonment issues. It will be interesting to see how the growth of her character handles her and Blake’s relationship within the next few episodes. Secretly hoping for an angsty phone call between them lol. I think her growth will show with a talk between Yang and Ren. Ren is loosing it, and I’m afraid that it’s going to cost him his life.


It’s most definitely probably some Grimm coming from underneath this. But I’m also an optimist and I really hope it’s somehow someone coming to rescue them. Like maybe the Happy Huntresses they left behind while helping Mantle and someone’s Mole Uncle? Haha probably too hopeful, but I’m excited either way!

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Jumping in before anyone pulls the “Yang doesn’t care about Ruby because of B/umbleby” nonsense again because as someone who actually has a sibling I absolutely worry ten times more about my girlfriend’s opinion than I do about my brother’s.

Like, I’ve known my brother my entire life. I know that we’re gonna be fine even when he pisses me off or vice versa. We’ve got a lifetime of that comfortable familial dynamic behind us so I have no reason to worry. But it’s different with your romantic partner. You don’t have that same stability yet at the start, so you’ll often second guess yourself and worry that you’re gonna fuck something up. It’s totally natural, and doesn’t make Yang love Ruby any less.

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