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#rwby fandom

“do you mean cat faunus or humans who wear cat faunus ears/tails because either way, I hate them”

“though I like the humans a bit more since their making fun of a culture i don’t respect” 

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Ozpin as a Twitch Streamer Part 3

*pranking his Twitch friends while they play a scary game*

James: Alright, Ozpin are you here? Give us a sign!

Ozpin: *demonic voice* GET OOOUT!

Qrow: *scared shitless* OOOOOOH!!!!



Ozpin: *evil silent laughing*

Qrow: Did you guys hear that!?

James: What was that?

Leo: No, I didn’t hear anything, dude!

Ozpin: *laughing and dancing in his seat*

Qrow: It was— ‘GET OOOOUT!


Qrow: OKAY! That was the ghost! Okay sick!

Leo: Yeah, I didn’t even hear it!

Ozpin: *manic laughter*

James: Ozpin, are you with us?

Ozpin: *demonic voice* NO…

Qrow: AHHH!

James: oooOOH!

Leo: WHAT!


James: OZPIN! Say the name James, Leo or Qrow!

Ozpin: *demonic voice* LEOOOOOOO


James: AHHH!


*chaotic laughter from everyone*

Qrow: WAIT— WAIT NO! That’s one of you! That’s one of you, you f*ckers!

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Draw the Squad but it’s some of the Ozpin and Oscar Aus

Dadpin & Farmson believe they are the most superior of all the Aus because they are the most wholesome and kind and have father-son love and hugs so they walk around with sunglasses and hot cocoa cups and Farmson is sitting on Dadpin’s shoulders and nor he’s hugging him.

Meanwhile Evil Ozpin & Grimm Oscar are 100% done with Dadpin & Farmson’s bs and just want to bring chaos while still caring about the other even though they don’t wanna admit it

And Fanon Oscar & Ozpin mainly always by Dadpin & Farmson because they are the most similar to them. With their dad and son vibes but Oz merely adopts Oscar and treats him like an equal and believes he can take care him him while still going absolutely feral if someone harms his boi.

The point of this post being, that in every AU they are always together. We can’t have one without the other. They need each other

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I thought a show was supposed to get better writing with time but somehow Rwby’s writing deteriorates with each season and becomes almost comically bad along with the fandom.

At least the ship that the creators got death threats over will be canon at the detriment of both character’s development and the story but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at least they’re gay right?

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Infinity Train AU: An Dadpin and Oscar story

So this is something that @immortal-green-snom and I talked about and that @brunswickfarms seemed to love, over on the Oscar Protection Squad discord. I have so many ideas and AUs in my head that I just can’t write for them all. So for this I decided to just do pins instead of my thought process and ideas for it and let you all roll with it. 

