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#rwby fanart

You know what’s better than a double proposal?

A spontaneous proposal!

Gift for @whatacartouchebag who is amazing and sweet and writes the most lovely fics for the lads. I can’t gush over Cart enough, so go support her works and shower with love pls! 

This comic is a based on some ideas we came up with together for our favourite pair. And if you’re wondering what name came before Terrible, it was Trouble pffft. Birb loves to tease his plant lad but isn’t always prepared for his responses. And to be fair (game), neither was prepared this time around.

All this to say, ily Cart! You always make me smile (and cry like a baby) you beautiful human, you. Thanks for just being you! <3

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Today’s janurwby prompt is color symbolism, so here’s an extremely self indulgent “BLAKE AND YANG’S EYES ARE THE COLOR OF EACH OTHER’S SOULS!!”

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More Maleficent Qrow doodles!! Qrow 🙌

@yoomschoocs once again did lines haha

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JANURWBY  Day 25 - Color Symbolism: Marrow is commonly asscociatied with the color blue, a color that is known to symbolize sadness, the emotion he feels strongest in light of Ironwood’s morally questionable (euphamism) actions. Ren’s Semblance reveals blue petals around Marrow, confirming that he doesn’t like what’s going on and wants no part of it

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JANURWBY DAY TWENTY FIVE: colour symbolism

Ok Cherry

Aight Bean

How do you plan on choosing a colour?

Oh right I have to do that don’t I-


Shut up


I can use a random colour generator right???

Good thinking


What turquoise characters are there…?


Your jokes are unfunny and I’m going to smack you

Ok um… Penny?

If you ask me, she’s green not turquoise




We’re both really dumb aren’t we




Strengths include compassion and calmness. These are things all the Ozmas seem to have in spades.

Weaknesses however include stress and secrecy. These also describe Ozma pretty well

Colour theory is cool :)

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Background and lighting practice ft nora!!

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A concept: Blake with v1 outfit and v7 hair

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For today’s janurwby, have an Ilia! I jus think Smile is a great song

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Maleficent Qrow… You see… this picture is right after his wings got cut off so he cut his hair to try to force a new beginning…. ;(

@yoomschoocs Did the lines ofc <3

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