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There are 776 people following me I don’t know why though but hi I love y'all enjoy the shitposting, the ship stuff, the gay shit and the weird analysis.

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I’m in the middle of a mental breakdown and crying without being able to stop and all but I got here and just realized I have nearly 600 followers whereas like a month ago I had like 20 wow y'all really welcomed me and my shitposting.

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Hey hi howdyyyyy~! As the description says, there wasn’t a blog that checked all the ridiculous boxes I wanted, sooooo I made it myself! (and I’m blocking anybody who tries to start shit, I’m too tired and rejection-sensitive for that.)

That being said, drop a reblog/reply/ask/whatever if you’re a drama-free (or at the very least very little and/or tagged drama) RWBY or mostly-RWBY blog? I wanna put together a list! And if folks could share this so people know I exist, that’d be sweet!

(I don’t have a lotta original content, but maybe later? Mostly just reblogs for now.)

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Things I really hate about FNDM

I swear. If theirs one thing wrong with FNDM it’s how they let shipping get out of hand. Whether it’s from preferences to headcanons.

Like, if you like a ship more than another, people will literally send you death threats.

Like prefering Blacksun over Bumblebee or liking Rosegarden over Whiterose.

Like you can just share your opinion and people will straight up call you harmful words.

Liking Blacksun makes you a homophobe

Liking Rosegarden makes you a pedophile

Liking Whiterose makes you old school

Liking Bumblebee automatically makes you gay

I just can’t stand it.

I like all of those ships. Just because BS and RG over WR and BMBLB doesn’t make me a homophobe and pedophile

And then having Headcanons lets you get attacked

Like I’ve seen some weiiird headcanons like “Qrow being a transgender” or “Yang being a female transitioning to male”

People will just disrespect your opinions and call you stupid. Like I don’t agree with them, but I respect their opinions.

And then it’s how the FNDM just doesn’t understand the essance of having “Friends”

Like in the V8 clip, people straight up think the only reason that Oscar and Yang are hanging out is because Yang wants to have sex with him???

And the some fans just think it’s for Rosegarden? (I already stated that I love RG but seriously-)

Like, everyone has to be shipped and if they don’t get together, the writers are terrible.

Like Yang and Blake can’t just be friends, they have to be in a relationship

Or Weiss can’t just respect Jaune without wanting to give him a blowjob.

It’s not the fact that their shipped together, it’s how the FNDM fights over it and how it reflects on the characters.

Literally, 95% of Oscars hate comes from him being shipped with Ruby by the FNDM

Or how people only cares about Clovers death because of fairgame and how it somehow “makes the writers queerbaiters”

Honestly, the FNDM needs to have limits and respect for one an another

Liking a ship doesn’t make you a toxic shipper. Defending a ship doesn’t make you a creepy fan. Making ship art doesn’t mean you have nothing else to do.

And most importantly. Hating on a character or ship makes you more toxic than said shipper.

You can have your opinions and feel free to voice them. Just don’t disrespect others

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Why does Youtube insist me on watching a 2 hour video of someone shitting on RWBY? IT’S THE FIFTH TIME I CLICK “NOT INTERESTED” WHY THE FUCK THIS THING KEEPS POPPING UP?!!

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Do I think that RWBY is a perfect show? No, it has plenty of faults.

Do I think that a lot of the problems with it aren’t actually anything wrong with the narrative, but rather fans (un)intentionally misinterpreting things, latching onto headcanons/personal biases, and over/under analyzing certain plot points? Yes

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It’s possible to have a faunus from any classification of animal but there is a hierarchy of how common they are due to compatibility. Land mammals are the most common followed by aquatic mammals, fish, reptiles, bugs and birds. Land mammals like tigers, wolves and bears tend to mesh the best with the human frame that faunae and faunus share with the animal trait. Aquatic mammals- as they’re still mammals, also mesh well with human bodies. The only problem are the occasional mermaid syndromes that result from both fish and aquatic mammal traits.

