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Okay, but I seriously love Nora’s scars and I hope they DON’T go away. I’m a sucker for battle scars, and they add so much to a character.

Weiss has at least the eye one, and should have the abdomen I-was-impaled scar. Yang has scars on her stump, Blake has the stomach one and I headcanon Sun has one where Ilia hurt him. Even Adam’s, tho he was an asshole, tells us a lot about the character and what he’s been through.

It’s realistic for all these characters to get scars over time. And while I don’t want them to get badly hurt, I feel that when a story is driven by fighters, they’re bound to get hurt, recover, and press on. A plot where the heroes never get hurt can’t be a well written one.

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Volume 8 wishlist

  • Qrow doesn’t die
  • Penny doesn’t die (or turn herself over to Salem please god please)
  • Bees kiss
  • Blake/ruby interaction
  • Emerald, mercury, and neo leave those bitches.
  • Cinder dies (long shot but fuck that bitch)
  • Whitley redemption
  • Winter redemption
  • Schnee sibling interaction but /positive/
  • ironwood dies fuck ironwood
  • Oscar gets magic powers at long last
  • Long shot but,,, qrow smiles? Please? Even just a happy minute for this man.
  • Feel free to add
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