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#rwby fan art

I tried something new today and I’m very happy with the results so have another Penny drawing


I think oil brushes are my new favorite thing

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JANURWBY  Day 16 - Vacuo Outfits: I just wanted an excuse to see what the girls would look like without their jackets. And they do look ready for the desert in my opinion. (shrug) Also this is just a rough concept drawing which is why it looks eh compared to my previous drawings so no I haven’t gone “downhill”

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JANURWBY Day 15 - Beacon Throwback: Pyrrha Nikos. Excuse me now while I weep.

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Carolina Rundstrom • Mallow Mountbatten • Yarrow Dailan • Kara Alkan

CMYK is a team of second year students from Haven Academy. Taking its name from the CMYK colour model, it is an anomalous team name in that it is pronounced letter-by-letter, or as ‘Comic’.

Each member of team CMYK alludes to a character from Norse Mythology; Carolina alludes to Hel, Mallow to Baldur, Yarrow to Mimir and Kara to the Valkyrie that shares her forename.

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JANURWBY Day 12 - Sci-Fi: Penny Polendina.

Because what could be more sci-fi in RWBY than a robot with a soul?

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JANURWBY Day 11 - Fantasy: Ruby Rose.

RWBY is a nice mix of many genres but it has always been first and foremost a fantasy series. So who better to draw for this genre than the heroine herself?

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Day 11 of janurwby

Prompt - Fantasy , I drew my vampire au of Penny but in a pretty dress because I can and I haven’t actually followed a prompt fully in like a week but-

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Wips! I’m working off!



Hetalia content


Au stuff with other things 😅😀😃

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When I found out about JanuRWBY I realized it was a perfect time to do my yearly obligatory RWBY piece and I’ve wanted to draw Penny’s new look for a while now.

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