Fish are harder- typically it results in a faunus/faunae with sealable gills or second eyelashes meant for underwater. Faunae and sometimes faunus end up with scales across their skin. The scales tend to be thin, soft and translucent material- in this case it doesn’t affect the faunae in any detrimental way. The only result is that the faunae gets to shimmer like a star in daylight or sunlight. In more extreme cases, the scales are stiff and impede the movements of the poor faunae in question. These fanuae often caretakers to look after them. The scales can be itchy and can be soothed by medicated oils, lotions and creams for short periods of time.

Reptiles are the next common mesh but this is where inherent danger really starts coming to play. Faunus and faunae of reptile types tend to have simple features- forked tongues, thin scales and spines down their backs. The greatest concern with reptile faunae and faunus is the fact that they have a chance at being cold-blooded. It’s a serious risk factor as the cub runs the risk of either freezing to death or overheating. They’d need constant attention and materials to protect them. Climate control undersuits are mandatory for them to leave climate controlled rooms. Of course, they always run the risk of suit breaking or malfunctioning which can seriously endanger the person.

Bugs tend to be born with antennas or wings. Bugs that get any other traits have a near 70% fatality rate. Most bug faunae and faunus die because their trait ends up being an exoskeleton. Which is 100% fatal as human organs cannot operate with a bug’s exoskeleton. Most are stillborn but a small percentage are born breathing but in agony and die within an hour or two after being born if they’re not simply put to sleep in mercy. 

Birds are the least common type for the simple fact that the animal trait is usually hollow bones. Hollow bones and mammalian labor are not a good mix. If the baby isn’t surgically removed, then 99% of the time, the baby is crushed to death by contractions. Those that live are often riddled with broken bones and are required to stay in the hospital to be cared for.

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Remnant has three major religions that most everyone believes in or one of their offshoots. If there are people who don’t believe in any of them, they understandably don’t advertise this. They are as follows, the Followers of Luanni (Luannian), Mother Remnant (Remborn), and Forgiving Mother (the Sanctioned).


Believe in the tale of the moon goddess Luanni who granted small parts of her power to believers in need. One such believer by the name of Mallacina received a large fraction of power but was cornered by greedy people and forcefully corrupted. Mallacina began her long war of attempting to steal all of Luanni’s powers for herself. Luanni- saddened and despairing, at first fought to bring her loyal follower back. 

Everytime she made any progress, the poisonous people around her drew her back in assuring her Luanni was merely trying to snatch back her gift. Luanni didn’t truly begin fighting until Mallacina attacked the third and neutral party on the battlefield. The god that watched the wildlife of Remnant named Duusaii. Mallacina senr hordes of her greedy corrupt army to him and though he killed them in the hundreds they were replaced in the thousands. Not even a god can fight eternally. Thus Mallacina finally won, striking down Duusaii and scattering his body across the surface of Remnant to later be discovered by humanity as Dust. Then and only then did Luanni realize her follower may be lost to this life forever- taken away by the greedy heartless people who corrupted her. 

The goddess had allowed Mallacina to break too much of her and knew she would not win this war. And so, she used much of her power to seal most of Mallacina’s ill-gained power away forcing her to only use the empty soldiers born of greed and hate as her weapons, the army named by humans The Creatures of Grimm. As her last act, she took what was left of her power and gave it to the humans most pure of intention and encouraged them to finish the fight and finally shattered. The people who took up this fight were deemed Hunters and the goddess’s gift, Semblences.

The oathe is: “I will fight until my arms give out so that the common man may possess a weapon that he will never be forced to use.” Their symbol is the shattered moon above them. Human hunters and huntresses tend to be Lunnian. It’s not uncommon to hear a huntress grumble remarks such as: “For Lunnai’s sake,” “Shards within us,”.“What moon’s light-”


Believes that Remnant itself is or at least was a living being that hosted humanity. All living things were born with Aura by Remnant’s will. Aura was her gift to all living things and everyone who uses Aura respects the existence of others as equal to themselves, then Remnant was happy to lend her gifts.

One particular girl was granted an innate ability to heal. Remnant adored her, loved her and flooded everywhere she went with aura. This girl used her healing to cure near fatal injuries and lessen illness to near invisible levels. Everyone loved this girl and appreciated the greatness she left brought about.

But not everyone is good.