  • The story begins in an Orphanage where Oscar has been since he was 4 years old. 
  • He’s kinda living in an Annie situation, where he doesn’t want to get adopted because he knows that his parents and or his Aunt will come back for him one day. 
  • One day he sneaks into and steals his file that was locked behind a cabinet and is horrified to realize that there is a document stating that his Aunt and parents died in a car crash years ago and that Oscar was to be placed for adoption within the next three weeks 
  • This causes Oscar to become very distraught but immediately denies the claim and leaves that night to go search for his parents
  • He doesn’t get maybe three miles down the road before a train the sign on top saying Mistral, which is the only knowledge he had about his parents at all was they were from Mistral. 
  • Even though he knew going near it was a bad idea, Oscar decided that we was desperate enough to get on board. He opens the cart door, a bright light starts to form in the darkness of the train cart and then he wakes up in a maze with the number 107 glowing a crossed his hand 
  • Then while he’s running around, trying to find a way out, frantically calling out for help, he quite literally bumps into a man with White Hair, strange glasses and a dark green suit. 
  • The man looks at him, sees how scared he is, sees his number going up and immediately kneels down, “Breathe, it’s alright. Just breathe.” 
  • Oscar by this point is literally about to have a panic attack: “W-Where am I???” 
  • And Ozpin, still having a soft spot for children, places a gentle hand on Oscar’s shoulder: “Remember to breathe. You are on a train.” 
  • Oscar: “G-Going where?”
  • Ozpin: “I don’t know. I’ve been here for a long time and it doesn’t appear to have a destination.”
  • After Oscar has calmed down, Ozpin explains what he knows about the train, Which is little to nothing at all. Ironic considering that he had been on the train for the the total of 7 years now. He got on the train when he was 23 years old and has been there ever since. The only thing he does know is that they can’t leave.
  • Cue Oscar sticking to Oz like glue because he’s the only adult that has bothered to help him and he desperately wanted help and guidance in a place that didn’t make sense. Explaining that he needs to get off the train because he needs to find his family in Mistral. 
  • Big ol’ puppy dog eyes and Ozpin immediately caves in. and decides to help him but would not be going any further then that. 
  • Adventures in various carts happen. 
  • And eventually Oscar realizes that his number had gone down from 107 to 50 after he and Oz had a moment where Oz safes him from falling from a high place and they are clinging to each other, fearfully. 
  •  And we see Oz’s side on thing, see that his number which had been 600 had been going down slowly ever since they had met and started to bond and was now 300:
  • He found a kind of peace in the Train because here he didn’t have to worry about being a burden to his friends and family and that’s not what the train is suppose to do. It’s not a home for passengers. The train is there to teach lessons. 
  • But then after a while Oz’ issues and self hatred towards himself even got in the way of him enjoying the train. And then he finds Oscar and things start to change.
  • Soon Oscar informs him of a situation. Why he ran away and why he was looking for his parents and Aunt was because he had lived in an orphanage and a document said they had died. 
  • It didn’t take Oz long to put together as he looked at the document, that was indeed real. After that he decided that he was going to whatever he could to get off the train because he knew that even if Oscar’s number reached zero and he escaped he had no one out there and would be all alone.
  • Eventually the truth comes out and Oscar as to finally accept that his parents were gone and that he was indeed an orphan his number goes up because he realizes he’s all alone and his number goes from 50 to 400 and he has a panic attack
  • But Oz is there and grabs Oscar by the shoulders and tell him that he isn’t alone. Tells Oscar that he was just a broken man, who was and is nothing but Oscar made him feel alive again. They found each other and that they were going to get off this train together and stay together and Oz would adopt him. 
  • And then Oz says those three magical words, “I love you” and Oscar says them too, Then they’re hands glow and and Oscar’s number hits 0 while Ozpin’s stays at 6 
  • A door appears and immediately starts sucking Oscar in. both are panicking Oscar is holding onto Oz for dear life and Oz is holding him just as tightly. 
  • Oz is terrified, because Oscar is being pull away from him and he knows the kid will be all alone. And he wants his number to go down. It’s literally at 6 but has been stuck like that for a while and doesn’t know what else to do to reach 0
  • And then Oscar is gone, having faded away right in front of Oz. And he’s so distraught that his number skyrockets to 300 as he just sobs and screams at the train for taking away Oscar just when he was starting to feel like he mattered again.
  •  Oz’s journey is learning to accept himself, accept the mistakes he’s made and realizes they weren’t as bad as he thought they were. 
  • His journey is not only to find a purpose (which is Oscar, to raise him and care for him) but also to live not just for Oscar but live for himself,
  •  And only then, does his number finally reach 0. 
  • His portal opens up, he jumps through it and arrives exactly where Oz had been years ago, and begins his journey to better himself and find Oscar.
  • They find each other and work together to become better people in the future.

This is a story about accepting loss and letting others in. About accepting your faults and choosing to look in the mirror and love yourself and choose to live 

Oscar needed to accept that his birth parents are gone, he needed to let someone else in, let someone take care of him and love him 

And Oz needed to accept that he isn’t this awful person he believes himself to be. He needed to find a purpose and that purpose is not only caring for Oscar. But also to live for himself. 

I wish I had the energy to write a full fledged story but I sadly can’t. So i’ll leave it up to you all. my fellow writers and artists of Ozdad and farmson, who love the concept of Oscar and Oz being family as much as I do, to either completely ignore this AU or do have at it. 

Also if anyone wants to ask me questions feel free to just sent me an ask

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Some of them I wish had their accounts terminated and isolated from the internet and fandom.

Like holy shit. Some of them go as far as to spread false information regarding members of Rooster Teeth. Some youtubers make sex and rape “jokes” and even support abuse. And some have go off the deep end simply because of a character being killed off.

Hell, r/RWBYcritics are either not aware of this shit or support blindly.

No wonder the intelligent and mature members of this fanbase are sick of them.

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Here have this qrow I saw some other stlye still flipping cool


Learning some stuff or trying to slowly get to hands

( I forgot to get the lines colorized up oh well)

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Alright so

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog while I tried to dodge spoilers, but! I have a  buncha reblogs saved as drafts that I’ll feed into the queue. Dunno if I’ll be sharing anything V8 related until after the finale, but we’ll see!

EDIT: I have a few V8 posts, but they’ll be thrown in with non-specific-to-this-season stuff and tagged ‘V8 spoilers!’ That being said, I’m also not tagging V7 spoilers anymore, so if you haven’t caught up that far, probably best not to follow ‘til you do!

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Thinking about how Oz probably won’t have a long time to talk before his soul inevitably merges with Oscar’s… :0(

But sorry for dying! Been busy lately! I still have ideas and stuff, though! :0)

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I never actually make posts here anymore but uh I wanted to pop in and say I think there’s a pretty good fuckin chance Pyrrha might make an appearance this volume

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This is a project of mine where I’m writing, what I call, perspective pieces.

This is Part One of an undetermined series length so enjoy the ride, this one is about Qrow and the topic is: Reading.


After months of reconnaissance, he was able to return home for a few days and unwind. It had been a long while since Qrow spent any real time in his apartment; wondering why he was even paying rent for the damn place if he only lived in it for maybe two weeks out of the year.

Inside settings were like a cage anyhow, they created an ever-growing need to escape that would sit in his chest when idle. It wasn’t until the raven-haired scythe wielder was out and about in the world of Remnant would the dread silence itself. What he felt when on missions couldn’t be comfort…no, far from it. But it was leagues better than suffocating within the confines of four walls.

With every day that passes it’s become increasingly more difficult to calm his nerves, especially when sober. Qrow’s fingers ghosted over the hip flask on his person, contemplating on taking preventative measures against his flighty mind.

The thought was interrupted by the sudden pitter-patter against the apartment’s windows, moving to take a look at the looming gray clouds outside. Silvery light shone into the room and reflected off pastel red eyes that were gazing back at a more muted mirror image on the pane. If he didn’t know any better he’d guess this was a staring contest.

Taking note of how unkempt his facial hair had been getting, but that was soon overshadowed by a more important priority: Whatever chance he had to go see his nieces had diminished.

So much for not being trapped here, huh? That’s just great.

What started off as inconsistent droplets patterning on the glass became a steady downpour. In favor of not dwelling on the odds of whether or not his Semblance had anything to do with it; he turned away from the window and headed towards the bookshelf across the room.

Every book was a plethora of knowledge waiting to be opened and taken a gander at, however, he’s read almost all of them three times over. Among all the dust-covered hardbacks, one stood out in particular: The Great War.

The bookmark within its pages indicated he’d already begun reading up on it, perhaps before the last mission. Unable to recall, he plucked the book off its shelf and took it over to the couch. Thumbing through pages and scanning for familiarity in the words. Upon reaching the bookmark where he supposedly left off, it dawned on him that this was the book Ozpin sent a while ago.

From looking at the piece of literature alone he guessed it was about as old as he was, from the inside anyway. The outside, having probably passed through multiple hands in its lifetime, still appeared fairly new.

Without wasting more time staring at the damn thing, he started reading. Progressing through the pages, the corners of his mouth began to wilt into a frown. It talked about one of the most important points in history and the second saddest divide humanity had ever known, the first being between mankind and Faunus.

The Great War, what a shitty name. Who wrote this thing?

Annoyed, he flipped the book over to search for an author and as expected there wasn’t one.

The bastard sure has a cruel sense of humor, they knew the title was problematic and still chose it.

Having tossed it back over to continue reading, a scowl now sat on his face. Almost hesitant on finishing it, but he pressed on knowing that this was valuable information that could be used at any point during his travels.