Eventually, word of a little girl with great power made its way around the world into the ears of good and malicious people alike. When a greedy man heard of power on such a level, he knew he had to have it. In these days, Aura could be collected by opening yourself to the person as they gave it to you. Or it could be stolen with disgusting instruments made from aura to piece another’s and drain it from their bodies with their lives.

With one such device in hand, he made his way to the little girl’s village.  He limped in with wolf’s blood splashed over his arms and chest begging to be healed, “A girl,” he’d cried. “I hear of a girl who can heal me!” Naive and unable to resist a person in need, the little girl moved close, activating her aura as she attempted to heal an unhealable wound.

The man struck out slicing across the side of her throat and before anyone could react, the girl was dead. The man laughed victorious, having stolen her power. He started to run only to collapse screaming in agony. His skin burned and charred and his bones pressed outwards. The wolf’s blood seemed to flood into his eyes and fingernails and teeth. A corrupted creature stood. The first Beowolf. Remnant had made the man reflect the monster within.

The village converged, attacking and destroying the abomination. Remnant encouraged this, granting them individual abilities of their own- Semblences- and said that all who are monstrous within, would soon reflect this outwardly. And with this, their Aura taken for no soulless creature would ever wield her power unpunished.

The Soulless were the Creatures of Grimm and the villagers and their descendants all went on to become hunters and huntresses after the Great War as a way to uphold Remnant’s desires.

The oath, “The Soulless will find no peace in my home for those that are monsters within will focus their evil outward.” Faunae and Faunus make up most of this belief demographic. Their symbol is a Beowolf burning to death. The most common phrases are, “Remnant Above,” “The love of Dust,” “Dust-forsaken” as Dust is considered the blood of Remnant.

The Sanctioned

Are the smallest group. And they take a very different look than the other two. The Sanctioned believe in goddess Sandere who have humanity all it could ever want.

Food to eat, water to drink and a place to shelter. She lovingly tended to humanity as one would their beloved pet or sole child. She gave them tools and watched them grow proudly as they located her gifts of Dust.

She was confused and worried about the fights that kept breaking out. She sent messages in the form of Dust shortages asking that they stop. For a period they did and she was pleased and once again, encouraged their growth. Humans expanded rapidly becoming clevers and sly learning to use the land around them to their advantage. To reward this development, granted them Aura.

Once again, they began fighting amongst themselves and she told them again to cease their violence. Sandere warned humanity that should another such battle break out, she would punish them severely. And once more, humanity conceded entering an age of peace and diplomacy. Many smaller skirmishes brought out during then but Sandere accepts that sometimes, children will fight their siblings. She unlocked a single person’s aura and Semblences were.

The Age of Peace appeared to have lasted a long time. Then the Great War broke out. As people died in horrible battle, Sandere decided enough was enough. She told them that she’d warned them and now they would be punished for continuing to be so violent when they hadn’t a reason. Sandere created the Grimm as an expression of her anger and vowed she would start again on Remnant with a new more peaceful group. She would wipe out humanity barring those who confessed their wrongs and sought Sanctuary. Those who sought Sanctuary would pay for their Sanction by fighting on the side of the Creatures of Grimm.

The Sanctioned often wear masks and clothes that look like Grimm or represent them. Their Oath is, “The Forgiving Mother offers cleansing and rebirth given I aid her will- and I shall for the Mother’s Will is the only one should obey.”

Their symbol is a Beowolf with red tears pouring from its eyes with a hollow space in its chest shaped like a broken heart. Oftentimes you’ll find The Sanctioned themselves have red painted tears drawn into their faces. Jaded or corrupt hunters, and nihilistic commoners tend to be the largest of this demographic. Some key phrases of theirs are, “Mother’s Forgiveness,” “By the will of the Mother,” and “By the Mother’s tears-”

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Hey FNDM, i have always noted that RWBY has so many songs that you could make a Broadway Musical out of them, so i challenge all of you to pick from twelve to eighteen songs from the show and putting them together to tell a story in the form of a Broadway Musical.

Why? you would ask. Well, it’s simple: i’m f*cking bored and this is one of the coolest and most creative fandoms out there, that’s why.

Have fun.

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the song talks about someone who has live under a dark shadow of pain and sadness and recently has get out of that, and for the first time in god knows how long, that person feels truly happy and completely free.

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