Each kingdom’s population had a general consensus of how the other kingdoms acted. So to have this under his belt would shut up a few loudmouths who think where they hail from gave them bragging rights. A vile reminder that all of them are flawed in one way or another; some…more than others.

Qrow snapped the book closed, getting up to put it back on the shelf to sit for another year or so. It was already clear to him that Atlas and Mistral had very skewed ways of taking care of government affairs, but the events that lead up to the worst war to date were suspicious to him. Pausing in deep thought, his hand rested on the book:

Did Salem have a hand in this war or was it the making of two corrupted kingdoms of their own volition?

He could never be sure so he tucked the idea away to be brought up to Oz at a later date. Now back on the couch and glancing up at the clock on the wall, it was later in the evening. The storm had cleared up, but it was well past typical visiting hours at the Xiao Long-Rose household.

An aggravated sigh escaped pale lips as he grumpily reached for the flask. Not wanting to sit here and pick apart every detail about the war that the book gave or address how these walls were beginning to pin him down, cold metal pressed against his lips polishing off whatever was left inside. The whiskey was noticeably more bitter this time around and probably just enough to get the job done.

Mistakes were made, not uncommon, but now he was focused on the contents of The Great War and drunk. Of course this would happen, it always does, and yet this is what he mistook for an answer.

The newly opened bottle of wine he scrounged the kitchen for was nearing halfway to empty because he kissed it every time passages of literature crossed that saddened head.

Unable to distract himself from trying to connect Salem to The Great War, the night dragged on with stone feet.

Scroll in hand and pale blue glowing on his skin, through one open eye, Qrow stared at Tai’s contact on the screen. An exasperated scoff hissed against his teeth as he tossed the scroll off to the side along with the idea.

No…no dealing with my shit is the last thing Tai needs. What was I even thinking? Right…I wasn’t.

Hands now resting over his eyes to shield from the glaring lamp lights, he wanted this to be over. Longing for the sunlight to pry itself through the darkened curtains and signal a new day so he can finally go check up on Ruby and Yang; a momentary abatement before having to launch himself back into the fray of a huntsman’s work.

At this point sleep would never come and seeking solace was but a distant wish that would forever evade him.

4 notes

Introduction of Character

Name: Cella Fawn

Age: 16 (Volumes 1–3); 17 (Volumes 4-5); 18 (Volumes 6-7); 19 (Volume 8-)

Gender: Female 

Race: Human

Symbol: Moon 

Affiliation(s): Team Fawn; Signal Academy; Beacon Academy

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5’3

Eye Color: Pink

Hair: Lavender 

About The Character

Status: Active 

Occupation: Huntress

Handedness: Left

Personality: A sweet sunshine that makes everyone happy. She have the power to put a smile on your face. 

Fear(s): Creepy Crawling Things; Not being able to fix a situation

Likes: Friends; Sweets; 

Dislikes: Spicy Foods; Big meanies; Big heavy weapons

Habit(s): Having music blasting in her eyes; chewing gum loudly; Thinking to fast ahead; Very bold; Has to learn that everything can’t be her way

Strengths: Close rage battles 

Weaknesses: Not having her weapon


Weapon Name: Crescent Moon

Weapon Description:

Bladed Tonfa


Uniform Idea: 


Relationship With Others

Reputation: More of a dimwit around others. It takes her a minute to get things and hints, but when she does get them and what’s going on she will execute the plan.

Team: FAWN (Brianna, Winter, and Jasmine)

The Character’s Abilities

Ability:    8 /10

Swordsmanship:   9 /10

Long Range Accuracy: 5 /10

Defense: 10 /10

Offense: 7 /10

Aura:  8 /10

People Skills: 8 /10


Made By: Marleigh Belle



2 notes

Introduction of Character

Name: Brianna Alexandria 

Age: 17 (Volumes 1–3); 18 (Volumes 4-5); 19 (Volumes 6-7); 20 (Volume 8-)

Gender: Female 

Race: Human

Symbol: Phoenix 

Affiliation(s): Team Fawn; Signal Academy; Beacon Academy

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5’8

Eye Color: Golden

Hair: Fiery Red; normally in a ponytail 

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Huntress

Handedness: Right

Personality: She’s more of a hot head when it comes to her personality. She can be a self centered person, but that’s part of her charm.

Fear(s): Having no friends or having no one looking after her

Likes: Spicy food to Cella dismay; sleeping in class; playing video games even though she won’t admit it

Dislikes: Being alone; Broccoli; Long car rides

Habit(s): Always being right; Having a temper;  React without thinking just like Cella


Weaknesses: Close end battles


Weapon Name: Sophitia

Weapon Description:

Bladed Fans (2)


Uniform Idea:


Relationship With Others

Reputation: She is known as being a hot head towards others.

Team: FAWN (Fawn, Winter, and Jasmine)

The Character’s Abilities

Ability: 9 /10

Swordsmanship: 9 /10

Long Range Accuracy: 10 /10

Defense: 8 /10

Offense: 10 /10

Aura: 8 /10

People Skills: 5 /10


Made By: Marleigh Belle



2 notes

Introduction of Character

Name: Lucia Winter

Age: 15 (Volumes 1–3); 16 (Volumes 4-5); 17 (Volumes 6-7); 18 (Volume 8-)

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Symbol: Snow

Affiliation(s): Team Fawn; Signal Academy; Beacon Academy

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 5’0 

Eye Color: Gray

Hair: Jet Black

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Huntress

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Personality: She is a quiet person that keeps to herself mostly. She only speaks when spoken to. When you get to know her better, she comes as a sweet and caring person much like her friends in Team Fawn.

Fear(s): Not having her stuff bunny with her at all time; losing her stuff bunny

Likes: A soultide place to take a cute little nap; watching romantic movies; she secretly have a crush on a boy band

Dislikes: Is not much known about her dislikes. Like I said, she keeps things to herself.

Habit(s): She hums when bored or when she thinks no one can hear her sing a tune.

Strengths: Using her ability to summon dark magic

Weaknesses: Not having her magical book with her that she can summon magic from


Weapon Name: Crystal Spade

Weapon Description: 

Monk’s Spade/ Shaolin Spade


Uniform Idea:


Relationship With Others


She is seen as a moody and quiet person towards others. Never speak up when asked to. Always keep to herself.

Friends: Her stuff bunny she name Elsa

Team: FAWN (Fawn, Brianna, and Jasmine)

The Character’s Abilities

Ability: 10 /10

Swordsmanship: 6 /10

Long Range Accuracy: 10  /10

Defense: 7 /10

Offense: 9  /10

Aura: 9 /10

People Skills: 2 /10


Made By: Marleigh Belle



1 notes

Introduction of Character

Name: Jasmine Noellan


17 (Volumes 1–3); 18 (Volumes 4-5); 19 (Volumes 6-7); 20 (Volume 8-)








Team Fawn, Signal Academy; Beacon Academy

The Character’s Appearance



Eye Colour:



Platinum Blonde

About The Character








Very loving and kind to others that come across her path. She is the most friendly of the group. Sparking up a conversation whenever she goes.


She claims that she doesn’t have fears. She walks in faith no matter what lies ahead.


She loves a good listener especially when she goes on her energizing (hyper) start. You have to keep up with her sweet little vents as there might be a hint to her past or much more about her home life.


A rude person; being lied to; disloyalty people


Fixing her hair and make up wherever she goes


Have six sense; can easily sense things near, but can’t determine if its a person or an animal


Being to much in vain as she will stop in battle just to fix her hair or makeup


Weapon Name:


Weapon Description: 

Sword and Shield 


Uniform Idea: 


Relationship With Others


She the most popular girl at the academy not much of her beauty, but he ability to hold a conversation with others


FAWN (Fawn, Brianna, and Winter)

The Character’s Abilities

Ability:  10  /10
Swordsmanship:  10  /10
Long Range Accuracy:  6 /10
Defense:  10 /10
Offense:  6 /10
Aura:  9 /10
People Skills:   10 /10


Made By: Marleigh Belle



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Hey… I just wanted to thank everyone here for still sticking around following me and my😯😊😔❤ content man this means alot !

So …

I wish my followers and visitors and future

A good respectfully evening ❤🎵

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